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ChBullet   Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies
by Chris Pringer, May '08 (Rev. Jul'12, Mar'13, May'17)
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by Crystal Giannini, July '12

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Sub-Sections (for 1st essay)

      About *Realistic Goal Setting*
      After accomplishing your running weight
      What this approach is not
      A little secret

  *STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES* for Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies:
      A) Recognizing & Countering "the payoff"
      B) Appreciation, incl:
            The "Inner Child" concept
            For Dialog with the Inner Child
          *Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body* [extensive list w/links]

      C) Replace the coping mechanism
      D) Vision, "Treasure Mapping," and:
            Affirmations for Efficient Body-Sizing)

A Most Efficient Snack


Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies
I n t e g r a t e d   M i n d - B o d y  W e i g h t   M a n a g e m e n t
Chris Pringer, assembled for web page 5/17/08 (Rev. Jul'12, Mar'13, May'17)


          First off, the "Transition Diet" page (sister page to this one) will provide most of what one needs for getting back into one's "running weight" - the height/mass ratio that you feel good running with or carrying as yourself in. The "Principles Of Natural Healing" (second sister page to this one) will tell you why and more about how. The following is based on a blend of basic naturopathic approach, gestalt psychology, and the momentum building and maintaining techniques of "positive psychology". ("Togethering the tried and the true" in the view of this author.) It taking into consideration that our emotional bodies have a great deal of influence upon our thoughts and beliefs, thence upon our dietary choices, our digestion (ie: adrenal secretion of Hcl), our assimilation (from digestive sytem to cellular uptake), as well as upon our waste management (ie: via liver, kidneys) as well as our waste elimination.

          About *Realistic Goal Setting*: Just as with the "Transition Diet," incorporate this approach as slowly or as quickly as you can maintain. (If done too fast, you may find it too uncomfortable, then bounce back to the old ways, and so could just be a waste of time.) There's nothing wrong with a two or three year plan IF you can maintain patience and constancy in determination. Some plans, if you're dealing with internal health and/or hormone/neurotransmitter challenges, are wiser kept in the 4 to 7 year range. But even if it takes you 10 years to get to an acceptably optimal health status, you still get to enjoy that for most, possibly ALL, of the rest of your much more enjoyably prolonged life.
          After accomplishing your running weight, having attained it gradually and much more consciously, your maintaining it will be far easier compared to that after using most "weight loss diets." Because, as you will probably find out, they both motivate the personality and treat the body differently. That's due in large part because of the "Efficient Body-Sizing" system brings about 1) greatly increased awareness in mind-body preventative health maintenance, 2) blood pH (and overall systemic) balance, as well as 3) the attitude processing and healing that occurs over time, the wonderful result of which will bring all the rest about, eventually if not sooner.
          A naturopath or other naturopathically oriented practitioner can probably provide both technical assistance and motivational support as needed. If you require other medications, be sure to check with your physician, of course (ideally, in collaboration with a naturopath, in my opinion).

          What this approach is not: You may have gathered by now this approach is not Jenny Craig, nor is it Weight Watchers. And it is not convenient. There may be "healing crisis" - transformative, but rarely pleasant (see the section above on "Cleansing Reactions"). On the other hand, it is also not about calorie counting. And (to the degree that it doesn't contradict the other points here and in the noted references), whatever a) you can digest well, and which also b) provides sufficient nutrients and blood suger & pH balance, c) keeps the GI Tract healthy, and d) doesn't tax the liver very much, will probably work ok for your plan. That is, so long as you also follow the principles noted here and basic principles of moderation and common sense, which is what the Transition Diet is designed to do, then 2-3 lbs weight loss per week may be challenging, but may also be doable. (Ok, that wasn't simple. You'll need to read and consider the noted references.)
          Convenience & Attitude: If you've always needed someone else (eg: a group of people supported by tv advertizing) to support your self-discipline, then the system and strategies proposed here may not work for you. On the other hand, a few friends who are also using the system, or are willing to support your use of it, can be ideal (so long as each participant honors the individualized approach of each other). This system will require effort and watchful discipline - taking notes and revising your working plan as you get to know your strengths and weaknesses more - as well as compassion and common sense most days. If you are doing this for others (inspite of, or in competition with others, etc), then it may not work, especially in the long term. Even if you are doing it for "only" one special other, then you are making that other person the one in charge of your approval, the motivator, based on your subjective perception of his/her evaluation of your progress during any given period of time.

          On the other hand, if you are doing this because you truly desire health, then armed with this approach, nothing will stand in your way of your becoming as healthy as you can be.

          A little secret: I mentioned in the intro section, "If you know your nutrition- you can get away with about anything- once or more, depending on..." and as far as weight maintenance... well, did you hear about that gal who worked for a firm that so valued men over women, that she disguised herself as a man just to work there? Well, I think the story (set in the 60's) goes that it was only going to be a temporary thing for her at first, but then she became motivated for certain reasons, and kept this up for years. The interesting thing, and the point here, is that her body's metabolism changed - becoming like that of a male - and she could eat anything she wanted and still didn't gain weight (except in the places that worked for the "cause"). Whereas before then, her metabolism, challenges with diet, and so on, was "typical" relative to other women. We know now that this was all about *hormones*, don't we? Well, that and *IMAGE*. And I'm not talking about the ego, at least not necessarily. This is about the adrenal gland, conflict management approaches, and Hcl production. More on that important aspect in the two sections below. Anyway, there is actually a movie based on this true story (and I apologize, for lacking the trivia gene for remembering even the title smile ).
On the light side
from an unknown source

    For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting nutritional studies.
    1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
    2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
    3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
    4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.
    5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you. laughing

STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES for Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies

This includes managing and/or replacing means of dealing with, and coping mechanisms for, stored emotions, including anger which is always about loss, whether actual, perceived, past or anticipated including loss or perceived loss of personal attributes, talents, capabilities, ways and means, etc.

Primary considerations here are:
          1) Establishing Momentum in the direction we want to go - the *Building* side of the transformative process, and
          2) Breaking Habits and reducing baggage - the *Cleansing* side of the transformative process.

Essential means & ways to accomplishing these processes are A) Recognizing & Countering "the payoff," B) Appreciation of the "Set Up", C) Replacing the coping mechanism(s), D) Envisioning the Goal (ie: "Treasure Mapping")
V&HChalXFrmgTap5bFCVt&FOL&MltiVtxC-2cr-s-325px.png © Chris Pringer, Oct 2010
"V&HChaliceTransforming on Tapestry5bFCVt w/ Flower of Life w/TranspMulti-VortexChalice-2, sig'd, © Chris Pringer, Oct 2010

    A)     Recognizing the payoff: It helps greatly to know that excess weight is a response to circumstances. That is, in response to events or circumstances in our formative years, we may develop (consciously and/or unconsciously, usually the later) one or various means of coping, some of which may work well for managing for a time- perhaps through adolescence and into adulthood- until these mechanisms, sooner or later, create conditions of ill-health, physically and/or otherwise. In fact, the excess weight gain due to the coping mechanism may not actually occur until after entering adulthood or later. The sections below will also help to better understanding the nature of the payoff, as well as effectively countering the coping mechanism(s).
          As regards excess weight gain, this is often one or more of the following:

          The extra tissue may be perceived - consciously or unconsciously - as protection in one or more ways: a) from physical abuse (due to added size); from being stereotyped  (as "too sexy," oversexed, easy, etc), including as related to jealousy and thus rejection/banishment by existing/potential parents, guardians, and/or friends (related to the fear of being/appearing "too sexy"); from, or in reaction to, being ignored (due to invalidation/judgment as insufficient or incapable (intellectually, spiritually, or emotionally). It is certainly conceivable one such mechanism may include tissues added to protect one from a chemically toxic environment (ie: tumors are a means of trapping the toxins insulating the body from them), including as related to allergies that no one else in the environment may share, that is, especially when such 'storage' occurs throughout the body, especially when originally related to abuse or intense stress or trauma (eg: occurred during or within a year afterwards), and especially when in the first few years of life, and/or in the womb.

          And yet, please also consider that other coping mechanisms (ie: thyroid or adrenal related) might actually counteract any one or more of the above to some degree - at least physically. [Over-active ["hyper-"] thyroid or adrenal conditions may increase metabolism & thereby increase weight loss, and under-active conditions of those glands does the opposite. Any combination of the foregoing and/or other types of "protection" may or may not lead to excess weight gain, as all of these mechanisms may vary in intensity, may even compete, depending on many factors. This applies especially in more complex/ unpredictable environmental conditions, as many would say the planet has increasingly provided since the industrial age began. In any case, here is where a therapist or doctor comes in to help you assess such factors. This especially applies with regard to diabetic conditions. And yet, prevention is a major element for consideration here, dietary and otherwise, including as relative to the aforementioned mechanisms. FYI: These body-mind relationships are acknowledged by western physicians, not "just" body-workers, psychotherapists, chiropractors, or naturopathic practitioners.

    B)     Appreciation of "The SetUp": That is, of the time, trouble, creativity, energy, etc that was put into providing each form of protection that was developed, and how it was developed, etc. VERY important step - the inner child usually will not give up coping mechanisms easily. And it IS a sacrifice to give up what the body-mind-spirit knows was meant to be accepted and loved as a natural part of oneself. Hence, the more sacrifice involved in the development of the mechanism, the more valued the mechanism, the more appreciation will be needed as part of re-establishing the True means of protection [step C]. Appreciations can be facilitated quite easily and well via dialog with the Inner Child ["Love Letter" ref in step C2]. I say "easily" but I will add that it may be challenging to some degree if one is not used to accessing feelings, or putting them down on paper. Know that the writing is designed to be only for your own use, not read by anyone else. EG: It doesn't matter what you write, except that some things will be more therapeutic for you than other things (of course, yes? Ok)

        If the "Inner Child" concept is new or "out-there" to you, or if you think it is anti-thetical to your approach, then you might consider this: The Inner Child is a personification of the emotional body, compiled into such a form or format so that we can interface effectively with those elements. Which elements can otherwise be elusive, unreadable, and therefore unpredictable, to the mental parts of us in trying to deal with them.
          And those elements do exert powerful influence, whether we like all of their given influences or not. Elaboration on the subject is included in: the "'Body-Parenting' Approach for Body-Mind Awareness" section of the "Extended Version" of the Body-Mind Integration Therapies Brochure, and includes links to related information at this site.
          There are a variety of related perspectives at ChaliceBridge.com, possibly best at "An Optimal Injury Experience" as well as in the section just below that, "Basis of Body-Parenting & Related Metaphor". There are a few related perspectives defined more by approach in "Body Awareness & Communications, Body Memory & Integration," "'Cell Talk': Building healing relationships with ones cells (muscles or otherwise)") at the "Body-Mind Integration Essays" page.
          Also (by approach) at the "Tensing Yoga" page is "Optimizing: Establishing A Rapport With Your Cells..." and "Body-Parenting" Approach for Body-Mind Awareness."
         If you relate to the more eclectic perspectives on things (including the same ref-links), you might enjoy the sections, "Cells & Healing Changes: How I Believe What I See; Building, Cleansing, and Paradigm Management; Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk" [Rev'd Apr 2011] at the "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, & Prayer" page.

      As regards my professional approach with the emotions, for the "Inner Child" aspect, the quickest and most well known references would probably be John Bradshaw (try his book, "Homecoming"), and the successful work of many psychotherapists. Granted the proof here can pretty much be only anecdotal, but tremendous in volume, all the same. From the later you may then better understand the emotion based elements and their relationships that my approach works with, as well as the relationships among the approaches I use or refer to.

      "Body-Parenting" is an adaptation of the "Re-Parenting" approach (born directly of Transactional Analysis and the Humanist, Gestalt approach of John Bradshaw's work). It is additionally influenced by Hakomi® body-centered psychotherapy as well as Alchemical Hypnotherapy®. In layman's technical terms: the "Inner Child" is the key component, being a personification of various emotional body elements, which are compiled into such a form or format so that we can therapeutically interface effectively with them, employing a kind of dialog between core components of one's psyche. Hence the term, "Inner Communications," or the term, "mind-body split" to the degree such communications are not happening [REF.] ~cp.

          Honoring and actually appreciating the extra pounds for how and why it was added, for what it gave you as part of your survival -vs detesting it as something foreign or contrary to your purposes- will greatly assist you in taking charge of the next stage of letting it go -- letting it go permanently that is. So long as some part of you (ie: the Inner Child) FEELS that you need it, or needs the behaviour that produces it for some reason, then that part will always contend for it. Once you meet that need in another (healthy) way, then that will generally insure long-term maintenance of your optimal height-weight ratio for any given time or circumstance. The healthy way of meeting that need was what was needed in the first place, long, long ago. But the parenting responsible for meeting that need was what was insufficient, for whatever reason, understandable or otherwise. Here, you are taking the time that is necessary to learn to be the parent that is dependably supportive to yourself in the way that you needed but didn't have that as a child.

  MOST Helpful in recognizing, understanding, and managing
the coping mechanisms, "the payoff," and many related elements are the...

Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body:

          Here is where we might consider the reminder that integration (depending on your familiarity with the process) is that which brings up the "stuff" that's been packed away because it is painful or pain-provoking. That process does not just bring things up and remix it with the rest. Integration is a transformative process, but it would be unwise to pretend it is an easy task. It is what it is for each individual and his/her own complexities, and only the more common elements may be gleaned through reading the paragraphs and links that follow. A more in-depth perspective may be developed through contemplating the what arises during and after the readings. Performing the first noted exercise, will engage varying amounts of your own process, and thereby derive more clarity about ones own task at hand.

         At any point in the above you may (of course) reconsider your goals or timeline for your self work, not to mention resources that are available, including professional practitioners if/as/when needed. For many, especially those with an avid studied interest in healing or self-healing, much of this work is quite manageable without such assistance. For others, just a quick review of the first exercise may indicate a lone venture is not one's cup of tea. At any rate, one message to get here is to do one's best to be a good parent to one self - which (also) means an appropriate mix of discipline with understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. Also that if one spends 40 years getting oneself into a difficult situation, one should not be surprised that successful life change may incur a three or five year plan with realistic goal setting procedures and challenging times. Or more, but maybe less, and yet habits are the most difficult thing to break for humans. And yet again- a good momentum built is a considerable ally.

A Pep Talk About Aging (!?)

          Actually, there is a positive relationship between "doing one's personal homework" and not only physical health, but aging. A more complete dot-connect would be emotional integration »> body-mind integration »> capillary circulation »> cellular efficiency and »> longevity of organ efficiency and health.

         It is more than logically conceivable that EQ (emotional intelligence) can also be enhanced through body-mind integration -- simply by enhanced provision of psycho-emotional resources, including healthful effects on the endorphin production, adrenal glands, thence efficiency of other hormone systems. And most any woman will tell you the improvements that extend from the latter-noted - just that alone!

         There are other pathways not mentioned here (but are noted, alluded to, and/or referenced at other essays (see below). Add to that the mental (and perhaps spiritual) clarity that results from the facilitation of any combination of such pathways, and one ALSO use that clarity for further such enhancement - the upward spiral effect. If that sounds like a TED talk, then perhaps I'm getting somewhere!  smile

Elaborating the Hows & Whys:
  ChBullet Dietary Nutrition, Neuro-Endocrine Infrastructure, Neuroplasticity, & Aging
  ChBullet "The Immune System, Aging, and an Attitudinal Approach that May Improve It"
  ChBullet "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship"
  ChBullet "Notes & Refs on Neuroplasticity / Cellular Re-Organization"
  ChBullet the "Get Super" Visual Affirmation For Cellular Re-Organization

          For Dialog with the Inner Child, and as otherwise needed for inner-clarity with the overall process: utilize the "HOW TO WRITE A LOVE LETTER - Therapeutic Journaling/Dialog Technique" via these links [Can be opened directly, or can also download by right-clicking, then click on "Save target as"]: Word Doc format for 'TheLoveLetter'-JournalExercise.doc or Text format for 'TheLoveLetter'-JournalExercise)

        About Dialog in general: This applies to most everyone, especially if raised in any "civilized" society. More directly, this is about employing constructive means of releasing emotions, especially including anger, while simultaneously honoring such feelings as may exist, some having been stored since childhood, appreciating ones surviving difficult times, maturing the inner parent to work healthfully with all that, with the "Inner Child". Regarding verbal techniques: Yelling very loudly into a pillow is very quick and easy. And, with the pillow held tightly across the front of the face (folded double if needed), it will sound very loud to you, but it's unlikely that anyone besides those in the same room would even hear, or know you didn't just cough or sneeze! Then, as needed to make sure you give proper regard to those old beliefs (about anger or expressing it or complaining, etc) you say to yourself something like, "Very good work, thank you, I needed that." Believe it or not, this (particularly the verbal process) begins to address the adrenal/ Hcl secretion/ digestion component, as the adrenals (the gland most 'core' to emotional expression or lack thereof) are responsible for producing hydrochloric acid, necessary for basic breakdown of food in the stomach. If you begin with the written method (ie: "The Loveletter" journaling technique), once you hewn down the statements that work for you, verbalizing them can be quite an effective addition to the process.

         Each of following are best read in context with each other and the above, and I suggest may be best in the order listed (albeit spread out among various pages at the site):

         ChBullet    "Understanding the Pattern Triad and The Body Pattern Assessment" and "The Pattern Triad Components" section - About Mind-Body Relationships, (from) coping mechanisms, (to) skills, (to) gifts through challenges on one's Life Path. This page is about how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by the body's holding and movement patterns, including weight distribution. The first section or two about coping mechanisms should be good for now.
         ChBullet    "Pain Management & Body Parenting" - a brief overview, but includes some good points not covered elsewhere here, as well as a little different way of relating the ones that are. "Anger - Modes & Complexities" may be helpful as well.
         ChBullet    Pain, Relative to "True Courage vs Toughness" about anger as related to loss, coping mechanisms around that - read if as applies. If it does, consider the next section, "Notes On Pain From A Gestalt Perspective." If get caught up too deep, take a break and/or come back here, go on to the next suggested reading...
         ChBullet    "The Use Of Questions (and Gestalt approach) In Effective Affirmation Therapy - Theory and Examples for Practical Application" -- Sample PRQ's (Positive Response Questions) - get the feel of how the PRQ's work, read the preamble, look for the one about :How joyfully am I effectively responding to potential emotion-stirring current or past situations" - not to worry about it sounding "too positive," there is helpful overview of the healing process as well as technique here.
         ChBullet    The Forgiveness Set including "The Most Difficult Forgiveness," "Forgiveness" - Transcript of Talk by Janeane Weprin, and "Asking for Forgiveness, & What's Trust Got to Do With It?"
         ChBullet    The Body-Mind Approaches page includes some worthwhile sections, including "Which Approach For EMOTIONS?", "About Therapy (Reason for & against seeking it)."
         ChBullet    "Notes on Practical Application Of Gestalt Techniques in Emotional Release" - at the "Body-Mind Integration" page is a mirrored set of this 'Emotional Body Management' section, but arranged in/for a different context -- that is, more generic or applicable for most any "issue", yet also tied in more closely with muscle and joint injuries and related somatic conditions. Likewise, a more eclectic version, is at the page, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs"
              "Love Letter" self-applied journaling technique (A More Complete Description): "Nice name, serious work": This letter format is useful for preparing and/or facilitating deeper communications and/or resolving conflict/issues within self or with another person (ie: parent, former mate, etc). This method can fill a special need for therapeutic dialog with someone who is currently not present, including those who have passed on. Because most of what any person can actually heal, or may be responsible to heal, is within ones own feeling body. It is also valuable for/during various strictly personal therapeutic processes, for simply journaling, including self-dialog between two or more parts of yourself that represent mixed feelings about something. Other benefits include introduction to and practice in additional valuable self-healing techniques: "Self-Parenting;" constructing practical, emotionally integrative affirmations; making decisions about your intention and direction for healing change; and verbalizing those decisions in order to etch them into ones being. The latter initiates the completion of (as yet unmet) essential need(s) of the Inner Child, and may manifest changes in related physical symptoms (ie: much less pain). Titled, "How To Write A Love Letter", this is Available in Word doc format or (Unformatted) Text format. [You may also be able to right click on either of those links, select "save link as" (or equivalent), and save the file(s) to your hard drive for later use.]

          And now, you may need to recheck those above links for the Inner Child (or "Inner Child") related viewpoints, and the therapeutic journaling technique, and use of the pillow. And you can always email me for clarification, maybe a customized tip or two smile

    C)     Replace the coping mechanism by providing True/Real/Actual/Effective means of/for protection, and/or come to fully recognize that you already do or can do that. The true source of your protection is your empowered and increasingly emotionally mature self. We are all a work in progress. Our knowing that, along with our truly caring for ourselves and others, can keep us both humble and striving for imrovement in our relations with others - via improved relations with ourselves. Self-empowerment is essential for establishing & maintaining such healthy relations, as well as for maintaining momentum in the direction we want to go. For one set of reminders for empowerment see "Questions for Empowerment," Positive Response Questions (PRQ's). On the *Cleansing* side of this part of the transformative process is habit-breaking. See the "What the Bleep" reference below for a recommended aid to habit breaking.

          In cases of Fibromyalgia: Just in case the coping mechanism was to "cover" the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia (to balm the cells and dilute the stored toxins in the interstitial spaces with extra fluid), you might want to check out "Fibromyalgia - Theory with Examples" [NEW, Apr 28-30, 2011] at the Fascia Memory Theory page - a cause and effect theory - about Fibromyalgia's possible "relationship to a perfuse scattering of waste products throughout the fine interstitial spaces among the cells of the muscle tissues, due to their being chronically held *contracted* and under-circulated, including trauma induced contractedness over a broad-area (including from being forcibly tickled in early childhood)..." The "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" is now (10/10/11) at the Organization Chart page. It compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects.

    D)     * Envisioning the Goal (ie: "Treasure Mapping") - creating a visual/graphic for your fridgerator door and other places. Create one that helps you to see your face on the body you're aiming to have. Put it where you can look/gaze at it frequently, thus helping to re-program your mind, and thence your cells. The affirmations just below add support and context to this method as well. AND here is where the "'Getting Super': Sample Personalized Visualization Prayer Chart" may apply very well for you. [New Apr 2011], at "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, & Prayer" - Blending science and prayer, application of science in, of, and for prayer, healing prayer techniques, visual prayer charts.

Affirmations for Efficient Body-Sizing:
          Here are just a few. You may find many other affirmations and related assists useful to you (there are literally pages full available, including explantions of why/how they work, how to construct them, how not to, etc) via the "Question & Affirmation Techniques" section at the Body-Mind Integration Home Page.

    *   I make it safe to take charge of permanently insuring my long-term maintenance of my optimal height-weight ratio for any given time or circumstance according to my highest needs.

    *   I enjoy focusing on each bite of food that I put into my mouth more and more each meal and each day.

    *   I am successful in my creating and utilizing new and more efficient ways to solve problems in and through my Ever-Re-Newing Form!

    *   I forgive and release the old ways of solving problems (that I am conscious or unconscious of) as I also replace them with ways that work for all of me.

    *   I honor and appreciate my adipose cells for how and why they (we) added the extra pounds, adding them in response to my unconscious direction, for what the extra size and or weight gave me as part of my survival or problem solving. As I appreciate my cells and convince them that I have more successful and efficient solutions for those kinds of challenges, I especially appreciate their letting go of all excess matter that I no longer need for my highest benefit.

    *   More and more over time, even if only a little at first, I am learning: To enjoy exercising appropriate awareness & management of feelings, including discerning between my own feelings and those of others, the most appropriate and effective response to it all as necessary, accepting what I need and letting go the rest; To know I am safely in charge of my mood and my happiness, of deciding what energy I take in and what energy I give out, of how any in-taken energy effects my mood or health - internally or externally, of who and what I am truly responsible to and for; To know that I am, therefore, more and more safely in charge of what kinds of interactions with people and things I experience, learning enjoy peace and cooperation with ALL, in Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing.

    *   More and more over time, I allow myself to find constructive means of releasing emotions, especially including anger, and to honor such feelings as may exist, even been stored for great periods of time, appreciating my inner child for surviving through difficult times, on the (universal) path of personal growth process (which I now affirm for myself) is becoming more and more conscious, and now appreciating how my inner parent has matured to work healthfully with difficult situations, past and present. [This relates directly to the adrenal/ Hcl secretion/ digestion aspect]

    *   More and more over time, in all my personal and other relationships, I am enjoying appropriately detached awareness of my emotional body's dynamics as related to past in-applicable empathy with others' expectations/approval, and thus now provide supportive energy and resources, for an appropriate degree of "emotional sensitivity," to self and others' feelings/emotions, as well as for psychic & extra-sensory discrimination and integrity if/as necessary, whether or not they may be in physical proximity, responding appropriately & effectively to others communications, whether or not an intended communication is made on whatever level.

    *   I allow myself to be perfect in allowing myself to take the time I need to be as perfect as I truly need to be - and forgive myself for not feeling like I have been perfect enough according to whatever values by which I felt judged in the past as not perfect enough. EG: I give myself time and space to be who I truly am, learning to be in charge of how worthy I am (and of my approval), and I thereby come accept myself more and more for who I am in the meantime and henceforth. And I forgive those who thus judged me, doing my best to understand the judgment that they must also have felt from their parents.

          More affirmations are available via "Effective Affirmation Therapy- The Use Of 'Positive Response Questions' (PRQ's) and Gestalt Approach", "Questions for Empowerment" - Positive Response Questions (PRQ's) designed specifically for Personal Empowerment, "Questions for Boundaries" - "Positive Response Questions" (PRQ's) designed specifically for learning and affirming Effective Communications of position, intention, & message, Maintaining Clarity for appropriate Connection, Direction, & Protection.

Most Efficient Snack
          For your time and money in the long run (easily when other snacks are not purchased, by far when long-term health costs included), as well as when "on the run":
          Almonds and Raisens or almonds & other dried fruit, but not dried fruit alone. When chewed together, they are Amazing in their combined nutrients (ie: Almonds & raisens oxygenate red blood cells), provide sustained energy (without blood sugar-related peaks and crashes). At work you can keep a bag in your pocket - eat *in place of* other snacks - not along with. They are alkaline-forming in digestion with hi-fiber (for both blood and GI tract pH) in spite of the protein and the most healthiest of fatty acids. Raisens should definitely be organic due to amount of pesticide used on grapes. Cost efficiency improved by buying in bulk (30# boxes) if they can be stored properly (cool or frozen, bug/rodent proof).



Natural Ways To Lose Belly Fat
by Crystal Giannini of Bellyfat360.Com

This guest article was published at ChaliceBridge.Com, July 11, 2012

          Bulging belly is one of the biggest concerns among the people globally. Well, it does not spoil your physical appearance alone, but also can lead to numerous health risks such as dementia, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. Most of the individuals try out various ways such as weight loss pills and fad diets in order to shed their belly fat. In fact, pills and fad diets cannot offer effective as well as long term results. Though the results may be quick, you will gain back the weight in no time once you stop following them. Hence, the best way to get rid of belly fat is through following natural methods.

          Following are some of the simple and easy to follow natural ways to get rid of belly fat:

Physical Activities

          If you are struggling hard to get rid of belly fat then there is no point of ignoring physical activities. Physical activities like walking, jogging, aerobic exercises, cardiovascular workouts and others play a significant role on your body not only simply to reduce the belly fat, but also aids in controlling your body weight. Not only that, it also offers you a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Fat Burning Foods

          Do you know, there are some specific fat burning foods that can aid you in getting rid of excess belly fat? Avocados, dark chocolates, lean meat, whole grains, brown rice, egg white, and skimmed milk are some of the fat burning foods. In the same way, there are specific types of foods which make you gain more weight. They include burgers, pizzas, sweets, and deep fried foods.

Exercise before breakfast

          Prior to breakfast is the best time to perform physical exercises. As your body has to shed away the unwanted fat, exercising prior to the first meal of the day is the perfect time to shed away that excess fat. You can follow physical exercises like cycling, running and swimming for 30 minutes per day for optimum weight loss results.

Do not skip breakfast

          Do you know, breakfast is the most essential meal of the day? Experts advise not to skip breakfast as your metabolism will slow down. Having a healthy meal after a long gap boosts your metabolism. Hence, you should not skip your breakfast.

Drink plenty of water

          Drinking plenty of water is essential as your body needs to hydrate. Taking adequate amount of water daily helps in increasing your metabolism, hence the toxins get flushed out of your body which aids you to lose fat. You can burn more number of calories per day when you consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

Sleep well

          Sleeping is not only the sweetest thing to do, but also the most effective way to lose excess fat and weight from your body. Getting adequate sleep, that is 7 to 8 hours sleep per day increases your energy levels and also boosts your metabolic rate. Thus, you will become more active and ready to perform physical exercises as well.

          When you follow the above mentioned natural ways, it helps in getting rid of excess body fat, specifically the belly fat. Crystal loves to blog on weight loss tips. To know about her updates please visit her blog http://www.bellyfat360.com/how-to-lose-belly-fat/

What is dangerous about viceral fat (or belly fat), is pointed out in detail in Crystal Giannini's other articles on line, as well as in "Battling Belly Fat" in *AARP Bulletin* July-August 2012. The visceral type, and not especially the subcutaneous fat, surrounds abdominal organs, including the pancreas. These secrete hormones and lipids that can lead to heart related complications and insulin or blood sugar related troubles (type 2 diabetes). I recommend you study up if you're still considering those foods and activities (or inactivities) that lengthen your belt size. -Chris Pringer


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    ChBullet   "The Transition Diet"   - Steps & principles telling how to transition -gradually & successfully- to a diet that promotes & sustains optimal health for body, mind, AND the planet, even from the standard American diet. This includes a Food-Combining Chart for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as for proper elimination. Incorporate this approach as slowly or as quickly as you can maintain. (If done too fast, you may find it too uncomfortable, then bounce back to the old ways, so would just be a waste of time).

    ChBullet   "Weight Loss Resolve", "Hormone Balancing", "Heart/Cardiovascular Health", "Healthy Blood Sugar" is in focus int Jan/Feb 2013 issue of "Natural Practitioner Magazine" - The Business Magazine for Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Healthcare Profesionals

. Section topics include, "Natural Steps", "Weight Definitions", "Supplemental Help" ( including "Recent Introductions"), "Weight-LOss Product Check", and References, and a "For More Information" section with phone numbers and website info.

    ChBullet   Cherie Calbom .Com: Including "The truth about fats" with headers such as, "Big fat misconception," "What’s theory, what’s fact? ," "The healthiest fats and oils," "Oils and fats to limit/avoid," "The surprising benefits of saturated fats", by Cherie Calbom, M.S., with a master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University, where she now serves on the Board of Regents. She is the author of 17 books on nutrition, including “The Coconut Diet” and “The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet.” For more information, see

    ChBullet   Overcoming Obesity, Naturally -"Obesity, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exists when an adult has a body mass index (a calculation based on height and weight) of 30 or higher. Alarmingly, this adverse medical condition exists among approximately 34 percent of Americans over the age of 20, or more than 72 million people in the U.S. alone... 'Obesity is like a puzzle with a variety of contributors, just like pieces to a puzzle,' added Christopher Mohr, a registered dietician and president of Mohr Results, Inc., a Kentucky-based company that helps individuals achieve optimal health. ...Thus, over the last 10 years or so, weight management has become a key issue for natural practitioners, said Caryn Wichmann, ND ...Metagenics’ FirstLine Therapy program, for instance, is described as a proven natural remedy for reducing metabolic syndrome and decreasing overall body fat, said Dr. Lamb. 'Currently, more than 4,000 health care providers...' formula [with] benefits of slowing absorption of carbohydrate calories after each meal and targeting digestive enzymes...' ...' ...reducing stress levels and correcting imbalances of cortisol and serotonin...' ...Digestive support— supplements that contain betaine hydrochloride and digestive enzymes are essential for all overweight and obese people to improve the amount of protein and other key nutrients that they absorb. ...a considerable range of factors— in addition to diet— that can prevent key nutrients being properly absorbed ...Protein powders ...Probiotics — improving the gastrointestinal flora ...Vitamin K3— ...in their gastrointestinal flora ...important to compensate for this by including this supplement. ...CoQ10 ...important for increasing energy, ...statin drugs, which deplete CoQ10 levels..." in pdf format

    ChBullet   According to Caryn Wichmann, ND, clinical manager at the Perpetual Wellbeing Clinic in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and contributor to the book, 'FEAR Made You Fat & Not Calories', four factors can work together in any combination to keep people gaining weight and also prevent them from losing weight. The factors are highlighted through the acronym FEAR: Fructose in everything, Exercise reduction, Artificial trans fats and Reduced key nutrients. "If you reversed all four factors, the obesity epidemic would be ended within a year", Dr. Wichmann said.

    ChBullet   Gary Taubes: 'Why We Get Fat,' Part I and Part II: KUOW radio interview (Feb 2012) Why do people get fat? In his new book, "Why We Get Fat" science writer and health journalist Gary Taubes tries to answer that question. Taubes says eating less and exercising more will not necessarily make you lose weight and that much of the good nutritional science is being ignored. About carbs and sugar in the diet, "Good Calories, Bad Calories", removing specific carbohydrates, problems with fuel partitioning, leading to less fat to burn, more fat to store;; "Sedentary not a cause of WtGain, but an effect. Taubes says his book is NOT about "the healthiest diet" or vegetarian vrs meat, that "ANY diet will be improved by removing the *specific* carbs"; includes a special section for Obese and diebetic clients altho this is only 1 extreme group. Gary Taubes is a contributing correspondent for Science magazine. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, and The Best of the Best American Science Writing.

    ChBullet   Dr. Joel Fuhrman Improves Health - Lose Weight Naturally   Dr. Fuhrman coined the word, “nutritarian” to represent his recommended diet-style. The "Nutritarian Food Pyramid" is a key component of Dr. Fuhrman’s Prescription for Improving and Maintaining Great Health. It is based on his principles of the health equation "Health = Nutrients / Calories (H=N/C)" (first published in 1999 in his work, The Health Equation and later described in more detail in his book, *Eat To Live*) to define how the quality of calories impacts health. 90% of the daily diet should be comprised of nutrient rich plant foods with health-promoting phytochemicals. The pyramid promotes foods that are richest in micronutrients and benefit health and longevity. The quality of a diet can be based on three simple criteria:
        *   Levels of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals) per calorie.
        *   Amounts of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrate, protein) to meet individual needs, without excessive calories that may lead to weight gain or health compromise.
        *   Avoidance of potentially toxic substances (such as trans fats) and limited amounts of other potentially harmful substances (such as sodium).
         What is a Nutritarian? * Simply put, a nutritarian is a person who strives for more micronutrients per calorie in their diet-style. Dr. Fuhrman’s health analysis - About Micronutrient Density * A nutritarian understands that food has powerful disease-protecting and therapeutic effects and seeks to consume a broad array of micronutrients via their food choices. How to Get Started (weightloss) * It is not sufficient to merely avoid fats, consume foods with a low glycemic index, lower the intake of animal products, or eat a diet of mostly raw foods. Fast and Sustained Weight Loss * A truly healthy diet must be micronutrient rich and the micronutrient richness must be adjusted to meet individual needs. Dr. Fuhrman's "Super Immunity" * The foods with the highest micronutrient per calorie scores are green vegetables, colorful vegetables, and fresh fruits. Success Stories | Dr Fuhrman.com
          For optimal health and to combat disease, it is necessary to consume enough of these foods that deliver the highest concentration of nutrients. "Dr. Fuhrman: Stop Food Addiction, Lose Weight, True Hunger vs Toxic Hunger". Some References:
        *   Fuhrman J., Sarter B., Glaser D., Acocella S. Changing perceptions of hunger on a high nutrient density diet. (2010) Nutrition Journal, 9 (1) , art. no. 51 – cited 1 time
        *   Sarter B., Campbell T.C., Fuhrman J. Effect of a high nutrient density diet on long-term weight loss: a retrospective chart review. (2008) Alternative therapies in health and medicine, 14 (3) , pp. 48-53. – cited 2 times (out of these, 1 by himself)
        *   Fuhrman J., Sarter B., Calabro D.J. Brief case reports of medically supervised, water-only fasting associated with remission of autoimmune disease. (2002) Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 8 (4) – cited 2 times

    ChBullet   Eating Disorders and Emotional Eating Test at Psychology Today - Is your relationship with food mentally healthy or damaging?

NEW News on SUGAR: (Dec'14)
    ChBullet   "Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?" with James DiNicolantonio, Jan 7, 2015, Includes Audio of KUOW/NPR Interview. DiNicolantonio is a cardiovascular research scientist at St. Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Mo. He recently published a comprehensive review of dozens of studies in which he contends that sugar is more dangerous than salt when it comes to risk for heart disease. He says that refined sugar is similar to cocaine — a white crystal extracted from sugar cane rather than coca leaves — and that studies show it can be even more addictive than the recreational drug. In the Audio, many other implications of the new research data are discussed, including the relationships among Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), insulin response and blood sugar levels, and diabetes ("80% of Americans are pre-diabetic").
    ChBullet   More on the same: "Is Sugar Worse Than Salt When It Comes to Your Heart?" Posted on January 3, 2015. "Eating or drinking more than 74 grams of fructose per day (slightly less than what’s in one 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew) (http://www.sugarstacks.com/beverages.htm) has been associated with a 77 percent increased risk of a person having blood pressure above 160/100 mm HG (normal blood pressure is around 120/80 mm Hg). Plus, diets high in sugar have also been linked to higher blood insulin levels, and metabolic syndrome. So how much added sugar is safe? DiNicolantonio says he agrees with the American Heart Association recommendations of six teaspoons per day for women, and nine teaspoons per day for men. But he notes, 'I disagree with the nine teaspoon threshold if it comes in liquid form, which is one can of soda.'"
    ChBullet   More Technical (Abstract): "The wrong white crystals: not salt but sugar as aetiological in hypertension and cardiometabolic disease" published Dec. 11 in the BMJ journal Open Heart by James J. DiNicolantonio & Sean C. Lucan.
    ChBullet   Less Technical but extensive: "Blood Pressure: Sugar Worse Than Salt?" a research review of the above where is noted that "DiNicolantonio said there is also evidence linking reduced sodium intake to worse clinical outcomes and even greater all-cause mortality, including a study in diabetics and several studies in patients with congestive heart failure."

Many Resources on HEMP for Health!

    ChBullet   Women Find Healthy Hormone Balance with Hemp

    ChBullet   Hemp & GLA: Good Fat Burns Bad Fat

    ChBullet   Hemp: The Right Choice for Omega-6 Some Omega-6's are better than others. But it's important to distinguish between the good and the not so good Omega-6's. ...The World Health Organization recommends a ratio of 4:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 for optimal health. Today we are seeing ratios in the range of 20:1 to 50:1. The good news - hemp contains a healthy winning ratio at 3.75:1. ...GLA = An Omega-6 Not to Miss: Hemp provides Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is a unique and extremely important Omega-6 in the family of Essential Fatty Acids. ...Still, obtaining adequate levels of GLA can be challenging. Besides hemp, there are only a small number of foods that contain GLA. While the body has the ability to convert Linoleic Acid into GLA, most of us are not making this conversion effectively, or are missing out on the conversion all together.

    ChBullet   Hemp Oil vs Flax Oil. Which One is Right for Me? More sophisticated weighing in on balancing intake of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs). "trans" or rancid, if, how, or why; different oil types, sources, storage, and whether bleached and/or deodorized, hydrogenated and/or deep-fried; ie: #4: Hemp seed oil offers the direct metabolites of Omega-6 and 3, Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Stearidonic Acid (SDA). These metabolites are involved in the production of prostaglandin for hormones and in immune functions. Even if one did get unrefined sunflower oil and mixed it with unrefined flaxseed oil, you would mimik hemp seed oil's Omega-6 to 3 ratio, but still be missing their direct higher metabolites.

    ChBullet   Hemp Protein = King of the Plant Kingdom Hemp Protein Powder can supply any diet with a vegetarian source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre, chlorophyll and a complete, balanced gluten-free source of the essential amino acids. ...Many plant proteins are labelled "incomplete" proteins as a resulting from the low amounts of one or more of the nine essential amino acids. Truth be told, the "incomplete" label is somewhat misleading as all plant proteins do contain each of the essential amino acids. But in most cases (e.g. grains, legumes), levels of one or more amino acid are insufficient for human needs. However, hemp protein supplies enough of each of the essential amino acids to contribute to the human body’s requirements. In fact, an important aspect of hemp protein is that it is a quality source of the amino acids arginine and histidine, both of which are important for growth during childhood, and of the sulphur-containing amino acids methionine and cysteine, both of which are needed in the production of vital enzymes. Hemp protein also contains relatively high levels of the branched-chain amino acids that are crucial in the repair and growth of lean body mass, making a hemp protein shake after a workout a worthwhile investment. [I wanted to include about "Hemp Hearts": "easy to incorporate into any meal ...delicious ...Dr. Oz even refers to Hemp Hearts as ‘Brain Food’?"]

    ChBullet   Recipes From Manitoba Harvest .Com 147 recipes in 12 categories

    ChBullet   Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé was a key influence as began my natural health path in 1979! It's technical value is all about PROTEIN - how to get the most from it, particularly in a vegetarian diet. (Updated as regards the amount of time between intake of protein-building nutritional components.) The 20th Anniversary Edition includes * simple rules for a healthy diet * Streamlined, easy-to-use format * Food combinations that make delicious, protein-rich meals without meat * Indispensable kitchen hints—a comprehensive reference guide for planning and preparing meals. This new version is streamlined & easy-to-use, with delicious food combinations of protein-rich meals without meat, hundreds of wonderful recipes, and much more. "Sharing her personal evolution and how this groundbreaking book changed her own life, world-renowned food expert Frances Moore Lappé offers an all-new, even more fascinating philosophy on changing yourself—and the world—by changing the way you eat." This edition is still consistent with the love-based wholistic worldview she teaches and which is so needed right now, including via the Small Planet Institute, co-founded with (daughter) Anna Lappé. Other Books by Frances Moore Lappé include Hope's Edge - The Next Diet for a Small Planet.

    ChBullet   "Catalog for Healthy Eating" For Bulk foods of the purest quality, like good-tasting (!) varieties of TVP (soy-based) and Seitan (concentrated protein from grains), dairy substitutes, healthy sweeteners, granolas. Also Organic baking supplies, cookbooks, and other goodies, including environment cleaning products. These are also folks one likes giving money too -- feeding people who work for a living. They have both 800# and website: 1-800-695-2241, www.healthy-eating.com

At Weight Watchers Magazine:
     ChBullet   Get Into the Yoga Zone: "Yoga is good for your mind, body and spirit, and is a great way to meet people and be active. Check out our glossary of yoga styles to find the kind that's right for you."
     ChBullet   Yoga for Weight Loss: "Now that yoga class is as commonplace at the gym as a barbell, should you hit the mat if weight loss is your goal? You bet: certain types of yoga can burn up to 9 calories per minute."

COFFEE, the Redeemed Stimulant:
    ChBullet   "Coffee - Keys to Maximizing Potential" - If You're Gonna Do Coffee... all health considerations considered... HINTs: Worst troubles with coffee, especially of the "Hi-Octane" variety, are related to a) use with sugar (of any kind); b) prolonged "hi-octane" caffeine can wear out the adrenals (how soon depending on personal comstitution, other factors) unless they are also tonified (ie: with use of herbs for that purpose) and sufficient levels of B-Complex vitamins. c) Coffee Acidifies the GI tract - when taken with food, including milk. (And as for milk or cream, calcium 'ties up' caffeine). The Hows, whys, and implications of all that are what the writing was originally about. It's been updated Oct'06 with (then new) important myth-busting findings) and May'14 with section, "Energizing Your Coffee. (TEXT file; title was "The Eleven Keys to Coffee Potential Maximization").
Coffee at Work, photo by Chris Pringer, 2016

CBD, Hemp Oil
(Non-PsychoActive Cannabanoids for pain management and other benefits)

    ChBullet   "Hemp Oil/CBD: Shedding Some Light on the Confusion" Posted on February 1, 2018 by Gene Bruno in Vitamin Retailer Magazine [and in the paper version of Natural Practitioner Magazine March/April 2018, www.Naturalpractitionermag.Com] Professional, Technical, highly referenced. "There are few nutraceuticals that have generated such confusion as hemp oil/CBD (cannabidiol). There are two major sources for that confusion. The first is the plethora of claims being made about the health benefits of hemp oil/CBD. Which of the claims actually have any supportive research substantiation them?" [Most] "The second, and even murkier, source of confusion is the actual regulatory status of hemp oil/CBD. In this article, I will attempt to provide evidence that, hopefully, will shed some light on the confusion."
         "...Emerging research indicates that“eCB deficiency syndrome” contributes to migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, psychological disorders, as well as other conditions.12 Conversely, enhancing endocannabinoid activity has broad therapeutic potential. This may include the treatment of patients with somatic dysfunction, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases, chronic pain, neu-rodegenerative diseases, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as inflammatory conditions, bowel dysfunctions, psychological disorders, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, cancer, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, hypertension, glaucoma, obesity/metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis.13,14 ..."

    ChBullet   "How To Use CBD Oil" All about CBD, Hemp Oil, Cannabanoids, related pain management, CB1&2 receptors, aspects of non/psychoactivity [CBDA or non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids], and more. A FANTASTIC Resource!!! Casual with technical instruction, summary, dozens of reference links.

    ChBullet   Cooking with Hemp and CBD Oil

    ChBullet   How to Make DIY CBD Hemp Oil Topicals

    ChBullet   Topical Versus Oral CBD: What’s the Difference?

    ChBullet   5 Ways Vegans and Vegetarians Can Benefit From Hemp

    ChBullet   Healing with Hemp Oil: A Simple Guide to Using the Powerful and Proven Health Benefits of CBD by Earl Mindell

Also, consider using keywords, "Using Hemp Oil, Creative, CBD"



    ChBullet   PRINCIPLES of NATURAL HEALING --excerpts from Dr. Joel Robbin's "The Science of Healthful Living:"
A great deal of information has been put together on this page, is Highly organized and in layman's language. There is much instruction about the how's & why's of diseases and conditions of ill-health, natural healing events & processes, among many other essentials in naturopathic perspective. There are various categorized LISTS OF RESOURCES as well. "Principles" is the key descriptive word here, in every sense of the term. Robbin makes the science part of it relatively easy. Note: People should know that there are health supplements that would be effective, but may not be, due to their being multi-level marketed in a disgustingly non-informative manner. I refer to the more unpleasant "cleansing effects" or "healing crisis" that some may experience from such supplements. Knowing the principles on this page, one may better take advantage of such events.

    ChBullet   "Natural Practitioner Magazine" - The Business Magazine for Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Healthcare Profesionals - Their debut issue (Vol.1,#1), Jan/Feb 2012, is most impressive, including new findings in research of nutrition, herbs, practices for stress, anxiety, mood, cardiovascular health, cold & flu, more. Jan/Feb 2013 issues in focus: "Weight Loss Resolve", "Hormone Balancing", "Heart/Cardiovascular Health", "Healthy Blood Sugar". Other issues focus on various systems, and/or men's, women's, or children's health, and and/or the main seasonal complaint. Written for practitioners, but if you're up with the science, or want to know what natural supplementation is being recommended, it's great reading! Includes a Library with special sections for a) foods, herbs, supplements, b) Conditions, c) Interactions, d) Supplement Nutrient Depletions, and e) Drug Nutrient Depletions

    ChBullet   "M.D.'s Wellness Journal": Abundant Nutritional Information from Dr. Julian Whitaker M.D., via 1-800-211-7657: -- you can ask for the free mailout introductory promotion/news, which gives an incredible amount of useful information for the nutritionally uninformed. Or just go for a "Health & Healing" Newsletter subscription ($40/yr) with all the free reports (which reports cover what most folks are complaining about anyway).

    ChBullet   ADD: Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorders by Lawrence Wilson, MD. Includes sections: Mineral And Vitamin Deficiencies, Toxic Metals, Hypoglycemia And Behavior, The Yeast Connection, Central Nervous System Allergies, Stimulants In The Diet, Born Sick, Medication And Vaccines, Fast Metabolism And ADD, Improved Grades Without Sugar, What To Do?, Environmental Correction, Other Natural Therapies, What About Ritalin?, Crime And Delinquency, Conclusion, Brief References. [Thumblink at right is for a different source on a separate though related topic.]

Glutin & Gut Issues- Article at Ben Greenfield.Com

ChBullet   Dr. Christiane Northrup MD, ObGyn -- Author of various books with the most progressive and intelligent attitudes about aging that I know of. Her presentations are often hosted on public tv. "A fantastic Site for Women's Health Information", said Patty Mulhern, RN, a group facilitator and mentor who taught classes throughout the NW, not to mention a living example of enthusiasm, patience, compassion, and joy, and who I am most fortunate and honored to say, was also a most dear friend of many years.

    ChBullet     "Body-Mind Nutrition"
Considerations in relating a transition in diet & nutrition to personal and spiritual growth, and the benefits of such transition. In addition to the title essay, includes sections, ChaktiBullet-S "More on this 'Natural Aging Process'" about possibly/ likely new potentials in aging without near so much disability and pain in the later stages; complementing that with research referenced articles, ChaktiBullet-S "DNA Research, DNA Repair, and Neuroplasticity - Scientific Break-throughs with Wonderfully Validating Conclusions." To me, this implies that, given these scientifically established capabilities in neuroplasticity, including scientifically backed capabilities of the mind to effect enzymes, cellular metabolism, blood physiology (pH, enzyme processes, etc) within and around the cell matrix, we can facilitate communication among our own cells to use that same capacity to repair damages and thus heal our cells -- thus encouraging the kind of preventative maintenance that facilitates the science of true healing. And that medical authorities, as well as alternative healing practitioners, can now, with full scientific backing, teach people how to do this. And about ChaktiBullet-S "The Immune System, Aging, and an Attitudinal Approach that May Improve It." As well as: ChaktiBullet-S "Dietary Nutrition, Neuro-Endocrine Infrastructure, Neuroplasticity, and Aging" on relationship of nutrition and psycho-emotional environment during infancy and childhood upon key aspects of development of 'A Stable Platform for Perception', and the 'Psycho-emotional Infrastructure', it's maturation through adulthood, as well as upon the aging process. The neuroplasticity aspect relates well to the essay on proprioceptors, "Adrenaline vs Endorphins...", not to mention the relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise), covered at the "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page (described just below). Some debate with Barbara Ehrenreich in ChaktiBullet-S "About the Immune System and The Aging Body - As a 'Battleground' ...Or As A Worthy Challenge." On the more eclectic side is ChaktiBullet-S "Blessing Nutrition" about how prayer and invocation work at the atomic & molecular levels (facilitating processes by re-aligning their structural & therefore magnetic/ionic arrangement) to facilitate the optimal nutrition of the food, as well as optimal digestion, assimilation, and integration of the nutrients and vital force provided by the food. Includes some sample invocations for context and application. Charts and Visual Affirmations Included: ChaktiBullet-S "Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart..."; ChaktiBullet-S "5 Principles Of Healing Cells..."; ChaktiBullet-S "*Most Appropriate Questions*..."; ChaktiBullet-S "I Am Celebrating Cellular Re-Organization!"; ChaktiBullet-S "Love-Organizing Waters for the Neuro-Endocrine / Energy System".

    ChBullet   Body-Mind Integrative Awareness Home Page - Essays & Poetry on Mind-Body-Spirit Integration, Psycho-Spiritual Self-Healing - including "Body-Parenting" the emotional body with the mystical insights of the Inner Children; practical Preventative Maintenance Methods for various levels (Mind, Emotion, Body, grounding Spirit into ALL of that); Beliefs, Motivatation, Consciousness; Integrating Buddhist, Gestalt, & New Thought psychologies for consistent application toward understanding, ie: for such attributes and attitudes as related to the above, including compassion, empathy, abundance, attachment, emotional awareness, expression, pain, communication, healing, etc. Body-Mind awareness-based preventative maintenance (including "Tensing Yoga" and "Body-Parenting") are methods of interfacing with our cells & self-healing mechanisms for personal growth and self-healing, EG: for most directly, naturally, and positively engaging our capacities for Neuroplasticity. Whereas neuroplasticity "refers to the changes that occur in the organization of the brain as a result of experience", here we re-establish the means for healthy experience via conscious re-organization of the brain & systems for neuro-muscular interface.

    ChBullet   "Tensing Yoga" and other Self-Applications
          For Self-Healing, Body-Mind Awareness, & Preventative Maintenance (rev. 7/02, ..7'13).
Technique is explained for context and self-application. TY is about specific applications for chronic muscle pain, related injuries, without need to learn asanas (poses). However, TY may be used to get into positions quicker, easier, and without injury. All of which is critically related to healing or preventing injury. TY could be considered an optimized form of self-applied, neuro-muscular re-education, reinforced with a body-mind connectivity that insures a more comprehensive and long-term response (High Preventative Maintenance Gains). Page sections include those with emphasis on Tension Range, *Work/Rest Ratio*, Muscle Energy Efficiency, individual muscle focus, teamwork/ "edgework", and learn that as we interface with our cells in the way that TY leads us to do, we can directly, and naturally engage that capacity for neuroplasticity - for re-organization of the brain and other neural networks (including proprioceptors in muscles) especially when we include all elements of the approach, including focus, attitude, and rapport with the cells [as covered on the page]. Also on the page: "Low-Intensity Low-Back Exercises" Chart and "Before Rising..." instructions, a fun "Exercise for Illustrating Tension Range...", as well as a "Breathing Ratio Chart" - method & application. Subtopics including the extremely common myths about *Muscle Stretching*, a number of yoga ref-links for specific ailments/conditions as well as for selecting the right form of yoga for you, and about a "Muscle Madness" game!? "Origins of Tensing Yoga & Related Ref's from More *Traditional Yoga*" include my own self-healing story.

    ChBullet   HeartMath Institute
          "We have a tremendous body of research here at the Institute on the heart and its influence. The fact that electrical energy produced by the heart is 60 times stronger than that of the brain is not our research; that is known by anybody involved in the biophysics field. What we've been able to show is that yes, that's true, and that frequency is being received by every single cell in the body. And the frequency content of the heart's electrical energy emission changes relative to our perceptions, how we're taking in what we're taking in. So certain heart-based types of qualities like care, appreciation or love that have often just been associated metaphorically with the heart really do produce dramatic changes in the electrical energy output of the heart when people are perceiving/receiving from a place of care or appreciation. And in turn, our research shows that when that electrical energy changes, it goes to what's called 'coherent frequency patterns'. We're able to correlate that to changes in the immune system and changes in hormonal balance. And we also see changes in perception and intelligence. There's a lot more to what the heart is doing than people realize. It's not just a blood pump." Various publications and workshops (corporate and otherwise) are available. Enjoy the IHM Research Papers, Abstracts, and Reports (at http://www.heartmath.org/RP.html). This is truly leading edge stuff. -cp
          Heartmath .Org's "De-Stress Kit" (new Fall '08) provides much for initiating healing on the personal level, with great potential for assisting development of inner stillness and clarity. Such benefits can certainly, even naturally, expand to most every communal context. I consider their kit a valuable, perhaps essential, part of the "Bleep Tool Kit" (see next paragraph) - as I would any system(s) that does the same for an individual, actually. In you want to get really serious about such a tool kit, I would suggest integrating Chi-Gung, yoga, and a well-formed 'power-of-spoken-word' system with all the above. [Please note: as far as I know, there is no formal relationship between HeartMath.Org and WhatTheBleep.Com; I am associating them by common function - tools for conscious personal & world change. -cp]

    ChBullet   "What the Bleep Do We Know - Down the Rabbit Hole":
          "The original 'What The Bleep Do We Know' was made for a theatrical experience of under two hours. With these new expanded versions [in 'Down the Rabbit Hole'], the filmmakers were finally able to include all the topics as originally intended. The completed picture presents all the elements that are intrinsic to the worldview put forth in BLEEP. Topics such as Quantum Entanglement, the Double Slit Experiment, Healing and the Cell, the split and re-unification of spirit and science - all are addressed in the detail required to tell the story. The scientists make up quite the impressive list. Thier DVD is also one great means of learning about and enhancing your neuroplasticity, with the brain essentially being a tool kit that we each have opportunities to develop and enhance, even repair - from within.
          IMHO, this production offers ground breaking implications... Because the most difficult thing for any human to do is break a habit, whether physical, emotional, or mental. And that is exactly the potential of what I call the "Bleep Tool Kit": the capability to break habits on every level, whether personal or interpersonal, community or inter-community, and whether just conceived or fully manifested. All that (and the creation of our tool kits therewith) depends on the investment of time and application of principle. I recommend interested people buy the DVD (renting it is also easy), enjoy it once through (will take a number of hours so figure on a two or three sittings), and after that just let it play as you do whatever you do in the house. It's inspiring, uplifting, and fun. Some of the segments are heady, but so long as your brain is a tool designed to work better the more you exercise it, why not give it a workout! (And a new web page is being compiled on that very topic.)

ChBullet   The Fascia-Memory Project

What would actually change our health-care system the most?

          How about a means of diagnosis that takes so many aspects of a person into account, that it creates a capacity for designing a truly healing program for most any patient? Nice dream you say. How could a diagnostic system be that accurate for so many conditions? What would enable our medical system to consider, so surely and comprehensively to so much greater depth and context, the many processes for the many different kinds of individuals, than we do now? Well, of course, such questions indicate a healthy skepticism. But let's dream just a bit more, but this time, from outside the box, as they say:

         What if there were a system of assessment that would bring together the great many disciplines of health-care - particularly including Eastern, Naturopathic, and even the many among the Western - and to a degree of collaboration that was far beyond what we've ever seen before? In case you don't know, such collaboration is currently not a reality to any meaningful extent, certainly for most health conditions. Particularly between those focusing on the body, and those focusing on the mind, not to mention the relative few focusing on the connection between the two. Bottom Line: When enough people become sufficiently motivated to know the degree to which individuals can heal themselves and each other through body-awareness-based preventative maintenance, then the research will be funded and implemented.

         The Fascia-Memory Project is about research and development into the relationships among connective tissue (fascia), objective/subjective experience, the neuro-physical interface between emotion, and the brain, and "body-Memory." About developing connective tissue scanning devices and diagnostics hardware for discerning and illustrating all that. Goals include the developing optimal means for applying that R&D in health care practice, as well as enhanced systems for individual development of body-awareness for preventative health maintenance. A long term project, of course, but intermediate goals and sub-projects could have considerable effective change. The range of application extends from the medical industry to personal home use, to public education, to social and correctional rehabilitation. Original Theory published June'96.

          The project's web site includes pages for Intro & Summary (with a detailed table of contents with links to the other pages - Description & Purpose, Goals & Objectives, Research & Development, Theory, References & Links [extensive], Project Overview Chart, Project Flow Chart ( "Pert" style output by 'MS Project' ), and links to accompanying documents at this site. For context and perspective on this far-reaching multi-faceted proposal, see (page 8) the Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart.

Fascia Memory Project

Feedback Systems Interfaces (Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion, Fascia-Muscular) in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory ChartS by Chris Pringer 2'12,12'13- Thumb
"Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion Fascia-Muscular Feedback Systems Interfaces in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory" Chart at Fascia Memory Theory Page

F.M. Project Overview Chart

F.M. Project (Pert) Flow Chart



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