O'KellyMcCluskey, 1923-2010, WWIIDAV, Photo by Cliff Wells, Adj. by Chris Pringer
O'Kelly McCluskey, Captain, Ret. WWII DAV. Photo by Cliff Wells
Memorial Address By Kathleen Kelly Mccluskey
All Acknowledge

O'Kelly McCluskey

December 23, 1926   to   February 11, 2010

Co-Founder, virtual US Peace Academy (2003)
Co-Founder, Veterans for Peace, Ch.92 (2003)

A Spiritual Warrior Who held the vision of the United States Peace Academy while pursuing the reality in ever-constant dedicated service






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Memorial Address By Kathleen Kelly Mccluskey

They say that most men lead lives of quiet desperation

But Dad didn't go that route.

He turned his demons into doves of peace

His pain he turned into the fuel of inspiration
that propelled him forward when his footsteps faltered, but his will did not.

Like Saroyan he always knew we were all going to die someday

But he thought that an exception would surely be made in his case.

Ever the activist, he was the master of his fate, the captain of his soul.

He expected the change he wanted to happen in the world
since after all HE was on the JOB.

Silence is the voice of complicity Dad would often say.

And well all know Dad was the quintessential quiet, go along to get along type

The Irishman forever afraid to make a scene,
stir the pot, or god forbid create a fuss.

Truth be told, Dad was nothing if he was not vocal.

His voice for peace was so loud and strong.

His arguments so compelling.

His personality so forceful.

His sentences like William Faulkners, so long.

If his just cause did not convince you there was always the backup plan

I.e. his monologue would extend beyond your ability to remember
what you were going to say when he gave up the stage.

And, oh yes, he would not yield the floor,

He would never give up the field of battle

He would never go gentle into that good night,

And God Knows he would never give up the stage,
but he'll lend it to you for a little while.

If you wish to remember him

Remember him in acts of defiance.

Sneak into parks and plant forget me nots.

Annoy politicians and defy authority.

Dream the impossible dream and fight the unconquerable foe.

Make people angry and make people think.

Make people question prevailing wisdom

And shake the status quo till its foundations crumble into dust

And peace like the phoenix rises from the ashes.


A Most Special Memorial service for O'Kelly McCluskey

On Saturday, March 13, friends mourned the passing of O'Kelly McCluskey, and celebrated his passionate activism for peace and justice. The memorial celebration was held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Ballard. O'Kelly's immediate family was present and Rev. Rich Lang presided.

VFP 92 members, vUSPA associates and students, and friends shared rich stories about how O'Kelly touched their lives - often with much humor, as we knew O'Kelly would enjoy hearing them too. Cliff Wells and Kurt and Ann Kutay brought and displayed photos and memorabilia, as well as presented a special slide show presentation. There was also a video appearance by O'Kelly himself, who we knew would not want to be silent at his own going away party. We heard prayers from several spiritual traditions, all of which were important to O'Kelly. Al Penta and friends joined with several Raging Grannies to sing, “I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier.”

Mike McCormick and Elliott Stoller videotaped the celebration to share it with O'Kelly's relatives in Boston and with our members who were not able to make it. It was a very special occasion for VFP 92, for friends of O'Kelly McCluskey. Kurt Kutay says he will make his beautiful and much-praised Powerpoint tribute to O'Kelly availalble on DVD.

Rev. Rich Lang, who presided, said he has never seen such a wonderful memorial, and several members, including Dorli Rainey, said they want the same kind of send-off when their time comes.

As Gerry Condon reported, it was a wonderfully rowdy wake at Hattie's Hat afterwards, with lots of loud group singing, and the kind of dancing O'Kelly would have wanted (and probably watched with glee). There's rumor it was caught on video as well.

Thanks to the MANY members and friends who helped send O'Kelly off in style, while keeping his memory and his dedication with us always.


Two "Green Crow" Stories:
O'Kelly's Indian name was "Green Crow,"
where from came that part of his email address (greenkrow2026@...).
The other part (2026) being the date he hoped to see "USPA at Seattle - in the real," as he would say.

O'Kelly McCluskey, great spiritual warrior, 12/23/26 - 2/11/10
From Brenda Loew, Editor of Facebook Page for vUSPA

Margaret and o'Kelly's daughter just called to let us know that o'Kelly passed over just an hour ago (12:45 pm). His entire family were with him, and he died peacefully, without any apparent suffering.

Margaret said that she would be delighted to plan a memorial in conjunction with Veterans for Peace, and started crying at the idea of a statue possibly being erected for him in Peace Park.

They also told me that a "strange" thing happened. As you all know, the crow was o'Kelly's totem animal. They just had come home a little while ago and a crow landed directly in front of their car as they pulled in to the driveway, then there was an unusually huge gathering of crows, and they distinctly heard a very loud "CAW CAW" ! which, they said, o'Kelly used to do with them often. They are convinced it was o'Kelly's spirit showing them that he had passed well and was with them.

See Sept. 20, 2008 video [included below on this page]

and May 9, 2009 video [included below on this page]

also see: O'Kelly-McCluskey at facebook

Quoting Jerry Riley:

My wife and I had just this morning discussed that we could go visit O'Kelly next Tuesday. Soon thereafter I found the email informing us of his departure.

I printed it out and took it upstairs for Lillian to read. As she was reading it, there > was a larger than normal for the season flock of crows in our yard (we feed and water them, and I, too, CAW CAW at them.) As I left to go back to my computer I joked "That's O'Kelly out there giving us hell for not getting up to visit with him."

When I returned to my computer the Windows Media Player screen which has a G-Force random visualization program which shows various random abstract designs had stopped in a configuration very much like a crow flying with wing tips pointed to 0600 and 1200. Go figure the odds on that!!

O'Kelly-DAVWWII, Shades-Animated
O'Kelly McCluskey, Photo by Cliff Wells,
Animation (with gamma adjustment to reveal O'Kelly's eyes) by Chris Pringer

o'Kelly McCluskey, Presente!
A send off at the web site for

Veterans For Peace, Greater Seattle, Chapter 92
VFP92, Greater Seattle Logo, by Chris Pringer

O'Kelly on Funding the USPA at Seattle

I have suggested to my friends on the Vets for Peace National Board that he be invited to be a presenter at our '07 Convention in St Louis. ...They should also hear Nobel Prize winner [Muhammad Yunus's] dream of a "Museum of Poverty" along with the Fourth Way from Phil. I hope they take my suggestion to invite both of them. Their messages are complementary. I'm optimistic. Yunus's Poverty Museum mission has been adopted by the Peace Academy as a goal line for the future. -O'Kelly


Some Quotes by those who knew O'Kelly

O'Kelly McCluskey, our dear friend and founding member of VFP 92, has departed from this world. - Gerry Condon

Oh my god! How can we do without O'Kelly? His dedication, his good will, his determination to keep his grandsons and everybody's out of war, his wisdom and single mindedness in creating a virtual peace academy and supporting a Department of Peace. What love for family, friends and everybody! Man, how can we do without him? Love to you all, - Mike Yarrow

For those of you on Facebook, Brenda Loew invites you to please consider joining the U.S. Peace Academy fan page, and feel free to post comments about o'Kelly.

My Peace Activist Mother taught me,
"Not Failure, but LOW Aim is the bane of man" -O'Kelly

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Photo Links

vUSPA Photo Gallery for O'Kelly McCluskey

At Cliff Wells picasa site - "I have much on him, including his awarding the medal to Les Roberts and probably some others." -Cliff

Some pics of O'Kelly may be found at his vUSPA facebook page

[Continued with VIDEOs below]

O'Kelly's Concise Statement of what vUSPA is all about, 7/8/2008
[Verbatum from email (less one line of contact info), formatted into columns by web editor]
Free black publisher, Benjamin Banneker, First proposed a Peace Dept to offset the War Dept; later the 1776 Veterans presented it to a First Congress.

The US Peace Academy will make their Dream a reaity before the Centennial of the 1918 Peace Armistice that promised a Perpetual JUST World Peace.

An Educated Populice is the BEST Security for the World.
Help us create a FREE Education as a Basic Human Right to All KNOWLEDGE. .

1918 - 2018 Perpetual Just Peace

I am the master of my fate; I am the CAPTAIN of my Soul !

"Invictus" by Wm E. Henly
Capt o'Kelly McCluskey, Pax JD, WWll           Director, US Peace Academy
Black Elk's Daybreak Star Indian Ctr, Puget Sound, Seattle

Video's of O'Kelly McCluskey

[Added 3/28/10]

02/01/05 - Veterans for Peace - Part II - Guest - O'Kelly McCluskey,
Veterans for Peace Chapter 92 by Mike McCormick of Talking Stick tv
(at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8zMxtDRjO8)

Interview of o'Kelly McCluskey by Mike McCormick of Talking Stick tv
(at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pHP2NDozHQ)


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Assisting in the Healing of Veterans -
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For now, please use these keywords in your search engine: Co-Counseling, Re-Evaluation Counseling
(Note: Harvey Jackins, originator, has passed on, but REC has continued to develop and mature
into a most valuable, while relatively easy to learn, healing methodology)


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O'KellyMcCluskey, 1923-2010, WWIIDAV, Photo by Cliff Wells, Adj. by Chris Pringer
Special Page
In Memory of O'Kelly McCluskey
Captain, Ret. WWII DAV
12/23/26 --- 2/11/10  

In Memory of

O'Kelly McCluskey, 12/23/26 - 2/11/10
Founder of vUSPA and Mentor to many
Spiritual Warrior