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O'KellyMcCluskey, 1923-2010, WWIIDAV, Photo by Cliff Wells, Adj. by Chris Pringer

In Memory of O'Kelly McCluskey
Captain, Ret. WWII DAV
12/23/26 --- 2/11/10

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     Introducing The v. U.S. Peace Academy (vUSPA)   
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Holding the Vision, Pursuing the Reality

    The DEPARTMENT OF PEACE Campaign    
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    Some Highly Suggested Studies & Activities for vUSPA Students    
including Easy Steps for Documentation of Intentions in Conscientious Objection
are listed in the James George Peterson Library, Suggested Studies & Activities Section.

Introducing The v. U.S. Peace Academy (vUSPA)

"Holding the Vision, Pursuing the Reality"

         "A British naval officer imperiously designated 'Tahoma' as Mt. Rainier on his charts - without regard to the name given this sacred place by the First Peoples of the continent (before the Europeans, or B.E.). Scientists have recently determined the origins of the First peoples to predate 50,000 BC. The seeds of the v. U.S. Peace Academy were sown by members of the Global Peace Truth Force (1986) in the shadow of TAHOMA during the winter solstice. The initiation of the vUSPAUSPA was November 16th, 2003" - O'Kelly McCluskey, [December 23, 1926   to   February 11, 2010 ]

         One mission of the v. U.S. Peace Academy @Seattle is to inspire the creation of the *real* UNITED STATES PEACE ACADEMY.
         The *real* U.S. Peace Academy is to be a US Government, fully funded, 4 year scholarship academy modeled after West Point & the Naval Academy & offered to high school students who wish to become highly skilled professionals in the ART of Peace.
         In the interim the vUSPA is here for students choosing alternatives in peace. The vUSPA facilitates resources and connections to institutions of higher learning for the higher yearning - for lasting global peace. On the James George Peterson Library page here at vUSPA there are a few Suggested Courses and Books, etc. And there are a great many scholastic and volunteer opportunities listed at the page for Resources for Sustainable Peace (Selected Links).
         In so utilizing this site, young people can also create a vital and permanent record of their sincere desire and choice to learn and wage the arts of peace, rather than the art of war as taught at the military academies. In fact, 3 Easy Steps for Documentation of Intentions in Conscientious Objection are listed in the James George Peterson Library, along with "Some Highly Suggested Studies & Activities for vUSPA Students." You'll also find on that page a list of links for further studies into what Conscientious Objection is, and about making choices in that regard.

We Invite Students
to Come Master the Art of Waging Peace !

        The v. U.S. Peace Academy exists Here and Now through this website.  We are continuing to build the website and connections to a great variety of resources to help the young people start training -- we hope to accomplish most of that before February.

        We encourage young people to become students at the v. U.S. Peace Academy while waiting for the real UNITED STATES PEACE ACADEMY (USPA) to come into existence. The vUSPA students will join in the campaign to create the USPA and to establish a United States Department of Peace and a cabinet level Secretary of Peace.

In the event of a draft, their actions would then be credible evidence of their sincere belief that war is not the answer. Registration at the vUSPA - the earlier in the Junior or Senior High levels, the better - and accomplishing the suggested studies, as noted below, will provide strong indication of a long held desire to assert a CO (conscientious objector) Status. This would be effectively presentable at a Draft Board hearing. To establish a CO state of mind at early age, ideally at 14 or 15, but highly advised even in 11th or 12 grade, would now seem to be very important for those who want to retain the capacity for options with regard to military service.

        vUSPA @Seattle Founder and Voyager, O'Kelly McCluskey, states: "The SINE QUA NON of EDUCATION is to present the many sides of an issue & then help the student to make an informed rational decision. This is the very essence of school responsibility. The vUSPA is working on assembling a program to help schools facilitate fulfilling that responsibility. If you like what you find here, please help spread the word about the v. U.S. Peace Academy with your friends, fellow students, and associates.


The DOP Campaign

        A major goal in concert with that of the U.S. Peace Academy is to establish a United States Department of Peace and a cabinet level Secretary of Peace. The quest of this dream will be long and perilous. Many will become discouraged and despairing, drop off but this small group with their precious seeds will travel on the way until this small dream opens it's real gates to students who reject war & violence, who will train themselves to use peace as the organizing principle by which they encourage this planet to live.

        With that goal constantly in mind; the Global Peace Truth Force (GPTF 1986) strategy is to approach the problem from the bottom up:   (1)   Create the real US Peace Academy   (2)   which will require a Secretary of Peace to administer it and whose office can not exist until   (3)   the Dept of Peace is created.

        The Department of Peace Campaign is working on it from the top down with (the legislation) HR1673 as proposed/sponsored by Dennis Kucinich. Locally, vfp92 passed a resolution endorsing HR1673 and induced the '03 National Convention of the VETERANS For PEACE to also call on the Congress To pass the Dept of Peace legislation.

        You may read more about the DOP at the Resource Page's "Some Organizations Working for Sustainable Peace" section or go directly to the The DOP campaign web site (at



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Resources at this site

    Home Page of virtual US Peace Academy

    The Great Hall of the Peacemakers
    James George Peterson Library at vUSPA - Suggested Courses and Books, etc
    The Economics of War & Peace - the Iraqi War Example
    The Economics of War & Peace Part II
The 'Neo-conomy' in War, deep effects and future implications
    The Economics of War & Peace Part III
Considerations, Innovations, Accountability, Solutions, Resources
      Health Care Related (Petro-Pharmaceutical) Economics
Considerations in the cause of Seeking Accountability and Solutions - both nationally and internationally
    Resources for Sustainable Peace (Selected Links)
    Resources for Sustainable Peace (Selected Links) Page 2
    Some Highly Suggested Studies & Activities for vUSPA Students
- that will also serve well for Documentation of Intentions in Conscientious Objection.
     "Summary of 'Lawyers Guild Report on Free Speech, Public Assembly, and Dissent'" - Legal Resource on Civil Rights and Civil Disobedience

    Poly-Psy & Citizen Health - Problems & Solutions for Discussion:
Introducing a Chart-illustrated Study in "Poly-Psy" - including re: what brought us to this critical crossroads, socially and psychologically, and a look at current citizen roles, beliefs, coping styles, and choices - for society's waking up, healing itself, and recovering Democracy. Mental & emotional re-education for long-term solutions to national & international troubles, as well as implications for short-term problem-solving applications.
    Assisting in the Healing of Veterans
For now, at the JPG Library page is a listing,
PTSD: Integrating Approaches & Paradigms, Mediating Politics
-- Suggested Class and/or Topic for Discussion.

            If any of the above links do not work, Please email request for information to Chris Pringer via

We would like to recommend to everyone interested in peace trainings to
subscribe to the newsletter of the Institute of Peace via

You may also find of interest the National Peace Essay Contest via

If you especially enjoy art, music, and dance,
you might really have fun checking out the
v. U.S. Academy of Peace Through Art.
As Alana Lea, creator of the site, likes to quote:

      "Children, everybody, here's what to do during a war; In a time of destruction, create something.
A poem. A community. A school. A vow. A moral principle. One peaceful moment."

      - from The Fifth Book of Peace by Maxine Hong Kingston

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vUSPA Logo artwork by Chris Pringer
Artistic rendering of concepts & ideals as related to Purpose and eventual goals of vUSPA, including:

      * Eagle: integrative overview and foresight, as well as clothed by the more peaceful of the traditional symbols in the original seal of the United States (olive branch, banner "E Pluribus Unum" - meaning "Of Many, One").
      * Dove: peace, non-violence, gentleness.
      * Olive Branch: ages old symbol for Peace. In "the Great Seal," where the eagle is also holding arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other, the eagle has its head turned towards the olive branch, said to symbolize a preference for peace.
      * Globe: global citizen oriented.
      * Open Book: Right Use of Knowledge, Right Parenting, Right Use of Science
      * Circle of Symbols of World Religions: Ecuminicism of Beliefs.
      * 4 Directions Hoop: a symbol common to almost all Indigenous people of the Americas, but of other world cultures as well, The four cardinal points of the medicine wheel can be used to explain the complex reality of personal and community development.

vUSPA Administrative Staff

Chris Pringer
Administrator & WebSiteMgr of vUSPA
Veterans for Peace Ch.92; "Seattle 12"
Instructor in "PolyPsyArts"

Until further notice, the page for "Advisors to vUSPA Students" has been discontinued (It has been 10 years or more since I have heard from or about them. ~Chris Pringer.
Pastor Rich Lang
Chaplain, vUSPA
Pastor, University Temple United Methodist Church
Seattle, WA

James Peterson McCluskey, M.L.S.
Library Consultant

Tristan McCluskey
Librarian, vUSPA
Seattle, WA

Cameron McCluskey
Librarian, vUSPA
Seattle, WA

*vUSPA Students are those who utilize the vUSPA site for the cause of Peace
in accordance with the "Highly Suggested Studies & Activities for vUSPA Students."
O'KellyMcCluskey, 1923-2010, WWIIDAV, Photo by Cliff Wells, Adj. by Chris Pringer
Special Page
In Memory of O'Kelly McCluskey
Captain, Ret. WWII DAV
12/23/26 --- 2/11/10  

In Memory of

O'Kelly McCluskey, 12/23/26 - 2/11/10
Founder of vUSPA and Mentor to many
Spiritual Warrior


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