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For years I've been using
which can create a fun and self-challenging game out of traffic - while actually making it safer for all -
and we're talking about what would be bumper to bumper, temperment challenging, rush-hour traffic.
This is NOT "Hypermiling" - does NOT include inappropriate slow driving.

         The "Smooth Pedal" methodology works through drivers actively and skillfully pacing vehicles in congested or rush hour traffic. It costs only the time it takes to learn it, the energy to focus on employing it, and yet, the results (in savings) may be greater than many techniques and innovations requiring millions of dollars to start up and maintain. It also provides a fun way of self-managing stress, decreasing likelihood of road rage (preventative health maintenance in a big way!), along with great opportunities for monetary savings to individuals and society due to improved driver safety & vehicle fuel efficiency. It is NOT for when traffic is moving smoothly (and I believe the right lane is for slower driving if necessary).
         The heart of the technique, to start with anyway, is gauging the optimal speed for a given situation. In heavy traffic especially, I watch the brake lights of the farthest vehicle ahead that I can see in my own lane. It's not just about knowing how to guage your gas pedal usage. The game's ground-level challenge and goal is in determining just how little and seldom you can use the pedals -brake or gas- and thus maintain a certain range of safe stopping-distance from the driver ahead of you. And measuring out that distance with your fuel and brake pedal action. Which can actually can get into to a kind of contest with yourself - which can become a most entertaining game, which is the part that helps with the alertness vs boredom factor, of course. Anyway, let's begin that distance measuring with about 2 to 4 car lengths or so in highway congestion, at 3 to 20 mph lets say (or using the "One, one-thousand, two, one-thousand" count method). Make that about a 3/4 car length in 1-3mph city street congestion). And these will vary depending on various things you'll figure out as you work with it; practice develops skill.
         This methodology also helps create a SAFE experience for all. Certainly all those behind you, who rarely ever stop thanks to your practicing this technique well. But it's also more respectful of the driver in front of you. And yes, this technique is very effective on congested highways, especially as drivers in the other lanes see what's happening and catch on to how it's done! In the long run (within any rush hour period) using the technique actually speeds traffic, especially since as a result of using it, a) fewer people are having to accelerate from the stopped position, and/or are doing it less often, b) the likelihood of bumper-crumpling is drastically reduced, c) less stops due to engine overheating, and d) less emotional stress, not to mention road rage, because people catch on to the steady pace of things.
         This "Smooth Pedal" awareness game also saves on fuel and reduces wear on brake systems (both due to much decreased repeated leap-frog acceleration and braking). And you'll be tempted to frustration when someone from the next lane jumps into that "free" slot you've opened, but if you just trust and play that into the game... it still works out. Besides, they won't "get there" any faster than you, and certainly not in the same (constructive) state of mind as you will be in. All it takes is a little habit-breaking discipline, as well as playing with timing and intuition -- in case you're into building such skills, realizing they, along with patience, dexterity, and coordination, are very valuable skills to have in many realms of life.
          Ok, Let's Summarize the Gains: 1) savings in costs of road vehicle fuel, maintenance and repairs, and law enforcement, 2) fewer vehicle accidents and 3) fewer and less severe injuries and deaths, 4) improved temperament (therefore overall health) and 5) less road rage (and results from that), because the traffic is almost always kept moving (although slowly) even during rush hour, 6) improved work efficiency and interpersonal relations due to state of mind at drivers' destinations, 7) improved capacity to focus, and improved appreciation for related discipline and delayed gratification, 8) you're not only less bored, but you may even be mentally, and (positively) attitudinally stimulated with your blood pressure LOWERED ! (It's true, this combination also results with such focus-based methodologies once the technique is sufficiently practiced, just as with various passive marshall arts such as tai chi and yoga.)
An idea occurs: Lets call it "Smart-Phone-Engaged-Competitive 'Smooth Pedal' Gaming"
         This competition variation of the game requires 1) the use of vehicles with cameras & distance measuring equipment -- with or without the automatic control functions involved in management of distance between vehicles), and 2) a smart phone app for finding and connecting competitors (ideally in the same area of traffic congestion) and employing a system for comparison and scoring of computed results of multiple drivers' performance skills. Or for rated comparison of multiple events for a single driver. Such a game could even be video recorded and broadcasted live with the stats charted in rolling progression. Which would NOT be for driver's view, since a real time voiced interpretation for the driver could provide sufficient updates without the dangerous distraction of additional visual input. I realize that currently there are likely no vehicles with distance-measuring cameras without the automatic engagement of speed and direction controls. And that some manufactures of the above (primarily the auto-makers) might fight the idea of providing only the measuring element of the system, or allowing a disengagement of the measuring with the control elements. [And of course, this idea has NOT been tested, if even conceived of, by the Department of Vehicles or whoever manages highway and street safety, nationally or otherwise. And since there might be a way for this idea to be misused, accidentally or otherwise, I will be the first to say that some caution needs to be exercised in the technical or practical development of this idea. Thank you, ~cp, 4/1/17]

When the Traffic Jam Has Already Happened...
What if some creative volunteer "un-jammers" were assist in coordinating drivers at exit points - coordinating with police choppers via cell phones? The volunteer might put magnetic pad with a large "V" on top of his car (received at the volunteer's brief training course) when a jam occurs, call into a/the traffic coordinator center that could route the volunteer, and the police chopper pilot, when over that area, could spot the volunteer if/as needed (and if still in a useful location in the traffic jam), and direct the volunteer into the most effective action.) [Sept'11]

RPMs Guage
Tachometer Tricks

         Please use your tachometer!
I'm not sure how many cars have tachometers nowadays - but I believe they can be essential for fuel efficiency. Because speed does NOT necessarily indicate amount of fuel usage. A 1982 manual shift BMW can cruise at 65± mph on "the low side of the tach" (2250 RPMs or so, and transmission ratio's figure into this).
          But the SIMPLE fact of the matter is that, abiding by your Tach-read RPMs is infinitely more accurate for maximizing fuel efficiency (than your speedometer) - and therefore also for minimizing ozone depletion. Once you find out where the efficiency range is, then you can ("by feel") keep your engine out of the (low rpm) 'bog range,' as well as out of the (high rpm) waste range. I think there are color codes on the tach for the 'feeling impaired' now. Wink But if you drive an automatic (especially w/o a color-coded tach) then, IMHO, you're either not in touch with the road, or you've got road-feel skills I can only imagine.

Yield for Fuel Efficiency

          And there's the idea about replacing most stop signs with yield signs - to drastically cut energy use (via reduced deceleration and acceleration) and brake wear, as well as to increase defensive driving levels due to the resulting increased caution at intersections (I was actually a defensive driving instructor in the service). Of course, if you're going to do it legally, that one requires some grassroots action at city hall.



Global Warming
Action Resources, Articles, Overcoming Disillusionment and Burnout,
Climate Denial, Names, Facts & Figures, & More

 For action alerts on climate change related issues, see right column.
forrest_f - from , Trees Communicate
from Ecology Global Network
KEY Reference:
          "This Changes Everything", by Naomi Kline
1)     The Documentary [The film] “...expands, visualizes, and in many ways personalizes, the many themes of Naomi Klein’s book … explores the destructive path on which modern civilization treads while also connecting the dots between the various movements which constitute humanity’s best hope for continued survival and future prosperity.” - Common Dreams. 2)     Great Book Review, "Igniting Change" by Tom Watson in Real Change Nov. 2014

    "Who left the Freezer Door Open?" by Bob Bindschadler
(links for Library of Congress videos and transcripts below)
         In short, It's a GREAT presentation - by a scientist no less (!) - Bob Bindschadler, Chief Scientist, Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) - Including a skit that would make sure even slow-minded folks understand exactly how and why the Antarctic snow and ice melts ("ice hates water" as one of the underlying principles), AND also simply yet exactly WHY it is melting at extremely dangerously increasing rates now. Two of our Saltwater UU Climate Action (SCAN) team members volunteered for the skit that illustrated the mechanics of the process, those that were shown in video and charted with stats - so all that made sense quickly. Also, did you know that 90% of all ice on the planet is in Antarctica, with 70% of all fresh water on the planet there as well?
          The upshot of that is more chemistry related but spells extreme food-chain changes, meaning OUR food availability, not to mention the rise of ocean waters much more quickly than we previously thought. While the weather changes effect our fresh water availability. "Thawing permafrost, thinning sea ice and retreating glaciers all signal changes that have become the “new normal” for the colder parts of our planet. These changes continue to affect the daily lives of arctic residents but now as the large ice sheets have also begun to lose ice rapidly, billions more people are being impacted through the acceleration of rising seas. While the ice sheets also provide the climatic history that shows that human activity is a primary driver of these modern changes, the rapidity of the changes has posed puzzles that scientists only recently solved." [Thawing permafrost also implies the re-emergence of bacteria in the organic carbon that has been frozen deep in the soil for millennia, which implies potentially extremely great challenge to the immune systems of most if not all life on the planet. Potential solutions referred to in the section on Trees & Fungi. ~cp] [Keyword/tagword: carbon sequestration]
          It all boils down to those same ole' conservation and energy alternatives - and the newer improved ones of course [what this page is about]- and they can make a difference and they have to begin with us regular folk because WE are the leaders EG:: don't expect corporations to start, but only to respond to our activism that is coupled with our examples. Thank you! , or prospectively soon to be

    View Webcast, "Big Ice Sheet Doing Big Things- Why its a Big Deal";
         Description: This loss of ice in areas of the World such as Antarctica and Greenland is causing an increasing rate of sea-level rise, making it critically important to provide accurate predictive models as a basis for policy makers and citizens to take action. The challenges to science are great, and a more detailed understanding of ice-sheet dynamics is urgently needed. In an illustrated lecture, the fourth in a series of programs in 2011 presented through a partnership between the Science, Technology and Business Division of the Library of Congress, and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, scientist Robert Bindschadler presents his theories as to why this is occurring. (52 minutes) and/or read the     Transcript
             View '07 Webcast, "Who Left the Freezer Door Open? What the Poles Are Telling Us about Climate Change." (51 minutes) and/or read the     Transcript

          Dr. Robert Bindschadler’s career
spanned over 30 years at NASA where he retired in 2010 as the Chief Scientist of NASA’s Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences Laboratory and a Senior Fellow of the Goddard Space Flight Center. He is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, a past President of the International Glaciological Society and is currently a NASA Emeritus Scientist, living in Quilcene, WA. He remains active in lecturing to the public. He has led major multi-institutional and international research projects, most recently a major ice-sheet modeling study for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. During his distinguished NASA career, he developed numerous unique applications of remote sensing data for glaciological research including measuring ice velocity and elevation using both visible and radar imagery, monitoring melt of the ice sheet by microwave emissions, and detecting changes in ice-sheet volume by repeat space-borne radar altimetry. His extensive field experience includes leading 18 Antarctic field expeditions to study dynamics of the West Antarctic ice sheet. He has testified before Congress, briefed the U.S. Vice President, published over 150 scientific papers, including numerous review articles and is often quoted commenting on glaciological impacts of the climate on the world’s ice sheets and glaciers.

Signs of the times, or "Time Of The Signs"?
         About how OUR home -and it's inhabitants- have not been so efficient: "Humans have wrought such vast and unprecedented changes on the planet that we may be ushering in a new period of geological history. ... It is feared that the damage mankind has inflicted will lead to the 6th largest mass extinction in Earth's history w/thousands of plants & animals being wiped out. The new epoch, called the Anthropocene - meaning new man - would be the 1st period of geological time shaped by action of a single species. Our species itself may be wiped out, ironically, by our own behavioral habits."     "Earth 'Entering New Age of Geological Time' " at As Brian Wilson comments at facebook " 'HOMO ESTUPIDO' Have you seen the document, 'Age of Stupid'?" My question: "If we saw the sign for denial would we recognize it?" [3/27/10]

Christians on the Beat
         Some Christian organizations have also been uhmm, 'updating' their brethren about climate change, including Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, of which Katharine Hayhoe, director, atmospheric scientist, and devout Christian is the evangelical on mission to "convince other Christians that climate change is real, and that caring about the issue is one of the most Christian things you can do." On the catholic front is Sister Ilia Delio, OSF of Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center (IPJC.Org).

"How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on climate change research:" (LA Times)
          Given the current amount of publicity (Fall 2015) about their role in climate denial, eg: how much they had known about the implications of their role as they were engaged in it: It should now be more than obvious to law makers and corporate board members alike, that economic players such as Exxon-Mobile, who like the tobacco industry, have so drastically abused the capitalist means of trade in the world, not to mention threaten the very survival of humankind, that such as they are a primary cause of such a high degree of regulation upon corporations, that democratic societies have little choice but to create virtual, if not actual, socialist systems of governance. Otherwise, that is, where such players survive, the governance is part and parcel with the crimes - and thus defined as fascism. Capitalists everywhere should now, more than ever, be convinced that if they want capitalism to survive and socialism or fascism to remain in the background of power, then they must regulate themselves effectively, or else lead in the creation of another economic system that actually works for long-term planetary sustainability. Which may sound like an impossible ideal to many, however, a very fast accelerating number of people see no other path for our survival. See references below.

            HEMPCRETE!?! Yes, Really- Besides being very strong, lightweight and breathable, serving as it's own insulation AND humidity balancer, this mixture creates a negative carbon footprint. How? Since lime is the binding material, builders do not have to heat up the lime as much as a supplier would need to in the industrial creation of concrete. This results in a lot of energy conservation when producing Hempcrete vs. concrete. Hempcrete sequesters (hides or puts away) carbon as it is very high in cellulose. Through it’s growing life cycle, it takes in large amounts of carbon which is then built into the home or building it is being used to construct. This does not allow the carbon to be released into the atmosphere. A home can save about 20,000lbs of carbon when being built out of Hempcrete. It’s also fire-proof, water-proof, and rot-proof as long as it’s above ground. Other notable factors are that hemp requires no fertilizer, weed killer pesticide or fungicide to grow it. More on this Below in the Hemp section at "Hempcrete Could Change The Way We Build Everything" [Keyword/tagword: carbon sequestration]

          Koch Industries and Koch Family Foundations, In case you didn't know, is one of the largest single sources of funding for conservative organizations in the United States, has spent more money than any individual or oil conglomerate to spread ("Climate Denial") misinformation about global warming. Organizations and think tanks supported by the billionaire brothers (Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch) foundation include The Tea Party, Citizens for a Sound Economy, the libertarian Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Reason Magazine, the Manhattan Institute, and the Heartland Institute. David and Charles Koch were the primary funders of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington DC which was held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. And then there's...

Well, much of this page is, in essence, about Global Warming.

            Also of CURRENT relevance: "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring "Burn-out" and "Questions for Overcoming Disillusionment" - pages at this site. The former was written for healing practitioners, and some may find it a bit eclectic. The later was made specifically to address this aspect, albeit with respect to the war and peace issue ["same dynamic, same cure"]. There are additional related links on this page in the "Related POLY-PSY Resources" section. Another *politically* related essay...
            "A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing Government and the Global Warming Crisis." at the "PolyPsy Citizen Healing" or "Recovering Democracy" page. This all-impermeating circumstance has rendered many other references at this site over the years, as I was greatly effected by the Geog. 3253 "Conservation Principles" class at the University of Oklahoma (1978)... While the class was offered through the Geography curriculum, it was much more about biology, ecology, environmental science, and the sociology that effected it so critically. We studied the most vital biological interdependence that interconnects every living organism. I found that these truly were the nuts and bolts relationships, as if all organisms and connections were one living matrix throughout the planet (or Gaia). But forget the "if" in that. We learned that we only had about 30 years before we could begin to make definite changes related to our environment or else give up any hope of sustaining life on the planet. Thus I came to see ... Earth would truly seem to be our *Mother*, as the Native Americans have tried (in vain?) to teach us. In my heart I knew that to be true.

            "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy and the Spirit of It All" - a visual story & invocation inspired by the playful creativity of the nature spirits) including Flower & Tree of Life archetypes in the sacred geometry based background

Northwest Resources
("NW" but broadly applicable / useful)
    News from YES! Magazine

"Climate Action Despite Trump" by Stephen Miller, senior editor, 6/2/17
    There were hints of what was to come. The hype machine was revved up. Then, with the world watching, President Trump announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement—a punch in the gut to the 194 other committed countries and to the 70 percent of American voters who support it. But as of Friday, at least 10 governors and 163 mayors have committed to upholding the accord’s goals despite Trump. This is democracy on the ground. In cities and states across the nation, Trump isn’t slowing the pace of climate action.
    U.S. Doesn’t Need Trump to Honor Paris Climate Agreement American cities have already spent billions of dollars on climate action and are committed to environmental goals that go beyond the Paris accord. ... "3 Fact Checkers We Need (and Love) Right Now" - We’ve got enough political commentators. We need more fact checkers. ... Enough! Trump Has Abdicated on Climate—Now It’s Up to Us.

Drawdown The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming Edited by Paul Hawken, a quote from the Foreward by Tom Steyer. "We know we can't avoid the cataclysmic impacts of global warming by only focusing on achieving zero net carbon emissions; we must also rapidly re-sequester carbon. Drawdown--by identifying and researching dynamic, innovative solutions--creates the playbook for this urgent goal." Tom Steyer [keyword/Tagwords: Carbon Sequestration]

Facebook May Fuel New Mothers’ Insecurity
    How new moms spend their time on social networking sites can affect their well-being and adjustment to parenthood.

How an Ancient Singing Tradition Helps People Cope With Trauma in the Modern World
    In Finland, lament singing is experiencing a revival, one sad song at a time.

Trump’s Budget Is Full of Contempt—and Numbers That Don’t Add Up
    Trillions of imaginary dollars run throughout the budget. Never mind “fake news.” This is fake government.

Why Bernie Sanders Is Pushing for More Worker-Owners
    In times when Washington is unlikely to agree on much, employee ownership offers a bipartisan approach toward building a stronger and more just economy.

The Paper Company Threatening Ancient Boreal Forests—And Activists and Journalists
    Resolute Forest Products provides the paper for the nation’s biggest newspapers and publishers. So it’s up to independent media to speak out. Reader Denise Willey writes, “The other part of this media control and intimidation has to do with corporate personhood and money as speech.”

Trump Impeachment on Your Mind? 5 Things to Know
    The articles of impeachment against Trump might look remarkably similar to those levied against Nixon and Clinton.

We All Know Biking Makes Us Healthier. But It’s Even Better Than We Thought
    Think you’re too busy to exercise? Here’s why you should consider cycling to work.

More Climate Activist
Action-Ready Sites

(A few of many that provide Petitions, Letters, & News):

   Sierra Club Washington Coal to Clean Energy campaign via Action Alerts Link,    Climate Solutions Power past Coal campaign,,    Washington Environmental Council,    OneAmerica (see below),    Rainforest Action Network,    Rising Tide Seattle (facebook page),    Credo,    UU Voices for Justice

   Sightline Institute for great & comprehensive news reporting
   Backbone Campaign Backbone means standing up with the moral clarity that people, communities, nature and our obligations to future generations are not just NOT FOR SALE, they are SACRED. Please support their ongoing work.

   Tell the U.S. Forest Service: Stop Nestlé’s Illegal Water Extraction

   PETITION: California Water Restrictions MUST Include Big Ag, Big Oil and Nestlé! (Source: Food&WaterWatch)

   Center For Food Safety prolific and focused Hot on GMO's, Organic Foods, Bees, Seed Freedom, etc

   Earth Justice "Because the earth needs a good lawyer" provides monthly e-newsletter "e.Brief"

    Food Democracy Now with focus on Monsanto, Organic, etc

    Washington Conservation Voters, "Action LCV" focused Hot on Carbon Pollution Accountability

    Rainforest Action Network > with focus on Rainforests AND lots on Global Warming

    Greenpeace (of course :-)

    Ask why? why not? and Climate Reality Project Something for the Kids!

          References on Exxon's 'Leadership' in Climate Denial: "How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on climate change research (LA Times), "Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About Climate Change by the Mid-1980s—and Denied It" (The Nation), "What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic" (LA Times), "Global Warming and Big Oil" (LA Times)

    The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy: "We are individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to reducing global warming pollution and strengthening our economy. We need to account for the cost of global warming pollution in our economy while at the same time accelerating solutions."
    "If your group is still interested in engaging on this issue long-term, I think the Alliance is the best way to plug in." - Ellicott Dandy of

Alliance News (2014-2015)

  Gov. Inslee’s climate plan means more jobs, less carbon

    Washington Governor Proposes Carbon Pollution Cap

    Adopting clean-fuels standard is a public-health imperative

    A Biofuel company that can hardly make a buck in Washington

    You might be surprised by Puget Sound Energy’s coal power supply

    On Climate Tour, Inslee Notes Health Impacts Of Carbon Emissions In Seattle's South Park

    Inslee Visits Seattle's Unhealthiest Neighborhood

    Green-power advocates deliver petitions urging Puget Sound Energy to shift away from coal-fired power

    Learn about OneAmerica’s new work in environmental justice!
    A partnership consisting of Puget Sound Sage, Washington Community Action Network, Got Green, the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition, El Centro de la Raza, Climate Solutions, Community to Community and the Latino Community Fund created a ground breaking Principles of Climate Justice [pdf] document, outlining steps every city should take to ensure environmental equity, including the need for transparency and accountability when deciding policy and the need to craft policy to ensure that people of color and disadvantaged communities receive net-environmental and economic benefits.

   THERE IS HOPE: Guardian Media Group To Divest Its 800m Fund From Fossil Fuels

    MANY MORE Resource Links JUST BELOW as well as in various sections on this page (see TOC at top of Page)

Related Articles


    References on Exxon's 'Leadership' in Climate Denial: "Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About Climate Change by the Mid-1980s—and Denied It" (The Nation), "How Exxon went from leader to skeptic on climate change research (LA Times), "What Exxon knew about the Earth's melting Arctic" (LA Times), "Global Warming and Big Oil" (LA Times)

   "Tom Steyer to Put GOP Presidential Climate Denier Candidates on ‘The Hot Seat’" Anastasia Pantsios | April 7, 2015 10:44 am

    "Steyer Escalates Campaign to Keep Climate Deniers Out of Office" by Anastasia Pantsios | October 21, 2014 NextGen will continue its campaign of trying to shame climate-denier candidates and officeholders into changing their stance through ads and promotions like Science Denier Week and its Stone Age Report, released last week, targeting the most egregious deniers. It singled out U.S. Senate candidates Cory Gardner (CO), Terri Lynn Land (MI), Joni Ernst (IA) and Scott Brown (NH), and Governors Rick Scott (FL) and Paul LePage (ME), who are up for reelection in tight races. Florida Gov. Rick Scott was awarded NextGen Climate’s Stone Age Award for his indifference to the impacts of climate change on his state.

    "Meet the Republicans in Congress who don't believe climate change is real" by Tom McCarthy @TeeMcSee Monday 17 November 2014 14.15 EST [NAMES]

    "Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry" by Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent, Saturday 21 February 2015 16.32 EST [THE 1ST BIG EXPOSURE -cp]

    "Lobbyist dubbed Dr Evil behind front groups attacking Obama power rules" by Richard Berman, in the Washington offices of Berman and Company, in May 2010. Berman has helped found six nonprofit groups that critics say are nothing more than moneymakers for his communications firm. Suzanne Goldenberg Monday 23 February 2015 08.49 EST [ABOUT THE STRATEGIST BEHIND THE SMOKE & MIRRORS LOBBYING -cp]

   "ALEC in Denial of Its Climate Denial, Threatens to Sue" by Anastasia Pantsios | April 7, 2015 -- CONSERVATIVE LOBBYING GROUP the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) writes pro-fossil fuel, climate-damaging “model legislation” for its members in Congress and state legislatures across the country to pass. It’s financed by a roster of corporations that benefit from such legislation and ALEC, in turn, funds campaigns to push the legislation into law.
     "Sen. Whitehouse Calls Out ALEC for Role in Funding Climate Deniers" by Connor Gibson, Greenpeace USA | March 13, 2015 [Incl. CHART OF CLIMATE DENIERS WHO BLAME THE SUN]
     "ALEC Gives Congressional Climate Deniers Their 2015 Marching Orders" by Anastasia Pantsios 12/03/2014
     "Dumping ALEC Is Not Enough to Combat Climate Change" 3/30/2015

   "Film Rips Climate Change Deniers" Posted on March 13, 2015 by By Peter Galuszka -- A just-released documentary “Merchants of Doubt” seems tailor-made for the readers of Bacons Rebellion. The film by Robert Kenner explores the profession of doubting climate change in which the energy industry quietly hires “scientists” to debunk ...The strategy of confronting scientific evidence that is damaging to a particular industry has been around since at least the 1960s when the chemical industry tried to dismiss the idea that the insecticide DDT widely used to control mosquitoes could be deadly to wildlife for decades. [THE STRATEGY BEHIND THE SMOKE & MIRRORS LOBBYING -cp].

    Climate change denial - The Wiki Page [Great Compendium of facts and links. -cp]

   "Become a Climate Reality Leader: Share the Truth About Climate Change and Inspire Action by Sponsored Content" by The Climate Reality Project, April 6, 2015 Addresses some current basics like "What Is an INDC?" "What’s In the United States’ initial commitment for COP21?" "How Will the U.S. INDC Affect Paris?" [GOOD FOR MANY BASICS -cp]

    "Koch Brothers Continue to Oil the Machine of Climate Change Denial" by David Suzuki 4/8/2015, EcoWatch.Com

    "Reid, Whitehouse: GOP in denial on climate change" by Harry Reid and Sheldon Whitehouse 1:30 p.m. EDT March 13, 2015

    "The End of the Partisan Divide Over Climate Change" by Tom Zeller Jr., Forbes Contributor, JANUARY 18, 2015 [Interesting- for Comparison. -cp]

    Blockade Kicks Off 'Heat Week' as Divestment Call Escalates at Harvard by Jon Queally -Approximately 200 students, alumni, and others participated in Sunday evening protest designed to increase pressure on elite school to withdraw financial investments from fossil fuel industry.

    Death of US Coal Exemplifies Need for Paradigm Shift for Global Energy System by Lauren McCauley - Rapidly decaying coal industry reveals fate of all fossil fuels, argue researchers at Carbon Tracker Initiative. 3/24/2015

    Food, Farming and Climate Change: It’s Bigger than Everything Else by Ryan Zinn -Recreating a political economy that fosters and safeguards small-scale farmers is critical to addressing not only climate change but hunger and inequality as well. 4/13/2015

    TransCanada Whistleblower Spurs New Probe of Pipeline Giant's Safety Record by Deirdre Fulton - These latest revelations only support that position, explaining "why TransCanada has had five major pipeline ruptures in the past sixteen months," Mark Calzavara, Council of Canadians regional organizer for Ontario, Québec, and Nunavut, told Common Dreams. 3/19/2015

    Betraying 'Beyond Petroleum' Slogan, BP's Main Focus Still Fossil Fuels by Deirdre Fulton - Not only has that level of spending fallen off dramatically, but BP has reportedly locked away much of its energy efficiency and renewable energy research from that era, leading climate activists to cry foul. April 16, 2015

    Halting Intentional Climate Inaction by Nnimmo Bassey -It may be inconveniencing, but the pleasures and so-called easy life of today cannot justify a knowing condemnation of the planet and peoples to unacceptable future. We must all stand up, speak and act against climate crimes. 4/16/2015

    New Film on Indian Point Explores 'Nuclear Power in the Age of Fukushima' by Deirdre Fulton - "The story is told from both inside and outside the plant, through characters who care deeply about its future." 4/16/2015

    Reclaiming, Relocalizing, Reconnecting: The Power of Taking Back Local Food Systems by Andrea Germanos - "The 'business-as-usual' model can no longer be considered an option for a well-functioning food system in the future." 4/16/2015

    Climate Solutions ClimateCast: "our curated, weekly collection of news and commentary on climate issues."

    Wilderness Society Sells Out, Again by ALEXANDER REID ROSS - [This is MORE about UTAH than WS -cp] The land in the sacrifice zone on the Book Cliffs is the land of the Ute people, and mining on their land is regulated by the EPA. The corporations involved in the tar sands are moving forward with strip mining the Ute’s land without the EPA’s proper permission. Instead, Utah is illegally allowing the corporations to allow strip mining on Native lands.
         The Governor of Utah, an ultra-right climate denier, appoints the Utah Department of Water Quality and the Department of Environmental Quality. The Department of Water Quality issued a permit for strip mining the Ute’s lands without so much as a water discharge, claiming there is no water on the land at all, despite an abundance of evidenced spring water.
         The legislature of Utah is also stacked with climate deniers, and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) hosted their convention in the state in 2013 to improve efforts to transfer federal lands to private businesses.
         US Oil Sands, the Canadian company doing the tar sands mining, is connected not only to ALEC, but to the euphemistically-named Institute for Clean and Secure Energy (ICSE), which operate in the University of Utah. The ICSE spends the money it gets from Chevron, among other energy sources, in the laboratory to make it cheaper to turn oil shale into gasoline. 4/06/2015
    I-732 on WA's Nov 2016 ballot - Sightline Institute Summary: The Sightline Institute, a policy think tank, releases the most comprehensive independent analysis of I-732 on Aug. 1st, 2016. This exhaustive study reviews the Pro’s, Con’s and fiscal impacts concluding: “I-732 would give Washington the continent’s, if not the world’s, most potent, persistent, and comprehensive incentive to move swiftly beyond dirty fossil fuels” – “The biggest improvement in the progressivity of Washington’s state tax system in 40 years” – “the department’s estimates are off” - “The ‘revenue hole’ case is a red herring.” – “Well within the range of uncertainty” - "The tax swap is revenue neutral."
    I-732 "explainers," most recent articles 1st: "Green Stamps: A Climate Equity Proposal for the Pacific Northwest" A homegrown climate solution could power all Northwest families to a carbon-free future (Aug 16, 2016), "Weighing the Critiques of CarbonWA's I-732" Three points of contention in Washington’s fight for a carbon-free future (Aug 3, 2016), "Does I-732 Really Have a “Budget Hole”?" To the digit that anyone can accurately forecast, the tax swap is revenue-neutral (Aug 2, 2016), "Weighing CarbonWA’s Tax Swap Ballot Initiative" Washington climate hawks' guide to the pros and cons of I-732 (Aug 1, 2016, [repeat of the 1st article link listed above under summary header]).

         Chart from Cascadia Planet
  [I-732 carbon tax initiative and...] "A business-as-usual climate rule for a climate crisis world" - "The ultimate test of any climate policy is what happens on this planet. What will the world look like..." and "...a modest proposal to stop the insanity" by Patrick Mazza of Cascadia Planet- someone who knows the tricky terrain on both the technical and increasingly complex political grounds of this issue. That includes what's good for the legislative agenda, and what would make an effective petition drive - and they are two different things. Patrick is calling it like he sees it - through the eyes of an independent journalist of long time experience on the front lines. And it is from that (IMHO) we can all learn best - certainly in this time of crisis.

 By one of the earliest explainers of WA I-732 Carbon Tax (see below reference):
WA Tax Swap- By Cascadia Planet



Related Links & Resources for a Sustainable Planet
(On this Page)

  The Home as Efficient Vehicle incl. "'Object Permanence' or not," "Land Waste, Environmental Damage, and Green Burials," "Cassettes..," & "Green Holidays"

  "Trees & Fungi" Critical Knowledge & a Vital Means of Healing our Planet

  WATER SHORTAGE and Questions & Resources, rainwater conservation

  Resources for Resources Including HEMP & HEMPCRETE

  Long Term Problem Solving

  On Efficiency From UCS, Global Stewards, Others

  Other Sustainable Planet Resources

  Perspectives from various leaders in ecological science

  Related POLY-PSY Resources

  "Smooth-Peddle" Fuel Efficiency Strategy (above)

  Tachometer Tricks (above)

  Yield for Fuel Efficiency (above)

  Traffic Un-Jamming Suggestion (above)



The Home as an Efficient Vehicle for Recycling

Small Home Recycling Mgt/Systems

        I've lived in a very small space for some time, and with some effort, have developed and managed a relatively complete waste-handling and recycling system, that is actually convenient and space-efficient. Via the accompanying picture you can see (from left to right) a) a 12-pack beer box with the recycled grocery sack for those things that go to the "recycle bin", b) a box with a recycled sealable container for the compostables, and c) a box for the recycled plastic grocery bag for storing actual garbage.
        What you can't see in that 23" wide compartment is d) the plastic bag for all *recyclable* plastic bags, e) the plastic bag for all the *un-recylable* plastic bag/wrap materials that go into the garbage, f) a 12-pack beer box for overflow (usually for bottles and juice containers), and g) another box behind that with old socks (great for cleaning whatever) and recycled plastic bags compressed and ready for application to the above.Behind the 12" depth that the three main boxes take up and under/behind the other items mentioned is plenty of room for (the usual?) sink related materials for cleaning and maintenace, water purification, etc.
        Speaking of the sink - and water usage: there's only one sink (10"x12"); my (hand) dish-washing system depends on keeping relatively clean used soap water in a large yogurt container, and rinsing cleaned dishes with just previously boiled water in a 1 qt tea pot. That's all I use for rinsing, and that's after I've just poured some of that into the french-press coffee decanter (provides my reward for doing those dishes). It also saves on soap water if I wipe oily dishes first with the least amount of recycled and compostable tissue or toilet paper.
        A good part of the simplicity and efficiency depends on my having very little food-related garbage. I make only what I can eat in a sitting or store AND eat as leftovers; I keep special containers outside for those items that require special trips (batterys, print cartridges, aerosol containers, etc); I'm careful about what I buy, not to mention who I buy it from. That is, I take a few minutes now and then to check on what's new in the recycling technology, as well as who abuses the ecology of the planet and how much. I've always naturally employed the *ReUse* principle (best way to recycle anything") due to skills related to the "Object Permanence" factor (see next paragraph). I also read labels, but I may be digressing from the main topic at this point (?). The point is, my little system accomplishes the goals with a minimum of physical effort and time investment, considering I simply keep aware of what's going on in the realm of planetary sustainability. [1/5/12]

"Object Permanence" or not:

       That's about seeing things in only the standard defined way, relative to it's "normal" usage or purpose. IE: a small Pringle's can, covered over with your favorite bumpersticker, provides a cool desk caddy. I just want to remind you that your imagination is one of the greatest tools, that "object permanence" doesn't need to be. Permanent, that is. Because if we are attached to a certain way of percieving something, then we may be limiting our usage of that something. Re-Use is the most efficient means of recycling -- cost-wise, energy-wise, time-wise, etcetera-wise -- provided that the re-use doesn't cause danger to someone's health. If "that would be tacky" is your best excuse for not re-using something, then maybe you could employ your artistic potential, or trade your (other) skills for the craftsmanship required, to give the object it's sufficiently fashionable retainability or re-usability. If Home Remodeling is not a tacky trade, then "object redesigner" or "adaptation technician" might also become official employment nomanclature some day. Ok, we can just call them artists if you want Wink. But given our apparent economic directions, well, we may not be laughing at that one very long [noted 11'08]. Besides, there's always Walmart - if you don't mind them stealing (or inefficiently recycling) YOUR job some day- for getting BRAND spanking new plasticware and state of the art "knic knaks." Now THAT's tacky! Oops <OUCH!> laughing

Land Waste, Environmental Damage, and Green Burials

        This definitely motivates the *object permanence* related skills and engages my creativity in staying organized, lest my pack-ratting overruns my project management. All part of my "space engineering" and "rocket science" (after fitting something in, a little rock'n & shake'n settles it in). smile Land use practices - especially if wasteful - have always gotten my attention, including that of cemetaries, landfills (and related restarant food management).
        I don't have many at-odds positions with Native American spiritual beliefs, but when comes to dealing with the physical body at death, my eastern philosophy orientation wins out. This belief and that regarding waste/ conservation has always led me to feel cemetaries should be done differently (if used at all): like converted into forest land or gardens, etc. That would mean cremation in the way least productive of CO2. And/Or re-intering the bodies to insure they would degrade and feed the environment, not lock land up and away from natural growth cycles. Most any excuse to plant a tree is a good one! smile We know they convert CO2 to Oxygen, right? Hence the catastrophe with the rain forests of Brazil. But I digress...)
        Joelle Novey treats this topic much more elegantly, pragmatically, and in context in the article, "Greening Your Final Arrangements," July/Aug '08 issue of *Real Money.* Resources Noted there include the book, *Be a Tree: the Natural Burial guide for Turning Yourself into a Forest* by Cynthia Beal (New Society Publishers, 2009); and websites, Coop America .Org, Green Burials for list of US gren burial grounds; the book, Crossings: Caring for our Own at Death, a burial resource center, Crossings .Net; and Green Burial Council .Org

How many cassette tapes do you have?

         On to less deep topics: Huh Are you aware that it doesn't take a great deal of work to repair and recondition them (at least until they suffer a certain amount of wear, which amount is actually quite far beyond most people's imaginings)? OK, they don't have the quality that more recent technology does. But maybe you still have cassettes. Or maybe you still have a cassette player. Or you have one or both and do not have one of the more recent sound devices. Maybe all you need is readily and freely or cheaply available, including tips for reconditioning the cassettes (which you can get from me, by the way). If you read this before I've put those tips into writing, just email me or call me (see author info section). Otherwise the cassettes are not terribly recycleable (as far as I know), simply because... why? Right, because Re-Use is the most efficient way to recycle. [3/27/10]

Green Holidays

Submitted for post by Andrea of (to whom I returned the favor, suggesting Green Carols, 2014 (PDF), Dec'15):

Calculate the Carbon Footprint of Your Holiday (Carbonica.Org)

Energy-Efficient Home for the Holidays (Lowes.Com)

Christmas Light Energy Calculators (SantasQuarters.Com)

Sustainable Ways to Gift Wrap

Recycled Holiday Cards (GreenFieldPaper.Com)
Background for 'A Global Climate Healing Fantasy -- and The SPIRIT of It ALL' at World Healing Prayers page
"A Global Climate Healing Fantasy -- and The SPIRIT of It ALL" by Christopher Pringer, May'15 (Thumnail)
see full-size graphic at World Healing Prayers page)

My homemade card relates to the "Green Holidays" section - since I can just customize them for each recipient and email them -- and REALLY test out who appreciates how much green lifestyle Wink



What Are You REALLY Saying, Tahlequah?

This section mirrors the post at the "Citizen Momentum" page
(A "monoblog" maintained for current political events)

                   August 13, 2018: The grieving of the Orca pod(s for much longer period of time than usual) has been more than about the Mother Orca (Tahlequah) who initiated the process for her own child/calf (IMHO). That is, the orca's have associated one death with their awareness of the increasing numbers of deaths of Orca's, as they maintain that awareness naturally - as part of their hunting and survival skill sets (including projecting when and where events related to their survival are likely to occur), and thus maintain on-going (individual and multiple-group-communicated memories) of what we would call the trend of increasing deaths of Orcas, as well as of their sister species. I believe they are, due to their immense capacity for both family interconnectedness and empathy, also capable of feeling, if not "seeing," the larger picture (including that of other species to the degree they they have interacted with them on a regular basis), including percieving patterns in life and death processes related to those species.
         Given that, it should not be a stretch of logic, I believe, to consider their capablity for sensing timelines. What is different about what they are doing now, continuing to grieve beyond what we know to be their normal patterns of behavior, based on the above noted capabilities, would seem to be about something much larger than the death of one orca. The grieving then would seem to be, if not global, globally oriented, as based on their knowledge of what is happening to ocean life. I believe they very well sense many of the capabilities of humans as they also have been aware of our contradictory nature, but also that we are, as a species, capable of individually different natures. As they have witnessed, and maintain shared memories of, many things we do for assisting them, most apparently by choice, but also of so many actions that have been causing so much of the above noted death processes.
          Pulling all that together, I believe they are initiating a process that is meant to communicate a message, based on their own kind of knowledge of something being different, and leading to something drastically different, a message of a mother or mother species to her/their children, but not just to all other orcas, or even to all other whale species, but to all of the species that they have had significant relations with, including humans.
          Why am I also putting this on the Citizen Awareness page (one that is generally so politically oriented)? Because the "Vehicle Efficiency" page (about environmental awareness) is not maintained a blog (or even "monoblog"). That is, while this (V.E.) page is includes much about global environmental trends, and warnings about increasing levels of danger, this post is so current, as well as about such levels that (per the foregoing) are about to be reached - IF certain trends are not effected by certain actions, based on the pro-active awareness that can be had - by paying attention to messages from those that (I believe) know about those trends.
         And maybe... this is simply one more sign (call it mystical, spiritual, or scientifically pragmatic) --considering that we humans for SOME reason DO want to pay attention to the grieving process of the Orca AND know that whales have often seemed to know something we do not -- [thus one more sign] that humanity needs to be reading -- and heeding -- NOW. Alarmist? I'm pretty sure that many scientists would not consider it so, although some of them may not appreciate a not-purely-scientific portrayal of how or why whales may communicate as I have implied. I can understand and appreciate that, while noting that my other projections and prognostications (published on the internet since 1995) have, in any case, not been that far off the mark, let alone considered a waste of time. I refer most particularly to the Fascia Memory Theory & Project (ever-increasingly scientifically grounded in the last 10 years). I Feel even more sure about the more recent summary analysis, (apparently "new" however so highly science-backed) presented at the page, "Trees & Communications - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health - Some Good News from Science", (described in more detail just below on this page). Both have very pro-active implications which are noted on their respective pages. [Please feel free to email me whatever feedback you may have to offer (, including clue about this post in the subject line. Thank you, ~cp]
Orca Whales [by Unknown]

"After 17 Days And 1,000 Miles, A Mother Orca's 'Tour Of Grief' Is Over" Jenny Gathright of NPR, August 12, 2018

Orca Whale [by Unknown]

Center for Whale Research

Orca Monitoring [by Unknown]

"Grieving Mother Orca Finally Drops Dead Calf After Carrying Corpse for 17 Days" By Daniel Politi, Aug 12, 2018

Mother Orca Whale & Calf [by Unknown]

Omura Whale [by Unknown]

Chalice Tree Energy Work Draft5 (thumb) by Chris Pringer, 2018
The Heart of the Matter


Trees And Fungi
Critical Knowledge, Communications, and a Vital Means of Healing our Planet

         "The Hidden Half Of Nature - The Microbial Roots Of Life", book by David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé examine microbes and their amazing contribution to life processes, both in nature and in our bodies. "The authors rediscovered the critical importance of microbiotic relationships and the promise they hold for restoring depleted soils." Extremely important and timely information for health (think "immune system" not to mention "digestion"), long-term, for individuals and and the planet. Facebook Page [Ref: public radio, 11/18/15]

         "Trees & Communications - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health - Some Good News from Science" by Chris Pringer, November 26, 2017 (Originally in web page form: "Trees, Communications, Family-Connection & 'Psycho-Neuro-Immunity' - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health," Oct'16 at Linked-In). The research is relatively new, most of it from the last ten years or so, and is multidisciplinary, ie: including human neurobiology. There's been so much research, not just about 'Gaia revisited' - there would seem to be some VERY interesting, as-yet publically realized, implications about the interconnectedness between trees, plant life, and humankind. Including in reference to permafrost-melt issue with the re-emergence of bacteria. The main conclusion being: *Trees, Plantlife, AND Humankind are 'each' capable of the degree of empathy that (certainly if also cummulatively capable) can make all the difference in the predicament with global warming.* (That's "with," as in co-adapting, withstanding, as well as preventing to some degree) Which summary deduction I hope you will also find helpful and useful. (Note: Not many scientists are "experts" at more than one field. Someone needs to be broad-minded, AND check things out. Hence the questions implied therein. First version at Facebook now updated: "Trees..." photo album. [Thank you, ~Chris] [Keyword/tagwords: carbon sequestration]

         "Trees Communicate" By Jane Engelsiepen, Ecology Global Network, Oct 07, 2012 "...Suzanne Simard, forest ecologist at the University of British Columbia, and her colleagues have made the major discovery that trees and plants really do communicate and interact with each other. She discovered an underground web of fungi connecting the trees and plants of an ecosystem. This symbiosis enables the purposeful sharing of resources, consequently helping the whole system of trees and plants to flourish."
         Expert Q&A Interviews Suzanne Simard on Fungi & Biohabitats Inc.
'Chalice-Tree Spirit In The Forest (3)' (c) Chris Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, Fall'16
"Chalice-Tree Spirit In The Forest (3)"
(ChaliceBridge-Sig'd) (c) Chris Pringer, Fall'16
pre-rendered photography by Kathryn Elmore.

Full Size At Artist Websites Gallery  ||  There is also a holiday card version there

         Scientists Urge National Initiative on Microbes And Microbiomes to better understand the microbial communities that are essential to humans. By Carl Zimmeroct Oct'15 "...In two papers published simultaneously in the journals. Science and Nature, the scientists called for a government-led effort akin to the Brain Initiative, a monumental multiyear project intended to develop new technologies to understand the human brain."

         Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi " extensive underground network connecting plants by their roots, serving as a complex interplant communication system... a “plant Internet,” if you will. ...In one thimbleful of healthy soil, you can find several MILES of fungal filaments. ... This study is not the first to discover plant communication along mycorrhizal networks. A 2012 article in the Journal of Chemical Ecology describes mycorrhizae-induced resistance as part of plants’ systemic “immune response,” protecting them from pathogens, herbivores, and parasitic plants. And in 2010, Song et al published a report about the interplant communication of tomato plants."

         "Plants Talk to Each Other Using an Internet of Fungus": Nic. Fleming, BBC Earth. N.p., 11 Nov. 2014. Web. 19 Mar. 2015.

         YES! Magazine's Articles on the interconnecting bio-network of fungi/ecosystem-relevant topics (via search for Paul Stamets), including "How Mushrooms Eat Oil" by YES! Magazine staff Sep'10, "Portland's E. Coli Scare: How Mushrooms Could Have Helped Prevent It" by James Trimarco May'14, and "Bioremediation in New Orleans" by Starhawk Jan'17. Also related: "Toward an Ecological Civilization" by David Korten of YES! Magazine - one of many great lectures by Korten (this one being post Trump's election), an analysis of an ecological failure and means for recovery.

         More revelations come in "The Future is Fungi" video with Paul Stamets, author of six mushroom-related books, including "Mycelium Running" & "How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World." Just try to keep your jaw from dropping(!) while understanding WE are needed to insure these scientific discoveries become relevant ASAP. More on the equally important health-related discoverys with mushrooms at the Science of Healthful Living page (Look for "The Hidden Half Of Nature"). Paul Stemets Wiki page
Mushrooms at Dorrigo National Park Australia (2007-Harvard Science Review)
Above Photo from Harvard Science Review

Root & Fungi Communications Networks Root & Fungi Communications Networks 2
Above Photos by unknown others

Assembled by Chris Pringer

'Chalice-Tree Spirit In The Forest', (i-Sigd) Chris Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, Fall'15
"Chalice-Tree Spirit In The Forest"
(i-Sigd) (c) Chris Pringer, Fall'15
pre-rendered photography by Melanie Cohen. Gallery Link

'Chalice-Tree Spirit In The Forest (2)', (i-Sigd, ChaliceBridge-Sigd) Chris Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, Fall'15
"Chalice-Tree & Flower Of Life In The Forest (2)"
(ChaliceBridge-Sig'd) (c) Chris Pringer, Fall'16,
pre-rendered photography by Kathryn Elmore.
Full Size At Artist Websites Gallery

There is also a holiday card version there
           Plant immunity - Latest research and news Nature.Com (Journal) [incl. articles such as:] "Bidirectional cross-kingdom RNAi and fungal uptake of external RNAs confer plant protection"

         Plant & Human Immune Systems Compared Search Results at Nature.Com (Journal)

          The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate: An enjoyable summary review at Brain Pickings .Org "To be sure, even trees are discriminating in their kinship, which they extend in varying degrees. ...trees don’t interact with one another in isolation from the rest of the ecosystem. The substance of their communication, in fact, is often about and even to other species. ...[Trees utilize] an extreme precision of signal. In addition to smell, they also use taste — each species produces a different kind of “saliva,” which can be infused with different pheromones targeted at warding off a specific predator. ...[Trees'] interconnectedness isn’t limited to regional ecosystems. [Wohlleben's book includes] such fascinating aspects how trees pass wisdom down to the next generation ...what makes them live so long, and how forests handle immigrants."

          "How Trees Communicate": Waking Times video - "Similar to the network of neurons and axons in the human brain, the network of fungi, roots, soil and micro-organisms beneath the larger ‘mother trees’ gives the forest its own consciousness.

          Paul Stamets - How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply (video) In this 6th Age of Extinctions, the biosphere’s life-support systems that have allowed humans to ascend are collapsing. World-renown, visionary mycological researcher/inventor Paul Stamets illuminates how fungi, particularly mushrooms, offer uniquely powerful, practical solutions we can implement now to boost the biosphere’s immune system and equip us with benign breakthrough mycotechnologies to accelerate the transition to a restored world.

          According to "TREES: Guardians of the Earth": regarding trees and their essential value to the biosphere: Trees have helped to create both our soils and atmosphere. Firstly "by by mechanical (root pressure) and chemical (humic acid) breakdown of rock, adding life processes as humus and myriad decomposers" - especially including the fungi as noted above (and/or via their links) - all having critical role in water conservation. Secondly "by gaseous exchange, establishing and maintaining an oxygenated atmosphere and an active water-vapour cycle essential to life. ...The composition of the atmosphere is the result of reactive processes, and forests may be doing about 80% of the work, with the rest due to oceanic or aquatic exchange. Many cities, and most deforested areas such as Greece, no longer produce the oxygen they use."

         Nalini Nadkarni: Between Earth And Sky Trees As Silent Teachers In Strident

          Andy Lipkis - Navigating Adaptation and Resilience: As founder and President of L.A.’s legendary TreePeople, Andy Lipkis has brought visionary solutions to the once-poster child of municipal environmental dysfunction. Inventing the citizen forestry movement and engaging hundreds of thousands of Angeleños over decades he has systematically demonstrated how to repair and restore an urban watershed by integrating ecology, economy and justice. As L. A.’s eco-governance model starts to spread globally, he will report from the frontlines of the City of Angels and Australia, which has engaged the entire citizenry as watershed managers.

'Funghi (Chalice) Root Man', Chris Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, Jan'17
"Energy Work with Mother Earth Tree" by Chris Pringer, June 2018 (latest original draft 6' wide!)

"Scientists are terrified that Brazil's new president will destroy the 'lungs of the planet'"
by Hilary Brueck Oct. 30, 2018
         "On Sunday, Brazil elected the far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro. Scientists across the globe are worried about Bolsonaro's plans. Bolsonaro has indicated he wants to plow through Brazil's Amazon, the Earth's biggest and most diverse tropical rainforest ...with 2.1 million square miles ...which helps cool the often referred to as the 'lungs of the planet.'" Indigenous peoples who live in the forest fear for their lives "[Bolsonaro] has been called the 'Trump of the Tropics' [for his many similar 'diversity-intolerant' views]."

New President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro
New President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro
Drainage Pond At Tin Mine In Deforested Section, Amazon Rain forest (Itapuado Oeste)
Drainage Pond At Tin Mine In Deforested Section of Amazon Rain forest Itapua do Oeste, Brazil

          As you may be more than aware, environmentalists have been trying for years to prevent the further eradication of the rain forest, destruction of the soil by it's misappropriation by agribusiness and cattle industries. "...In one particularly intense tree-cutting period from 1970 to 1996, an area larger than Spain was cut down..." Just for the sake of history and influence of people like Bolsonaro, immediately following upon what we (white immigrants to the US) did to North America's earth-loving peoples, these kinds of misuses began for many Central and South American nations under the financial, yet often-times military enforced, co-option of their governments -- at the behest and/or force of North American corporations. Thus gaining the use their lands for our benefit, essentially destroying their lands' capabilities for their supporting themselves - with that same attitude, and regard for their indigenous peoples, with which we "conquered the West."

'Funghi (Chalice) Root Man', Chris Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, Jan'17
"Funghi (Chalice) Root Man", Chris Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, Jan'17


Long Term (Energy-Related and Other) Problem Solving:

Renewables could soon supply 80% of world's energy, Ban says
(from UN Wire, 2/11/13 of

         Politicians are lagging behind scientists and military leaders in sounding the alarm over climate change, and the consequences could be catastrophic, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said this week. "It's time to move beyond spending enormous sums addressing the damage and to make investments that will repay themselves many times over," Ban said. "With the right enabling public policies, close to 80% of the world's energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century. This is not utopian or science fiction. It is current fact," he added. Council on Foreign Relations online (2/11), Council on Foreign Relations online

Citizen Sustainability

         We've been developing computers that are several trillion times faster than before, and are getting faster. Are we ready for faster answers? That is... Haven't so many of our current conundrums resulted from way too fast answers to way too wrong questions - even with slow computers ? The point here is that of the importance of the question when it comes to getting the solutions we truly need.
         You might find this interesting: "The Use Of Questions (and Gestalt approach) In Effective Affirmation Therapy" - Theory and Examples for Practical Application - developing Pragmatic use of "the right question"
So... Before we can achieve Planetary Sustainability, we have to attain 'Citizen Sustainability.' A military "solution" or "revolution" (quoted because what would be so revolutionary about that?) - large enough to make any difference - will also reap more pain, confusion, and denial. More than we can heal then regain sufficient capacity for planetary healing - before Global Warming takes the rest of us. We're going to have to outsmart that unevolved part of us - and those who represent it politically. That means, IMO, we need to vote with our our dollar (Coop America makes the "for Dummies" book on that one, and on many other sustainable oriented finance solutions), and with our pen or keyboard, and maybe with our feet - as well as with the ballot. [~ Chris Pringer]



Water Conservation

    Question: How much of the WATER SHORTAGE
can be replaced by rainwater conservation?

   Rainwater Harvesting

      The Oasis Rainwater Harvesters site (Waste Tech Environmental Ltd. of Yorkshire, UK) has a more than representative set of different types of rainwater harvesters with useful info for each type and good pics, including FAQ's on Rainwater Harvesters. Not having "shopped" the subject I'll leave it to you to find the best or least expensive, most local, etc. The "FullHouse" systems page is here. Other pages there cover Rainwater Tanks and water butts, Grants, 'INTERFLUSH' cistern kits, SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems), "RainBrain" for schools, Units for Developers, Sustainable Homes, etc.

   Elsewhere there's a page with a "Simple collection system you can build": "All you need is a couple of plastic containers (for example, new rubbish or similar type containers will work); some pvc tubing; some pvc valves, pvc cement, a few boards to build some stands; some downspout fittings; a razor knife or jig-saw; and a few other items..."

   Scientific Assistance For Watersheds: "A [watershed] is an area that [captures and accumulates rainwater] and channels the resultant surface water and groundwater into an ocean, sea, or bay. The drainage system of a watershed begins with a spring or a single water channel and progressively increases in size and complexity as the drainage system flows downstream. It is a dynamic system, and the integrity of the system is essential to the quality of life of its inhabitants. [The Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds (C-SAW at USGS)] is a team of scientists and service providers available to provide free technical assistance to your watershed/conservation group"
   Growing Trees & Orchards With Little Rainfall or Irrigation - with New Technology
from "Do TREES Make it Rain?" at

      Trees play a large role in increasing rainfall. In fact, scientists believe 33-40% of precipitation is due to evapotranspiration from forests. In the summer in areas, the amount of rainfall originally derived from forests can be as high as 50%. Evapotranspiration is the process by which trees elevate water from the ground, through their roots up to their canopies and up into the air. It is remarkably efficient way to liberate ground water and allow it to come down again as rain. Without trees, most of the ground water would return to the oceans and mix with salt water without ever being used. Trees can lift up to 100 gallons of water from the ground into the air in one day.
      New technology, designed in Holland to be used in dry areas around the Earth, allows trees to be planted regardless of rainfall. This technology, called the Groasis Waterboxx, acts a self recharging water battery, filling up with dew and rare rainwater, and slowly channeling this water to the roots of the growing tree. This forms a column of water beneath the Waterboxx, inducing the tree's roots to reach deep to underground water reservoirs called capilarry water (the underground water that would sit stagnant or flow to the sea without the Waterboxx). The Waterboxx is removed once the tree reaches deeper water stores (evidenced by a growth spurt), and reused up to nine more times.
      The Waterboxx is literally earth changing because it allows trees to be established for profit in areas that have too irregular rainfall to have any other crops. It works so well that 88% of trees planted with the Waterboxx survived a year in the Sahara, compared to around 11% planted without the Waterboxx but with weekly planting. This survival rate increases to 99% if two trees are planted per Waterboxx and only the stronger one is kept. The Waterboxx will allow orchards and timber farms to be established in what was otherwise considered useless land, slowly changing climate.
      Clearly no single planting, no orchard, park or forest planted in a current arid area is going to substantially increase rainfall. But as planting trees with the Waterboxx is profitable, in the future we can reverse the damage we have previously done to our climate by planting large numbers of orchards, parks, timberland on private land. Their cumulative effect will not just enrich our individual lives and properties, but our world as a whole.

   More on TREES & Water Conservation:

1) Trees and their essential value to the biosphere:
"Trees have helped to create both our soils and atmosphere. The first by mechanical (root pressure) and chemical (humic acid) breakdown of rock, adding life processes as humus and myriad decomposers. The second by gaseous exchange, establishing and maintaining an oxygenated atmosphere and an active water-vapour cycle essential to life. ...The composition of the atmosphere is the result of reactive processes, and forests may be doing about 80% of the work, with the rest due to oceanic or aquatic exchange. Many cities, and most deforested areas such as Greece, no longer produce the oxygen they use." [from "TREES: Guardians of the Earth"]

2) HEMP grows in near desert conditions and reverses soil erosion!

See below in section, "Resources for Resources"

3) Who needs to hear about all this - well, for ONE example:
"Fear at the tap: Uranium contaminates water in the West" - "...California is now experiencing its driest four-year span on record, and farmers and other users are pumping groundwater at the highest rates ever, helping to pull yet more uranium into areas of aquifers tapped by water wells. ...In this swath of farmland, roughly 250 miles long and encompassing major cities, up to one in 10 public water systems have raw drinking water with uranium levels that exceed federal and state safety standards, the U.S. Geological Survey has found. ..."

   Global Water Challenge (GWC)

GWC is a coalition of 24 leading organizations creating a global movement of transformational change around water and sanitation. GWC focuses on collaborative learning, connecting leaders, and investing in sustainable, scalable and replicable projects. Our goal is universal access to clean water and safe sanitation. GWC is committed to finding and implementing solutions by engaging people and their governments, spreading knowledge, and increasing access to markets.

Rainwater harvesting systems are one of the resources implemented where applicable [I verified this via the site's search engine -cp]. For some overviews, see the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Drinking Water Target chart at the GWC 'About Us' page showing trends indicating most countries are on track for meeting the target (2006), and "Multiple-Use Water Services to Advance the Millennium Development Goals". You can also take action to assist the project by signing the petition to congress at letter to congress

   Keywords for Water Resources/Conservation Research -
"Rainwater" often does not bring good results from the larger world/Govt. management or research organizations. Suggestion: also try the following in combo with "rainwater conservation", etc:   precipitation, groundwater recharge, self-supplied or self-supplied domestic water withdrawals; Ground-water withdrawals; Watershed, evapotranspiration, transpiration, Aridity; Saline, Thermoelectric Power & Saline; drought, compost toilet, dryland

    WA State wind/wave energy source   and  
Wind, Waves, and Watts

Offshore jack-up platforms, like the oil-drilling platform pictured above, could be used for wind and tide energy production. ...If Grays Harbor gets its preliminary permit from FERC, it will be able to deploy a platform with a meteorological tower at its proposed site 12 to 17 miles south of Nantucket. This will provide the wind and wave data it needs to determine if the project is feasible. Another site being looked at is south of Block Island. Grays Harbor's CEO Burton Hamner likens his three-sided turbine platforms to a "big, triangular footstool."
(Sunday 04 January 2009; Photo: Blake Offshore LLC)

    Also see below ref/link on "Blue Planet Project, Water, The Economy, & More"
Ocean Oil Drilling Platform - Could be For Wind Energy Also

MORE Resources for Resources -
About Things We Can Use, Promote, Employ, Invest In, Etc


          Bioneers - Collective Heritage Institute: An organization of some of the most intelligent and long-time dedicated people on the planet (IMHO), developing and implementing "sustainable" solutions throughout the world, including much for rebuilding the ECONOMY on both micro and macro levels. Some great examples are presented via - "Solutions in nature consisitently surpass our concept of what is possible." Also see the Collective Heritage Institute of Santa Fe, NM. Sample articles, include "The Hidden Connection: A Science for Sustainable Living" by Fritjof Capra.

   E. F. Schumacher Society Links: In short, some of the most essential core resources on sustainability, including Microcredit, Educational Programs, Magazines & Newsletters, Films & Videos, Land Reform, Worker/Ownership Cooperatives

   Global Stewards Links Page
Include *, * Veggie Van * Biofuels of Marin * Retail Fueling Stations in U.S. - biodiesel in the form of used cooking oil * How to make your own biodiesel from new vegetable oil * Biodiesel (Alternative Fuels Data Center) * National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium * U.S. National Biodiesel Board * Biodiesel (U.S. Department of Energy) * Biodiesel Association of Australia * Biodiesel Industries * Biodiesel Research (University of Idaho) ...and a Great set of Links [Please also note the argument per the article, "The Development of Biofuel Disrupts Agriculture, Results in 'Reductions in Food Consumption'” in the "Perspectives" section below.]

         GREEN America .Org, Economic Action for a Just Planet
(Pre Jan 2009 was "Coop America", URLs Updated 2011)
many great resources, lots of information available; ie: "Green Living Web Resources," "Five Things You Should Always Buy Green," "Ten Fair Trade Products to Look for," "Eight Body Care Toxins to Avoid," "10 Things You Should Never Buy Again". Also there you can "Search COMPANY PROFILES", etc. And for Investments of a more Conscientious Approach to the planet, try And - describes actions many socially aware investors take to pressure companies to be more responsible. Also see Responsible / Sustainable Shopping / Investments    and     Favorite Solution Section, both are sections at Political References Page (annotated links)
    The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
or "Clinton Global Initiative"

"The Clinton Climate Initiative aims to create and advance solutions to the core issues driving climate change. It takes a holistic approach, addressing the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and the people, policies, and practices that impact them. Working with governments and businesses around the world, CCI focuses on three strategic program areas: increasing energy efficiency in some of the worlds largest cities, catalyzing the large-scale supply of clean energy, and working to stop deforestation."
Projects Include:
The Empire State Building is being retrofit to improve energy efficiency.
L.A. Lighting: L.A. is replacing 14,000 street lights with more efficient LED technology.
And actually, to get some idea of how so many projects are going on thanks to this great work of service to the planet,
just put "Clinton Global Initiative Energy Plan" (w/o quotes) into your search engine! (Thank you, Bill!)

   Reactivation Of The US Civilian Conservation Corps) [11/10/09]
A GREAT PETITION TO SIGN those who know we don't have much time to turn this our mothership Earth around:
because where we can boost the economy, build community, AND make great gains for the environment -
like with the Reactivation, refunding, and revamping of the USCCC -
well, it only makes good sense to get this under way - ASAP! ...
Thank you for your consideration!
* Home Org. Site:


HEMP, Nature's Gift to All Life
      Yes, Really! [And before you get too excited and click these links, also check out the section and charts just below.] Besides Hempcrete's being a much more superior building material due to the fact that it is very strong, lightweight and breathable, this mixture creates a negative carbon footprint.  How? Since lime is the binding material, builders do not have to heat up the lime as much as a supplier would need to in the industrial creation of concrete. This results in a lot of energy conservation when producing Hempcrete vs. concrete. Hempcrete sequesters carbon (hides or puts it away) as it is very high in cellulose. Through it’s growing life cycle, it takes in large amounts of carbon which is then built into the home or building it is being used to construct. This does not allow the carbon to be released into the atmosphere. A home can save about 20,000 lbs of carbon when being built out of Hempcrete. When used as exterior walls, it lets water in without rotting or damaging the material. As humidity is taken in from the external environment, the Hempcrete holds that humidity until it is ready to be released again when the climate is less humid. It’s also fire-proof, water-proof, and rot-proof as long as it’s above ground. Hempcrete is much more versatile, easy to work with and pliable than concrete. In fact, these structures are three times more earthquake resistant than regular concrete. Other notable factors are that hemp requires no fertilizer, weed killer pesticide or fungicide to grow it. Read more at "Hempcrete Could Change The Way We Build Everything" [Keyword/tagword: carbon sequestration]
  HEMPCRETE for the future proposed alternative transit systems - a proposal
     That is, I suggest this application given that the production of concrete for the infrastructure required by these systems -- eg: the carbon cost to the climate (per ref noted below) -- is the largest reason for their not (yet) competing well with other alt. transportation systems. Hempcrete currently is only produced and sold outside of the US. There have been gains in laws allowing growth of industrial hemp in various states of US. I have yet to hear of anyone else relating the Hempcrete option to the transit systems comparative cost analysis. [ed. 7'15] Ref: "Transportation for Sustainable Communities: A cost and impact comparison between alternative transportation modes"
  SOURCES:             Hempire Building .Net supply hempcrete and hemp-lime plasters grown and manufactured in Ireland. "The materials are ready mixed and ready to go. We also run courses on ecological building with hemplime, strawbale, thatching, building masonry stoves, compost toilets etc at The Ark Permaculture Project .Com."

The Wonder Plant for Bio-Sustainability

My words, absolutely not over-stated or exaggerated, and this is about the INDUSTRIAL (non-hallucinogenic) plant. It might be easier to find what can not be made from it and done with it (cheaper) than what can be (See Charts Below): papers (nearly indestructable) while saving trees by the millions, textiles (also nearly indestructable), automobiles, a protein drink with a more complete protein than soy or eggs, medicines of all types, seed oil for many uses including bio-diesel fuel far more efficient than corn-made with carbon reduction for many industries, not to mention 4 crops per year in near desert conditions while reversing soil erosion,(!), which is why England is growing it in every available nook & cranny. Unbelievable that the US is just barely getting started, including making it LEGAL, considering how much economic benefit hemp could provide - Once we RE-EDUCATE the PUBLIC about the Potential of NON-hallucinogenic varieties of INDUSTRIAL hemp, facilitating the political process. Thanks for Passing the Word, doing your part, etc!  smile
   Search Tip: "Industrial Hemp"

             One of the most complete sources (in one referenced summary) I've found so far is THE MIRACLE PAPER PLANT, by Emily J. Horswill, who I'm proud to call my friend. Another source: TMPP at Emily's Blogspot
             Versativa .Org While the site is about hemp products for sale there, it has some VERY good video and audio files, quickly conveying the implications and possibilities. As well as much of that interesting history. Also listed as a source there: "Hemp Nutrition for man, machine and earth". BBC – Countryfile, Episode 987 – November 2, 2008
             Great Charts, Resources, ETC from Michigan Hemp .Org "The Michigan Industrial Hemp Education and Marketing Project has the stated goal of 'Working to expand hemp as a natural resource for industrial and private enterprise.' Our mission is to educate the public and state government officials about Industrial Hemp and try to clear up the myths and teach the facts through meetings and seminars and setting up booths at public events. We also will be working to connect consumers and vendors of hemp products in Michigan and in the United States."
             The shutdown of Hemp in the 30's - Summary by Andrew Weil, ND (Naturopath, best-selling author, teacher) at "Medical Marijuana's Tremendous Potential for Curing Ailments Cutting Through All The Government Misinformation"
             Vote Hemp is a national, single-issue, nonprofit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and free market for industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis, and to changes in current law to allow U.S. farmers to grow the crop. Please call and write to your Representative in Congress today and ask them to become a cosponsor of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011 [that was Aug'11, but keep the pressure on in any case, Thank you! -cp]
             Hemp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
             Industrial Hemp | Hemp News "The internet's longest running compilation of international news stories..."
             Industrial Hemp .Net: "The Ultimate Web Resource For Hemp" including: activism and lobbies, distributors, events, trade shows, FAQ, government links, and The Industrial Hemp Store
             Many Hemp products are available via Green America .Org including in their National Green Pages™.
             NOT IN STYLE - So I'm going to wait? Confused : I've been wearing my hemp fanny pack (from Ganesh Himal, Tibetan products) since the mid-90's (yeah, that huge one you may have seen with utility rings, etc smile ) - "tough as a boot", still retaining it's color and embroidered design! AND, by the way, I very much enjoy the effects of Hemp Protein in my body. -Chris Pringer, 2015
             Hemp Homes Are Cutting Edge of Green Building
             Cannabis Electric Cars at Weekly, 8/31/2010: "Hippies, rejoice: The world's first cannabis electric car may soon hit the roads of Canada. The car's hemp biocomposite body is light, cheap, and renewable. Environment blogger Nikki Gloudeman thinks it's too bad the car won't make it past the U.S. border. Industrial hemp, a clean replacement for all sorts of environmentally-unhealthy materials, is illegal to grow here. Isn't time to end this foolish policy? Tell the U.S. to lift the ban and love the cannabis coupe."
             Hemp Milk Instead of Cow's Milk (8/24/2011) (actually, this is just one of many many food products available from various producers, providing excellent nutrition)
             Selected Diet Related Hemp Links have been put at the Transition Diet page, "Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies & Resources -- for Weight Management" section.
Modern Uses of Industrial Hemp Chart          Industrial Hemp, the Model Crop
Charts, "Modern Uses of Industrial Hemp" and "Industrial Hemp, the Model Crop" (both by unknown, but from above listed resource sites, very likely Michigan Hemp .Org)

On Efficiency From UCS & Others


   the Hybrid Blog for fuel saving ideas. A project of UCS. A few of the "Recent Posts" include: # What would YOU call “compelling and extraordinary?”; # Debate "Flows" on EPA Blog; # Helping the EPA's Blog with “Openness and Transparency” [11/24/08]

   Tips For Fuel Efficiency from Global Stewards .Org

   UCS Hybrid Center             Hybrid Technology Center             UCS Hybrid Watchdog

   Clean Vehicle Solutions * Cleaner Cars, Pickups, and SUVs

   ...Solutions: * Advanced Vehicles and Fuels             ...Solutions: * Cleaner Diesel

The Impacts of Gasoline & Diesel Vehicles * Cars, Pickups, and SUVs              The Impacts... * Diesel

On Bio-Fuels From UCS & Others    

On Vehicle Efficiency & MUCH more,
from David Blume

The technology for alcohol fueled vehicle engines was hid for 70 or 80 years until David Blume not only re-established it's viability - as likely critical solution to the automobile polution problem - but provided a means for everyone's individually converting their own vehicles.

[ Please note Using HEMP to make bio diesel fuel is FAR more efficient (and C02 reductive)
than using corn for fuel. But if you can only go the corn route, please continue. ]

A prolific author and teacher, find everything you need to know about this via
the "Alcohol Can Be A Gas" page at Permaculture .Com: "With alcohol fuel, you can become energy independent, reverse global warming, and survive Peak Oil in style. Alcohol fuel is "liquid sunshine" and can't be controlled by transnational corporations. You can produce alcohol for less than $1 a gallon, using a wide variety of plants and waste products, from algae to stale donuts. It's a much better fuel than gasoline, and you can use it in your car, right now. You can even use alcohol to generate electricity. Alcohol fuel production is ecologically sustainable, revitalizes farms and communities, and creates huge new opportunities for small-scale businesses. Its byproducts are clean and valuable. Alcohol has a proud history and a vital future." Excerpt from Solarliving .Org: "David Blume starred in the 10 part PBS series Alcohol As Fuel. He is a master permaculturist, ecological biologist/designer. and one of the first CSA farmers in Amreica. He's worked around the globe in alternative energy, sustainable agriculture, food/energy security and democracy. He's the author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas, has taught intensive workshops to over 10,000 people while apprearing on Radio, Print and television over 1000 times." [Key/Tag: Biofuel] Related:

   The Role of Food Crops as Transportation Fuel. (References the next three articles)

   Land use changes and biofuels

   The 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard             Issue brief: Low carbon fuel standard


(More) From Global Stewards .Org

   from Global Stewards on Bio-fuels: Biodiesel Links

   Biofuels Library (great list of links, including links on how to make your own biodiesel)

   GrassRoots Biodiesel Home Page

Please also note the argument per the article, "The Development of Biofuel Disrupts Agriculture, Results in 'Reductions in Food Consumption'” in the "Perspectives" section below.]

Other Sustainable Planet Resources    


          Does the Northwest need electric trains?
          Solutionary Rail Electric Rail Can Be Part Of Climate Solution

          Washington Toxics Coalition
activists alerts, a great variety of health protection information; ie: "Healthy Holiday Gift Guide," & more

 offers advice on fostering sustainability in the ultimate local environment -your own home and hometown. A Bi-Monthly Newsletter available with Green America membership or by newsletter-only subscription ($20/year; Pre Jan 2009 was "Coop America", URLs Updated 2011) [Related: Responsible / Sustainable Shopping / Investments at Political References Page (annotated links)]

          Green Pages .Org                    Fair Trade Action .Org

          Responsible Shopper .Org                    Climate Action .Org

Perspectives, Research, & Stats    

         Tom Goldtooth: Stopping the Privatization of Nature And Commodification of Mother Earth

          Paul Hawken: Solutions for Climate Change: One of the most important thought leaders, activists and entrepreneurs of our era (as founder of Erewhon Trading Company and Smith & Hawken garden stores), Paul Hawken illuminates his groundbreaking new Project Drawdown. It’s the first systematic attempt to do the math on the most effective climate solutions and technologies that already exist, and the impact they would have if they scaled in a rigorous manner over the next 30 years.

         Aren't We Clever? By Thomas L. Friedman The New York Times, September 18, 2010
About the most convincing little story (true) about global warming I've ever read [-cp].
      "... 'There is really no debate about climate change in China,' said Peggy Liu, chairwoman of the Joint U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, a nonprofit group working to accelerate the greening of China. 'China's leaders are mostly engineers and scientists, so they don't waste time questioning scientific data.' The push for green in China, she added, 'is a practical discussion on health and wealth. There is no need to emphasize future consequences when people already see, eat and breathe pollution every day.'
      "And because runaway pollution in China means wasted lives, air, water, ecosystems and money — and wasted money means fewer jobs and more political instability — China's leaders would never go a year (like we will) without energy legislation mandating new ways to do more with less. It's a three for-one shot for them. By becoming more energy efficient per unit of G.D.P., China saves money, takes the lead in the next great global industry and earns credit with the world for mitigating climate change. ..."

         *Hope for a Heated Planet -
How Americans Are Fighting Global Warming and Building a Better Future*

A critically acclaimed book by Bob Musil, Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility from 1992 - 2006: Rejecting cries of gloom and doom, Hope for a Heated Planet shows how the fight against global warming can be won by the grassroots efforts of individuals. The future depends, Musil insists, on what changes ordinary citizens make. Through personal choices and political engagement, he shows how readers can cut carbon emissions and create green communities where they live. With practical and realistic solutions, Hope for a Heated Planet inspires readers to be accountable and enables them to usher in an age of sustainability for future generations.
     "Robert Musil has had a bird's eye view of the climate debate almost from its inception, and he has paid careful attention to both the problem and the solutions. This is a masterfully comprehensive account of both where we are and we sure better go." —Bill McKibben, author of *Deep Economy*
     "Hope for a Heated Planet offers a clear-eyed assessment of the unprecedented challenge that climate change presents for today's Americans. Musil is a hardheaded yet hopeful Washington insider who is well-positioned to make the case that with a new generation of clean energy—and the energy of citizens across America—there is hope, indeed, for our heated planet." —Chris Flavin, president, Worldwatch Institute

         *The Great Turning - From Empire to Earth Community* by David Korten
This book is summarized in YES Magazine. Find more at PCDForum Bulletin #5. One of many great lectures by Korten (this one being post Trump's election) is "Toward an Ecological Civilization" -an analysis of an ecological history, states of health and challenge, and means for recovery. Two more of his books include "When corporations rule the World" and "Post Corporate World" - insightful and important when contemplating responding to current challenges and the healing of the planet. You might also enjoy the transcript of Korten's keynote address at the 2002 EARTH CHARTER COMMUNITY SUMMIT. Timely articles include "What to Do Now That the War Has Started." A related sites include and The Fourth Freedom .Org/.

      Co-Globalizing Earth
- "gaia's children birthing a future of partnering human kinship with all life." (A great many links to perceptions on the topic, organized, most excellent quotes to break up the exhaustive bibliographic-link feel)

      "There Are Many Worlds . . . of being and awareness"
- Contrary to what those of us who were raised in Industrial Culture have been conditioned to believe, there are many worlds, actual and accessible, other than the incoherent, fragmented, and divided one continuously displayed in the majority of print and electronic media forms. It is expanding and life-affirming to one's own existence, and all one touches and relates to, to be congnizant of more of these. (Various perceptions on the topic, and/or links to same)

       Maude Barlow, Blue Planet Project, Water, The Economy, & More
Maude Barlow is the head of the Council of Canadians, Canada's largest public advocacy organization, founder of the Blue Planet Project, author of the new book *Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water*. See transcript of Maude Barlow interview, "Blue Covenant: Maude Barlow On The Global Movement For Water Justice". Barlow's fundamental theme is that "The hydrologic cycle ( has been dramatically and deeply affected by our abuse and displacement of water, and we have to stop." On Oct. 21, 2008 Canadian water activist Maude Barlow was named "senior adviser to the United Nations on water issues -- a new position created by General Assembly president Miguel d'Escoto, who raised the subject of water as a human right in his first U.N. speech in September," Also see about UFPPC's discussion group, Digging Deeper, on the book, *Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water* by Maude Barlow and Tony Clark (New Press, 2002).

Maude Barlow is also the author of the new book 'The World Has Divided into Rich and Poor as at No Time in History' (links to article at Common Ground): MAUDE BARLOW: On the eve of this G-20 gathering: "Let's look at a few facts. Fact, the world has divided into rich and poor as at no time in our history. The richest 2% own more than half the household wealth in the world. The richest 10% hold 85% of total global assets and the bottom half of humanity owns less than 1% of the wealth in the world. The three richest men in the world have more money than the poorest 48 countries. Fact, while those responsible for the 2008 global financial crisis were bailed out and even rewarded by the G-20 government's gathering here, the International Labor Organization tells us that in 2009, 34 million people were added to the global unemployed, swelling those ranks to 239 million, the highest ever recorded. Another 200 million are at risk in precarious jobs and the World Bank tells us that at the end of 2010, another 64 million will have lost their jobs. By 2030, more than half the population of the megacities of the Global South will be slumdwellers with no access to education, health care, water, or sanitation. Fact, global climate change is rapidly advancing, claiming at least 300,000 lives and $125 billion in damages every year. Called the silent crisis, climate change is melting glaciers, eroding soil, causing freak and increasingly wild storms, displacing untold millions from rural communities to live in desperate poverty in peri-urban centers. Almost every victim lives in the Global South in communities not responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and not represented here at the summit. The atmosphere has already warmed up a full degree in the last several decades and is on course to..." [excerpt from Common Ground article]

       Related to the above at this site:
A collection of Pro-Active Economic Activism Resources
for individually taking charge of our economic health towards a sustainable planet are listed at in the section for Responsible Shopping & Investment, Corporate Reform, & Economic Fairness Issues at Christopher's Political Reference Page. The Economics of War & Peace - Part III - Considerations, Innovations, Accountability, Solutions, Resources
--- --- ---

      Ratical.Org - Rat Haus Reality Gallery
- "living life passionately - birthright of all life" (This is where I got the above Co-Globalizing Earth & Many Worlds Links)

          The Development of Biofuel Disrupts Agriculture, Results in “Reductions in Food Consumption” By Global Research News Global Research, March 31, 2015 A study published in the journal Science found government biofuel policies rely on reductions in food consumption to generate greenhouse gas savings. Now, the question is: Whether to seek greenhouse gas reductions from food reductions? The study looked at three models used by U.S. and European agencies, and found that all three estimate that some of the crops diverted from food to biofuels are not replaced by planting crops elsewhere. “Without reduced food consumption, each of the models would estimate that biofuels generate more emissions than gasoline,” said Timothy Searchinger, first author on the paper and a research scholar at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the Program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy. ...Searchinger’s co-authors were Robert Edwards and Declan Mulligan of the Joint Research Center at the European Commission; Ralph Heimlich of the consulting practice Agricultural Conservation Economics; and Richard Plevin of the University of California-Davis. ...“The impacts on food consumption result not from a tailored tax on excess consumption but from broad global price increases that will disproportionately affect some of the world’s poor,” Searchinger said. The emissions reductions from switching from gasoline to ethanol have been debated for several years. Automobiles that run on ethanol emit less carbon dioxide, but this is offset by the fact that making ethanol from corn or wheat requires energy that is usually derived from traditional greenhouse gas-emitting sources, such as natural gas. ...The paper recommends that modelers try to show their results more transparently so that policymakers can decide if they wish to seek greenhouse gas reductions from food reductions. “The key lesson is the trade-offs implicit in the models,” Searchinger said.

       The Alliance for a Caring Economy (ACE)
The newest (2007) of initiatives from Riane Eisler and The Center for Partnership Studies, ACE is a network to develop the foundations for a caring partnership economics is being formed with representatives from government, business, civil society, and academic sectors. Economic rules, measures, and policies that recognize the real value of the essential work of caring for children and the elderly, keeping our families healthy, and maintaining a clean and healthy environment, are foundational to the construction of an economics that can meet the challenges we face. ...will lead to the higher valuing of caring and caretaking in our homes, schools, and workplaces, as well as to the more caring economic and social policies needed to move toward a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world. ACE will bring together representatives from academia, government, business, and civil society to ...Collect information on what is already happening to give economic value to caregiving, such as paid parental leave and economic measurements that, unlike GDP, take into account the essential economic contribution of caregiving in both the formal and informal economies. ... Riane Eisler's speech to the World's Women Forum Plenary July 29, 2004 was *Revisioning The Economic Rules: Empowering Women And Changing The World*

          What the Mayan Elders are Saying About 2012 by Carlos Barrios"
Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder and Ajq'ij (is a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide) of the Eagle Clan. Carlos initiated an investigation into the different Mayan calendars circulating. Carlos along with his brother Gerardo studied with many teachers and interviewed nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders to widen their scope of knowledge. Carlos found out quickly there were several conflicting interpretations of Mayan hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, Sacred Books of 'Chilam Balam' and various ancient text. "...All was predicted by the mathematical cycles of the Mayan calendars. -- It will change --everything will change. Mayan Day-keepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth ...The date specified in the calendar Winter Solstice in the year 2012 does not mark the end of the world. Many outside people writing about the Mayan calendar sensationalize this date, but they do not know. The ones who know are the indigenous elders who are entrusted with keeping the tradition. ...Now is the time to awaken and take action. ...Everyone who is here now has an important purpose. This is a hard but a special time. We have the opportunity for growth, but we must be ready for this moment in history. ...Meditation and spiritual practice are good, but also action. ..."


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          Summary From essay,
"A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing
Government, the Economy, and the Global Warming Crisis"

          One could say that medical over-categorization has led people to be bigoted and "extremist" towards their medical conditions. This can apply to political conditions, whether they be *called* capitalistic, socialistic, communistic, right-wing or leftist (especially while the defining or labeling of various political strategies, let alone mentioning "class war," can be so controversial in itself). As in medicine, finding and maintaining the right balance of elements in any governing system requires an unprejudiced and objective analysis. That includes the appreciation of (the diversity of) the proper place and role of almost every type of strategy and mechanism ever used in history, all considered in the context of each their settings (era, place, and circumstance), in order to develop what will work optimally for any current circumstance. And then a "Diet" is prescribed to facilitate transition to and maintenance for the truly workable system. Easy? Of course not, certainly given these requirements for transition: Time for integration of what we've learned mentally, and for healing much of what we've learned emotionally (in the "school of hard knocks") for necessary realizations regarding relationships (with self, others, Higher Power as applies), values, purpose, direction. And then diets transition as the patient's system does... and so on. If these don't apply, then it could only be easier. However... Wink
PeaceFlagEarthChalice5a-cr-Adj2a Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12
"Patriotism Better Defined for 911, v5a" with Ecumenical Logo Set, Balance Scale, Peace Flag, Tree & Flower of Life, Dove & Transition Mandala midground, Intertwined Hearts and Chalice Tapestry 8A1 background", Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12. At My Gallery my artwork can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.
          Also at the "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing" page:
Favorite Alternative Solution Sites
and the sidebar essay, "Solutions: Common Means to Efficient Paths, 'Bridging' in the Cross-Discipline Approach"

[10/12/07, ed. 3/14/09, 3/28/10, ...]

          Responsible / Sustainable Shopping / Investments at Political References Page (annotated links)

          On the Pragmatic Balancing of Extremes
What's "Pragmatic Balance" mean here? It means, to the degree this presentation is a success: ground floor, bottom-line common sense - for application of specific principles and understandings, of true winning attitudes, values for the family - of Mankind - and it's necessary diversity. For not just "surviving", but also bringing everyone along in the best possible manner, all things considered, AND achieving worthy objectives along the way - towards achieving the highest possible goals. But that means beginning where we are, and where we are is in one very challenging situation. Attitude coaching for a football game? I wish this "game" was that simple! Section includes "Paradigm Shifts - A Pragmatic Summary" (July, 2010), "Diversity and the Gestalt..." (8/14/10), " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening ...An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context" (7/31/10, ed.9/4/10), resource links, and much more.

          "Questions For Disillusionment" Including titles, "Getting Past Disillusionment in Times of Changing Values," Published 1990 in "The New Times;" "Preventing/Overcoming 'Burnout' for Activists;" "Questions for Personal Empowerment" - question-based affirmations over colorful tapestry background; "Dis-I-Loose In/En-Mint" - more eclectic considerations (with a touch of humor); and Related Resources - for support &/or conceptual understanding, dealing with the "Emotional Body."

         Evolution Trends: The "Information Age" And Its Evolution Into The "Holographic Age" Recent additions include: much improved "Basis of Assessment - with "Seven Phases of Evolution"; "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment"; and "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" (& Purpose, Structure, Religion, Karma), and ref-links for the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012.


"Questions for Invoking for World Change"
at the World Healing Prayers page
John Pettie Knight (Cut&ReTouched) Ovr3DMultiChaliceVtxMistO'VBrF&TOL 3'13
"Spiritual Battles & Wars, Systems of Structure & Learning" (& Balancing the Chalice Within - where such battles are best fought)

"Approaches to Conspiracy" Chart
& "Roberts Rules of Ordered Conspiracies", & more on "Paradigms of Paradox" & "Composting Paranoia" at the PolyPsy Home Page

"Mother Earth Dove, Giving Ourselves to Peace"
in the "Pragmatic Balance" section, Chalice Integration Art page

"Affirmations for Inner Communications"
at "Notes on Addiction" at the "Goal Chart" page



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