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Color Guard, 3/21/10 Seattle, Chris & Colors Spread
Peace Flag Color Guard, 3 Veterans for Peace in full camo dress, incl. yours truly, 3/21/10 Seattle; Photo by Permission from Helen Jaccard

HEARTS AND MINDS For An *Exitable* Strategy for Afghanistan/Pakistan

(© Chris Pringer, 3/25/10)

         Hearts and Minds of the people - It's the paramount priority for the US in Afghanistan if we want to exit the country, saying our objectives were achieved in any way at all. Because the Taliban and AlCaide know that without our gaining the Afghani hearts and minds, they can maintain access to our ordinance (via infiltration, blackmail, for conversion of civilians into bombs, etc). They can lead us into traps where we end up killing civilians. Resulting in more recruits for terrorism. (See Army Times article excerpts below) And that's how they've been USING our presence there, similar to the battle for hearts and minds in Iraq. And so on. So, how to improve/ change our strategy there?

         Given that we ARE there (regardless of the wisdom -or not- of that), and in consideration of an exitable strategy: If we focus on protecting and supporting the villages, learning who the people are, building goodwill, instead of venturing out after "the bad guys" - eventually/gradually "the bad guys" will come back into the villages as regular folks again. Afghanistan expert Tamim Ansary needs to be listened to (per ref/link below).

         Hearts and minds also means respect - and how can they respect us if we don't hold accountable those in our government who led us, via known lies, into killing over a million Iraqi's and displacing another half a million? (Mostly civilian, and yes, per the usual trusted world census sources (elaboration and links re: *The Lancet* Studies, 2003-2007). How do we maintain respect by putting so many soldiers with PTSD from so many tours, mainly in Iraq, into the towns and faces of Afghani's and Pakistani's?

     The generals leftover from the Bush era, and those like them, are too geared towards military business as usual - they like being on the offense - which the Taliban loves and uses to trap us into killing civilians, whether as hostages or as helplessly part of the Talibani's design. Leads to Loss of goodwill, and thence security within any city or township.

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         With that the Taliban doesn't need to bring arms into a city - they just blackmail those working for the US forces and steal the arms from us. No problem for them until we gain the hearts and minds of the people. But that requires consistency with our approach, field tactics, and overall strategy.

         And between what we say and what we do. For the same reason that everyone of any degree of moral evolvement knows that children need to know there is a loving caring structure. Certainly so, if they are to respect others and live respectfully. Hence they need to know, by their teachers' and government leaders' examples, that the very powerful are as responsible to the law as are the less powerful. It shouldn't be a leap of insight to realize, then, that grown-ups in the Middle East, just like here, recognize that when people with great power grossly and overtly break the laws, and get away with great abuse of that power, especially while those with less power are punished - then there is going to be less reason for respect. Especially when that abuse is committed under a democratic and supposedly law-abiding system of governance. And would this not effect how much respect is granted for someone claiming the support of the supreme being that one says one is being led by in such actions?

         And then there is our respect for ourselves. The longer and stronger we defend a mistake, especially a big one or a series of them, the more dense our emotional armor becomes, and the more difficult it becomes (for us, but NOT others) to recognize and deal with. And it certainly seems we've gone down that road, given our history with the Iraqi's, not to mention that AND the world economy due to our oil-addiction. As often noted before, forgiveness and accountability (for self and/or others) are NOT mutually exclusive. Healing practitioners will tell you that each works best when both are obtained hand-in-hand.

         More specifically (other than what I wrote in the earlier article below), I recognize that such a strategy would require a fairly complex perimeter management for each village or city, then for groups of them when and where applicable. And changes regarding how and when US forces venture outside of that, how air power and long-range weaponry is used, etc.

         Who am I to say? Someone who studied such things long ago, who has much increased his capacity to observe, notice patterns, and analyze them; someone who has modified his overall view of his country's objectives and strategies for them, to be consistent with his beliefs in the causes of peace and justice. Most spiritual people say we should walk with our feet on the ground and our head in the heavens. But our country's feet are in the Middle-East - so our hearts should know the hearts of those where our feet are - and honor them - if we are present enough to still maintain our heads in the heavens. Practical spirituality (IMO) says we need to recognize where we've been, where we need to go, do what we need (including be accountable) in order to forgive and move on. And with that, recognize or find the best way to get there - with our hearts and spirits intact.

         Hearts and Minds - that means something in most spiritual perspectives. Maybe we, "the leaders of the free world," could adopt something so universal. [--cp, 2/27 thru 3/25, 2010, Email & Facebook]

Related(?): " 'Empathy' or 'Armor' by Definition..." - Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined to apply in limited ways and directions. HOW MUCH EMPATHY (eg: how widely extended) is still considered "patriotic" before it gets the "Cry and I'll give you something to cry about" response ?
(On another page at this site, 4'10)

"insurgent math ...every civilian casualty creates an additional 20 insurgents..."
May 31, 2010 By Sean D. Naylor, Army Times
[Excerpts by Sanford Kelson, VFP; Title by Chris Pringer]

        BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — The rising number of civilian casualties inflicted by coalition forces in Afghanistan is threatening the entire war effort, said Gen. Stan McChrystal, the senior U.S. commander here. ISAF senior leaders believe reducing civilian casualties is essential if they are to avoid defeat. "CivCas is how we lose strategically," said a line in [Command Sgt. Maj. Michael] Hall's slide briefing, in which he alluded to "insurgent math," wherein every civilian casualty creates an additional 20 insurgents.
        At the beginning of 2005, there were an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 insurgents in Afghanistan, Hall said. But then, in the 2005 to 2006 timeframe, "we went very, very kinetic," he said, meaning coalition forces ramped up the violence.
        Now the insurgents number 30,000 to 35,000, he said. Breaking the numbers down further, Hall said that when ISAF inflicts civilian casualties, the result is a 25 percent to 65 percent increase in violence in that area during the next five months.
        The escalation of force standard operating procedure was rewritten with this in mind. "Escalation of force to me was a terrible SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] .. because it didn't protect our forces," Hall told the audience. "It was an SOP that did not allow soldiers to think." In an interview, he said, "The old escalation was a process that you went through — step one, step two, step three — you had a card that you were supposed to use. ...If the enemy really wanted to blow you up he could, because the escalation of force I don't think really prevented that, because it didn't allow you to think."
        “In escalation of force incidents, we have never killed an insurgent or a suicide bomber,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Darrin Bohn, the senior enlisted adviser at ISAF Joint Command, the three-star headquarters that runs coalition operations day-to-day.

People of the Middle East, Carol Issacs w/Picture in Parade, Seattle 3/21/10 Photo by Cliff Wells
Carol Issacs holds poster of people of the Middle East, Picture in Parade, Seattle 3/21/10, Photo by Permission from Cliff Wells

Peace Flags Over Front Of Parade Seattle 3/21/10
Peace Flags Over Front Of Parade Seattle 3/21/10, Photo by Permission from Helen Jaccard

PeaceFlagEarthChalice5a-cr-Adj2a Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12
"Patriotism Better Defined for 911, v5a2" with Ecumenical Logo Set, Balance Scale, Peace Flag, Tree & Flower of Life, Dove & Transition Mandala midground, Intertwined Hearts and Chalice Tapestry 8A1 background, by Christopher Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.11'12. Further below is a visual history of this piece. Printable & poster sizes of the most recent versions are available for full view At my Art Gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America, where, if you like, can also buy them as framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more.

"Bread" from Afghan-Web.Com
An *Exitable* Afghanistan/Pakistan ("Tribalistan") Strategy

(Chris Pringer, 4/9/09, rev.5/12/09)

4/14/09 *Disqus Blog* version at PDA
(Progressive Democrats of America)

"Making Thread" from Afghan-Web.Com

"Music" by Maria Amiri at Afghan-Web.Com
     My patience has been running a little thin with President Obama's foreign policy. That is with troops to Afghanistan and missiles being fired into Pakistan. Certainly since I've done "my homework" on the region (especially via the PBS website) (March '09). I'm going to use the term "Tribalistani" for the people of the whole region, since they respond much more as one community of tribes than as two nations (especially to outsiders).
    But I really liked Afghanistan expert, Tamim Ansary's approach. When I asked him (in March at the NW VFP Regional Conference) about NGO's building community amongst the tribes, he seemed to say, if I can summarize it, that he appreciated those few that have hung in there while not taking credit for the U.S. while doing it. He gave the example of Julia Bolz building schools (info & links below). More examples of what works, on Tamim Ansary, his bio, and why I think he should be advising President Obama with a clear-cut, do-able, and exitable strategy for Tribalistan is just below this article (and area maps).

by Timim Ansary
          President Obama says a big part of the work of the GI's will be doing the community rebuilding and thereby the economic aid (while the righties get to feel good about troops being there). I don't know how well that's going to work, or how much of it is spin, or for the sake of transitioning our military, or transitioning certain corporations (and related addictions to them) in the Middle East, or little of all of that...
          Perhaps if we made an effective presentation of the Costs of War - whenever we can stand the process of dealing with such (emotionally overwhelming) facts all at once. I'm speaking of an effective charted assembly of stats and related web-links on a) the killed and injured US soldiers in Iraq, b) on PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury - that's 1 in 5 Iraq Vets !!!), c) divorces and suicides among Iraq veterans, d) how "fast" Iraq veterans get treatment for themselves and/or support for their dependents as related to divorce (before or after), e) stats for Gulf-War Depleted Uranium and how "fast" victims have received truthful notification of their condition, let alone treatment for it. And maybe include projections on those stats for Iraq and Afghanistan based on the aforementioned.

"Laughing Girls" from Afghan-Web.Com

ReThink Afghanistan

See the Trailer at U-Tube

videos at ReThink Afghanistan .Com

or view on Twitter
          And then we'd say that what we really don't need in Afghanistan right now, is a bunch of walking (PTSD-loaded) time-bombs putting our worst US faces in the Tribalistani faces. (Or in economically depleted main-street American communities, but that's another essay.) One thing that really puts believers of Islam into a mood, is Christians acting like they are God in their own communities - and that's how some of our behavior hits them. That's a "holy war" message to them, whereas they do respond to what they believe are true acts of God. (I'm suggesting that) A big part of our approach, besides helping them meet their greatest support needs, needs to be around *patience* - letting their own extremists screw up - as all extremists do, revealing their hypocrisy as all extremists do - in spades. Because as long as we keep doing things that their extremists can call out as sacrilege, we might as well be marked, and the Tribalistani's will give way to their extremists.

"Hunting Bird Man" from Afghan-Web.Com

"Hug" from Afghan-Web.Com
          Why? It's kind of like our legal system. Here the courts will (officially) allow crooks to be treated like crooks only if we can prove they are according to our legal system. It's not like most Tribalistani's actually like their extremists any more than we like our hypocritical government or corporate "leaders." In either case, fear and greed for a share of the spoils lends to a kind of tolerance or worse, while most look the other direction). The Tribalistani's have to tolerate their extremists -especially during war- until the extremists' hypocrisy becomes sufficiently obvious (and publicized) to those Tribalistani's who can, by their own beliefs, "properly" ostracize them. After that happens enough times, extremist behavior will be restrained in the gun locker and otherwise tolerated only in times of war. Which times, we apparently need to remind ourselves, we are trying to end. For the US in Tribalistan, that means patience and "surgical diplomacy" more than it does "surgical strikes."
          That means we need to learn a deftness of awareness for the customs, needs, and feelings of others that we have not been practicing for at least a decade, and much longer in the Middle-East.
          Howard Welsh, VFPCh.92 (4/13/09): "As a general rule compexity, as evidenced by at least 13 different factions ...well known and well entrenched, ...means there is no possiblity of a military solution. Keep in mind that the borders of Afghanistan are arbitrary and open... The so- called "warlords" are actually tribal leaders... The factions: Endogenous to Afghanistan: Hazara, Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Balock, Pashai, Hindki, Nuristani, Brahni, Hindkowan. Among the Pashtun themselves there are several rival factions. Cross- overs from neighboring countries: Iranians, Pakistanis, Chinese (several types)... Among these factions there are seven different endogenous languages with Farsi, Urdu, Tibetan and the Chinese languages externally imposed. Each tribal group has longstanding traditions of succession and will fight to stay intact. A logical approach to the problems in Afghanistan would be to work WITH not AGAINST the Iranians. Pakistanis and Chinese who between them have more than enough military power to contain the Taliban and have no interest in seeing them expand."
          I believe we also need to send the message that we will not tolerate war crimes by our own "leaders." And send that both to our youth for the sake of their learning values, and to the world - especially to the Middle-East. Forgiveness need not rule out accountability - both necessarily have their place in all things, IMO. But we cannot tell our kids one thing, and then do another very long without consequences - any longer than we can do that with our world neighbors.

"Afghani School Kids" from Afghan-Web.Com

Julia Bolz & Building Schools and Hope, Bridges of Understanding:
Tamim Ansary mentioned Julia Bolz's project “Journey with an Afghan School” as an optimal NGO for bringing peace to Afghanistan. Primarily because Julia Bolz is not affiliated with any church or religion. Her work is entirely secular and humanitarian. Together with her American teammates, Julia has built and supplied 15 new schools and repaired 15 others destroyed by war in Afghanistan. Julia on Educating and Empowering the Developing World (mp3) They also provide schools with clean water; textbooks and supplies; provide teacher trainings, libraries and computer centers; and facilitate cultural exchanges. Currently they serve over 25,000 Afghan students. Here's how we can all help.

"Buzkashi" from Afghan-Web.Com
          And of course, the Islamic extremists have been expressing the tension that has been withheld for so long and which is due to our being disrespectful. All they needed to get away with such terrorism -to the degree that they still found support amongst their peoples [sic] even after "a 911" level attack... All they needed to perfectly meet their needs for such support, in fact, was a blustering cowboy as US president with a semi-covert Neo-Con government backup crew. And they find it hard to believe President Obama is talking "forgiveness" (which apparently means no accountability).
          The "military solution" is just not one, unless we can reframe our current military image as economic aid specialists and infrastructure rebuilders and hypnotize the folks there into forgetting the GI's are outsiders carrying weapons - in what makes our small southern towns look like looming liberal bastions of religious freedom.
          Here's where we need to take another look at those stats, including over a million Iraqi deaths, not to mention permanent injuries and PTSD, loss of family members and community, displacement, etc. And we need to make our voices heard by Barrack Obama so that he realizes that we have to realize -to *make real* in this case- a balanced set of values when it comes to accountability, forgiveness, our desire to learn from our mistakes, and making our actions represent all that.

Thanks for listening,

    -Chris Pringer (rev.5/12/09)

"Pray" by Maria Amiri at Afghan-Web.Com

More on Tamim Ansary and a "Tribalistan" Policy/Approach

Bio: Tamim Ansary is a native Afghani, whose American mother taught English at the first girl's school in Afghanistan. His dad taught science and literature at Kabul University. He came to America in 1964 with a scholarship for high school. He graduated with honors from Reed College and took to the 60's counterculture wholeheartedly. Besides a having solid writer/editor career, his commentary has been heard on the Bill Moyers show, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, the Opra Winfrey Show, Hardball, and numerous NPR radio stations. This very short bio hardly does him honor, but only serves to put these notes here. His website, complete with list of his books as well as a number of other interesting features, is at http://www.mirtamimansary.com/

Why I think Tamim Ansary should be advising President Obama:

from the Tamim Ansary talk
at (Seattle) TownHall May 14 2009

          Tamim said, if I can paraphrase him correctly, that the word "Taliban" should be replaced with "Talibanism" because that was more akin to the actual reality in [Tribalistan]. That is, there were "good"/useful people as well as "bad"/destructive people that believed (to one degree or another) in the *ideas* of the Taliban. eg: If you want to rid the land of destructive ideas, killing "the bad people" was far from the best solution available.

          On the more pro-active side of things, Tamim said (in effect, I believe) that he hoped Obama would use the military (so long as it was there) for protecting those support projects that the communities themselves expressed need for. These projects would be the actual objectives to be accomplished by the US presence, and "killing the bad guys" may happen only as necessary to accomplish the objective (and probably would, given the apparent tenacity of resistance to any outside military presence).

          I don't remember if Tamim said the military should also try to initiate such community support projects, but I'm assuming he would prefer they be initiated by those who were the best available for the work at hand. Which in some cases the US military might be (?), at least until their NGO betters can get to each situation in question. Military initiation and maintenance of community projects seems to be what President Obama is hinting at. I've yet to hear more real details just yet [5/15/09].

          But from this point, I can see a US strategy that would be drawn fairly directly from the above: select as many towns and villages, and networks there-of, as can be supported in their best interests, provide that support on an ongoing basis until the communities are sufficiently self-supportive and/or intra-supportive as a community network, and protect that community/network as necessary until they can be self-protected or protected by Afghan nationals; bring more communities into the those developed networks as resources allow, keep the network of networks growing and expanding as appropriate for long-term stability as can be managed by Afghan national government authorities. Assist in the stabilization of the later to the degree that it supports a true Afghan autonomy. Set goals for all the aforementioned such that the US military involvement has a stopping point as regards it's interaction and deployment. Provide motivation and assistance as needed for NGO's taking over community/network support roles where this will serve the higher good of Afghanistan.

          Extending this to the areas that are officially parts of Pakistan should be far less complicated (in the long run certainly) than any military strategy that we've heard about so far.

          I'm not calling all this simple, nor is it as non-violent and peace-oriented as I'd prefer. But given where we already are (Spring 2009), not to mention where we most apparently are already going, the above can be a strategy that, for starters, may be sufficiently clear-cut, do-able, *and exitable* for the US in "Tribalistan."

[-cp, 5/15/09; original article with all addendums on the "Citizen Momentum" page]


Get UPDATES From Re-Think Afghanistan

Robert Greenwald's Original video documentaries include:

      Worse Than Vietnam? [June 2010] The Afghanistan War is now the longest war in U.S. history. As Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg says in our new video, "It was always a bad year to get out of Vietnam." We need to make sure the same doesn't happen with Afghanistan. We're spending $1 million per troop, per year, and we've already lost 1,000 people in Afghanistan. "Please donate today, and watch our latest video showing why we need to end this war next year." Rethink Afghanistan and partners at TrueMajority.org plan to buy a full-page in Politico telling Congress and the President that we want our combat troops out of Afghanistan by December 2011.

      Tax Day: Have You Paid For The War Today? Tax Day in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Many are still out of work. Times are tough. People are hurting. We don't have hundreds of billions of dollars to waste, but we are wasting them anyway--on the Afghanistan war.

      Part Six from Re-Think Afghanistan brings you three former high-ranking CIA agents explaining why there is no "victory" to be won in Afghanistan. Watch part six in its entirety online for free.

      Part Five questions the assumption that war can liberate Afghan women. Watch part five in its entirety online for free.

      Part Four examines the civilian casualties caused by recent U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan. Watch part four in it's entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.

      Part Three focuses on the staggering costs of the war, which could easily exceed $1 trillion. Watch part three in its entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.

      Part Two looks at how the war could further destabilize a nuclear-armed Pakistan. Watch part two in its entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.

      Part One focuses on what military escalation will achieve in Afghanistan. Watch part one in it's entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.

Other Updates

      Feingold, McGovern, Jones Introduce Bill to End Afghanistan War [Apr 15, 2010] Introduced legislation that - if it attracts enough support - could end the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan, and bring the troops home. Link to Action Letter

      "Fwd: Afghanistan Policy - 'UnPrepared'" a collection of chosen short postings from different perspectives - which strikes me as very useful for illuminating the current debate. [Nov'09]

      "Fwd: Summarys & Links McChrystal, Obama, Afghanistan Policy precipitates 'crisis'" - chronological assembly of 3 weeks of those originally posted on the subject by Mark Jensen of United for Peace of Pierce County. [Nov'09]

      More postings may be found at the PolyPsy List Archives (w/great search engine there)

Peace Flag Color Guard in March
Peace Flag Color Guard in March through Seattle, 3 Veterans for Peace in full camo dress, incl. yours truly, 3/21/10; Photo/Permission by Cliff Wells

Peace Flag Color Guard in March
Peace Flag Color Guard in March through Pike Place Market, Seattle, 3/21/10; Photo/Permission by Cliff Wells

Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
These two versions of the "Bring Our Kids/Troops Home Whole" bumpersticker were inspired by the Peace Sign'ed American Flag (photos of the "Peace Flag Honor Guard" further below), and of course, the continuing need to bring our kids/troops home "Whole."

Printable PDFs are available with Full (8.5x11) page(s) of Three (3) B-stickers (each pdf about 3.3 MB in file size)
[Apologies for bad links for weeks prior to 9/16/10]:
ChBullet bumper-sticker WITHOUT VFP Logo           ChBullet bumper-sticker WITH VFP Logo

To download you can right click on the link(s) and then click "save as", if you don't want to open the pdf in your browser
Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
    The Original version was created in Jan'04 with the logo for Veterans for Peace Chapter 92 over a star-field from the American Flag. EG: we (psychologically astute vets) knew then that the soldiers were being trained differently, and the repeated tour-rotation policy was already being indicated, and how that related to PTSD.
And now (Spring 2010) we find already that more vets of Iraq-Afghanistan have committed suicide than have been killed in combat.
Compare this to the 30+ yrs it took for Viet Nam vets to reach that statistic (!)

I repeat here (at right) the resource that I put at the vUSPeace Academy pages in 2004, which resource has since been confirmed to be applicable/effective for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
ChBullet Co-Counseling or Re-Evaluation Counseling (REC) because Listening Can be healing.

While Harvey Jackins, the originator, has passed on, Re-Evaluation Counseling has continued to develop and mature into a most valuable, while relatively easy to learn, healing methodology. For more information, you might use these KEYWORDS in your search engine: Co-Counseling, Re-Evaluation Counseling, Harvey Jackins.
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.     - Leo Buscaglia

Visit AcupunctureForVets.Org (Seattle- 206 930-1238) or AcuWithoutBorders.Org The number of Clinics in the US is growing!

Related ? : " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and 'the Body-Mind Split'
An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context"
(7/31/10, ed.9/4/10)


Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
A little show and tell by yours truly. Larger views of individual pieces are available on various pages at the site or in my facebook albums.
Printable & poster sizes of the most recent versions of "What If Balance Was Patriotism" (or "Patriotism Better Defined")
are available for full view at my Gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America, where, if you like, can also buy them as framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more.
The origins of the Peace Sign are very interesting, but some of the first uses of the peace sign in the US were by the anti-nuclear energy activists,
and was quickly adopted by the anti-war activists. To get a more complete history see the Wikipedia page for "Peace Sign."

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My Comment on the above facebook Posting     [At my fcbk page, 6-07-10]

         [Quoting from the article:] "The number of Guard and reserves as a percentage of the total force in Iraq and Afghanistan has fluctuated over the years. Official estimates in 2005 were at 28 percent; it was about 7 percent in Iraq and 15 percent in Afghanistan at the end of 2008. Manski estimates it's closer to one-third today. ..."
          Remember the report on increased military sign-ups? And we were wondering where our priorities went (and other political psych-outs)... Well, check these stats (from Karen Vlahos's article): "So here is the situation. The secretary of defense ordered, and Congress authorized, an expansion in the size of the Army. But the Army reduced the recruitment goal – and reduced the retention goal. The size of the Army is in fact shrinking. It may look as if it's growing – the Pentagon report gives the impression it's growing – but it's growing only in comparison with the officially set goals."
          Ahhhhhhh! Karl Rove & students are still at work in the smoke & mirrors factory, not to mention the Project for a New American Century [PNAC] (just in case we forgot).



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Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12

Above is a selection from my gallery at
ArtistWebsites.Com of Fine Art America (or Pixels.Com) viewable at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.
A slideshow presentation at this site is at the Chalice Art & Holiday Card Slideshow Pages.
'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
"Karma Learning Love Shield" Chris Pringer 2010



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