The Sinuses and
Their Relationship to
Extra-Sensory Perception

    *     Is there a relationship between the construction and function of the human sinuses and the actual or potential function of those areas - similarly to how they function in birds, bats, dogs, dolphins, etc ?

    *     that various animals have sonar/radar/navigational capabilities, hypersensitive olfactory and auditory, and/or other fine vibration-sensing capabilities. Keywords: "Echo Location", "Echo Reflection", "World Access for the Blind" (Daniel Kish, NPR radio [mp3 at], 3/13/11)
    *     the number, size, and complexity of the various human sinuses, as well as that "un-used brain potential."
    *     that there are a dozen or more effective chambers of resonance for sensing and assimilating / integrating different vibrations -- potentially with much greater skill and broader application than we have ever found for any/all other animals.
    *     primoridal thalamic inputs, initially visual, subsequently disengaged (into dormancy), atropied, and/or functionally modified (including via their neural connections), yet with "a dual optic projection that closely paralleled the main optic projection" and "continuity in the occipital and temporal lobes." That's the rear and rear-lateral areas of the cranium. 1 (See footnote at right, charts further below) ]

Basic Questions:
    *     How many frequencies of vibration could be measured, organized, and referenced (with some practice, of course) given that the finest data handling system known is in the closest possible proximity to these sensors -- not to mention is also intricately connected with these sensors by the same neuro-electrical system that provides the physiological base for that data handling system?
    *     What information might be relayed or broadcast in this way?
    *     What of the proximity of the Cerebral-Spinal Fluid pathways and of the Ventricles? Could these systems also facilitate a "bio-magnetic communications" via the CSFluid and the Spine, between the brain and the lower parts of the body ? Of course there is a question of degree, of dormancy or latency due to human evolution, of development.
          Partial answer: The brain's communications among and within the components of the brain is often not based on proximity, but on chemistry and electricity, to put it in it's most simplest terms. However, when it comes to chambers or spaces not used for blood circulation, the unanswered questions regarding proximity and vibration, resonance and frequency, at least in theory, might apply.
Sinuses & Select Brain Structures, assembled by Chris Pringer, Oct'18

    FYI:  At the basis of bio-chemistry are the properties of (atomic) ions, their electrical charges and molecular arrangements. "Frequency" -or vibratory rate of any molecular structure- is one property related to these dynamics as this effects each ion's electrical charge which then greatly determines the nature of molecules bonding (whether, how, and the degree to which that actually occurs), thence the performance of all cells in the body, thence all the systems and organs of the body.

  1   Excerpt from "Input Specificity – Exteroceptive, Interoceptive, And Proprioception" - John E LaMuth 2011:
    "...The subthalamus is not the only thalamic terminus for primordial visual inputs. As mentioned previously, the epithalamus of lower vertebrates represents the terminus for fibers issuing from the retina of the parietal eye. Ancient fossil remains of extinct species of jawless fishes clearly exhibit paired parietal eye-orbits symmetrically situated adjacent to the more well-defined lateral eye orbits. At one time in the distant past, the epithalamus undoubtedly received a dual optic projection that closely paralleled the main optic projection to the pregeniculate nucleus still in evidence today. The total atrophy of the parietal visual structures prior to the development of the later thalamic growth shells seemingly deprived the epithalamic ur-trend of sustaining inputs from the visual system. This sensory deficit appears to have been filled by collateral inputs from the optic tectum at subsequent stages of dorsal thalamic differentiation..."
    "...The general pattern of organization that emerges to from this phylogenetic analysis of the visual sense is one of evolutionary conservatism compounded by functional modification. The epithalamic and subthalamic visual ur-trends are definitely represented in the human thalamus, although obscured at certain levels by the unavoidable atrophy of outmoded inputs such as the parietal eye. The corresponding lateral and medial ur-trends of the neocortex show a similarly prominent phylogenetic continuity in the occipital and temporal lobes. This general pattern serves as a fairly accurate model for the inclusion of auditory inputs into the forebrain..."

Sinus&BrainInCranium.gifSinuses, Side View, Rev'd for fit, 2010; Not shown are the spheno-parietal sinuses
    *     Also note the assymetry apparent in some of the anatomical cross-sections shown here - a reminder of the human anotomical individuality implied by this in many areas of the body. This individuality is shown in many other ways specific to position and even to number of organs in some cases.  
Frontal Sinues-Chart Rev'd By Chris Pringer, Oct'18

Proximity of Sinuses
to Critical Sensory Apparatus

    *     For example, the vertical positioning and proportional size of the kidneys can vary significantly from one person to the next, and a small but still surprising percentage of people are born with only one kidney.

          "The optic nerve commonly passes the anterolateral aspect of the sphenoid roof. The internal carotid artery often indents the posteroinferior surface of the lateral sphenoid sinus as a bony ridge... The pituitary gland and maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve are also in close proximity to the sphenoid sinus, although injury is rare." - Bobby R Alford, M.D. Dept of Otorhinolaryngology & Communicative Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine. See chart, "Cranial Nerves for Sinuses & Related Structures" further below.

    *     While such individuality is simply a fact of human anatomy, if you put that together with the above considerations, then "normality" would imply many different combinations of slight displacements of extremely fine-tuned systems within a sufficiently group of people. Which implies any number of different ranges of (bio-electrical resonance) frequency-sensing capabilities.
    *     On the other hand it is a common phenomenon that when people are together in close proximity for a sufficient amount of time, they often begin to resonate to a narrower range of frequencies; eg: they feel, think, and act more and more like each other.
    *     And, of course, you may ask most any woman about resonance with other women's hormone cycles. But we now know that men have similar cycles and resonance - as well as almost total insensitivity to this. But women also have many more body cavities (including sizable ones), whose contents also go through *significant chemical changes* on a very *regular* (monthly) basis.

More to the point regarding cavities, resonance, and heightened awareness:
Sinuses, Front View, Gray's Anatomy, Rev'd for fit, 2010

    *     Women getting "used to this" has involved tracking and comparing physical, emotional, and mental/awareness states most of their lives, communicating about this with other women, validating their experiences.
    *     Whereas the closest men have to this are the sinuses when undergoing viral sinus congestion, and this only on an irregular basis. Note: Body elimination events may change the volume, but not the chemical basis of the cavity content.
    *     Thus, one might say it all boils down to awareness, as well as ability and opportunity to safely communicate and compare different realms of sensitivities and capacities, not to mention creativity and practice in and/or for that. And belief systems around all that make a difference, of course.
    *     So... How to make the most of those viral events, guys?! Have your netti pots handy? smile   (In the east, a netti pot is used by the spiritually-inclined to clean out one's sinuses.)
    *     And how about the congestion of the upper lymphatics (just below the clavicals)? Effecting the flow here -by natural means (ie: appropriately applied massage therapy)- will generally effect the congestion in the sinuses and eustachian tubes as well. Whereas putting drugs or medications in your nostrils may NOT work for purposes noted here, if productively at all, certainly in the long run. Related: Lymphatic System Charts, "Muscle Q&A" section [Sept'11], and "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (in the reference section) at the Body-Mind Integration... essay page.

Cranial Nerves - adapted re-assembly for Sinuses, Chris Pringer, Oct'18
Cranial Nerves for Sinuses & Related Structures - The large center structure is primarily the bottom view of the brain stem, with the front at the top end. Cropped from a "complete" cranial nerves chart and re-assembled by Chris Pringer, Oct'18
Limbic, Ventricle, & GrailSystems -SummaryChart-Thumb

The Limbic system is essentially enveloped by the lateral ventricles that are also just under the cingulate. This limbic component has more recently (2003+) been shown as one of, if not the, most essential brain components for the body-mind integrative function (eg: emotional, empathic, interpersonal, etc). Please note *in context* the charts at left and just below. Related to the charts as well as this section: A summary outline for "Scientific Research On the Limbic System - Co-Enveloping the Ventricles" at the page, "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home And Recovering The "Holy Grail." This eclectic metaphor and the terms "Grail-enhanced mind," or "Grail-System" refers to the higher/ highest potentials of ones brain, mind, or consciousness.

The below mirrors a part of that the summary referenced above right:

"The Ventricles, the Limbic System, Central Spinal Fluid, and..."

          Neither the ventricles, nor the central spinal fluid (CSF) that is circulated by them, have yet to be recognized (by science) as components contributing to the integrative processes of the brain - per physiology texts or research since the 70's or more. One question here is: What if it is found that the CSF collects information from the 'Other' energy systems (other "spider-web-like information processors around these organs" (as Dr. Siegel refers to them in section 11-4 of "Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology"), to the effect that, the ventricles channel a *previously undetected ultra-high multiple frequency and data rich* CSF to and through the limbic and cortex systems, and then down through the energy centers -- to share data with them, given that each energy center is an energy/data processing system -- on the way to the sacrum, before it begins to ascend through the spine, *collecting ultra-high multiple frequency and data from the body's energy centers (which function to monitor, supply, and draw same from the meridians) each time before the CSF returns back through the brain-stem systems to the ventricles again, *as well as to the upper energy centers.* I will refer to that whole CSF energy inter/intra-exchange process as the "CSF-Train."
          ...We might wonder what the results would be - for each of the scientific studies with the cingulate and related deep brain structures - with significant differences first created in the ventricles and or CSF (if it could be done without damaging the bodies or minds of those being tested, of course).
          What science has shown that it is good at, is examining health conditions and effectively collating, examining, and *eventually* very productively summarizing the results. When science does this - in context of those with conditions that are related to the above - I am fairly sure we will be able to accomplish what is needed in order to understand much more about the full role of the ventricles, whatever that is. When we perform this research in the context of the above questions, with certain frequency ranges in focus, for each of the bodily energy centers as well as the changes in CSF along the way, having developed the capacity to record, filter, and organize the myriad of data - that is, of a likely as yet unencountered amount and variety of types - then we will see what we will see. ~cp
Sinuses In Brain & Ventricles-4, Chris Pringer 2016

Above: Sinuses & Major Blood & CSF Vessels In Brain (with Ventricles in blue).
Below: CSF (Central Spinal Fluid) Channels & Foramen (& Ventricles- all from front or rear view of cranium). Assembly of various component graphics, editing,
and rendering by Chris Pringer 2016

CSF-Channels & Foramen-PicAdj'ed2-cp

Intelligence, Communications, and Measurement

    *     Ignoring the paranormal compares to other kinds of stereotyping.
    *    What has been made plain by continuing research into animal communication, is how we have rated the intelligence of animals -- BEFORE we learned much at all about how to communicate with them. We now know that drastic revisions need to be considered, especially for various birds, dolphins and their kin, not to mention the hairy two leggeds - all (intelligence ratings) based on *how well we measure* the complexity of their *communications*.
    *    That is, If we don't know an animal's *ability to communicate intellectual capacity*, then we can't very well determine that animal's intellectual capacity. I said that intelligence-comparative steriotyping has been "made plain", but it has not been made relevent throughout our education system.
    *    I say this in light of the more recently realized/publicized 'emotional IQ' component. But what about synergy among all of the various components - at least those now known - as related to degree of practical intelligence?
'If You Believe In The Possibility Of Change' words & artwork by Chris Pringer Aug'16

'Geo&Chakra Skull&Chalice' & 'Grail Mind', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2010
'GeoChakra Skull & Chalice'
& "Grail Mind" - PolyPsyArt 2010
    *     Which synergy is implied by the "Different Kinds of Smart" (referring to the book, *Seven Kinds of Smart* and "ideas for exploring those other ways of becoming more intelligent..." by Thomas Armstrong). Which has, increasingly over recent years, been considered very useful in determining capacity to perform in complex work environments. Very likely because these "more wholistic" factors have much more to do with the capacity to communicate or demonstrate intellectual capacity in practical environments.
    *     And what about the results of healing as related to previously suppressed memories, as related to abilities, strengths capacities, focus, motivation, willingness, readiness, etc? Note that any one of those factors effect any number, usually all, of the others. And tracking, comparing, and contrasting different states of awareness helps to build inner-communications skills, which further effect all the above. I elaborate on many of these points in the core body-mind integration pages (beginning here), as well as more psycho-socially via " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split" - and sensing, including as related to empathy, communications, emotional intelligence ("EQ"). (Excerpts just below).
The following is an excerpt from the previous reference:

    *     Emotional intelligence - often referred to as "EQ" in complementary reference to "IQ" - can expand other capacities related to "IQ". As we exercise, develop, expand, and feed those cells related to the completed, reintegrated areas of the brain, those previously shut off from the others by their association with those previously suppressed memories and feelings, then they begin waking up and contributing to the brain's productivity, via recovery or replacement of channels of access. Cells in neighboring areas of the brain are effected by the added micro-currents by resonation, and so their contributions are enhanced as well. One's intelligence grows like a garden - to the degree it is allowed/ encouraged to receive nourishment. Enhancement of emotional intelligence thus contributes to intellect and even to analytical capacity.
    *     Another way to look at it: Metaphorically speaking: if certain compartments of your toolkit (whether for whole tools, or just for some of their attachments), had snakes springing out and biting you whenever you opened them, then you probably became less motivated to open the tool kit over time. That's how emotional baggage effects how much or even whether you use certain/various capacities in your brain. Denial is a mechanism for coping with pain, including emotional pain, of course.
    *     Metaphorically countering, you should be happy to know that there are means to go into the toolkit, tame the snakes, and thus recover those avoided compartments. Same goes for any areas of data storage that have been avoided. EG: Per the studies in neuroplasticity, The brain is like a tool kit, as well as a memory access device and memory storage device. With your Heart/Mind in charge of the tool kit, that is, at least from the metaphysical perspective. In any case, maybe our tool kits are far more alike than we believe - maybe it's the details of accessing the tools that differ the most from individual to individual.
    *     Maybe we should take a clue with regard to paranormal and related communications: We've nailed down only enough to know: that all of that is wide open potential for un-mined resources! (Yes, these points have been my own bully-pulpit themes for some years).
"3DChalice &VortexDblStar w/2AtomicPiChalice OnSynthesisCenter2 inPiOvoid w/3DChalice1'10A-M-Symd, w/2MultiChalice2 onBlack 2" © Chris Pringer Sept 2011

"Chalice Dynamics & ChaliCellulor Vortices Of Light
on DkBk-A1'-crpd" © Chris Pringer Aug 2009

Some Related Keywords: "Echo Location", "Echo-Reflection", "World Access for the Blind", resonance, harmonics, sympathetic vibration flow, symbol to object phase-locked, relative states of pitch, discordant or concordant, dynasphere string chords, positive dispersive, negative attractive, grand triadic chord, tones, secondary summation, tertiary summation, sympathetically associative conditions, atoms, leptons, etherons, Delta Spectrum Research.

"Chali-Cells": Even in the matrix of our cells, the sacred-geometry proportions actually facilitate (ionic) polarities [positive/ negative or yin/ yang] for bio-magnetic interactions and energy exchanges at atomic/ molecular levels - in this "cell matrix chalice." And these "chali-cells," at that atomic level, operate like tiny but ever-powerful nuclear generators, yet with all of a living cell's frequencies/colors (Rainbow), given all the energy, including all the loving understanding that's been channelled into this "chalice dynamic." The above is an understanding of one reality, and it is also an affirmation. We could add "how might I be increasing in the understanding that this is true, and increasingly true in manifested reality each day?"

© Christopher Pringer, Oct. 1998, rev'd Jun'02, Apr'07, Aug/Sept'11

Temple Fire Chalice by Chris Pringer Printed on YogaMat, IphoneCase, & Notebook
Temple Fire Chalice by Chris Pringer Printed on Yoga Mats, Iphone Cases, Notebooks at my gallery at Pixels.Com

and on the High Gloss Metal Frame (below)

Temple Fire Chalice by Chris Pringer Printed on Metal


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    New Zoology - From Radio Open Source, about Animals, their emotions, empathy, and even some consistent indicators of morality... "As we first touched upon in our anthropomorphism show, the world of science is offering up a lot of interesting new research pertaining to animals right now. For example: elephants suffer from PTSD. Squids, finches, and even fruit-flies have personality. Chimps have a sense of morality, and rats laugh." Many related research/reference links at the two pages linked above, as well as YouTube slide shows of animals being ...uhm... human-like?

Chalice Over Stonehenge and Tree&Flower Of Life by Chris Pringer Framed at Fine Art America (Thumbnail)  
    "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home
And Recovering The "Holy Grail"

an intuitive extrapolation on the formation of new relationships between the function of analysis and the function of intuition, a process which would be brought about via a pro active evolvement of the human mind.

  At Right: "Chalice in Flower of Life Over Stonehenge" ver3A by Chris Pringer,
See page-wide version at "Intuition And Recovering The Holy Grail"

This can be viewed in full resolution at my gallery at Artist Websites .Com
In this version Pi-ratio rays reach out symmetrically through a "Tree of Life" symbol and into the "Flower of Life" girted inside a rainbow over the ancient Stonehenge complex. The chalice 'on high' extends itself into the 'plane of matter' as a radiant form in the deep green grassy field. The rainbow is symbolic of the human energy centers, or chakras, which (for one primary function) transduce (convert) spiritual energies (of very high frequency) into that which we can safely use in our physical bodies. The chakras are key components of the human energy body as represented by the chalice, and the capability to transduce such energies increase per our individual spiritual development.
ChBullet   The Fascia-Memory Project

What would actually change our health-care system the most?

          How about a means of diagnosis that takes so many aspects of a person into account, that it creates a capacity for designing a truly healing program for most any patient? Nice dream you say. How could a diagnostic system be that accurate for so many conditions? What would enable our medical system to consider, so surely and comprehensively to so much greater depth and context, the many processes for the many different kinds of individuals, than we do now? Well, of course, such questions indicate a healthy skepticism. But let's dream just a bit more, but this time, from outside the box, as they say:

         What if there were a system of assessment that would bring together the great many disciplines of health-care - particularly including Eastern, Naturopathic, and even the many among the Western - and to a degree of collaboration that was far beyond what we've ever seen before? In case you don't know, such collaboration is currently not a reality to any meaningful extent, certainly for most health conditions. Particularly between those focusing on the body, and those focusing on the mind, not to mention the relative few focusing on the connection between the two. Bottom Line: When enough people become sufficiently motivated to know the degree to which individuals can heal themselves and each other through body-awareness-based preventative maintenance, then the research will be funded and implemented.

         The Fascia-Memory Project is about research and development into the relationships among connective tissue (fascia), objective/subjective experience, the neuro-physical interface between emotion, and the brain, and "body-Memory." About developing connective tissue scanning devices and diagnostics hardware for discerning and illustrating all that. Goals include the developing optimal means for applying that R&D in health care practice, as well as enhanced systems for individual development of body-awareness for preventative health maintenance. A long term project, of course, but intermediate goals and sub-projects could have considerable effective change. The range of application extends from the medical industry to personal home use, to public education, to social and correctional rehabilitation. Original Theory published June'96.

          The project's web site includes pages for Intro & Summary (with a detailed table of contents with links to the other pages - Description & Purpose, Goals & Objectives, Research & Development, Theory, References & Links [extensive], Project Overview Chart, Project Flow Chart ( "Pert" style output by 'MS Project' ), and links to accompanying documents at this site. For context and perspective on this far-reaching multi-faceted proposal, see (page 8) the Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart.

Fascia Memory Project

Feedback Systems Interfaces (Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion, Fascia-Muscular) in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory ChartS by Chris Pringer 2'12,12'13- Thumb
"Proprio-Neuro, Motor Mgt Centers, Adrenal Emotion Fascia-Muscular Feedback Systems Interfaces in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory" Chart at Fascia Memory Theory Page

F.M. Project Overview Chart

F.M. Project (Pert) Flow Chart

A Different Take on Evolution

    Evolution Trends: The 'Information Age' And Its Evolution Into The 'Holographic Age'
Challenges and Realistic Goals For Survival and Creating A Desirable Future, © Nov'95

NOTE: At this website the term "evolution" refers to that of human consciousness, resulting in lasting change on the physical level.
Evolve Humanity, ChaliceVortex&Planet'evolve-balance', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2008        
          We are currently in the "Information Age" of global-scale *collection and organization * of data and data systems. The "Holographic Age" will be marked by "...the integration of data (a precursor and main component of the Holographic age) ...will bring about a tremendous explosion in capabilities of unprecedented scope, magnitude, and depth... The ability to offer/affect pre-designed physiological, emotional, mental, and psychic change on human beings..." Intelligence manages information, but wisdom manages Intelligence. This "adventurous" draft looks into the future (or potential future scenarios) at many key areas of evolvement of Human Society. Organized web page includes sections: "Getting There From Here - and The Political Maze In Between," "Some Trends and Developments In Health and Environment," "Psycho-Social Transition And Rehabilitation" (in corrections, education, and health), and "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home...". Recent additions include: much improved "Basis of Assessment - with "Seven Phases of Evolution"; "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment"; and "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" (& Purpose, Structure, Religion, Karma), and ref-links for the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012.
          ie: [from original August 1995 paper:] "...Our trial and initiation prior to entering the next age is dealing with the issue of 'Polarization.' So much depends on how we manage this issue during the 1995 - 2005 period of time... critical on many levels. The implications may therefore be timely, a balance of warning with hope and direction => ...'Polarization' refers to the two opposing extremes of over-identification and enmeshment. The first extreme, over-identification, relating to hyper-egoism or narcissism, includes misplaced patriotism and competition for the sake of wrong-making and degradation, nationalism that unduly separates people, bigotry, elitism, and related extremes. The 2nd extreme, enmeshment, relating to the blurring of proper boundaries (such as with emotional or energetic enmeshment, sexual abuse, any improper 'dual relationship'), includes that which occurs with [non/]secular/political or political/personal conflicts of interest. Appropriate structure (laws, regulations, professional guidelines, cultural mores, rules of conduct, etc) is the result of healthy personal and societal discrimination of values, and related priorities and goals... ...will develop out of necessity - much due to the aberrations of the info age (psychological manipulation and necessary defense systems practiced by/for/against businesses in competition as well as for military reasons => ...personal data as common knowledge <=> 'Age of Exposure' => ...the decade of the media moguls and the survival of democracy..."
'Geo&Chakra Skull&Chalice' & 'Grail Mind', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2010
'GeoChakra Skull & Chalice' & "Grail Mind" - PolyPsyArt 2010
        But if we get through all that, one of the many noted benefits include "... We will have the unique opportunity to learn first-hand from the most hi-tech, research data-backed, psychological ...Awareness on/of the various levels & interrelationships between these areas... The application of intuition may find an unprecedented role in terms both of breadth and of its popular integration with the more logical approaches ...As a result, various systems of 'Integrated Diagnostics' will be developed..."
          The original paper was email published in Nov '95 on (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and Spiramed@sjuvm.stjohns.Edu. Yes, *1995* - So I guess the "system" I used was not so bad (based on the "Seven Phases of Evolution," as detailed on that page in Dec'09). Some intuition did enter in between that system and the "if this, then this" logic - scans of original notes with hand-drawn flow-charts included, but I've never called this "a prophecy," but a perceived spiritual challenge (for humanity) with potentially great rewards - an opportunity for taking responsibility. Even so: That 10 year 'prep' period has just passed - wherein so much did indeed determine about how and how soon we begin this next age - or if we do before the planet (otherwise) overhauls itself. But remember "that spaceship" that's going to save us ? Wink Well, IMO, the pilots are none other than ourselves - as our Earth-Steward selves that is. So, IF it happens, not to worry, we won't miss a minute of it -- IMO, God wouldn't deprive us of the realization that we are so capable! (And responsible. Or don't we want to earn our way ?!)


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