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  Innate Intelligence
  Junk Food vs Real Food
         Chart A: Acid/Alkaline Foods
  What is Disease ?
         What is the Cause of Disease ?
         Chart 1: "Cells & Health vrs. Toxicity"
         Chart 2: "Mechanisms Of Vicarious Eliminative Processes"
  Types of Stress
  The Disease Process
         Chart 3: The Pottinger Experiment
  Mechanisms of Vicarious Eliminative Processes
  What Determines Who Gets What Disease?
  The Healing Cycle
  How Long To Health
  Rationalizing Following Healthful Living

  Basic Goals for Healthful Living
  Notes on Selecting Wholesome Nutritious Foods
  The Political Economics of Medicine
  A Note about "Rescue-Based Health Care" (~cp)

Alternative Health Resources
  About Cleansing Reactions
  Resources for Education & Reference, Alternative Health
        Section I, About Food: Diet & Sources
        Section II: More Naturopathic Health & Related
        Section III: Body, Mind, &/Or Body-Memory Related
        Body-Awareness-Based Preventative Maintenance
        Section IV: Connective Tissue, Bones, & Joints, including the section...
        On Hemp & CBD's for PAIN RELIEF & health in general
  Nutritional Analysis - Pro's, Con's, & More
  A few Seminars and Summaries

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        Editor's Note:   A great deal of information has been put together on this page. The above topic sections and the two accompanying charts are from "The Science of Healthful Living," a handout assembled By Dr. Joel Robbins, DC, for a class he taught; excerpted/ transcribed by the editor, who also added the resource information (2002 - 2011). One of the main reasons I put this page here has to do with "Cleansing Reactions" (the first addendum below). About another topic, SUGAR: in comparing the values or liabilities among its different forms, understanding the basic principles of acid-alkaline (pH) balance (the highlighted topic of discussion on this page) should be helpful. This regards whether it (or any other food) digests into acid-forming or alkaline-forming elements, and how that effects various bodily systems, including the ability of the GI tract to process anything put into it. Acid-Alkaline balance also effects hormone and neurotransmitter dynamics, and therefore mood and access to varying degrees of consciousness. As well as the body's capacity to eliminate waste from its cells - which is critical to equilibrium, especially in the long run - including brain health in *aging*. That means things like memory and focus, capacity and skills for self-care and pain management, basic enjoyment of what one has worked hard to have and BE. This is as "MIND-BODY" as it gets! The resource sections expand the discussion to even more pro-active maintenance of all those elements. Thank you for consideration.
        Note: My first introduction to the naturopathic approach to health came in the Summer of 1980. After 3 years (at 31) I had lost 15 pounds of [lymphatic gunk], and cleared up a lot GI tract stuff (constipation, daily morning sneezing, sinus drainage from food allergies, and a very sluggish mentality easily slipping into depression). And although I had been a very fast sprinter in high school ("10 flat" in the "100yrd Dash"), for the first time in my life, I could run for five miles at a nice pace and not even get winded. I was vegan for five years before re-integrating small amounts of meat and cultured dairy. -- Chris Pringer

"The Science of Healthful Living" begins with "Inate Intelligence" after this next section.

About "Cleansing Reactions" & Fasting
This "preamble" section by Chris Pringer, 2006, Rev'd March & May, 2012, Feb'2017

        People should know that there are health supplements being sold that would be effective, but may end up not being so, due to their not being sold or provided with sufficient guidance or instruction; IE: the way that most multi-level marketed products are sold. My statement refers to the more unpleasant "cleansing reactions," "cleansing effects," or "healing crisis" that some people may experience from such supplements.
        Why? The more out of balance one's internal organ system is, especially the more one's systems for waste elimination have been congested, the more likely you are to experience cleansing reactions. And that may be both surprising and unpleasant, if you're not prepared. It may require a day or so set aside for tending to the cleansing and related needs. In general, giving one's internal organ system a rest, by fasting from most foods, which encourages the elimination system at the cellular level as well as via the gastro-intestinal (GI) and assistant organs, will allow one's system to heal itself.
        Actually, this is not much different from many therapies, in that the further out of balance one is, the more dramatic the effect may be. That even includes effects/results from various energy-work treatments, although with these, there are *usually* not any dramatic effects on the GI Tract.
        The proper response to cleansing reactions varies greatly, depending on the person and the circumstance. In most cases can be "remedied" by (or responded to with) very simple measures.
        Knowing the principles put forth on the "Science of Healthful Living" and "Transition Diet" pages, one may better take advantage of such critical and potentially *transformative* events.
        But if you're new to this approach, it's always a good idea to have done your homework on the subject, or have close guidance by a knowledgeable professional - a naturopath (N.D.) or experienced naturopathic nutritionist.
        Especially if you have any question about this rule: Dietary cleansing therapies/supplements should not be attempted by those with known internal organ or systemic conditions without their physician's guidance.
        However: If a physician is not versed in naturopathic nutrition, and you contact him with "emergency" symptoms, you are just as likely to get a prescription that will cause your system to hold on to the material that the body is trying to finally get rid of.
        Whereas, particularly as regards fasting, most naturopathically trained physicians, including MD's, will tell you that most people -with most internal organ-related conditions and diseases - will eventually be helped significantly, if not cured, by some degree of fasting. That is a) whether fully without anything but liquids, or partially with various and/or specific dietary limitations; and b) there are some conditions for which the patient would need to exercise care, listening to advice from the physician, as to how much and/or how long to fast. We used to be able to say the average person can fast for a week or more without an informed physician worrying about his/her health. However, this would-be "cure" is mainly complicated, particularly increasingly so since the 1980's (and "J-curving" upward since 911), by sugar-related or sugar-aggravated conditions and related medications, including excess weight, all of which aggravates, if not causes, heart-related conditions, as well as tendencies to depression and mood-swings, thus the use psycho-active medications, which even further complicate all the above. The earlier the tendencies toward the above are spotted, the more quickly and easier would dietary/nutritional care, including some degree of fasting, make all the difference.
        Besides, holding onto stuff that the body (or body-mind) doesn't need (or worse) makes it work harder - gets in the way of logistics management, and that's if the clogging item is not a pathogen or something that will become and/or attract problems. Much of which a healthy liver, elimination system, and immune system in general (on whatever level you want to interpret that) can take care of - until it can't, until those systems become compromised or simply worn out by such burdens.

        Hence, know your doctor (your M.D.) with regard to the above, and try to know a nutritionally experienced and trained professional that you can contact, before going the cleansing route (including fasting) for the first time. (Ideally an N.D. or highly trained naturopathic nutritionist, but some chiropractors are also well versed in this knowledge.)
        In general summary, please consider that fasting - of some degree, informed, well thought out, employed with discipline, and professionally monitored as needed - can often be highly curative.
        I'd like to add here something about attitude: What we call setbacks often are, certainly can be, our mind-body systems re-organizing. It's just like moving the furniture in the office, while you're also doing the office work: It's slow-going, feels uncoordinated and clumsy, sometimes confusing, consuming time and energy. All of which usually feels like a waste at that time. And yet, all of that is essential to the overall healing - and the understanding that goes a long way in the long run. That's why it is that the more we persist in seeing our healing process as a re-organization of our systems and their cellular realignment and balance towards optimal health, the quicker it moves along.

        Integrating all that into an graphic-backed affirmation or "Treasure Map" technique for self-healing application, is "'Getting Super': Full Size Sample Personalized Visualization Prayer Chart" at the "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" page. [via "Body, Mind, and Related" section])


"Getting Super" Visual Affirmation Based on the power of the mind towards psycho-neuro-immune enhancement, with the strategy of *Re-Organization*.

"The science behind the body-mind relationships"
at the "Body-Mind Integration" page




...Innate intelligence, or "mother nature" as some call it, directs the growth and development of that first cell of life into a perfect human being, and it does this every time without any outside help from man. In fact is only when man attempts to aid or tamper with innate intelligence's wonderful work, that imperfect human beings develop.

Once each new human is brought into this world, leaving mother's womb, the innate intelligence does not leave that new body, nor does its talk change. That talk is to bring the body to full development and keep it healthy an alive.

Innate intelligence strives to keep the body alive regardless of the cost. The 'cost' is often misinterpreted as some outside agent or enemy attempting to destroy our health an life, when in fact the 'cost' is the innate intelligence's effort to keep us alive, coping with the wrong we have done to our bodies. That cost we conveniently call: "disease."

* Vis Medicatrix Naturae = the healing power of nature; the natural curative power inherent in the organism.
* Vis conservatrix = the natural power of the organism to resist injury and disease.
* Vis Formativa = energy manifesting itself in the formation of new tissue to replace that which has been destroyed.
* Vis Vitae & Vis Vitalis = the vital, or life force.




Junk   Food   vs   Real   Food


Glucose -- energy (fuel)
Protein -- building/repairing (structure)
Fatty Acids -- building component of body tissues
Minerals -- catalysts and building components
Enzymes (Vitamins) -- increase efficiency (catalysts)
Water -- medium for chemical processes


1). Any edible substance grown by nature
2) Which we can eat without processing in any way;
3) Of which a complete meal, consisting of just that one substance or food, can be eaten and enjoyed.


Anything short of the above qualifications;
In other words, any food that is incomplete, fragmented, processed, denatured, added to, taken away from, contains toxins, etc.

         All foods given to us by nature come as a complete package. This means that every food provided by nature has everything in it which is needed by the body to digest and process that food. If any component is lacking in a food when it is eaten, the body must supply it before that food can be utilized. We pay a price for supplying the needed missing ingredients when we eat incomplete food. That price we call disease.
         When there is a lack of vitamins, minerals, water, fatty acids, etc, in the food (due to processing), the body borrows these needed factors from the body's reserves. Since these reserves are intended for short term emergency situations, they are quickly depleted when a steady diet of incomplete, partial, and fragmented foods is consumed. Once these reserves are exhausted, the body must draw upon itself to supply the missing components of the incomplete foods, so that the body can digest and process the foods eaten, thus keeping the body alive. As a result, the body becomes sicker and sicker. Examples of the body drawing from itself (for survival) various factors needed to complete fragmented foods would be from:

* Organs and Glands -- resulting in decreased efficiency of these glands and organs (eg: Hypoglycemia) with eventual general body inefficiency such as tiredness and sluggishness.
* Muscles -- resulting in muscle weakness, atrophy, sagginess
* Bones -- resulting in loss of bone density, demineralization (osteoporosis)

The [filmed] "documentary investigation into why people are getting fatter, the filmmakers explore who’s killing our health ...looks at obesity and politics ...Descends on Villains in the Battle [because] ...the obesity rate in America has skyrocketed over the past few decades, especially among children..."
[a mix of excerpts from the search page]

About "Fed Up" From Rotten Tomatoes .Com:

    "For the past 30 years, everything we thought we knew about food and exercise is dead wrong..."
    PG, 1 hr. 32 min.
    Documentary, Sports & Fitness, Special Interest
    Directed By: Stephanie Soechtig
    Written By: Mark Monroe, Stephanie Soechtig

"As a screed, it builds a credible, engaging argument, presenting evidence, statistics, talking-head testimony, whimsical charts, poignant personal stories, and animated illustrations of digestive processes to make its case."
    May 8, 2014 Full Review Source: Boston Globe
    Peter Keough
    Boston Globe
    Top Critic IconTop Critic

"[Fed Up] should spark a culture-wide debate that can only be healthy for society, if not for Coca-Cola or McDonald's bottom line."
    May 9, 2014 Full Review Source: The Dissolve
    Nathan Rabin
    The Dissolve

"Before 'Fed Up,' no movie had ever sent me hurrying to my refrigerator to read food labels - but there's always a first time."
    May 8, 2014 Full Review Source: Seattle Times
    Moira MacDonald
    Seattle Times
    Top Critic IconTop Critic

"Stephanie Soechtig's attack on Big Food for sweetening us to death goes down like a tart, stiff drink."
    May 8, 2014 Full Review Source: Orange County Register
    Michael Sragow
    Orange County Register

"Fed Up is an intriguing but hardly revelatory doc that works better as an expose of an American epidemic than as a tool to spur a healthy-eating movement."
    May 8, 2014 Full Review Source: We Got This Covered
    Jordan Adler
    We Got This Covered

"['Fed Up' makes the case:] There is a major health problem in America and it is not being addressed by those who can change things, the government and the industries that control our food supply."
    May 8, 2014 Full Review Source: Reeling Reviews
    Robin Clifford
    Reeling Reviews



Acid/Alkaline   Balance

The Textbook of Medical Physiology by Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., probably the most recognized authority on human physiology, states: "... the regulation of hydrogen ion concentration (pH or acid /alkaline balance) is one of the most important aspects of homeostasis."

pH = measure of how acid or alkaline a substance is, on a scale of 1 (most acid) to 14 (most alkaline)

All chemical processes have an ideal pH at which they are most efficient. For example the body functions best with an internal chemistry being slightly alkaline (pH of 7.0 to 8.0). The pH of the blood is even more specific:

Normal Blood ph = 7.4                    Death occurs when ph = 7.2

Since the body has no ability to manufacture alkaline, nature provided a way for the alkaline to be replenished to the body, thus allowing the body to maintain a constant, healthy and normal acid/alkaline balance. this is by means of food -- nature's food.

All foods are either acid or alkaline. This is determined by what remains after the food is digested. If the body can completely break down and metabolize the food, it is termed an alkaline ash food. If the body cannot completely break down and utilize the food, it is termed an acid ash food.

Because the body functions in an alkaline chemistry, the majority of the food intake must be of an alkaline ash nature to maintain homeostasis, health and life.

[Considerations for Moderation: Raw fruits and vegetables are most alkaline. Cooking foods makes them more acid, less so if cooked at low temperature, still less if lightly stir-fried, steamed, and so on. Laughing, smiling, meditation, prayer, yoga, massage, and other stress-reducing activity makes blood more alkaline. In this way cells can eliminate (acid) wastes better and be more efficient in general, and that is the basis for the need for pH balance. Other activity that may improve digestion: Projecting the energy/attitude of loving-appreciation towards whatever you eat -- perhaps including acknowledgment of the natural resources that produced the food. -cp]


Chart A:   Acid/Alkaline  Foods

The Breakdown of foods into Acid ashe and Alkaline ashe categories would generally be as follows:



[Least Acid Listed 1st:]

[Most Alkaline Listed 1st:]
raw nuts
(except almonds)
raw seeds
(sesame, pumpkin, squash, sunflower)
some raw fruits & vegetables
    (cranberries, blueberries, plums, prunes, squash)
whole grains
over cooked fruits/vegetables
dairy products (cheese, eggs, milk)
sugar and refined grains
white meats (fish, fowl)
         well done
fried fruits/vegetables
fried pastries
red meats (beef, pork, mutton)
         well done
* herbs, spices, condiments, spicy foods
         (garlic, hot peppers, onions, horseradish, etc.)
fried meats
coffee & tea

raw fruits

dried fruits

raw vegetables

frozen fruits/vegetables

lightly steamed fruits & vegetables


The average American diet consists of:   20% alkaline foods and 80% acid foods.
The diet should consist of at least:          80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods.

It is not unusual for the average American to go 7 to 14 days without eating ANY alkaline foods. [1984]




DISEASE is a lack of health. Any state of the body (other than health) in which not every cell is functioning 100% of its designed duty and/or not every cell is in communication with every other cell of the body. In the former, the cell cannot function properly due to either a damaged and/or toxic state. In the latter, the cell may be functioning properly, but due to its lack of communication with the rest of the body, it is functioning out of time or sequence with the whole.

A SYMPTOM is the effort of the body to undo or overcome any damage which has been done to the body. Any condition of the body which is less than normal, healthy or perfect is the body's attempt at undoing or coping with something detrimental that has been, or is being done to the body.


Whether due to ignorance or laziness, exposing the body to STRESS will produce a diseased state of the body. Stress is the only means of tearing down health resulting in disease -- paying the price for violating the laws of nature (our wrong doings). We do not 'catch' a disease or illness, we earn it. We have 'to work for' disease (and we must work for health).

Disease is nothing more than the body responding to the wrong we have done to it. It is the body's attempt at keeping us alive in response to the wrongs we have inflicted on our bodies.



          A.          Trauma -- tissue damage
          B.          Lack of Exercise -- decreased oxygen and nutrition to cells --decreased muscle tone
          C.          Lack of Rest/Sleep -- decreased healing/rejuvenating time --decreased house-cleaning time
          D.          Lack of Sunshine

         A.          Negative Mental Attitude
         B.          Anger, Bitterness, Hate, Resentment
         C.          Worry, Anxiety

         A.          Uncleanliness
         B.          Drugs, Medications, Chemicals
         C.          Improper Nutrition, Toxins


* Stress is the only thing that robs the body of energy and nutrition. These are all the body has with which to produce and maintain health.

* * * The body, via innate intelligence, always attempts to maintain a constant internal chemistry (physiology), thus maintaining life. This balanced state of chemistry is termed: Homeostasis.

* If we violate a law of nature, thus exposing the body to stress, we have created a CAUSE -- we have tipped the scales of physiology and homeostasis out of balance.

* The scales of nature always balance, and we must pay a price for this balancing to take place. This balancing of the scales to maintain homeostasis and life is the EFFECT -- or disease.

* * * The cost of balancing the scales of homeostasis will always produce symptoms -- a disease or illness.

* If the CAUSE (violation of nature's laws--stress) is removed, health will return.

* If the CAUSE is not removed, disease results. This is the cost the body must pay to maintain homeostasis. (The disease then is the body's way of coping with the stress we have put on our bodies.)

* If the scales cannot be balanced, death results.

         HEALTH:          God given right.
         DISEASE:          Man earned accomplishment

* Man is the sickest being on earth.... no other creature has so violated the laws of nature.


* Knowing the cause of lack of health--disease, it should readily be seen that only a removal of the cause will bring about health and healing.





* Our~first line of defense, "taste appeal", was designed to keep toxic, harmful foods out of our bodies.

* As this is over-ridden, and toxic foods are eaten, the liver must neutralize the acid toxins absorbed into the body.
[ The liver does this by filtering the bloodstream, maintaining proper levels of the various elements that enter via Digestion, Respiration, Skin absorption, Cell Excretion, as well as via such as injury, surgery, injection, etc. It works with the rest of the Eliminatory System --including the kidney, colon, lungs, etc-- to maintain a clean, unfettered body. -cp]

* Once neutralized, the poisons can be eliminated from the body. (If the toxins were not neutralized before they were eliminated via the kidneys and bowel, they would, due to their acid nature, destroy the kidneys and bowel).

* If the alkaline/neutralizing minerals are not replenished to the liver (by eating a predominately alkaline ash diet), the liver reaches a point of depletion where it can no longer afford the alkaline to neutralize acids.

* Until this point is reached, the body will have no symptoms of any disease or illness whatsoever, because the liver is able to keep all poisons out of the body

* Once the liver can no longer neutralize toxins, they pass into the blood stream.

* The cells of the body exchange their alkaline for acid toxins thus the blood stream remains at a pH of 7.4.

* The cells of the body as a result, gradually begin dropping in pH, becoming more and more acid and toxic.

* The cells now will attempt to eliminate the toxins which they have stored in and around themselves as these hamper the proper functioning of the cells.


CHART 1: "Cells & Health vrs. Toxicity"

* Toxicity, or a toxic state, is an accumulation of toxins, poisons, mucus and pus in an area or areas of the body that were not designed to store or retain toxins: A localized area of constipation.

* Since The liver at this point, is unable to take care of this eliminative process as it was designed to do, the body must utilize a "vicarious avenue of elimination." In other words, an avenue which was not intended to eliminate toxins from the body, but one which out of necessity, can be utilized to eliminate the acids that would otherwise pollute the blood stream resulting in death.

* This vicarious elimination is carried out by the skin.

* There are three layers of skin comprising the body. Different symptoms, illnesses or diseases which result are determined by which layer or layers of skin are utilized for the vicarious elimination, as follows:

1. OUTER LAYER   (hide -- outer skin)

          * boils                               * eczema
          * acne                               * psoriasis
          * skin ulcer                     * rash

2. INNER SKIN       (mucus membrane)
* normally secrets clear fluid
* when used for elimination, secretes mucus, pus, bloody excretion

         *          cold                                   *          sinusitis
         *          enteritis                              *          cervicitis
         *          appendicitis                        *          gastritis
         *          gastrointestinal ulcers          *          mastitis
         *          bronchitis                           *          tonsillitis

3. MIDDLE SKIN (serous membrane or lining membrane)

         *          arthritis                              *          meningitis
         *          neuritis                               *          bursitis
         *          peritonitis                           *          encephalitis
         *          pericarditis                         *          pleurisy

* The layer of skin or avenue of vicarious elimination utilized by the body is dependent on several factors:

* The closer the cell pH is to 7.4, the more the vitality the body will have.
* The greater the vitality, the more vigorous or acute will be the eliminative process.
___ Examples:  colds, flus, diarrhea, vomiting, fever blisters, etc.


Certain toxins have specific affinities for specific areas of the body.
* Examples: uric acid (from excess meat intake) has an affinity for the feet.
* salt has an affinity for the skin.


Diseases are not passed on from parent to child. Rather a genetic weakness or tendency towards that disease is passed on. Toxins will tend to be vicariously eliminated at the point of least resistance--the area or areas of genetic weakness.
___ Examples: allergies of pollen--elimination via mucus membranes. -heart disease--storage of toxins in heart tissue.

Generally, when the body is still young and full of vitality, it will vicariously eliminate toxins in an acute manner such as colds, flus, acute febrile diseases ("normal" childhood diseases). This is because these eliminative processes require tremendous amounts of energy on the body's part to carry them.
___ Examples: acute and sub-acute diseases          

As the body grows older and its vitality decreases, (due to continued wrong eating and living habits, the body must utilize less "energetic" means of vicariously eliminating toxins... [See Chart 2 in next section below, "Mechanisms Of Vicarious Eliminative Processes"]




[Chapter text follows chart's explanatatory text]

CHART 2: "Mechanisms Of Vicarious Eliminative Processes"

    *   As the body grows older and its vitality decreases, (due to continued wrong eating and living habits, the body must utilize less "energetic" means of vicariously eliminating toxins. Examples: chronic diseases
    *   With continued wrong living habits, depleting tremendously the body's vitality, the body can no longer afford the energy required to produce even minimal vicarious elimination (as in the form of chronic diseases, above.)
    *   The body must now vicariously "eliminate" acids and toxins from ~he blood stream by storing them in the tissues of the body. Examples: chronic degenerative diseases
    *   Death results when one or a combination of the following takes place: --
        - The vitality of the body is so low that it cannot mobilize toxins out of the blood stream, resulting in acid blood.
        - The cells of the body no longer possess adequate alkaline to neutralize acids in the blood stream, resulting in acid blood.
        - The cells of the body (may be a particular area, eg.: a heart) are so acid and toxic that they can no longer function efficiently enough to carry on their part of the life process, resulting in death of the entire body.


- House Cleaning
- Detoxification at the expense of the endocrine system through a portal of elimination not designed for elimination.

*          increased metabolism
*          pain
*          running fluid--clear

___ Example: Common cold


- House Cleaning plus Infection
-Detoxification at the expense of the endocrine system through a portal of elimination not designed for elimination, while incorporating an infective organism, bacteria, virus.

*          pain
*          running fluid--pus
*          fever/chills
*          diarrhea
*          nausea/vomiting
*          swelling

___ Examples: sinus infection, bronchial infection, infection of the throat, pneumonia, stomach virus, intestinal flu, infectious hepatitis, meningitis, venereal diseases, fungus, bladder and kidney infections, etc.

Storage of Toxins with Minimal House Cleaning


*          with or without pain      *          with or without fluid
*          no swelling                     *          no infection
*          no fever                     *          no diarrhea
*          no nausea

___ Examples: ulcers, allergies, hay fever, asthma, skin problems, female disorders, hypoglycemia          



* storage of toxins characteristics
* no pain in beginning stages painful in late stages no infection
* no fever (usually) swelling in late stages
* usually constipated (may alternate with diarrhea) nausea sometimes in late stages

___ Examples: arteriosclerosis, congestive heart failure, heart attack, cancer, arthritis, gout, pleurisy, megacolon, diabetes, diverticulitis, colitis, hypertension, nephritis, prostititis, senility

Health Returns In Cycles (By Unknown)
A more related and more detailed view from an unknown source






In the 1940's, a dentist by the name of Francis M. Pottinger, made an experiment using 900 cats to determine what happens to the body when denatured, incomplete or processed foods are consumed. The cats were divided into groups. Each group was fed the same minimal basic diet. However the predominant part of the cat's diets were specific foods, which were different for each group of cats. The cats were observed over a four generation period. The results were as follows:




Groups C, D, and E

Raw Meat

Raw Milk

Pasturized Milk

Evaporated Milk

Condensed Milk



1st Generation

remained healthy

remained healthy

Grps CD&E developed diseases & illnesses near end of life

2nd Generation

remained healthy

remained healthy

Grps CD&E developd diseases & illnesses in middle of life

3rd Generation

remained healthy

remained healthy

Grps CD&E developd diseases & illnesses in beginning of life; many died before 6 months old

4th Generation

remained healthy

remained healthy

Grps CD&E: no 4th generation produced; either 3rd generation parents sterile, or 4th generation cats were aborted before birth


* 25% of young adults in America are sterile
* Death rate in America from diabetes
          * 27th leading cause of death in 1900
          * 3rd leading cause of death in 1980 (per capita)
          [insulin was discovered in 1922]
* 35 out of 100 Americans will develop cancer during their life (1978)
* 10,000 children ten years of age or younger die of heart attacks per year in America (1978)
* 7 out of 10 Americans over age 40 have a chronic degenerative disease

(Statistics compiled from the U.S. Public Health Service. 1978)



ON  THE  HEALING  ROAD  --  the  healing  Process

-------- THE HEALING CYCLE --------

When the body begins true healing, it does so in cycles. Without an~understanding of these cycles, the healing process can be most disheartening and discouraging at times.

To understand the healing cycles, we must know that the body will do little healing until it has adequate energy, vitality and stamina. Remember that when a body is diseased, its vitality is lowered--less energy available for healing. Once the body has gained enough energy to afford both healing and carrying on regular daily living activities, then healing can take place.


1.          Resting Phase
         -time of building up energy reserves
         -feeling of well being

2.          Healing Phase
         -time of house cleaning and healing
         -do not feel real good
         [eg.: headaches, tiredness, irritability, depression, colds, fever, diarrhea, etc.]


         -True healing runs on cycles of 3 or 7 days, or a combination thereof.
                   (eg.: 10 days, 14 days, 21 days, etc.)


Through inhibition or stimulation (eg.: medication, herbs, megadose vitamins, etc.) one can affect the healing phase, and thus produce "symptomatic relief." While this is tempting to do, it only interferes with the true healing process by either stopping it or prolonging it, and thus suppress the elimination of toxins which caused the diseased state in the first place.



---------------- HOW LONG TO HEALTH ? ----------------

Just as the body does not get toxic and diseased overnight, it also cannot 'clean house' and rebuild itself overnight. A person may spend years tearing their body down and filling it with toxins, so an immediate healing is impossible. It is doubtful if anyone can become totally healthy within one year no matter how dedicated one is to healthful living and eating. Those using a 'transition diet' approach are looking at several years until health returns, providing their 'transition diet' is continually upgraded. However, many improvements in the body's health take place along the way to give encouragement to continue pursuing a health-producing lifestyle. [Related Link near top of page. -cp]


         -proper exercise
         -positive mental attitude
         -adequate rest/sleep
         -pleasant surroundings/environment
         -nutritious dietary intake

         -elimination of those things which made the body diseased
         -e.g.: stresses, stimulants, toxins, etc.

         -this is dependent on:
A.          Degree of Degeneration of the Body
B.          Amount of.Accumulated Toxins In the Body
C.          Level of Acidity of the Body Cells

         -self discipline, determination, desire to be healthy



         -lack of understanding of true healing


         -'treating' symptoms arising due to true healing process
         -using 'natural' and unnatural remedies to 'promote health'




* It's a long hard road to health. Is it worth the struggle and sacrifice? Only we can make that decision for ourselves.

* Many will say, "Well I've got to go some way, I might as well go happy and enjoying myself--eating and living like I want to."

* By the same token, let us ask ourselves if we want to spent the last years of our lives as an invalid, in a wheelchair crippled by arthritis, enduring the agonizing pain of a growing cancer, torturing our loved ones with a bad case of senility, burdening others due to our helpless physical condition, shut' off from those we love by being placed in a nursing home, or having a sharp mind with a broken down useless body?

* We have to go through every day anyway, we might as well be doing things right as reaping the healthful benefits as to doing things wrong and reaping the diseased consequences.

* Rest assured that it is never to late to begin a healing way of life. In fact, ten years from now, providing healthful living habits are incorporated, you will be 'younger' and healthier than you are now, even though ten years older.

* Also, keep in mind that while right now you can only see much self sacrifice and lack of enjoyment of life when considering a healthful living lifestyle, you do not have to jump in with both feet all at once If you choose, you may slowly change your way of living to that which is health producing. As the body begins detoxifying and healing, it will become easier and more enjoyable to follow life giving health practices.

* Of course you can make the transition to healthful living habits immediate, experience tremendous unpleasant healing crises, but arrive at true and total health much quicker. The choice is yours.

* Wouldn't it be wonderful never to grow tired, only drowsy when bedtime arrives, never have an ache or pain, rarely have emotional and mental dilemmas overcome you, have endless energy and a clear sharp mind and memory, and probably experience this level of health until very shortly before, if not until the day you die.

* If all of that is still not enough to motivate you to follow healthful living, just think of the money you will save, both in doctor and food bills.

         "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd taken better care of myself."


         It is rarely socially acceptable to do what is right.

                   BUT BECAUSE IT'S RIGHT.





-Energy is all the body has with which to heal itself and maintain life.
-If we are doing more wrong than we are doing right, we have a negative energy effect, which leads to disease and death.
-Therefore, everything we can do to conserve energy, and thus keep energy from being wasted needlessly, should be done.
-If the net effect of our energy conservation efforts are on the positive side, then we are doing more right than wrong, and health will be the result.



-stop asking, "What can I take to get well?" and start asking, "What have I been doing wrong that made me sick?" and then stop doing it.


-create an environment for the body which is conducive to healing and health


-realize that we alone are responsible for our own health (the law of 'Cause and Effect')
-take on this responsibility


-relating to healthful living (truth)
-thus eliminating IGNORANCE


-introduce healthful living habits making them a way of life, not just a temporary measure to get out of pain
-thus eliminating LAZINESS


-the more man has had to do with a substance, food or phenomenon, the less value it has, and the more harmful it becomes to the body and being (and the more man can charge for it).


Nature is not only smarter than we think,
Nature is smarter than we CAN think.




         A.          Rawness -- living qualities
      (Are the organic minerals, enzymes, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, etc. still intact?)
         B.          Wholesomeness -- preparation (Has it been altered from its natural state?)
         C.          Constituents -- processing (Has anything been added or taken away?)
         D.          Ashe quality -- (Is it alkaline or acid ash?)
         E.          Palatability -- 'taste appeal' (Is it a gustatory, tasty delight?)


-This is the ultimate test of a food's quality.

-If growing conditions of the food are good, the glucose content will be high, and the food will taste sweet.

-The higher the glucose content of a food, the higher will be its overall food value.

-A food will not and cannot form a high glucose content without a proportionately high level of the other food constituents.

-If growing conditions are poor, the resultant food will be of poor nutritional value, the glucose level, as well as the level of the other constituents, will be low and the food will not taste sweet.

-If the nutritional value of the food has been decreased or destroyed via chemical fertilizers, pesticide sprays, chemical ripening agents, storage, injected dyes, etc., the glucose content will proportionately be destroyed and the food will not taste sweet.

-If the nutritional value of the food has been decreased or destroyed via processing and/or preparation of the food (cooking, freezing, fermenting, spicing, etc.) the glucose content will proportionately be destroyed and the food will lose its sweet taste.

-Note: While a green bean will never be as sweet tasting as an orange, relative to green beans there will be sweet tasting green beans and green beans that are not so sweet. Thus the term 'relative sweetness'





-(such as apples, carrots, green peppers, etc.)

-the further a food is removed from its natural state (through processing) the more the body must be convinced that it is edible, therefore advertising is a necessity to sell these processed 'foods'.


-Not always possible to find or guarantee.

-If these are not available, buy and eat what is available, such as commercial grocery store produce. While this is not the ideal source, and certainly is inferior to organically grown foods, it may be our only source of whole, complete living foods.

-Sweetness must become a consideration in selecting grocery store (and organic) produce.

-If it is not sweet, do not eat it -- it has no food value should chemical fertilizers and pesticides be absorbed into the food, most of these are trapped by the individual cell wails making up the food.

-These cell walls are composed of cellulose which we do not digest.

-Thus the cellulose cell walls with the trapped chemicals pass on through the body.

-Should the chemicals penetrate inside the individual cells of the food (the digestible portion) they will destroy the nutritional value of the food.

-Thus it will not have a sweet taste and should not be eaten.


For Elaboration on the above and much more, see

"The Transition Diet" (at this site)
- Steps & principles telling how to transition -gradually & successfully- to a diet that promotes & sustains optimal health for body, mind, AND the planet, even from the standard American diet. Incorporate this approach as slowly or as quickly as you can maintain. (If done too fast, you may find it too uncomfortable, then bounce back to the old ways, so would just be a waste of time). Includes a Food-Combining Chart for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as for proper elimination. Other sections included: "Transition Diet," "Rebuilding Diet," "Three Day Apple Fast And Seven Day Cleanse," "About Cleansing Reactions," and "Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies (for Weight Management)."

And for a great food source:

    "Back to Basic" by Dr. Walter J. Crinnion, N.D. in the July-August 2012 issue of "Natural Practitioner

    "Catalog for Healthy Eating"
For Bulk foods of the purest quality, like good-tasting (!) varieties of TVP (soy-based) and Seitan (concentrated protein from grains), dairy substitutes, healthy sweeteners, granolas. Also Organic baking supplies, cookbooks, and other goodies, including environment cleaning products. These are also folks one likes giving money too -- feeding people who work for a living.
They have both 800# and website: 1-800-695-2241,




         [Note: this is from Dr. Robbins, a chiropractor, wrote this in 1984. And it was written in Oklahoma, which has generally lagged behind the more "updated" areas of the U.S. by 10-20 years. eg: He wasn't exaggerating then. ]

In the 1800's the Germans began developing drugs and manufacturing them on a large scale.

The pharmaceutical companies of Germany formed a cartel.

In the late 1800's the German cartel moved to America and formed a pharmaceutical cartel here. (Was later backed by Rockefeller and Standard Oil Co.)

PROBLEM: The medical schools of that time did not teach the students to use the drugs, only natural remedies, thus the doctors did not prescribe the pharmaceutical companies' drugs, which was bad business for the cartel.

SOLUTION: Formation of the Council of Medical Education (1910) by the AMA. Now schools that wanted to be accredited, receive funds from the government, and not be forced to close, would have to comply with the Council's recommendations which were:
         * discontinue courses teaching natural healing methods; and
         * add courses teaching drug therapy.

PROBLEM: How could the pharmaceutical cartel guarantee the doctors would use the 'orthodox' or approved (money making) modes of treatment?

SOLUTION: Formation of the Professional Standard Review Organization (1972) by the AMA. This committee has the right to go into any medical doctor's office and pull his license if he is not following AMA protocol.

PROBLEM: How could the pharmaceutical cartel keep the public opinion on their side, and against the natural healing arts?

         1) Formation of the FDA (1906). This would be set up as an independent government
organization designed to:
              * Test all foods and drugs; and
              * Remove from the market any product that is unsafe.
This gives the FDA the power to approve drugs as 'good' and vitamins as 'harmful'.
         2) Formation of anti-natural healing arts/pro-medical arts propaganda committee. Example: distribute anti-chiropractic literature. This is a function of the AMA..

PROBLEM: How could the pharmaceutical cartel insure that the general public could afford the expensive AMA / pharmaceutical cartel approved drugs and treatment procedures?

SOLUTION: 1) Convince health insurance companies that the medical community's treatment methods are the best, and that natural healing methods are not good. Therefore, insurance coverage is only good for medical treatment and drugs.

2) Set up government health insurance that only pays for orthodox medical treatment.
Footnote: "Orthodox" = correct opinion

[of the "authority" that we might better question, he means. -cp].

END OF EXCERPTS FROM "The Science of Healthful Living"


Rescue-Based Health Care and (vs?)
Body-Awareness-Based Preventative Maintenance

A History of Health Care Since 1900, and Considerations on Where We May Choose to Go from Here
by Chris Pringer Oct'11

          Prior to 1900, medicine in the West was primarily focused on cleansing out toxins or bad blood, etc, and doctors were known for their patience and bed-side manner. People were somewhat cautious about any foods or activity that doctors had associated with ill-health. Natural medicine of all sorts prevailed, especially where there were no doctors.

          Then, with the emergence of "miracle drugs" for quick relief (ie: aspirin), western medicine was reborn into rescue orientation, and doctors became hero's of a more dramatic sort. After this, only the rare natural medicine doctor, later called naturopaths, would refer to a cold as the body's method for ridding the system of "what ails you." They came to recognize the lymphatic system as critical to the elimination/ detoxification process, necessary for cells to utilize resources and work with any effectiveness, let alone efficiency. Through the 20th century, while these patient healers became known as quacks, the surgeon became a leading role model along with the policeman and fireman - all providing relief for emergency conditions.

          Medicine became further specialized and the general practitioner physician, the wise and dependable foundation of medicine who served as counsel to professors of medicine, and even to surgeons in their heyday, now became almost extinct in the ever-quickening days of high-expectation of immediate relief. What medical student wanted to research, let alone specialize in, the junkyard drain of the body - the lymphatic system, let alone the workhorses of body: the muscles, tendons, and fascia. "If injured, just sew them up, they'll take care of themselves if you manage the get the vessels and nerves back in place well enough. Let the osteopaths, them nearly-quacks, take care of that while they're moving the housing and hardware around (eg: the bones). Give them physical therapists to give them exercise and discipline and make their body work according to their mind's expectations - or at least as close as can be managed."

          And yes, Western medicine continued to develop miracle cures, methods, and devices, albeit much of that resulting in so much medical-drug-based toxic waste in our waters, along with the chemical equivalent from other economic and societal rescues by our modern miracle industrial and farming processes. What is the percentage of society rescuing ourselves with mind/mood/stress/pain altering (legal) pharmaceuticals? What advertising tells us to wait, have patience or common sense, let alone wisdom?

          Fortunately enough, osteopaths and chiropractors, even the naturopaths survived the century, complete with psychologists who connected and correlated mind to body, pattern to movement, nurture to muscles and emotions. And thence massage therapists, born of midwives, boxer rejuvinators, and naturopaths, became body-workers, energy-workers, yoga and awareness instructors - the body-aware care-givers for muscles, mind, and Spirit. Some were more knowledgable and natural with the emotions, some even becoming somatic gestaltists or body-centered psychotherapists. The lymphatic system was now brought back into the foreground of at least one realm of health care modalities, and preventative maintenance regained its fighting chance for it's essential complementary role in medicine.

          Will preventative maintenance ever attract the average western medical student? Will it become fashionable to teach awareness of body and mind, let alone of their working as a team - on the job, let alone in everyday life? To teach the capacity to rescue ourselves by nipping emergencies in the bud - before pain gets in the way of getting necessary things done? Not in this century, I'm guessing, but it won't be because there weren't folks like myself preaching the bible of potential whole human beingness.
Chart of Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context, Thumbnail Oct'11
"Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart"

New 10/10/11 at the Organization Chart page. This chart compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects, as well as links to their respective essays or sections. Addressing all these aspects and their relationships is what make this site unique.

          A little secret: If you know your nutrition- you can get away with about anything- once or more, depending on... but that (knowing) is the key point about a balanced diet, about knowing your body, what or how much you can hedge on or with, plus what you need to balance-back with each time for preventative health maintenance. With practice, having fun with a healthy diet is not that difficult. Besides, you can't force change (for very long, and still maintain), and there are ways to learn gently, while growing even healthier as you age (while practicing what one preaches at least the greater portion of the time). Aside from a few aching muscles (only) iF I "surprise" them too much (hence the morning exercise), I'm far healthier at 64 [Jan'16] than I was when I was in my teens or twenties. Even though I was a jock in high school, and then a marine. This is not bragging since anyone can do this, IF they simply trade in a few things that many folks think are essential (or consider signs of success and such). More on that in the last paragraph.
          I could attribute most of my (earlier) life health issues to my "standard" American diet, the average jock-male's attitude about seeing how much one can eat at a sitting => thence digestive trouble, thence congestion of eliminative systems, including a clogged lymphatic system (from allergies to milk from drinking it like water, plus due to lack of variety of grains in diet). And the latter was likely the cause of my relative shortness of breath for any distance past a 100yrd dash in high school (albeit in "10-flat" for that). Especially considering that fifteen years later (1983) when I was out of shape, except for 2+ years of Arnold Ehret's "Mucusless Diet" (during the earliest part of the 5 year vegan stretch), I could run 5 miles without getting winded. Go figure!
          "Trade in a few things" for what? What I meant in the 1st paragraph were those things I try to give some useful ideas about that at this website, beginning here and at the "Transition Diet" page (including the "Body-Sizing" section if/as applies), the "Body-Mind Nutrition" page, and the "Tensing Yoga" page. The "Body-Mind Integration" essays page provides the "hows & whys" of much of that, but can also get a little more technical in some parts.


  Some Political Health Related Links
  (section on Alternative Health Resources further below)

Well Being Journal
Another recommended resource helping us take to charge of our Health

Genetic Engineering
of Foodstock and Nutrition (1999):

         "Plants make more than 100,000 compounds not essential to their growth. A number of these secondary compounds may play a role in reducing chronic or degenerative diseases in people. Lycopene in tomatoes, sulforphane in broccoli and genistein in soybeans are a few of the so-called phytonutrients that have captured headlines.
         "According to a recent survey, more than half of Americans eat a food or food component for a specific health benefit. But before plant scientists "beef up" fruits and vegetables with phytonutrients, they need to know which compounds are most beneficial and whether they work alone or synergistically--as evidence suggests they often do..." (from Judy McBride of Agricultural Research Service, USDA).
         But we want scientific verification of the risks; the stats, doc's, and PhD's papers, right? Ok. Here you go, just that: a summary list from GENETIC ENGINEERING: THE HAZARDS, VEDIC ENGINEERING: THE SOLUTIONS by John Fagan Ph.D. - an award-winning geneticist who returned his government grants and began new research in Maharishi's Vedic Science.
         Most foods bought in grocery stores today are already so deficient in their nutrition content that we need supplementation due to current farming, distribution, and shelf life-oriented processing and packaging. Which supplementation, by the way, the FDA has tried for 40+ years to sabotage before - and since - doctors finally admitted that diet played a role in cancer prevention. But that's another story (officially, anyway)...
         The current stance of the *scientist's* at the FDA appears more than sane as regards the GE question, as noted at the page for The Mother's for Natural Law, which seems to be one of the best resource=linked sources around on this topic. However, "...The FDA's records reveal it declared genetically engineered foods to be safe in the face of disagreement from its own experts--all the while claiming a broad scientific consensus supported its stance..." See the report from "Alliance for Bio-Integrity" and Steven M. Druker, J.D., executive director of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity, coordinator of the lawsuit against the FDA to obtain mandatory safety testing and labeling of gene-spliced foods, and an attorney on the case (in collaboration with the Legal Department of the Center for Technology Assessment in Washington, D.C.
         So, is it any surprise that the top Grocery Distributors in the World are saying no to GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) ?
         See about Bio-Technology, Monsanto, and the challenge to science for the love of natural being, basic nutrition, and planetary health at the Index of GE Essays at San Francisco U. and the other sites here.
         And Guess who puts it on the line for Natural Health (including caution with GE Foods), energy efficiency, and common sense with so many issues, including prevention-oriented approach to health, education, and crime: The Natural Law Party of the United States of America
a prime example of the David and Goliath theme
is currently being played out with regard to the authors of

Against the Grain
(Common Courage Press, 1998)

         The authors are Marc Lappé, Ph.D. & Britt Bailey, and the book is about the varying perspectives and positions surrounding agricultural biotechnology. Includes interviews with seed company representatives, activists, scientists, and farmers.
         One interesting article at the site gives an idea of why I introduced this as I did. It's about the pre-Oct98 legal action in which Monsanto effectively precluded publication of an entire issue of the Ecologist, strongly reminiscent of Monsanto's prior action against the first publisher of Against the Grain (Common Courage Press, 1998)  It was delayed almost over 8 months because of Monsanto's actions, but printed nonetheless by aptly named Common Courage Press. 
         Marc Lappé & Britt Bailey founded the Center for Ethics and Toxics in Gualala, California. Mark authored The Pacific Declaration, The Environmental, Health, and Religious response to agricultural biotechnology in the United States. This document has been signed by 65 organizations in the U.S., and is an outcome of a conference held in July, 1999 in Bolinas, California
         Other Article Links there are at and I assume they need all the support they can get, and certainly deserve it, not to mention thank-you's for their dedication.

Other Links (1999)
NOTE: "GE" = 'Genetically Engineered' or 'G.Modified'

         • The world's two largest food production companies are withdrawing their acceptance of GE.
         • Experts Urge Cautious Approach from both sides of the Atlantic; agree that scientific advances in biotechnology rapidly out-pacing laws meant to regulate the business
         • The UK government announced a series of controls on agricultural and human biotechnology.
         • FDA Documents Show They Ignored GMO Safety Warnings.
         • a brief overview explaining the inadequacy of the food testing accepted by present regulations and the testing required to minimize health hazards
         • Where do you go to get uncontaminated info about GE foods? To Europe, of course, & to Paul Mobbs' Free Range Activism Website - The Data Centre - GE Section.
         • Monsanto under intense pressure from Wall Street analysts & investors to dismember itself due to campaign against GE food.
         • Summaries & Scientific Papers; Dangers of GE Food (good short 1 page summary - please print & distribute).
         • Labeling Needed for GE Foods: Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) urged ... in response to ... New England Journal of Medicine & allergic reactions.
         • What do People Want? Polls on GE Food.
         • Action against GE foods.
         • Greenpeace's GE Report 12/4/97: Greenpeace's GE Report 12/4/97.
         • "Farm Date 1999. This is the log of the corporation Monsanto, its five year mission to genetically engineer and control ...!"
         • MOFGA - to help farmers and gardeners grow organic food, promote stewardship, increase local food production, sustainable rural communities, illuminate connections for consumers.
         • Mothers for Natural Law - resources for consumers who want to avoid genetically engineered food.
         • Natural Food Campaign - The Dangers of Genetic Engineering.
         •  Genetix Food Alert - GMO free at GFA, no genetically modifie...
         * EarthFirst Journal.

Assembled 1/29/00

Resources More Focused on MIND-BODY or BODY-MIND Topics listed further below

Resources for Education and Reference

Section I:   About Food, Diet, & Sources

    "Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies" for Weight Management" - Integrated Mind-Body Weight Management including gestalt approach for management of the *emotional body.* Sections include: Realistic Goal Setting; After accomplishing your running weight; What this approach is not; A little secret, Strategies And Techniques, *Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body.* Also includes guest article "Natural Ways To Lose Belly Fat" by Crystal Giannini.

    "The Transition Diet" (at this site) - Steps & principles telling how to transition -gradually & successfully- to a diet that promotes & sustains optimal health for body, mind, AND the planet, even from the standard American diet. Incorporate this approach as slowly or as quickly as you can maintain. (If done too fast, you may find it too uncomfortable, then bounce back to the old ways, so would just be a waste of time). Includes a Food-Combining Chart for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as for proper elimination. Other sections included: "Transition Diet," "Rebuilding Diet," "Three Day Apple Fast And Seven Day Cleanse," and "About Cleansing Reactions."

    "Natural Practitioner Magazine" - The Business Magazine for Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Healthcare Profesionals - Their debut issue (Vol.1,#1), Jan/Feb 2012, is most impressive, including new findings in research of nutrition, herbs, practices for stress, anxiety, mood, cardiovascular health, cold & flu, more. Jan/Feb 2013 issues in focus: "Weight Loss Resolve", "Hormone Balancing", "Heart/Cardiovascular Health", "Healthy Blood Sugar". Other issues focus on various systems, and/or men's, women's, or children's health, and and/or the main seasonal complaint. Written for practitioners, but if you're up with the science, or want to know what natural supplementation is being recommended, it's great reading! includes "Natural Practitioner" Magazine's Library Database with special sections for a) foods, herbs, supplements, b) Conditions, c) Interactions, d) Supplement Nutrient Depletions, and e) Drug Nutrient Depletions

    "Let Them Eat Dirt": Interview with British Columbia professor B. Brett Finlay about his book, "Let Them Eat Dirt." : "Finlay's research shows that parents don't need to fear germs as much as they do. Finlay says bubble wrapping kids to keep them clean denies them many good microbes that help keep them healthy." ~Bill Radke of KUOW. Description for the Townhall Seattle .Org Event with Brett Finlay: Microbiologist Brett Finlay, Ph.D., has spent 30 years studying bacteria as something bad. But in recent years, he has come to see those same organisms as highly beneficial, and even necessary. His book, Let Them Eat Dirt (co-written with Marie-Claire Arrieta, Ph.D.) explains that the microbes that live in our bodies influence childhood development and how an imbalance in those microbes can lead to obesity, diabetes, asthma, autism, and reactions to vaccines, among other chronic conditions. He describes how natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and solid foods influence children’s microbiota and offers practical advice about sterilizing food implements for babies, the use of antibiotics, and pet ownership. William Sears (The Baby Book) calls the book, “A must-read for parents, teachers and any healthcare provider for children.” Finlay will share the latest research about the human microbiome and its critical link to the health and well-being of our children."
         [Note: This may come as a great eye-opener to many, and indeed the information is extremely valuable, possibly life-saving for many. Yet, while it is about "new discoveries" - the naturopathic health care practitioners have been talking and warning about these things, with backing by scientific research as well as experience, *long* before I began studying nutrition (in the 80's). Referring to scientific findings *not* funded by the pharmaceutical industry. But now we can appreciate that this understanding about immune health AND scientific validation is becoming newsworthy, which may precede popular acceptance, thence application. Note also the research as related to the bio-communications and immune systems of plants (a few ref-links are just just below), as these research finds are highly related to, if not precedent to, the more recent scientific findings (more conventional, with allopathic medicine's reluctant consent). Which led to the more recent warnings about overuse of antibiotics - As it took 100 years for allopathic medicine to grant validity to the 5000 year old successful practice of acupuncture. And eventually, the same will be granted to Five Element Theory and the use of Chinese herbs, from which so much of the Western pharmacopeia was derived anyway. Albeit which was then synthesized, thus destroying the natural relationship between the "medicine" and the cells, thence the side-effects and damage they cause for so many. Hence the WHOLISTIC approach of this page and of this web site, ChaliceBridge.Com, which *does* acknowledge that for some, some allopathic medicines are necessary (at least for a time and/or in certain circumstances, etc), but that appropriate preventative maintenance is just that, and generally requires a minimum if any conventional medications 99% of the time. Or rather, that used to be so before we created the now common addictions to such drugs. ~Chris Pringer]

    "Urgent evidence proves that your gut bacteria affects mental health" "A new study published in Psychopharmacology suggests that fostering the growth of helpful bacteria helps modulate how we process information and could perhaps help ease anxiety and depression. “prebiotics,” [are] ingestible fibers that help augment the growth of our beneficial indigenous microbiotia... Compared with the control group, people who took prebiotics tended to pay more attention to positive information, and their salivary cortisol awakening response was significantly lower. The findings suggest that those in the prebiotic group have "less anxiety about negative or threatening stimuli. ..."
          From the source article: "Researchers aren't sure exactly how changes in gut bacteria might affect the brain..." [My Comment and quotes at facebook, 7/3/15 :] Well, what about endorphins from better digestion, from a more alkaline system, therefore more elimination of toxins, therefore a more clear brain??? [How about] Endorphins (like from meditation, smiling, laughing, sex...) "replacing" cortisol (the adrenal rush that leads athletes to ignore pain signals -- until they [the athletes] break, that is). Source article continues: "...Some researchers suspect that the vagus nerve — which conveys sensory information from the gut to the brain — plays a role. Gut bacteria may also affect the immune system, which could, in turn, influence the brain, Burnet said." Well, same [goes] for the immune system in terms of alkalinizing the blood - providing for improved lymphatic processing and elimination... Ahem... ACID / ALKALINE BALANCE, ENDORPHINS... But I like that they've got as far as they have on this. [Referring again to the naturopathic oriented practitioners teaching this in the West for over a hundred years, not to mention the practical applications of techniques for same for thousands of years in the East.] Related: "Gut Feeling? Probiotics May Ease Anxiety and Depression" - "The community of microbes in your gut not only affect..."

    "The Hidden Half Of Nature - The Microbial Roots Of Life", book by David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé examine microbes and their amazing contribution to life processes, both in nature and in our bodies. "The authors rediscovered the critical importance of microbiotic relationships and the promise they hold for restoring depleted soils." Extremely important and timely information for health (think "immune system" not to mention "digestion"), long-term, for individuals and and the planet. Facebook Page [Ref: public radio, 11/18/15]
         Related:     The Good Gut [at Facebook];     Mushroom Nutrition: Discover Outstanding Fungal Benefits Infographic (supplement charts); Powerful Immune Secret (a source of supplements as well as research resources); Scientists Urge National Initiative on Microbes And Microbiomes to better understand the microbial communities that are essential to humans.
         Related (#2):     "Trees, Communications, Family-Connection & Psycho-Neuro-Immunity - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health" by Chris Pringer, Oct 25, 2016 at Linked-In. Equivalent at Fb. These articles were "assembled" after hearing a scientist state (in that Public Radio report [9/18/16]) talking about a 30 year trend of changes related to the survival of trees. A big part of the "assembly" were the *many* scientific research references (across four to six disciplines of science) added to back up each of the "claims" that the article makes, many of which I'm sure will have your jaw dropping. [Thank you, ~Chris]

         Related (#3):     Paul Stamets - How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply (video) In this 6th Age of Extinctions, the biosphere’s life-support systems that have allowed humans to ascend are collapsing. World-renown, visionary mycological researcher/inventor Paul Stamets illuminates how fungi, particularly mushrooms, offer uniquely powerful, practical solutions we can implement now to boost the biosphere’s immune system and equip us with benign breakthrough mycotechnologies to accelerate the transition to a restored world.  
Paul Stamets - How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply

On Growing Your Own Healthfully:
      Healing the Land and Ourselves One Meal at a Time,     Metrofarm Community - Urban Farming Guide to Growing for Profit In or Near the City,     Doctor Builds "Farmacy" to Treat Diseases Healthy Food Pharmaceuticals - after 25 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Robert Weiss sold his practice to combat diseases with whole foods.

    About "Fed Up" From Rotten Tomatoes .Com "For the past 30 years, everything we thought we knew about food and exercise is dead wrong..." Directed By: Stephanie Soechtig; Written By: Mark Monroe, Stephanie Soechtig. || A mix of excerpts from the search page: The [filmed] "documentary investigation into why people are getting fatter, the filmmakers explore who’s killing our health ...looks at obesity and politics ...Descends on Villains in the Battle [because] ...the obesity rate in America has skyrocketed over the past few decades, especially among children...". (More Reviews included in sidebar in 1st section this page)

    "Cooked" the book by Michael Pollard - In the interview I heard on public radio, Pollard Pollard gives valuable updates for everyday diet and nutrition while not pulling any punches upon the food industry, including large farms, ranches, and the industries that increasingly support - or profit greatly from supplying - them. I thought Pollard put together one of the best all-round summaries of how we've pretty much messed up our dietary health protocols. That is, by over-reacting to multi-various claims and fads, how the food industry has played upon and into that process, and particularly so in the *processing* of foods. AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, he greatly simplifies HOW we might bring things BACK to dietary sanity. That simplification - and clarification - including about notions and medical/ dietary protocols - and myths - is related by Pollard to allergies (including to gluten), carbohydrates, fats, meats and other proteins, organic foods, etc, and how the economically disadvantaged can (often already do) eat healthfully. I haven't read the book, but I'm wondering if he includes a chapter on "placebo effect" and our immune system response, individually and communally, over the years of our increased industrialization of food and medicine. Not just how all that is processed (in any way you want to interpret that phrase), but also in how all that is sold. -Chris Pringer, 5/15/14

    ChBullet   Gary Taubes: 'Why We Get Fat,' Part I and Part II: KUOW radio interview (Feb 2012). In his new book, "Why We Get Fat" science writer and health journalist Gary Taubes says eating less and exercising more will not necessarily make you lose weight and that much of the good nutritional science is being ignored. About carbs (including REFINED grains) and sugar in the diet, and resulting Insulin Resistance Syndrome. "Good Calories, Bad Calories" is about removing specific carbohydrates, problems with fuel partitioning, leading to less fat to burn, more fat to store. "Sedentary lifestyle is not a cause of weight gain, but an effect." Taubes says his book is NOT about "the healthiest diet" or vegetarian vrs meat diet, that "ANY diet will be improved by removing the *specific* carbs"; includes a special section for Obese and diebetic clients, although this is only one extreme group. Too much (what is now "normal") REFINED grains and sugar in the diet results in Insulin Resistance Syndrome. There has been a 900% increase in diabetes in the last 50 years - if that were called a crime, the legal finger would immediately and accurately be pointed at "sugar." Taubs says the correctly (vs politically) performed research for artificial sweeteners would likely vindicate them. Discuses the politics of sugar research and (vs) saturated fat and cholesterol (with the later given very biased research). Gary Taubes is a contributing correspondent for Science magazine. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, and The Best of the Best American Science Writing.

    Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé was a key influence as began my natural health path in 1979! It's technical value is all about Protein - how to get the most from it, particularly in a vegetarian diet. (Updated as regards the amount of time between intake of protein-building nutritional components.) The 20th Anniversary Edition includes * simple rules for a healthy diet * Streamlined, easy-to-use format * Food combinations that make delicious, protein-rich meals without meat * Indispensable kitchen hints—a comprehensive reference guide for planning and preparing meals. This new version is streamlined & easy-to-use, with delicious food combinations of protein-rich meals without meat, hundreds of wonderful recipes, and much more. "Sharing her personal evolution and how this groundbreaking book changed her own life, world-renowned food expert Frances Moore Lappé offers an all-new, even more fascinating philosophy on changing yourself—and the world—by changing the way you eat." This edition is still consistent with the love-based wholistic worldview she teaches and which is so needed right now, including via the Small Planet Institute, co-founded with (daughter) Anna Lappé. Other Books by Frances Moore Lappé include Hope's Edge - The Next Diet for a Small Planet.

    "M.D.'s Wellness Journal": via 1-800-211-7657: Abundant Nutritional Information from Dr. Julian Whitaker M.D. -- you can ask for the free mailout introductory promotion/news, which gives an incredible amount of useful information for the nutritionally uninformed. Or just go for a "Health & Healing" Newsletter subscription ($40/yr) with all the free reports (which reports cover what most folks are complaining about anyway).

    "Catalog for Healthy Eating" For Bulk foods of the purest quality, like good-tasting (!) varieties of TVP (soy-based) and Seitan (concentrated protein from grains), dairy substitutes, healthy sweeteners, granolas. Also Organic baking supplies, cookbooks, and other goodies, including environment cleaning products. These are also folks one likes giving money too -- feeding people who work for a living. They have both 800# and website: 1-800-695-2241,

    "Coffee - Keys to Maximizing Potential" - If You're Gonna Do Coffee... all health considerations considered... HINTs: Worst troubles with coffee, especially of the "Hi-Octane" variety, are related to a) use with sugar (of any kind); b) prolonged "hi-octane" caffeine can wear out the adrenals (how soon depending on personal comstitution, other factors) unless they are also tonified (ie: with use of herbs for that purpose) and sufficient levels of B-Complex vitamins. c) Coffee Acidifies the GI tract - when taken with food, including milk. (And as for milk or cream, calcium 'ties up' caffeine). The Hows, whys, and implications of all that are what the writing was originally about. It's been updated Oct'06 with (then new) important myth-busting findings) and May'14 with section, "Energizing Your Coffee. (TEXT file; title was "The Eleven Keys to Coffee Potential Maximization").  
Coffee at Work, photo by Chris Pringer, 2016


Section II: More Naturopathic Health & Related Links

    Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A comprehensive Self-Help Guide, by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C. A Practical A-Z reference to drug-free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs & food supplements.

    Prescription Alternatives by Earl L. Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D and Virginia Hopkins, M.A.. Written by a pharmacist and medical doctor, A Practical A-Z reference to drug-free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs & food supplements. An easy-to-use, immediate reference for all the information you need about how medications affect your body, what you can do to counteract imbalances, and what alternative treatments work best. Includes 4 pages of Recommended Reading & Resources; Over 500 Chapter References; 16 page index (small print). [4th Edition, July 22, 2009, McGraw-Hill; 448 pages; ISBN-10: 0071600310; ISBN-13: 978-0071600316; Average Amazon Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars with 72 customer reviews- 5/29/18]
         Chapter titles include: Changing the Pill-Popping Mind-Set; How to Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse; Drug Interactions and How Your Body Processes Drugs; How Drugs Interact with Food, Drink, and Supplements; How Drugs Interact with Other Drugs; How to Read Drug Labels and Information Inserts; Surgery, Drugs, and Nutrition; Minimizing the Damage and Maximizing Your Recovery; How to Avoid Medical Errors in the Hospital; Six Core Principles for Optimal Health;   All the other chapter titles read like "Drugs for [_____] and Their Natural Alternatives" and include chapters for: Antibiotics, Antifungals; Impotence; Heart Disease; Osteoporosis; Synthetic Hormones; the Digestive Tract; Eye Diseases; Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; Cold, Cough, Asthma, and Allergy; Pain Relief; Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression; Diabetes, Obesity; the Prostate; Herpes;

    What You Must Know About Allergy Relief - How to Overcome the Allergies You Have & Find the Hidden Allergies That Make You Sick by Earl Mindell, Square One Publishers [2016], Garden City Park, NY; ISBN: 9780757004377 0757004377 -- When most people have allergies, they know it. Symptoms come quickly and can range from mild reactions like sneezing and itching to severe, often debilitating effects like anaphylaxis. Written by a pharmacist and medical doctor, it provides important answers to the most common questions about allergies--what causes them, how they can affect your health, and most important, what you can do to overcome them. Written in a clear, reader-friendly style, this book is divided into three parts. Part One presents an overview of the causes of allergic conditions as well as their most effective treatment methods--both conventional and alternative. It also addresses the growing epidemic of food and environmental allergies, especially among children. Part Two offers sound advice and practical tips for dealing with asthma, skin conditions, and other allergic reactions both at home and in the workplace. It provides helpful tips for allergy-proofing your home, minimizing allergic reactions to pets, and knowing how best to prepare when traveling. In Part Three, the authors provide a comprehensive guide to anti-allergy medications, supplements, and other treatment options. [Review by Seattle Library]

    Visit Integrative Medical Arts Group/IBIS: Integrative Medicine, Natural Health and Alternative Therapies; IBIS Medical Software: Interactive BodyMind Information System. Learn more about IBIS -the Interactive BodyMind Information System and Alt*HealthWatch CD-ROM with full-text journals, articles and more (at

    ChBullet   Many great new titles are listed and described at "Natural Practitioner - The Business Magazine for Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Healthcare Profesionals"

    Sequential Healing Health Services (SHHS) What Is Sequential Healing Health Services (Shhs)? SHHS is a group dedicated to teaching a healing model that can be used to bring about restoration of function to vital systems. This teaching is done through the distribution of educational material. These teachings may be used to instruct individuals in how to increase their level of overall health and wellness. Currently SHHS makes educational material available on the World Wide Web at

    General Wellness Regimen "Wellness Wheel" via Vitamin Herb University .Com's

    Whole Health MD .Com: Great all-round medical resource site, including general and specific information on prescription medicines as well as natural approaches ( vitamins, herbs, alternative approaches, etc). Their page for "Helpful Supplements for Back Pain" is at,1513,7,00.html

    Alternative Healing of Rhode Island - Much valuable information for the novice and many great links.

    ADD: Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorders by Lawrence Wilson, MD. Includes sections: Mineral And Vitamin Deficiencies, Toxic Metals, Hypoglycemia And Behavior, The Yeast Connection, Central Nervous System Allergies, Stimulants In The Diet, Born Sick, Medication And Vaccines, Fast Metabolism And ADD, Improved Grades Without Sugar, What To Do?, Environmental Correction, Other Natural Therapies, What About Ritalin?, Crime And Delinquency, Conclusion, Brief References. [Thumblink at right is for a different source on a separate though related topic.]

Glutin & Gut Issues- Article at Ben Greenfield.Com

    IPhone App, "Cures A-Z" (book) by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, recognized authority on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia, director of Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers nationally, does phone consultiaons with CFS/finbromyagial patients worldwide. Also Author of best selling book, "From Fatigued to Fantastic!" (3rd revised edition, Avery/Penguin Group) and books, "Pain Free 1-2-3 -- A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now" (McGraw-Hill, and "Beat Sugar Addiction NOW!" (Fairwinds Press; 2010). Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including "Good Morning America", CNN, Fox News Channel, the *Dr. Oz Show* and "Opra & Friends". [from "Natural Practitioner" Magazine]

    ChBullet   Dr. Christiane Northrup MD, ObGyn -- Author of various books with the most progressive and intelligent attitudes about aging that I know of. Her presentations are often hosted on public tv. "A fantastic Site for Women's Health Information", said Patty Mulhern, RN (see sidebar), a group facilitator and mentor who taught classes throughout the NW, not to mention a living example of enthusiasm, patience, compassion, and joy, and who I am most fortunate and honored to say, was also a most dear friend of many years. Patty also thought very highly of the Heartmath Institute & "What The Bleep" (for which descriptive links follow).

    ChBullet   HeartMath Institute
          "We have a tremendous body of research here at the Institute on the heart and its influence. The fact that electrical energy produced by the heart is 60 times stronger than that of the brain is not our research; that is known by anybody involved in the biophysics field. What we've been able to show is that yes, that's true, and that frequency is being received by every single cell in the body. And the frequency content of the heart's electrical energy emission changes relative to our perceptions, how we're taking in what we're taking in. So certain heart-based types of qualities like care, appreciation or love that have often just been associated metaphorically with the heart really do produce dramatic changes in the electrical energy output of the heart when people are perceiving/receiving from a place of care or appreciation. And in turn, our research shows that when that electrical energy changes, it goes to what's called 'coherent frequency patterns'. We're able to correlate that to changes in the immune system and changes in hormonal balance. And we also see changes in perception and intelligence. There's a lot more to what the heart is doing than people realize. It's not just a blood pump." Various publications and workshops (corporate and otherwise) are available. Enjoy the IHM Research Papers, Abstracts, and Reports (at This is truly leading edge stuff. -cp
          Heartmath .Org's "De-Stress Kit" (new Fall '08) provides much for initiating healing on the personal level, with great potential for assisting development of inner stillness and clarity. Such benefits can certainly, even naturally, expand to most every communal context. I consider their kit a valuable, perhaps essential, part of the "Bleep Tool Kit" (see next paragraph) - as I would any system(s) that does the same for an individual, actually. In you want to get really serious about such a tool kit, I would suggest integrating Chi-Gung, yoga, and a well-formed 'power-of-spoken-word' system with all the above. [Please note: as far as I know, there is no formal relationship between HeartMath.Org and WhatTheBleep.Com; I am associating them by common function - tools for conscious personal & world change. -cp]

    ChBullet   "What the Bleep Do We Know - Down the Rabbit Hole":
          "The original 'What The Bleep Do We Know' was made for a theatrical experience of under two hours. With these new expanded versions [in 'Down the Rabbit Hole'], the filmmakers were finally able to include all the topics as originally intended. The completed picture presents all the elements that are intrinsic to the worldview put forth in BLEEP. Topics such as Quantum Entanglement, the Double Slit Experiment, Healing and the Cell, the split and re-unification of spirit and science - all are addressed in the detail required to tell the story. The scientists make up quite the impressive list. Thier DVD is also one great means of learning about and enhancing your neuroplasticity, with the brain essentially being a tool kit that we each have opportunities to develop and enhance, even repair - from within.
          IMHO, this production offers ground breaking implications... Because the most difficult thing for any human to do is break a habit, whether physical, emotional, or mental. And that is exactly the potential of what I call the "Bleep Tool Kit": the capability to break habits on every level, whether personal or interpersonal, community or inter-community, and whether just conceived or fully manifested. All that (and the creation of our tool kits therewith) depends on the investment of time and application of principle. I recommend interested people buy the DVD (renting it is also easy), enjoy it once through (will take a number of hours so figure on a two or three sittings), and after that just let it play as you do whatever you do in the house. It's inspiring, uplifting, and fun. Some of the segments are heady, but so long as your brain is a tool designed to work better the more you exercise it, why not give it a workout! (And a new web page is being compiled on that very topic.)

Mirrored from the December 2009 Newsletter
of the UW School of Nursing

Patricia Mulhern
Patricia Mulhern

          UW School of Nursing alumna Patricia (Patty) Mulhern passed away after a brief illness on Nov. 3, 2009.  Patty received her bachelor's in nursing from Marquette University in 1969.  After working in various nursing roles over the next 11 years, she earned her master's in nursing science from the University of Washington in 1981.  Subsequent to completing her degree at UW, Patty's nursing career continued with Visiting Nurse Services of the Northwest (VNSNW).  After working for 27 years at VNSNW, she retired as vice president of Patient Services. Patty went on to begin her own consulting firm, most recently working as director of professional affairs for the Home Care Association of WA (HCAW).

            Patty's commitment to home and hospice care led her to engagement with many local agencies.  She participated in practitioner and academic conferences, published various professional articles and held a clinical faculty position in the SoN. Patty was an active member on several boards and organizations including the Oncology Nursing Society, Rosehedge Foundation, the UW School of Nursing's Practice Advisory Board and Seattle Pacific University's Nursing Advisory Board. Most recently, she was deeply involved with the Harmony Hill Retreat Center, both as house mother for cancer retreats and faculty for professional workshops.

      Patty's passion for nursing continued throughout her life.  She will be remembered fondly by friends and family for her warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm.

            A celebration of Patty's life was held Dec. 6 at Shilshole Bay Beach Club. Donations to Patty's memory can be made to Harmony Hill Retreat Center, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, or the UW School of Nursing.

Patricia Mulhern, photography by Chris Pringer
Patricia Mulhern

    The HeartMath Solution: Discover how you can immediately lower stress hormones, raise anti-aging DHEA hormone levels, improve your heart rate for maximum longevity, maintain emotional clarity in the midst of chaos, achieve peak mental and intuitive performance. Written by Doc Childre and Howard Martin with Donna Beech at The Institute of HeartMath, it gets rave reviews by such as Deepak Chopra, MD, Gary Zukav, and Bruce Wilson, MD (former director, University of Pittsburgh Heart Institute). Practical applications derived from the newest research in bio-feedback and psycho-neuro-immunology. More at the weblink description below.

ChBullet   The Open Colleges Certificate in Iridology Iridologists believe that the eyes are windows through which they can gain a view of a patient's health and wellbeing. The course "provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts underlying iridology, its possibilities and its limitations. You will learn about the history of iridology, as well as the landmark iris signs and how they correspond to various conditions. A general introduction to the field of natural therapies is also provided." Other courses at Open Colleges include Aromatherapy as well.

A Table of Resources

The Natural Choice Directory of Seattle Journal of Naturopathic Medicine
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Michael Moore's Great Herbal Reference Site
Holistic Internet Community Resource Ask Dr. Weil
National Center for Wellness and Health Promotion, Michael Pizzi     Scientific Evidence Supporting Acupuncture & Meridian Therapies at AAABEM  
The Natural Health Registry General Complementary Medicine References 
Better Health & Medical Network (AOL) An Illustrated Guide to Muscles and Medical Massage Therapy
Alternative Healing of Rhode Island Kinetics Books (stretching, Muscle Therapies, etc)
ShareGuide (Alt Healing) Resources The Cows Are Vegetarians: "Do you have a Vegetarian Kid?"
Medline Plus at the National Institute of Health Holistic-Source.Com (Dr.R.Burns)

Women's Health Information

Whole Health MD .Com
Anodyne Training Center Pain Relief Systems Integrative Medical Arts & Integrative BodyMind Information System
Migraine-Arthritis-Stress pain Traditional Chinese Medicine Information System
World Research Foundation Mind-Body Connection and PNI (Psycho-neuro-immunology)
Well Being Journal - Taking charge of our Health AltMedBooks.Com - from Massage & Bodywork to Vibrational Healing.
Mannatech - Products for nutritional & healing FutureHealth.Org: "The Most informative Biofeedback site on the web."
Guide to Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health and Addiction (at Lakeview Health) How to Get Help (at MentalHealth.Gov)
Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator (at Health Insurance and Mental Health Services (at MentalHealth.Gov)
Medicare Plans by State (at Consumer Health Labs


Section III: Body-Mind &/Or Body-Memory Related

         Below: A chart adapted particularly for older athletes with too much chronic pain, who continue to reinjure themselves, increasingly as they age, as they still try to get that adrenaline running well or often enough to cover the pain. While the EARLY dynamics of adrenaline & cortisol were illustrated in the original chart, please consider the LATER dynamics, the more chronic dynamics, AND their reversal via healing methodologies. Which include some useful means of easing or preventing that chronic pain. Those include Tensing Yoga (page description further below). The physiology (and anatomy) of all this are discussed in the various articles at the Body-Mind Integration Essays page. Those (as specifically regards the adrenal element of chronic pain) include "Adrenaline & Athletes, Aging, & Chronic Muscle Pain". And more in-depth, and to some degree illustrated, in and via the article, "Adrenaline vs Endorphins ...Brain Activity, Sports ...Healthfully Extended Aging...".
         This Dr. F. Netter illustration was revised for this adaptation by Chris Pringer, 9'18

Related but not covered in the adrenal dynamics chart/notes is about SCAR TISSUE- covered in some depth at the Tensing Yoga page.

Boomer Notes: "According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of injury statistics, injuries to Americans in the 35- to 54-year-old age group are climbing much faster than the group's population... No. 4 on the ouch list behind only basketball, soccer and softball." -- Doug Freed in "Massage & Cycling A Winning Combination". And this, published 9/14/18: "Prevalence of Chronic Pain and High-Impact Chronic Pain Among Adults" — US, 2016

         Related but not covered in the adrenal dynamics chart/notes is about SCAR TISSUE- covered in some depth at the Tensing Yoga page. Also there is the note about the NEW information (including that regarding *stretching*), is not yet even acknowledged, let alone taught, by coaches, instructors, or even too many physical therapists, let alone doctors who mainly leave this up to the latter [per TED Talk reference, same page]. Considering the above [on that page], we could even say that EG: The currently normally taught systems of muscle/ connective tissue maintenance, including that of stretching has -I will even say, *inadvertently* for the most part, but substantially- contributed to the increased use of pain meds and all the recently confirmed results of that
(per the "Boomer Notes" reference above)

'The FIRST PHASE of ADRENALINE & CORTISOL dynamics set up in the musculature, that is, LONG BEFORE and leading to most actual muscle injuries, including ATHLETIC INJURIES leading many over 35 years old to complain of Old Athletic Injures & Chronic Muscle Pain. It's Never too late to how to Pay Attention, to learn Body-Awareness, Preventative Maintenance' - A Dr.F.Netter illustration revised for this adaptation by Chris Pringer, 9'18

    The "Body-Mind Nutrition" Page
       While the title essay includes considerations in and benefits of a transition in diet and nutrition, relating that to personal and spiritual growth, much (if not most) of the page includes sections backed up by relatively recent scientific research, including:
    ChaktiBullet-S   "More on this 'Natural Aging Process'" about possibly/ likely new potentials in aging without near so much disability and pain in the later stages; complementing that with research referenced articles,
    ChaktiBullet-S   "DNA Research, DNA Repair, and Neuroplasticity - Scientific Break-throughs with Wonderfully Validating Conclusions." To me, this implies that, given these scientifically established capabilities in neuroplasticity, including scientifically backed capabilities of the mind to effect enzymes, cellular metabolism, blood physiology (pH, enzyme processes, etc) within and around the cell matrix, we can facilitate communication among our own cells to use that same capacity to repair damages and thus heal our cells -- thus encouraging the kind of preventative maintenance that facilitates the science of true healing. And that medical authorities, as well as alternative healing practitioners, can now, with full scientific backing, teach people how to do this. And about
    ChaktiBullet-S   "The Immune System, Aging, and an Attitudinal Approach that May Improve It." As well as:
    ChaktiBullet-S   "Dietary Nutrition, Neuro-Endocrine Infrastructure, Neuroplasticity, and Aging" on relationship of nutrition and psycho-emotional environment during infancy and childhood upon key aspects of development of 'A Stable Platform for Perception', and the 'Psycho-emotional Infrastructure', it's maturation through adulthood, as well as upon the aging process. The neuroplasticity aspect relates well to the essay on proprioceptors, "Adrenaline vs Endorphins...", not to mention the relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise), covered at the "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page (described just below). Some debate with Barbara Ehrenreich in
    ChaktiBullet-S   "About the Immune System and The Aging Body - As a 'Battleground' ...Or As A Worthy Challenge."
    More on the eclectic side is  ChaktiBullet-S  "Blessing Nutrition" about how prayer and invocation work at the atomic & molecular levels (facilitating processes by re-aligning their structural & therefore magnetic/ionic arrangement) to facilitate the optimal nutrition of the food, as well as optimal digestion, assimilation, and integration of the nutrients and vital force provided by the food. Includes some sample invocations for context and application.

Regarding the direct relationship between
          a) the releasing of patterns of holding and movement that have been held in the musculature and other connective tissues in the body, and b) the re-interconnecting of inner resources on the physical, emotional, and mental levels of being,
    ChBullet   Two leaders in science as applied to healing are James L. Oschman, Ph.d. and Nora H. Oschman. They have published the book, *Readings on the Scientific Basis of Bodywork, Energetic, and Movement Therapies* - Excerpts and notes from that can be found here. They are the authors of "Somatic Recall, Part 1 - Soft tissue memory," which continues in "... Part 2 - Soft tissue holography,". A summarization of their findings may be enjoyed in their article, "How Healing Energy Works". Visit their web site at There are extensive scientific references for your in-depth curiosity via the above links. (And, by the way, this is very related to my own work and studies in fascia based body-memory; my Fascia-Memory page is listed in the author section below).     ChBullet   "Fibromyalgia - Theory with Examples" [Apr 2011] at the Fascia Memory Theory page - a cause and effect theory - about Fibromyalgia's possible "relationship to a perfuse scattering of waste products throughout the fine interstitial spaces among the cells of the muscle tissues, due to their being chronically held *contracted* and under-circulated, including trauma induced contractedness over a broad-area (including by being forcibly tickled in early childhood)..." (Maybe it's no accident that this came along shortly after the visualization chart at the page, "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" or "Bridging Prayer & Science", healing prayer techniques, visual prayer charts.)

    ChBullet   The "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page
Begins with title essay,  ChaktiBullet-S "Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process" about the HOW'S AND WHY'S Of Storage of Tension and Memory in the bodily tissues ("normal" and otherwise): When, how and why it is stored and released; communication between body and mind, benefits; proprioreceptors, personal growth, massage/bodywork, therapist's approach, etc. (Published In Massage Magazine, July-August 1992.)
        Additions to the page since that article went on line:  ChaktiBullet-S "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (in the reference section), as well as over 12 full-length addendum essays. These essays complete the context, while further clarify the dynamics and processes involved for *common sense* preventative maintenance application, including self-help level emotional processing. They include  ChaktiBullet-S "Muscle Q & A" (a kind of overview of the mind-body aspect),
 ChaktiBullet-S "Adrenaline & Athletes, Aging, & Chronic Muscle Pain" & older multi-injury former athletes (and more indepth in)
 ChaktiBullet-S "Adrenaline vs Endorphins ...Sports, Brain Activity, Muscles and Tendons, and Healthfully Extended Aging..." with a flow chart briefly illustrating the interfaces of the Proprio-Neuro Fascia-Muscular, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Systems, Connective Tissue Cells, as well as the Inner Child & Related Aspects;  ChaktiBullet-S "Body Awareness and Communications, as Related to Body-Memory and Integration", and  ChaktiBullet-S "Cell Talk" - on how & why Learning to listen to this "Body-Mind", and building a healing relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise), is the most highly efficient path for preventative health maintenance and much more;  ChaktiBullet-S "Sticky Muscles" and Sticky-(E)motions! [About Adhesions & Cellular Emotional Memory ];  ChaktiBullet-S "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship" and A little more about "the brain as a tool kit"; and Reviews & commentary for articles on Massage, Alternative Therapies, & Pain, incl.  ChaktiBullet-S "Study: Massages really can make pain go away" & Sept 2011 Consumer Report. There is a Related References section, artwork, charts, & quotes throughout the page. [Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the phenomenon of body memory: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy, body-mind split, mind-body split]. Finally,  ChaktiBullet-S "Insight Please" relates Chinese Five Element Theory to body-mind concepts.

Chart ofLowBackExercises-Part2.gif
"Low-Intensity Low-Back Exercises"
(with illustrated charts) for Use with Tensing Yoga

Chart of Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context, Thumbnail Oct'11
"Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart"
(Oct 2011)
at the Organization Chart page. This chart compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects, as well as links to their respective essays or sections. Addressing the relationships among these aspects is what make this site unique.

"The science behind the body-mind relationships"
at the "Body-Mind Integration" page

    ChBullet   "Tensing Yoga" and other Self-Applications
          For Self-Healing, Body-Mind Awareness, & Preventative Maintenance (rev. 7/02, ..7'13).
Technique is explained for context and self-application. TY is about specific applications for chronic muscle pain, related injuries, without need to learn asanas (poses). However, TY may be used to get into positions quicker, easier, and without injury. All of which is critically related to healing or preventing injury. TY could be considered an optimized form of self-applied, neuro-muscular re-education, reinforced with a body-mind connectivity that insures a more comprehensive and long-term response (High Preventative Maintenance Gains). Page sections include: those with emphasis on Tension Range per the *Work/Rest Ratio*, the most ideal ratio would be created from developing an Optimal Working Tension and an Optimal Resting Tension and an Optimal Proprioceptor Function based working relationship between these two dynamics, resulting in Optimal Muscle Energy Efficiency. And that through individual muscle focus, teamwork/ "edgework", and learn that as we interface with our cells in the way that TY leads us to do. And we can directly, and naturally engage that capacity for neuroplasticity - for re-organization of the brain and other neural networks (including proprioceptors in muscles) - especially when we include all elements of the approach, including focus, attitude, and rapport with the cells [as covered on the page]. Also on the page: "Low-Intensity Low-Back Exercises" Chart and "Before Rising..." instructions, a fun "Exercise for Illustrating Tension Range...", as well as a "Breathing Ratio Chart" - method & application. Sub-topics including the extremely common myths about *Muscle Stretching* (leaving out focus on the nature and mechanism(s) of *tensing*), a number of yoga ref-links for specific ailments/conditions as well as for selecting the right form of yoga for you, and about a "Muscle Madness" game!? "Origins of Tensing Yoga & Related Ref's from More *Traditional Yoga*" include my own self-healing story.

    ChBullet   QUESTION About Inversion / Traction:
          What would result from just the right combination of a) focus on the points (ie: Optimal *Work/Rest Ratio*) noted above for the "Tensing Yoga" page, & the resulting highly elevated body-awareness in b) applying just the right amount of traction for your muscles (considering that amount may change for any given hour of any given day) via an inversion device appropriate for your individual needs, in cases of chronic muscle spasm, injury & re-injury situations, including disk damage ? As for part b): "Using your inversion table - Suggestions for Getting Started" at Energy Center .Com includes LOTS of resources for more information about the devices themselves, for efficient as well as safe application, as well as great instruction for preventative maintenance, including related nutrition, etc.

    ChBullet   Mind-Body Relationships: childhood trauma and a number of chronic illnesses at YourEmotionalType.Com: Recent evidence points up the decisive nature of these relationships. This page details links to articles about Bowel Disorder, Pain Regulation & Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Frequent Headache, Chronic Fatigue, CFS; "The precise mechanisms differ according to the way feelings operate within us. Thus, boundary type is predictive of which of the Dozen Discomforts you’re prone to. In only one case – depression – is boundary type not a factor. Anyone can become depressed. The whys and wherefores, though, can teach us a lot about how feelings work." Michael Jawer (bio notes below), and Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD, a national leader in the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), is adjunct professor of physiology and biophysics at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. He was the founding editor-in-chief of the first U.S. journal on the subject of CAM (in 1994), and he organized and edited the first U.S. textbook, Fundamentals of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, now in its fourth edition.

    ChBullet   "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" - At three pages (!) each having their own particular areas of focus, with only as much overlapping as needed, including as related to coping mechanisms, as well as to working with *the Inner Child.* At the "Body-Mind Integration" page this assembly of resources are in the "Notes on Practical Application Of Gestalt Techniques in Emotional Release", and is the version more applicable for most any "issue", yet also tied in more closely with the somatic aspects (muscle and joint injuries and related conditions). At the "Efficient Body Sizing Strategies, Weight Management, Weight Loss" page, the focus is as per the title description. And the more eclectic version is at the page, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs".

    ChBullet   "The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion" at EmotionGateway.Com "weaves the latest findings on health, emotions, neurobiology, and immunology into a bold explanation of extraordinary forms of sensitivity Emotion is the integrator of body and mind, the core of our sentience and our humanity." By Michael A. Jawer of Emotion Gateway .Com, an emotion researcher and writer based in Washington, DC, has been investigating the mind-body basis of personality and health for 15 years. His interest was kindled by his investigation of indoor air quality/sick building issues in the 1990s. Jawer’s articles and papers have appeared in Noetic Now, Spirituality & Health, Explore: The Journal of Journal of Science and Healing, and Science & Consciousness Review. He has spoken before the American Psychological Association and been interviewed by Psychology Today and Advances in Mind-Body Medicine. His previous book, The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion (written with Marc Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. and with a foreword by Larry Dossey, M.D.) was published in 2009 by Park Street. Many more ref-links at the "Links" page for "Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion" website.

    ChBullet   "Understanding the Pattern Triad and The Body Pattern Assessment"
Mind-Body Relationships, (from) coping mechanisms, (to) skills, (to) gifts through challenges on one's Life Path. This page is about how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by the body's holding and movement patterns. Includes (Rev'd & New Sections, 12/27/09) "Notes on Mind-Body Correlations - Source-References, Organization of *Body Memory,* and 'WHAT I DO' ". I provide an explaination for a system of assessments and mind-body correlations -- learned and integrated from/for my work with others as well as for my own life process. Other sections include excerpts from "Body Memory and ... Learning Life Lessons." About aspects to be discovered, emotionally cleared, and then employed as mental/emotional assets and guidance towards determining and accomplishing life goals. Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same phenomenon: fascia memory, somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy.

    Body-Mind Integration Home Page - for the site where this page is. Essays & Poetry on Mind-Body-Spirit Integration, Integrative Awareness, Psycho-Spiritual Self-Healing - including "Body-Parenting" the emotional body with the mystical insights of the Inner Children; practical Preventative Maintenance Methods for various levels (Mind, Emotion, Body, grounding Spirit into ALL of that); Beliefs, Motivatation, Consciousness; Integrating Buddhist, Gestalt, & New Thought psychologies for consistent application toward understanding, ie: for such attributes and attitudes as related to the above, including compassion, empathy, abundance, attachment, emotional awareness, expression, pain, communication, healing, etc.

In the wholistic or therapeutic sense, integration implies that the information or skills (whether of the past, the good, the bad, remembered or forgotten) are re-organized and then learned from, in such a healthfully complete or "Integral" way (*Love-Wisdom* in application), that it is understood and used for the highest good. This transforms the most destructive material- that which has been repressed or denied.

ChBullet   The Fascia-Memory Project

What would actually change our health-care system the most?

          How about a means of diagnosis that takes so many aspects of a person into account, that it creates a capacity for designing a truly healing program for most any patient? Nice dream you say. How could a diagnostic system be that accurate for so many conditions? What would enable our medical system to consider, so surely and comprehensively to so much greater depth and context, the many processes for the many different kinds of individuals, than we do now? Well, of course, such questions indicate a healthy skepticism. But let's dream just a bit more, but this time, from outside the box, as they say:

         What if there were a system of assessment that would bring together the great many disciplines of health-care - particularly including Eastern, Naturopathic, and even the many among the Western - and to a degree of collaboration that was far beyond what we've ever seen before? In case you don't know, such collaboration is currently not a reality to any meaningful extent, certainly for most health conditions. Particularly between those focusing on the body, and those focusing on the mind, not to mention the relative few focusing on the connection between the two. Bottom Line: When enough people become sufficiently motivated to know the degree to which individuals can heal themselves and each other through body-awareness-based preventative maintenance, then the research will be funded and implemented.

         The Fascia-Memory Project is about research and development into the relationships among connective tissue (fascia), objective/subjective experience, the neuro-physical interface between emotion, and the brain, and "body-Memory." About developing connective tissue scanning devices and diagnostics hardware for discerning and illustrating all that. Goals include the developing optimal means for applying that R&D in health care practice, as well as enhanced systems for individual development of body-awareness for preventative health maintenance. A long term project, of course, but intermediate goals and sub-projects could have considerable effective change. The range of application extends from the medical industry to personal home use, to public education, to social and correctional rehabilitation. Original Theory published June'96.

          The project's web site includes pages for Intro & Summary (with a detailed table of contents with links to the other pages - Description & Purpose, Goals & Objectives, Research & Development, Theory, References & Links [extensive], Project Overview Chart, Project Flow Chart ( "Pert" style output by 'MS Project' ), and links to accompanying documents at this site. For context and perspective on this far-reaching multi-faceted proposal, see (page 8) the Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart.

Fascia Memory Project

Feedback Systems Interfaces (Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion, Fascia-Muscular) in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory ChartS by Chris Pringer 2'12,12'13- Thumb
"Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion Fascia-Muscular Feedback Systems Interfaces in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory" Chart at Fascia Memory Theory Page

F.M. Project Overview Chart

F.M. Project (Pert) Flow Chart

Regarding the degree of potential impact of soft tissue therapies:

         "Very few people understand that the Myopathic Spinal Lesion - inflammation in the spinal muscles, joints, and nerves, is the Chief Cause of visceral disease - disease of the internal organs of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis... Most diseases in most organs are inflammations. ... inflammations are caused chiefly by impaired blood and nerve supply, which predisposes to infection. ... The impaired blood supply is caused by muscle hyper-tension from strain, which either presses on blood vessels or irritates the nerves which control the blood vessels. The regular medical profession has no regard for this principle in the diagnosis or treatment of disease, yet, it is the most important factor."
        -- Dr. Claude Clarence Heckman, D.O. (Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon, Held positions of Director, Program of Intern Training, Madison Street Hospital, and President, King County Osteopathic Society, Seattle, WA)

the 3 Gates by Cheng Yin Liu (1886)

The Three Gates by Chen Yin Liu (1886)
[arrows indicate "Jade Pillow", "Narrow Vertebrae", and "Coccyx" gates.] From "The Physiology of the Three Gates in the Process of Energetic Development" by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD*; published in "Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness", 2004. 14 (2):34-39. This article and others are available via the Article Links page at the Yi Ren Qigong website.
Yi Ren Medical Qigong:

          I offer instruction for this methodology of self-treatment as of October 2010. While I am as yet a novice, there are some valuable things I have learned and can share. That will grow over time. Meanwhile and in any case, please take advantage of the links to the web site created by the Yi Ren system founder and instructor, Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD.
         [All statements quoted in this section are by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD via the Yi-Ren Qigong web site:] "Qigong is the traditional practice of Chinese energy medicine combining various methods of breathing, movement, and meditation. It has been practiced with documented results in China for thousands of years for the prevention and treatment of illnesses. Qigong is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It works with Qi or 'vital energy' which is one of the key components of healing. Qigong has many different styles and types. The type of Qigong we offer at Yi Ren Qigong Center is called 'Yi Ren Medical Qigong (YRMQ).' YRMQ is not in conflict with any existing medical protocols; instead, it promotes one's existing medical programs and/or treatment."
         Why I enjoy this approach and manner of treatment is explained via "Guiding Principle # 4: Assist Individuals to Identify and Treat the Root Cause of Their Health Condition. Illnesses do not occur spontaneously. Symptoms are not the causes of diseases but expressions of the body's internal miscommunications. Causes may occur on many levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To accurately identify and treat the root cause of diseases with Yi Ren Medical Qigong, there are specific practice routines which can help individuals recover completely. Yi Ren Medical Qigong practice increases both the therapists/practitioners' levels of awareness , assists individuals in identifying the fundamental underlying causes of dis-ease on all levels, and encourages practitioners to work on the root causes rather than symptoms."
               Yi Ren Medical Qigong consists of two types of Qigong training:
         1) "Intrinsic Medical Qigong (IMQ): IMQ includes fundamental Qi activation, cultivation, balance, and circulation as well as disease-specific Qigong exercises for self-healing. Benefits of daily Intrinsic Qigong practice: * Increased levels of awareness of internal energy conditions * Effectively Cope with stresses or energy imbalances * Improve treatment outcomes by strengthening self-efficacy * Enhance one's creativity, emotional and spiritual well-being * Balance and enhance practitioners' own internal energy conditions in order to maintain good health and to improve personal performance.
         2) "Extrinsic Medical Qigong (EMQ): EMQ is also called “External Qi healing,” which is specially designed for practitioners to aid the healing of patients and clients. With External Medical Qigong, practitioners can * Perform diagnosis using Qigong methods * Provide diseases-specific self-care Qigong exercises to their patients * Help patients release unhealthy energies from their bodies * Balance and enhance practitioners' own internal energy conditions in order to transmit healing energy to patients." [Note: I am not qualified to do diagnosis; I plan to increase my ability to provide the other noted skills/services over time -cp]
         Why I enjoy this approach and manner of treatment is explained via Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun's "Guiding Principle # 4: Assist Individuals to Identify and Treat the Root Cause of Their Health Condition. Illnesses do not occur spontaneously. Symptoms are not the causes of diseases but expressions of the body's internal miscommunications. Causes may occur on many levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To accurately identify and treat the root cause of diseases with Yi Ren Medical Qigong, there are specific practice routines which can help individuals recover completely. Yi Ren Medical Qigong practice increases both the therapists/practitioners' levels of awareness, assists individuals in identifying the fundamental underlying causes of dis-ease on all levels, and encourages practitioners to work on the root causes rather than symptoms."
         Articles at the Yi Ren Qigong Center web site include "Guiding Principles of Yi Ren Qigong", "Introduction to Yi Ren Medical Qigong", "Qi Cultivation for Healing Chronic Illness", "The Art of Internal Observation", "The Physiology of the Three Gates". Featuring Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD., Founder of the Institute of Qigong & Internal Alternative Medicine. Dr. Sun is currently engaged in mind-body medicine and energy medicine research at Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington. He is an expert in Qigong for Functional Pain (pain with no apparent organic causes).
         * Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, founder of the Institute of Qigong & Internal Alternative Medicine, is an expert in Qigong for Functional Pain. Dr. Sun earned his Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan in 1993, and was awarded a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. From 1994-1997 Dr. Sun conducted postdoctoral research in molecular endocrinology at the University of Washington. This research enriched his theory and practice of Qigong. His understanding of modern molecular genetics and scientific principles, as well as his experience with internal cultivation, allowed him to create a unique bridge between cultures. Dr. Sun has spent over 30 years refining his skills and has developed a new system of Qigong called “Yi Ren® Qigong.” He is currently engaged in mind-body medicine and energy medicine research at Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington. [Fall 2010]

    Tissue Memory, Chinese Research, and Qi-Gong devices: Since the early 90's(?), the CHI Institute (800-743-5608) has been investigating vital energy - the basis of acupuncture and other Chinese medical technologies, as they affirm that human vitality is measurable and observable in many ways. Their research in Hyaluronic Acid is most remarkable, indicating a benchmark not only in energy research, but in medical science. Their "Infratonic QGM" devices generate and sends into the body a therapeutically choatic soundwave energy. These devices have been used very successfully in the healing rehabilitation of race horses - which probably says something about the (non-) attribution of placebo effect, by the way. A variety of energy realms are considered at CHINA HEALTHWAYS: "Strong Emotions Cause Chronic Illness, Advance Aging & Impede Healing by Warping the Human Energy Field". Research in Measuring Qi has resulted in extensive study into the sound of the physical body. Related Ref: "Scientific Investigation into Chinese QI-Gong" by Richard H Lee.

    Biofeedback widens its role in medicine: "Though biofeedback was first developed by psychologists, its primary uses have been for illnesses below the neck. Standard biofeedback teaches you first to become conscious of normally unconscious functions such as pulse, digestion and body temperature, then teaches you to control them in response to sounds or other cues from monitoring devices. These techniques have allowed patients to lower their blood pressure, banish their headaches and control their incontinence without using drugs."

    "Approaches & Methodologies for Body-Mind Integration" Suggestions & Resources for Considering Receiving the work as well as for Vocational Considerations.

    "The Middle Path Log" -- a Transcript of an on-line discussion among healing practitioners and students about Integration of Body, Mind, & Spirit    (an intelligent & insightful exchange).


Section IV:
Connective Tissue,
Bones, and Joints

Connective Tissue Cycle (PartI), Originaly by Unknown, Revision & Rerendering by Chris Pringer, Dec'18
Muscle/ Connective Tissue Maintenance Cycle
(Thumbnail Links to fullsize chart at "Body-Mind Integration" page), originally by unknown, rev'd by Chris Pringer.

See Section III above for more about preventative systems of muscle/ connective tissue maintenance - including about stretching, systems of yoga for chronic injuries, pain, etc.

    "Out of Joint - How practitioners can help their patients manage bone, joint and muscle issues using natural solutions" By Hilary Daninhirsch. Natural Practitioner Magazine March/April 2018, How practitioners can help their patients manage bone, joint and muscle issues using natural solutions. Bone, muscle and joint pains are a fact of life for many people, regardless of age or activity level. Actually not so much about brand names or sources of supplements, just a good update in general; technical. Excerpts:
         ...“The rate of musculoskeletal diseases far outstrips that of circulatory diseases and respiratory diseases, which affect about one in three persons, with the majority reporting relatively easily treatable conditions, such as chronic hypertension or hay fever and bronchitis.” — Patrick Montgomery, DC, MS, FASA"
         “While anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are effective at reducing inflammation and relieving pain, they function by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins. Inhibiting prostaglandins has the side effect of inhibiting the body's ability to produce collagen, which is necessary to maintain healthy cartilage,” said Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN, scientific director at the manufacturing company Essential Formulas, based in Texas. Another problem with NSAIDs, said Dr. Montgomery, is the potential for complications of the liver, kidneys and intestines, as well as the potential for addiction when taking prescription painkillers.

I.     A Summary for Natural Anti-Inflammatories (Nov'11, Jan'16)
Much more complete set (Huge PDF)

          "Anti-Inflammatory" or "Anti-inflammation" are good search keywords when combined with "Herbal", "Natural", and so on. Including in those old herb books collecting dust on the shelf. Along that line, know that some health food stores will find how to order herbs (etc) that they don't keep on the shelf. You don't hear much about (anti-inflammatories for connective tissue) 'Wild Lettuce' or 'Willow Bark' anymore (with salicylic acid, similar to that in aspirin, is more gentle on the stomach and is just as effective in pain management as NSAID rofecoxib). Devil’s claw is used especially for Arthritis. Dee Cee Labs puts out a good combo ("Formula 303")- with valarian (6 parts), passiflora (3 parts), and magnesium (1 part).

          Apple-Cider Vinegar (especially the unpasteurized) alkalizes the blood and so encourages the cells to dump their toxins - always a good thing, as is Silymarin for keeping the Liver processing that. B-Complex helps with muscle relaxation. Actually, I've put together a great "Anti-InFlam.Drink": In a glass of water: 2 Tbsp each of Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice, favorite Juice, w/1Tsp~ Vitamin C powder. Take w/ a selection of herbs and lecithin capsules and Vitamin E - the oil-based guys slow down the process a little (useful for the B-Complex), allows for a good synergistic assimilation. Well, that's my theory for it, and it worked for me. Including some Bromelain, which is said to be a proteolytic digestive and so clears excess scar tissue, adhesions, if doesn't get used for digesting protein in the GI Tract. [~cp]

          Dried Ginger is anti-inflammatory as well stimulating to the circulation- and yummy if you like a little heat). Sweet potatoes (like pumpkins) have many and anti-inflammatory agents as well as antioxidants (especially if you can find it palatable with less dairy and sugar - since both acidify the colon and blood).

         Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and anti-oxidant - Aryurvedic medicine employs a milk made from it! As well as boswellia. And "Ashwaganda Extract 5:1 200 mg: Asgawanda, or Indian Ginseng, which is strongly anti-inflammatory with consequent anti-arthritic properties also.
         Curcumin, only found in turmeric: Despite millions spent on drug research and development, one of the more promising treatments for Alzheimer?s disease (a progressive brain disorder that affects more than 5 million Americans) is found in a substance widely known for its ability to spice (and color) food. The compound curcumin, only found in turmeric, is a widely used spice found in Indian food, and is also popular in the cuisines of other South Asian countries like Nepal, Iran and Thailand. The bright yellow spice is familiar to fans of curry dishes, but it has been used in other preparations as well. For centuries, it has been used in Asian medicine. Preliminary clinical studies show curcumin helps reduce beta amyloid plaque in the brains of people with Alzheimer?s (and prevent plaque buildup in people who don?t have the disease). Alzheimer's isn’t the only condition that might be affected by the brightly-colored spice: Curcumin has been proven to be an extraordinarily potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. These properties make it effective for cancer (prevention and treatment), arthritis, liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and many other health issues all demonstrated in clinical studies.

         Ashwaganda Extract: Asgawanda, or Indian Ginseng, is a revered rejuvenation herb in Ayurveda and is used to support adrenal function through its sedating effect while it helps to restore normal digestive and nervous system function. It is also strongly anti-inflammatory with consequent anti-arthritic properties as well.

          Magnesium: Naturopaths have more recently found Magnesium supplements to be the answer to many muscle and joint related complaints, with concentrated liquid supplements often working fast for cramps. There are a couple of very good brands making these available at health food stores. CAUTION: There are some conditions and incompatibility with certain meds for which high doses of magnesium may cause trouble - ask your physician if in doubt. You can also check "Natural Practitioner" magazine's library database for (find & click on "magnesium" at) foods, herbs, supplements for an amazing amount of detail on that.

         Vitamin C powder: Vitamin C at a dose of 1000 mg, taken four times a day between meals, is a very potent anti-inflammatory and should be taken in a buffered form, not as absorbic acid. ... Also use astaxanthin as it's an anti-inflammatory.

         Vitamin D: 1000 IU/day - Vitamin D exerts natural anti-inflammatory activity, which may help reduce joint discomfort. [See Arthritis Set 2 for more on Vitamin D dosage & cautions]

         Sunflower oil is derived from the seed of the sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus). It has been used on the outside of the body as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and has also been taken by mouth to relieve constipation and ulcers and to treat infection.

         Proanthenols: grape seed and pine bark extracts maintain proper capillary permeability which curbs bruising, severity of sports injuries, and risk of phlebitis. They have a potent anti-inflammatory effect due to their free-radical scavenger potential. [See Arthritis Set 2 for more on these]

         Willow Bark: A natural anti-inflammatory, willow bark contains salacin, a chemical similar to acetylsalicylic acid found in aspirin. According to the University of Maryland, there's good evidence that willow bark both relieves pain and reduces inflammation. It's especially useful to treat headaches, osteoarthritis, and low back pain.

         The omega-3 fatty acids act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

    Vitamin K, K2 and Calcium Absorption
          From Vitamin Herb University.Com/: Green leafy vegetables, supply 40 to 50% of the total dietary intake of vitamin K. Vegetable oils, olive, canola, soybean and cottonseed oil contain vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 is found in egg yolk, butter, cow liver, certain cheeses, and fermented soybean products. A study compared the bioavailability of 495 mcg of phylloquinone (vitamin K1) from 150 g raw spinach to 500 mcg of supplemental vitamin K1 in eleven subjects aged 22 to 30 years. Researchers found that the area under the curve was higher from the consumption of the phylloquinone tablet than the consumption of the raw spinach. However, no difference of absorption of vitamin K from different food sources (fresh spinach, broccoli and romaine lettuce) was found, indicating that the choice of specific food may not affect vitamin K bioavailability.
         An IN DEPTH article on K2: "Beyond Calcium" by Carolyn Steber: "An aging population is leading the demand for bone health supplements, and manufacturers are meeting this need with ingredients that enhance basic calcium." (Found in May 2014 paper version of Nutrition Industry Executive" magazine [hopefully on line as well ~cp]. Find more, particularly about joint support supplements that include K2, in the July August 2013 issue of Natural Practitioner Mag. Com


CBD, Hemp Oil
(Non-PsychoActive Cannabanoids for pain management and other benefits)

    ChBullet   "Hemp Oil/CBD: Shedding Some Light on the Confusion" Posted on February 1, 2018 by Gene Bruno in Vitamin Retailer Magazine [and in the paper version of Natural Practitioner Magazine March/April 2018, www.Naturalpractitionermag.Com] Professional, Technical, highly referenced. "There are few nutraceuticals that have generated such confusion as hemp oil/CBD (cannabidiol). There are two major sources for that confusion. The first is the plethora of claims being made about the health benefits of hemp oil/CBD. Which of the claims actually have any supportive research substantiation them?" [Most] "The second, and even murkier, source of confusion is the actual regulatory status of hemp oil/CBD. In this article, I will attempt to provide evidence that, hopefully, will shed some light on the confusion."
         "...Emerging research indicates that“eCB deficiency syndrome” contributes to migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, psychological disorders, as well as other conditions.12 Conversely, enhancing endocannabinoid activity has broad therapeutic potential. This may include the treatment of patients with somatic dysfunction, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases, chronic pain, neu-rodegenerative diseases, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as inflammatory conditions, bowel dysfunctions, psychological disorders, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, cancer, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, hypertension, glaucoma, obesity/metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis.13,14 ..."

    ChBullet   Healing with Hemp Oil: A Simple Guide to Using the Powerful and Proven Health Benefits of CBD by Earl Mindell- Book Overview: The health benefits of marijuana are now getting a good deal of attention. Yet hemp -a close relative of marijuana- is actually a far richer source of CBD, the compound responsible for effectively treating dozens of disorders, and contains very little THC, the substance responsible for marijuana’s highs. Sounds like growing and using hemp is a win-win situation, right? Not quite, because the US government, which holds the patent for CBD specifically because of its healing abilities, has unfairly classified hemp as a Class 1 drug, thereby banning people in the United States from growing it commercially. If you find this confusing, you’re not alone. That’s why best-selling author Earl Mindell has written Healing with Hemp Oil, a straightforward book that will first help you understand what’s going on with hemp oil in the United States, and then teach you how to use this valuable natural remedy to improve your health. The book begins by looking at the important role the hemp plant has played in both Eastern and Western societies as a source for paper, textiles, rope, and so much more. This is followed by a discussion of the science behind CBD’s medical benefits. The author then provides a consumer’s guide to buying hemp products?especially its oil and its CBD supplements?and offers an eye-opening examination of hemp’s legal status in the United States, from the 1900s to now. Finally, based on up-to-date studies, Dr. Mindell presents an A-to-Z guide to the many uses of hemp oil and CBD for various health conditions, from arthritis to depression to heart disease. Although the United States has given CBD-rich hemp a problematic legal status, fortunately, this product?sourced from other countries?is readily available. Healing with Hemp Oil guides you in using this all-natural substance as a safe, side effect-free remedy. [Review by Seattle Library]

    ChBullet   "How To Use CBD Oil" All about CBD, Hemp Oil, Cannabanoids, related pain management, and more. A FANTASTIC Resource!!! Casual with technical instruction, summary, dozens of reference links.

    ChBullet   Cooking with Hemp and CBD Oil

    ChBullet   How to Make DIY CBD Hemp Oil Topicals

    ChBullet   Topical Versus Oral CBD: What’s the Difference?

    ChBullet   5 Ways Vegans and Vegetarians Can Benefit From Hemp

    ChBullet   Hemp: The Right Choice for Omega-6 Some Omega-6's are better than others. But it's important to distinguish between the good and the not so good Omega-6's. ...The World Health Organization recommends a ratio of 4:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 for optimal health. Today we are seeing ratios in the range of 20:1 to 50:1. The good news - hemp contains a healthy winning ratio at 3.75:1. ...GLA = An Omega-6 Not to Miss: Hemp provides Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is a unique and extremely important Omega-6 in the family of Essential Fatty Acids. ...Still, obtaining adequate levels of GLA can be challenging. Besides hemp, there are only a small number of foods that contain GLA. While the body has the ability to convert Linoleic Acid into GLA, most of us are not making this conversion effectively, or are missing out on the conversion all together.

Also, consider using keywords, "Using Hemp Oil, Creative, CBD"

II.     Related Resource Links:

    "Collected Notes, Summaries, Resources, & References for a Natural Approach for Arthritis," a series of four PDF's (about 200kb each): Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, and Set 4. This much more expanded and organized set replaces the pdf "Arthritis - Natural Approach, An Assembly of Collected Research" of 2014. A scanned set of excerpted sections on Arthritis & Recommended Supplements from book, "Prescription for Healing" by Dr. James F. Balch. are included in Part B, here (4.5mb PDF file). There is a LOT there. By the way, for a client I don't throw tons of generalized information unless that would actually be the requested answer to his/her question. So the information is somewhat organized with headers up front to give an idea what's in each pdf.

    Dee Cee Labs Formula 303 - with valarian, passiflora, and magnesium- (Supplements from DC are availables to your practitioner at bulk rates.)

    Connectv Tissue Sups - BIOCHEM® Physiological Support Systems 

   "Natural Practitioner" Magazine's Library Database with special sections for a) foods, herbs, supplements, b) Conditions, c) Interactions, d) Supplement Nutrient Depletions, and e) Drug Nutrient Depletions

    Select [Joint Health Regimen] at General Wellness Regimen via Vitamin Herb University .Com's "Wellness Wheel"

    Bone & Joint Health Supplements (Glucosomine Complex)

    Arthritis Supplement Info by MindSpring.Com

    Cat's Claw and Synergistic Herbs for Connective Tissue Hlth

    Cat's Claw, Description of the Herb at NutritionWorld

    "The Injury Clinic" at Rice University

Possibly Related:

Immune & Leaky Gut by Zoltan P. Rona MD, MSc (text file)

"Touch, Bio-Feedback, and Paying Attention" with main essay by Ilan Shlif (text file)

Nutrition for Depression by others (text file)




Nutritional Analysis - Pro's, Con's, & More

    Trace Elements .Com seems to have a fairly extensive list of summary notes on research, chronologically listed in it's newsletters, particularly the January - December 2006 issue. Important updates include such as "Hair Tissue Levels of Heavy Metals and Calcium Pump Activity" in the 2008 issue.

    Attacking and Defending Hair Mineral Analysis, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June, 2001 by E. Blaurock-Busch:

    Hair Mineral Analysis, by Lawrence Wilson, MD, August 1999

    Vitamin test Profiles, Why test? 7 reasons for having a vitamin test done

    The Eidon Mineral Balancing Program For Optimal Health (at Eidon .Com)
          Hair Mineral Analysis: "...A small amount of hair taken easily from the scalp is scientifically analyzed using an ICP Mass Spectrometer. The mineral content of the hair will give an overview of the mineral levels in the body's tissues and the changes that occur over time. ...Unlike hair, blood mineral levels stay relatively the same even when the tissue mineral levels are changing. Since hair is a living, metabolically active tissue, an accurate hair mineral analysis performed by a reliable laboratory therefore will provide a timeline of metabolic activity unavailable on a blood test. ...Special points of interest: 1) Mineral levels in the hair correspond well to the levels of those minerals in the body. 2) Minerals are essential for the normal healthy functioning of all living cells. 3) Environmental factors contribute to mineral imbalances because of toxic mineral exposure. 4) Improper dietary habits can also lead to mineral imbalances. 5) 22 mineral levels are tested in each hair sample: Nutrient Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Molybdenum, Selenium, Chromium, Lithium, Nickel, Sodium, Cobalt, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vanadium, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Zinc, and Germanium. 6) Toxic Minerals: Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury."

    Articles on research, clinical trials, analysis, reviews and empirical studies (at Eidon .Com)

    Silica Research : Articles on research, clinical trials, analysis, reviews and empirical studies (at Eidon .Com), incl. "Hair, Skin and Nails," "Wound Healing," "Osteoporosis and Bone Health," "Silica's protective role in Aluminum toxicity and Alzheimer's disease," and "Atherosclerosis (Coronary Artery Disease - a stage of arteriosclerosis)"


A Few Seminars and Summaries (1998)

(I really love how some flyers include virtual summaries of many topics taught. And there are keywords for web searching - cp)

"Herbs, Hormones, and the Mind"

Dr. Nicholas Hall (Ph.D), through CorTexT of Mountain View, CA at (650-949-1107).

Topics noted in flyer (8/98):

    -- Depression & St. John's wort: history of this herb and its original uses; effect upon depressive disorders; quality control, dosage, and emerging side-effects; comparison with other antidepressants. [don't understand why 5-HTP not mentioned in this flyer]
    -- Anxiety and Kava Kava; Sleep, shift work, and melatonin; how this hormone creates sedation and resets the circadian clock; dose implications; use for rotating shifts; risks; comparison with valerian and sedative-hypnotics
    -- Fatigue and ginseng: how safe and effective for reducing fatigue; biological effects of ginseng; the dangers of ma huang (an amphetamine); green tea and its health-related benefits
    -- Memory and ginkgo biloba as it affects memory, attention, and cognition; medical and dental risks of excessive bleeding; drug interactions; DHEA, adrenaline, memory improvement, and risks.
    -- Stress-related aging of the brain: how stress hormones endanger neurons needed for remembering; facts and claims regarding alternative therapies: ginkgo and phosphytidylserene
    -- Stroke: role of fish oil, folate, and vitamin E. Does ginkgo improve cerebral circulation?
    -- Alzheimer's disease: prevention trials w/ estrogen, vitamin E and NSAIDs; management w/ ginkgo compared to acetylcholine regulating drugs
    -- Nutrients, immune system, and the mind: antioxidants and the brain (beta carotene, vitamins C and E, selenium); the B-complex and role of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, safety of supplementation
    -- Men's health issues: DHEA, the aging brain and prostate cancer; saw palmetto and the prostate; viagra (sildenafil) an herbal derivative? How it works and its side-effects
    -- Premenstrual syndrome: psychological and physical effects associated with estrogen and progestrone; dong quai and other herbal remedies
    -- Perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms: conventional HRT versus the new selective estrogen receptor modulators; safety and benefits of natural estrogens and progestrones
    -- Breast cancer: diet and the protective estrogens: isoflavones (eg: soy) and lignans (eg: flax); lifestyle variables; primary and secondary prevention with tamoxifen and raloxifene
    -- Exercise and nutrition for life: increasing energy and health while reducing body fat: strategies for adding life to one's years and years to one's life, what you need to know to make informed choices

"Alternative Medicine"

Dr. Laura Pawlak (Ph.D, RD) and Dr. Martina Cartwright (Ph.D, RD)

         A one-day class, titled give the class 2-3 times per year through INR (Institute for Natural Resources) at PO Box 4218, Berkeley, CA. 94704-0218, 510-450-1650. This focuses on a broad range of topics, resources for same, going very little into specifics. Topics noted in flyer (8/98):
-- Alternative Therapies, Understanding Ancient and Contemporary Healing Methods,
-- Herbal and Hormonal Medicine, Rational Use of Vitamins and Mineral Supplements,
-- Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Supplements,
-- Integrative Therapeutics, Combining the Best of Traditional and Alternative Therapeutics.

Also from INR is the seminar, "Chocolate, Addictions, Mood, & Appetite" by Nikita B Katz, M.D., Ph.D or Dr. Anthony Ocana, M.Sc., R.D., M.D., C.C.F.P. I plan to put the summary of that class in this section in the future.




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