The Use of Personally Applied Invocative Positive Response Questions (PRQ's)
for Multi-Dimensional Facilitation of Information Sharing, Integration, Access

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Introduction to the concept of "INNER-Resourcing:"

          This writing is about two major concepts that may be new to you -- at least two, that is. "Resourcing" is sort of defined in the above title, and has to do with expanding one's mind (without drugs) and related capabilities. To help facilitate that, introducing the second concept, we will use "PRQ's." That is a system of verbal self-programming, and I will describe that a bit later. For now, I would like to better introduce the inner-resourcing aspect, and the 'multi-level' processes it involves. This presentation has to do with capabilities that are indigenous to the Self or "Total Being", but which in some cases and in various ways have been caused to be inaccessible to one's conscious awareness or use -- perhaps in the formative years of one's life. Towards that end (and also nearer the end of the page) I'll talk a little about internal "resistance" to change - via a system of mechanisms or beliefs that can, at times, inhibit forward momentum.

          As we watch how a tree grows or a bird flies, or a spider building its nest, even if for only for a few minutes, we take in enormous amounts of data and, perhaps unconsciously, we receive great opportunities for learning many things about how life evolves. That may sound grandiose, but it isn't at all. Humanity is just now beginning to discover just what potential the mind has, and how one may open the doors of the mind to the knowledge of the universe. Notice that I referred to the "doors of the mind." I believe that God and the Universe beckon -- if not converge upon -- the mind and heart to give every opportunity to all Life to receive all the Love of the Divine. And as Emmet Fox said, "the door of the soul opens inward." We can each use one's mind to expand the capacity of the mind -- as well as the capacities of other levels of our Being -- to a large extent.
          As we watch such processes as the spider building its nest, our unconscious mind is processing volumes of data. For instance, our "whole-brain" capacities include the use of metaphor and analogy to extract meaning and relevance from any one or combination of experiences, and then applying that to other experiences. We do this at various conscious and unconscious levels of our Being. We can and do, to some degree, use this data processing to help extrapolate probabilities of possibilities for how every aspect in the universe works. This includes probabilities for our very own Being and its many levels of awareness and manifestation.

          Through tremendous and simultaneous data sharing among all these levels (as appropriate for the situation), we come to know things that we might have no idea of consciously knowing how we ever came to know them. We can at times have dramatic insights regarding this fact when we ask appropriate questions that truly engage our minds. We ask in order to not only do efficient data processing, but to report our progress in ways that we can effectively interpret and understand its output. In this way we have learned to appreciate how well our Total Being does its work.

          Learning to use the hardware and the software of our multi-dimensional computer may be essential to our getting optimal benefit from it. Otherwise, parts of it (our emotional and physical bodies, as well as our "monkey-minded" intellect) may have used our consciousness in less than optimal ways. Below I'll include a list of "programs" for the mind, through which one's Being can be employed to expand upon one's resource accessibility. They are designed to encourage -- and maybe even insure -- that your Higher Self is engaged and/or in control/guidance of all that you experience, and that all you experience is for your highest good and realization of your highest potential, in the most appropriate way, and "in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing." These words pertain to whatever facilitates, for you individually, the most optimal state of happiness for your Total 'Beingness' -- whether or not you believe you have any accurate mental concept of what all that possibly means to you or could possibly mean to you. And the word "appropriate" means "in accordance with most practical application of Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing."

          The above may hint a little about how the PRQ system, the invocative "Positive Response Questions" work. I call them "Invoc-Q's" or "PRQ's," depending on what levels of consciousness they are designed to facilitate access with. Firstly, invocations tend to be directed at the Higher Self and/or Higher Power, whereas other kinds of PRQ's are directed more to the body-mind (acknowledged here as a composite whole in and of itself). I referred to the questions as "programs" in the first paragraph. Some folks who know some about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tell me that the system I present here is very much like NLP -- functionally, that is, but not in means of application. I'm honored to have this system so compared, and I hope that its relative brevity does not detract from its use or from the appreciation of NLP. And in fact, the PRQ's themselves provide a better "instruction" as to the means and potentials of the whole process than does this introduction. PRQ's are preceded by an acknowledgment that, as is usually the case, is self explanatory.

          So, without further attempts to describe it all, we can go now for the real thing:


Preamble Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge my Total Being (Body-Mind-Spirit-Higher Power) capacity
to effectively, efficiently, and safely search for, find, & develop
any & all answers & solutions that these questions ask for or imply.
As I simply ask each question,
one line at a time as a thought, feeling, and/or image,
and letting the thought, feeling, or image go,
with faith that the answers come.
I acknowledge that the answers &/or solutions to these questions
have manifested on some level of consciousness
and/or dimension of Life in the Universe (!)
and are manifesting with perfect timing
for gestation and completion
in this dimension of Time & Space "on Earth as it IS in Heaven" (!)

-- perhaps through communications that I sense within
(via thoughts, feelings, imagery, etc.),
&/or through my external experience(s) with things, situations, people, etc.
according to my highest needs, in accordance
with Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing.
Today and days to come I thank my Higher Power/Higher Self for showing me
what such enjoyable and appropriate answers and solutions feel and look like!

("appropriate" = in accordance with most practical application of Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing.
"safely" = free of inappropriate judgment, intimidation, or pain of any kind.)


How am I enjoying effectively facilitating from this moment forward
appropriate resources and connections
among potential and existing resources and sources,
toward the optimal development and implementation
of appropriate information, knowledge, and/or wisdom,
remembering and daily becoming more and more
of All That I Am - on each and every level of consciousness -
in and through the body-mind I inhabit,
in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing ?

How am I enjoying nourishing, exercising, and developing my brain cells,
expanding their capacity and efficiency,
recovering and replacing channels of access if/as/where needed,
effecting all cells wonderfully by the added micro-currents by resonation,
enhancing all cells' contributions, including that of the more dormant cells,
waking up, becoming more complete, re-integrated
- if/as/where needed, all with Divine Timing
as my intelligence grows like a garden -
as I allow & encourage their nourishment as
my enhanced emotional intelligence enhances my intellect
and even my analytical capacity as/when needed ?

How are my various "bodies" or manifestations of my consciousness
sharing information effectively and enjoyably, such that:
the data assimilation capabilities
of my precocious infancy and childhood
becomes an example that I can
(consciously or unconsciously) now relate to
-- for how my various bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and etheric)
expand their perception, assimilate data, create solutions, transform
structures and processes into the most appropriate working models and
realities, transform resources, elements, and data into the most
appropriate resources, elements, and data,
all working and playing and creating together,
all in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing ?

How am I enjoying those of my bodies,
that have not in the past
been utilized most effectively in the above processes,
as they come now to enjoy the capabilities and empowerment and qualities
that have engendered and evolved
the most precocious and appropriately productive of my bodies ?

How am I enjoying the fostering of effective communications
among the various levels and bodies of my Total Being
(including as previously noted),
including the facilitation of forgiveness of self and others as needed and
appropriate, the re-framing of past events and situations and relationships,
and/or otherwise transforming my perception
in the most effective and appropriate ways ?

How am I enjoying the daily accelerating rate of realization that my Being
is truly the recipient, receiver, or resource for All needed knowledge and
experience -- for accomplishing All that I need to accomplish
and attaining All that I need to attain,
even to the degree of conscious awareness as appropriate --
and that I am communicating effectively and appropriately all that is needed
for other's understanding and utilization of the knowledge
as pertains to the above questions ?

How am I effectively, appropriately, and enjoyably developing and utilizing
my growing awareness of how my Total Being accomplishes the
processes referred to above, including how best learned, applied, and
implemented are the concepts and/or realities:
of holograms and holographic relationships, of morphic energy fields,
of connective tissue in the body as related
to the various bodies and levels of my Total Being,
of therapeutic inner-parenting, of cellular transmutation
and the transmutation processes within cells and related energy dynamics,
of alignment with my "Blueprint" or Higher Self,
and of related aspects to the above as appropriate,
all in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing ?

How am I enjoying most appropriately the protection from
and/or utilization of any and all that I may perceive on any level,
whether it might appear as originating within or outside of my Being,
whether it might appear affected from within or from outside of my Being,
such that I come to be
and always remain with peace and cooperation with ALL,
and all towards the most effective realization
of answers and solutions to my questions
-- all in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing ?

How am I most enjoyably Realizing
How I allow all energy(s) to flow to where it most truly needs to go,
accepting what I need and letting go the rest,
according to the highest needs of all concerned
-- in Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing --
regardless of the nature or quality, source or intended destination,
and regardless of the sender's intended purpose ?
How am I enjoying the recognition of Energy
-- when appropriately communicated to me --
and the most appropriate and effective response to it as necessary,
accepting what I need and letting go the rest,
exercising appropriate awareness & management of feelings,
including discerning between my own feelings and those of others,
in Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing ?

How am I effectively increasing the Realization of benefit to all,
through giving effectively
to the poorly resourced, the poorly managed (politically and/or parentally),
the poorly educated, motivated, and/or poorly inspired,
and to the wildlife kingdoms of our environment --
As I better appreciate the feeling of connectedness with All life,
As I increase my understanding and compassion with All life,
And as I also allow, create, and/or realize an increase in my motivation,
in my courage, and inspiration, as to the ways and means of effective sharing,
According to my true capacity to share ?

How am I most enjoying the Reality
Here and Now, Today and for all Days To Come that:
I am seeing, accepting, integrating
the depths and shadows of my consciousness and
thereby fully accepting the higher vision & plan
of God's Highest Loving Will for me as
God's Highest Loving Truth IS Realized in & for my Life
- and by and for All Concerned, as applies -
Here and Now, Today and for All Days to Come ?

All Purpose Short Form:

How am I ENJOYING the right Questions and Answers
that are leading me to REALIZATIONS from this moment forward
step by step as I AM attaining my highest POTENTIAL ?
As I simply ask each question
and then simply let the thought go, with faith that the answers come.
What is the most appropriate QUESTION for right now ?

THANK YOU Self-Body-Mind-Spirit-Higher Power

for manifesting ANSWERS to appropriate Questions in
DIVINE Order, DIVINE Love, and DIVINE Timing

Thank You, God!

© Chris Pringer, July'96, ed. ...Oct'10


© September 1999, Chris Pringer


I Acknowledge my whole Being's capacity to ask, and respond to, the following question
in the time(s), space(s), and way(s) that best fulfills my Divine Plan:

How am I increasingly allowing myself to enjoy the ever-growing realization of benefits
of reviewing the following affirmations, with increasing appreciation of the reality that:

By God, I Am Entitled, even Commissioned,
to continually learn to be as fully present as I can be, and continually improve in my capacities...
To Find safe & effective ways to Feel & Respond to my own feelings, desires, emotions ?

And Therefore, To Define my own qualities, values, and principles, including as regards:

   Truth &Inspiration       Caring & Love      Authority, Approval, & Worthiness   
  Responsibility & Freedom       Harmony & Presence       Security & Safety       Power & Strength   
  Humility & Pride       Intimacy & Boundaries       Success & Failure   

How Am I most enjoying allowing myself, more and more often today and each day:

To Accept -- & Learn from -- ALL of my past.
To Be my own Best Friend & Inner Parent.
To Determine my own needs as I Discern my needs from my desires.
To Choose my own priorities & Set my own goals.
To Be Responsive to & Responsible for my own Inner Child.
To Clarify my own Strengths & Highest Potential as well as current limitations.
To Be my own Self & Be visible as Who I Truly AM!

And Thereby:

To Be safe in my own authority -
as I learn to be a channel of God's Highest Loving Will through me -
as I continually improve in capacity to clarify It from my ego's will.
To Re-define values & revise choices accordingly.
To Find/realize Purpose & Meaning in my life.
To Do all the above safely -even when I risk "failure,"
or discover I have made mistakes along the way as part of the learning to do this -
without judgment, obligation, guilt, invalidation, manipulation (by myself or others).

To Know that my value & worthiness (to have true needs met)
is a God-ordained Reality to be realized, Regardless of
my internal mental, emotional, or physical condition,
or the external actions or reactions of myself or others.

To Know how talented & powerful I am, & find my path as I
Utilize that knowledge productively,
Honor others as the worthy beings that they likewise are, &
Release attachment to how others respond, learn, & grow.

To Express & feel my power
as love, wisdom, passion, & connectedness with God.
To Fully realize today how worthy I am & what that implies for my life here & now.

To Take all the time I truly need to learn to do all the above & much more,
to enjoy & be responsible for my decisions as regards these choices.

Thank You, God, for assisting
in the manifestation of all insights, answers and solutions called for herewith!

"Chalice tapestry" background artwork by Christopher Pringer, 2003
(A quality graphic with text placed over colorful tapestry background is available for donation via

More on "Resistance," "Protection," and Ericsonian Approach:

          In any personal growth process we may encounter what may be called "resistance" or the "defense mechanisms" or "mental-emotional protective dynamics" or "armoring." Most all humans have employed this to guard against inappropriate interaction with elements of (one's psycho-emotional) self. ( This does not pertain to you only if you are a Jesus level master, I suppose. Please let me know if you are. I've always wanted to meet such a person. ) I use the word "inappropriate" here only to refer to that which is not in appropriate timing, method, environment, etc. for the facilitation to be safe and productive for the healing process. I say this with the understanding that there may have been times when *suppression* of memory and emotion was an *appropriate* response, when one may have been incapable of otherwise dealing with an event.

          This statement applies especially to the formative stages of infancy and childhood, when one was, perhaps in some ways, dependent upon one's parents or role models for learning experience and conditioning. And it may apply to the degree that may not have developed one's capability to discriminate between appropriate and inappropriate, and in various areas of one's life where one may have felt lacking in development, anyone may have suppressed one or more perceived data of a stressful experience. This suppression may have lasted for most any given amount of time, from seconds to a lifetime. The amount of time that the data may have been suppressed has been based on the priorities of the body-mind and Higher Self for processing the experience -- relative to other priorities in the growth process. You may notice that I have been putting sentences into the past tense. This is because we know better than to tell our bodyminds anything other than what we want to produce in our present experience or even into what we may at times refer to as our past or future experience. Or, in short: "Don't tell your body anything you don't want it to believe."

          In closing, and as a sample of Ericsonian Hypnotherapy, I would like to suggest here that, for some people, just reading or hearing the above begins to facilitate the release of limitations to awareness and self-healing, and encourages and allows the process of one's healing, whatever actually led one to read or hear this. Now that was an obvious therapeutic suggestion that may ( in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing ) facilitate your growing awareness of this process as it begins to work in the most effective way for you. This is primarily because you know, at some level, (consciously and/or unconsciously) exactly what is needed for you to take that next step toward your realization of your highest potential, and because you know in that same wonderful way how to facilitate the following of that path that your Higher Self has chosen. And that includes motivating yourself in enjoyable ways that work so well for you ... in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing.
          cp 7-18-96


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-- Blessings! and Thanks to St. Anthony! -cp, 8/9/09
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    [Available in text form via (please type "permit2chris" in body of email):]
"INTER-RESOURCING INVOC-Q's - The Use Invoc-Q's) for Multi-Dimensional Facilitation of Information Sharing, Integration, & Access Adapted for *GROUP* Prayer/ Meditation" ©`96; "Space Cadet's Priorities - for 'Grounding` & Earth-Plane Productivity" © Jan '94; "Facilitated Resource Agreement Invoc-Q" © May `95, "Self-Programming Body Invoc-Q's For Personal Growth Process and Healing," ©`96, and "Whole Being Integration In Manifesting Abundance -- Seven Steps To Initiation & Understanding," ©'93-'98; "Trends to Detachment" - On expectations, detachment, and transcendence; about implications and applications of essential spiritual principles - with metaphors for addressing some myths and mis-information, ©`95.
Atomic Chalice by Chris Pringer
"Atomic Chalice" -cp

Mercaba4aTransIcosa by Chris Pringer
"Mercaba 4a TransIcosa" © Chris Pringer Apr.2004

Pictures from the article, "Water-Charging -Group-Fired- Healing Technique," at the page, "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" or "Bridging Prayer & Science", healing prayer techniques, visual prayer charts.

Thumbnail of Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy
   "Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy

Page Description:
24 prayers as of Dec 2011, Universal in approach,generally invoking Divine assistance, calling for citizen awareness & courage, truth, justice, accountability, related healing, learning, & balance, etc. They include a resource-connecting prayer chart for the Economy (Jan'11) , two that are specific to global climate healing, one to Iraq & Middle East, two for comprehensive planetary healing in general, two specific to media communications (latest Dec'10), and more. Page includes background and related information, links, and printing/downloading tips. (Yes, of course it's free, as I believe prayers are meant to be.)

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Thumbnail of Iraq-MiddleEast Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer, Commissioning Archangel Michael for Truth, Justice, Accountability by all concerned - click to go there
    "Archangel Prayer for Iraq-MiddleEast"
Global Climate Healing Fantasy & Invocation (Thumb)

   "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy and the Spirit of It All" On Sacred Earth Background. PDF versions available for Printing (is 2 pages long)
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Thumbnail of Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer - click to go there
     Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer


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