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Bio-Monitoring/ Reporting via QEPS Med-Communications (MVCRS), Optimal Cooperative Interface w/ EMS (Emergency management
Storage, Life Support Systems, etc
Storage, Life Support Systems, etc
Storage, Life Support Systems, etc
_ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _
Life Support Systems, etc
Health Monitoring Comm. GPS,
Life Support Systems, etc
  Size Estimate   for 2-Seat Pod: roughly 8’ high (or Ceiling Height) by 10’ in diameter
2 Roll-Cage Assy’s:
1 inset into the other:  1 fixed,  1 Rotating

1 Cage Rotates To “Open” & “Close” (Gap Between Vertical Bars)
for maximize protection ‘during event’ & to facilitate “opening” for exit after event
(Elevation view of)

Individually Rotating
Pod for each occupant

To insure best most face-up position 
“post event” & during 
(See plan view 
(Plan view of)
Two Roll-Cage Assy’s:
1 over the other,
1 fixed, and 1 Rotating
To maximize protection “during event” and to facilitate “opening” of cage for exit 
in recovery stage
 Sides are also protected by the Roll Cage Assy’s.
Semi-Sphere Pod Design
Protection as well as
Efficiency with size increase for more 
QBX / QEP Design page 1
Storage, Life-Support Systems - incl. Sustenance, Sanitation/ Waste Elimination, Energy Storage, Respiration±, etc
Control Panels, Comm. Gear,  Bio-Monitoring & Reporting, System Monitors, Computer & Related, Food, Sanitation Supplies, Access to various storage, etc
9’0” to 9’6”
Top & Bottom designed for Resistance to
Extreme Impact.
10’0” to 10’6”
& Inner
of additional
cushioning devices
Fixed Hi-Shock
Absorption form-fitting materials
provide all around
protection to occupants and QEPS pod content.
& Inner 
Hitch-Ring(s) for 
Recovery Equip. 
& Fall Arrest
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Resistance to Extreme Impact, impact protection, Roll Cage Assy, Outer & Inner Doors, Event Deployment, Hi Shock Absorption, cushioning devices, Hi-Shock Absorption, form-fitting materials, all around protection, Semi-Sphere Pod Design, Size Estimate for 2-Seat Pod roughly 8 feet high (for Ceiling Height) by 10 feet in diameter, Storage, Life Support Systems, Individually Rotating Pod for each occupant, to insure most face-up position "Post Event" & during recovery, Rotating to maximize protection, Control panels, Comm Gear, Bio-Monitoring and Reporting via QEPS Med-Comm (MVCRS), EEG, Opimal Cooperative Interface w/EMS (Emergency management Systems), System Monitors, Computer & Related, Food, Sanitation Supplies, Efficiency with size increase, Access to various Storage, Life-Support Systems - incl. Sustenance, Waste Elimination, Energy Storage, Respiration, Hitch-Ring(s) for Recovery Equipment and Fall Arrest, 1 Cage Rotates to "Open" & "Close" (Gap Between Vertical Bars) for maximimum protection 'during event' & to facilitate "opening" for exit after event, earthquake preparation


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