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   Descriptions (that are also worded so to be generally Non-Identifying (if/when needed):

      An invention, a device that involves building construction, and saving (many) lives under certain conditions. I[had] been careful about who I tell what amount about this. Because a) It could involve tremendous amounts of money, great benefit to very many people, and the challenges that come with administration of people, time, and resources. And b) The concept is surprisingly simple, although the technical aspects of both constructing the device, and installing it, may be very complex . The insurance requirements may be formidable. At least relative to the "Cadillac" of the designs. (Elaboration below where I also tell a little more about the device.)
      And there is the patenting aspect. I [had] been requiring the signing of a non-disclosure agreement

      Besides the drawings (drafting style, with scaled different views, etc), I've drawn up a list of questions for various consultants in their qualifying the feasibility of the idea. That would include the technical or legal possibilities or pitfalls, in efforts to both narrow those down AND to see if there might be basic flaws in my idea. Or so that I can see where I might need to re-think parts of it before I/we continue. As is, I've put a fair amount of thought into the idea, as well as some research.
      To give you a little better idea about of what we are dealing with, let's say the technical & Insurance considerations for this device (actually a small series of devices for different types of application) would be (in the most comprehensive design) similar to a combination of a fire-alarm unit, a burglary protection system, a small communications center, an armored car, and an airplane - but without an engine. It possible that, if we get this off the ground floor with something simple enough, the insurance needs won't be [un]surmountable, because they have all(?) been dealt with in other devices - but likely not all together in one device.

Questions for qualifying - the project & engineer(s), determining further questions, etc:

 This section includes the most basic questions for finding “the right engineer” as well as helping me further qualify the feasibility of the device. On the next few pages after this one are much more specific, in-depth, technical questions & considerations (most for experienced structural engineer(s).

General, Financial, Managerial Questions, Identifying the Project’s Realm of Application, etc:

1)  Speaking of most buildings in Seattle in the multi-story and  high-rise categories: Are most tenants now able to safely & efficiently evacuate during a building-wide emergency?   
2)  Who is/are the "Go-to"(s) in Seattle for city-planning, building code qualification, and general legal say-so AND/OR related knowledge?

    3)     a) Speaking of a device which might/probably be considered a building safety device, how does an engineer go about legally qualifying a such a device to meet codes & laws for a) structural adequacy, b) construction, and c) installation? b) And what if the device is one that might be legally considered a *new type* in that category, or even one that initiates a new category of building safety devices?  c) Do these three require different kinds of processes or can they all be met via essentially the same process? d) Who do you know that does know ?   
    4)     a) What, do you think the steps involved in that (Q3) might actually be? b) How would you find out for sure? c) do you have experience at any of that?  
    5)     How to do any necessary research for the above, including about invention-patenting  
    6)     Promo/Capital: a) Who can effectively attract investors as needed for start-up capital (including grants/contracts from the city/state if applicable)? b) Would a device need to be built before we get sufficient guarantee of investment/ contracts, or can we sufficiently "know and show" with the design alone?   
    7)     Who to "sell" idea to first - governments or private investors, building owners, etc?
    8)     Business Management (Mgr, Board of Directors, Start-Up when/where/how): Who would enjoy this, do this successfully ?
Engineering Q’s, Identifying the Project’s Realm of Application, etc

    9)     a) What are the current plans for improving earthquake protective modification for multi-family condos and other high-rise building evacuation? If so, how aware are you of how soon those plans may be accomplished?  b) Given the stats from the “Scenario Damage Estimates” and “HAZUS Damage Projections” (building failures during earthquakes in Seattle): Can we NOW project how/if what buildings will fall  (in the NW, along other US coastal fault lines, Pacific Rim fault lines) AND will not likely be improved effectively for that condition in next 7 years, YET will be allowed to remain standing? Is this determined mainly by building type, age, or codes qualification ?
    10)     earthquake design codes?   who is up to date on these (even though they are in constant revision/upgrade)?
    11)     Currently, what forms of protection and/or evacuation are there for the tenants of such buildings during an earthquake?
    12)     Structural Engineering:   How much would it cost to design & build the prototype?    
    13)     Design/Construction Management: a) What would that entail/require - besides design/mgt crew, what equipment, how much space & where, how much manpower?  
14) Given the stats from the “Scenario Damage Estimates” and “HAZUS Damage Projections,” Can we roughly estimate #of lives saved by the installation of Qbx's - if installed for those building types most likely to fail to appreciable extent?  


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