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==[== RESEARCH Note set (was Index) == n.6-22-10  ==]==
* Government Influence/co-option of various kinds of projects: How much by law, via codes, City Planners ?
* Local earthquake design codes
  [???] how open-ended, the contact/question points, etc.
* Check General Emergency Prep Info
* [???] Post Quake Recovery/Extraction [???]
 [] 'Lifeline+Systems'
* /Roll-cage design;
 * Space Capsule Design
* Cad/Arch/Drafting resources

[see "AutoBldgIndex.php.htm"] - list of components, systems, assy's, job-tasks, etc.

==[== earthquake design codes ==]==
 * 'Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings' (FEMA)
* 'Seismic Design Guidelines and Standards' (FEMA)
[] "The 2003 edition of the International Building Code adopted by the State Building Code Council"

==[== 'Lifeline+Systems' (Found 241 Records at cedb.asce.org) ==]==
 * "'Lifeline Systems'-''Search Results-WWWsrchkwx.cgi.htm"
* 2010  "Comparative Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Network Performance under Probabilistic and Scenario Earthquakes" http://cedb.asce.org/cgi/WWWdisplay.cgi?255261

==[== Roll-cage design ==]==
* "Roll Cage Design 101": http://www.nwhydroshots.virfx.net/links/rcd101.htm
* Roll Cage Overview [way more than that]: http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/rollcage.htm
* tech: Roll Cages - an Introduction: http://werkz.com/feature.php?id=13
* 2004-05-28: Williams Lowbuck Tube Notcher Review: http://werkz.com/feature.php?id=38 (incl. resources)
* 2003-10-13: Miata Roll Bar Install: http://werkz.com/feature.php?id=20
* 2003-10-09: Tube Bending - Doing It: http://werkz.com/feature.php?id=19 (details & pics)
* 2003-09-23: Roll Cage Fabrication - Picking a Bender: http://werkz.com/feature.php?id=18
* Cage in Auberlen's PTG BMW - note the a-pillar: http://werkz.com/picture.php?pic=1059407920x.jpg

==[== "Hitch-Ring", Tow Straps ==]==
* Front Mount Receiver Install [or Hitch, for attaching a tow-hook to]: http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/winter2009/Front_Mount_Receiver.htm
* Tow Strap stats: http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/TowStraps_Hooks.html

==[== Misc ==]==
* LED Lighting ("LED_Lights.htm"): http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/summer2008/LED_Lights.htm
[Tag: earthquake preparation]
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