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The  Use  Of  "Positive Response Questions"  (PRQ's)
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Theory Behind Using Questions for More Effective Affirmation

         These writings provide advanced considerations in the use of affirmations for self-applied personal growth therapy. The first section is on the principles, how and why they work. The second -- "Quest 'n Soul You Shen -- Question & Solution Exercises" -- provides sample Positive Response Questions ("PRQ's"). I will later make reference to some essays that provide more fundamental concepts as well as elaborations into other related areas.

         The *Question* is the basis for one of my core sets of tools, for myself, for clients, and as used in visual affirmations. Possibly due to my reading John Simone's quote, "The key to wisdom is knowing all the right questions." Possibly due to some study of materials from the Rosicrucians (back in the 70's), about various famous inventors and scientists who would, vexed with a problem situation, propose a question to themselves, then go into alpha state, wherein they would receive insights and solutions, etc. Directing questions to "the back of one's mind" is how it is sometimes phrased.

         Affirmations can be quite valuable for directing ones mind in the directions one chooses to go. There are, unfortunately, a lot of myths and misconceptions about the use and benefits of affirmations. Less than effective use of this tool arises primarily out of unrealistic expectations -- as in when we believe that a few simple repetitions are going to stand up to years of believing in and responding to totally different messages. And how about when the events around us are signaling to us that the affirmation needs modification, and we haven't been prepared or trained for recognizing the signals, let alone for updating the affirmation(s).

Let me clarify that:

         I believe it is important for teachings about affirmation usage to have suitable explanation for, and responses to, sudden difficulties when they happens to someone who has faithfully been doing their affirmations and positive attitude homework. Otherwise it can be very disillusioning. Some teachers do respond more knowledgeably. For example, June Miller, in her essay, "Positive Thinking Explained," gives a valuable technique for advantageously employing (cause and effect) dynamics, those that may otherwise attract very hard learning opportunities, otherwise perhaps experienced as tragedies, or at least as tests and trials. I'll mention Douglas Block's contribution shortly.

         I like to call the more gestalt approach used here (at this site) "Gestalt Positivism", because it doesn't deny the value, certainly not the reality, of "the feeling stuff" or chronic pain. While at the same time it helps build depth, overall context, and therefore stability as well as appropriate regard for effective (and long term) life plan development. Whether toward improving one's habits, attitudes, vocational goal accomplishment, or health, freedom from pain, clarity of mind, etc. You may notice that many of the samples in the next section are about dealing with ones own processes in self-regard, dealing with emotions, other self-development, and even designing and using affirmations.

         One of the most interesting cause and effect dynamics in the use of affirmations is what I'll call "Shadow Teasing" or "Depth-Charging". This is the reaction born out of one's "Shadow" self - the old and/or repressed beliefs, reacting to the affirmed beliefs, and striving to maintain the territorial power hold of the old beliefs, by proving to you "What really is -- because it always has been -- so it always will be!" As Douglas Block says in "Affirmations: Using Affirmations to Uncover and Transform," when you affirm, "I am the greatest," up may come the reaction, "I'm afraid you're not." Unfortunately, we don't always notice the Shadow's response, and if it has any strength, it may maneuver to attempt restoration of the old order.

         The Shadow attempts to attract or help you create situations in reaction to your affirmation, sabotaging your plans. We "depth-charge", but if we don't meet the submarine with our reality check, the submarine torpedoes us. But this is all part of the testing and the learning of personal growth, of dropping old patterns - it takes time. And utilizing a more complete knowledge of affirmation therapy can help to minimize the hard lessons, or at least prepare us for some of them that can't be prevented.

         This is where the use of questions come in. The Q&S Technique does not confront the shadow so directly. No confrontation, no "charging". It accomplishes the objectives of affirmations; in fact, it can employ them. It starts off with an acknowledgment-preamble (such as on the "Quest..Shen" exercise sheet) and then is followed by questions. These are designed in such a way that the Universal Body-Mind can only respond by producing "positive" answers and solutions (or none at all) -- internally as well as externally (manifested into reality).

    IMPORTANT: The question technique is BEST used with the previously referred to knowledge and techniques. One of the advantages of the question technique is that it can be used by the worry-occupied mental type of personality with wonderful results: Just by using that (excess) mental energy to flood the mental computer with "positive response questions" (PRQ's).

Quick Tips for designing "Positive Response Questions" (PRQ's):

         Use PRESENT tense and no negatives ("no, w/o, not" or contractions). Use "...I am..." or "...am I..." in as many of your Q's as possible. Use follow-up Q's such as, "How enjoyable does this feel?" "What does this look like?" "How very often am I enjoying this?". SEE (with your imagination) and/or FEEL (with your emotional self) the desired picture(s) and feeling(s) as you are verbalizing out-loud the Q's.

         Do NOT try to mentally answer the Q's after you ask them. Allow time for your Universal Body Mind to present the solutions in the form that it designs for you, when it knows you are most ready to use them. Use your "issues" (and related hopes, desires, and fears, etc.) to design affirmations, and use the affirmations to design the PRQ's. EG: From "I fear balloons," to "I am calm and creative in the presence of balloons," to "How enjoyably calm (and perhaps even inspired) can I be in the presence of balloons?" (if you'll pardon the pun: the word "inspired" comes from "filled with air"! ;-)

         Another accelerator phrase to consider adding to the PRQ is, "...very well, Thank you." OK, for example, when talking to the muscles I might say, "How are we enjoying taking the next step toward your realization of optimal performance and well-being in accordance with Divine Order and Timing very well, Thank you." The "very well" part is added as if one with the main part of the PRQ -- as in "how *very well* are we doing this". Then the "thank you" part is added to thank the Higher Self or Higher Power (etc.) for facilitating the "answering" or solution manifesting process, as well as "the kids", the "celldren", for rejoining in the teamwork again. (Although *these* kids actually have just been doing what we told them on some level a long time ago in response to some event or situation, and it was the attitudes of mind that since then created whatever degree of loss of teamwork that occurred).

         Please see the Related References Section for accessing the articles referred to above, "Positive Thinking Explained," by June Miller, and "Affirmations: Using Affirmations to Uncover and Transform," by Douglus Block. Including "Attainment and Achievement -- The Alignment of Beliefs, Desires, and Needs," with related basic and advanced aspects elaborated by the author. These do not explain the use of questions but do well at providing clarity in the effective use of affirmations. All of these essays and many more are available (w/o charge) by email via chaliser@iinet.com (please type "permit2chris" in body of email)

Chris Pringer ©April '93

Sample Positive Response Questions (PRQ's) following the quote section

[Ideals-Related essays: "More On 'Ideals'" & "Idealism & the Concept of Perfection" (including "Unconditional Love") at the page, "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring 'Burn-out'"]

Some Quotes on Questions & Solutions

"Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation … Questions are the key that cause the secret doors of the psyche to swing open."
-- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.
-- Sufi proverb

You can't solve problems for someone whose problem is that they don't want problems solved.
-- Richard Back in "One"

Often, the biggest impediment to scientific progress is not what we don’t know, but what we know.
-- Robert Sapolsky, biologist and neuroscientist

What we need is not the will to believe but the will to find out.
-- Bertrand Russell

Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you will learn nothing.
-- T.H. Huxley

"I am somehow less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein's brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops."
--Stephen Jay Gould

Scientists and artists are both searching for truth but they’re not the same kind of truth. The scientist is looking for truth in the…inanimate physical world. Whereas the artist is looking for an emotional truth, a truth that is inherently rooted in our human existence.
-- Alan Lightman, physicist and author

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.
-- Aldous Huxley

If science searches the universe – as it does – for certain kinds of truth, then these are inevitably the only ones it will find. Everything else will slip through the net.
-- David Darling, astrophysicist

Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of our science.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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"Quest 'n Soul You Shen -- Question & Solution Exercises"
Sample Positive Response Questions (PRQ's)

Preamble Acknowledgment
(A Sample format):

I acknowledge my Total Being (Body-Mind-Spirit-Higher Power) capacity
to effectively, efficiently, and safely search for, find, & develop
any & all answers & solutions that these questions ask for or imply.
As I simply ask each question,
one line at a time as a thought, feeling, and/or image,
and letting the thought, feeling, or image go,
with faith that the answers come.
I acknowledge that the answers &/or solutions to these questions
have manifested on some level of consciousness
and/or dimension of Life in the Universe (!)
and are manifesting with perfect timing
for gestation and completion
in this dimension of Time & Space "on Earth as it IS in Heaven" (!)

-- perhaps through communications that I sense within
(via thoughts, feelings, imagery, etc.),
&/or through my external experience(s) with things, situations, people, etc.
according to my highest needs, in accordance
with Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing.
Today and days to come I thank my Higher Power/Higher Self for showing me
what such enjoyable and appropriate answers and solutions feel and look like!

("Appropriate" = in accordance with most practical application of Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing.
"Safely" = free of inappropriate judgment, intimidation, or pain of any kind.)

Sample Positive Response Questions (PRQ's):

                    How am I making it safe and enjoyable to be SAFE HERE & NOW, and taking up, all the Space & Time I need; to Trust; to feel and trust support as present for me: for basic (physical) needs met, including feeling loved, accepted, & supported by MotherGod & FatherGod, MotherEarth & FatherSpace?

                    How am I making it safe and enjoyable to feel support, at least someday perhaps, even by my biological Mother & Father - as proxies for the eventual realization of the Divine Parental support, and from their Soul Level as vehicles for my own realization of all the above ?

                    How Am I Thus or otherwise most safely and enjoyably providing more than sufficient protection for myself - even as I communicate my empowered presence whether actively or passively expressing my 'Beingness', including my health, my talents or capacities, or my attractiveness on any level of my Being ?

                    How am I making it safe and enjoyable to be a Winner ? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How am I enjoying the effortless and natural and effective utilization of multidimensional Question and Solution ("Quest 'n Soul You Shen") techniques as I experience greater and greater peace and stillness of mind every day ?

                    How joyfully am I creating and/or allowing an effective flow of communications between all aspects of my being -- including all those of body, mind, spirit, and "emotional body" -- in a balanced and productive manner such that my highest needs are taken care of, healing is facilitated, and Divine Order within my being is established and maintained?...And such that my mind is at peace ?

                    How wonderful could it be/feel to experience the "positive side of the gestalt" in all the events and considerations that I focus on today ?

                    What would it be like to enjoy feeling, as well as "knowing", on a continuous basis, that I am unconditionally loved and accepted for who I truly am, secure in the confidence that I am taken care of as I am present with all that I experience, being capable and effective in my world ? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How am I finding The Universe working efficiently for me today? How am I to catalyze the Universe to work efficiently and productively for me today? What good things am I developing for tomorrow and the times to come? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    Hmmm, how would this feel; what would it look like? [Insert this often amongst the various questions, and as you say it, involve your feelings, imagery, and natural curiosity, and direct this energy to your inner-most Being.] ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How joyfully am I effectively responding to potential emotion-stirring current or past situations, making consciously sure that I clarify current emotion from past or stored emotion and clarify true need to allow or stimulate appropriate feeling for true purpose attainment ? e.g. When I journalize potentially painful events, how am I writing about them, and how am I responding to my writing, and still keeping all concerned in a content that is open to the most positive and creative development? How am I most appropriately and safely doing this and facilitating any necessary grieving and/or responding to specific individuals and/or the Universe in a constructive, responsible, and timely manner ? How am I doing this and performing any constructive, therapeutic "reframing" of these events as memories in an effective way? ...(i.e. with compassion and courageous self-honesty regarding aspects of self, and unconditional love to the extent I can attain it ). How do I best perform the above such that I maintain and/or increase my positive oriented motivation in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing? How does this feel? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How do I enjoy nurturing and supporting my inner child as s/he is healed of any/all ineffective behavior, pain, loss, invalidation, anger, and/or limitations on my being All I can Be? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How can I best, most productively, use my intensely creative and solution-oriented mind: to help others?...To put my ideas into Action?...To communicate effectively to (and motivate as necessary) those who would best facilitate (or best help me facilitate them) the progress of above-related idea/projects?...to maintain the faith and positivism necessary to do the above until completion of such projects? How does this feel? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    What are the most Appropriate/Effective Questions for me to Ask and/or Ponder and Submit to the Universal Mind Today? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How am I making it safe and enjoyable: to have all I need to enjoy my life and do what I need to do? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How do I ensure that I enjoy the most effective and productive Timing for when I get answers to my Questions -- especially as regards those I may benefit most by writing down? How does this feel? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    What is it like to know, throughout my Being on a fairly (at least) continuous basis of experience, that I am unconditionally loved and accepted as I am now and always, enthusiastic, and ready to be present with whatever could possibly come next, no matter what, and to feel that? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED!

                    How am I most enjoyably and appropriately realizing how I am manifesting the reality that I am safely in charge of my mood and my happiness, of deciding what energy I take in and what energy I give out, of who and what I am truly responsible to and for, and that I am, therefore, more and more safely in charge of what kinds of interactions with people and things I experience ? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED -- Thank you, God!

                    How am I most enjoyably realizing How I am safely in charge of my feelings, exercising appropriate awareness and management of feelings, including discerning between my own feelings and others feelings -- including those of past situations --organizing and/or releasing them as most appropriate for current and future management of energy flow and communications -- within and to and from myself --in Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing ?

                    How am I enjoying appropriately detached awareness of my emotional body's dynamics as related to past in-applicable empathy with others' expectations/approval, and thus now providing supportive energy and resources, for an appropriate degree of "emotional sensitivity," to self and others' feelings/emotions, as well as for psychic & extra-sensory discrimination and integrity if/as necessary, whether or not they may be in physical proximity, responding appropriately & effectively to others communications, whether or not an intended communication is made on whatever level, in all my personal and other relationships !?!

                    How am I most appropriately enjoying making it safe for me as: I take charge of my life, as I stand up for myself, and as I am more and more present as who I truly am in all circumstances more and more each day in Divine Order, Divine Love, & Divine Timing. How am I enjoying learning and feeling that today ? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED -- Thank you, God!
                    As I enjoy opening more and more each day to my oneness with the source of Universal Light and Love and all the benefits that connection provides, How am I making it safe to be in my own authority, considering of course, that this always includes following the path that my guidance's lays for my continuing improvement in awareness of, and alignment with, the Highest Will of God for me? What does "Opening to Guidance" from my Divine Authorities (God) entail for me generally and in specific times of need? What are the next steps and/or the steps for me in general accord with my opening to this guidance? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED -- Thank you, God!

PRQ's for assisting in Integration and weight & metabolism management, forgiveness, transmutation:

                    How am I most appropriately, enjoying BEING HERE & NOW, and taking up all the Space & Time I need, to Trust, to feel and trust support as present for me: for basic (physical) needs met, including feeling loved, accepted, & supported by MotherGod & FatherGod, MotherEarth & FatherSpace ? How Am I SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying the feeling & reality of support, at least someday perhaps, even by my biological Mother & Father - as proxies for the eventual realization of the Divine Parental support, and from their Soul Level as vehicles for my own realization of all the above ? How Am I Thus or otherwise enjoying FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY providing more than sufficient protection for myself - even as I communicate my empowered presence whether actively or passively expressing my 'Beingness', including my health, my talents or capacities, or my attractiveness on any level of my Being ?

                    How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying my BREATHING: as I Breathe outer world into my inner world and the inner into outer (Prana and Oxygen, Word & Flesh, Frequency and Magnetism, Chakra & Cell), As I AM Realizing the Inner and Outer as one/same or "equal in the Sight of God"), As I AM INTEGRATING my DIVINITY WITH my HUMANITY, as part of Divine-Humankind's Integrating Divinity With Humanity ?

                    How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying MY OWN AUTHORITY, as I realize more and more each day in my body and mind, that It Is My Divine Job To Communicate WHO I AM, THAT I AM, Through My Cellular Structure As Well As Through Sound ?

                    How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying MY OWN AUTHORITY, as I realize more and more each day in my body and mind, that according to My Divine Job I AM BRIDGING My First Third And Fifth Chakra And Communicate, And COMMUNICATING WHO I AM HERE AND NOW ?

                    How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying MY OWN AUTHORITY, as I AM thereby now and henceforth communicating with just the right amount of Thyroxin for OPTIMAL Cellular metabolism/catabolism and other functions NOW, or according the most Evolved Divine Blueprint for my most Body-Mind.

                    How am I enjoying the fostering of effective communications among the various levels and bodies of my Total Being (physical, emotional, mental, and etheric), including the facilitation of forgiveness of self and others as needed and appropriate, the re-framing of past events and situations and relationships, and/or otherwise transforming my perception in the most effective and appropriate ways ?

                    How are my various "bodies" or manifestations of my consciousness sharing information effectively and enjoyably, such that: the data assimilation capabilities of my precocious infancy and childhood becomes an example that I can (consciously or unconsciously) now relate to -- for how my various bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and etheric) expand their perception, assimilate data, create solutions, transform structures and processes into the most appropriate working models and realities, transform resources, elements, and data into the most appropriate resources, elements, and data, all working and playing and creating together, all in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing ?

                    How am I effectively, appropriately, and enjoyably developing and utilizing my growing awareness of how my Total Being accomplishes the processes referred to above, including how best learned, applied, and implemented are the concepts and/or realities: of holograms and holographic relationships, of morphic energy fields, of connective tissue in the body as related to the various bodies and levels of my Total Being, of therapeutic inner-parenting, of cellular transmutation and the transmutation processes within cells and related energy dynamics, of alignment with my "Blueprint" or Higher Self, and of related aspects to the above as appropriate, all in accordance with Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Timing ?

Converting Coping Skills into Gifts
(per the "Understanding the Pattern Triad page)

                    How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying converting judgements as a) I am noticing when a judgement comes up and as b) I am more and more each day according to my highest most true needs, noticing to what degree my *comparative analysis* has been about making someone less than myself, and/or making myself less than myself (as it were), and/or any other kind of marginalizing capacities, etc, and as c) I am appreciating the capacity to choose what works best for myself, as well as appreciating the INCREASING capacity to recognize what may work better for others, at least until they 'learn better" (whatever that may be to the degree that appropriately applies), which learning I acknowledge is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to learn on their own - to the degree there are no agreements to enlist me or someone else in that endeavor ?
          How am I thus, as an added option, most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying d) attempting to "see" the "Gestalt Mandala" of my current perception (including of s/he/it I may have been judging inappropriately), such that I am recognizing all that I see (also) as reflections of my own inner world (as I perceive that inner world consciously or unconsciously on some level or another) ?

                    How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying Converting Skillsets, such that a) I am, more and more each day according to my highest most true needs, noticing my inner skills, especially when considering how to react to situation involving others. (Such that) b) I am noticing when I engage (for example) a given skill, c) I am appreciating how it was born out of a very challenging time in my early developmental stages, and out of and a coping mechanism that was necessarily created to survive or manage an actual or potentially painful situation then, and d) I am appreciating how that skill may have been used inappropriately since then as the habit came only too naturally for me in some situations, e) I am appreciating how I have been and am learning the difference between it's inappropriate and appropriate applications as I am forgiving myself as necessary for how I have learned, and f) I am appreciating how I am developing that skill into an artform for the raising of consciousness for myself, and and perhaps even for others simply by example ?

                    How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY enjoying Converting Overwhelming Lists (and potential burnout), While Easing Prioritization as I am first acknowledging that:
         My list(s), and/or items that would go on lists, have been about those things that have -- regularly (steadily over many years), and especially on a day-to-day basis -- [have] gotten my attention, because I cared about them, and/or thought about acting upon them in some capacity, and so I acknowledge now that some of them did so enough that (in the past) they pulled me away from what I know needed and/or still needs to be cared about and/or acted upon, that is, things that (in the past) pulled me away from what actually was and/or still is my responsibility to deal with to some degree. In that light, and in the positive response question fashion established above, I ask: How am I most appropriately, FULLY, SAFELY, AND EFFECTIVELY creating and enjoying the reality that
         a)  I am understanding that the first thing I Am doing here is to simply write down these things as they occur to me. After a few days,
         b)  I Am prioritizing them in terms of how much they really are "My job" - vs what really is the job of someone else, and vs. those issues that I and many people of like mind would really like to help out with, but which I or we still have to weigh out against our more immediate, pressing needs. After that,
         c)  I Am more and more easily further prioritizing those things that are optional, depending on certain conditions of time and resource availability.
         d)  I Am then beginning to more quickly spot those things that are truly someone else's job, even though I might care about them a lot. Because, for example, I must wait until certain people actually ask me for help. And even then
         e)  I Am weighing out what is actually "my job."
         f)   I am realizing that this is all about what my responsibility is vs what someone else's job and responsibility is - at a given time or maybe at any time, depending on factors that bear on the circumstance - which I Am learning to more quickly measure.
         g)  I am giving thanks to [Higher Power] for assistance and clarity in the above and any follow-up processes this may entail, and assisting me, as
         h)  I am (if/as/where needed) forgiving myself for (in the past) "loving too much" or acting less wisely than I could have, etc, as
         i)  I am now I resolving to do my best to exercise preventive maintenance in all such circumstances in the future (per the above acknowledgments honored, understandings gained, and decisions made).


[NOTICE that the many of the sample PRQ's provide an easy examples of how one can convert most any affirmation. Hence we can quickly convert by simply prefacing it:

   1)   with "How am I [most appropriately] making and/or allowing it to be safe as ..."
  2)  with, "How am I most enjoyably manifesting the reality that: ..."
  3)  or with the word "realizing" in place of "manifesting"]
  4)  with "How am I enjoying each day how it is that: ..." or
  5)  with "How am I finding how wonderfully easy it is as: ..."

How about, "How am I creating the most effective affirmative question formats ?"

--- --- ---

Other pages full of "PRQ"s and "Invoc-Q"s are linked in the Related References section below, including for the "World Healing Prayers over Sacred Geometry Graphic Backgrounds" page (with many, not all, in the "Invoc-Q" format.

© Christopher Pringer Dec '94

Affirms4InnerComm' Chris Pringer 2003
Selected Affirms for Inner Communications, a sample card
[ Prints out well at 2-3/4" x 5-1/4" (8 per page) ] cp, June'11


© September 1999, Chris Pringer


I Acknowledge my whole Being's capacity to ask, and respond to, the following question
in the time(s), space(s), and way(s) that best fulfills my Divine Plan:

How am I increasingly allowing myself to enjoy the ever-growing realization of benefits
of reviewing the following affirmations, with increasing appreciation of the reality that:

By God, I Am Entitled, even Commissioned,
to continually learn to be as fully present as I can be, and continually improve in my capacities...
To Find safe & effective ways to Feel & Respond to my own feelings, desires, emotions ?

And Therefore, To Define my own qualities, values, and principles, including as regards:

   Truth &Inspiration       Caring & Love      Authority, Approval, & Worthiness   
  Responsibility & Freedom       Harmony & Presence       Security & Safety       Power & Strength   
  Humility & Pride       Intimacy & Boundaries       Success & Failure   

How Am I most enjoying allowing myself, more and more often today and each day:

To Accept -- & Learn from -- ALL of my past.
To Be my own Best Friend & Inner Parent.
To Determine my own needs as I Discern my needs from my desires.
To Choose my own priorities & Set my own goals.
To Be Responsive to & Responsible for my own Inner Child.
To Clarify my own Strengths & Highest Potential as well as current limitations.
To Be my own Self & Be visible as Who I Truly AM!

And Thereby:

To Be safe in my own authority -
as I learn to be a channel of God's Highest Loving Will through me -
as I continually improve in capacity to clarify It from my ego's will.
To Re-define values & revise choices accordingly.
To Find/realize Purpose & Meaning in my life.
To Do all the above safely -even when I risk "failure,"
or discover I have made mistakes along the way as part of the learning to do this -
without judgment, obligation, guilt, invalidation, manipulation (by myself or others).

To Know that my value & worthiness (to have true needs met)
is a God-ordained Reality to be realized, Regardless of
my internal mental, emotional, or physical condition,
or the external actions or reactions of myself or others.

To Know how talented & powerful I am, & find my path as I
Utilize that knowledge productively,
Honor others as the worthy beings that they likewise are, &
Release attachment to how others respond, learn, & grow.

To Express & feel my power
as love, wisdom, passion, & connectedness with God.
To Fully realize today how worthy I am & what that implies for my life here & now.

To Take all the time I truly need to learn to do all the above & much more,
to enjoy & be responsible for my decisions as regards these choices.

Thank You, God, for assisting
in the manifestation of all insights, answers and solutions called for herewith!

"Chalice tapestry" background artwork by Christopher Pringer, 2003
(A quality graphic with text placed over colorful tapestry background is available for donation via chaliser@iinet.com


PRQ's for assisting in a
(Buddhist-style) "Dis-Identification" Process

                    How joyfully am I realizing that I am the peace and clarity and awareness that allows me to acknowledge that I have a body, but That I Am beyond the body, that I have emotions, but That I Am beyond the emotions, that I have an intellect with thoughts and beliefs, but That I Am beyond the intellect, its thoughts and beliefs, that I have roles and aspects of personality, but That I Am beyond the roles and aspects, That I Am beyond the my body-mind (physical, emotional, and mental) Complex, and That I Am the Center of Consciousness, and from this centered point of awareness I may choose to acknowledge and continuously perceive my co-creatorship with All That Is? And how joyfully through this acknowledgement and perception may I now choose to disengage the power of all false or otherwise inappropriate beliefs, patterns, and associations from ever again creating into my Life/Manifestation? ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED -- Thank you, God!

                    How joyfully am I realizing my capacity and choices to utilize all of my past to observe from my highest center of awareness, the pains or elations that may be perceived by my body-mind complex, and from this point of awareness, deal lovingly and justly with these dynamics as a channel of the Highest Loving Will That I Am, and do so on a regular basis without judgment, denial or projection of any "negative" aspects that I may have created in and for the learning process of my Being. ANSWERS ARE FACILITATED -- Thank you, God!

"PiVortexSpheres Lt on ChaliCell Garden Tapestry IV"

    The image at right one of a set of from the "Multi3D Chalice" & "Chali-Cell" themes over backgrounds that combines two older themes, including the original Chalice drawing (pen & ink, colored pencils, scanned). It is a scaled down sample of the framed image at my gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America. There, you can choose artwork to look at in large view, in your choice of frames, matting, paper, and/or other mountings or greeting cards that are available, and the site will display it in that setting.

    Here at ChaliceBridge.Com, various chalice art can be viewed in smaller sizes at the Chalice Art & Holiday Card Slideshow Presentations, with bio, related philosophy, and more at the Chalice Integration Index Page.

"Chali-Cells": Even in the matrix of our cells, the sacred-geometry proportions actually facilitate (ionic) polarities [positive/ negative or yin/ yang] for bio-magnetic interactions and energy exchanges at atomic/ molecular levels - in this "cell matrix chalice." And these "chali-cells," at that atomic level, operate like tiny but ever-powerful nuclear generators, yet with all of a living cell's frequencies/ colors (Rainbow), given all the energy, including all the loving understanding that's been channelled into this "chalice dynamic." This "ChaliCells" description is an understanding of one reality, and it is also an affirmation. We could add "how might I be increasing in the understanding that this is true, and increasingly true in manifested reality each day?"



Related References (most by the author)

    Using Affirmations to Uncover and Transform Negative Beliefs and Attitudes
by Douglas Bloch, Nov.'98 -- Theory & Example; Basic and very useful Self Help psychology in therapeutic use of affirmations.

    "Questions for INNER-RESOURCING
The Use of Personally Applied Invocative Questions (Invoc-Q's) for Multi-Dimensional Facilitation of Information Sharing, Integration, & Access," ©`96. Includes "An Ericsonian Reading for Resource manifestation," ©`96.

    "Seven Laws of Change" and "Principles for Invocation of 'The Blueprint'" --
Two pieces about 1) How Change Happens - 'Within & Without' about some key attitude-related principles of force, movement, and the balancing of energies (one basis of healing); 2) Empathic Healing & Invocation - A Summary of a 3-part essay, Originally published © July'97 (at Seeker Magazine Website).

  "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer"
Or "Bridging Prayer & Science" - faith & intuition, Spirit working logic & emotion, and a little science to boot. Tools for working with the cells - self-healing on an energetic level, plus supportive science, concepts and references, a summary essay, "Cells & Healing Changes: How I Believe What I See; Building, Cleansing, and Paradigm Management; Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk" [Rev'd Apr 2011] and "'Getting Super': Sample Personalized Visualization Prayer Chart" (more application of science than prayer in this case, as related to *Cellular Re-Organization* and engaging *neuroplasticity*.) [New Apr 2011]. Also "Focusing Love-Organized Healing Waters", or Water-Charging (incl. a section for the Neuro-Endocrine System), based on some very inspiring scientific findings by Masaru Emoto, including Dr. Emoto's message for transforming the water (molecules) effected by nuclear radiation. [this page is finally beginning to say what I've always wanted it to! ie: more to come in time.]

    "Questions for Boundaries
Effective Communications of position, intention, & message, Maintaining Clarity for appropriate Connection, Direction, & Protection" ©`96

  "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs"
Often referred to at this site as "the Goal Chart" - Basic principles and definitions for functionally clarifying the differences between ones beliefs, desires, & needs and the implications for personal growth, preventative health maintenance, and self-healing

  "Whole Being Integration In Manifesting Abundance and Seven Steps To Initiation And Understanding"
Principles of magnetism in the process of conscious personal growth, spiritual integration, and self healing.
  Includes special section: "Questions for Empowerment", over sacred geometry background through clarifying and/or re-defining one's values and beliefs, all over "Chalice Tapestry" sacred geometry background. Chris Pringer, 9'99

    "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work: A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and ..."

Often referred to at this site as "The Goal Chart" - a practical visual tool to help organize a truly gestalt approach to goal accomplishment, as well as complement & help complete other self-help perspectives & presentations. This comprises a re-hash of gestalt application of modern psychology and ancient truths, created to work for new applications; © Chris Pringer, '92, Rev'd 8'02. In another section, "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11) is about clarifying what we most truly want, and how we can have that... also about HOW we respond to Pain & Loss (whether caused by disease, ourselves, others, or the economy) and are brought back together again - the *how* that can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
Goal Chart 333px  by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com

      "A Gestalt Perspective," and "Seven Phases of Personal Growth" (2 Essays)
A perspective on an approach to and regard for life, one's past and present, as well as a basis for personal growth and/or therapy. I could've called it an integrated 'Gestaltist-Humanist-Buddhist-New Thought' perspective. (You could say these are my main sources, from among the various "schools" of psychology and correlating approaches to application of therapy.)

      The "Bleep Tool Kit"
...because habits are difficult to break... - an Intro for application of principles from 'What The Bleep Do We Know - Down the Rabbit Hole' And I don't mean to imply that 'Bleep' is all about such serious things. It's as fun as it is intellectually stimulating, even as "wondrous," as it pulls together and makes understandable so many realms of knowledge in a practical way, including the quantum physics that backs it all up! And the DVD set is available at most video outlets. This DVD is also one great means of learning about and enhancing your neuroplasticity, with the brain essentially being a tool kit that we each have opportunities to develop and enhance, even repair - from within.

      [Available in text form via chaliser@iinet.com (please type "permit2chris" in body of email):] "INTER-RESOURCING INVOC-Q's - The Use Invoc-Q's) for Multi-Dimensional Facilitation of Information Sharing, Integration, & Access Adapted for *GROUP* Prayer/ Meditation" ©`96; "Space Cadet's Priorities - for 'Grounding` & Earth-Plane Productivity" © Jan '94; "Facilitated Resource Agreement Invoc-Q" © May `95, "Self-Programming Body Invoc-Q's For Personal Growth Process and Healing," ©`96, and "Whole Being Integration In Manifesting Abundance -- Seven Steps To Initiation & Understanding," ©'93-'98.

Thumbnail of Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy
   "Resource Access Prayer Chart for Economy

Page Description:
24 prayers as of Dec 2011, Universal in approach,generally invoking Divine assistance, calling for citizen awareness & courage, truth, justice, accountability, related healing, learning, & balance, etc. They include a resource-connecting prayer chart for the Economy (Jan'11) , two that are specific to global climate healing, one to Iraq & Middle East, two for comprehensive planetary healing in general, two specific to media communications (latest Dec'10), and more. Page includes background and related information, links, and printing/downloading tips. (Yes, of course it's free, as I believe prayers are meant to be.)

Thumbnail of World Healing Prayer w Affirmative Questions, Integrated for Meditation for Prevention of War, and manifestation of Healthfully Sustainable Planet - click to go there
   "Q's Prayer 4 World Peace
Thumbnail of Iraq-MiddleEast Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer, Commissioning Archangel Michael for Truth, Justice, Accountability by all concerned - click to go there
    "Archangel Prayer for Iraq-MiddleEast"
Global Climate Healing Fantasy & Invocation (Thumb)

   "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy and the Spirit of It All" On Sacred Earth Background. PDF versions available for Printing (is 2 pages long)
World Healing Prayers over Sacred Geometry Graphic Backgrounds

The "coverage" (via prayer text) provides a virtual summary of our current world challenges - hints to opportunities to gain the momentum we need to heal/transform the planet and mankind.
Thumbnail of Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer, Chris Pringer - click to go there
     Broad Spectrum World Healing Prayer



Thumbnail EmBody-Mind-Chalice-Synthesis in (AChaliToruSphere) by Chris Pringer
"The Body-Mind & The Chalice"
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'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
"Karma Learning Love Shield" Chris Pringer 2010



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