Holographic Memory Release Technique" HMR -

An Introduction to HMR Theory

In his pioneering work The Body Electric, Robert O. Becker, M.D., eloquently chronicles the introduction of antibiotics and the dramatic change that has occurred to the practice of medicine from an art form to the specific application of the science of biochemistry. He believes that life itself has come to be defined as a purely chemical and mechanical phenomenon. It appears that any attempt to find a soul, a vital spark, a subtle something that sets living matter apart from the nonliving, has failed.

No one can deny the benefits of this technology, however, this advance has cost us something irreplaceable: health care’s humanity. There is no longer any room for any presumed sanctity or uniqueness of life. There is no longer a need for the patient’s own self-healing force nor any strategy for enhancing that self-healing. With our ability to extend life we have left ourselves in a real technological fix. Degenerative diseases have replaced infectious diseases as the major enemy of life and in the process has destroyed its quality.

HMR came into existence due to my frustration with this predicament. There was no room in my private practice for discovery. The forced regimentation and the pressure to conform were in conflict with my innate recognition of the body’s ability to self-heal.

"Life processes that were inexplicable according to current biochemistry have been either ignored or misinterpreted. In effect, scientific medicine abandoned the central rule of science - revision in light of new data. As a result, the constant widening of horizons that has kept physics so vital hasn’t occurred in medicine. The mechanistic assumptions behind today’s medicine are left over from the turn of the century, when science was forcing dogmatic religion to see the evidence of evolution…Medical research, which has limited itself almost exclusively to drug therapy, might as well have been wearing blinders for the last thirty years…We know little about the way every organism regulates its metabolic activity in cycles attuned to the fluctuations of earth, moon, and sun. We are ignorant about nearly every aspect of consciousness, which may be broadly defined as the self-interested integrity that lets each living thing marshal its responses…Mechanistic chemistry isn’t adequate to understand these enigmas of life, and it now acts as a barrier to studying them." 1

Like Dr. Becker, my work has been directed toward the day when the physician is able to assist and stimulate healing at will. My attempt to deal with this dilemma motivated my search for a healing form that existed outside of the traditional or established models. My exposure to Acupuncture had taught me that mainstream medicine’s acceptance of the existence of alternate communication pathways and electrical currents lagged the eastern study of this phenomenon by 5,000 years.

From the point of view of Western biomedicine, James L. Oschman, Ph.D., presents four reasons that it might be useful to search for additional communication systems in the body. A Biophysical Basis for Acupuncture 2

  1. There are major unsolved problems in regulatory biology.
  2. The nervous and hormonal systems that are the primary focus of modern biomedicine are relatively new inventions from the evolutionary perspective. Older and more primitive mechanisms are probably still present, and are important in wound healing, defense, and recognition of self and non-self.
  3. Within the organism are a large number of cells and subcellular components that are not under direct influence of the nervous system but that must nevertheless have some way of being in communication with the rest of the body.
  4. Solid state physicists have discovered a number of cooperative or collective phenomena that could provide a basis for very rapid movements of information and energy within living systems. Acupuncture is based on the existence of energetic phenomena of this sort.

Neuroscientist Dr. Karl Pribram 3 and physicist Dr. David Bohm 4 have proposed models of consciousness and neurological reality based on holographic principles and the theory of non-local fields. Dr. Oschman has expanded these holographic models to include the connective tissue system. He suggests that the connective tissues play a major role in the storage and retrieval of memory utilizing holographic principles.5

One of the constituents of Dr. Oschman's model is based on the concept of acupuncture point self-assembly. He suggests that the acupuncture meridian system may be a distributed communication and energetic network with the individual acupuncture points representing nodes in the system, that are responsible for the local distribution of signals arriving from other parts of the body and for inserting local news into the global network. These information networks may provide signal distribution to and from the holographic memory system utilizing the same type of models that Pribram and Bohm have suggested.

Collateral communication pathways may also exist between the spinal cord, mind-body memory systems, and the cellular tissue. However, the idea that parallel communication may in some way be accomplished at the cellular level through the phenomena referred to, as Cellular Resonance is not a new concept. George Crile suggested in 1936 that the cell, the essential organic unit in all living beings, is an electromagnetic resonator, capable of emitting and absorbing radiation of very high frequency. The Phenomena of Life

"It is clear that radiation produces the electric current which operates adaptively the organism as a whole, producing memory, reason, imagination, emotion, the special senses, secretions, muscular action, the response to infection, normal growth…all of which are governed adaptively by the electric charges that are generated by the short wave or ionizing radiation in protoplasm." 6

Part of these communication pathways may involve frequency-based collateral communication between the cellular structures and the meningeal coverings of the brain and spinal cord. The specific cellular structures, which make up the meningeal coverings of the spinal cord also seem to play a crucial role and may act as a central broadcast and reception point. They may be thought of as Multiple Wave Oscillators, generating a field in which every cell can find its own frequency and vibrate in resonance. Recently scientists at Caltech have discovered the presence of magnetic particles in human brain tissue. The highest concentrations of these magnetic particles are found in the meninges. Speculation is that these particles may allow, among other things, an ability to somehow function more fully within the earth’s magnetic field.

Memory appears to be dependent upon and limited to the state in which it is acquired. This concept is referred to as "state-bound information". State-dependent memory, learning, and behavior is the broad, generic class of learning that takes place in all complex organisms that have a cerebral cortex and limbic-hypothalamic system. 7

The Bliss State is inherently a Spiritual State. It is during the Bliss State that transcendence and personal revelation occurs. It is during a Bliss State that the distorted realities of our lives are viewed through new eyes. We are led into Waves of unbounded states of consciousness and enlightenment. It is only then that we are able to realize the splendor of life and our intimate connection to everyone and everything in the universe. Therefore, the concept of Spirit cannot be removed from a full experience of life and healing.

"The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all-true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms—this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness."

Albert Einstein

It is our view that spirit gives rise to consciousness and consciousness is nothing more than attention or awareness. How much a person is able to pay attention is the direct result of how much they are overlaid with pathological distinct memory patterns and therefore distracted from their own present time reality. 8 Once the Bliss State is experienced and the mind-body connection has been made, the obstacles to attention are removed and the healing process commences.9

HMR seeks to build on the familiar as well as the newly developing models of mind-body healing.

  • HMR is based on the Classic Chiropractic model - Insults to the Central Nervous System (the Spinal Cord and its related structures) occur where there are persistent dominant structural blocks. These blocks cause the disruptive/feedback processes that are one of the precursors to chronic dis-ease. The blockages are prolonged by spastic conditions that persist within the supporting muscles, tendon, and ligaments. The mind-body has the capacity to release these dominant patterns. However, in order to do so, it requires specific information concerning the anatomical nature and time sequencing of the original insult. HMR provides this information to the mind-body for self-resolution.
  • HMR is based on the Classical Homeopathic model - The body knows how to self-heal if the essence of the dis-ease process can be effectively communicated in a circuitous tempered way. HMR provides this subtle frequency based messaging to the mind-body for self-healing.
  • HMR is based on the Ericksonian/Rossi Hypnotherapy, Stress and Healing model - The conscious mind must be effectively removed from the healing process. Self-healing seems to occur when we are able to get beyond our own consciousness. HMR operates below consciousness and encourages postures that facilitate trance states.
  • HMR is based on the Shiatsu/Acupressure model - The Governing Vessel and Classical Acupuncture meridians appear to be precursors to our central nervous system. HMR utilizes acupuncture like information transducers for collaborative information transfer.
  • HMR is a part of the Upledger CranioSacral model - The continuous frequency based feedback process that is a function of the Cranial/Sacral Wave is a much bigger part of our internal information processing system than has been previously supposed. We are still exploring additional methods of utilizing this powerful wave based communication system. HMR turns this powerful wave function into a Coherent Soliton Wave, which energetically conveys information throughout the body’s frequency based communication systems.
  • HMR is part of the Holographic models of consciousness and neurological reality as proposed by neuroscientist Dr. Karl Pribram and physicist Dr. David Bohm - HMR promotes healing by accessing a holographic mind-body communication network that is locked within a state-dependent, non-local field.
  • HMR is part of the Oschman Holographic Connective Tissue Communication model - The information that the body requires for self correction is communicated through unique Holographic "touch point(s)" utilizing the piezoelectric properties of the connective tissue directly to the stored holographic memory for instantaneous reframing.

The HMR Model of mind-body healing employs and builds on the principles of all of these models.

HMR promotes healing by accessing a holographic mind-body communication network that is locked within a state-dependent, non-local field. HMR operates by accessing and reframing the state-dependent memory and learning systems by working through Holographic "touch point(s)" Micro-systems.

A micro-system is a representation of the entire body superimposed over another body structure. Several healing systems have long used micro-systems to access the body’s own internal healing mechanisms. These include the sciences of Reflexology, 10   Auricular (ear) Acupressure 11 and Chinese Medicine. 12 HMR utilizes 51 unique Holographic Micro-systems. Through a specific search strategy, the HMR Practitioner is able to locate distinct Holographic "touch point(s)" within each of these micro-systems for entry into the nonlocal field. The abstract concept of the Holographic "touch point(s)" Micro-systems is utilized so that cognitive awareness can be bypassed. The conscious mind is unable to ascertain the meaning of these complex relationships. By way of a series of prioritized, nondistinctive, touches, movements, and postures, the encoded information stored within the Holographic Memory System becomes available for self-help.

This process is called the HMR Release.

Release - To free from something that binds, fastens, or holds back; let go. A deliverance or liberation as from confinement, restraint, or suffering. From Latin relaxre. Relax - To make lax or loose: relax one's grip. To make less severe or strict: To relieve from tension or strain.

The HMR Release is a very simple 5 step process.

  1. Locate and establish rapport with the mind-body through one of the seven unique HMR Holographic Micro-systems.
  2. Ascertain which singular set of Holographic "touch point(s)" the mind-body has self-assembled within that specific Holographic Micro-system.
  3. Lightly touch and torque to create a piezoelectric effect into the Holographic Memory System.
  4. Break contact with the healing individual to allow the reframing process to occur without being scrutinized.
  5. Repeat the process until the mind-body discourages any further rapport.

The key to HMR is that the Practitioner is a silent observer that is performing the process without judgment or involvement in the actual healing process. The HMR practitioner’s job is to be the eyes and ears of the healing individual within their own healing drama.

When we establish rapport with a touch point we are able to communicate all of the information that we have been able to glean from the client up to that point, utilizing what we call awareness tools, directly into the Holographic Memory System. The client then utilizes that composite information (on a less than conscious level) to reframe a memory or complex of memories that has preoccupied them. These dominant memory complexes have been the filters to their reality. The process takes place very rapidly (in our conscious time), however, it may seem much longer to the client. They are in a trance state while this transition occurs and "real time" is warped.

When the process does complete itself, however, the client will also release the physical manifestation, which has been associated with that particular memory complex. Those dominant physical patterns have been their survival mechanism. In many cases they will have been very ill on physical, chemical, emotional, and mental levels. However, their illness has kept them functional. The mind-body survives the very best that it can - on a moment to moment basis - given how we are required to view the world. As the HMR release process progresses, they are no longer handicapped in their perception. They are now free to view that particular part of their world in an entirely different way.

The body is an energy conserving mechanism. If it is required over a long period of time to be held in a dominant posture, it will make physiological adaptations in order to conserve its dwindling supply of energy. Rather than holding itself in a dominant posture through the use of muscles, tendons, and ligaments it will lay down calcium in the joint structures to lock the deeper body structures so that it can maintain its dominant position through the smallest output of energy.

The mind-body makes a calculated choice. That calculated choice in the long term would seem like a mistake, however, from an energy conservation perspective it makes perfect sense. We will loose physical suppleness. We will become rigid and stiff. If these patterns are not reversed we will eventually become completely fixed. You have probably noticed from observing the aging process that this rigidity makes the transition from the physical to the emotional and finally to the mental realms. Rigid individuals become physically, emotionally and mentally immobile.

Now the good news! We are seeing this process reverse itself in individuals who have obtained fresh new views of their world through the application of HMR. The constant chatter of their old memory patterns is silenced. With that silence comes added vital capacity. With that additional vital capacity comes an ability to reverse adaptive physiology. As the adaptive physiology is reversed their physical body becomes more flexible. As their physical body regains adaptability their emotional and mental agility expands. HMR allows us to become the person we were meant to be before we became overwhelmed, distracted, and stuck.

Each time rapport is established and the touch point is accessed a release is possible. The HMR Practitioner is in this way able to assist the client in their systematic reframing process. Layer by layer the Holographic Memory System is accessed and re-framed. Layer by layer the physical manifestations of these dominant memories are released and relaxed. The healing individual becomes more pliable in their ability to deal with life. They become more adaptable. They are no longer dominant. They are out of bondage

It is my view that this self-healing process is a paradox. We are self-healing mechanisms but we require outside assistance to determine where and when we need to heal. HMR acknowledges this essentially self-contradictory assertion by providing an outside guide or facilitator to support the self-healing process.

HMR does not involve conditioning, programming, or suggestion.13 The focal point for the healing process remains within the healing individual. Each time the Holographic Memory System is accessed in this way, it is an opportunity to re-associate or reframe the problem that has become linked with it. The emphasis is always to assist the individual in their movement to a greater point of self-efficiency.

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  "Holographic Memory Release Technique" (HMR) developed and taught by Charles Daily as Inspired by the Oschmans

  Body Memory by Author Fredric, who has assisted Charles in the evolution of "Holographic Memory Release Technique" (HMR) for the Classroom and often assists Charles in teaching at HMR seminars

  The Acupuncture System and The Liquid Crystalline Collagen Fibres of the Connective Tissues by Mae Wan Ho. Particularly pertinent here would be the sections, "The coherence of brain and body consciousness" and "Quantum coherence and brain consciousness"

  The Universe As a Hologram by [Michael Talbot?] - Does Objective Reality Exist, Or Is The Universe A Phantasm? Laying out the connections as considered in depth by University of London physicist David Bohm, Standford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, brain scientist Karl Lashley, neurophysiologist Hugo Zucarelli, among many others of impressive credentials.

by James L. Oschman, Ph.d. and Nora H. Oschman

  Somatic Recall Part 1 - Soft Tissue Memory

  Somatic Recall Part 2 - Soft Tissue Holography

  Excerpts and notes on the Oschman's book, *Readings on the Scientific Basis of Bodywork, Energetic, and Movement Therapies* - The writings represent 15 years of research on scientific discoveries from around the world relating to all clinical approaches; is highly organized, topic-linked.


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