Body Memory - The Missing Key to Self-Healing

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Have you ever met an old acquaintance that seems to have gotten younger and healthier since the last time you saw them? It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s exciting. It tells us that the body can let go of old habits and correct problems even at a cellular level. This area has become very interesting to many people in the fields of health and psychology, who feel that physical patterns, which were considered unchangeable, are in fact less fixed than we used to believe.

One such researcher is Charles Daily, who over the past seven years has been experimenting with a new approach to assisting the body to release its internal limitations. After a long and successful career in natural medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractic, Dr. Daily was still concerned that most patients kept showing a characteristic personal "syndrome" of complaints around which they defined their own level of health as better or worse. Even after they were "healed" of an acute crisis of illness, their bodies still had a tendency to fall back into old problems as soon as they were challenged by stress in their jobs or personal lives. He began to wonder why a given individual would hold onto these vulnerabilities for so long.

His research has led to the development of a new technique called Holographic Memory Release, or HMR. Combining his knowledge of the principles of both acupuncture and chiropractic, Dr. Daily has evolved an efficient and non-invasive method for helping the body to perceive and release its old habits or reactions. He observes that the muscles and nerves will always attempt to handle a new problem by using an available strategy learned at an earlier time. In other words, we keep repeating patterns of "holding ourselves together" which were established early on, often in childhood. The problem is that we were often under extreme stress while we were attempting to respond to life’s challenges, and our ability to process information effectively was compromised. These incomplete solutions were laid down in the nervous system as "somatic memories" which then become unconscious guidelines for how we stand, walk, and breathe.

Dr. Daily was excited find these observations supported by the theoretical work of Dr. James and Nora Oschman, who had been studying the possibility that memories were actually stored in the body as well as in the brain. By combining the Oschman’s research with his own clinical experience, Dr. Daily found that a memory could be accessed through a particular combination of physical stimuli at a specific point on the body. He postulated that this memory was encoded "holographically" as a pattern of vectors. Dr. Daily saw that this was what was being accessed through the points along the spine, which his system had identified.

Using light touch, the HMR technique allows the body to gradually unwind the string of memories it has been carrying around. With each contact, energy is released from old tensions and made available to handle present events more appropriately. Over a period of time, significant changes in overall functioning start to appear. Clients report a newfound stability in their health, with old symptoms clearing up more quickly and eventually correcting themselves without further treatment. The body seems to recover its ability to fix itself.

Dr. Daily states specifically that the HMR work does not do the healing, but rather it is the information which is reflected back to the nervous system which allows the person to heal themselves. It is a cumulative learning process, which eventually becomes self-maintaining.

In the last year, Charles Daily has retired from private practice in order to travel and teach the HMR technique to as many people as possible. It is of special interest to nurses, massage practitioners, and therapists, but because of its simplicity and gentleness it can also be learned by anyone who wants to be able to help others feel better. He has had excellent results with children as well.

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The Holographic Memory Release Technique (HMR) is an empowering approach to prevention and improvement that restores necessary vital capacity to the mind-body continuum. HMR is a revolutionary new healing art. With this powerful and subtle tool, in only one weekend, you will learn to quickly locate specific holographic "touch points" which are referenced to the individual’s on-going process. As in reflexology, where the entire body is represented on the foot, these "touch points" correlate to whole-body microsystems. Through very light and specific digital contacts, a piezoelectric effect is created within the crystalline connective tissue memory system for instantaneous memory reframing. This personalized feedback technique enhances subtle self-observation within the individual. It increases individual somatic awareness and releases self-limiting beliefs and tension patterns, which have been stored within the mind-body continuum. Come learn and experience HMR. In a 15 minute HMR session with Charles you’ll experience the power of innocent attention as the mind-body learns to "listen-in" on itself and re-pattern cellular memory. Come and enjoy waves of coherent cellular resonance with others. Spontaneously release information "log-jams" which rob you of necessary vital capacity and start living creatively within the present moment. Start including this valuable system in what you can offer your clients.

Fredric Lehrman wrote this article for HMR. Fredric has assisted Charles in the evolution of HMR for the Classroom and often assists Charles in teaching at HMR seminars. 


  "Holographic Memory Release Technique" (HMR) developed and taught by Charles Daily as Inspired by the Oschmans

  Body Memory by Author Fredric, who has assisted Charles in the evolution of "Holographic Memory Release Technique" (HMR) for the Classroom and often assists Charles in teaching at HMR seminars

  The Acupuncture System and The Liquid Crystalline Collagen Fibres of the Connective Tissues by Mae Wan Ho. Particularly pertinent here would be the sections, "The coherence of brain and body consciousness" and "Quantum coherence and brain consciousness"

  The Universe As a Hologram by [Michael Talbot?] - Does Objective Reality Exist, Or Is The Universe A Phantasm? Laying out the connections as considered in depth by University of London physicist David Bohm, Standford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, brain scientist Karl Lashley, neurophysiologist Hugo Zucarelli, among many others of impressive credentials.

by James L. Oschman, Ph.d. and Nora H. Oschman

  Somatic Recall Part 1 - Soft Tissue Memory

  Somatic Recall Part 2 - Soft Tissue Holography

  Excerpts and notes on the Oschman's book, *Readings on the Scientific Basis of Bodywork, Energetic, and Movement Therapies* - The writings represent 15 years of research on scientific discoveries from around the world relating to all clinical approaches; is highly organized, topic-linked.


Chart At Right: "System Interfaces in the Psycho-Physiology of the Fascia Memory Theory" - A flow chart very briefly illustrating the interfaces of the "Proprio-Neuro Fascia-Muscular, Motor Cortex, Adrenal Systems, Connective Tissue Cells, & Related Aspects" (Full size at Fascia-Memory Theory pages)

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