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  S i t e     N a v i g a t i o n     T I P   ( W a r n i n g ?  laughing )  

Many links at this site may lead you to related topic matter on other pages at this site often with many more links to still MORE pages at this site! Confused You might want to brief a page first, totally resisting those links
'till you've seen it all (at least on that page <chuckle>)...
OR ELSE:   You may suffer the consequences of the mind-blowing
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Besides, learning is eternal - EG: it can't all be done in 5 minutes. I know... just keep repeating, "MORE endorphins, LESS adrenaline, there really IS ground under my feet..."
ON THE OTHER HAND:   One of my first mandalas was entitled "Synthesis". I can't say that wearing a "Synthesis" shirt will cure this groundless state -of begging for extreme circumstances just so you can locate the center of the universe - but who knows! laughing While all the original "Synthesis" Shirts have been sold or donated, you can STILL Find out for yourself with the "Synthesis" design - or other mandalas - at my Artist Websites Gallery smile

Some 'SynthWorks' Abt Daughter & Friends in Synthesis Shirts
My daughter (8 yo) and some friends to my right in 1991 - amidst some of the much later developed work born from "Synthesis" (and at my Artist Websites Gallery)


Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context 3rd Web Draft [10'12] Title Bars Link to Essay Pages

BMI Concept Reference Bridging Cht 2, 18%compressed
Body Mind Integration Essay Page Tensing Yoga Fascia Memory Project Home Page Fascia Memory Project Goals & Objectives Page Understanding the Pattern Triad Why Pain, A Practical Approach with Compassion 'Muscle Madness' Game Show Poly-Psy Citizen Healing
Words In the above & below charts: ***Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context 3rd Web Draft [10'12]***:: || Body-Mind Integration Concept / Reference Bridging Chart Summary of Connecting Points & Implications in Relation to: • Body-Mind Awareness based Preventative Maintenance, Pain Mgt & Other Aspects • Yoga Practice, Basic. Enhanced • Body-Mind Integration Elements • Genetics-Self Adjusting • Fascia Memory / Project Elements || Body-Mind Integration in the Persona1 Growth Process: Originally published July-Aug 1992 by the author in Massage Magazine. Addendum essays added May-June 2011 with the goal of clarifying these topics, preventative maintenance application, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics... || • "MuscleQ&A" Summary Intro to "BMI" Concepts • The Basic How’s, Why's, & Implications Of Storage & Release of Emotion or Tension in the bodily tissues: the Psycho-Physiology Of Stress. "Body-Memory". Healing Integration, relationships to • Proprioceptor & Adrenal Systems, Motor Cortex. Emotional Body. Body Awareness & Communications, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) • The science behind the body-mind relationships and related ... || “Tensing Yoga” Exercises for Self-Healing & Preventative Maintenance: • Yoga, Focus & Breathing for "Quality Time" with the kids (cells), Tension Range (Work/Rest Ratio, Switch Rate, Texture), Controlled Motor Response • Capacity to "isolate" muscles (for individuated focus), "tweaking" Proprioceptor systems, related balance, dis-engaging muscle holding & movement patterns • Long terms results, management of chronic pain, injury prevention • Optimizing results via rapport with muscles / other cells & "Body-Parenting" • Body-mind awareness, attitude, sensory focus (feeling "what's there") vs mental imagery, ‘Presence* for teamwork &edgework, vs force & top-down approach • "Low-Intensity Low-Back Exercises": http://www.chalicebridge.Com/LowBackExercises.html || Understanding the Pattern Triad and the Body Pattern Assessment Reading: Mind-Body Relationships & *coping mechanisms, *challenges, & *gifts on one's Life Path, how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by body holding & movement patterns. The "body-mind" term refers to the complex of mental, emotional, & physical bodies. | Describes "body-memory," body-mine correlations, "body-reading," & related basis, uses, & purposes for this knowledge. || FASCIA-MEMORY PROJECT: Integrated Preventative Health Maintenance Systems R&D GOALS & OBJECTIVES of the Fascia-Memory Myo-Scanner R&D Project: 1) Integrated Systems Development of Methodology and Hardware' for Advanced Medical -Fascia Memory Correlative-Diagnostics 2| Development of Advanced Therapies & Rehabilitation Applications Systems 3) Public Education in Body-Mind Awareness based Preventative Health Maintenance in all grades of public school. • Hardware: Scanning Devices to Assess Bio-History of Connective Tissue. To Research: pain referral phenomena, subjective somatic awareness capabilities and relation to PNI. preventative maintenance strategies, techniques, and devices. Spinal Fluid flow/rhythm, brain tissue expansion and compression, and related cranial movement dynamics, related Bio-History and Pathologies; CNS-associated memory recall as related to somatic memory recall; potential of subsequently developed public-use myo-scanner devices (and computer hardware & software) to assist in Myo-Scanninq for both home and institutional uses... || WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain. Awareness & Denial, Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion: * Intro & Notes on Pain, Reduction, Elimination, Desensitization A List Of Factors In The Perception Of Pain * Perception & Referral Of Pain Optimal Injury Experience Stress & Energy Related Pains Internal Separation And Healing "Should A Massage Be Painful? & "Touch-Sensitivity" of Muscles * Deep Massage/Bodywork Delayed Healing Repression, Denial. & Tension From Gestalt Perspective * Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment (& Healing the Pain) || "Hierarchy Of Genetic Option Slots:" * Theory that some “slots" get filled in with emphasis or relative permanence by or due to beliefs (global/cultural/personal) as well as experience, related emotions. Relates to our individual potential to create and/or return to states of optimal cellular efficiency. || “Muscle Madness” Game Show Muscle-Capacity Stats*: • Tension Range: (Length & Depth) • Best Hi / Low • Work/Rest Ratio • Switch Rate • Switch Rate • M. Texture • M. Isolation (individual focus) • M Coordination, Efficiency, CMR •M. Strength * Muscle fiber (cells & muscle groups) functions monitored, measured, graphed by scanning devices developed by Fascia Memory Project || Primary Implications [of This Chart]: • Accomplish Fascia Memory Project Goals. • Development of latent talent in hi-performance capacity body awareness for healing and/or preventing chronic pain, related injuries, or performance loss, including ability to tweak muscle / local* proprioceptor systems, to adjust many (more) of ones genetic factors That is, most all of the above primarily via natural self-application, at most any age. ||| ***Adrenaline & Cortisol (Alternatives) Chart ***: "The FIRST PHASE of the dynamics of ADRENALINE & CORTISOL set up in the musculature, usually early in life or in later traumatic or extreme conditions, LONG BEFORE and leading to most actual muscle injuries, including ATHLETIC INJURIES, leading many over 35 years old to complain of Old Athletic Injuries & Chronic Muscle Pain. Never too late to learn how to pay attention, to learn Body-Awareness, Preventive Maintenance" ||| The Goal Chart: Key Activities to DO:: "Making Room," Tithing, "Acting the Part," Gratitude, Allowingness; Key Capacities to Develop:: FOCUS, FAITH, OPEN HEART; Key Processes & Qualities:: Establishing Realistic Goals; CLARITY of Priorities (Clear) (Distorted); Determination; Motivation; Awareness of Needs & Desires (Clear) (Distorted); Trust & Knowledge of World & Self; SELF-WORTH (& Self-Esteem) (True) (False); Study & Life Experience: Basic Principles of Finance, Currency, & Abundance; Tests Challenges Success "Failure" Pain, Loss, Compassion; Spiritual Laws & Principles Including Energy-Flow & Magnetism; Foundation Processes:: Inner-Work: Belief Pattern Work:: Reconciliation of Internal Conflicting Agendas; Forgiveness; Therapeutic Release of Emotional Storage, Patterned Thought, Word* & Behavior; Discrimination of Mixed Beliefs, Emotions, etc; Establishing Appropriate Beliefs; Establishing Healthy Thought, Word*; Contrary Option: Suppression of Internal Conflicting Agendas (From ignorence, pain, addiction, and destructiveness; the "Normal," short term, Immediate-Gratifcatbn - Crisis Management Approach;
'Vagus System- for Relating to Chronic Muscle Pain' Adaptation of Netter Image, 'Sympathetic-Adrenal Components of Fight or Flight' -Thanks to Netterimages.Com
Illustrates the EARLY dynamics of adrenaline & cortisol. Whereas also important are the *LATER* dynamics, particularly for older athletes with too much chronic pain, who continue to reinjure themselves, increasingly as they age, as they still try to get that adrenaline running well or often enough to cover the pain... "Adrenaline & Athletes, Aging, & Chronic Muscle Pain" - while attending articles talk about alternative paths for long-term gain with much less pain.

"The Goal Chart"
or "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work - A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation"


Core  Principles  of  Yoga   &   the  Body-Mind  Interface
    A  Class  Outline    
Questions to begin with:
    «»   What is currently taught - relative to traditional yoga instruction - in the average yoga courses in the US?
    «»   Who is teaching classes that cover the following elements AND principles ?
           EG: Referring to those, most of which have little to do with asanas or physical positioning of body parts,
                 those more in depth as correlated below in columns 1-3, put in context in column 4.
           As for who, I know there are at least a few such teachers in the US, besides myself, that is, and besides just on line.

Below are listed Considerations in Approach, arranged in an allegory, relative to a an automobile (Column 4 assists context):
Relative to a Car or Vehicle:

    «»   Vehicle Core: (Driver of the car)

    «»   Vehicle Frame: (car frame)

    «»   Vehicle Direction (path/route & destination)

      NOT related to yoga per say, but IF you like, there are some correlations drawn between various aspects of vehicle travel, particularly in the management of fuel, polution, cargo & baggage, in a comparison of the car and combustion engine to the human - as driven or fueled by various emotions (in "Emotion, Fuel, & 'the Vehicle'..." on another web page at this site.)
Relative to Physical Health:

   «»   V. Core: *Intrinsic muscles (Fine-motor movement, in both *core & *extremities)
   «»   V. Frame: *Extrinsic muscles (Large movement, in both *core & *extremities)
   «»   V. Direction: Physical health, short & long-term plan

  * Intrinsic Muscles: facilitate fine-motor movements
  * Extrinsic Muscles: facilitate coarse, larger movements
  * Core Muscles: those of Torso, Inner & Outer
  * Extremities Muscles: those of Legs-feet, Arms-hand, Neck-head
  * Asanas do direct or focus the attention on specific body parts, for specific and general enhancements, but with varying degrees of benefit, especially long term, depending on aspects as covered in column 4, as well as those covered in "Notes on Basic Focus" [a section further below], which are still quite rudimentary relative to traditional yoga instruction.
Relative to Body-Mind Health:

   «»   V. Core: Wholistic understanding of yoga relative to body-mind health
   «»   V. Frame: Internal organs, psycho-neuro-endocrine & subtle energy systems
   «»   V. Direction: In/for Life, short & long-term goals, purpose, how to individualize that relative to one's body-mind health, considering current age, chronic conditions, prognosis, beliefs about health & aging, etc.

      IE: As regards the muscles: awareness building for a kinesthetic-to-cognitive understanding of *Tension Range,* *Work/Rest Ratio,* releasing of muscle-holding & movement patterns (ie: neuro-muscular re-setting proprioceptors, or instruction for achieving the equivalent), Etc (Elaboration). Instructors who can tell by muscle texture if this is occuring.
      How & why yoga works wholistically, the implications of that; equivalent mind- body understanding of (or at least about) nutritional health, emotional health, etc.
Elements Relative to Principles, Body-Mind & Health

    «»     CORE ELEMENTS: Those Noted in Columns 1-3
    «»     CORE PRINCIPLES: Those relative to both essential physiology & the "Body-Mind" (mental, emotional, physical, subtle bodies, including the spiritual if/as one may), that is, the "infrastructure" underlying the regard for and maintenance of the *Elements, being relative to the core aspects of yoga - *multi-level* as noted and holistically considered. Many of these principles may be introduced via the "V. Core" of column 3.
         The point being, most current yoga classes in the US (in "the West") may be great for starters, for learning to steer and manage the acceleration and braking, signs on the road, etc, good for practice in a parking lot - if there are not too many other cars in the lot. But for many individuals (ostensibly beyond the allegorical 'Driver's Education course'), such yoga classes may lead [the average individual, ignorant of these principles and/or unwilling to exercise the necessary study or discipline, yet kept in class] to exacerbate & quicken problems in the extremities as well as in the core - in the physical core, that is, and possibly in the energetic core.
         Which troubles could be prevented with an increased, even if not thorough, understanding of the CORE ELEMENTS as a whole, and even better when the CORE PRINCIPLES (as the infrastructure of the Elements) are also understood, putting all the above in the most practical context.

Mirrored from the Tensing Yoga page, Chart by Chris Pringer, Oct 2015  


How and Why this Site Is Different:
A study in Cross-Discipline Approach, Knowledge Sharing and Utilization?
What's Special & Different
In General:

You might say this site specializes in "Filling in the blanks", covering *What you Don't Find Elsewhere* the SUBTLE aspects with HUGE implications (like if you call DNA "subtle"), or What's RARELY if ever covered in the more popular media, as well as the professional media related to body-mind-spirit integration or psychology, while covering or referencing as necessary the basics, more general topics, and points, and *emphasising* as appropriate among them, without undue redundancy or "preaching to the choir".

How is the Chalice Art Related?

The basis of my healing work is the basis of my artwork. Is what I love about the chalice - it's not just a cup, not even "just" a "holy grail." Symbolically, it represents so much more (and always has, IMO) than what the legend (or what's left of it) has implied, or even what any religion has ever said about it. In reality, so much meaning and purpose can be derived when it is studied in depth. Is it the ideal ecumenical symbol with critical implications for the potential of human evolution? Consider it's relationship to our (and all other) DNA - and the sacred geometry that connects the two (and all else), and the axiom, "As Above, So Below"! (see "Love and..." further below :-)

How, Why, or Where-from,
came "Special Topics:"

The focus here is developed from A certain intricate blending of Buddhist, Gestalt, and New Thought Psychologies (with a body-centered innovation on Transactional Analysis), developed in light of each one's assets in regarding the human condition, as well as each one's particular insensitivities to same. That includes an integration of perspectives with special focus on "PRAGMATIC IDEALISM" at a number of pages at this site for our getting BEYOND what seems to be an impending "Doom & Gloom" scenario orientation. I believe that "The test" we've created (so to speak) IS the vehicle for our doing that - whether one believes that we've created that "vehicle" or that it's been handed to us.

    It's not necessarily because I've been studying the nature of intelligence, the enhanced development of balanced analytical & intuitive thinking - especially through clearing emotion-based shacklings, or because I have plans to present (via the web) a compendium of findings, research references, and considerations. 
It's more because I believe that just about everyone has special capacities in certain areas of intellect or life or knowing. And I hope this site attracts others who are open to believing the same. Because the successful accomplishment of the more adventurous goals of this site depends on a great increase in cross-discipline knowledge sharing. The challenges are elaborated in "Re-Inventing Discovery" by Michael Neilson, as well as some ideas for resolving. It seems appropriate to add here a link to the assembled writing, "The Goal Chart - The Achievement of Goals, Attainment and the Role of Inner-Work (A Flow-Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and...)" 
My own special capacities, at least as regards the intellect, are apparently in areas of pattern recognition and analysis, trends (groups of patterns related by group affinity and activity), "object permanence" (as related to limitations on how an object or situation may be seen/employed), and extrapolation of trends, as well as related metaphor and analogy, into or onto diverse or similar realms of knowledge, study, activity. Which lends to cross-discipline application of principle into the modification or creation of technique and methodology. 
The above sentences could be developed into any number of paragraphs for explanation but, for now, I will hope that the context of this introduction, and of this site, will serve sufficiently for any clarification needed.
What's this got to do with Body-Mind Integration?
Fascia Memory?
Cross-discipline study
& sharing?
If you put all the above (or at left) together with an innate desire to know how things work and how they can be improved (technically as well as psycho-socially), then the answer to those questions is "Everything." My saying that I'm an "INFJ" (personality or learning type) might only convince a psychologist that my focus works easily in this way, even kinesthetically (ie: having 'the hands' that clients say I have). 
Convincing YOU of all that 'might' be easy, depending on your interest, willingness to explore, and capacity to understand one or more of the examples listed At Right. 
Perhaps you'll find that *Chalice-Bridging* is more than about cross-discipline integration, something both more broad and deep (?). And that thread is continued below... while more on bridging is at right.  -- cp, 7'08, 9'11
         Examples of pattern recognition and analysis, extrapolation of trends, cross-discipline application of principle toward creation of technique and methodology (at this site): 
    ChBullet The Fascia Memory Project pages come from taking the "Wrinkles in the Saran Wrap" metaphor, the basics of radar detection technology, and pro-prioceptor/nerve signal science, and developing "A Theory of Multi-System Bio-Energetic Communications at the Connective Tissue Level" and (mechanical) systems for reading "Sensor Field Arrays." See above for Project goals in context with Body-Mind Integration core aspects. 
    ChBullet The Poly-Psy-Arts pages were developed by comparing certain tendencies in personal psychology with those in current society, and (via charts and discussion) projects onto society various potential poly-psy (psycho-social and psycho-political) scenarios and tangible outcomes, depending on how those challenges are handled. 
    ChBullet The "Re-Opening Bridges & Firing the Cauldrons" page tells how I've taken certain principles of alternative health care and created a multi-level approach and methodology. "Understanding The Pattern Triad" came from the projection of similar principles, but develops a rough typology and methodology for "body-mind assessment." Includes "Triangle/Triad Interface" Chart 
    ChBullet The "Evolution Trends" essay(s) (1995) utilizes all the above referred-to skills as well as the projection of optimal cross-discipline knowledge sharing and utilization, challenged somewhat with poly-psy trends, and the issue of polarization is emphesized herein with cause-and-effect relationships - including for the years following 1995. This and many other extrapolations -into the overall time-line of human evolution- was guided by of a 5000 year old human growth typology.

Diversity, Coexistence, & the Gestalt Puzzle by Chris Pringer 4'15
As (also) relates to essay, "Gestalt Psychology as compared to Buddhist Psychology"

Love and the Bridge

    I've often taken the 'Love' aspect for granted in most of my writings and artwork, assuming most people knew where I was coming from. But I've been realizing that some just need it spelled out to feel safe with you. Afterall, Love has been defined -in practice- by some pretty interesting actions.

    And yes, different people are reached in different ways. Some need it very gently, others very tough, and others... well, how do you spell *PRESENCE* in any given moment, which is always changing, yet... ? So, yes... we all need Love, and too often we need it badly.

*Individuality <--> Universality* as Divine complements, yet the makings of such paradoxes and conundrums [more on that in the column at right]...

    The PolyPsyArts pages are intended for Love's application of, by, and for citizens who want the best for everyone. That is, for whom such approach serves. But then, so are the other pages, as there are many pages of variations on the theme of bridging hearts and minds, perhaps even heaven & earth, at ChaliceBridge.Com.

    Also, such perspectives and resources might not be presented in such an integrated fashion (and some not at all) at other sites. Continuation of these efforts may depend greatly upon personal donations or contributions. If you feel so led, I would very much appreciate your visiting the Web Site Support System Page (which suggests a number of non-monetary options as well). Thanks for reading this! [- 9/22/11]

continued in 2nd column

"Bridging Hearts ValenChalice" © Chris Pringer Feb'10

3D &Multi-VortexV&H Chalice w/4Orbs Over IntertwingHearts & Flower Of Life Tapestry5bFCVt' sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct 2010
"3D &Multi-VortexV&H Chalice w/4Orbs Over Intertwing Hearts & Flower Of Life Tapestry 5bFCVt" sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct'10

continued from 1st column

Love and the Grail

    I would like to suggest your considering the bodily energy centers (including the Heart Chakra) as power transformers of divine energy for human use, then considering those energy vortexes forming chalices. You might visualize the meeting of ascending & descending energy vortexes, as well as the horizontal extension of vortexes crossing left & right (into the plane of matter, on to/as "the cross" of our existence). Given that, this chalice would be a bridge between the Higher Powers and one self.

    Thus taken as a metaphor, if one relates the grail quest to a search for (accurately) perceived lost capacities in that bridge... The implications of the "Holy Grail" story and character roles, purpose and meaning, all changes somewhat from the usual popular version (or its interpretation), and would then relate to courage, love, and spirituality, philosophy, and even politics in a much more useful way.

    Also consider the timing. That is, if you will, to the history of western religion - to the dramatic changes of the first 400 years AD, and the years of the most popularly known legend's development (1100-1300 AD), and thence to more recent events. IE: The aspect of *balance* -or lack thereof- with regard to extremism (politically current) , individually, communally, and Love's place in all that.

    Whereas the bridging function strengthens the connectivity, thereby the effective context, of each point within the optimal working whole (of Humanity, in this case), from one end to the other along any continuum of complements. That's also one way of describing the basis of Gestalt Psychology, by the way. However, the bridging function was not sufficiently given/ allowed its role in history, and the causative aberations were indicated well (symbolically) in that legend.

    But those are only a few of the metaphors that extend from the chalice archetype and grail-related history, which are detailed at the "Chalice Integration Arts & Sciences" page. Where I also have the bio for how this art developed, related notes on sacred geometry, and more.
[Jan'13, Feb'19]


Chalice, Flower & Tree Of Life, & V&H Vortices Over World v3TXT2
Sir Ken Robinson on the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things:
          "... We know three things about intelligence. One, it's diverse. We think about the world in all the ways that we experience it. We think visually, we think in sound, we think kinesthetically. We think in abstract terms, we think in movement. Secondly, intelligence is dynamic. If you look at the interactions of a human brain, as we heard yesterday from a number of presentations, intelligence is wonderfully interactive. The brain isn't divided into compartments. In fact, creativity -- which I define as the process of having original ideas that have value -- more often than not comes about through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things.
[you can see more from Ken below]

More from Sir Ken Robinson

Continued from above, on the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things (2006):

Can We Heal Hopelessness Through Sharing?

Robin Temple (excerpted from Facebook):
          "Our disconnect is near complete...though Mother Earth keeps calling. We cover our ears and accept defeat, wailing that the sky is falling..while species die or fade away..we multiply and overstay..and never learn that we have to pay...see no evil, hear no evil, speak none too. You'll still be here when the bill comes due...your children will curse you for what you knew..their inheritance a scrambled planetary Stew."

My response:
          Thank you, Robin. And yes, (I believe) we can always just keep reincarnating and eventually start all over again on a new planet. But where's the challenge in that - AND where's the compassion, what will we have learned?
          What healing practitioners learn is that lasting change happens at the core of being, then works out from there... the opposite kind of change brought about by force is peripheral and creates it's own opposing force in that it seeks to change. The question is, how much short-term change can we produce, to reverse the acute hemorrhaging without working against ourselves. What kind of teaching can we provide that leads others to change their ways of perceiving -and thence their actions- in the world? These aren't new questions - they are ancient, but (as they say) 'just sayin'.
          [Related reference added 9'12: "ReInventing Discovery" by Michael Neilson]
          ...these are written in the consideration that, if we keep on doing the same things, the warning is indeed apropropriate, not to mention great prose. Related:
    ChBullet   'The Lords of Culture' and Listening- a story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context (7'10--9'10)     ChBullet   Poly-Psy & Citizen Healing     ChBullet   "Paradigm Shifts" - A Pragmatic Summary (7'10, 6'16)     ChBullet   "Diversity and the Gestalt - a Function of Sacred Geometry?" (8'10)     ChBullet   "Systems of Structure & Effects on Learning" or "Spiritual Battles & Wars" (that are best if maintained INternally).     ChBullet   "Evolution Trends: The 'Information Age' And Its Evolution Into The 'Holographic Age' "     ChBullet   A Kind of Summary For Pragmatic Balance & Related Resource Links

The Holy Grail and History of Western Religion
As relevant to Current Politics and Healing Extremism - in the Context of Chalice Symbolism - as compiled by Chris Pringer
Chart of interlinked essay-sections (links here also work)
on noted web pages at ChaliceBridge.Com
© Chris Pringer, 2013

Soul-Mind-Body-Integration Soul-Mind-Body-Integration Listening & L/R Split Empathy History & Related Refs Spiritual Battles, Structure, Extremism Potential Realities, Ideals... Learning Recovering the Grail- Main Summary on Point... 'Nine Faces of Christ' Gardener 'Bloodline of Jesus' & History Templars Citizen Healing Charts Pg PolyPsyArts Pg Citizen Momentum Pg Healing Disillusionment Pg World Healing Prayers on Sacred Geometry Pg

      "Holy Grail, Pragmatic Balance ...Extremism... Legend or History" at the Chalice Integration Arts page includes a an extended summary relative to this assembly of early Christian, Gnostic, Celtic Pagan histories, as well as those of the Romans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, including the inquisitions and crusades - as documented to the degree it was - including Emperor Constantine's deciding part, adding in that of the Templars and "the Bloodline of Jesus" via the "Mystical Jesus" page, Not a revision of history, but a logical connecting of dots and filling in of blanks where historic documentation left them. >Note that there is an emphesis on the issue of *polarization* in the "Evolution Trends" essay(s) (1995)
Early Church History & Related Bible References © by Chris Pringer 2015



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"The Body-Mind & The Chalice"
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'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
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