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"Psycho-Emotional Organization and the Body-Mind"  
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  Introduction & Context (Just Below)

  "The Lower Chakras & Synthesis of Body & Soul"

  "Body Memory and Soul-Interplay in Learning Life Lessons"

  "Psycho-Emotional Organization and the Body-Mind"

  "A Brief Cosmology Regarding the Body-Mind, Attitudes, and Chakras"

  "Chakra Test"

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3D AtomicPi Chalice V&H Vortex9[X] w/ChaliceSphere&Star Flower Of Life3 onTeal © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com, Sept 2012
"3D AtomicPi Chalice V&H Vortex9[X] w/ChaliceSphere &Star Flower Of Life 3 onTeal" © Chris Pringer Sept 2012

Chakra Tree Anatomy in Chalice Garden-FAA-Framed By Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com, 2012

This piece is entitled, "Chakra Tree Anatomy in Chalice Garden" over "Trees of Light" from pi-ratio rays, over a background created from a garden-rendered "chalice tapestry" overlaying the original Chalice design (1986). Chakras were created from Multi-Vortexes arranged in sacred geometric proportions - and form each of those multi-color-dimensional energy centers (each of which are a form of chalice, all of which also form a chalice - "As above, So below", and so it just keeps on going!) - Christopher Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com, Oct-Nov 2012.

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& Putting these Topics in Context with Each Other & with Other Writings at this Web Site

          This essay comprises a complex and not easily separated set of topics, each of which deserve its concentrated focus -- so far, however, I have left the essay as originally written some years ago, often an interrelating of various elements.
          In many discussions about the body's energy centers, it seems there is a tendency to portray the upper chakras as if they are more important, even more beneficent, and the lower chakras almost as elements to avoid focus on altogether. This "protective" viewpoint has its merits up to a point. Yet it provides a dis-service in the long run to those who desire to eventually understand the purpose of the human plight on the material plane of existence, and the instrumental role of the chakras therein. I certainly don't claim to understand *ALL* about this, but I will do my best to convey the essentials of the title topics in the light of the various teachings I have studied.
          Once I have established what I consider a more balanced perspective of the relative importance of the roles of all the (seven primary) chakras, then I will attempt to organize their roles in a psychologically meaningful and useful way.
          To begin with, I will give a very brief description of the chakras. I am trusting that others' many detailed and effective treatises on the subject do a fine job of developing the existential depth on the basics and more. That leaves me to make the points that I want to focus on here. You might find it helpful (to gain context) to checkout the overview of "A Brief Cosmology Regarding the Body-Mind, Attitudes, and Chakras," either now or after reading the next section or two.

         . Essentially then, the chakras are the primary conduits and transformers of energy coming into the body from God/The Source/Higher Power. From here the energy is distributed to what we recognize as the major energy systems of the body, primarily the endocrine, nervous, and circulatory systems. Their are other lesser known systems that perform the distribution from the chakras to these aforementioned systems, one of which is the meridian system - what has been more commonly referred to as the system of acupuncture points.

    Useful references include Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith or Human Energy Systems by Jack Schwarz. Meanwhile, the energy centers' corollary attributes can be summarized crudely and briefly:

    1) strength, security, basic support;
    2) passion, reproduction, creativity;
    3) individuation & definition, information, raw empathy as in "gut feeling," power in management/ manipulation of these aspects;
    4) love, service, empathy with others as extension of oneself, psycho-emotional integration;
    5) authority, management, delegation of power, communications, 'power of Spoken Word';
    6) conceptual, contextual, & ethics/ values-based discrimination, insight, recognition of truth, reality, & related veils, psychic awareness;
    7) pure knowledge, consciousness, integrated "connectedness" relating all reality/ies, All Beings, all energy centers as ONE, etc.

    Each energy center, is thereby part of our non-physical anatomy, according to teachings of advanced yogi's down through the centuries.

About the "Connecting with Guidance..." Chart

         Balanced use of the chakra’s is important on any conscious spiritual path. This pertains to both the balance within any one chakra, as well as the balance between or among the various chakras (7 shown here). For instance, in connecting with Higher Guidance, the use of imagination is a necessary part of ’Receptivity’ in 'Balanced Awareness’ of ‘Inner Guidance,’ in the balanced use of the 6th (“3rd Eye”) Chakra. However, some people have, through experience and/or parental ignorance, been led to believe (consciously or not) that their imagination was bad, or simply was not an appropriate part of their connection with God. Yet, If “asking the right question" is valid in beginning a search for clarity of one’s True Path (no matter to whom the question may be directed), how could one not include the imagination in forming that question ?  [Continued at right]
Chakra TreeMan & Mercaba Over [3DChalice PiSpheres & SmFOL, TOL, ChOS711-A4~]Chalice for Remembering-Adj, Sig'd © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com May'14

"Connecting with Guidance & Higher Self Some Key Elements & Considerations for Balance in Contemplation & Meditation"

          The use of the lower chakras might not seem important at first in seeking clarity. But how could one’s objectivity be truly valid, if one does not take into consideration one's bias’s (whether about people, belief systems, or science as may apply) ? And how about the effects of our desires, fears, and other basic emotions on our perceptions ? And what about those emotions that have been repressed since childhood ? Hence this chart shows the Yin & Yang (passive & active) elements of these chakras as well.
  (Chart & "Connecting with Guidance" Text By Chris Pringer, 2003)



"Light 3DPi&Multi-Chalice VortexBridge wFlower&TreeOfLife 3a on Drk" sig'd by Chris Pringer 2011-12

          This essay presents a view that honors the balanced and complementary roles of all the chakras as they work together. I will also relate these roles directly to the dynamic of memory storage in the body as related to personality issues and the process of human personal/spiritual growth.

          This is written from the highly gestalt view that honors each coping mechanism originated in childhood. It honors these and their related challenges as primary (albeit raw) resources for (ideally to be transformed into) talents, skills and gifts -- towards the realization of one's highest potential through the challenges of experience on one's Life Path. As resources to be discovered, emotionally cleared, & then employed as mental/emotional assets & guidance towards determining & accomplishing life goals.

          All are considered parts of the Soul's original plan for the growth of the personality in a given lifetime. More on this below in the section, "BODY MEMORY and the INTERPLAY of SOUL in LEARNING LIFE LESSONS".

         From a transpersonal psychology point of view, the balance of right & left brain requires integration of the "emotional body", and is the homework for development of ones lower chakras or energy centers, as prerequisite to further development of the higher centers - as related to the chalice *within* and what we do with it, what we manifest into and as "reality, sufficient to render the "Grail" - which also refers to "Chalice Productions," as well as to the "Grail System" - that is, of the limbic system of the brain, so theorized by this author at the "Recovering the Holy Grail" page.

"The Lower Chakras
and Synthesis of Body & Soul"
  © Chris Pringer Oct'96   [rev'd ...7-01, 4'11]

          The chakras, or energy centers are generally (traditionally) taught as seven in number, 3 "lower", and 4 "upper." The teachers of eastern spiritual perspectives have described the attributes and functions of chakras in various ways. Some of those ways seem to support a view that, as regards one's spiritual growth, there is little purpose in, and therefore little need for focus on, the lower chakras or their various aspects as related to one's psyche, body, and Life. If I didn't know better I might wonder if the lower chakras were primarily "negative" in character and the upper chakras primarily "positive." But it also strikes the same chords (in me) as the idea that the body is source of all evil.

          Coming from a gestalt and somewhat Buddhist paradigm, the author also acknowledges that any power (or individual chakra) can be fraught with attachments and/or be highly liberated. I appreciate the different aspects of any one chakra, including how a chakra relates/communicates with each other chakra (or doesn't, depending on the individual's current place in process). Therefore an individual can conceivably be somewhat advanced in some areas of a chakra's functionality and be relatively attached in other areas of function of that same chakra. More on this in the section, A Brief Cosmology Regarding the Body-Mind, Attitudes, and Chakras [ But come back here, or go there later.]

Affirmation for Inner Communication on Chakra Tapestry background by Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com
Affirmation for Inner Communication on Chakra Tapestry background" by Chris Pringer

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Self, daughter, & friends, 1991

          I believe that many of the qualities commonly ascribed to the chakras can be unduly limiting. For instance, a quality often associated with the 1st Chakra is Fear, with the 2nd chakra is Sex, and with the 3rd chakra is Manipulation. All of a sudden we get that 'Unconditional Love' is the quality for the 4th, or Heart, chakra. (Hmmm, that reminds me of the idea that, if we just simply follow the Ten Commandments, then we'll just go right past goal, collect [$200 and Huh] our rewards in heaven - and do all this in ONE lifetime. And even if my life is only 2 weeks long and I was born in poor and in pain in Somalia and died the same way… well, uh, too bad. And that a Loving God designed that path, to boot. And… that's not my idea of divine foresight, let alone divine love. If, however, we were to throw in the full implications of 'the Golden Rule' as a requirement, I might go along with that idea, but then I still wonder how would each person be given the opportunity to understand each other person, without much more broad experience than one lifetime offers?) I acknowledge the basis for these chakra-role associations, and I would like to add balance and clarity -- at the risk of also adding a bit more complexity -- regarding the essential functional roles the chakra system plays.

          Even for "Fear" (at 1st/base Chakra)? Yes, but how is there fear without the opposite quality of FAITH? 'Rootedness'...Basic SUPPORT and NEEDS MET (or not) are base chakra related issues/challenges. The form or STRUCTURE of family rules provides LIMITS for children to feel themselves against and reflected off of. Without this, goals are not realistically perceived, set, and achieved. The Earth Mother HOSTS its children.

          "Having a foot (or footing) to STAND on" also relates to our BASIC SECURITY that life is there for us. One cannot transcend what one does not OWN -- or own-up TO -- God doesn't SHELTER us from our lessons - the gross physicality of things on our path - because God IS Faith in Life to be All That God Is. But we learn what true PROTECTION is through the lessons of the base chakra. In God we TRUST.

          I see the 1st chakra as the center that defines "Earth-Centered" spiritual paths as distinct from other spiritual paths. This includes the support that Mother Earth serves as and is the primary archetype for. Earth Centeredness honors the different forms which God manifests as or in -- as vehicles for experience. Experience being necessary for the process of learning and thereby for realization of the Divine. The term "Groundedness" would have no meaning without the ground, or base, chakra. Hence neither would any other chakra.

          Emotion that essential to get one to do anything all while living in a body, really begins at the 2nd chakra level, because it takes TWO to create an electric charge which is necessary to get current to move from pt.A to pt.B. POLARITY. This is the essential quality of the 2nd chakra. Yes, sexual nature comes from this chakra. But ANY interaction in the universe has to have a charge, via two or more participating elements. And the result is CREATION of a 3rd aspect, whether it was from two brain hemispheres, two hearts, two hands, two cells, or two people lighting up like Christmas trees with stars on top (e.g.: tantra). KEYWORDS: MAGNETISM, ATTRACTION, DESIRE (MOTIVATION), PLAY, CREATIVITY. (Related reference: "Emotion & Motivation on the Path and in Healing")

Form = Structure = MATRIX = LIFE = MOTHER

          The 3rd Chakra takes creation, DEFINES it and makes functional separations - MANIPULATES - in order to make sense and USEFULNESS of the different elements it has defined. Having food [for mind/body], I DIGEST/ANALYZE, DIFFERENTIATE, and ASSIMILATE mental, emotional, AND physical elements. Breaking down food into molecules, I refine sources of power for my cells.

          To the degree I define experience as words, I can compare, sort, and choose words and symbols, as elements of POWER in digesting and relating concepts. With these PROCESSES I perceive where I, others, and things begin and end: hence, BOUNDARIES. (ie:"Questions for Boundaries -- Effective Communications of position, intention, & message, Maintaining Clarity for appropriate Connection, Direction, & Protection.") [For best context, keep reading here, go there later.] Without them, without DISCRIMINATION, we may experience ENMESHMENT. Perceiving how others do all this with GUT FEELINGS (instinct or "radar"), we sense ROLES and other data about people and situations. Theosophy refers to this as "lower psychism" (as opposed to telepathy).
          One may fool oneself with gut feelings to the degree one has not done one's emotional healing homework, unconsciously drawing from material charged with one's own "stuff" (unresolved emotional storage), and worse, may project that onto someone else. Related: "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" at the "Body-Mind Integration" essays page. With EMPATHY we meet the need to feel, sort, and ORGANIZE self's and others' feelings (according to their perceived appropriateness for a purpose) and have RELATIONS. This is not the same as the empathy of the heart chakra, and I will begin to clarify that next.

          One can "EMPATH" another's condition, whether the intention is selfless or from an unconscious need to "prove" --to self or others -- that one cares, or for some other reason. What one does with the felt condition is what determines which chakra is leading the action. Healing practitioners would be totally ineffective without the capable and appropriate use of the skills born through the solar plexus chakra. Interestingly, if you ask just about any practitioner worth his/her salt about how they learned to "feel" energy, "move" it, and still keep free of "taking on" the energy of the client, you'll hear about valuable lessons in the refinement of empathy and personal boundaries -- from psychic to sensual.

          The HEART CHAKRA (what I consider the "bridging" chakra or chalice-Chakra, between the lower and upper chakras): The above qualities, when under the guidance of the Heart Chakra, become aspects of COMPASSION. Even the Heart Chakra, without the mastery of the lower chakras, can be handicapped and limited. Is the heart's love always/only UN-conditional? Perhaps when there is no experience of its being broken, when there is complete naïvete, and/or when there is much experience in life, understanding, and forgiveness. Even with a "good" heart that CARES, one can be duped by those who are experienced with the upper and lower chakras' negative characteristics but lack the guidance and intention of evolved chakra's. Unwarranted generosity, e.g.: from taking responsibility for other's feelings -- via co-dependent relations -- is blind empathy. Whence the saying, "throwing pearls to swine."

ChaliceOS-711 w/Golden ChaliCellRings -A4aB2[RA1] onBlk, sig'd © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2011,12
"TorusRing Bright StarSet, Turquoise &Teal" © Chris Pringer May'14,Mar'16

ChaliceOS-711 w/Golden ChaliCellRings -A4aB2[RA1] onBlk, sig'd © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2011,12
"ChaliceOS-711 w/Golden ChaliCellRings -A4aB2[RA1] onBlk", sig'd © Chris Pringer 2011,12

ChaliceVHVtx9[X]-APi1&3w2AChSphOAChSyn4w~ABonDrk-s-444px.jpg © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2011,12
ChaliceSphere PiRayed Matrix Gold in Blue: Golden "Atomic Pi ratio Chalice Spheres" with Double-Star and PiRays over Blue Light Vortex. Symbols of spiritual balance are prevalent in fairly symmetric style in bright, deep, & subtle blendings of colors. By Christopher Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com © 2012. 14" wide version available at my gallery at Fine Art America

DblStr3DChaliCelln3DCh&3VtxGrd&VtTpOnBlk-A1-wdFr-444px.jpg © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2012
"3D Chalice VortexTapistry(3), ChaliCells, DoubleStar A1 on Black", sig'd © Chris Pringer May'12; On the Multi-3D Chalice theme... slightly misted background but with "ChaliCells" - symbolizing the Chalice dynamic at the cellular level, as well as at the molecular, the systemic, and all other bodily levels. Whereas other pieces are more relevant to the mental and/or the emotional, the etheric, etc. Integration is essentially about the gestalt interrelatedness, or interrelatingness, ... but I digress (?) This piece by Chris Pringer, May 2012.

PreDawn Chalice Still All One OnLtSeaGr sig'd,Frm&crp © Chris Pringer, May'12
"PreDawn Chalice Still All One" OnLtSeaGr - After the Parting 'Though united with the Eternal Caducus, and before Heaven & Earth formed from the Light out of the still pristine darkness... vortex bridging God & Goddess, yin and yang. Created from symbols of spiritual balance, particularly the Chalice, rendered in deep and subtle blendings of colors, symmetric pi-ratio proportions of Sacred Geometry. © Chris Pringer, May'12 See full size version at my gallery at Fine Art America

ChaliceVortex Cell&Tapestry5d DblStar APiSphere, FlowerOfLife5d, Intertwined Hearts', sig'd © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2009,12
"ChaliceVortex Cell &Tapestry5d DoubleStar APiSphere, Orb&Cellestry, Flower Of Life 5d, Intertwined Hearts", sig'd © Chris Pringer 2009,12; The orbs and connecting caduceus hint at the polarity of energies, "Hi & Low" (but actually in every continuum)

          Here is where we learn the critical difference between sympathetic resonance and compassion, and about honoring someone's chosen path of learning. For more about that see "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner - and Detouring 'Burn-out'" (Published July'88). [For best context, keep reading here, go there later.] The Heart Chakra mediates, interconnects, and integrates the upper three chakras with the lower three, insuring that Spirit finds a practical place and relevance in the plane of time, space, and experience.

          Feeling CONNECTEDNESS with all life is certainly a heart chakra trait. Via the Immune System, primarily the Thymus gland, the heart chakra knows, and wants to experience, everything as ONE integrated family. It co-opts bacteria and viruses, as well as enzymes and elements, in its role of INTEGRATING the roles of all the organs and systems toward achieving perfect BALANCE. While few people may ever experience the kind of perfection that the heart chakra works toward, we do experience what science calls homeostasis. The heart chakra doesn't perceive the healing experience (even if it may involve the use of "germs" and/or 'dis-ease'-ease to cleanse and re-organize the system) as contrary to the process of growth, integration, and learning to achieve one's highest potential.

          The lower chakras are the ones most popularly associated with what we often refer to as the "shadow" or dark elements of life. Actually, the dark side would not exist if aberrations or lack of development of the upper chakras didn't support it as well. In any case, a lot can be said for acceptance of the "shadow" side, emotional pain, fooling oneself, spiritual egoism, judgment, etc. and especially how these kinds of things relate, communicate, organize, settle, hide, move and change, and eventually INTEGRATE, with-in/out-of the body-mind. I don't mean to refer to passive acceptance, but to the acknowledgement of one's own "stuff," in order to work constructively with it, using it as the fuel for the fire of transformation. Life is dynamic - a hologram of holograms that are inherently and eternally changing and yet maintaining essential connectedness via "God's" Love and Light and Will.

          I see everything as related and/or metaphorical, not just metaphysical and/or "spiritual" (a word which is so broadly defined and bandied about that it has about as much worth in communications as the word, "normal". I see the body (as well as everything else) as REAL because it has PURPOSE -- so long as it is used as a vehicle for learning on the Earth plane. My essay, "A Working Gestalt Perspective", elaborates on this concept. [For best context, keep reading here, go there later.]

The body illustrates the dynamic relationship of the shadow elements with one's highest potential.



          A term coming of age is Body-Memory and relates to how, when, where, and why experience on any and every level of awareness is stored in the body, accessed and expressed - consciously and/or unconsciously. How this correlates functionally to one's anatomy, emotionality, mental routines, psycho-spiritual awareness, path, purpose, and integration, is not only fascinating, but actually describes an individual in a very practical way. The first two paragraphs outline some basic formative dynamics. The paragraphs following them elaborate on the specific processes and considerations involved.

          To the degree that one is not able to process an experience, one will put that processing "on hold." We say that the related memory - the psycho-emotional information that the body-mind puts/stores on hold - is "repressed." And the body-mind will create an "armor" of tension in the musculature in the area of the body that one associates with that event. The message(s), issue(s), or belief(s) related to that event, as well as whatever emotions that one perceives (consciously or unconsciously) as related to it, are all based on ones subjective experience. And it is important to note that one's subjective experience is often heavily weighted with emotional material, especially in the formative years, and most especially so for suppressed events. Also that repressed memories *may* have something -- or absolutely nothing -- to do with an objective reality (as in one that is rationally explainable), let alone any "accurate" perception of the actual related experience. It is generally believed, by those who work with these dynamics, that the body does not store *all* memory, but only that which is perceived by the self as necessary for later completion of experience.

          From a spiritual perspective, we could say that the Higher Self let the personality off the hook for the time being, by postponing the process until the personality/ego is sufficiently developed to satisfactorily complete and learn from the experience. As for the processes that we complete, we can remember them, or the lessons derived from them, solely via the mental body. Thoughts only become attached to the personality -- as beliefs -- for the sake of providing a psychological structure to learn in and/or from. And structure is important in a personality's learning process. Emotional charge (i.e.: as related to an issue) is the binding agent for attaching a thought. Otherwise the thought (i.e.: a perception and related data) is left to flow more or less freely through the mental body, or can be re-organized as desired.

Chakra TreeMan & Mercaba Over [3DChalice PiSpheres & SmFOL, TOL, ChOS711-A4~]Chalice for Remembering-Adj, Sig'd © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com May'14
"Chakra TreeMan & Mercaba Over [3DChalice PiSpheres & Small Flower Of Life, Tree Of Life, ChaliceOS711-A4~] Chalice for Remembering" Sig'd © Chris Pringer May'14

        The body is shaped in terms of how the musculature has been held and moved in response to ones subjective experience. Hence the relationship of the body's posture and movement to one's sense of connectedness, coping strategies, skills, challenges, and gifts, the mind, the body, and the emotions, and the path of one's self knowledge, self healing, and transformation ("The Body Pattern Assessment/Reading and Understanding the Pattern Triad". ). [For best context, keep reading here, go there later.] Although the body vibrates at a lower frequency than does the mind, it communicates the Soul's energy all the same. And it is always telling us, point-blank, what we don't otherwise perceive.
          Few people in "modern society" survived childhood feeling safe to truly feel life from within their bodies. Result: we learn a mentally and emotionally armored, semi-defensive relationship with our bodies and our environment, yet strive to feel "the connection" with others. It is through this dualistic predicament that we have/are the divine opportunity to reveal depth and meaning to all aspects of our lives and to all life, to re-enter-connect. Related writing: "Questions and Topics for 'Body-Mind Integration and the Chalice' ".

          I believe that Souls are basically learning to focus - by Choice - on what is according to the Highest Will in any given moment. And we learn through awareness of ALL that IS (lots of choices when one is in acceptance of All that one is no matter how yucky and purposeless some of it may appear). Learning to listen to this "Body-Mind" not only accesses lost personal resources. It is a spiritual path of reclaiming one's original essence and soul-infused presence. That can only be done with form, in a body, complete with a full set of chakras to be present with. Until one really gets that thoroughly --understands (as only a fully realized Master can), the body -- and the lower AND upper chakras -- will continue to be part of the learning. Related: ("Context for Choice") [For best context, keep reading here, go there later.]

Chart of Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces, © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com Apr'11
"Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces" sig'd © Chris Pringer Apr'11; Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same phenomenon: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy.

ChBullet        Ron Kurtz, Daniel Siegel, John Briere, and by Mary Morgan On Memory
Excerpts from "Neuroscience and Psychotherapy" by Marilyn Morgan, SRN, B.A., MNZAP
Marilyn Morgan is a master teacher and Certified Hakomi Trainer who has a special interest in the new and exciting developments in interpersonal neurobiology. In this article she introduces a number of currently relevant advances in neuroscience (2006)
         "Many people who have had traumatic childhoods have problems with memory. They sometimes can’t consciously remember most of childhood, yet unwanted feelings and images from childhood experiences may intrude. It is not uncommon to forget a lot of details in daily life as an adult; appointments, where one has put car keys, phone numbers and so on.
         "Ron Kurtz, founder of Hakomi, (Kurtz, 1990), described the child as `the mapmaker’. Neuroscience emphasizes that the connections formed within the brain are experience-dependent. A person is born with approximately 100 billion neurons. If these nerve cells were placed end-to-end they would stretch two million miles. There are many nerve connections already in place at birth, the being brain was hard-wired to seek connection with caregivers, and basic bodily functions proceed. However, the major growth of neurons and the wiring of neuronal circuits are yet to take place depending on experiences to come. Eventually each nerve cell is likely to have 10,000 connections.
         "Daniel Siegel, MD, describes the brain as an anticipatory machine. The infant’s, and child’s, interactions with her world are imprinted in her brain circuitry. She is `wired up’ for a particular world. Her brain is coded with all kinds of memory, and most of the early memory will be unconscious. However, this memory will deeply affect later emotions, behavior patterns, beliefs, and abilities to process information. In Hakomi we call this core material, and the shaping of character styles. Other models describe ‘deep cognitive structures’, ‘schemata’, ‘unfinished business’, or sometimes ‘the inner child’. [1999]
         "When the parent to whom the child goes for comfort and mirroring is also a source of fear this creates massive neural disorganization. Trauma and abuse in the young child has a serious impact on brain structure and function. Those parts of the brain undergoing critical growth at the time of the trauma will be particularly affected. This child is likely to have a smaller brain overall, fewer fibres in the corpus collosum connecting the left and right hemispheres, a smaller hippocampus, and poor development of prefrontal lobe areas. (Teicher, 2002)" ["Notes & Refs on Neuroplasticity / Cellular Re-Organization at the "Body-Mind Integration" essays page] [For best context, keep reading here, go there later.]

         "Implicit memory ...is generally unconscious, and there is not the sense of ‘remembering’. Things feel as if they are happening now, in the present. Implicit memory requires no attention to be encoded. There are different kinds of implicit memory: Procedural memory is the patterns of behavior and habits we learn. It is mediated by the cerebellum and striatum.
         Emotional memory is related to the significance of events, and whether they feel good or bad. This is mediated by the right hemisphere, the amygdala and basal ganglia. There is sensorimotor memory, consisting of body sensations, posture and body responses. Perceptual memory is implicit, as are our mental schema and core beliefs.
         "John Briere, a traumatologist, describes deep cognitive structures that are narrative in nature, but held in a nonconscious way because when these are activated they trigger associated emotional responses that are distressing to the person.(Briere, 2001) These deep cognitive structures may be triggered by events that bear some similarity to the original memories. Implicit memories do not feel like `memories’ as they have a here and now quality to them, and `blend’ with current reality. Distressing emotional or traumatic memories are not consolidated, or resolved, and are therefore not integrated into a coherent narrative. Memory ‘stacks’
         "The emotional brain circuitry stores memory in a simple way, almost like ‘stacks’ of similar circuits. When a current event has a particular flavour then the whole ‘stack’, going back to early events is activated. The feelings and behaviours are generated, often very quickly and powerfully. Because emotional memory is always in the ‘now’, the old perceptions, feelings and behaviours become blended with the current situation." [For the sake of context with the rest of this material, I would like to qualify that first sentence, if I may, to say "in a simple way with regard to organizing for similar circuits..." -Chris Pringer]




          The body is Psycho-emotionally organized primarily by type of BELIEF and minimally, at best, by type of EMOTION (in regard to different organs, areas, or body parts). Any kind of emotional material can be found (associated with) virtually any place in the body. Grief is not found only in the chest, nor anger only in the liver, nor or fear only in the kidney. Internal organs may be the seat or primary storage areas of various emotions --certainly according to Five Element Theory, the basis for acupuncture and related long-proven modalities.

          But the external systems (e.g.: sensory and connective tissues) are actually not so specialized in what the mind may deem fit to associate with them. BELIEFS, which are thoughts charged with emotion, are about BEING, DOING, and HAVING.

          And it is these aspects that are more archetypically associated with various AREAS (i.e.: individual body parts or whole sections) of the body. In a given culture there may be more grief associated with PERCEIVING loss of support (left lumbar area) than with PERCEIVING someone not wanting to hear you (right upper shoulder/neck).

          The interior environment of a person -- or how one perceives (/thinks), feels, and viscerally responds (e.g.: with skin, muscle tone, heart rate, etc) to experience -- REFLECTS one's exterior environment (what goes on around him/her). There is a lot of commonality to the way in which all humans internally respond to most of the basic kinds of experience. This includes the effect on conscious and unconscious memories, as well as the response of one's cells. Hence there is much similarity in the way all human bodies organize postural and movement patterns relative to experience.

          Hence, the body does not organize it's information based on type of emotional content, as much as it does based on role and function, and on the "issues" or the values associated with role and function.

          For example, for the throat chakra area, management would be a role, authority a value, approval one of the associated issues, and control a coping mechanism. (These are only some general examples for this area, not specific, not all necessary to each throat condition, and not to be taken - in and of themselves - as indicators of future dysfunction.)

          A Chakra has different aspects associated with its different sides, e.g.: front, back, left, right, upper, and lower. How one chakra relates to another chakra in a given situation also determines certain characteristics in the Body-Mind (usually more complex and requiring much more experience to perceive them than the kinds of correlations referred to above).

          This makes it relatively easy to associate ATTITUDES and "Attitudinal Healing" approaches with bodily conditions. Affirmations, prayers, and other positive thinking methods can be specifically directed once the "issue" and correlated "attitude" is identified.

          Three different but relatively consistent ways of correlating attitudes with body areas are treated by Louise L Hay, Barry Green, and Stanley Keleman. Their valuable work can be found in the books, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR BODY, THE HOLISTIC BODY THERAPY TEXTBOOK, and EMOTIONAL ANATOMY, respectively.

          The correlations I use in my work and writing are very much based on these -- or an integration of them -- but vary in certain respects, probably due to differences in interpreting the chakra energies and/or the functioning of the various muscles.

          These are in consideration that some muscles or organs span across more than one chakra, relate by meridians or Yin/Yang energy flow aspects, etc. And that Louise L. Hay's book may receive a negative critique when people who do not take these other elements into context. Whether or not chakra's actually exist, the characteristics assigned to them -- and their corresponding body areas -- tend to be the most accurate (that I've found) in consistently relating to how the body organizes value material and related emotional content.

          Which determines which, the Body-Mind's response to experience or the chakra's qualities? That's not quite as difficult a question to answer as the Chicken and Egg conundrum, but I think that a complete answer can be complex, without a good handle on metaphysics, cause and effect dynamics, and other aspects of Cosmic Law. In this essay I'll limit my brief answer more to the Earth level dynamics.

          The Soul determines the learning plan or Path, the chakra's respond to thought and belief, experience is attracted by Soul's prior determination as well as by earth level mental learning and related beliefs, and the Body-Mind responds to the experience with psycho-emotional processing and corresponding Chakra disposition and Body-Memory.

          The chakras record the effects on the endocrine and nervous systems, these having essential governance over the body systems. To what extent the psycho-emotional processing of any experience is "complete", generally determines the nature and extent of the musculature's patterning that leads to limited/modified responsiveness to subsequent experience. And I believe that is a primary aspect in what *Body-Memory* is and does.

          Body memory (at the psycho-emotional level) is covered in some depth (as far as physical and emotional levels) in the essay, "Body-Mind Integration and the Personal Growth Process". Other sections there include"Insight Please" discussion, relate it further to the higher aspects, while "Body Awareness & Communications, Body Memory & Integration" gets deeper into the psycho-somatic elements, and "Muscle Q & A" provides an overview of basic physiological aspects that most people overlook as related to all the above. Other essays have been added there with the goal of clarifying these topics, the dynamics and processes involved, as more easily understandable for *common sense* preventative maintenance application. "The science behind the body-mind relationships" is referred to just below (under "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body").

          Also helpful may be the "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" is at the Organization Chart page. Aside from the more subtle energetic levels, tt compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects.
          AND the page sections below will bring much of the above into better context (if you go to these pages later). smile

ToruSphere Synthesis Bright Beginning Soulin1 [FAA-Frmd]© by Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2013

"Torusphere Synthesis Bright Beginning Soulin I"

   Extending from original artwork & poetry by the artist, "Synthesis: [as noted below] In this image, Torus Spheres, 6 around 1 plus 2 for the horizontal cross, '3D'ed in Rose Light treated in blues, greens, & gold over "Synthesis", rendered with "AChaliSynthesis" overlaid in Lightness ("Atomic-Chalice-Synthesis" 2001, see Blog, "Technical Bio" for this and the other early works mentioned here). Theme name, "Chalice5A(o) wTorus-Synthesis(Symd) In Atomic-Chalice-Synthesis." By Christopher Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, June 2013

ToruSphere Synthesis InterDimensioning Soulin [FAA-Frmd]© by Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2013

"ToruSphere Synthesis InterDimensioning Soulin IV"

   Extending from original artwork & poetry by the artist, "Synthesis: [as noted below] In this image, Torus Spheres, 6 around 1 plus 2 for the horizontal cross, cell chakras violet deepening turquoise and teal, expanding with another 6 and 2 Gold-engaged in WhiteLight-Blue 1 plus 12, over "Synthesis", now inter-dimensioning SyntheSphere, rendered with "AChaliSynthesis" overlaid in Lightness, all set in post-aqua indigo-blue. Theme name, "Synthesis(Symd)TorusSet (3+2+1x2+12) byChalice5A wAtomic-Chalice-Synthesis Darker." By Christopher Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, June 2013

      The above two images are part of a series -of four images, so far- representing the soul process of incarnating in a material form, learning as processing through the phases of chakra development, then ascending back to the Soul, and/or encompassing the Soul in a bodily form. Image #3 ("Soulin III," not shown here), indicates there is still a fair amount of emotional body processing, but the heart chakra has been developed somewhat, as well as the throat chakra. Whereas in #4 ("Soulin IV" above), the heart is fairly fully developed and the throat is beginning to come strongly "on line," the emotional body not nearly so prominent. See Blog, "Technical Bio" at Fine Art America for this and the other early works mentioned here), all set in post-aqua indigo-blue.

   These images are scaled down samples of the kind of framed preview for artwork at my gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America. There, you can choose artwork to look at in large view, in your choice of frames, matting, paper, and/or other mountings or greeting cards that are available, and the site will display it in that setting.

    At ChaliceBridge.Com, various chalice art images can be viewed in smaller sizes at the Chalice Art & Holiday Card Slideshow Presentations, with bio, related philosophy, and more at the Chalice Integration Index Page.

8v&3D(2)Mlt5'12(2)&ChVtx10Da-OnBlk-AFx[R3~]-444px.jpg © Chris Pringer, Chalicebridge.com 2012

"Rainbow ChaliCell Isphere Matrix II" 2Mlt5R3 © Chris Pringer 2012
Very similar work at my gallery page

    Behind those 3D Chalices, behind and making up some of the vortexes... the layers in this image include matrixes of "ChaliCells" representing the basic workhorses of our bodies, the cells being far far more energy efficient than anything man has ever created, literally with nuclear power reactions going on every milli-second, but beautifully channelled to say the least.
    The blue represents the throat chakra, correlating with the thyroid gland, the regulator of metabolism and catabolism, the energy & communications manager, if you will. Pi-spheres highlighted and brighter blue & green tints contrasting the black background relative to it's larger brother, "Rainbow Chalice Cell iSpheres". Symbols of spiritual balance are prevalent in fairly symmetric mandala style in bright, deep, & subtle blendings of colors, arranged per sacred geometric proportions, pi ratio, etc.
    By Christopher Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com © September 2012. This is the 'little brother' image to "Rainbow Chalice Cell iSphere Matrix" Full Size at Fine Art America

SyntheSphere Chalice Flower & Tree of Life Rainbow over Stonehenge 2013 with Ahnna Pringer's photography at Stonehenge 2011, © Chris Pringer Nov'13 - Thumb
"SyntheSphere Chalice Flower & Tree of Life Rainbow over Stonehenge 2013" with Ahnna Pringer's photography at Stonehenge 2011, © Chris Pringer Nov'13 (page-wide version at "The Mystical Jesus, Selected Book Reviews"

Temple Fire Chalice by Chris Pringer Printed on YogaMat, IphoneCase, & Notebook
Temple Fire Chalice by Chris Pringer Printed on Yoga Mats, Iphone Cases, Notebooks at my gallery at Pixels.Com

and on the High Gloss Metal Frame (below)

Temple Fire Chalice by Chris Pringer Printed on Metal


A Brief Cosmology
Regarding the Body-Mind, Attitudes, and Chakras

          The BONES (the skeleton, posture and movement, alignment and mis-alignment) are moved or held by MUSCLES, muscles are moved or held by ATTITUDES and their related mental-emotional reaction patterns. These are governed overall by BELIEFS, which are THOUGHTS invested with EMOTION(S). Beliefs are the result of personal experience -- physically manifested and/or imagined and/or as taught. The intensity of the experience, imagination, and/or teaching determines the power of the belief, and therefore the degree of momentum invested in any related POSTURAL and/or MOVEMENT PATTERN manifested in the body. These invested patterns are primary to what is sometimes referred to as "BODY-MEMORY".

         Mind-Body Implications: a) feelings and (unconscious) stored emotion-data (all of which comprising 'the emotional-body') determine the setting and changing of the state of muscle tension, which determine the "automatic"/ habitual holding and/or movement patterns in the muscles and fascia. AND SO: If your muscles are working (tense) when they are not actually working (doing something you want them to do), then it is the emotional body that is directing the holding of that extra tension. All this is because... b) Thoughts move the feelings, that is, they create/govern the feelings, both of which (thoughts and feelings) have the power to create beliefs..." (Ref: "A Cosmology of the Body-Mind-Spirit Self" at the "Body-Mind Integration Essays" page. [For best context, keep reading here, go there later.]

         The CHAKRAS record the psycho-emotional dynamics, since the Chakras are an essential vehicle for the communications between Higher Self and the Personality. They exert a primary force in the initial manifestation or attraction of experience for the sake of learning, and are accessed by the Higher Self in conveying higher frequency energies to the body-mind. The chakra's serve mostly to download and convert the Soul's Energies (like an electrical transformer on a telephone poll), to thus receive the assignments from the Higher Self, and pass them on in order to influence the personality (mental and emotional bodies).

These influences set up magnetic attractions to experience(s) for the assigned work. As the chakras record the processes with those assignments, the resulting effect on the energy body may also serve to attract experience. As the individual becomes more conscious, s/he may access the chakras for greater awareness and a certain degree of management of the more subtle energies. In so doing s/he may thereby effect the body-mind systems, as well as the energy body's magnetism and attraction of experience thereby.

         [This is a complex matter, the stuff of yogi's; beyond this I can talk *about* it, but not *from* it. At that point I can try, if/when/as needed, to make more clear those things I have learned -mentally- from other's teachings, including saying what I know apart from what I suspect and why. Both facts and theories are essential, but it's essential to keep them organized for what they are. "Clarifying that in one's own mind is a 6th chakra capacity; defining that boundary is a required 3rd Chakra qualification; elucidating that is a 5th Chakra challenge; Creativity in designing this is a 2nd Chakra characteristic; your Patience for the process is a 4th Chakra gift! smile]

          Given the above material, one item at a time, it would still be too easy to make gross over-generalizations about what correlations exist between various chakras, issues, and specific bodily conditions. There are many factors in such assessments that I have not even begun to cover in this essay. Many of those factors would be found in other of my essays, including some of those referenced above, as well as "Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility -- Notes on The Emotional-Body, Denial of Pain, & 'Easy Answers,' (Not)",   "Attainment and Achievement, or Alignment of Beliefs, Desires, and Needs",   including "A Concept of Healing" on that page. For now I believe it is important to establish the need for healthcare practitioners to be more open about the existence of such correlations.

          I believe that the implications of such existing correlations need not be perceived as threatening to the professions. So long as they are handled appropriately with respect to clients' belief systems, and the degree to which each client has accepted responsibility for their subjective experience, as well as psycho-spiritual well-being. Maybe I should again qualify that statement with the benefit of the practitioner, perceiving the client from a highly gestalt perspective such that: We honor each coping mechanism and their related challenges -- as primary (albeit raw) resources for (ideally to be transformed into) talents, skills, and gifts -- towards the realization of one's highest potential. And all are considered parts of the Soul's original plan for the growth of the personality in a given lifetime.

[Rev'd 10-96, 2-98, 6-98, 5-99, 7-01, 4'11]

    Considerations and Strategies
in the Management of the Emotional Body

(Gestalt & Body-Parenting approach)

          At three pages (!) each having their own particular areas of focus, with only as much overlapping as needed, including as related to coping mechanisms, as well as to working with *the Inner Child.* At the "Body-Mind Integration" page this assembly of resources are in the "Notes on Practical Application Of Gestalt Techniques in Emotional Release", and is the version more applicable for most any "issue", yet also tied in more closely with the somatic aspects (muscle and joint injuries and related conditions).
          At the "Efficient Body Sizing Strategies, Weight Management, Weight Loss" page, the focus is as per the title description. And the more eclectic version is at the page, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs".
          For a more general overview, consider "Approaches & Methodologies for Body-Mind Integration" with suggestions & resources for considering receiving the work as well as for vocational considerations. Includes ref/links to define and give relevant psychological context for *sub-personalities* including those per "Psychosynthesis", and c) resource links and notes more particularly oriented to the aspect of trauma, the catastrophic origination of the need for body-mind integration therapies.

          As regards the process of forgiveness, quite often *the most necessary component,* especially as related to the emotional body, the above sets include a link to a set of essays covering as many aspects of that as I could pull together. Please note that understanding the inner-child aspect may provides a great deal of insight into the process of forgiveness, as the inner-child and the forgiveness process are critically connected.The "Chart of The Science Behind The Body-Mind Relationships (at the Body-Mind Integration Essays page) provides one organized overview of such an integrated therapeutic approach or methodology that deals with this process at the cause and core of the injury - thus rendering permanent effect. The chart includes professional sources for methodology, technique(s), and related references.


"The Body-Mind and The Chalice"

          The page, sharing the title of it's logo above, covers the "story" of the web site and it's main branches, as an extension of the concepts that led to its creation. Here, 'the Body-Mind' and 'the Chalice' are considered in different contexts, including how they are conceptually related. The process of integrating the respective ideals is illustrated as a logo (created May 2018, the page having been initiated some months before).

          As the Home page, main projects and other index pages are described in the context of the story (including links), it thus forms an "About Page" for the Chalice Bridge .Com site. As it also mirrors the (original) page by the author at his Facebook Page, Chalice Bridging Arts & Sciences.
          Whereas the original *About Page* for the site provides the business and bio summaries, related histories, disclosures, etc.

'TorusRing Bright StarSet, Turquoise &Teal' © Chris Pringer 2014,16

"TorusRing Bright StarSet, Turquoise &Teal" © Chris Pringer May'14,Mar'16

'*Most Appropriate Questions* over 'Chalice Garden Tapestry' by Chris Pringer 7'16 (Background of Sept'12)

"*Most Appropriate Questions* over 'Chalice Garden Tapestry'" by Chris Pringer 7'16 (Background of Sept'12)

Chakra Test
  By Chris Pringer Nov'17  

        An Exercise for testing your knowledge of chakras, that is, on, with, within, in consideration of, or at least about [chuckle] some of the more expanded perspectives (expanded by what you ask? But I digress...) In any case, If you choose to proceed, for each of the five following statements, and per chance the artwork:
        I.         Analyze to assess a) which chakras are engaged in the analysis; b) which chakras would seem to be pertained to in the statement, metaphorically or otherwise; c) whether you think there is a direct correlation between a) and b); d) which one or ones of those would be the more/most dominant, and e), how would you explain your answers to someone who can assess your best answers?
        II.       Just jump in that spaceship and hit the button...

  You're not supposed to go up so fast that you bounce off the "roof." That being, in one sense, "the highest you're going to go" - whatever that is for a given upward journey - beyond the roof(s), but in the other sense... you are going to test your breaks somewhere, maybe not all at once or you will miss the grandest views along those steps you really do not want to skip... someone said it's a dance ('Namaste') but, in any case, lets just say that, the test at the end is REALLLY SSSLLLOOOWWW.

  Jealous? You think someone loves me more than you? I doubt it myself, I know you are loved. Please don't take it personally if I believe I'm *not* loved any more than you are. Because with or without any or all of the toys, what it all (happiness) boils down to is, whether you feel loved or not, and any beliefs about who is "more worthy" of love - which judgement I'm pretty sure no spiritual masters entertained. Ok, so we're not there yet, but If jealousy is about a person, someone is putting one or more others on a pedestal, as if one has something so much better than the other - while one has a judgement the others are (ostensibly) entertaining "even more" detestable judgement.

  Guilt trip? You 'think' that was a 'guilt' trip? How about, if you deal with what you are guilty of, then you wont feel guilty about it, let alone wait around til you put a guilt trip on yourself?

To Hell? Which Hell? The one I created last night? Or the one I ...?
Is that a country song? What would be the title?
Which religions, believing in hell, didn't start a war?
Did Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed REALLY mean it that way?
Peace Be Upon Them All, Upon Us All, We Are One.
Is that a country song? What would be the title?
2nd verse:

  Idealism: Shooting for perfection, ever *towards* the reality we want - knowing perfection itself will never be physically manifested. And knowing that, in one sense, there is no such thing, for best results, it requires tolerance, empathy, and compassion. Concepts or visions can be great vehicles for getting where we truly need to go, but if we confuse the vehicles with the destination, brick walls may readily arise on the path. Mainly because any real perfection is about unconditional love, which is a rare state of mind - if one is truly conscious of ones every motivation- which can be a life's work in itself - but something to shoot for, even knowing it's highly likely that we will fall somewhere short of that. [Ref: "More On 'Ideals'" & "Idealism & the Concept of Perfection"]


Related Reference Pages and More

  Body-Mind-Chalice Integration Art Index Page  
(Towards an "ART & SCIENCE of Body, Mind, & Spirit Integration")
Chalice Productions Logo

Chalice Artwork
and realizing
or "integrating"
the Inner Chalice
            Presenting early to more recent artwork (by yours truly, with the *Chalice* as eclectic symbol for the energetic infrastructure of our Being (that we develop through personal growth), bridging ALL that one is - a "vehicle" for the balancing & integrating of Humanity, individually & communally: thence ChaliceBridge.Com and its theme, "Chalice Bridging Arts & Sciences." There are both hand-made & artistically rendered computer-generated works, and a little bio on how it began & developed.
          My artwork is, overall, an eclectic/symbolic blend of multiple layers of brights and subtles, chalice-theme components based and arranged in sacred geometry, rounded with a balance of textures and grounding touch. This page elaborates on many aspects of sacred geometry and the chalice, including the mystical symbolism of the chalice (the "Bridging Chalice" or "Chalice Bridge"): this precedes anything any religion has, or may yet, to do with it, and represents (here, if not universally) the the infrastructure for human embodiment of Spirit.
          That includes broader themes, beginning with the origins of Man and ancient archetypes, and section by section, cover symbology, geometry and communication, the related but deeper (more original) archetypic symbology & meanings, various body-mind-spirit correlations, and many would-be paradoxes & mysteries. Including how & why the "sacred geometry" relates the pi-ratio to the proportion & function that is relevant to the DNA of all Life, how that relates to ones cells, to whole health.
          The page explores how all that symbolically relates to (led to?) the Legend of the "Holy Grail." For instance, in the "Pragmatic Balancing" section, we look at the legend as symbolizing the psycho-social evolution of Man, beginning with a recounting of the early history of "The Church," the orthodoxy vs the Gnostics, relating the essence of that to the world's key religions - by nature of that which unites all religions. And to emotional intelligence ("EQ") that might, on the intra- and inter- personal levels, "bridge" humanity and transcend extremes, via interconnectedness and understanding.
Multi-3D-Chalice3(w2A&CntrHBI-v2)' © Chris Pringer 2013&16, ChaliceBridge.Com

"Multi 3D Chalice 3 (w2A&CntrHBI-v2)" © Chris Pringer 2013&16.
Born out of the 3D geometric visual "seen" in 1985. The vision/ visual was complete with correlations to deep (more original) symbology - which initiated the correlations to the legendary meanings of the Holy Grail (those having been edited by "the Church" since then). The above is as close to that as anything I've put in art form so far. We could call this "The Chalice as a symbolically vertical bridge on the symbolically horizontal plane of matter" (which symbolism and many more is elaborated at the page.)

Multiple Views of the Limbic System with most images composed of anatomical figures from the Digital Anatomist Project of the University of Washington, assembled & artistically rendered over background,
Limbic, Ventricle, & GrailSystems -SummaryChart-Thumb
  "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home
And Recovering The "Holy Grail"

      This eclectic symbolic "Holy Grail" refers to the "Inner Chalice" of all beings. This metaphor and the terms "Grail-enhanced mind," or "Grail-System" refers 1) to the higher/ highest potentials of ones brain, mind, or consciousness for persons of any spiritual path or religion, 2) to an intuitive extrapolation (in 1995) on the formation of a new relationships between the function of analysis and the function of intuition, a process which would be brought about via a pro active evolvement of the human mind. AND 3) to the human brain's development of a type of data organizing or ability that will change how right-brain or non-linear perception is a) viewed, and then b) processed and stored, so to make it more broadly applicable in whole-brain process.
         The "grail mind" would then serve as the universal energy balancing mechanism for mind-body consciousness. While this system has always existed, it is one whose capacity multiplies with development. "This comprises four systems on four levels, ...Most emphasized are the upper endocrine glands and the cerebral spinal fluid channels."
         More recently added are
         1) "A Summary 'On Point' & some added prognostications", including that "the recovery" is largely about, and would initiate through, the balancing of the left & right brain capacities, of mentality and emotionality, of related systems and capabilities. The how's, when's, where from's and thence where to's, etc are what that page/section is about.
          2) A summary outline of soon to be added, "Scientific Research On the Limbic System - Co-Enveloping the Ventricles" - and with some excitement actually. That is, the Limbic system is essentially *one with* the 3rd ventricle as it is with the top of the 4th, while intimately enveloped by the (two) lateral ventricles -- that are also just under the cingulate, the limbic component that has more recently (2003+) been shown as one of, if not the, most essential brain components for the mind-body integrative function (eg: including emotional, empathic, or interpersonal, which it integrates - via the limbic system).
         To precede the development of the grail system, a perhaps-necessary phase would be that discussed in the essay (on the Chalice Art page), "'The Lords of Culture' and Listening- a story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context"

At Left: Thumb pic of "Multiple Views of the Limbic System" with most images composed of anatomical figures from the Digital Anatomist Project of the University of Washington, assembled & artistically rendered over background, "Chalice Garden & CrossChalice" by Chris Pringer, July-Aug 2016. 4) Thumb pic of "Limbic, Ventricle, & Grail Systems -Summary Chart"


Note on the 'Abundance Set' of web pages at this site:

        If some folks were to see how I live and hear of my having written an essay on abundance, they would be sure that I was either a comedian, a hypocrite, or a blathering idiot. My response to that would be, "well, that's understandable laughing, given the usual definitions..." for abundance or success - primarily based on the degree to which one "understands" karma, belief patterns, and life decisions about what might be called ones priorities. [And no, that does not mean that everyone with an equivalent understanding needs to live as I do. I know, "phew!" (HA!)]

        In any case, I am happy to say that I am rich in many ways that are not associated with how the image of 'success' has been promoted in the media. And essentially that: further understanding of the definitions, values, and concepts regarding such terms as 'magnetism,' 'achievement,' 'attainment,' and 'true abundance' would be a valuable thing in this 'all about winning' era, and I hope to provide at least some clarification in the essays, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs", "Whole Being Integration In Manifesting Abundance...", and "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work: A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and ...", referred to as "The Goal Chart", and which includes "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11).

        The term 'karma' may also deserve some attention, and that is covered more extensively in the essay, Evolution Trends..." in the section "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace", and in essay, "Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility -- Notes on The Emotional-Body, Denial of Pain, & 'Easy Answers' (Not!)", as well as in essay, "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial," Pertains to Physical and other levels - Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion.

'Torqouise Rainbow Chalice CellRing - OutoT'Myst' (MltLB,DS), © Chris Pringer 2012
"'Torqouise Rainbow Chalice CellRing - OutoT'Myst'"
© Chris Pringer 2012


Thumbnail EmBody-Mind-Chalice-Synthesis in (AChaliToruSphere) by Chris Pringer
"The Body-Mind & The Chalice"
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Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12

Above is a selection from my gallery at
ArtistWebsites.Com of Fine Art America (or Pixels.Com) viewable at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.
A slideshow presentation at this site is at the Chalice Art & Holiday Card Slideshow Pages.
'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
"Karma Learning Love Shield" Chris Pringer 2010



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