"Moving Through Changes"
by Krysta Gibson, January, 1989

      [ This article was originally published by Krista Gibson in "The New Times" of Seattle - untitled in her usual "Editorial Comment" section. Hence, the above title is one I chose for it, although I could have called it "Getting Through 2012 and Beyond". Still current in the guidance it offers, it has been also been re-formatted slightly, and re-published at the ChaliceBridge site with Krysta's permission. Through the late 80's & most of the 90's, I always read Krysta's essays if I didn't have time to read anything else, and kept copies of various or her articles handy for my clients to take home with them. Another of Krista's great articles published here is "Integration". Krista now publishes the New Spirit Journal. I also want to add with appreciation that Krysta's writing has provided guidance to me, as well as influenced my perspectives and my writing early on. - Chris Pringer ]


          1988 was a time of changes and challenging growth for many of us; saying good-bye to that time period probably isn't too difficult. I've heard rumors, though, that 1989 will offer its own share of surprises and "growth opportunities" — but isn't that what we're here for, to grow and to learn? In the midst of intense energies, physical, emotional and spiritual upheavals around and in us, how can we continue to walk our paths with some degree of solidity, peace and tranquility, maintaining a sense of cosmic decorum in the midst of it all? How can we walk the "straight and narrow" with- out being thrown off course by a scary prediction (or actuality) of disaster, personal or otherwise, without being gullible to miracle promises which require no input from us or effort, without being engaged in so many different spiritual activities that we don't have time or energy to do any one of them right?

          There are three qualities which, if we engage them in our everyday living, can help us stay on course no matter what's happening in our lives. Integrity, sincerity and consistency are basic building blocks of any worthwhile project and are indispensable to those pursuing conscious spiritual evolution. Even while experiencing the deepest of hear pains, radical change or even displacement, these attributes can provide solace and stability.


          Integrity is a core issue; it has to do with the very fabric of our beings and with our motivations surrounding thoughts, words and actions. How sound are our desires to walk the spiritual path, to grow and to evolve? Do these desires stem from our roots or do we have them only when it is comfortable and easy to do so? Integrity provides the bedrock upon which all else is built. Without this foundation of intent being very clear and strong, we will not be able to withstand even the slightest bit of movement — and the spiritual process is full of movement!

          We must ask ourselves, "Why am I involved in spirituality? What am I looking for?" Do we involve ourselves because we heard there's a lot of money to be made in the "New Age Movement?" Do we meditate so we can look younger and thus be more appealing to potential partners? Do we study and develop the psychic talents for personal gain, power or prestige? There are a lot of reasons why any one person develops an interest in their inner life and not all of these reasons come from a place of integrity, the person is responsible for finding out what their bedrock is composed of — no one can see this for another person. However, even asking the question and being willing to give an honest answer is a movement toward integrity if it does not already exist.

          Without integrity, the smallest rainfall will seem to be a torrent, the tiniest challenge signals defeat. With integrity comes a feeling of being grounded, of being solidly with one's self, that the worst storm cannot take away.


          While integrity provides the foundation which supports us, sincerity is its actualization which provides movement for us. Being sincere in our quest means we are honest with ourselves and others; we take responsibility for the choices we make; and. we are willing to look at and work with blockages from within ourselves, as they arise. Sincerity does not expect other people to do our work for us — the seeker acting with sincerity is willing to engage in whatever work or processes may be required along the path while also being able to ask for and accept help when it is clearly required.

          When we are sincere we are also open to new experiences, willing to try new ways of being, thinking and feeling, and we are open to making (gasp) mistakes! For instance, when we are acting from a place of being sincere, we may become involved in "following" a particular person, philosophy or group only to learn it was not the one for us. Sincerity gives us the courage to disengage from the practice in question without blaming the person or organization for "entrapping" us, knowing very well that we began our study from a sincere desire for truth — and succeeded, since we found out the particular group was not for us. Sincerity also allows us to feel compassion for self, knowing we made our decision with the best information available to us at the lime. We don't feel the need to "beat up" the organization or ourselves.

          Sincerity brings a fullness to our journey, a feeling of being real with ourselves and with others.


          Consistency is probably the most difficult of the three qualities to apply on a daily basis. It requires an inner discipline, a deep desire which keeps us focused and stable. We've all experienced being excited about a new idea or tool or spiritual practice and going at it fast and furious only to dispense with it in very short order. Consistency slows us down enough to give something a chance to work for us. Being consistent means deciding what basic ideas, tools and practices we want to work with and then doing so in a methodical and ongoing manner.

          Meditating once a week or playing with rocks every now and then or pulling out the Tarot deck only in emergencies will not allow any of the three processes to give its optimal support. It's sort of like praying at Christmas, Easter and when disaster strikes and then wondering why one doesn't fee! close to God/ess. There are so many paths to choose from that I personally don't think it even matters which we choose — all of them, practiced with regularity and sincerity, will eventually bring us into alignment with the Divine Presence. However, none of them engaged in haphazardly will be able to provide the support we need for the journey of God/ess realization.

          Being consistent means making the best decision we can about how we wish to proceed with our lives, choosing what support structures and tools we think can help us. and then proceeding on a daily basis to see what unfolds for us, not abandoning ship at the first sign of distress. It means giving ourselves and our processes a chance to work for us before we decide to change course. Consistency means being able to make a commitment to ourselves about how we wish to walk our path and then following through on the commitment.

          None of this means we become rigid or unwilling to let go of things which are not working for us — consistency and flexibility are compatible qualities. It means we give whatever we've chosen a fair chance before discarding it for something "new."


          Developing integrity, sincerity and consistency as mainstays in our lives promotes the ability to stay centered within ourselves. Certainly, we might be pulled from side to side occasionally or even feel like we're walking into a hurricane of energy if we're having one of "those" days, but if we develop these qualities we'll find ourselves more and more capable of being with ourselves at a very deep level and this is what provides our anchor.

          I don't know what lies ahead in 1989 or in any other earth year. Maybe there'll be lots of challenges or maybe it'll all move along very smoothly for everyone. More importantly, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that each of us is, however slowly or quickly, moving closer to the constant realization of the Loving Divine Presence which lives through us and everything around us. Living from our place of integrity and acting in sincerity on a consistent basis can, I believe, offer tremendous assistance in living our lives in such a manner that the Divine realization can occur for us. May we all have an interesting 1989!

Krysta Gibson, March 89

Flowing River Consulting (krystagibson.com) is Krysta Gibson's website. She is the publisher and co-editor of New Spirit Journal (newspiritjournal.com). Krysta has been on her spiritual path her entire life and brings an eclectic blend of experiences and ideas to her consulting work.

During the 11 years she published The New Times, Krysta met and interviewed some of the great spiritual minds of our times, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Shakti Gawain, Julie Cameron, John and Jan Price, and a multitude of others. She studied many different traditions and was exposed to a very wide variety of ideas.

Krysta eventually sold The New Times and made her way into the world of eldercare where she managed a retirement and dementia care community and eventually became executive director of a non-profit senior center. In May of 2005, at the urging of many friends and former New Times readers, Krysta started a similar newspaper, New Spirit Journal.

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    "Fibromyalgia - Theory with Examples" [NEW, Apr 28-30, 2011] at the Fascia Memory Theory page - a cause and effect theory - about Fibromyalgia's possible "relationship to a perfuse scattering of waste products throughout the fine interstitial spaces among the cells of the muscle tissues, due to their being chronically held *contracted* and under-circulated, including trauma induced contractedness over a broad-area (including by being forcibly tickled in early childhood)..." (Maybe it's no accident that this came along shortly after the visualization chart at the page, "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" or "Bridging Prayer & Science", healing prayer techniques, visual prayer charts.

ChBullet    "The Lower Chakras & Synthesis of Body & Soul" - The body illustrates the dynamic relationship of the shadow elements with one's highest potential. Sections include "BODY MEMORY and the INTERPLAY of SOUL in the LEARNING LIFE LESSONS", "Psycho-Emotional Organization and the Body-Mind...", A Brief Cosmology Regarding the Body-MInd, Attitudes, and Chakras. Includes notes clarifying empathy of the 3rd Chakra from that of 4th or Heart Chakra. I consider the HEART CHAKRA the "bridging" chakra or chalice-Chakra, between the lower and upper chakras. [Rev. 10-96, 2-98, 6-98,5-99, 7-01, 4'11]

    "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer"
Or "Bridging Prayer & Science" - faith & intuition, Spirit working logic & emotion, and a little science to boot. Tools for working with the cells - self-healing on an energetic level, plus supportive science, concepts and references, a summary essay, "Cells & Healing Changes: How I Believe What I See; Building, Cleansing, and Paradigm Management; Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk" [Rev'd Apr 2011] and "'Getting Super': Sample Personalized Visualization Prayer Chart" (more application of science than prayer in this case, as related to *Cellular Re-Organization* and engaging *neuroplasticity*.) [New Apr 2011]. Also "Focusing Love-Organized Healing Waters", or Water-Charging (incl. a section for the Neuro-Endocrine System), based on some very inspiring scientific findings by Masaru Emoto, including Dr. Emoto's message for transforming the water (molecules) effected by nuclear radiation. [this page is finally beginning to say what I've always wanted it to! ie: more to come in time.]

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Suggestions & Resources for Considering Receiving the work as well as for Vocational Considerations. This page might also assist in understanding some basic body-mind concepts.

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ChBullet Energy Psychology at Southeast Institute
Energy psychology focuses on the interrelationship of energy systems, emotion, behavior, psychopathology, and health. These systems include the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras, biofields, and morphogenetic fields.
          [ In my opinion, based on discussion with various practitioners of EFT, the "Emo-Free" ("TAP" & related) systems work very well (and relatively quickly) for many people. And for vets and PTSD, EFT can "put the fire out". But it may not result in more than brief relief in cases where the cause of the trouble is based in, or critically anchored to, deep-seated emotions that were traumatically suppressed in early childhood. Per reasons as indicated at pages by yours truly, and/per those references of my teachers in body-centered psychology. I'm referring here to considerations in the difference between Gestalt, New Thought, EFT, and Behavioral schools of psychology, the different approaches to what some of us call "the emotional body", the cause of emotional pain, what we might call "true" preventative maintenance, etc. EFT seems to be a cross between Behavioral and New Thought(?). Exceptions to that would be in the case where, and to the degree that, the associated trauma is simultaneously felt (enough to be validated), observed, and breathed-through, as it moves through the energy system (ie: via polarity/meridian/chakra system if/as applies to one's modality), and to/through the CSF, and thus out of the body, during and/or subsequent to the EFT/related session. Otherwise, how is any associated and stored emotional component, born out of unresolved confusion at an early age, going to get out of the system, for the purpose of creating symptoms, so as to signal the deeper cause, so as to resolve our problems - as we were designed to do? How? - by whatever route the self next finds to work. The trouble is, it might be more destructive, perhaps even better disguised, perhaps "only" internally, via organ disfunction. -Chris Pringer ]
. A good resource page for sample self-applications and related resources is at Feeling Free .Net. Another good reference is Dr. Fred P. Gallo's Energy Psych .Com site submitted, Thank you, by Bruce Tanner. I found the "Preface to Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy" page very informative.


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