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at The v. U.S. Peace Academy (vUSPA)
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Including 3 Easy Steps for *documenting intentions* in Conscientious Objection to Military Vocations


Introducing the James George Peterson Library
at The v. U.S. Peace Academy (vUSPA)

The James George Peterson Library is named for a young Mississippi soldier who served in the Army Medical Corps in France during World War I. When he came back, his young bride said he was never the same again. Her father had come home disabled, from the Spanish American War. He took his own life, leaving his wife and young family. James George & Cecil Peterson were the mother and father of Margaret McCluskey, the wife of O'Kelly McCluskey. Cecil lived with O'Kelly's family until her 97th year. She helped to hand raise O'Kelly's grandsons, Cam & Tris, to be men of peace.

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Suggested Course Offerings

     Peace Academy of Virtual Education (PAVE)    

The Peace Academy of Virtual Education in Canada (Box 99, Spirit River, AB, T0H 3G0) "provides a meaningful and personalized learning experience through a distance education format." The School Boards of Peace Wapiti, High Prairie Northlands and Peace River believe in the provision of choice within their educational systems. They believe that alternate educational programming is best offered through a joint cooperative process. These boards have created the Peace Academy of Virtual Education (PAVE) in order to offer students the opportunity of receiving all or part of their educational programming using modern technology.

          Suggested Course List

excerpted From the Course List at Peace Academy of Virtual Education (PAVE):
Jr High School Text List: http://www.pwsb33.ab.ca/pave/new_page_10.htm
Sr High School Text List: http://www.pwsb33.ab.ca/pave/new_page_11.htm

Social Studies Grade 7
   ·      The Master Puppeteer by Katherine Paterson
   ·      Japan - Its' People and Culture
   ·      The Issues Collection – Multiculturalism  (McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited)
   ·      Cultures In Canada - Strength in Diversity

Social Studies Grade 8
   ·      Brazil  Land of Contrasts
   ·      Paddle To The Amazon, The Ultimate 12,000 mile Canoe Adventure by Don Starkell (McClelland & Stewart Inc.) ISBN 0-7710-8256-8 (Coles Bookstore)
   ·      Canada Revisited
   ·      A Geography of Canada and the United States
   ·      A Proper Acadian, Mary Alice Downie and George Rawlyk (Kids Can Press) ISBN 0-919964-29-X (Coles Bookstore)

Social Studies Grade 9
   ·      The United States - An Economic Perspective
   ·      Russia  Then and Now
   ·      Canada Responding To Change
   ·      Wild Children (novel)
   ·      Lyddie (novel)

Social Studies Grade 10
   ·     Canada Today
   ·     Twentieth Century Canada

Social Studies Grade 11
   ·     World Prospects
   ·     One World
   ·     World History Patterns of Civilization
   ·     Pageant of World History
   ·     World Issues
   ·     World Prospects

Social Studies Grade 12
   ·     Ideologies
   ·     Twentieth Century Viewpoints
   ·     Global Forces of the Twentieth Century
   ·     A Changing World
   ·     History of the Twentieth Century

"Transition Mandala" by Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts (Dec'08)

PeaceFlagEarthChalice5a-cr-Adj2a Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12
"Patriotism Better Defined for 911, v5a", Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12.
At my Art Gallery my artwork can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.

         Beyond War - Nine Week Study Series: This new series is available by calling the Beyond War office at 541-485-0911. This series is designed so that participants have an opportunity to meaningfully internalize the Foundational Ideas of Beyond War, explore four categories of what people and nations can do instead of war, and think through in a supportive environment how each participant wants to respond to the new information presented in the series. Facilitators understand that some people will choose to participate in the Beyond War organization directly (and the series will equip them to do this in a knowledgeable way) and that others will take the information and use it in other settings and organizations. If you are interested in participating in the Study Series or if you would like to facilitate a study series group, please contact the Beyond War office. "Our mission is to explore, develop, and promote effective ideas, methods and actions that will build a world in which conflicts are resolved nonviolently a world beyond war." O'Kelly: "Thanks to Kurt Kutay, the PA now has its first formal course."

Paul K Chappell Waging Peace
Getting the attention of my peace-activist friends, a West Point graduate with his heart in the right place (and one who seems to have picked up on a number of O'Kelly's favorite phrases) ...

          "Paul K Chappell has given us a crucial look at peace and war from the unique perspective of a soldier, and his new ideas show is why peace is both necessary and possible in the 21st Century."
          -- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

          Paul is currently giving workshops around the country on peace leadership, strategy, and tactics to high schools, colleges, and citizens of all ages who want to become more effective at creating positive change with the skills they need to make a difference in the world.

          Paul K. Chappell graduated from West Point in 2002, served in the Army for seven years, was deployed in Baghdad, and left active duty in November 2009 as a Captain. He has authored two books on creating peace, including *The End of War: How Waging Peace Can Save Humanity, Our Planet and Our Future* (Easton Studio Press, LLC ISBN 9781935212119), *Will War Ever End?: A Soldier's Vision of Peace for the 21st Century* (Rvive Books. 2009 ISBN 9781935073024), and is soon to complete his 3rd, *Peaceful Revolution*.

  His websites:
          * Paul K Chappell .Com                               * American Unity Project
          * Leadership/Upcoming Books                     * Waging Peace .Org

          In this interview (pdf) Paul Chappell discusses a new and more effective strategy for ending war, fixing our economy, combatting terrorism, and providing a secure and prosperous future for America and the world.

          You-Tube video's (a series of Seven from Fall 2010), "How We Can Protect America and the World in the 21st Century"
          In this seven-part video series, West Point graduate, former army captain, and author Paul Chappell discusses how we can protect America and the world in the 21st Century by answering questions about terrorism, nuclear weapons, war, what security truly means, and how we can solve our national and global problems. This video series explains why we are living during one of the most hopeful eras in human history, and how there is so much we can do to make a difference. This video series was filmed by Robert Barrett Productions.

          Paul was nominated for the 2010 NAFRA Peace Award. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, where he is serving and the Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Foundation.

         Lectures on David Korten's "The Great Turning:" How will future generations remember out time? As the time when the climate chaos, peak oil, and an unstable global economy unraveled society? Or as the time of a Great Turning? Also see Korten's many publications listed/linked further below. We consider these among the most indespensible resources for finding solutions to today's world challenges.

         Lectures on 'The Fourth Way' - An Indigenous Contribution for Building Sustainable and Harmonious Prosperity in the Americas, hopefully by Phil Lane himself. The document's beginnings trace back to October 2001, when Lane started consulting with indigenous leaders and communities worldwide in a search for solutions to "ending escalating cycles of poverty and violence" that afflict marginalized populations. "All our tribes and nations talked about dialogue, about creating a future," Lane said. Lane also earned a Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington and a Master's in Curriculum Instruction in Education from National University in San Diego. Additionally, he was awarded an International Fellowship from the Harvard University Business School's International Institute for the Arts. An incredibly industrious mover-and-shaker, he is CEO of United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (UIATF). He is also the winner of the same awards (Windstar, International Award for Freedom and Human Rights) as such luminaries as 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, oceanographer Yacques-Yves Cousteau, the Dali Lama of Tibet and former U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali. Along the way, Lane is an award-winning author and film producer, with credits including the National Public Television series “Images of Indians” with Will Sampson, “Walking With Grandfather,” “The Honor of All: The Story of Alkali Lake” and “Healing the Hurts.” See related study files and articles for *The Fourth Way* in the publications section further below.

          PTSD: Integrating Approaches & Paradigms, Mediating Politics -- Suggested Class and/or Topic for Discussion:
          Voices in Wartime Education Project via Mentor The Soul .Com. Soldier's Heart, a project of International Humanities Center, is dedicated to our veterans' successful return. Dr. Edward Tick, author of the groundbreaking book War and the Soul and founder of Soldier's Heart, is a practicing psychotherapist specializing in veterans with PTSD. Soldier's Heart promotes and guides community-based efforts to heal the effects of war on those who served, their families and communities.
          A Voices in Wartime Education Project program has been created at Bellevue Community College. Available via Tools for Learning Page: using Voices of Wartime Education Project materials, including their documentary film on DVD; Newsletters; See related publications on Sanctuary/*Mentoring the Soul* below
          Soldier's Heart is a grass-roots healing project for at-risk veterans and their families based on War and the Soul. The term Soldier's Heart was coined in the time of the Civil War to describe Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Our goal is to prepare families and communities to support troops returning from Iraq and also continue support for all other vets. Specifically, Soldier's Heart focuses on creating a national network of community-based services for a healthier and more successful reintegration of our nation's veterans when they return home. Dr. Tick will be conducting seminars for training professionals and clergy on the unique needs of soldiers who have experienced combat. Our staff will be available to educate communities on how to start support services for veterans and families in their own hometowns. Soldier's Heart also sponsors a mentor program for seasoned veterans to mentor new returnees. "Please contact us for a complete list of services available for returning veterans or to start a support group in your area: info@mentorthesoul.com

A Warrior’s Journey Home
By John Wesley Fisher

Praised by Dr. Ed Tick, author of WAR AND THE SOUL and co-director of Soldier’s Heart:

The horrible road to war can be traveled far too easily and even against our will. In contrast, the road home is long, difficult, confusing, and tragically unmapped. John Fisher has walked these roads through war's furnace and home with his eyes, heart, mind and spirit wide open. He has examined all that lies in his own conscience and soul. He has peeked into corners of self, healing and society that few examine. He has restlessly searched to understand war's wounding and contribute to its healing. For all these reasons and more, John Fisher's witness should be heard and heeded. With courage, devotion and love, John has transformed himself from veteran into spiritual warrior. In this book, The War After the War, he maps his journey so that others can also find their ways home and to self.

Other books authored by John Wesley Fisher: ANGELS IN VIETNAM and NOT WELCOME HOME, both novels.

Copies are now available at PronghornPress.com and all on-line bookstores.
An autographed copy is available at: JohnWesleyFisher.com

For more information: JohnWesleyFisher.com
Murrells Inlet, SC

     "Ender's Game"
Strategies of War and Peace
Discussion Material

Movie Review by Chris Pringer, 12/4/14

     Director Gavin Hood's commentary of "Ender's Game" is quite instructive in the political psychology of war and peace - as applied to personal growth, leadership development through the trials of maturation of a young man - as well as to society, the training of youth for a nations' warriors, international law, Drone Warfare, dehumanization and pre-emptive war, genocide and war crimes. Questions and dilemmas presented in a very entertaining fashion - if you like action-packed movies - as well as in an exceptionally thought-provoking manner. Ender Wiggin, a genius, is born and virtually placed to work out strategies of achievement in a violent environment, while he also works with opposing sibling influences of humility, diplomacy, wisdom, compassion, and empathy, as well as the extreme aggression of an impetuous fighter.

      Other mental-emotional engagements: authority/approval issues, adult manipulation of youth "for the good of all," ego's part in a youth's proving to adults; psychology of the capacity to kill.

      Enjoy the great movie if you haven't already, then go for the Director's Commentary, (in Bonus Section of course) to get the instructive element. Use of set development and special effects are outstanding in the war-games and computer games rooms as well as in the battles in outer space.

      The movie, based on the book by Orson Scott Card, is very well acted by all, including Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Viola Davis, Abigail Breslin, Ben Kingsley, Moises Arias, Aramis Knight, Suraj Parthasarathy, khylin Rhambo, Jimmy Jax Pinchak, Conor Carroll, Nonso Anozie, Tony Mirrcandani. PG-13, Intelligently done.

  "When I undeerstand my enemy well enough to defeat him, then in that moment, I also love him" ... "the way we win matters"
- A.E.Wiggin

  More Keywords: Eros, Formics, Stratigos, Mazer Rackham, Ant Queen, Drone Warfare, Speaker for the Dead (2nd Book).
  From Wikipedia: Ender's Game: Inside the World of an Epic Adventure is a reference book published by Insight Editions. With a foreword by Ender's Game film director, Gavin Hood, the book is broken into four parts: Ender's World, Battle School, Inside Zero-G, and Parallel Worlds. The book is filled with behind-the-scenes images of the making of Ender's Game as well as interviews with the producers, artists, directors, and cast. Included with the book are nine Battle School army logo stickers, an ID Badge for Ender, and two removable International Fleet posters.

  [Editor Note: As far as I could read, the description of the official board game based on the film, "Ender's Game Battle School," did not include any references to the ethics or morals of war.]

          Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) are available to speak to youth groups, classrooms, etc. To schedule, please contact Michael Cuzzort at 504-427-0938, michaelcuzzort@hotmail.com. See blog at www.ivawdeployed.org. They arrived at Fort Lewis on the bus January 4 2007, camping outside the base gates at "Camp Resistance", to support Lt. Watada at his court-martial for refusing to fight in the illegal war in Iraq.

          The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA)

          The University For Personal And Global Peace



     Some Publications to Begin With     

Periodicals From Peace Organizations

                 The U.S. Institute of Peace is an independent, nonpartisan, federal institution created by Congress to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflict.
            To subscribe to the USIP Newsletter, E-mail to: pingme-feed@list.usip.org
            Send administrative queries to pingme-request@list.usip.org

Some Suggested Books and Articles
--- Re-Thinking America's Role in History ---

[Book Titles are noted by the asterisk (*)]

                      *The Great Turning - From Empire to Earth Community,* *When Corporations Rule the World,* and *The Post-Corporate World: Life After capitalism,* by David Korten (www.davidkorten.org). Presentations by Korten drawn from these published books include a paper titled "Renewing the American Experiment." This and other papers, including "What to Do Now That the War Has Started" are available at www.developmentforum.net, as well as the Linkset for 'Making War Obsolete: "From Empire to Community" at Yes Magazine. Korten is President of the People-Centered Development Forum, board chair of the Positive Futures Network (http://www.fourthfreedom.org/), and publisher of YES! magazine (www.yesmagazine.org). You might also enjoy the transcript of Korten's keynote address at the 2002 EARTH CHARTER COMMUNITY SUMMIT

                     *SHARING ARMS* by Al Drinkwine -- About the Book: Is violence an addiction? Al shares insights into his family, military and work experiences, and life in general, as a way to illustrate the potential for violence. Sharing Arms provides insights into various aspects of society which need addressing, as Drinkwine provides a Twelve Steps program to address them as a pathway out of violent life styles. The workbook is designed for educational use in group settings. The *SHARING ARMS TWELVE STEP WORKBOOK* is also intended for use in youth and adult detention facilities as a means to withdraw from violent life styles. BIO: Al Drinkwine is married and has raised three children. During his military experiences he observed how the U.S. military was converting itself from a defensive to an offensive force. Following his resignation from the Department of Defense he obtained a position involved in the behavioral modification of potentially violent youth. Combining all these experiences, he chose to address the violence he experienced and provide an alternative life style for those who choose nonviolence.

                      'The Fourth Way' - An Indigenous Contribution for Building Sustainable and Harmonious Prosperity in the Americas: In the January 2007 COVER STORY for Colors NW Magazine, The Fourth Way Phil Lane Jr's vision for harmony, prosperity (at UIATF site), Alex Valdes writes, "For nearly four decades, Phil Lane Jr. has traveled along a spiritual path, one that now leads him to undertake the most challenging and ambitious endeavor of his life, and one that might just help save the human race, and the planet, from near-certain destruction. 'The Fourth Way' draws upon the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle – the Indigenous peoples of South and North America and the Caribbean – to end war, environmental destruction and socioeconomic injustice, and give us a greater defense against terrorism than Homeland Security could ever hope to accomplish. ...With all that's unfolded since 9/11, a growing concern by many people on Mother Earth is, ‘how are we going to secure ourselves from terrorism and violence?'” asked Lane at his offices overlooking the Puget Sound. “We have to address those socioeconomic conditions that greatly contribute to terrorism. But arrogance and not understanding the incredible strength, spiritual wisdom, power and potentiality of what‘s unfolding in Latin America because of concerns in other places in the world, is leading us to one of the greatest security crises that we could ever experience." The PDF "Stage 1" document is available via United Indians of All Tribes. Related articles include "The Fourth Way: An Indigenous Contribution To The War On Terrorism" (word doc), and the following from Rick Levine: "'The Fourth Way' (Part I) by Daybreak Star's Phil Lane delivers international document outlining new world path" and "'The Fourth Way' (Part II) - Men With a Vision and a Plan". See related info in LOCAL TRAININGS above

                      Books at Orion Online (referring to the next four books listed)
      *Patriotism and the American Land* by Richard Nelson, Barry Lopez, and Terry Tempest Williams
      *On Discourse, Dissent, Patriotism* by Wendell Berry
      *In the Presence of Fear: Three Essays for a Changed World* by Wendell Berry
      *The Idea of a Local Economy* by Wendell Berry
      "The Failure of War," is a Related article by Wendell Berry, An essay first published in YES Magazine.

                      Modern Day Exemplar for Peace Activism
Please read the statement on the murder of Rachel Corrie - killed by an Israeli bulldozer on March 16, 2003, as she was attempting to stop the destruction of a Palestinian home in Rafah - at Veterans For Peace .Org. She is honored at the Great Hall Of The Peacemakers of the v. U.S. Peace Academy (just one of many memorials and dedications to this modern day heroine).

                      *Addicted To War - Why The U.S. Can't Kick Militarism*
by Joel Andreas at www.addictedtowar.com. The San Francisco Board of Education has voted unanimously to make ADDICTED To WAR a supplemental text book to be used by history teachers in the district. Someone has complained about this happening. This is the reason for this segment on the show. Please forward this email to friends and consider calling or emailing Fox in support of ADDICTED To WAR being used in high schools across the United States. To order send $9 (which includes postage) to Frank Dorrel, P.O. Box 3261 Culver City, Calif. 90231-3261, email: Frank Dorrel or call 310-838-8131

                     The Western Tradition - History of the Western World by Eugene Weber - This absorbing survey of more than 2,000 years of Western civilization will give students an educational foundation that will serve them though college and beyond. In this encyclopedic series, illustrated with over 2,700 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, historian Eugene Weber guides your class through centuries of politics, literature, economics, industry, agriculture, art philosophy, and the daily lives of ordinary people. From ancient Egypt through the cold war, The Western Tradition will give students a deep and abiding understanding of Western history. Grade Levels: 9-12; Length: 52/30-Minute Programs. At PBS, Education: a) Web Resources - A video instructional series on Western civilization for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 52 half-hour video programs and coordinated books, ISBN: 1-55946-006-7; b) Instructional Resources Home: [PBS is only one source of many on the web; simply put Eugene Weber Western Tradition in the search engine!]

                      Kids Make History: A New Look at America's Story by Susan Buckley, Elspeth Leacock, and Randy Jones (Hardcover - Oct 30, 2006), Publisher: Houghton Mifflin; $11.56 Used & new from $7.56 (Amazon)

                      Journeys for Freedom: A New Look at America's Story by Susan Buckley, Elspeth Leacock, and Rodica Prato (Hardcover - Nov 4, 2006); $11.56 Used & new from $7.56 (Amazon)

                     Places in Time: A New Atlas of American History by Susan Buckley, Elspeth Leacock, and Randy Jones (Hardcover - Mar 26, 2001); new: $15.00; Used & new from $2.86

                     Journeys in Time: A New Atlas of American History by Susan Buckley, Elspeth Leacock, and Rodica Prato (Paperback - Jun 23, 2003); new: $6.95 Used & new from $1.94; Other Editions: Hardcover, School & Library Binding

                      Books Written by Members of Veterans For Peace
include *Full Spectrum Disorder- the Military in the New Century* by Stan Goff (a 25 year veteran of the Special Forces), and *Medic* by Ben Sherman, our own VFP92 member from Mercer Island, WA.       Stan Goff addresses the situation in Haiti (as related to Feb-March 2004, at http://www.haitiaction.org/.

                     General Smedley D. Butler who rose through the ranks to become a Major General in the United States Marine Core, and who was twice awarded with the Medal of Honor, gave a famous speech in 1933 wherein he states, "I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service." He details many beneficiaries of war and other aspects in his book, *War is a Racket* [ISBN 0-9640119-3-X] by Crises Press, 1995, available through Veterans For Peace .Org. General Butler's distinguished 33-year career included numerous medals, frequently cited for outstanding "personal bravery" and said to be "forever accomplishing the impossible," and became known as "one of the most popular officers in the corps." But his career was also marked by controversy. As a patriot and nationalist, he "fervently opposed actions which might lead to American military involvement abroad."

                     "Because of Iraq" by Gen. Wesley Clark: " Because of Iraq Osama bin Laden is still a threat. Because of Iraq our military is spread too thin. Because of Iraq there are more terrorists in the world. Because of Iraq America is less secure. So if you see commercials telling you to be afraid of terrorism Remember, It's because of Iraq. Vote Vets - http://www.votevets.org/" Fall '06

                      A Veteran Remembers, By Howard Zinn, 11/12/06 at Information clearing House --- "Let's go back to the beginning of Veterans Day. It used to be Armistice Day, because at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, World War I came to an end."

                      America 101 - Bill Moyers on education and economics - Bill Moyers is president of the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy and a veteran journalist. He delivered these remarks in San Diego on October 27 to the Council of Great City Schools , an organization of the nation's largest urban public school systems. November 1, 2006 by [TomPaine.com]

                      War and the Soul by Edward Tick via Woices in Wartime .Org: The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 16 percent (one in eight) of returning Iraq veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Such vets typically can't hold jobs. They are incapable of intimacy, creative work, and self-realization. Some can't leave the house because they are afraid they will kill or be killed.
          The key to healing, says psychotherapist Ed Tick, is in how we understand PTSD. In war's overwhelming violence the true self flees and can become lost for life. He redefines PTSD as an identity disorder with radical implications for therapy. First, Tick establishes the traditional context of war in mythology and religion. Then he describes PTSD as an identity issue and a soul wound. Finally, he presents ways to nurture a positive identity based in compassion and forgiveness.
          War and the Soul will change the way we think about war, for veterans and for all those who love and want to help them. It shows how to make the wounded soul whole again. When this work is achieved, PTSD vanishes and the veteran can truly return home. Sanctuary/Soldier's Heart, PO Box 8564, Albany, NY 12208.

    Soldier's Heart Fall Newsletter 2011

                      The Voices in Wartime Anthology via Woices in Wartime .Org also assists in comprises poetry, essays inspired by the feature-length documentary film, Voices in Wartime, and narratives based on interviews conducted for the film. The 240 pages of this anthology feature active-duty soldiers, veterans, torture victims, war correspondents, families of the disappeared and the dead, poets, peace activists—the compelling responses of unique, individual human beings to the experience of war. Writers include Iraq vets Brian Turner and Jose Diaz, veteran war correspondent Chris Hedges, psychologist Jonathan Shay, Colombian poet Antonietta Villamil, West Point Superintendent General William Lennox, Seattle poet Emily Warn.


     American History Related References:     

           AlterNet: History Lessons and Lesions
           Article at Global Research. Is this an accurate representation of the events following WWII? Says O'Kelly McCluskey: "I.F. STONE told us the truth about Korea !"

Before 1886, most states had laws that prevented corporations from meddling in politics... And, they teach in law school [that] in 1886 the U.S. Supreme Court changed all that ... [however] the Supreme Court ruled no such thing [as] "corporations are persons" [since the supposed ruling] was a fiction created by the Court's reporter. He simply wrote it into the headnote of the decision. In fact, it contradicts what the Court itself said. And we've found in the National Archives a note in the hand of the Supreme Court Chief Justice of the time to the court's reporter saying, explicitly, that the Court had not ruled on corporate personhood in the Santa Clara case. Nonetheless, corporations have claimed the human rights the Founders fought and often died to bequeath to living, breathing humans. And, using those rights, [corporations have] usurped our government to the point where our domestic policies are now based on what's best for the corporations with the largest campaign contributions, and our foreign policy has become a necessary extension of that..." --Thom Hartmann in "The Dinosaur War - To Protect Corporate Profits" Published on Friday, October 11, 2002 by CommonDreams.org.

                      *We The People - A Call to Take Back America*
For a "jolt of illumination" on the current realities and how they came about, [ISBN 1-882109-38-4] is illustrated in easy-to-grasp comic book form by Neil Cohn, and gives much of the history of how corporations have been able to take over the political process in America. Says David Korten (ref'd below), "Clear and compelling. Democracy is at risk. Hartmann tells us why We the People can reclaim democracy... tells us how..." Says actress Janeane Garofalo, "Thom Hartmann's message for everyone (especially the overstressed and uninformed)... Read this book for a jolt of illumination!" Thom Hartmann: "America faces its greatest threat since the Civil War. The worst fears of the Founders are being realized, as powerful corporate interests have taken over our culture and representative government. We the People now face a fundamental choice: take back our country ... or do nothing, and become victims of tyranny and empire." Available via Coreway .Com. More details also through Google Search

                      Reclaim Democracy .Org is dedicated to restoring democratic authority over corporations, reviving grassroots democracy, and establishing appropriate limits to the realm of corporate influence. 'We strive to work pro-actively for systemic change, rather than react to the agendas of corporate and moneyed interests.' See Their "About Us" page.
          NOTE: A Seattle Chapter of Reclaim Democracy is in formation at the time of this editing (early Sept. '04). In the meantime you may email O'Kelly McCluskey or Jacqui Brown-Miller, Attorney at Law, at for more information.

                      *The Elite Consensus - When Corporations Wield the Constitution*
is by George Draffan of Program on (POCLAD). POCLAD's work provides a framework and historical analysis of the Constitution and the role it has played in the political struggle between "We the People" and corporations. The Elite Consensus is the latest addition to the POCLAD body of publications. POCLAD's "Rethinking the Corporation/Rethinking Democracy" retreats are incubating nation-wide citizen efforts to curb the “corporate usurpation of citizen rights”. Pete Seeger says, “The first step in solving a problem is learning more about the problem, and how and why it grew. POCLAD is giving us U.S. history like it's not usually taught in schools. Hooray!”
            Publication(s) are available via The Apex Press, PO Box 337, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520. Judi Rizzi - 1-800-316-APEX [2739], 914-271-6500 ••• POCLAD, PO Box 246, South Yarmouth, MA 02664-0246. Tel: 508.398.1145. POCLAD Contacts: Mary Zepernick – S. Yarmouth [above] Mike Ferner – Toldeo: tel. 419-729-3205 and Carolyn Toll Oppenheim-MA: Tel. 413-540-0145.
            A Related article by Thom Hartmann, "The Dinosaur War - To Protect Corporate Profits" is at http://www.commondreams.org/views02/1011-05.htm

                      Tom Hayden on "The Long War": Sign up for Tom's Free Online School of Activism "Long-time antiwar activist Tom Hayden ...taught the first of four sessions in his School of Activism. Tom describes this series as a 'workshop on the long war and our future.' He explained that the long war is projected to last fifty to eighty years ... 'a sequence of wars in the context of the long war.” He said that we must end the long war ["a war against Muslims in many countries"]. He said that it does not make us safer, that the wars are 'strangling our ability to invest in our domestic priorities,' and could lead the country to being pushed ...'into a deeper national security state.' [That] 'The long war … requires a long peace movement.' When speaking of local peace activists that he has met, across the country, he says that we 'may not be so visible these days, but I know that you're not going anywhere, and neither am I. You are the heart and soul of the peace and justice movement.' [Feb 2011]

                      *The Greatest Sedition is Silence* by Scott Ritter, the ex-marine who led 14 inspection missions in Iraq. Related article at http://www.truthout.org/docs_03/122903B.shtml

                      *The Power Elite* by Charles W. Mills - A psycho-social map and history of power in the U.S. (related ref's at Christopher's Political Page)

                      *Before and After US Foreign Policy...* and *Calling the Shots, How Washington Dominates the UN* by Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies

                      *Secrets, a Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers* by Daniel Ellsberg. At www.ellsberg.net there is a link to a chapter from this book.

                      *There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos* by Jim Hightower, radio commentator and organizer of Rolling Thunder .Org

                      *Stupid White Men* by Michael Moore, creator of the box-office hit, "Fareignheit 911"



     A   Broad   Overview:     
Current Relationships between War, Greed,
Economic Manipulation, AND Hope for Our Healing

            Many scholars dedicated to peace consider war as an addiction or disease. The means to healing addictions are available, although their application may not be simple or easy. Addictions are extremely tenacious HABITS created to fill a PERCEIVED NEED that has been experienced as OTHERWISE UN-MET due to one or more elements of a bad start in life. These elements usually include ignorance and faulty perception regarding THE HEALTHY WAYS TO MEET THE NEED, either of which is often enforced by pain, manipulation, and/or faulty role modeling. Conditions leading to lack of access to resources commonly contribute to, or "feed," the addiction. Part of that ignorance includes the knowledge of the amount of money that the governments of the world SPENT ON MILITARY ARMAMENTS -$900+ billion/year, half of that is by the US, while the AMOUNT OF MONEY NEEDED TO PROVIDE FOR EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET including food, clothing, housing, education, health, basic and social infrastructure, etc - $40 billion/year [both in 2000] !!!
          The questions may thus arise: "What are we actually fighting about? Why don't we just share and trade? Are we insane?" "Addiction" may be a mild descriptor, indeed.

            As regards origins of the war-addiction, one of the most commonly held causes of the disease is simple greed and selfishness, thence blindness from too much power and beauracracy, to the point of willingness to kill for the materials or resources sought. Heads of state getting citizens to go along with them might be another story. In modern times, our "more civilized" world society has developed incredibly sophisticated means of manipulation. These means have served the more "successfully greedy" people -thence politically powerful by influence of money lobbying. This has been done sufficiently enough, that they don't create actual war - at least for a time. And yet THE ECONOMIC MANIPULATION OF THE THIRD WORLD IN PARTICULAR, AS WELL AS OF CERTAIN OF OUR OWN POPULATIONS, IS A SLOW-KILLING WAR IN ITSELF.

            Hence the suggested reading materials here that have to do with corporate abuse and related healing, including the healing of our society which has benefited from, and thereby has become a large contributor to, this deadly, even genocidal addiction. These references help us to understand how the addiction was formed, how preventative measures against such abuses were stripped from our laws. *The Fourth Way* studies help us understand the origins of poverty. These most valuable resources teach us how we may heal this addiction so that we stop not only the economic warfare, but the military warfare that stems from it. After all, THE WORLDS RESOURCES ARE MORE THAN PLENTIFUL ENOUGH TO PROVIDE FOR HEALTHY WAYS TO MEET ALL OUR NEEDS, and we know there are workable means to share, trade, and otherwise distribute them where and as needed.
            As for the other causes of war-addiction disease, currently the most prevalent in the West would seem to be the lust for (more) power. The Project for a New American Century brandishes it's manifesto with apparent pride - in it's self acknowledged rationale of the ends ("Armageddon/Rapture" or just world domination - in order to protect the righteous [reichteous?], of course) justifying *whatever* means (references below).

            Related (and more specific) References:

           "The Fraudulent War": This pdf book by Richard W. Behan of Lopez Island provides a great summary of how we got into the Iraq War as well as Afghanistan, and includes some of the more recently revealed Iraq Oil shenanigans. Is possibly a little slow (for some) to substantiate the facts of the story, but an intriguing, illustrated presentation keeps it interesting in the meantime. "This presentation is deliberately not copyrighted: it may be reproduced and circulated without restriction." The detailed pdf file with illustrated slideshow presentation, is available via *http* (opens file in your browser), or by ftp (downloads the 5.5 mb file). A smaller digested article (150kb Word Doc) by Behan is "The So-Called War On Terror" (downloads by ftp).

                The Blueprint For The Creation Of A 'Global Pax Americana': uncovered by the Sunday Herald (details next paragraph), was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice-president), Donald Rumsfeld (former defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld's deputy), George W Bush's younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff), among others. The document, put out in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC), and entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century," was a grand re-write of a 46-page document, "Draft Defense Planning Guidance," conceived in 1992, during the first Bush Administration. The 90 page 2000 version was apparently available at New American Century .Org (http://www.newamericancentury.org/iraqmiddleeast.htm) but is reported no longer available there. It was downloaded before it's disappearance however, and IS available (at various sites including here) via pdf for the browser or by ftp (downloads the .85 mb file)

                "It's Empire Versus Democracy": The orchestrated call for empire was "out of the closet," according to conservative columnist Charles Krauthamer

                "History Repeats Itself Clear and Present Danger, Analysis of CPD and PNAC" by Cyndi Crizer: Of special interest here might be a comparative analysis between four different groups that arose within the US government and had the purpose of influencing foreign policy in this country, incl. Committee on the Present Danger (CPD) and Project for a New American Century (PNAC): .

Still   Want   Your   Vote  
to   Count ?


Use These Resources for Economic Activism As Needed
Check out Veterans for Peace's online store for more materials. http://www.vfpstore.org/

   "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing Page
Discussions & Charts on Political Activism, Empathy, Apathy, Healing & Recovering Democracy"
Thumbnail of Activism & Healing Chart, Chris Pringer - click to go there
   "Political Activism, Apathy, & Healing"
Cause and effect patterns related to conscious choices for change toward sustainable living on the planet (a long term project)

Introducing a study in current "Poly-Psy" (not just "Poly-Sci") with 3 graphic flow charts

Thumbnail of Intro-Overview Chart, © Chris Pringer - click to go there
   Overview Chart for Introducing a Study in Poly-Psy
What brought us to the *current crossroads* Socially and Psychologically; Citizen Roles and Choices
Thumbnail of Beliefs, Paths, & Service Chart, © Chris Pringer - click to go there
   "Beliefs, Paths, & Service"
Visually relates various philosophical origins, coping styles, roles in active citizenry...
      Includes the essays: "Healing the Citizenry" - guides pragmatic discussion for recognition of our current situation, examination of related cause-effect patterns, transitioning out of political apathy, and making conscious choices for change toward sustainable living on the planet - a long term project (Fall 2002);     "An Introduction to Subjects in 'Poly-Psy'" - about Poly *Psy*, not "Poly-Sci";     "A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing Governments" - Daunting Questions about designing effective structure & process - 'ism's & not ('08-'10);     "The Economy as Artform and not Science" - a compassionate view ±?" (3'09); and      "'Empathy' or 'Armor' by Definition..." - Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined to apply in limited ways and directions (4'10)


             "Overcoming Political Disillusionment" - The In-depth Outline. How do we approach the condition of dis-empowerment, political burnout, apathy, or worse? How do we spot it where it may lurk as something else? (Not just talking about you or me on a bad day, but when only 30-40% of the people vote, when and where whole segments of society seem to pretend everything's fine when it isn't, and worse, when it continues to support the situation.) With an honest look at ourselves, and asking some hard questions, we may begin the process of true (lasting) change. A follow-up to "Poly-Psy & Citizen Health - Problems & Solutions for Discussion" (or "Political Activism, Apathy, & Healing"), this outlined perspective on the political ramifications of Disillusionment is not light study, but food for deliberate thought - for creating a society that will also allow our grand children to have happy, healthy children on this planet. Written for would-be voters, burnt-out idealists, and potential activists, and takes a thorough look at the elements of basic (and applicable) psychology as related to democratic participation, & Healing.

            Questions For Disillusionment has Selected Questions for Consideration regarding how effectively we use the democratic process, or let totalitarian forces rise to destroy it. Includes Questions for Consideration specific to Political Activism, Apathy, & Healing, as well as     "The Four Governments":   A short essay on political beliefs, invested fantasies, & current realities - working & not;     Guidelines and a class format for "Overcoming Burnout for Activists": for YOUR community?     "The Development of One Questioning Mind": one pre-sentencing statement at the trial of the "Seattle 12";     "Questions for Personal Empowerment":   The Use of Personally Applied Invocative Questions (Invoc-Q's) designed specifically for affirming self-worth, self-determination, capabilities for personal values redefinition, etc with text placed over colorful tapestry background.

          Summary From essay,
"A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing
Government, the Economy, and the Global Warming Crisis"

          One could say that medical over-categorization has led people to be bigoted and "extremist" towards their medical conditions. This can apply to political conditions, whether they be *called* capitalistic, socialistic, communistic, right-wing or leftist (especially while the defining or labeling of various political strategies, let alone mentioning "class war," can be so controversial in itself). As in medicine, finding and maintaining the right balance of elements in any governing system requires an unprejudiced and objective analysis. That includes the appreciation of (the diversity of) the proper place and role of almost every type of strategy and mechanism ever used in history, all considered in the context of each their settings (era, place, and circumstance), in order to develop what will work optimally for any current circumstance. And then a "Diet" is prescribed to facilitate transition to and maintenance for the truly workable system. Easy? Of course not, certainly given these requirements for transition: Time for integration of what we've learned mentally, and for healing much of what we've learned emotionally (in the "school of hard knocks") for necessary realizations regarding relationships (with self, others, Higher Power as applies), values, purpose, direction. If these don't apply, then it could only be easier Wink

          Also at the "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing" page:
Favorite Alternative Solution Sites
and the sidebar essay, "Solutions: Common Means to Efficient Paths, 'Bridging' in the Cross-Discipline Approach"

[10/12/07, ed. 3/14/09, 3/28/10, ...]
Poly-Psy Arts Logo © 6'08 Christopher Pringer



    Inspired by 29-year-old Seaman Jonathan Hutto, the Appeal for Redress movement inside the U.S. military has been called "the most significant movement of organized and dissident GIs seen in America since 1969, when 1,366 active-duty service members signed a full-page ad in the *New York Times* calling for an end to the Vietnam War," in an article in the January 8, 2007 issue of the *Nation.* Two works played a role in inspiring the Appeal for Redress movement: *Soldiers in Revolt* by David Cortright (Anchor, 1975; Haymarket paperback reprint, 2005), and "Sir! No Sir!" a 2005 documentary film by David Zeiger.

    Not All Wounds Are Visible - PTSD Alliance -- You should know that MORE VietNam Vets have committed suicide SINCE that war than were killed IN that war, due to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). The experts still debate whether the greatly increased factors for Iraq War related PTSD will be countered by the increased expertise in dealing with it. And then there's the Bush Administration's - C U T S ! - in the VA Health Benefits budget. [Yes, that 'brilliant crew' could use a letter from you!]

    Message To West Point by Bill Moyers - This is an excerpt from the Sol Feinstone Lecture on The Meaning of Freedom delivered by Bill Moyers at the United States Military Academy on November 15, 2006. I pull this quote out only because it supports very nicely some of my most previous commentaries with the posts. But Moyer's talk on "The Meaning of Freedom" is quite long. But it shows incredible courage- more than summarizing exactly why soldiers should not obey orders blindly, as he recites the history of war and peace in America for West Point Graduates this last November, many of whom may be ordered to Iraq very soon:
"...In the October issue of the magazine of the California Nurses Association, you can read a long report on “The Battle at Home.” In veterans' hospitals across the country—and in a growing number of ill-prepared, under-funded psych and primary care clinics as well—the report says that nurses “have witnessed the guilt, rage, emotional numbness, and tormented flashbacks of GIs just back from Iraq.” Yet “a returning vet must wait an average of 165 days for a VA decision on initial disability benefits,” and an appeal can take up to three years. Just in the first quarter of this year, the VA treated 20,638 Iraq veterans for post-traumatic stress disorder, and faces a backlog of 400,000 cases. This is reprehensible. ..."

    Iraq Veterans Against the War* Speak Out, VIDEOs (Google Src Results -LOTS)

    Military/War/Anti-War/Sexual VIDEOs (Google Src Results)(Nov'06)

    Service Academy Graduates Against the War has been added to the ranks of the military against the war in Iraq (October 25, 2006). The overwhelming response by alumni of United States service academies to the anti-war efforts of *West Point Graduates Against the War* has resulted in a combined arms organization of former and current land, sea, and air officers united against the war in Iraq. SAGAW was established by three West Pointers, William Cross, James Ryan, and Joseph Wojcik, all 1962 USMA graduates and cofounders of the former organization. They were joined in the new endeavor by Dud Hendrick, a 1963 United States Naval Academy graduate and Terry Symens-Bucher, an alumnus of the United States Air Force Academy, class of 1975. SAGAW calls on graduates of all service academies to speak out against the destruction of the honor of the United States and the dissipation of its military caused by the deceitful policies of the present administration. It also calls for the impeachment of the president of the United States for high crimes and misdemeanors.

    Hundreds of US Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal in Petition Published on Tuesday, November 7, 2006 by the Agence France Presse (http://www.afp.com/)
     Probably one of the most powerful of these is of April Fitzimmons, Intelligence Analyst, USAF
     Note: a Comment at UTube: Thank you for posting this. It is truly amazing. She has real courage. "My biggest enemy was my own company", just what Suzanne Swift said. This is something that anyone even considering joining the military needs to see, especially women. It is tragic for anyone join the U.S. military. Stop recruitment, stop the lies. Sexual harassment and assault is rampant.

    Revolt of the Generals by RICHARD J. WHALEN, The Nation, October 16, 2006: A revolt is brewing among our retired Army and Marine generals. This rebellion--quiet and nonconfrontational, but remarkable nonetheless--comes not because their beloved forces are bearing the brunt of ground combat in Iraq but because the retirees see the US adventure in Mesopotamia as another Vietnam-like, strategically failed war, and they blame the errant, arrogant civilian leadership at the Pentagon. The dissenters include two generals who led combat troops in Iraq: Maj. Gen. Charles Swannack Jr., who commanded the 82nd Airborne Division, and Maj. Gen. John Batiste, who led the First Infantry Division (the "Big Red One"). These men recently sacrificed their careers by retiring and joining the public protest. [10/19/2006]

    Lt. Ehren Watada became the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the unlawful war and occupation in Iraq (with the Fort Lewis-based 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division). While doing this on June 22, 2006, Watada said, "As the order to take part in an illegal act is ultimately unlawful as well, I must refuse that order." Watada's commander added a seventh count to the six he already faced for remarks Watada made in a speech Aug. 12 at the Veterans for Peace national convention in Seattle. see Watada Speech at Veterans for Peace convention August 2006 and related articles (including "Iraq combat vets explain support for Lt. Watada," "GI resistance is a growing trend," and "We were conditioned to hate them") at the 'Thank You Lt. Watada web site'

    Citizen Soldier .Org - A GI rights group, website of TOD ENSIGN, who is also author of the forthcoming "America's Military Today" published by the New Press. "Important reading for all Americans, this book outlines what exactly they are paying for with their hard-earned taxes, and how discriminatory and dangerous the American military machine has become," says Helen Caldicott, MD, author, and president of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute. Includes "Depleted Uranium: Wonder Weapon or Toxic Hazard?" There's also access to the book, *Metal of Dishonor - How the Pentagon Radiates Soldier and Civilians with Depleted Uranium Weapons.*

    You thought they came home safely from the war. They didn't. - Poison DUst tells the story of three young men from New York who could not get answers for their mysterious ailments after their National Guard unit's 2003 tour of duty in Iraq. A mother reveals her fears about the extent of her child's birth defects and the growing disability of her young husband – a vet. Their frustrations in dealing with the Veterans Administration's silence becomes outrage as they realize that thousands of other GI's have the same symptoms. Today more than 1/3 of all 1991 Gulf war vets are on VA Disability Benefits. Meanwhile U.S. use of radioactive DU weapons has increased six-fold from 1991 to Gulf War II! Scientists expose the Pentagon Cover-Up! The U.S. military now admits that it deliberately radiated its own soldiers, known as the “Atomic Veterans,” during the Cold War. This documentary exposes U.S. use of radioactive weapons on peoples in not only Iraq, but the Marshall Islands; Vieques, Puerto Rico; Meihyang-Ri, South Korea; and Yugoslavia. Poison DUst mixes interviews with soldiers with experts such as Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Michio Kaku, and Dr. Rosalie Bertell explaining how DU contamination spreads and how residue from exploded DU shells radiates people. Poison DUst tells of the growing global resistance ...a powerful indictment of past U.S. use of radioactive weapons. Poison DUst is an important educational tool in building the movement to stop this horror. Help get the word out--this important film is already being shown in schools, churches, community centers, and in a Coffee House set up for GIs outside of Fort Drum.

    The Veterans for Peace (VFP), who have called for Impeachment of George W. Bush and others, have a link to Iraq War Casualty counts at the top of the Iraq Special Section Page. More statistics - including Iraqi civilian deaths - are kept at a few sites, including at AntiWar .Com, Iraq Body Count, HRW .Org, and The Iraqometer. Also there is a count for US Military Personnel Wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan. The KIA's apparently do NOT include those who die in US hospitals, and definitely don't include mercenary KIA's.
      The VFP keep close track of the DEPLETED URANIUM situation (radioactive weaponry) - what US citizens don't know about what has been messing up our kids in Iraq. See the below ref/links on DU as well as a more complete section on DU at the Political Ref's Page and please write your congress persons.

    Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change (DMCC) Press for Peace in the Middle East- Breaking with the Administration over the war in Iraq! This most wonderful breath of fresh air into the mix is a group of retired ambassadors, generals and admirals calls for regime change in Washington. Their Mission Statement: "...On the basis of foreign and defense policy experience spanning half a century, members desire, through their participation in public forums, to share their expertise and express their deep concern over the current state of this country's diplomatic and security challenges. Never in recent years, in the view of the group, have those challenges been as serious as they are today."

    Navy Public Affairs Officer Who Worked in Iraq Condemns President Bush & The U.S. Invasion: A year ago Navy Lt. John Oliveira was appearing daily before television cameras defending the U.S. invasion. He was the top public affairs officer aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. In a Democracy Now! exclusive he spoke on a national program for the first time criticizing the invasion he was once paid to defend. (Friday, March 26th, 2004)


Links to Articles On Patriotism & Matriotism at Alternet.Org

            Jack Newfield: American Rebels
            Howard Zinn: My Country: The World
            Elouise Bell: Matriotism for Mother Earth
            Farai Chideya: Fighting Our Fathers' Wars
            Jim Hightower: Wave Our Flag
            Michelle Chihara: Tough Love
            Dennis Kucinich: A Prayer for America

Links for Awareness
* Balanced Truth in Recruiting *
* Conscientious Objection *

  *In Harms Way* - on Truth in Recruiting,
a very professionally laid out comprehensive & illustrated summary
booklet by Col. James & Prof. Shirley Kennedy Chapter (pdf doc, Jan'05)
  Washington Truth In Recruiting
  www.teenpeace.org (local to Washington)
  Peace and Conscientious Objector Study Group Page (at Teen Peace)
  Conscientious Objector.Org and http://awol.objector.0rg
  American Friends Service Committee(AFSC)
  Center on Conscience & War (CCW)
  Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (COMD)
  National Network Opposing The Militarization Of Youth (NNOMY)
  Troops To Teachers info (TTT)
  What the Recruiter Never Told You (About.com).
  12 Questions
  Stopping War Where it Begins: Youth and the Military.Org
  National Gulf War Resource Center (NGWRC)
  Sample Statement of Conscientious Objection
  Sample Conscientious Objector Application for Service men & women


Video via BeforeYouEnlist.Org

Due to Heavy Demand, vUSPA is reprinting below the introduction and credits and donation request information from BeforeYouEnlist.Org [all links in this section other than the video itself will take you to the BeforeYouEnlist.Org web site]: The Video, "Before You Enlist!" provides a rational voice to counter the seductive and often deceptive recruiting practices of the U.S. military. The message is not "don't enlist" but rather to provide young people and their families a more complete picture of the life-altering consequences of joining the military -- especially in wartime. Release date: September 2006. Length: 14:30.

UPDATE (9/20/06): The program is now complete ... watch it below. The program is freely available for Internet viewing/download and for minimal cost on DVD (free if donations are sufficient). Watch this space for details. Feel free to contact BeforeYouEnlist.Org to request a DVD.

The video provides a brief introduction to the subject of military enlistment. For in-depth information, visit AFSC's Youth & Militarism site Youth4Peace.org -- and the other Truth in Recruiting links listed on this page.

Click on the image at left to watch the small-screen YouTube version.

For a larger image, try the Google Video version, where you may also download the video.

The American Friends Service Committee, Veterans For Peace (VFP), Iraq Veterans Against the War, Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, the Coalition for Peace Action and other groups worked with the producers to develop the program and are helping to distribute it.

Let BeforeYouEnlist.Org know of Iraq and Afghan War vets and families who may want to tell their stories in updates of this program and future projects.
Alert BeforeYouEnlist.Org to recruiter activities in your communities at schools and other public locations.
Give tax-deductible donations to help distribute this program – and make others like it possible.


Some Suggested Studies & Activities for vUSPA students
These will serve well in the purpose of
documentation of your intentions in Conscientious Objection
and about service in the path of peace. Please also brief the resource sections on this page,
particularly those on Conscientious Objection and the "Before You Enlist" video (just above).

Lets start with the most inspiring:
Bellingham WA Troops Home Now resolution passed!!!

Anna Lawson reported Tue Oct 10, 2006: "I'm very proud and thankful to announce that Bellingham is the 71st city in our nation to adopt a "Troops Out" resolution! The city council met last night, heard a little extra testimony in favor of the resolution, and watched about 150 or so anxious meeting attendees while they got around to voting. They did change the wording some--watered down the "Troops Out Now" to "get a plan"--and updated the dollar amounts and number of killed and wounded, but THEY PASSED IT, 6-1. The one appears to be a curmudgeonly fellow who, I'm guessing, talks to the three or four friends he has and no one else. He didn't appear to have even read the resolution, or if he did, didn't understand it. Anyway, he was only one. No, this has no legislative weight. But it does say that our community wants this war done with, our soldiers brought home, and taken care of properly. Many thanks to Doris, ...and the other committee members for their hard work on this. Yay!" --Anna
Perhaps Your City Can Also Adopt a "Troops Out" Resolution!

vUSPAs / Peace Activism

The dreaded Draft and you?
WHY Take a chance?         Work for Peace Now.

Some Highly Suggested Follow-up Activities:

      1) Subscribe to the United States Institute of Peace for membership via http://www.usip.org/ and their newsletter, PeaceWatch, (via http://wdb1.usip.org:591/mailinglist/mailinglistform).

      2) Sign up to the Department of Peace Campaign at (http://www.dopcampaign.org/signup.htm). The Department of Peace (DOP) Campaign needs our assistance. What you can Do: If your congress member is already a co-sponsor, give them a call or send them a fax to say thank you (you can find a list of co-sponsors at http://www.dopcampaign.org/endorsements.htm). If your congress member is not yet a co-sponsor of the legislation, please ask them to sign-on to this historic legislation. Checking in with them on a regular basis when you need something done is not an ineffective strategy, to say the least. If you do not know who your congressperson is, or if you need to find their contact information, visit http://www.congress.org, all you need is your zip code. You can call the capitol switchboard at (800) 839-5276. You may find more information about topics noted above via the resource links on this page.

      3) Submit to USIP a personally written "Why A Path of Peace" Essay on why you have chosen a path of peace; ie: what experiences led you to do so, what you expect to gain, achieve, receive, give, etc from the training(s) you have chozen, listing those by name and location as appropriate. Also send a copy to yourself, and do not open the letter, but keep it safe in your records [You can some words or code in the lower left corner of the envelope so you will better recognize it should the time come that you have to use it]. Consider sending a copy to your senators and or representatives. For the purpose of documentation -via vUSPA- of your intentions about service in the path of peace, as opposed to service in the military, the "Why A Path of Peace" essay might include:
                  a) your thoughts & feelings about your taking The Pledge of Resistance (or "Peace Pledge"), including the Date you signed it and where. (the "Peace Pledge" is sponsored by Fellowship of Reconciliation, Global Exchange, Lutheran Peace Fellowship, Pax Christi USA, Peace Action, Resource Center for Nonviolence, Voices in the Wilderness, War Resisters League, and many others)
                  b) your thoughts & feelings regarding military activities, military recruiting and induction in your own geographical area. A good place to begin for reference is the list of Links for Awareness in Conscientious Objection
                  c) statements indicating your awareness about Conscientious Objector status in general, as well as about how and why you would personally choose to become a conscientious objector. A great summary of considerations on the topic -- and GREAT IDEAS for young people -- can be found at Teen Peace - Peace and Conscientious Objector Study Group Page, put together by Liz Goldstein of Port Townsend. For a compilation of 'lay-legal' clarifications and links for the The No Child Left Behind (and Unrecruited) Act (Great for Parents), see this helpful page at vfpwc.Org

      4) If you especially enjoy art, music, and dance, you might really have fun checking out the Virtual Academy of Peace Through Art. As Alana Lea, creator of the site, likes to quote: "Children, everybody, here's what to do during a war; In a time of destruction, create something. A poem. A community. A school. A vow. A moral principle. One peaceful moment." - from The Fifth Book of Peace by Maxine Hong Kingston
      You may also find of interest the National Peace Essay Contest via U.S. Institute of Peace .Org

      5) Take note of the organizations mentioned at the Resource Page's "Some Organizations Working for Sustainable Peace" section, visit their sites, choose one (or more) of those organizations that you feel serves the world community in a way that you appreciate, and then find a way to help out in one or more of their campaigns or action alerts, or in the development and promotion of their organization, or some other means to be of service to that organization. Keep a record of your activities, digitally is good, in print is better (including email communications, including headers of same). For current example, The Department of Peace (DOP) Campaign would be a good place to participate if you haven't already.

      6) Consider working with one of your local peace & justice organizations; ie: Youth Against War & Racism! at www.yawr.org (Seattle Area). YAWR volunteers have taken the initiative in assisting students in setting up chapters in many schools. They can also be reached at 206-293-8389 or via ramykhalil@hotmail.com

      7) OJT as Peacekeeper or Consider Learning about Civil Disobedience first hand. Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action Just North of Bremerton, WA - Founded in 1977, offers the opportunity to explore the meaning and practice of nonviolence from a perspective of deep spiritual reflection, providing a means for witnessing to and resisting all nuclear weapons, especially Trident. "Through nonviolent direct action we seek to go to the root of violence and injustice in our world and experience the transforming power of love." For a most effective means of documenting your intentions in Conscientious Objection (CO), you can Join GZ for civil disobedience (CD) or to assist via a peacekeeper role, via any one of three yearly vigils via GZ, including Mother's Day and Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day. (This links to GZ's pdf file for CO/CD. If you have trouble bringing up pdf files on screen, you can also right-click on the link and select "save target as" and download the file that way for later reading off-line.)
      Other actions provided for participation via GZ include: the Depleted Uranium Munitions Action Plan (here you can read the Depleted Uranium document from US Navy), and The case for abolishing nuclear weapons.

      Related Legal Resource on Civil Rights and Civil Disobedience: "Summary of 'Lawyers Guild Report on Free Speech, Public Assembly, and Dissent'" - A Summary (Contents, Forward, & Preface) and Link to the full pdf file.

      8) As a student, it can feel really great knowing you are playing an important role in policy issues. Surveys of congressional staffers shows that Senators and Representatives across the political spectrum are interested in hearing from their constituents on peace issues. To cite just a few examples, The Mid-East conflicts, the election of "pre-emptive attack" oriented administrations, and the Senate's rejection of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, demonstrate what can happen when Congress does not hear from a sufficient number of concerned and educated students and citizens. It is essential that the student community get more involved in peace issues now to prevent more/continued serious setbacks. A good place to start might be the Resources for Activism (Selected Links) page.

      9) Please take the time to visit the website of the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund so that you have a chance to read and contemplate the comparative advantages of H.R. 2037 as it was submitted with numerous sponsors on May 8, 2003. This is an extremely important aspect of the work in supporting and encouraging conscientious objection status. It is also the most practical way we can develop the nationwide financing for a Department of Peace and a Peace Academy System. Go to info@peacetaxfund.org. Local (Seattle Area) contact for keeping up: Howard Welsh via hwwelsh@msn.com

    10) Consider this creative idea from Howard Welsh [3/22/11]:
     ...If these promilitary folks want to provide more contact for our children with recruiters I think we should at least take full advantage of the opportunity they provide.

     They want a bill that shores up funding for all the ROTC programs and shields them from any cuts whatsoever. They also want to include what they term the "military science" programs into the Running Start curriculum. Many of these principals and administrators are members of the Retired Service ( Army, Navy, Air Force ) Officers Associations. They enjoy a lot of support from the American Legion and Reserve Officers' Association as well.

     As long as preferential funding is provided for ROTC programs they will remain appealing to many of the districts throughout the state and will continue to be a high profile means of recruiting. I am encouraging private charter schools, on- line high schools and home-schooling as viable options for parents to shield their chiildren from recruiters. I also encourage training for youth so that when they encounter recruiters they can use these encounters to reinforce their claims as conscientious objectors. I continue to encourage them to get the business card of the recruiter and in the presence of their friends tell the the recruiter that they are a conscientious objector to war, to date the card and make a note of who overheard their statements to the recruiter, then to keep the card stapled to one of the recruiting brochures presented to them and to put this in their file for future reference.

     The earlier they get started on their files ( age 15-16 is great ) and the more cards with corresponding time and date documentation they collect from the recruiters the better. I know thousands of youth who have been very successful in using the presence of the recuiters to strengthen their own case files so that if they face conscription in their twenties, thirties or forties they can authentically confirm that event with their first contacts with military recruiters in school they made their beliefs known in public with reliable witnesses including the recruiters themselves who can always be subpoenaed if necessry to verify the CO's claim. Of course for the males it is easy to make copies of the file and staple it to their Selective Service Registration at the age of 18 and provide updated copies of their files whenever as the law requires when they have to send in a change of address. This way there is never any doubt about how they have met their oblgations when they sit down with financial aid officers, apply for federal contracts or federal employment.

     There are lots of ways we can outsmart the recruiters and take advantage of their presence. I also encourage youth who really want a professional career in music, health care, environmental science, culinary arts or any other noncombatant role to apply for scholarships via ROTC, while at the same time building their files for 1-A-0 status. This makes a lot of sense to youth who come from Syrial military families which have made no investment in the college education of their sons and daughters and don't have the outstanding grade points and honors that make them attractive to private schools, let alone rich parents who can pay their way. This is risky business if these youth do not pay attention to detail and proficiently manage their files but it can work to their advantage. I always point out that it is easy for them to change their minds later if they want to undertake a combat assignment but that the reverse process of getting out of a combat assignment is not at all easy. These tend to be very pragmatic students who generally stay in their noncombat roles. Some of them are now civilian doctors and nurses, scientists, teachers, musicians and they all say they benefited from their noncombat duty assignments. Many of them have used their VA benefits to great personal advantage.

     I also know many who completed the Alternative Service Program in the Peace Corps, Ameri Corps and other qualified programs and they are generally pleased with their accomplishments. They all had well managed personal files which obviated anything but their Alternative Service but many of them qualified for a pay check, tuition assistance, health care benefits and other insurance benefits they might not otherwise have obtained. Like some of their counterparts among the 1-A-O group many of them later qualified for small business loans, Pell Grants, Ford Loans and many other means of financial assistance because of their work experience and the fact that they followed the rules and registered with the Selective Service System as required by law.

     In some families I have had the pleasure of serving three generations of conscientious objectors to war and if my health holds out I may even get to four generations! This is fun work for those who are willing to do it.

     Happy counter recruiting! --Howard Welsh (hwwelsh@msn.com)


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If you especially enjoy art, music, and dance,
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As Alana Lea, creator of the site, likes to quote:

      "Children, everybody, here's what to do during a war; In a time of destruction, create something.
A poem. A community. A school. A vow. A moral principle. One peaceful moment."

      - from The Fifth Book of Peace by Maxine Hong Kingston

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