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A Proposal for Research and Development

      To identify and define the relationship(s) between connective tissue (fascia), the objective/subjective experience, and "body-memory" -- which relationship(s) will be connected, and thus revealed through the research as a much more 'tangible' consideration in medical diagnostics;
      To identify, define, then research and further develop related scanning devices and diagnostics hardware and software for discerning and illustrating these relationships;
      To identify and define all manner of changes (that these devices will read) in fascia (including around circulatory vessels, etc), including pathological changes occurring prior, during, and subsequent to the research;
      To identify and define the most suitable means for organizing and coordinating communications among the many highly interdependent sub-projects and, on a continuing basis as needed, determining each and all together their direction;
      To identify and define scientifically supported medical applications, including enhanced systems for developing body-awareness for preventative health maintenance application;
      To identify and define the integration of these systems for both small- and large-scale applications.
      Some corollary programs are suggested that would provide financial support as well as avenues for expanded research.

Theory Originated & Published: 1996 by Christopher Pringer
(at http://www.futurehealth.org/bpv1n3.htm)

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Fascia Memory Project Overview Chart

About where memory is stored, in general, just for the record:
No, I don't believe it's all stored in the body - but that is where we can find it - if we do the Fascia Memory Research Project. And if that sounds like a paraphrase of, or praise for, Ida Rolf, I'm ok with that either way. I believe the brain has the access terminals for what is stored in or outside of the body, but that *body-memory* is the most interesting as far as therapy and healing is concerned. As for the totality of ones memory, I like the theory as summarized in the 2nd article, p.73 Massage Therapy Journal, Fall 95: Equidistributional information mapping: An analogy to holograms and memory "...made explicit suggestion that memory is stored in the brain as interference patterns comparable to those used in holography." (ref: Julesz, B. and K.S. Pennington, Journal of the Optical Society of America 55:604) -Chris Pringer

KEYWORDS: fascia, connective tissue, body-memory, diagnostic hardware, scanning device, neural networks, bio-magnetic, neural field, chronic response, somatic-memory recall, Correlation, research, preventative health, corollary systems, fascia memory, neurotransmitter, proprioceptor, mind-body awareness integration, Soft tissue, pain, referral, emotional factor, diagnosis, psychoneuro-immunological, PNI, sensor system, myo-fascial, field arrays, myo/ct-fascial, assessment device, CAT/MRI equipment, fascia components, preventative maintenance strategy, technique, illustrating, medical application, somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy

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Correlational System, Medical Diagnostics, Advanced Therapies, Rehabilitation Systems, Diagnostics Scanning, Integrated Systems Research, Correlational Systems, Mind-Body Preventative Health Maintence, Public Education Program, Social Corrections Rehabilitation, connective tissue, myo-fascia scanning, assessment device, myo-scanner, CT-Scanner, psycho-neuro-myofascial, correlations, assessment, r&d, bio-history, environmental stimulus, chronic, acute, preventative maintenance strategies, injury conditions, recovery, rehabilitation, pain referral phenomena, physical, emotional, mental, psycho-somatic, relationship, bio-magnetic, neural, field response, subjective somatic awareness, spinal fluid, rhythm, brain tissue, CAT, MRI, PET, Bio-Feedback, Developing, Myo-Fascia Scanning, Assessment Device, Myo-Scanner, CT-Scanner
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