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Correlational System, Medical Diagnostics, Advanced Therapies, Rehabilitation Systems, Diagnostics Scanning, Integrated Systems Research, Correlational Systems, Mind-Body Preventative Health Maintence, Public Education Program, Social Corrections Rehabilitation, connective tissue, myo-fascia scanning, assessment device, myo-scanner, CT-Scanner, psycho-neuro-myofascial, correlations, assessment, r&d, bio-history, environmental stimulus, chronic, acute, PNI, preventative maintenance strategies, injury conditions, recovery, rehabilitation, pain referral phenomena, physical, emotional, mental, psycho-somatic, factors, relationship, bio-magnetic, neural, field response, subjective somatic awareness, spinal fluid, rhythm, brain tissue, CAT, MRI, PET, Bio-Feedback, Developing, Connective Tissue, Myo-Fascia Scanning, Assessment Device, Myo-Scanner, CT-Scanner...
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