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Integrated Preventative Health Maintenance Systems Research & Development
Four Long Term Goals
Keeping in mind the "Proposed Overall Goals for Research & Development" stated on the project home page

       1) Integrated Systems Development of Methodology and Hardware for Advanced Medical -Fascia Memory Correlative- Diagnostics [See Blue blocks,
Project Overview Chart.]
 => Integrating these three elements of R&D -in both hard and soft sciences- will require constant and consistent interaction, interdisciplinary communications feedback systems, and a great deal of cooperation across a relatively broad spectrum of healthcare disciplines, including for developing Myo/CT-Scanner Assessment Database, as well as with healthcare technicians, who will be constantly testing and developing new scanning device prototypes.
 => The diagnostic equipment should be sufficiently accurate to show specific mental-emotional relationships or "body memory" as related to most any physical symptom, injury, acute or chronic pattern, etc. Their accuracy and dependability should eventually be such to encourage broad application in health care.

       2) Development of Advanced Therapies & Rehabilitation Applications Systems
  => Most importantly, research based on this R & D should result in the ability to develop highly individualized, multi-level applied, and amazingly efficient Preventative Health Maintenance programs. The scanning and assessment devices are to be designed for applications in all realms of medicine, to include (but not be limited to) all manner of physical medical rehabilitation, counseling and related therapies, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy (as well as in Social Corrective Services, and institutions for any of the above - see #4 below). The use of diagnostic equipment as researched and developed by the project would be an instrumental part of these applications, being highly integrated into the methodologies and approaches used.

       3) Public Education in Body-Mind Awareness based Preventative Health Maintenance in all grades of public school.
 => The objective sought being that, by the end of high school, each student should have the capacity to read ones own body-mind, to the degree that one should eventually recognize internally generated *body-mind cues,* and appropriately respond with application of appropriate preventative health maintenance and/or appropriate use of professional intervention.
  Body-Mind Cues: intuitive signals originating from and for the purpose of communicating about ones own body-mind. Ideally they are appropriately timed to indicate a needed change - including any pre-emptive application by self and/or with assistance by qualified professional, of preventative health maintenance, on mind and/or body level(s). Cues would be based on acute symptoms, chronic patterns, body-awareness, "body-memory," etc. For many students, the knowledge and skills learned should translate to the ability for application on all levels of health.
 => Public Education in Body-Mind Awareness based Preventative Health Maintenance would be conducted via regular TV programs as well (besides the game show mentioned in Subsidiary Objectives below), although there would be conditions and testing applied for qualification particular to each course/level/range of instruction.
=> The diagnostic equipment would need to be accurate enough to convince scientific authorities of relatively specific mental-emotional relationships long before such classes could be developed and instituted with any confidence by the education systems.

4) Social Corrections Rehabilitation Application, via systems for rapid diagnostics & assessment of individuals to assess specific degree, type, and level of structure and approach needed for correction and rehabilitation.
  => The results should be used to appropriately place individuals in a graduated tier learning system, with movement & graduation thru the levels earned through testing and monitoring. The final graduation  should be effectively indicate a truly rehabilitated individual ready and healthfully motivated for contributing to society, with no need to return for more institutional training or therapy.

Summary Result of Above

Most individuals in society would injure themselves less often, with less severity, and would heal much much quicker without having to resort to expensive care. Hospitals would be needed less often, could be downsized with the space left-over devoted to preventative maintenance or rehabilitation classes. We would cease to provide settings that strongly encourage many institutionalized or incarcerated individuals to re-injure themselves, act-out unsocial or anti-social behaviors, let alone commit more crime when released. And we would provide the necessary resources for relatively individualized rehabilitation in a relatively very short time. As a result, within a few generations following the accomplishment of the above three objectives, there should be a greatly reduced need for investment in healthcare, corrections related rehabilitation, and law enforcement.

Seven Main Objectives in Research & Development

1)  Various existing scanning devices - ie: CAT, MRI, PET, and Bio-Feedback - will be used in the initial phases of R & D for Developing Connective Tissue or Myo-Fascia Scanning & Assessment Device(s). One of the 1st main objectives is to develop a  "Myo-Scanner" or "CT-Scanner"- that will more efficiently & less expensively perform the assessments necessary to determine the desired properties noted below - without the need for other equipment, and combine the most needed of all those and more. By design/goal this R & D will be intertwined with Psycho-Neuro-MyoFascial Correlations Assessment R&D.

2.)  To Assess Bio-History of Connective Tissue (including current response to environmental stimulus), including "chronic" as well as "acute" injury conditions and during recovery/ rehabilitation; same (eventually) for other bodily tissues;
       a) to determine potential in diagnosis of pathologies on various levels, including emotional & mental;
       b) to determine potential in assessment of factors related to somatic-memory recall experience;
       c) to determine potential in assistance to various modalities of treatment

 3).  To research pain referral phenomena: physical as well as psycho-somatic factors; relationships between physical, emotional, mental, bio-magnetic neural field response under varying conditions, PNI (psycho-neuro-immunological) relationships, effects of medications on connective tissue and operation of neural networks, neurotransmitters, hormones, etc.

 4.)  To research subjective somatic awareness capabilities and relation to PNI, preventative maintenance strategies, techniques, and devices; potential of subsequently developed public-use myo-scanner devices to assist in the fore-mentioned.

 5.)  To research Spinal Fluid flow/rhythm, brain tissue expansion and compression, and related cranial movement dynamics; related Bio-History and Pathologies; CNS-associated memory recall as related to somatic memory recall.

 6.)  To research potential of subsequently developed Public-use myo-scanner devices (and computer hardware & software) to assist in Myo-Scanning for both home and institutional uses, as per prescription or permission as per user-qualifications, parameters, and laws as may apply for usage. Includes capacity for acute injury assessment for seeking professional assistance, guided data entry for medical history, rehabilitation of injuries, various pathological conditions, as well as obtaining feedback for further fine-tuning calibration of myo-scanning systems. Some models would include virtual reality systems for application of various therapies. Devices and/or Applications would also be developed for less serious conditions, for chronic self-treatable conditions, and for personal self-application of general preventative health maintenance, including these particular types:
       a) General Out-Patient and Home Use Applications (employing both hardware & software) including capacity for Myo-Scanning, Assessment, guided data entry for Medical History.
       b) Personal Growth Applications: same as a) but including personal growth related journaling, & Virtual Reality systems for application of various, if relatively limited therapies.
       c) Same as b) but including additional formats for Body-Mind-Spiritual Integration Applications, Rehabilitation & Mind-Body Preventative Maintenance.

7.)  To research relationships of above research-determined factors with PSI/Paranormal experience.

What Can We Do Right Now?

What can we do right now? First off, by "we" I mean anyone who has an interest in seeing this project initiated and it's goals accomplished. Pulling the "we" together, of course, is one of the primary functions composing official project initiation, and that will happen in time. Those who want badly enough to see this happen will become a part of making it happen. How? Meanwhile, many of the initial research objectives are very likely on their way to being accomplished, even though their accomplishers may not have a clue about the potential application of their research to this project. Therefore, at any point in time prior to official project initiation, we can research to find, assemble, and analyze any/all previous, on-going, or planned research that may be applicable to the project. IE: Studies into the interpretation of MRI and any other scanning equipment and methodologies would likely be key to the project. So would be research into the use of aura imagery and other multi-level biofeedback systems [see info on "Aura Station" and like devices]. Who am I and what am I doing as part of that "we," you ask. I am simply a practitioner spending much of my time to meet my budget (which is one of a simple lifestyle), as well as keep up with my writing and artwork and maintain a web site (which does not earn any income). I very much welcome your assistance if you have an interest in seeing the project accomplish its goals.  

  Fascia Memory Project Subsidiary Objectives
[Green blocks at Project Overview Chart indicate fund-raising capacity]

(1) "Muscle Dance" or "Muscle Madness" TV game Show:

 Envisioned to be entertaining as well as radically but wonderfully instructive in preventative health sciences, while financially effective for the project's promotion and funds procurement. To provide the best hybrid of sports televising and game-show hosting, with competition matches in fine muscle control. Close monitoring and "score-board" stats to be facilitated by myo-scanner prototypes; the earliest models of which should work well for this purpose. NOTE: Personal computer applications would also be developed and sold for game show play-along, as well as for home-use preventative health awareness building. (This "game" style approach would likely be one of the modes in the home-devices referred to in above sections).

And if done right, it would provide valuable education as well as well great entertainment - imagine your funniest co-host with some of the contestants would be there to spoof it up, others would be famous athletes flexing it out trying to compete against average yogi practitioners. With an occasional yogi performing fantastic feats, not to mention roundly out-performing all the others. Deepak Chopra or Shirley McLaine might find themselves quite at home on this stage, speaking their minds on TV and have a hoot of a time doing it. We could all get really creative with this. Not to mention giving so much opportunity for others' education, perhaps a twitch of enlightenment. All the latest health science and informative news updates would be tossed in by contestants or announcers, quick documentary video's, etc. Thus to re-educate and maintain viewer awareness in Yoga, Body Building, Body Mind Awareness, Preventative Health Maintenance, Psycho Neuro Immune Health, etc.  

 Imagine a game show type environment, with the 'master of ceremonies' and a guest comedian or other celebrity conversing and commenting as noted above, and you can't help but notice the highly lit "cages" on either side of them, slightly above the stage. Here are suspended two to four contestants, each sitting in his/her own open-air booth, with four large screens by each. Two screens show read-outs both digitally and graphically charted, the stats for each contestant's individual capabilities. Another screen is for occasional video's of a contestant's history to be accompanied by the MC's narrative. Most exciting is the 4th screen with real-time video of individual muscles working in competition, digitally outlined and color coded for clarity, are of a quality that far exceeds the current best MRI video-photography, illustrating their muscle and tenden dynamics as they working the different anatomic structures.
          These dynamics, now fully measured in every property, digitized, charted, and videographed, include the *tension range*, or the maximum optimal range of tension between fully relaxed and fully contracted, and the switch rate between the two, thence *work/rest ratio*. As well as texture, strength (resilience/ fatigue), and degree of muscle isolation/efficiency, relating to whether or not either contestant is using the "Correct" muscles for the job. The video and read-outs might also show circulation system volume(s) and related stats.

All thus indicating the contestants' fine muscle-control/awareness, even as it ebbs and flows with a contestant's abilities to focus and coordinate the body-mind. And doing it in an intriging way, whether for beginners or biologists. More about how & why the above noted muscle properties are useful/important at What's Different And Special About "Tensing Yoga"?

(2) "The Great Family Bus on 101"
A prospective teaching tool for children a Book for teaching Preventative Health Maintenance to Children, based on a Multi-level Metaphor with different levels of the bus relating to physical, emotional, mental, and other levels.  A good way to teach about sub-personalities as well (ie: who gets to drive when, etc.)

(3) Sales of many other Project Outputs (devices, publications, services) for Recovery of Project Investments
(This Chart is also one section of the "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" at ChaliceBridge.Com's Organization Chart Page. Which provides a summary Of connecting points & implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects.
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