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        ChaliceBullet20-21  A BASIC PREMISE: What Is "Fascia Memory" in the First Place???
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A BASIC PREMISE at the foundation of the "Fascia Memory" project:

         There exists much documentation indicating there is a primary cause and effect relationship between emotional trauma (or milder but repeated emotionally charged stress), the suppression of any memory of that, and retained tension in the physical body. That is, in the fascia - the connective tissue around muscle fibers. From here, it may be conceivable that connective tissue around other organs/systems in the body also serve as storage locations.
         Further, there is a significant relationship between this tension and the injuries that are most likely to occur for any given person. More specifically, this is very useful since this relationship pertains to location and type of injury; also the timing - most apparently as per phases of development and maturation of the physical body. Even if that were true only for very significant types and amounts of tension, it would be very important.
         That is the basis of what is called fascia memory or body-memory. Please understand: it is acknowledged here (in simple terms) that the brain facilitates the storage of most memory, and access to all memory.

         Implications: Equipped with a scanning device developed through the research as proposed, a physician with a high degree of knowledge about these relationships (often referred to as 'correlations' here) can thus make determinations for an individual's preventative health maintenance program. S/he can provide that - with a level of accuracy and reliability that far surpasses today's capabilities - as well as equally accurate diagnosis for conditions not easily "read" at the current time.
         For instance, a physician could read indicators of emotional trauma - whether it occurred a few years or a few decades in the past - as related to specific tension(s), and what likelihood it may lead to additional injury or chronic conditions. Even the best genetic information would not give us that. However, this research would accomplish such a degree of capability -- to determine a specific degree of potential for future progress or lack there of -- that strategies for prevention and/or intervention can be efficiently designed and employed.
         EG: To the degree I am aware of retained or stored tension in my body (and related nature, potentials, and implications), then to that degree I am equipped to develop an effective preventative health program for my body. But this is about more than just the body. After all, modern psychology generally concedes that memory suppression/storage is highly related to mental-emotional attributes, not to mention basic personality traits.

         Hence, the best preventative health program might include therapy that changes the degree to which that storage of tension relates to subsequent or mental-emotional discomfort as well as bodily injury, or therapy that even totally precludes mental-emotional discomfort as well as bodily injury.

          I believe that if psychologists and psychiatrists want
for their theories and hypothesis about how and why
neurotransmitters --or any other components in the nervous,
indocrine, or other systems-- play a part in trauma or personality
formation, let alone in memory storage, then they would demand
and support this project. From here they can have so many of
their questions answered, not to mention scientific proof - for
those theories that are correct, but also for so much more!

         The following references are provided for clarity and
backup bibliography on the "Body Memory" aspect, as needed.
For starters,
"Body-Mind Integration... Hows & Whys of
Emotional Storage
." For greater context with the core topics
of this site, see the reference block at right with link to chart.
        [Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same
phenomenon: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory,
somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy,
body-mind split, mind-body split.]

More (but not overly) technical:
"Somatic Recall, Part 1 - Soft tissue memory," and
"... Part 2 - Soft tissue holography." Many more resources
are listed on the
Reference & Links Page (Pg 7).
Chart of Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context, Thumbnail Oct'11
"Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" (Links to Full Size at the Organization Chart page, Oct'11)

. This chart compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, emotional integration process, other aspects. Addressing all these aspects and their relationships is what make this site unique.

Briefly, What This Project is About:

        Put very compactly, the Fascia Memory Project is about research into *fascia,* into the way fascia stores memory (or "body-memory") in the body, and into the development of devices that read/assess/diagnose changes in health, including pathologies, via highly sensitive mapping of the various connective tissues - or "fascia," and then facilitate the analytical correlation of the results to specific aspects of "body-memory." The rest of the information at this site will attempt to unpack all that in a way that will make more practical sense. The Theory page illustrates in a semi-technical way one perspective of the bio-molecular level dynamics.   [ Note figure above right ]   A number of related and highly organized belief systems have developed - among healthcare practitioners who have worked primarily with connective tissue - based on the apparent existence and operation of body-memory. The project, therefore, is based on strong evidence of a relationship between the nature of fascia -- particularly as related to muscle holding patterns and bio-magnetic storage, according to a number of sources of research data -- and to "body-memory." The project will scientifically verify and qualify that relationship as it discovers exactly how, perhaps even why it exists.

One Way to Describe One Key Goal of the Project [added 6/2/09]:

        Imagine at graduation of 12th grade, having finished a class that is the culmination of 12 years (K1-12) of classes (ave. 1-2 hours/week), and as a result of those classes, YOU NOW HAVE the natural health knowledge of most first year naturopathic doctor students (current to 2009), plus the knowledge and skill in mental-emotional self-applied therapies of most first year clinical psych major students (current to 2009), plus the emotional intelligence of the average dedicated personal growth enthusiast (current to 2009), plus the effective body awareness capacity of someone who's practiced yoga daily for 20 years (your having began at 5 years old!).
        Further, imagine that you, like everyone else about 18 years old, have had your own health consultant for most of your life. That this specially trained health consultant is responsible for the administration and basic interpretation of regular health exams (including by the fascia scanning device), and for the keeping up with most every aspect and influence on your health, not just events that would make up what we today call medical history. That s/he keeps (or has at hand) your total health history and stats that include your actual *and most likely potential* health challenges on most every level of your being, and who is the facilitator/networker for a team of health professionals, who are ready to address YOUR every health concern. And that they can do so from a level of such intimate knowledge about your person and health that would surpass anything resembling today's best doctor-patient relationships, not to mention with immediate readiness to apply that knowledge to you, and usually long BEFORE you otherwise would have an emergency, including muscle strains !
        The number of clients each such consultant has is managed, and done so according to his/her capacity to effectively do this work. Having grown up with the same K1-12 classes and examinations, the amount of "workload" that a trained health care specialist can healthfully and effectively manage -at any given age or on any given day- is now fairly accurately determined, and much more quickly and easily.

        Hence, by the end of high school, each student should have the capacity to read ones own body-mind, to the degree that one should eventually recognize internally generated *body-mind cues,* and appropriately respond to any health concern with application of appropriate preventative health maintenance (whether it be a nutritional adjustment, an exercise, or a natural remedy), and/or most appropriate *and efficient* use of professional intervention. Even by 8 years old, a child would be capable of a relatively mature response to events, not to mention foreseeing and preventing most of the kinds of health emergencies that today's kids find themselves in.

        Way too ideal for reality? How could such a degree of knowledge be gained, let alone personal self-awareness be achieved? Answer: THAT IS the potential of the devices, knowledge, and capabilities that would result from the fascia memory research project as conceived here (with sequentially progressive application that is maintained as interactively in step with research). YES, it is multi-faceted and in-depth, and would require... well, what health research is doing in large part and *eventually* anyway, but not nearly with sufficient completeness, let alone organization and coordination toward such ends as planned and projected here.
        The overall (cross-discipline) context awareness -by the heads of the many individual task research project efforts, as well as by the many research applicators working- should lend much toward a motivating vision for inspiring cohesiveness and success. Cross-discipline approach -here- implies/demands close and transparent supervision of information sharing processes.

What is "Fascia"?:

        Fascia, sometimes called Myo-Fascia, is one type of Connective Tissue. Connective Tissue (or "CT") includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Fascia provides the envelope for, and (ideally) the lubricated surface between, each muscle fiber and muscle group. It also provides the connective medium between, pervading, and/or interconnecting just about every system and subsystem in the human body! Myo-fascia refers to the fascia in and around muscle, tendon, and ligament tissues.

 The "Myo-Scanner"

        This refers to the devices that will read primarily the fascia related to Muscle, tendon, and ligament tissues. From this device will be developed the Myo/CT-Scanner which will read, in addition to the above, the other fascial tissues in the body, including those around the internal organ systems, the circulatory and nervous systems, and the skeletal systems.

The Purpose of the Project:

        The Purpose of the project is to make useful sense of relationships between fascia and memory (or between body and mind), to draw vital relationships between the more external events of somatic experience and the more internal somatic responses, as well as with subjective emotional experience. Conceivably, as the research proceeds, we would find relationships more and more specifically, down to specific muscles of the body, resulting in the ability to develop highly individualized, multi-level applied, and amazingly efficient Preventative Health Maintenance programs. Most of the technology for developing the devices -- certainly the basis for scanning connective tissue and bio-magnetic resonances related to them -- already exists, although the technology is not currently integrated in most respects to the degree necessary for it's assembly and application here.

In Medical Realms:

        In medical realms this capability would assist the patient and health-care practitioner in developing a fine-tuned assessment of the patient's condition, (and, if used extensively, of the patient's entire medical history!), in order to determine a more precise course of action. Depending on the goals and nature of the patient(s) and situation(s), this could be for the purpose of injury treatments, rehabilitation programs, preventative maintenance, and/or body-mind health enhancement. Compared to today, the degree of accuracy and speed of assessment and application of treatment, whether by a practitioner or by oneself, would often surpass what we would now call phenomenal. This capacity will take the form of both new devices and new realms of knowledge for practical application.

Scientific Confirmation?

        When scanning through web pages (Nov '00) I felt I had finally found the big one... it seemed to perfectly resonate with - and scientifically support to a great degree - what I have seen/felt and which led me to write the theory ("Fascia Memory Theory") that led to this project proposal: "The Acupuncture System and The Liquid Crystalline Collagen Fibres of the Connective Tissues" by Mae-Wan Ho. Her assembly of research material, some of it her own, virtually creates the scientific support infrastructure for the Fascia Memory Theory. Her interests include conductivity, resonance or 'coherence', and healing via cellular alignment. Also to note is her essay, "Bioenergetics and Biocommunication." Her published writings are linked to from the Related References section.
        RELATED NOTE: I believe that if psychologists and psychiatrists want proof for their theories and hypothesis about how and why neurotransmitters --or any other components in the nervous, indocrine, or other systems-- play a part in trauma or personality formation, let alone in memory storage, then they would demand and support this project. From here they can have so many of their questions answered, not to mention scientific proof - for those theories that are correct, but also for so much more!

Logo for Fascia Memory Project,  Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com

Three Projects in One

This project is actually about three interdependent projects:

         a) "Fascia Memory" and Body-Mind Correlations (mental-emotional-physical relationships) Research,
         b) "Myo-Scanner" Research and Development, and
         c) "Fascia-Based Preventative Maintenance"
The Myo-Scanning Research and Development refers to myo-fascial scanning / assessment hardware (devices), software, and accompanying techniques and procedures. A more complete title for the project would probably be: " Project for Fascia-Based Medical System: Body Memory & Myo-Fascial Scan Assessments, Optimal Diagnostics & Holistic Therapies, Public Education of Practical, Long-Term Mind-Body Awareness Preventative Maintenance, & Effective Corrective Rehabilitation." You may want to view the Project Overview Chart.
        If put in a functional pyramid form, "Fascia Memory & Correlations Research" would make up the right side of the base, "Myo-Scanner & Correlations Assessment Research & Development" the left side, and "Fascia-Based Preventative Maintenance & Therapeutic Education Systems" the top. Those roles would be respectively, the intuitive component on the right, the analytic component on the left, and the integrated result on top. I give them these positions based on how I see their primary roles, one relative to the other, and yet they all play each of the three roles to some degree. If you look at the Project Task Flow Chart  for this (a PERT-style project chart), you may appreciate how each of the many projected tasks - over 40 shown there - support each other as well as the end products and purposes.
         I say "end products" here only because these come about at the end of the first 35 years (projected). After this time the fruits of this integrated project would be formally introduced to society, so far as they have been developed. In the meantime, there will be many benefits to society via the tasks for sub-projects, including various technologies for home and institutional use, and developments in both the technical and scholastic sciences. The latter will feed many diverse fields of study and exploration while, perhaps more importantly, creating and/or reinforcing many intra-supportive links between these fields.

"Sensor Field Arrays"
These are rough diagrams of a sample micro-section of human body with connective tissue to depict how re-arrangements of chronic tensions - in response to trauma or conditioned imbalance - create shifts in connective tissue relationships, which also cause shifts in shape and arrangement cells of every type (ie: blood vessels and nerves) and thence create changes micro-anatomical energy signatures (electric conduction).  Connective Tissue seems to retain the "pleating" of former arrangements similar to the way that saran wrap does.
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