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          "The Obama Momentum" title has been retired, and the page name changed. The original title had been changed to "The Citizen Momentum" in February 2011, for two reasons - I was beginning to doubt, AND I wanted to add emphasis that it [this page] was always about the people, not the one elected. After waiting for over a year before saying much else, I guess I'd pretty much given up on Obama's breaking free of the entrenched and Bush appointees' and corporate power in various realms. For a little while, March-April 2013, it seemed a good time to "push" the President (or be a part of that appreciative encouragement), BUT since Apr'22 or so began having doubts again.
         True, some *great* gains have been realized in *many* areas that progressives are concerned about. And then there's the foreign policy, particularly with the Mid-East, and then the new domestic security revelations' "ho hum, not to worry" (!?!?!). And, of course, the economy [for which Obama did what he could, not to mention the so-needed health insurance, given that] *so much* was "pre-installed" [and obliterated by law in 2001, allowing what led to the meltdown in 2008] - the title section "NOTES" includes entries about appointees from the Neo-Con administration is still jamming the works, besides in the pentagon, that is (with links to the details). And a section about drones (dated, from email and Facebook discussion and commentary on PolyPsy list postings, caught back up in Jan'13).

          But at one time we seemed to have a truly brave man willing to try to fix a train wreck of foreign policy, with so many around the world expecting miracles. And all this while he is "just a man," not to mention an effective politician. He started out - due to some of his choices for various political positions - disappointing many who had already been disillusioned by the "criminally complicit" Democratic Party machine. I've always hoped that 'peace and justice progressives' could plant some seeds with this administration. *The Opportunity* that Obama's election -and even his person- represents; the opportunities that he, with us, may bring, initiate, and take the best advantage of. Because *we* must, and it depends on *our* participation.
          I had added in late '08 the subtitle "Hope, Balance, & Opportunity" because we have every opportunity to set our expectations too high and get our hearts broken [listening to and reminded by the Tavis Smiley Show]. I should say *feel* our hearts broken because the true heartbreak, whether we allowed ourselves to feel it or not, happened with our having elected people [ie: the Neo-Cons] who should never have been given the power of the presidency. By the way, the Tavis Smiley Show is probably the best overall balanced critique of the Obama Administration, particularly when Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornel West discuss things (noted Feb'11).

         [I add these modifying notes in brackets here (and above) because, apparently, too many people have made snap decisions based on emotion-led assumptions. Trump has taken great advantage of all the unaddressed emotions that people have stuffed for too long because getting therapy would be an affront to their image. And he continues to work that emotional body because it works because who wants to actually deal with the cause and core of our problem. But hey, as a therapist I could be so biased as to be soooooo digressing here (??? Not!!!) ~ May'18]
         In any case, most of the PolyPsyArts pages have always been about, with many named for, the *citizen*. And they were written for the long haul anyway, with ideas for balance and effective utilization of our innate resources and potentials, ready for opportunities. One more note: The PolyPsy pages has their own section in the site's update page. [edited Feb'11, March & June'13, Chris Pringer]

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, as only one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.
...Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense,
a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

-Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. general and 34th president (1890-1969)

Bumpersticker from VFP's national campaign, "How's the War Economy Working for You"

One Definition of Insanity (paying for war when peace costs so much less)


How much is spent on military budgets a year worldwide?

How much of this is spent by the U.S.?

What percent of US military spending would ensure
the essentials of life to EVERYONE in the world ?
(according the UN, & includes education, of course)
$900+ billion

10% (That is about $40 billion, the amount of funding initially requested to fund our retaliatory attack on Afghanistan in 2002). National Priorities .Org

      Q1:    "The main rationale for war generally boils down to lack of sustenance" - ie: due to the planet not having sufficient resources ?
      Q2:    "It's about Terrorism" ? Or, how many people would support extremists, IF everyone already had all they needed (basic needs and much more, which obviously could be afforded, were it not for the addiction to arms) ?
      Q3:    About someone's lifestyle, RELIGION, or values being threatening to "our own"?


     A1:   The above stats clearly do not support that notion shaking out with Reality. That is, the claim about planetary resources has been a lie, certainly for the last 150 years. In fact, that will only be true if we don't prevent climate change before it has gone on too long. But indeed, poverty and fear-of-lack has almost always provided the basis of war, and/or the excuse of the power-addicted, as well as sufficient circumstance, desparation, and fodder for terrorism.
      A2:    No and very few (not near enough to give cause for the risk). This assumes (after these needs are met) that there would be some amount of cooperative international policing capability, of course, with substantially reduced redundancy (not to mention "over-kill" capacity). When will we realize that EVERY basic *need* [that] EVERY person on this planet has - could be paid for many times over - for a fraction of what we spend - to fight those who feel so underfed, that they have to join extremists to make themselves heard (???), since that is when the recruiters will fail to meet the power-brokers' requirements for war-making -- which is much more expensive, ANY way you count it.
      A3:    Any psychologist, let alone anthropologist, will tell you that we cannot survive on this planet without diversity, and thence the respect for it. Scientists will tell you that goes for plant and animal species as well. (Q: Have we not yet learned from politicians who play with religious fervor and the freedom jealousy thing - on the emotions of the emotionally led?   A: One only hopes so!)
      A1-3:    The main point being, *Need* is NOT what motivates war - By about 90% or $800 Billion !!! (per the U.N., pre-Iraq War!) The real cause of war or terrorism is "Desire" by those who don't know when enough is enough (things or power), who don't know the difference between *Need* and *Desire,* and thus fail to deal appropriately with HOW the resources are distributed - and NOT. And to thus continue using problem-solving methods that increase the number and size of problems - is that not one definition of insanity? Vs such as those as could be accomplished by those discussed in "Providing the INFRASTRUCTURE for Cooperation" and the awareness and momentum as garnered by the Bernie Sanders campaign, the Peace Tax Fund legislation (H.R. 2377, originally H.R. 2037 by Senator Hatfield), & via the below links.

Do you want to make a difference in the politicized economy? Please consider these VIEWS and RESOURCES as needed (on other pages at this site)
[Parts Added 12'15, 2'16: a) about planetary resource availability in A1; after "When will we realize" in A2; & after "By about 90% or $800 Billion!!!" b) re: "Providing INFRASTRUCTURE..." and Bernie Sanders, Peace Tax Fund in A1-3 c) CostOfWar.Com became NationalPriorities.Org ]
Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
These two versions of the "Bring Our Kids/Troops Home Whole" bumpersticker were inspired by the Peace Sign'ed American Flag (photos of the "Peace Flag Honor Guard" further below), and of course, the continuing need to bring our kids/troops home "Whole."

Printable PDFs are available with Full (8.5x11) page(s) of Three (3) B-stickers (each pdf about 3.3 MB in file size)
[Apologies for bad links for weeks prior to 9/16/10]:
ChBullet bumper-sticker WITHOUT VFP Logo           ChBullet bumper-sticker WITH VFP Logo

To download you can right click on the link(s) and then click "save as", if you don't want to open the pdf in your browser
Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic
    The Original version was created in Jan'04 with the logo for Veterans for Peace Chapter 92 over a star-field from the American Flag. EG: we (psychologically astute vets) knew then that the soldiers were being trained differently, and the repeated tour-rotation policy was already being indicated, and how that related to PTSD.
And now (Spring 2010) we find already that more vets of Iraq-Afghanistan have committed suicide than have been killed in combat.
Compare this to the 30+ yrs it took
for Viet Nam vets to reach that statistic (!)

I repeat here (at right) the resource that I put at the vUSPeace Academy pages in 2004, which resource has since been confirmed to be applicable/effective for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans
ChBullet Co-Counseling or Re-Evaluation Counseling (REC)
because Listening Can be healing

While Harvey Jackins, the originator, has passed on, Re-Evaluation Counseling has continued to develop and mature into a most valuable, while relatively easy to learn, healing methodology.
For more information, you might use these KEYWORDS in your search engine: Co-Counseling, Re-Evaluation Counseling, Harvey Jackins.
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.     - Leo Buscaglia

Visit AcupunctureForVets.Org (Seattle- 206 930-1238) or AcuWithoutBorders.Org The number of Clinics in the US is growing!

Related ? : " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and 'the Body-Mind Split'
An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context"
(7/31/10, ed.9/4/10)



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'Chalice Scale & Evolution towards Universal Balance', © 12'08 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
The "Chalice-Scale" (© Chris Pringer Dec'08) represents the bridging and balancing of polarities within each conscious Being. Conceptually, the bio-electric charge of opposites in the universe forms a dynamic vortex of tension, hence the motivation for humanity to evolve.

The Citizen Momentum
- Notes on Hope, Balance, & Opportunity -
and Challenges to Faith in
Our Potential for Our Transition

And about overcoming challenges to faith & psycho-emotional balance, personal & communal, relative to Mid-East Policy & Strategy, Terrorism, domestic security measures, related events, process, moral dilemmas, momentum.
EG: The mandala on the right is about humanity sufficiently believing in our capacities to see and make the best of opportunities now and into our future - no matter the degree to which President Obama leads and inspires us into such an era (or frustrates us into doing it ourselves) - wherein we approach the world's problems politically and spiritually, internally and externally.

The elements depicted represent (parts in) ALL of US. And ...the Eagle recedes, the Dove proceeds, as the Owl see's through the darkness... OUR relationship with our Earth Mother clarifies as we realize our own interconnectedness...
'Beliefs in Potential & Transition', © 12'08 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com

"Beliefs in Potential «§» Transition"
(Large Version & more on it's symbology at World Healing Prayers Page)
Most recent comments are listed 1st.           
To see the articles that these comments were originally posted about or with, you may check out my
Facebook (Fb) page or (for much less recent items) can use the search-engine-equiped PolyPsy List Archives.
[Below, edits of such quoted postings are denoted by brackets or strikethru's]

A few brief, "more global" notes and ref-links:
      Change ('learning') first requires tracking and observing trends - and then developing and accomplishing realistic goals. Of course, observing internal trends (within oneself) and external effects as well, would help a lot.   And how might relate this to trust & forgiveness on personal as well as socio-political levels? Interesting that when it comes to politics and politicians, that has been considered "magical thinking." EG: Forgiveness doesn't have to rule out accountability, let alone demanding that in/for elected positions.   "Something radical?" & even more loftier considerations in "My Love/Hate Relationship *with* Politics."   [Note: that's *with* politics, not "for" -cp]

  "The Most Difficult Forgiveness"
(Multi-&-Continuing-Event PTSD-engaged Injury) and     "Trump Capitalizing on the Lack of Forgiveness" (at the "Structure and Extremism" page.1)
  Trends in key psycho-social, thence socio-political, LEADING influences in the decades prior to all that (12/15/15 entry, this page)

1: "(Obsessive need for) Structure (in rules, laws, and/or practices, as related to), Fundamentalism, and (direct relationship to) Extremism." A psycho-social analysis, including for disempowering machiavellian mis-use of evangelical fervor, and preventing Christian Fascism (as opposed to Ecumenical Christianity and other similarly tolerant belief systems, Et'All')

          Pre- BLOG / Momentum NOTES GRAPHICS          

IPJC-ContactInfo with hands on fence Syrian Refugee Crisis Timeline-Thumbnail ( A Matter Of Spirit- Winter'16 Issue Thumbnail
Love Drives Out Fear, Not People -Bumper sticker (graphics from A Matter Of Spirit- Winter'16 Issue, assembled at ChaliceBridge.Com)
"Love Drives Out Fear, Not People" graphics assembled from those in the "A Matter Of Spirit" newsletter, Winter'16 Issue (focused on refugees, immigration, and the plight of immigrants), or from the web site for IPJC (Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center).
Each of these graphics have clickable links to related helpful sites. The bumper sticker is actually full size (11" long) when downloaded.

A Decent Breakdown Of News Vs Clik Bate.gif

          BLOG / NOTES on the Momentum          

    But 1st a "Poly-Psy" pro-active note:   

'If you believe, then...connect the dots...' by Chris Pringer
words and background by Chris Pringer, Aug 2016

Analysis and Connecting the Dots

          The last paragraph is more about the dot-connecting, but it's all related.

          "Theory Stacking" is one way I have found effective to sort and compare critical parts of theories or seemingly conflicting facts. It goes with chart-making and visualizing cause and effect relationships. With that, I can *entertain* any number of explanations for an event (certainly with the help of notes and references)... Then as a given theory shakes out the more plausible relative to the less, related theories in the stack rise and fall accordingly over time in the "theory stack." And over time, I may notice some theories getting lots of support from various sources. Deduction from supported theories can also be useful. It's probably similar to how a good detective views the stories of suspects and witnesses. I also apply this method to assessing the reliability of news sources personal or otherwise. And while it's often not quick, it is a handy addition to "the tool kit" - one case informs the other, so to speak - that is, the skill set(s) as well as data become(s) additive as well as integrative. Genius? Nah, just organization.

          Change ('learning') on a community or national level first requires tracking and observing trends. By the way, forgiveness (or lack thereof) effects memory, and that effects tracking (and basic observing/comparing of trends, events, etc. This pertains to memory of "facts," of events that more obviously imply contrary facts, or of strong feelings born out of events (because for some people, the emotional memory is the means of access for how they will make decisions about many things). It also pertains to more subtle feelings that have yet to consciously give rise to facts as obviously contrary. Forgiveness, memory, and tracking trends, setting & accomplishing realistic goals- how often do you see those put together?

          While I very much appreciate the intuitive, if I truly believe something is true and yet not proven, that creates enough of a dichotomy within my belief system that a motivation is created. That motivation is to be on the lookout for information that verifies the belief. And since I don't like half-truths being called whole-truths, and what I want are whole-truths, then my searching is fault-checked. Truth is truth, fact is fact, hypothesis and theory is just that, AND deduction from fact is useful.

          On the one hand, the more one knows about what works, the more one knows about what doesn't.
The Most Appropriate Question' by Chris Pringer
words (1993?) and background (2016) by Chris Pringer

          On the other hand, what works for one may not work for another. Analysis, intuition, and faith are indeed three different informers, and all can be influenced by subconscious motivations. The key would seem to be balance WITH objectivity via self-knowledge. Fundamentalist thinking about any belief, whether about math, politics, religion, education, sports (or whatever), is driven by something besides fact, whether fact accompanies it or not. And while it may be very motivating, it is simply not objective. Again, the key would seem to be BALANCE.

Connecting the Dots:
          Beginning with the here and now circumstances, moving forward... we ground each step towards where we want to go. Either we believe we were and still are meant to do that -- because we believe we were, and still are, WORTH the original design that included the capabilities to succeed in solving our challenges in creating a sustainable future -- or we do not. But just in case we believe we are... And that might be because we believe that consciousness allows us the option of self-forgiveness and changing our ways, and in this "getting the lesson," we can not only do the right thing, but the most optimal thing most of the time. We can thus transition to sufficient clarity that we demand and receive actual accountable representation of our most responsible selves, creating a world based on respect for all Life.

          Much of the above assembled from excerpts from "Trends, Memory, Tracking, Credibility, and Forgiveness", "Theory Stacking", RELATED: "Why Track Trends?" in the overview of the "Evolution Trends" essay.

Elect By Popular Vote (by Daily KOS)

      ...An effort known as The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an agreement among several U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their respective electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote. Once states totaling 270 electoral votes join the compact — which only requires passing state laws — then the next presidential election will be determined by the popular vote, not the Electoral College [per the map at right, whereas Hillary Clinton won the 2016 popular vote by 2.9 million.]
         As of November 6, 2018, eleven states and the District of Columbia have signed the compact, totaling 172 electoral votes. So, we are already over 60% of the way there. If we can make this a national issue now — and encourage Democratic legislatures across the country to sign the compact — the winner of the 2020 presidential election could be determined by popular vote. [Excerpt from KOS page (link in sidebar). Posted Here 11/25/18]
Elect By Popular Vote (by Daily KOS)
Sign Here
(Thank YOU!).

Note: Blog entries often layer up points to build a studied case - vs "saying what it's going to say" at the beginning.

There are also a few brief but "more global" notes, graphic messages, and Ref-Links just above this "blog," Thank you, ~cp

          Per the note fr/ Daily KOS: A Green New Deal would put people to work in good union jobs, while enabling communities to invest in projects like removing lead from drinking water, retrofitting buildings to make them more efficient, and expanding our clean energy grid. These investments can play a critical role in fighting climate change and reducing racial and economic inequity by prioritizing benefits for working class families, communities of color, immigrants, and others who've borne the brunt of the fossil fuel economy. Nationwide, a broad majority of the public - across geographic and racial lines -- supports Green New Deal policies like a federal guarantee of high-wage jobs in projects that accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. THANK YOU FOR SIGNING!

          February 19am, 2019: Nothing new, or at least surprizing (per previous entries). The words, "Perveyor of dangerous idiocy" (PODI) come to mind, however. Thank you, state governors for protecting us from some of that. Is he actually going anywhere with his playing the base with how little he and they know about socialism (besides Venezuela)? [In any case, feel free to click on the above multi-colored bar anytime. There's an article on "isms" there, by the way.]

          February 5, 2019: "State of the Union" (or state of Trump's mind?): What's new? "Peace & legislation [vs] war and investigations."
         Uhmm Hmmm. Not really new except the possible immediate implications. I get the peace vs war thing (as if that was something consistent with his agenda, and it's not), but the legislation vs investigations - speculators are referring to that as a not so veiled threat. So, is this a direct reference to the wall, getting his way in general, or just one of his usual tweets about him being a "victim" or both? Does he have a plan or does that depends on the mood swing on a tilt-a-whirling roller coaster? My Guess: Yes. Oh wait- there's the "Pilosi Clap Back" - so there WAS something new! smile

          January 30 notes at Facebook, then February 4, 2019 with ref-links, then posted here with additional minor edits:
         Nothing much has changed (on/for the US national scene since the last post, January 18 in sidebar) short of increased suffering on part of government workers (then some relief for some, anticipation-unknowns-fears for others, and the list goes on), and possibly a way presented to Trump for him to save face and accept a bargain deal on the border security issue, and may know that by the end of 'the three weeks,' every day of which we can, of course, expect more distraction on the world scene.
         A N D that means Venezuela and the largest known oil reserves on the planet -- not that Vice President Prince and the Koch Brothers (long-time financial supporters, not to mention steeped if not originated in the oil industry, with extremely deep pockets and way too extensive connections to too many elected officials) haven't pitched their deal to Trump, not that Putin would be concerned (and when would that have come up between them?), and not that the CIA hasn't been playing this situation for how many years (decades), given the oll and Venezuela being so socialist/ communist-nation-influenced ???
         EG: A can of worms Trump cannot resist as Mueller keeps posting goodies (about D'Rump's eventual prosecution) that are so easily digestible - even to the Republican Senators, which is one of Mueller's key objectives, of course. Related (to the previous paragraph): "Venezuela crisis: How the political situation escalated." [more links in sidebar.]
         I'm Not saying it's wrong to right a wrong, AND it's been a roller coaster for Venezuela for a few decades or more (2nd time I used that 'decade' word), but the timing is just suspiciously convenient for whom convenient timing has become a pattern over the last 2 years. AND there are (ALSO) means of problem-solving available here that do not build more walls, military, diplomatic, or otherwise.

Roger Stone Re Deep State Opinion On WildSq&D-Wide ~Words & Backgr By Chris Pringer, 2/22/19.jpg
"Deep State," Roger Stone, and ye'old distraction ploy

Stacy Abrams @State Of the Union
    Stacy Abrams responding to the "State Of the Union"

     "What next for Venezuela? The four most likely outcomes" Joe Parkin Daniels in Cúcuta @joeparkdan, Wed 30 Jan 2019 00.00 EST      "Opposition Leader, and Oil, Become Focus of Venezuela-U.S. Struggle" By Ana Vanessa Herrero and Clifford Krauss Jan. 29, 2019

     "How Venezuela Struck It Poor -- The tragic — and totally avoidable — self-destruction of one of the world’s richest oil economies" By Keith Johnson, July 16, 2018, 8:00 AM:This article originally appeared in the July 2018 issue of Foreign Policy magazine. "Real reform would require a wholesale change in the country’s economic management: getting hyperinflation under control, establishing a stable and realistic exchange rate, and building an enforceable legal framework that could offer foreign investors some semblance of predictability and protection. ..With no other vibrant economic sector, the only way to fund the government is by increasing oil production — which would require investing up to $10 billion a year for a decade, Burelli suggested — and the only way to attract that kind of investment is by offering international companies favorable terms. That means a bigger cut for them and a smaller cut for the state. ..";

     Wikipedia On Venezuela including lots of maps, stats, history, demographics, and such.

          January 7, 2019: (?)"DECLARE"(?) a national emergincy??? d'Rump IS a national emergincy. Only 30% or so of us have recognized this apparently. And doing it "for the wall" ? No! It's for d'base O'd'Rump vs for air time for his prosecution. 60% of us KNOW that much.
                    December 27, 2018: Well, I guess if he can't con 'ya properly, he will resort to blackmail. 'OMG!' Yet ANOTHER surprise! Uhmm hmm, and another word thrown to the shreddar. How about, "Ohhh, by gosh-by-golly, we so wanted that wall for Christmas Holly" ? Now there's a jingle. Sleeping Ahh, so NOW we are *praying* for (politicians') forgiveness WITH accountability. [whoops, did I let something slip? Again!?!] Senators & Congresspersons: There is a way, you know the way, and we know you know that we know you know how to make that way happen. Thank you.
          So...Big Divi-Doins goin' on [I know, but am in character here - Brooklin stage manager, maybe?]: Trump gets Iraq, Putin gets Syria (and the Kurds, right next to) Erdogan gets nervous -- with that S.A.C. air base in his Turkey (did I mention next to Syria of Putin, the spy-hacker king?). Never fear, D'Rump & Erdogan are bizzzznus buds. The Kurds... [here's where your prayers are needed, but I digress, not mention out of character] Ahem... so whAAAts dis gotta do wit d'wall, d'budgie, and d'Rump? Oh, and his prosecution as a con, a federal thief in chief, traitor-sleez-stigator, didi's of White House carni-circus wheels n'such? Waaaaait a minute! Did we rush past sumpin' too fast? A line byda bottom-line maybe? Lemme spell dat out proper-like: "Russian passed [through] IT", maybe?
         [See Map & Notes at right [Edit of last pun line 1/13/19]
          December 21, 2018, (4:54 pm): Guess for Saturday's headlines: "Tick-off-motivated Mr. Over-The-Top-Prime-Time, Takes the Slats, but With Revenge on his 'Traitorous' Anti-Wall Republican Senators, Busts The Deals for "Middle East Security," Warms the Hearts of Putin & Erdogan." Ok, maybe not in those same words, and actually it will focus on the government staying in business.
          Oh, and all this (at the Republicans) following upon his temper-tantrum, probably finding out who "the adult in the room" has been (per the September 8 entry), and his so disgusting General Mattis that Mattis hands in that resignation (ready in his pocket for a year or so?) just before D'Rump was going to fire him. [That's also my guess, not for headlines (~ 'til at least after Christmas, anyway). ~5:44 pm-ish]
          [A bit later:] Darn. Lesson: Never bet on the tempering of a mad horse at 'Speculation Downs." Sleeping
          December 18, 2018: "Shocking illegalities"   (??!?!!?!??)
[:: Quotes meant to be read/said with an "upper-crust" English accent ::] "OOWHHH, My GAAAAAWD, yeeiisssss, simply shaaawwcking!!!"
          Well, I guess it would be shocking to "the base" - IF they're actually getting the news, that is.   (Hmmm, will they ever?)
         Meanwhile, *Trump Tweets, Mueller Cleats* and I love the (albeit pleasantly surprising) style and pace of the latter - daily "bites" in slow but gradually increasing amounts of exposure of the egregiousness of "Trump and Associates".
         For you who are actually surprised, or worse, disillusioned - I can only say please pay more attention from now on [and I've put suggestions for your dealing & healing - in brief as well as in great detail - at other pages here, as noted under the color bars on this page].
         Thank you, Mr. Mueller.

          December 2, 2018: A summary of news -from The Daily KOS- covering the critical points on the investigation so far:
          "Preparing for a showdown: Excavating the memory hole on Contempt of Congress" November 24, 2018: A case study about what could be repeated, albeit in a shortcut version with better results. This is a very dense, and well referenced summary. Unless you love details, I suggest going for the highlights and try to following the implications, lest you get bogged down in the history and lose track of the point of it all. ~cp

          "Manafort's screwed; Trump's implicated; and parts of Mueller's investigation may become public" November 27, 2018

          "Trump counted on a wall of lies to protect him, and Mueller is knocking it down" November 29, 2018: "...Notably, the first public indication that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was going to make a deal with Mueller was when it became public knowledge that his lawyers were withdrawing from just such a joint defense deal. How many of these deals did Trump’s legal team make? According to MSNBC, that number would be 32. Thirty-two. When you have made joint defense agreements with 32 people under threat of criminal indictment, you don’t have an administration: You have a mafia. ...Trump has long discarded any relationship with normal legal proceedings. He’s counted on his Great Wall of Lies and the circled wagons of his defense agreements to protect him. Except Trump doesn’t seem to notice that Mueller keeps catching people in their lies. Michael Flynn was caught lying. Paul Manafort? Lying. George Papadopoulos? Lying. Carter Page? Lying? Jerome Corsi? Michael Cohen? Rick Gates? Lying, lying, lying. ...What’s becoming clear is that Mueller isn’t looking in a number of directions: he’s tightly following his initial obligations. ..." Evidence mounting high indeed!

          "Has Mueller asked Mitch McConnell what he knew about Trump and Russia? He should" November 29, 2018: Please Sign the Petition to the Special Counsel: Subpoena Republican leadership

          "Cohen's plea is just a gateway to him testifying against other Trump associates and family members" November 29, 2018

          "No more ambiguity. We need a 'No one is above the law' Constitutional Amendment" November 30, 2018: a "...debate over whether or not a sitting president could pardon themselves or others whom might implicate them in criminal acts they may have committed either before or during their presidency..."

          "Former FBI Director James Comey agrees to testify as long as it's made public when it's over" December 02, 2018: "...What are they likely to cover? Questions will likely center on decisions made in the FBI in 2016. To review, this was when Comey chose not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over her private email server. It will also probably cover the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign’s potential coordination with Russia. The interview is scheduled for Friday, while the judge is expected to rule on Monday. ...")
The McConnell Motive and the Trump Agenda
[All this works up to simple summary assessment and where we might go from there (below the 11 links) Added [1/18/19 (early am)]
      Dec. 19: McConnell's Senate unanimously passes a bill to fund the government without Trump's racist (and ineffective) wall
      Dec. 20: Paul Ryan — in his final act as Trump's puppet House speaker — amends the funding bill to add billions for Trump's wall
      Dec. 22: The government shuts down, as McConnell's Senate doesn't have the votes to build the wall
      Jan. 3: Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats take power and immediately pass essentially the same funding bill that McConnell's Senate had passed unanimously in December
      Jan. 3 to Present: Mitch McConnell does nothing but support Trump
            ___The above from Daily KOS email, 1/17/19___
       "Has Mueller asked Mitch McConnell what he knew about Trump and Russia? He should" November 29, 2018: Please Sign the Petition to the Special Counsel: Subpoena Republican leadership [Originally posted in 12/2/18 entry]
        Terry Gross's interview of Greg Miller (author of "The Apprentice") on "Fresh Air" (NPR), including about the Russian interference with our electoral process. About which Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tells the highly concerned CIA director John Brennan that, if he accuses Russia of trying to help elect Donald Trump, then he (McConnell) will call out Obama's administration as interfering in the election. Saying he's "not willing to issue any kind of statement or take any action that would let the public know that..." - in essence, blackmailing the CIA Director, rather than allow it to be dealt with, let alone facilitate a defence of the most basic American process ("McConnell gave Russia the green light") [Originally posted in 10/01/18 entry but without these links:]
       "McConnell threatened Brennan & Obama to prevent CIA disclosure of Putin's 2016 interference"; and then
       "Mitch McConnell on Trump revoking security clearances: 'The president has the right to do that'"; and
       "Trump lambastes a former CIA director ahead of installation of a new one"
"A Definitive Guide to the G.O.P. Insiders Enabling Donald Trump" EG: there's the lowest of motives, like whatever it takes to be the most loved? but mainly feared, Alpha Dog of the republican party - while keeping the most money flowing in - and then
       "Don't expect Mitch McConnell to defend the American republic" and If you like more interesting research on the great power flip-flopper, try:
       Search Phrase, "McConnell, the Wall, the Koch Brothers"; finds include:
        "Caught on Tape: What Mitch McConnell Complained About to a Roomful of Billionaires (Exclusive)" :: "The main thrust of McConnell’s remarks to the Koch conference were about his pet issue, campaign finance, which he regards as a matter of free speech." Includes a link to the full transcript of McConnell’s remarks.
      And then there's his more "entertaining" nature with (tools of his trade):  "Mitch McConnell, conspiracy theorist"
      In (my) summary, the questions arise, 1) Who fights most for the Koch money in the long game, 2) Who can wade into McConnell's teeth, win the battle (whether ferociously or sagaciously), and survive in the short or long game? :: Because whoever can, from whatever party, will end the shutdown, bring people back to work, compensate them for their losses (in the long run at least), AND accomplish appropriate border security (for which there are many great plans to go with).

Turkey & Neighbors -Map by Chris Pringer, 2018
Relative to entries for 12/21/18 (Sec. of Defense Mattis & Trump's 'Mid-East Security' plans surprises) & 10/23/18 (Jamal Khashoggi, Erdogan, Trump, Turkey & the SAC base in Turkey, & Putin)

[Maybe I am, but maybe I'm not, the only one watching "too many" Homeland episodes. Ever hear of desensitization therapy? EG: just because it was on TV or in the news, doesn't mean someone won't actually try it or find a way to resource it. It's also the basis of the Republican strategy of hyper-news-lining a reframe of what they were just caught in the act of. That is, accusing the other guys of making accusations while (other guys) doing what they were just caught doing, reframing their "news" as the answer to that - while getting that in the news first.]

Putin On Trump (and Check Those Eyes! (by Daily KOS)
Note Putin's eyes - on Trump, or are they on you and me?

      "Rep. Jerry Nadler: 'Does the Kremlin still have a hold over' Trump?" December 02, 2018: "The fact that he was lying to the American people about doing business in Russia and the Kremlin knew he was lying gave the Kremlin a hold over him," Nadler said. "One question we have now is, does the Kremlin still have a hold over him because of other lies that they know about?" "...a new Democratic House majority means ...the odds are better than even that Nadler's question will soon be answered. ..."

Book 'FEAR' by Bob Woodward
[Link is to NPR Interview]
Related: 9/4/18 entry

Trump CrimeLine
The "Crimeline" [part 1]
"Mueller Memo on Flynn ...cooperation & collusion as #TrumpRussia closes in on Individual 1" Tuesday December 04, 2018

      "Flynn's sentencing documents show that he cooperated extensively on at least four different topics" Wednesday December 05, 2018
      "Michael Cohen is the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration" Tuesday December 04, 2018

      "Trump faces subpoenas that could win one lawsuit and launch a thousand others" Thursday December 06, 2018
      [Trump's] "Undocumented housekeeper speaks out, saying she's been picking up after Trump for years" Thursday December 06, 2018: "...“We are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when he knows that we are here helping him make money,” she said. “We sweat it out to attend to his every need and have to put up with his humiliation.”" Sign the petition: Undocumented immigrants deserve respect, not hate and hypocrisy from Trump


Note: Blog entries often layer up points to build a studied case - vs "saying what it's going to say" at the beginning.

There are also a few brief but "more global" notes, graphic messages, and Ref-Links just above this "blog," Thank you, ~cp

          Nov 21, 2018: Happy Thanksgiving! (?) There IS that thing about immigrants sharing bread - and lots of new foods from and with the indigenous peoples of the country they immigrated to... and later troops were sent to the borders, so to speak, so maybe there is a tradition in that scary place of T'Rump's mind, but I digress... in fact I refer to the below October 22, 2018 entry, and as regards the troops there, the November 1, 2018 entry.
          Please NOTE: Tijuana is where a town supports the greenist and leanist (physically, at least) of Marine & Naval personell going there for leave, not that these "tourists" would put down their beverage or "object" of entertainment to watch the defenders of opportunistic defenders of capitalism protest the invasion of poor people, let alone join them in a political protest (for which they could land in the brig for their pro-active engagement in any direction). And we hear the newly arrived border troops dare not express their opinions either.
          Ahhhh, it's pure reminescing of the Pilgrims, Redcoats, and 'Injuns,' ain't it? Are we proud yet? But never fear, it's all just more roller-coaster distraction for the "protection" from what T'rump fears most - legal exposure and prosecution. Well, never fear more than we should've been fearing for the last two years - for if we kill diversity, then who's to disagree with the un-diverse of the universe? Including at our "Thanks"giving" tables.
          Nov 16, 2018: Warning: Rant-like phrases may follow: Considering the degree of censoring of sincere truth-seeking representatives of the media, not to mention the near destruction of the reputation and public's trust of truth-seeking media outlets, the moniker of "Embarrassment in Chief" has now become an understatement relative to the current Whitehouse reality as a truly fascist enforced farce. "FEFdom"? Seriously. No exaggeration, if that has ever been the case here. PLEASE get this guy (and any of his appointments who actually believe in this low-life's ways and means) OUT of our government and into a more fitting institution. The only thing saving us, as a nation, so far, IMHO, is the quasi-effective fairly wide-spread attitude of not taking this guy any more seriously than the law, or job/financial security requires. And the latter includes that of elected Republican officials - who KNOW the truth of this - to the degree their minds allow conscious conflict with their inherent (if you will) "loyalty" and/or "question not 'our' authority" attribute(s). And then there's Georgia's FAILURE regarding their insult to Stacey Abrams. "WE" (as a nation) elected our officals - thus they are a reflection of our own minds and hearts. AND this year, "WE" awoke to all the above to a degree many of us are relieved to witness and be thankful for. We need to NOT sit on our laurels and wait for the House of Representatives to do things for us - by themselves. PLEASE let us keep doing our homework and supporting the truth-seeking, truth-telling, and development of effective democracy. IMHO. Thank you, ~cp
          November 8-9, 2018: Listening to today's Public radio News (in follow-up to Wednesdays, Feeling: Likely over-confident that Embarrassment in Chief is now more obviously so to many otherwise staunchly conservative Republicans, albeit for the base, only pushed further into their stupor of blind worship of their God of Vengeance, who would indeed allow the E. In Chief to shoot someone in Time square, and likely cheer him on.
         Stacey Abrams, new --would-be soon-to-be ?-- Governor-Elect of Georgia, Thank you! for staying the course (and "the Path").
         More conflict of interest (duh) regarding T'Rumps selection of (apparently highly politically oriented) staunch Republican and fundamentalist Christian, Mathew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. Who by all normal expectations on part of DOJ per obvious conflict of interest [per refs at right as re: entries below] should recuse himself from the investigation, but who would not be punished for blocking charges brought against someone by FBI investigator, Robert Mueller, unless congress wants to manage that.
           Democrats Have The House And A Big Decision To Make: Should They Try To Impeach Trump?
         Thank you, Seattle protesters !!! [ I am still dealing with apparent viral and bacterial poisening (most likely just an infection via improperly maintained building ventilation system and/or unknowingly by neighbor) following "phases" of post-fire-smoke lung side-effects and resulting post hospital visit challenges (with periods of "gotta-do" meds), but my brain - and definitely my sense of humor - still work most of time (;-) smile ]
           A Debate Over Impeaching The President
         Ok, let's not impeach (!maybe?) just convict him to Jail, preferably "Send He to a nunnery" - one run by the oldest, most fundamentalist Catholic and meanest ex-Mother Superiors who would, in effect, return him to 7th Grade class level instruction in adolescent rehabilitative corrections with classes on catechism and morality, with immediate punishment for every infraction of behavior, beginning with "Disrespect of the Mother Superior" with the MS's primary tool always in hand (the 3-sided 12" wooden ruler). And all under 24 hour (full-color, Reality TV quality) video supported maximum security - put on public tv, of course.
         [Serious Question: How to make a sitting president as effectively irrelevent as possible, that is or in ANY case: with executive functions given over to those who are actually responsible, or at least non-destructive - in a time of such world-implicationally ramifying if not world-changing events, places, and trends ?]
           Ron Elving video, What Does It Take To Impeach A President?
          Noted after hearing 11/7/18 public radio news (via KUOW): The new U.S. attorney general, now to be chosen by T'Rump, can make all the difference in whether the investigation is effectively performed or for extents and purposes, given the short shrift. All about that and more, as T'Rump saying all the more great opportunities to make deals with the new US House of Representatives. So, we know a) he likes to deal, we know b) he knows the House has regained full willingness to implement the regulatory and investigative capabilities, and c) which is now TOTALLY geared shake the rust off those wheels and roll on, and yet T'Rump says he's ready to make deals. HOW does the Republican leadership interpret all these messages? I'm feeling two Republican Senators...[but I digress] as a) T'Rump will give up information if he gets what he wants his political objectives? or republican objectives? or b) he'll cripple every democratic objective, including their investigative, judicial, and/or enforcement capabilities, if the House gets too close to his criminal functions, connections, records (including tax records, communications records, overseas deals records, etc) ? c) T'Rump's clones will make fine Embarrassments in Charge of Investigations, Finances, Energy, Environmnt, Etc.
           Why Democrats Must Impeach the President By Tom Steyer, founder of Need to Impeach and NextGen America.
Turkeys Against The Turkey
"Turkeys Against The Turkey "Protecting" Us from the Poor In Tijuana!" ~Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts, Nov'18

Just a thought: consider listening to David Bowie's album, "A Reality Tour" (Enjoyed this on my own "Turkey Day" smile )

Elected officials REPRESENT the active knowledge and ignorance of those participating  AND NOT participating in a democracy. *SILENCE Communicates* and greatly determines the degree to which corporate or power-abusing entities transform a democracy into a fascist regime (or  do not). More than any other element or attribute, *the nature of COMMUNICATION* determines the health of a relationship -personal, social, political, or OTHERWISE. ~

'Elected officials R E P R E S E N T the active knowledge and ignorance of those participating AND NOT participating in a democracy. *SILENCE Communicates* and greatly determines the degree to which corporate or power-abusing entities transform a democracy into a fascist regime (or do not). More than any other element or attribute, *the nature of COMMUNICATION* determines the health of a relationship -personal, social, political, or OTHERWISE.' ~"PolyPsy Paraphrase" by Chris Pringer, Nov'18; over Stock news photo. EG: The loud and powerful are usually not the most wise managers. Although selling the the most wise ways and means may require "pacing the audience" in the short run. Wisdom includes ability to tell indicators of power-abuse from those of pacing. (More paraphrasing of wisdom that used to be known and actually practiced by many of our leaders - those that recognized that winning wasn't everything, that one's 'Word' was more than every 'thing.')

"Stacey Abrams files lawsuit to resurrect rejected ballots in Georgia governor race"
November 11, 2018:
: Abram's campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo shared a grassroots campaign tweeted Sunday evening "...Pushing the "CountEveryVote" hashtag, the tweet said there could be up to 26,081 uncounted votes. The tweet said if 19,383 votes go to Abrams, that would trigger a recount. If the number is as high as 21,727, then a runoff would ensue."

Would-be Attorney General Mathew Whitaker

  Who Is Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker? (NPR)

  "What Will Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Mean For The Mueller Inquiry?" (NPR)

NPR logo

  Matt Whitaker’s Appointment May Be Illegal, Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Says “Under the law, the person running the Department of Justice must have been approved by the United States Senate for some previous position.”

  Matt Whitaker, Trump’s Acting Attorney General Pick, Is A Major Critic Of The Russia Probe The former federal prosecutor suggested last August that Mueller’s investigation could be turning into a “witch hunt.”

Jeff Sessions
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions; below: the hair in our face

Trump on Mathew Whitaker and Jeff Sessions
          November 1, 2018: (in rejoinder to the below entry) I can imagine two or three reasons violent individuals or bands would join up with this large and this now famous (or notorious) group of immigrants (coming from Honduras) - mostly none of them being a choice of the original group, mostly all of them initiated after Trump's tirades. Motives?
[I know, why do I keep asking that?] On the otherhand, IF it were known soon enough that such groups did or would join, and especially be reinforced by various drug gangs from Northern Mexico, THEN having some troups at the border may not be a bad idea, right? No sarcasm there, but I add: On the condition that their job was to quiken or at least ease the processing of immigrants (in the way we always have, at least since 911 and before 2016), AND to weed out and provide protection from the crime/violence-oriented folks. For that to work, there would need to be some local detective capable types amoung our troups there to spot out the more crafty criminal types. And If that protection was not part of the deal, the troups would end up overseeing a crime spree upon the true immigrants, some of it highly organized, and as for defending themselves, it will be a hostage situation and they will NOT be on their own turf. Just sayin, they better have a very savvy commander, knowing what he can get away with (politically), yet not giving one damn about that. Motives for creating a war or massacre out of a group of immigrants? Generals at the Pentagon: By now you guys are probably considering just getting drunk and drawing straws, right? Wait! IDEA: Evidence for impeachment handy?

Space Force (Trump&Crew)
"Space Force 2018 (if not careful) - And below: a more likely reality
Hand Raised at War fence

Environmental Interlude (or Warning about Trumpsuous Attitudes?)

"Scientists Are Terrified That Brazil's New President Will Destroy The 'Lungs Of The Planet'" by Hilary Brueck Oct. 30, 2018
         "On Sunday, Brazil elected the far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro. Scientists across the globe are worried about Bolsonaro's plans. Bolsonaro has indicated he wants to plow through Brazil's Amazon, the Earth's biggest and most diverse tropical rainforest ...with 2.1 million square miles ...which helps cool the often referred to as the 'lungs of the planet.'" Indigenous peoples who live in the forest fear for their lives "[Bolsonaro] has been called the 'Trump of the Tropics' [for his many similar 'diversity-intolerant' views]."

New President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro
New President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro - locally nicknamed "Trump of the Tropics"

Drainage Pond At Tin Mine In Deforested Section, Amazon Rain forest (Itapuado Oeste)
Drainage Pond At Tin Mine In Deforested Section of Amazon Rain forest Itapua do Oeste, Brazil

          As you may be more than aware, environmentalists have been trying for years to prevent the further eradication of the rain forest, destruction of the soil by it's misappropriation by agribusiness and cattle industries. "...In one particularly intense tree-cutting period from 1970 to 1996, an area larger than Spain was cut down..."
         Just for the sake of history and influence of people like Bolsonaro, [and to paraphrase a latter pagraph of Oct 22nd's entry]: Immediately following upon what we (white immigrants to the US) did to North America's earth-loving peoples, these kinds of misuses began for many Central and South American nations under the financial, yet often-times military enforced, co-option of their governments -- at the behest and/or force of North American corporations.
         Thus gaining the use their lands for our benefit, essentially destroying their lands' capabilities for their supporting themselves - with that same attitude, and regard for their indigenous peoples, with which we "conquered the West." The pic at lower left is akin to what we are still doing on Northern Native American lands (as well).

          October 24, 2018 posted at Facebook: in response to Huffington Post article By Andy Campbell All The Targets In This Week's Mail Attacks Have Been Trump's Worst Enemies,
      Moi: More Distraction Roller-Derby - With this put "at the top of the list" for the FBI and the new FBI director appointment [See sidebar of Oct.5 entry below]... Hmmm, gee, what do you think was the motive here? Maybe we need to call the FBI to find out? Oh, wait, at which building? The one next to Trump's hotel? Or per Trump's follow-up plan to move the FBI out, then back in again? [Not Kidding!] Boss Putin would love that one. Too bad so many questions flew that Trump had to post up a new story with a new plan - just dump everything. [Added Ref-Link @right]
      L.K. Comments: The goal was the mass assassination of Democratic leaders and the ability for trump to declare a national emergency and military rule. This was to be the "big event" he said he needed to retain power and control.
      Moi: Are you kidding? The plan was too easy to foil. Bunch of Trump's favorite tactic. I'd like to believe it, but it works either way. Timing, Timing, Timing
      L.K.: It was easy to foil because the FBI and the PO have excellent methods of stopping the bombs from reaching their destination. However if only a few had gotten through. the goal would have been reached.
      Moi: ...and/or the NEWLY APPOINTED FBI chief (with Russian connections) knew exactly how to nip it in the bud before anyone could get hurt. So, no surprise, expect more "crisis" so, yes, so Trump can look like he's saving the day.
       [See summary of Khashoggi murder analysis @right]
        [forgot to add this in above commentary this yet another recently AND conveniently 'UPGRADED' issue] : Saudi Arabia has been destroying Yemen for how many years? Four? And now we say something strong about it? Please add (should be "blantantly") "hypocritical" to the below and above lists.

  "New GSA Brass Struggles to Explain Revised Plan for FBI HQ" By Charles S. Clark February 15, 2018, Gov.Exec.Com ["Old" but explains a lot]:
      "...Both the chairman and ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Operations Subcommittee scolded the GSA witnesses for this week’s abrupt change in Trump administration plans in favor of building a new headquarters on the downtown site of the current one. This change in plans would be made possible by shrinking the Washington-area workforce. GSA’s new administrator, testifying on her 63rd day since her swearing in, and the chief of the agency’s Public Buildings Service, who has been on the job since August, struggled to explain how the FBI—after nearly a decade of pressing for a modernized campus likely in the suburbs of Washington—suddenly changed a “critical mission requirement.” ..."

Summary of Khashoggi murder/motive analysis
(Elaborated version @10/23 entry below):

      [Trump], fascist buddy Erdogan, and the crown prince [Mohammed bin Salman] probably planned Jamal Khashoggi's murder over a bowl of hashish. And the new young prince didn't know the half of the plan. In any case, given that a) Turkey has become a hyper-watched fascist state under Erdogan, b) their secret police nor our CIA (per our sensitively strategic SAC air base there) could not NOT know about this considering the articles that Khashoggi has been writing, and the buzz around that. We might wonder how long Khashoggi had been applying for that wedding certificate for which he went into the consolate for. (...*SAC base* implies a nuclear weapons delivery station - eg: BigTime NATO priority type US base - which means Erdogan can get away with most anything especially with buddy Trump's handy dandy powers).

          October 23, 2018: Well, sorry, but I'm having a hard time believing 15 or 18 Saudi men can fly or drive into Turkey, then into a government consulate in TURKEY, Saudi or not, hang out for a day to interrogate and murder -not just any one- but particularly someone like Jamal Khashoggi, so well known but not protected (!?), and then exit the consulate and country without their knowing that Turkish officials would find out about it - and yet lead ONLY to the questions that WERE asked - only about the Saudi crown prince - and not the other questions we SHOULD KNOW to ask. That is, considering Khashoggi's analysis in his courageous last published article, Thank you, Jamal Khashoggi !
          Ok, that was a bit dense. Let me clear that up a bit: QUESTION: what were the Motives for the crime (by ALL concerned)? You might check out the "ISIS-or-ISIL-&-Syria" page, use the finder with the word "Turkey" as needed (including for earlier sections of the page to help set the scene in contrast to the more interesting notes in the "Isis Consolidates" section). You will find a number of references (albeit in 2014) that any good investigative reporter would have then found most interesting, and followed-up on since then. Speaking here also with particular regard to the 2016 events in Turkey with Erdogan, who Trump has since been playing up to like a proper fascist buddy, by the way, AND none of which kind (including -but not only- in Saudi Arabia) have any love loss for gutsy truth tellers like Khashoggi.
          So we blame it ALL on Saudi crown prince -young, inexperienced, and easily detestable "Fall guy"- Mohammed bin Salman? [How many times have I used the phrase "how convenient" since Trump came on the scene?] Please consider putting that homework together for yourself, and seeing what YOU come up with.
  "Jamal Khashoggi's Last Column Before Disappearance Calls For Free Expression" (Oct 18, 2018 at 4:10 pm NPR) - "Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi policy, issued a passionate call for free expression in the Arab world in what may be his final column. [Link to his last article just below] ..Khashoggi spoke about increasing crackdowns on journalists by Arab governments. He called for a 'platform for Arab voices.' ...He supported a lot of the reforms that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia says he's for "extremely warm and generous" man who "helped innumerable journalists who wanted to understand the Mideast."

  "Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression" By Jamal Khashoggi Jamal Khashoggi Bio Follow October 17, Washington Post with A note from Karen Attiah, Global Opinions editor

  "CIA director joins investigation into Jamal Khashoggi DEATH at Saudi Consulate in Turkey"- "Mr Khashoggi fled Saudi Arabia last year and went into self-imposed exile, and wrote newspaper articles critical of the Saudi government, the Crown Prince and the King, Salman of Saudi Arabia. On October 2 this year, he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain documents for his upcoming marriage, but never left the building."

  "Erdogan says Saudi team planned Khashoggi murder - as it happened" - "15 have already been identified by Turkish police" - [Turkey has become a hyper-watched fascist state under Erdogan, but their secret police nor our CIA - per our sensitively strategic (SAC) air base there (SAC implies a nuclear weapons delivery station), if for no other reason - had no clue what may be going on in the Saudi consolate. Yeah, Ok. Context, anyone?]

  "U.S. announces penalties against Saudi agents in response to killing of journalist" - "'The coverup was the worst in the history of coverups,' President Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday" [YEAH! I'll go along with that one - thanks for YOUR help, don D'Rump (in setting up young Salman, that is).]

  "What a Murder by Mussolini Teaches Us About Khashoggi and M.B.S." - "The murder of Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudis has striking parallels with the murder of the Italian socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti by Fascist thugs."

Note: Blog entries often layer up points to build a studied case - vs "saying what it's going to say" at the beginning.

There are also a few brief but "more global" notes, graphic messages, and Ref-Links just above this "blog," Thank you, ~cp

          October 22, 2018: Bombing them? "Ohhh No, we 'just' want to punish them." (To paraphrase our "FEARLESS leader.") It occurs to me, as considering the Bully-In-Chief's plan to punish the migrants -- not to mention the countries of origin -- for being poor and starving and wanting to come to the US where ...the 'abundance of waste' of food by restaurants (and restaurant patronage) is one of more egregious statistics of shame... Well, I wondered whether the amount of food waste at Trump's lavish hotels was measurably greater than at the average US restaurant. Maybe some kitchen workers who've worked both at Trump's hotel(s) and other restaurants could give us some idea about that. But after writing that, another question arises: will Christmas bonuses for the more broadly experienced Trump kitchen workers increase this year(?)
         EG: Deal with the issues of Crime, Punishment, and what actually Motivates Change, not to mention -- per the above implied travesties -- what constitutes a crime in the first place. I understand, there are almost understandable differing opinions for the former. There are whole different schools of psychology based on that. But as it slides into or originates from the latter, it's not really about opinion, it's about unconscious abuse-based memory becoming genetic sub-cultural patterning leading to auto-sensate reaction and projection. Whaaaa? [If you're interested to know, there's many a page at this site to lay all that out for you (and those pages are not political. Meanwhile the links at right are Poly-Psy.]
     "They don't do ANYTHING for us!"
         Actually, history shows us that immediately following upon what we did to North America's earth-loving peoples, we sent in our corporations and had the Central American indigenous peoples use their lands for our benefit, essentially destroying their lands' capabilities for their supporting themselves. We made them dependent upon us even as their governments are the result of our "management." Naw, they haven't done anything for us - EXCEPT virtually sacrifice themselves to FEED us for the last century or so.
         Remember that (old???) "Conquer the West" mode that took full advantage of others' learning through pain, even as they denied their own? "The Winner" says, "That's how the West was won - by persevering our toughness through the Indian lands - even made the ‘Indians’ [Native Americans] feel shame for ever complaining - after we couldn't shoot them anymore."
         Well, before the 60's, there weren't too many people that looked at history and saw anything but conquering, colonizing, or otherwise subjugating as the main means of "world change." Since the sixties, we've been enjoying seeing ourselves as "the good guys," while we politely sneer at the British and French and all before them as colonialists. But in actuality, there hasn't been much change, except our gradually increasing guilt about conquering and colonization. And now, we're going feudal again, talking about building walls instead of checking the individuals coming in the door.
          Like any *power,* testosterone also has a good purpose or two. But putting one's foot down doesn't have to mean stomping someone just because you can. But wouldn't we REALLY like to change all that? There are plenty of opportunities to put our foot down where it can make a real change in our hearts.
          [Added 10/24/18:] Cartoon: Trump at the kitchen back door of one of his Texas hotels, with an AK-47 protecting the trash bins - bulging with barely touched gourmet dishes - from a caravan of hungrey people from across the border.
Cartoon: TRUMP at the kitchen back door of one of his Texas hotels, with an AK-47 PROTECTING TRASH BINS - bulging with barely touched gourmet dishes - from a CARAVAN of HUNGREY PEOPLE from across the border.
This is not copyrighted, PLEASE make this cartoon! smile

  "Superpredators Revisited" about current prison systems, how they got that way, laws around rehabilitation vs corrections orientation, by a woman who has tried to foster knowledge that different systems of 'rehab work' for different individuals, not one size fits all as corrections facilities managers tend to believe, etc. This is the first episode from the Rethinking Punishment Radio Project. The Project uses documentary storytelling to mobilize research on important sociological trends and human rights issues. It is a collaboration between professor Katherine Beckett at the University of Washington Center for Human Rights and Cited, a podcast from the University of British Columbia hosted by Sam Fenn and Gordon Katic. Featured on KUOW with Ross Reynolds on March 27, 2015.Listen here.

IPJC-Contact Info & 'Over The Fence' by IPJC
See above for larger graphic(s), details, etc

  "Psycho-Social Transition And Rehabilitation" at the "Evolution Trends" page. Including about "EFFICIENCY of Motivation" whether applied in self-motivation or correctional rehabilitation.

'The Jesus Of Our Liking' by Horsey

  "Crying, Lamentations, & 'Dis-Empowerment Psychology" Under the section, "On Empathy & Healing" [Feb'12], but in this case (also) about about the psychological basis of the myths that have influenced so many toward maintaining a "dis-empathy" for those 'chosen' for *less* than empathetic regard. Includes some Q&A related to which alternative routes we want to consider, alternatives suggestions are offered. Relates fairly directly to the references on empathy in the previous (10/7/18) entry.

          October 5-7, 2018: (As noted then at the Updates page and next day at Facebook): At the "Questions for Healing Disillusionment" page added the short article, "Psycho-Neuro-Immunity & Emotional Strength and Empathy, as Applied to Personal & Citizen Health". Added supportive links in the section, "Preventing/Overcoming 'Burnout' for Activists."
          On October 7: To same page, added sub-title (to the page's main title): "A therapeutically pro-active version of 'Overcoming Disillusionment' (initiated in Oct 2002)." Added essay, "More Considerations on Empathy, Definitions, & Clarifications" made from edited excerpts from essay at the PolyPsy Citizen Healing page, now re-named "Empathy Clarified - Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined (effectively) so as to apply in limited ways and directions including as *armor*" [was titled, "'Empathy' or 'Armor' by Definition - Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined to apply in limited ways and directions" (4'10)].
          [The empathy essays began about the same time frame as the chart, "Summary on Trust and Forgiveness" was published, having realized congress didn't want to invest the time needed, claiming citizens wanted to forgive, in spite of what our children were watching- "leaders" getting away with the most egregious abuses - which we do not HAVE to do 10 years later - after THIS October. (see at right).]
          October 6, 2018: Who's the more dangerous ally, Putin or Kavanaugh? Am tempted to say the Kavanaugh thing is Trump's best distraction strategy employed yet, but that appointment has enough implications in itself, including as part of the primary strategy - with Putin - to complete the transformation of the US to the puppet fascist regime that serve Putin as well as select corporate elite - who have NO allegence except to their own benefit and elimination of competition of ANY kind - especially as represents the public's legal concerns, let alone ethical.
Key Excerpts from 10'09 Chart, 'Summary on Forgiveness & Trust' ~Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts, 10'18
Key Excerpts from 10'09 Chart, 'Summary on Forgiveness & Trust' ~Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts, 10'18

Visualize Impeachment (Blue), Chris Pringer (from the Bush days)

'Storm Clouds Brewing' photography by Chris Pringer, 9'18

          October 5, 2018: Such a day, just as it began - years ago, became very obvious months ago (note July 11), reinforced since then - it ended: EG: most convenient 'Conflict of Interest' with 'Obstruction of Justice' - but now the backlash begins. Women, even wives who formerly voted per that song "Stand By Your Man"... maybe the Karma come-back will be a little quicker on the return this time (?)   [Sure, I'd like to say my sense of that happening means that it is, but the Laws of Free Will and Karma... So, what I can say is, IF WE WANT JUSTICE badly enough AND if that's in the the long-game of the Higher Powers, then we will make it happen. I know, dang, kinda takes the EASY out of it, as we have to return to work for it.] Meanwhile...
         "Russian official with ties to lawyer in Trump Tower meeting dies in helicopter crash": "Karapetyan was reportedly behind Veselnitskaya's global efforts to lobby lawmakers to overturn anti-corruption acts ...incensed Russian President Vladimir Putin." Then was "...involved in a meeting with ...Donald Trump Jr., ...Jared Kushner and ...Paul Manafort ...during the 2016 presidential election ...The meeting has come under intense scrutiny in special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation, ...seeking to determine if members of ...Trump's campaign knowingly colluded with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election..." Most convenient...
                   October 4, 2018: Listening to Anand Giridharadas' deep thoughts and hard questions about philanthropy (on 'Speakers Forum' KUOW Radio, Sep 27, 2018). "In 2018, Giridharadas published "Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World" in he which argues that members of the global elite, though sometimes engaged in philanthropy, use their wealth and influence to preserve systems that concentrate wealth at the top at the expense of societal progress. Writing for The New York Times, economist Joseph Stiglitz praised the book, writing that Giridharadas "writes on two levels — seemingly tactful and subtle — but ultimately he presents a devastating portrait of a whole class, one easier to satirize than to reform." ~ Another Review by New York Times, "Meet the 'Change Agents' Who Are Enabling Inequality": "In “Winners Take All,” Anand Giridharadas explores a global elite that bemoans the state of the world while refusing to seek real, structural change." The comments on the page are also very interesting. Another talk by Anand Giridharadas: "Do Hateful People Deserve Forgiveness?"
                   October 2, 2018: If the title, "Embarrassment in Chief" needed official confirmation, even as Trump keeps boasting and tweeting ever-more-repetitively that “The United States is respected again” ...Well, as Rachel Maddow put it, "It’d all be rather amusing if it weren’t so sad. ..." considering "diplomats literally laughed at Trump during his remarks at the U.N. General Assembly last week." And about the image of the US "around the world ...fallen substantially" since Trump was elected, as just published survey by Pew Research Center poll of 26,112 respondents in 25 countries ...conducted between May 20 and Aug. 12" included a "particularly steep drop in parts of Europe and Latin America..."
         And after all that about President Obama and with Trump claiming he "lost" it all for us, vs the reality. Not that we need waste energy on bitterness, especially since Trump will now need to claim that the number of "false news" sites are strangely, fast increasing and far outnumbering his "real news" sites, but won't say this "conspiracy" is by the sites we've counted on for decades, if not a few centuries, before he became the niner-tweeter in chief.
         And then there's what Trump thought about women agreeing with him about Kavanaugh As actually, per the survey by the independent Quinnipiac University National Poll, "Women oppose confirmation 55 - 37 percent, while men support it 49 - 40 percent with Independent voters, who supported Kavanaugh 45 - 39 percent September 10, [TWITCH SWITCH ALERT: they now] oppose his confirmation 49 - 39 percent." And, by the way, "Two former Yale classmates withdraw support for Kavanaugh" - "for political reasons." Ok. And as more support is slipping away, "Kavanaugh withdraws from teaching at Harvard Law this winter, as graduates gather signatures objecting to his role."
                   October 1, 2018: Amazed after hearing Terry Gross's interview of Greg Miller on tonight's "Fresh Air" (NPR). A Washington Post Reporter who also exposed former national security adviser Mike Flynn's lies about his Russian sanctions discussion with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak - "one of many huge stories we broke during that time." Miller just published "The Apprentice," with the detailed expose that left me feeling so amazed - that Trump is still President and not dragged out of the White House by half the people there - out of American patriotism if not shear panic of future embarrassment, if only for all the financial inducements offered -but not always taken- for signing bib-disclosure agreements. But there's much more reason than that, including about the Russian interference with our electoral process.
         About which Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tells the highly concerned CIA director John Brennan that, if he accuses Russia of trying to help elect Donald Trump, then he (McConnell) will call out Obama's administration as interfering in the election. Saying he's "not willing to issue any kind of statement or take any action that would let the public know that..." - in essence, blackmailing the CIA Director, rather than allow it to be dealt with, let alone facilitate a defence of the most basic American process. "GROSS: You write Putin had weaponized intelligence. McConnell and the GOP weaponized denial." Later, in September 2016, when McConnell finally agrees to release the information, there's not only not any mention of hurting Clinton and helping Trump, Russia isn't even mentioned. And recently, *former* CIA Director John Brennan loses his security clearance. [Related entries below: 9/1/18, 4/17/18]
         TOMORROW NIGHT on Fresh Air is the Michael Lewis interview on his book, "The Fifth Risk" about Trumps imposition of appointments and power-welding and the incapacitation of the Departments of Energy, Commerce, and Agriculture, among other fly-by-the-tweet-of-his-pants "management." Lewis makes the analogy of the farm wife who hopes the tornado will destroy the barn (in which her husband did abhorrible things) while not realizing the tornado will very likely take the house as well - as relates to the apparent perceptions of the Trump base. Review, "'A Kind Of Vague Hostility': Michael Lewis On Trump Loyalists Run Agencies" includes Interview Highlights, Such as "If you want to do things like eliminate investment in alternative energy to generate short-term benefits for the fossil-fuel industry; if you want to eliminate the National Weather Service ability to communicate with the people to make profits for AccuWeather — it really helps not to think too much or know too much about the long-term costs of what you're doing. Because you can just focus on the short-term gains. ...a big theme in this administration in the way it's running the government..."
  "Donald Trump's new FBI director pick has Russian ties of his own" "Christopher Wray looks good on paper, but his law firm represents Russian-controlled oil companies... ...his law firm — King & Spalding — represents Rosneft and Gazprom, two of Russia’s largest state-controlled oil companies. Rosneft was prominently mentioned in the now infamous 35-page dossier prepared by former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele. The dossier claims that the CEO of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, offered candidate Donald Trump, through Trump’s campaign advisor Carter Page, a 19% stake in the company in exchange for lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia. The dossier claims that the offer was made in July while Page was in Moscow. ...The lifting of sanctions by the Trump administration would enable Exxon to renew its joint venture agreement with Rosneft, and the law firm of King & Spalding could end up in the middle of the contract negotiations between those two companies." Did I mention anything about "Convenience" yet? One more question: HOW IN OUR FACES DOES IT HAVE TO BE BEFORE WE DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY ?!!!!?

Giridharadas On Philanthropy
Giridharadas is author of "Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World"

'Does Populism Have To Be This Stupid?' June-16-Cover-Washington Monthly
  "Self-Said 'Self-Made' 'Populist' Trump Reaped Riches From Father" and
  "11 Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation Into Trump’s Wealth"
  And then there's SERIOUSLY stupid words: "Trump’s ambassador to NATO sets off diplomatic incident with [No, *9 HOURS ON*] a nuclear edge"

The Apprentice By Greg Miller

The Fifth Risk By Michael Lewis

                   September 30, 2018: In light of the difficult work ahead, feelings attending, etc, and per my post at Facebook (Rachel Maddow Fans! group) the night before: at the "Structure 101" page (for "Disempowering the machiavellian mis-use of evangelical fervor") added a summary "Forgiveness WITH Accountability, Trust, Compassion, CHANGE, Et'All' - One Pro-Active Summary Including some Links for "Dealing with Stuff" for each activity of *resolution*." This summary was added above a 4-Section set, including "Trump Capitalizing on the Lack of Forgiveness," "The Most Difficult Forgiveness" (as related to the previous section), "On Forgiveness & Trust," and "Why Politics at all?" (My Love/Hate Relationship with Politics (Note: that's "with", not "for").

                   September 29, 2018 at Facebook [belated addition here, 11/30/18]: [To the question of how "some women" could actually support Kavanaugh's appointment, I summarized an explanation, calling it...] The "Stand By Your Man" continuance of victimization, in order to feel unvictimized, PLUS dependence on the love and the (personal AND PUBLIC) image of "your man" as "powerful," "righteous," and properly bible-thumping. ...And then [on the other hand], there is that potential for blowback (noted in the last two paragraphs of the article) "A Timeline Of Clarence Thomas Anita Hill Controversy As Kavanaugh To Face Accusers". (And) When enough women see what's coming down from all this, not just speaking of Roe vs Wade and such, but implications are immense - we need to spell that out loudly and in a way that will penetrate that "Stand By Your Man" song...
         Could be [an] initiation of Democracy's rebirth by turning the tide in the mid-terms and impeaching the traitors to everything democratic.

         MISOGYNY: If you want to get studious about it, there's always "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" [the book] - dense stuff, but puts so much in context about "The Church" and all the programming that extended from that - yes, including protestant religions. But then, it's been a patriarchal evolution for most of the planet. Them that organize for "security" usually leave the fighting to the men - and the power went political/ administrative from there. Thence the stories of history as written by the victors (men), with few exceptions, mostly buried by "the Church" and since then, as with the equivalent patriarchal elements in the other parts of the world. WE ARE NOW CHANGING THIS - if we persist. As we know, it is PERSISTENCE and clarifying vision and purpose that wins. Uhmmm, we do know this, yes?
Key Excerpts from 10'09 Chart, 'Summary on Forgiveness & Trust' ~Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts, 10'18
"A Summary on Forgiveness, Trust, and Accountability" (Key Excerpts from 10'09 Chart) ~Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts, 10'18

Heart's Fire Chalice (V1a3S) By Chris Pringer, July'18
"Heart's Fire Chalice" By Chris Pringer, July'18

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                   September 28, 2018: One Week! (for FBI investigation of the Ford Vs Kavanaugh case) Flumixed at the decision, actually, EXCEPT for two Questions that come to mind: a) Would 1 week actually be enough to do such an old personal history-loaded research? b) About that Rob Rosenstein meeting with Trump - where Rosenstein was NOT fired - did that have anything to do with this investigation that Ford & Democrats have been requesting. That is, as may have been then foreseen as a potential - or was it foreseen as a Plan B, if not Plan A? It's not like 99% of the questions were not asked on Thursday, and now all witnesses, including any accomplices, can have their cheatsheets made up for them.
          I'm strongly doubting any of those questions will be about the Jesuit mentoring at his high school (per 9/27 entry, links added there 9/28), but am also NOT dismissing the possibility of related events coming to light in the next few years. And maybe it's just one of those feelings. And maybe it's 'just' about that ole' (but recently reconvened) super-blue-blood-frat-preppie-political-connection-(priests included), and power abuse thing.
The president of Georgetown Prep, the Rev. James R. Van Dyke, has said the controversy over Ford's accusations has compelled the school to "evaluate our school culture" and redouble efforts to help students develop a healthy understanding of masculinity. "...a time to talk with them honestly ...bluntly about what respect for others, especially ...for women and other marginalized people means..." Please also note links at right.
                   September 27, 2018: [Noted in context with the the previous 9/25 entries below:] EMPHASIS: Every opportunity was had to have the FBI's investigation give every reason to avoid, to even nip in the bud, most of today's "outrageous ...*circus,*" at the confirmation hearings - that is, about which "circus" - and "victimization" of Kavanaugh - seemed to dominate more than the closing lines of the President's party faithful. By the way, I also noticed that, in his readings of his father-inspired calendar journal, Judge Kavanaugh never mentioned the names of any of his Jesuit priests, let alone how much influence - ANY kind of influence, favorable
or otherwise on ANY aspect of his education (!) - Let alone, say, over what would or could be included or discluded in his journalings.
          Why bother with such a consideration? Not that he would journal of such that befell so many others, that is, that are recently coming forth about abuse by priests, Jesuits included. And while Kavanaugh has introduced us to his own conspiracy thinking, including about the Clintons and all... Maybe the current disinheritance of the FBI is a result of that *notorious reputation* of the FBI's having such a high percentage of Mormons in their membership. [That is to introduce the notion that] 'this disinheritance "no doubt" was for the purpose of denying an opportunity for that "notorious" FBI to do a vendetta against a poor upstanding Catholic judge.'
         Should I apologize for these few questions, that would seem to be befitting of that conspiracy prejudice so eloquently established by the republican leadership, not to mention a likely future Supreme Court judgeship - strategically positioned for critical decisions over multiple generations?
         Rush Limbaugh: "If Republicans Can't Get Kavanaugh Confirmed, You Can Kiss The Midterms Goodbye." (~Motive for a crime, anyone?)
                   September 25, 2018: Anita Hill, professor of social policy, law and women's and gender studies at Brandeis University, invoked the word "significance" with regard to the 'event(s) in question'. Anita Hill Says Kavanaugh Accuser Hearing "Cannot Be Fair." "Hill called for a 'neutral body' to investigate the allegations, saying "Senate members have already indicated 'the presumptions they have about the claims that have been made.'" To me, and probably any psychologist far more qualified than I, *significance* implies the effects of the 'event(s) in question' upon the mind and heart, upon the internal perceptions and motivations, AND upon the resulting behavior of those involved. And in Kavanaugh's case, upon the behavior with regard to composing legal opinions throughout the rest of his life (especially considering how young he is for this lifetime appointment); EG: With regard to the *implications* of decisions about to be made with regard to all that.
         If we assess this *significance* in the light of the later, considering the legal opinions he is known for, and project from there, we can only expect Kavanaugh's decisions to effect all women of the US in a *significantly* regressive way. Case in point example for such *significance* in the regression of perceptions and behavior: "Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said Sunday on Fox that Kavanaugh's nomination process was an 'intergalactic freak show'". And then, there is that potential for blowback [note last two paragraphs of this link's article].
                   September 25, 2018: We should know that Trump's focus on Rod Rosenstein is "investigating" the investigatory bodies and any others he thinks can deal for "the goods" with, on, and/or from them (including for and/or with blackmail) to find how to disrupt the investigations. Especially including Mueller's probes. The Question is: how can we be ready for the results of that and/or prevent as much of that as possible? Worst Case Immediate UpSHOT: Given any such results, Trump would likely brag about it to excite his gladiator-loving base, as he is doing with his trade war repertoire, in spite of economists increasingly illustrating liabilities for this trade war. Best Case Immediate UpSHOT: (I'm hoping) that would lead to a final disgust of those following the "Stand by Your Man" song and dance, who then turn the tide towards dumping the Trump.
                   September 21, 2018:
"Rosenstein Denies That He Discussed Recording Trump, Invoking 25th Amendment" (NPR, 9/21/18, incl:) "...'This story must not be used as a pretext for the corrupt purpose of firing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in order install an official who will allow the president to interfere with the Special Counsel's investigation,' said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer."
         Ok, let me get this right, Rob Rosenstein and... wait, This WHOLE time, Trump has been feeling threatened by these investigations - Why? - Because it's an afront or insult to his "professional standing", to his "presidential functioning", to the "operation of his staff"? Which staff, according to credible reports (per Sept. 8 entry, below), have been tolerating his ways and means of "doing business," not to mention communications, in SO many ways).
         REALLY? So, not only does Trump fire (or at least threaten to fire) anyone that disagrees with him, let alone works to expose the TRUTH, but ALSO has a whole political party of the US Congress supporting this? [Ok, suddenly increasingly lesser than whole - women included, thank you, and for Trump-flumixing paradoxes.] My dad used to say we have the best congress money can buy, but 50 years ago, he never knew the (worst) half of it!
         Ok, nothing terribly new here yet, but, just to make a guess at what WE all have been realizing big time: These investigation results are the only thing that have thrown off the timing and nature of Trump's roller-coaster tweet-a-whirl distraction derby (base mgt) strategies. AND so, perhaps (?) we are actually and finally "Bothering" him, as we are making him realize how threatended he has ALWAYS FELT (unconsciously?) by anyone with respect for the truth (even during a natural catastrophy).
         IF this, not to mention the most recent scandal about Brent Kavanaugh (and Christine Blasey Ford, and thank you, Miranda), doesn't provide enough reason for republicans to dump the Trump and move on... I'm not sure what will save us from fascism [per Aug 22 and Sept. 12 entries below]. And by the way, Feinstein tweeted this week that Ford had sought confidentiality ..."I honored that. It wasn't until the media outed her that she decided to come forward." And Christine Blasey Ford and FAMILY has since had to go into hiding from all the death threats! Ah, SO-ooo courageous are these flag in' bible waving "We are the good guys on the planet" folk. And they call liberals hypocrits. [Pardon (?) my anger and disgust (before I do some self-therapy to put all this into context of evolution and Karma... ) ]
  "FBI Director Wray contradicts Trump: Kavanaugh investigation was “limited” by White House" 10 October 2018: More specific details as to what the the Senate asked Wray about how limited the scope of the investigation was, and how Wray dissembled and mostly did not give any information we weren't already told.   "FBI's Wray confirms White House limited Kavanaugh probe" 10/10/2018 By Josh Gerstein: "Asked by Harris if White House counsel Don McGahn set the limits on the investigation, Wray said he didn't know if McGahn had contact with FBI officials on the topic. ...Wray said. 'I can't speak to what anyone throughout the organization might have received instructions on.'... Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) challenged Wray about about individuals criticized in an inspector general's report into the FBI's handling of election-related investigations in 2016. Among those faulted in the report were Special Agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who exchanged texts sharply critical of President Donald Trump while involved an investigation into his campaign's ties to Russia, as well as former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe and Strzok were fired. Page quit..." [Above two Ref-links added 11/11/18]
  The Atlantic reported in July: "The Private-School Persuasion of the Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s latest nominee for the bench, graduated from a Catholic high school. So did four of the current Justices. And     the Catholic Sentinel reported also in July that "...Two of the other judges reported to be top picks as nominees are also Catholic: Judges Amy Coney Barrett and Thomas Hardiman. Judge Amul Thapar, on a broader top list, is also Catholic."
    "America, the Jesuit Review" reports 9/27/18 from "The Editors: 'It is time for the Kavanaugh nomination to be withdrawn'" while     thumlinks to the 9/28/18 article, “Little Women”: What Louisa May Alcott’s classic can teach us about female empowerment: The various arguments around Little Women have long boiled down to: does the novel empower women, or does it oppress them?" by Elizabeth Grace Matthew. Timely, eh?

Kavanaugh Hearing Articles @Huffington Post, photo's by unknown
  "Doubling Down" (at Huffington Post),
  "People Are Fed Up With Sen. Chuck Grassley Interrupting Women In Senate Hearing",   "Brett Kavanaugh Plays The Victim", and   "Here’s What Yale Was Like For Women When Brett Kavanaugh Was There"

Anita Hill Testifying In 1991
  Anita Hill, Testifying In 1991. "Anita Hill Says Kavanaugh Accuser Hearing "Cannot Be Fair." She is currently a professor of social policy, law, and women's and gender studies at Brandeis University. Photo care of AP News

Kavanaugh Listeng to Word Against His
  "Kavanaugh Allegations Recall 1991's Supreme Court Scandal, With Key Differences" Photo care of AP News

Trump Targets (current or past): Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and one-time FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe

    Trump: "'I don't have an attorney general,' underscoring his deep antipathy toward Attorney General Jeff Sessions." (NPR, Sept 19, 2018)
    "Rosenstein Impeachment Sputters On Capitol Hill, But Political War Likely Will Rage On" (NPR, 7/26/18)
    "Stories About Rod Rosenstein" (NPR, July'18, incl. "House Conservatives File Impeachment Articles Against Rod Rosenstein")

Special Counsel Robert Mueller At U.S.Capitol For Closed Meeting With Members Of Senate Judiciary Committee, June21, 2017
    "Who Are Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein?" (NYT, ‘The Daily’ May 2017)
    "What Mr. Mueller’s autonomy means for the president." (NYT, May 2017)

    A homework update on who thinks who should do investigations and when, etc: "In private, Kavanaugh hints at views on Mueller" (CNN, July 31, 2018)

  AND Related (ya' think?):
    "Rod Rosenstein’s Bizarre Request for U.S. Attorneys: Please Help the White House Vet Brett Kavanaugh" (Law And Crime, July 11, 2018, About those 20,000 docs request in July [finally turned over a month later - hours prior to initial date of hearings])
    "Federal prosecutors to assist in reviewing Brett Kavanaugh docs" (July 11, 2018)

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There are also a few brief but "more global" notes, graphic messages, and Ref-Links just above this "blog," Thank you, ~cp

                   September 12, 2018: "Algorithms for 'Weaponizing' the Emotionally Dysfunctional" [a belated 9/11 post]
          First, as a relevant positive note, I want to begin by bringing attention to the various 'more long-term' pics, charts and accompanying notes and links both just above and further above, as well as to those referred to in this entry (also more long-term). Whereas this entry is about a very likely pragmatic connection from the current to all that (in general and pro-actively):
          Question: What's the likelihood that Trump (and associates) could, and actually would, create a solid political base of people from those so influenced (per means & ways as described in previous entries below, as well those ways as may have been implied to those with great skill in algorithm construction) as to be made so psychologically dependent on what Trump communicated (ie: per his stated or tweeted views, desires, and needs "to be fulfilled"), that this base would be led to a) insure his election as President, and to b) assist ever-so-steadfastly in those fulfilling Trump's stated goals? And to do so even in face of steadily and very publicly presented hard facts, that would convince any rational person that such goals and direction was not only extremely obvious in error, but with grievous implications?
         Among other strategies included (as a part of such a comprehensive strategic plan by Trump & or associates, foreign and/or otherwise) would have been *the use of* those citizens with particular bitternesses to the extent that their capacity to forgive (to forgive even when also demanding accountability of specific power-abusers - which is not about revenge). To effect that their emotions have been co-opted (category: near-formulaic cult type manipulation) per essay, "Trump Capitalizing on the Lack of Forgiveness" at "Structure and Extremism, Dissolving Extremism 101, Dis-empowering the machiavellian mis-use of evangelical fervor" -includes pro-active refs (also noted in July 31, 2016 entry).
         Thus the title concept, "Algorithms for 'Weaponizing' the Emotionally Dysfunctional." All thus leading potentially to so much further disfranchisement of the "99%," as to have completed the virtual (via slight-of-"legalization') if/where not obvious fascist governing of all large populations, as well as smaller ones (those with any resources perceived as needed by the power-abusers). And all to effect that the 99% will have so much pain -thus to take more lifetimes to somehow learn to forgive- and therefore acquiring for the power-abusers the amount or degree of "Hard Karma" that is so maximized that they will have earned untold lifetimes of extremely hard-learning. All to further effect of adding such a much greater increased weight put on the planet than we already have - a virtual purgatory on Earth. [Ref: May 20, 2018 entry below] Granted, and apologies as necessary, it's a difficult view. However, WE ALSO HAVE the Necessary TOOLS for 'Weaponizing' the healing of planetary communities.
         It would be nice if an ascended master such as Jesus would ride in and "save" us - but without our having learned how forgive, not to mention to let go of our power-abusing ways? Do we actually need the creation of a state of "Christian Fascism" in the U.S "in order to keep us in line with God's Will" (eg: from maiming, killing, raping each other, etc)? So grievously sad, but as ascended masters know only too well, that neither such a "saving" nor such a monstrous structure of laws would be in line with the Law of Perpetual Responsibility to Learn Love (Karma) for a democracy-experienced and capable body of people.
         Still a tad(?) on the "dreamy" side: It WOULD be so much more helpful if enough of "the bitter people" would turn over enough hate and vengefulness that the power-abusers could not use them against everyone else, and then the "wake-up" to more productive ways and means could lead to upward spirals of learning, that would, if maintained, lead to sufficient evolution of mankind that we could avoid the above noted downward spiral. EG: (to repeat) WE HAVE the Necessary TOOLS for OUR HEALING And 9/11 did not HAVE to be the super paranoia injection, and we could STILL reframe all that, given the active uptake of (SUCH as) the above & often referred to suggestions (for healing). "Shoulda, woulda, coulda"? It's still a "We Can," IMO, albeit with a huge "IF." Thank you.
Exposure 2 Truth - Quote by Caroline Myss

Saying...' Quote by Caroline Myss

Saying3...' Quote by Caroline Myss
Thank you, Caroline Myss
                   September 8, 2018 "Times grants anonymity to administration official for essay" (Seattle Times, David Bauder, The Associated Press, September 6)- I LOVE THIS: "as the writer put it, “there are adults in the room.”" The main danger appears to be how to protect the source: "like hundreds of other reporters in Washington, the Times’ news staff is trying to find out the writer’s name." [~from associated article, "Times Decision To Publish Anonymous Column Carries Risks," same author and day, then back to first:] "That led to a Times reporter, Jodi Kantor, tweeting that “Times reporters must now try to unearth the identity of an author that our colleagues in Opinion have sworn to protect with anonymity?”" As for the questions raised about how "senior" the "level" is of the source, "“...there’s no way a responsible news organization [have someone that would be viewed as "low level" as anonymous informant],” said Sesno, a former CNN Washington bureau chief. “I have to believe that the top people at the Times were part of this decision, because it was so unusual and so explosive.”"
         Ok, looks pretty solid to me, but what do I know? Otherwise, will it lead to Trump firing many otherwise useful people (who could do some good some day?) - maybe a few, but too many and it makes him look bad. Will more White House crew become aware of "the Resistance" and join it? Yes, maybe not in hoards anytime soon, but eventually. What will Trump do, knowing this, being the strategic politician that he is? IMO, he will tweet more acerbically (if that's possible) and threateningly or even quasi-violently, with enough accusations to deflect enough attention who knows where for how long, while he's on to his next orders to his generals to shut down the CIA if he can't have them assassinate someone. To which they will have say, "No," yet again. So new.
         [Note: As a former Marine (albeit turned peace activist and therapist) I recognise that even US generals, most of them, do want to be, are trained to be, "the adults in the room," not to mention to avoid unnecessary war, not to mention obviously insane wars. Note 2: I was reminded of this, having just recieved an email of "The NEWS" being "published" by certain groups that these, and other incredibly more world-impacting orders by Trump, are not just incessantly blurted, but actually being carried out - and calling it great news and such. Yup, the things shockaholics do for "feel-good" entertainment, or pain-relief, or...?
         [Which reminds me, on the "pro-active" (and totally serious) side, there is a new article for older ex-athletes (or equivalent) who are dealing with too much chronic pain, who continue to reinjure themselves, increasingly as they age, as they still try to get that adrenaline running well or often enough to cover the pain. (No sales of anything but motivation for the self-care as instructed): "Adrenaline & Athletes, Aging, & Chronic Muscle Pain" by yours truly.]
Trump, Times Leak, & How Many Sherrifs Standing By? And what's the Secret Service doing these days, anyway? AP Photo/Susan Walsh
"President Donald Trump responds to a reporters question during an event with sheriffs in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018" AP Photo by Susan Walsh
  "With Sherrifs" ??? How many are standing by Trump ranting about the NYT Leak? EG: So what is the Secret Service doing these days, anyway? Can't wait for the book written by one of them - you KNOW it's coming! As their collaborative journalings, if written on paper, would be bulging so thick they'd be worried about their own assassinations. I know, they are the only ones who could otherwise get away with Trump's demise, but they're only too aware of Pence's readiness to initiate Armageddon.

'Vagus System- for Relating to Chronic Muscle Pain' Adaptation of Netter Image, 'Sympathetic-Adrenal Components of Fight or Flight' -Thanks to Netterimages.Com A Dr. F. Netter illustration revised for this adaptation by Chris Pringer, 9'18

                    September 4, 2018: "'Idiot,' 'Unhinged,' A 'Sixth-Grader': Aides Fault Trump In Explosive New Book" (NPR, September 4, 2018, Ayesha Roscoe) about Woodward's latest book, "Fear, Trump in the White House" focused on the Trump White House and is set to be officially released on Sept. 11.
          "Bob Woodward Book: 'FEAR: Trump in the White House'" (article from Leading Authorities .Com): "Called “the most acute and penetrating portrait ever done of a sitting president,” the forthcoming book will be Woodward’s 19th book to date. Amazingly, 12 of his books have reached #1 on the best-sellers list. ...Steadfast in his never-ending mission to “uncover the best possible version of the truth,” Woodward is an influential yet impartial political journalist and speaker who brings both name-draw buzz and relevant political insight to events nationwide. ...Woodward's reputation and clout is unsurpassed. He helps audiences get beyond the social-media driven, 24-hour news cycle to understand the true issues at hand and the way our country is being shaped by leaders in Washington, DC. ..."
                    September 1, 2018: "The story goes so far back': new film attempts to untangle Russiagate ...Active Measures, a documentary featuring Hillary Clinton and John McCain, is a comprehensive and at times frenetic analysis of Trump’s relationship with Russia... “With most conspiracies we are noticing something valid but then filling in a lot of blanks that are not accurate,” ...Active Measures, "to its credit, is an earnest and all-inclusive attempt to make that job" of digesting and contextualizing "the massive amount of data and information" a bit easier. Viewers who can consume and compartmentalize heaps of information at once will find themselves aghast at the scope of Russia’s infiltration. Others will have to rewind, and maybe watch with paper and pen, just to keep things straight. ..."
Picture of The book, 'Fear' & author Bob Woodward
The book, "Fear: Trump in the White House" by Bob Woodward

Active Measures, Documentary- 'Conspiracy Hiding in plain sight'
"Active Measures" Documentary- "Conspiracy Hiding in plain sight"

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                    August 31, 2018: Continuing to roll that successful ROVE'in'Bush tactic, "the more outrageous, the greater the polarization, the greater the credibility for the base" (yeah, it's NOT actually a Trump invention, folks...) although, as a brand new presidential tactic, Trump strongly appears to be running for "A_Hole of the Century":
          President Trump rebuked for canceling pay raises for federal workers while slashing taxes for the richRepublicans gave corporations a trillion dollar tax cut and are now cutting pay raises for social workers, janitors, painters, clerical workers and more,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) tweeted. “It’s outrageous.” ...VoteVets, a left-leaning veterans advocacy group, emphasized that the pay-raise revocation will take a heavy toll on former members of the armed services."
      And just applying few momentary brakes on that roller coaster...:
         "Trump seeks to backtrack on 2017 comments on Comey firing" Rueters, August 30, 2018:"Trump made his accusation as the man who took over the federal Russia investigation from Comey, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, digs deeper ...a series of indictments of former Trump aides. Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017, a move that Comey said later was aimed at undercutting the probe. Trump has denied any collusion with Russia, or any obstruction of justice ...did not fire Comey over the federal probe. ...federal prosecutors last week secured the conviction of Trump’s former campaign manager ...that included pleading guilty to campaign finance violations. ...U.S. news organizations ...charged a California man with threatening to kill Boston Globe employees for the newspaper’s role leading a defense this month of press freedoms by hundreds of news organizations. ..."
Trump & The Russian Mob (EG-In Putin's Hands)
Craig Unger: Trump is owned by the Russia mob

Chuck Todd On Impeachment
Chuck Todd On Impeachment
                   August 22, 2018: Disturbing thoughts -- hopefully those that motivate solution-oriented creativity: I refer to a trend connecting news conglomeration to the more disturbing current news trends surrounding impeachable crimes, but also including a kind of blindness that portends far worse in the future, if not reversed.
          The fact, that the would-be obvious crimes of Donald Trump has become publicly white-washed to the extent that it has, reminds me of Karl Rove, the greatest strategist for "legal' political subterfuge in the last few centuries or more. Because, while he ostensibly disowned any idea of assisting in Trump's pursuit of the presidency, Rove went to work for Rupert Murdock, the world's most powerful news mogul. This was immediately following the period of the greatest concentration of news outlet monopolization during the same presidential administration that Rove guided so brilliantly.
          And, within a decade, the "land of the free" became the land of *False News* - with direct if not (?) intended effects, not to mention having been so effectively reinforced, even super-powered, if not spearheaded, by a foreign government with intended effects - including the effective dismissal of presidential accountability. Which effects Trump enjoyed through his being elected, [and which effects he] then ignored, and essentially defended until certain of his base began to question his actions (as referenced in below entries). THE MOST INSIDIOUS AND FUTURE IMPACTING EFFECT however, was a sufficiently broad scale deception of the U.S. populace, such that fascism has become virtually invisible, as it has increasingly masqueraded here as democracy. Which effect has certainly been enjoyed by that foreign government
          A most interesting, albeit subsidiary, yet totally contributing effect-become-factor is that, during that same time frame of conglomeration and disinformation, the attribute of intellectual sophistication (or even what we used to consider a responsible degree of education), and the personification of that attribute, Karl Rove, had become an anathema to enough people for them to vote for a man who is arguably the politically pragmatic equivalent of that same super-sophisticate (not to mention Trump-election road-paver), Karl Rove himself. And while that would-be-paradoxical dynamic helped prepare the way for the current circumstances, we should not dismiss trends in key psycho-social, thence socio-political, LEADING influences in the decades prior to all that (12/15/15, per Fb post in March 2011).
          If it were not for the addiction to prescribed drugs (pain-killing and denial reinforcing) and their illegal equivalents (per facts actually noted and highly referenced in the news), then I'm sure that the word most heard, spoken on the news by psycho-therapists, would be "Schitzophrenia."
         In Summary: The Embarrassment in Chief is has become the Confidence Man in Chief to become the Fascist Dictator in Chief, while Carl Rove has served as the Facilitator in Chief. [I should add that without the courageous dedication of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, we might not have had the opportunity to deal with these matters before it could be too late to do so effectively. Also that so many republicans don't even listen to public radio, or otherwise get any hard-fast news about the worthwhile finds of the investigation. ~cp, 8/23/18]
          While I add thumblinks for prayer & invocation, I am in no way suggesting disconnection from the reality of solutionary pragmatism so necessary to heal our condition (nor intending insult to those not so inclined to spiritual approach), but am honoring the effect of focused awareness on the clarity and effectiveness of and by those engaged in solutioning. [By the way, not added at right is the link for the "Healing Prayer for United States Media On Sacred Geometry Background, 3'03]

(Reputable) News, August 22, 2018:

"How President Trump's Legal Problems Compare To His Predecessors" Jon Meacham speaks with NPR's Audie Cornish

"A new analysis of whether Trump obstructed justice " Obstruction, conspiracy and witness tampering count in assessing criminal liability, and certainly in considering impeachment.

"Impeachment talk? Let’s have at it." It needs to be discussed.

"What Michael Cohen’s lawyer is really saying" Cohen might be able to prove a criminal conspiracy with the Russians.

"What you might have missed in the Cohen plea" Cohen has the goods, and Trump's in legal or political hot water.

'Attributes for Realistic Goal Settg' Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts
Crop from Activism Healing Chart' Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts

Resource Access 4 Economy Prayer 2a Croped Thumbnail, Chris Pringer
"Power point" crop of "Resource Connecting Prayer"
at "World Healing Prayers On Sacred Geometry" page

Prayer for Justice Regarding the Presidential Administration
"Invocation for Justice & Appropriate Administration of the United States"
at "World Healing Prayers On Sacred Geometry" page

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                   August 13, 2018: The grieving of the Orca pod(s for much longer period of time than usual) has been more than about the Mother Orca (Tahlequah) who initiated the process for her own child/calf (IMHO). That is, the orca's have associated one death with their awareness of the increasing numbers of deaths of Orca's, as they maintain that awareness naturally - as part of their hunting and survival skill sets (including projecting when and where events related to their survival are likely to occur), and thus maintain on-going (individual and multiple-group-communicated memories) of what we would call the trend of increasing deaths of Orcas, as well as of their sister species. I believe they are, due to their immense capacity for both family interconnectedness and empathy, also capable of feeling, if not "seeing," the larger picture (including that of other species to the degree they they have interacted with them on a regular basis), including percieving patterns in life and death processes related to those species.
         Given that, it should not be a stretch of logic, I believe, to consider their capablity for sensing timelines. What is different about what they are doing now, continuing to grieve beyond what we know to be their normal patterns of behavior, based on the above noted capabilities, would seem to be about something much larger than the death of one orca. The grieving then would seem to be, if not global, globally oriented, as based on their knowledge of what is happening to ocean life. I believe they very well sense many of the capabilities of humans as they also have been aware of our contradictory nature, but also that we are, as a species, capable of individually different natures. As they have witnessed, and maintain shared memories of, many things we do for assisting them, most apparently by choice, but also of so many actions that have been causing so much of the above noted death processes.
          Pulling all that together, I believe they are initiating a process that is meant to communicate a message, based on their own kind of knowledge of something being different, and leading to something drastically different, a message of a mother or mother species to her/their children, but not just to all other orcas, or even to all other whale species, but to all of the species that they have had significant relations with, including humans.
          Why am I putting this on the Citizen Awareness page (one that is generally so politically oriented)? Because the "Vehicle Efficiency" page (about environmental awareness) is not maintained so much as a blog as this page is. That is, while the (V.E.) page is about global environmental trends, and warnings about increasing levels of danger, this post is so current, as well as about such levels that (per the foregoing) are about to be reached - IF certain trends are not effected by certain actions, based on the pro-active awareness that can be had - by paying attention to messages from those that (I believe) know about those trends.
         And maybe... this is simply one more sign (call it mystical, spiritual, or scientifically pragmatic) --considering that we humans for SOME reason DO want to pay attention to the grieving process of the Orca AND know that whales have often seemed to know something we do not -- [thus one more sign] that humanity needs to be reading -- and heeding -- NOW. Alarmist? I'm pretty sure that many scientists would not consider it so, although some of them may not appreciate a not-purely-scientific portrayal of how or why whales may communicate as I have implied. I can understand and appreciate that, while noting that my other projections and prognostications (published on the internet since 1995) have, in any case, not been that far off the mark, let alone considered a waste of time. I refer most particularly to the Fascia Memory Theory & Project (ever-increasingly scientifically grounded in the last 10 years). I Feel even more sure about the more recent summary analysis, (apparently "new" however so highly science-backed) presented at the page, "Trees & Communications - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health - Some Good News from Science." Both have very pro-active implications which are noted on their respective pages. [Please feel free to email me whatever feedback you may have to offer (, including clue about this post in the subject line. Thank you, ~cp]
Orca Whales [by Unknown]

"After 17 Days And 1,000 Miles, A Mother Orca's 'Tour Of Grief' Is Over" Jenny Gathright of NPR, August 12, 2018

Orca Whale [by Unknown]

Center for Whale Research

Orca Monitoring [by Unknown]

"Grieving Mother Orca Finally Drops Dead Calf After Carrying Corpse for 17 Days" By Daniel Politi, Aug 12, 2018

Mother Orca Whale & Calf [by Unknown]

Omura Whale [by Unknown]

Chalice Tree Energy Work Draft5 (thumb) by Chris Pringer, 2018
The Heart of the Matter

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                   August 5, 2018: Post @Facebook (my page), "Updates on Thrump [Recap since Feb 13, 2018]: Something different (just kidding - even a tilt-a-whirling roller coaster gets too predictable, havn't much else to say since...)." [Which apparently was not totally true given the link added at the top (so far) of the sidebar pics, August 7, 2018: "The BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan explains: "How a meeting he wasn't at could hurt Donald Trump," which article includes (another) chronology of references.
                   July 20, 2018: Well, he did it, and tried to excuse his words per use of a "double-negative." But after a comparative listening to the original words - nuh-uh, no way, that's not flying. AND THEN came the news of one of his female spokespersons who did the "co-opt" re-frame thing, calling him "so brilliant," using, for specific example, Trump's ability to deflect the listener so thoroughly while he is working steps ahead on something else. Ok, that one I believe.
         I believe it because that's EXACTLY what I had written in my analysis of Trump, December 2, 2017 - with elaboration as to how and why, it's origens and context within his overall strategy [this page & on Facebook]. HOW-SOME-EVER, her [d'Rump's spokesperson's] "brag" was but ANOTHER deflection (designed by her beloved *confindence man*), and not about what she said for how he "managed" that meeting with Putin. Which meeting was actually more likely designed to be 70% for show -for pre-planned effect- and the rest for updates of protocols and signals for events and a little discussion of their next moves, etc.
         [I can imagine what the new reader thinks as reading the foregoing, but...] You need only check the lead up to this point (entries of the last year or more with news refs, etc), to realize that this entry is just the next in the quickening pace of logical flow. Referring to the logic of the motive, strategy, and objectives as discerned - which is not saying it's not something I trust Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be on top of. And that was a true double-negative, by the way. As I know Mueller IS charting (Putin and) Trump's "orchestration" (vs "administration"). IE: In my mind's eye I'm seeing LOTs of names, strings, and check notes on that huge board, and he will have it expertly presented in court when the time comes. ~the unqualifinalysist smile
                   July 11, 2018 [In a letter to WA state senators & Legislators, a shorter version of the following]: How much more of a convenience, plus CONFLICT OF INTEREST, could there possibly be??? Here referring (of course?) to the report from The Daily Regaring Cavannaugh on the investigation of a sitting president (especially considering very different policy with critically pertainent effect during the 90's Clinton investigation). And then there's Trump's policy with Russia Vs NATO ::: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Convenient Timing! Especially so if we consider [per previous notes here regarding Putin and Trump, Trump's unprecedented abuse of executive power]. How & Why is this not stupendously obvious to anyone who gives a damn about integrity in politics, not to mention national security???!!!
         July 15, 2018: What can we expect from the meeting with Putin? [Please, no OMG's if I get this right] :: MORE OF SAME.
          PS: This "presidency" is NOT normal, nor is it the needed solution, except perhaps to the degree it leads to clarity on the part of the voting public and healing therapy on the part of those who live by hate, revenge, and/or tremendous greed.
                    June 13, 2018 Regarding Trump's "Wins" with N. Korea, considering his intelligence for deal-making (albeit lacking in so many areas [per previous entries regarding the management of his intelligence by his emotional body]) and "the hammer that found the nail," and "Who is Trump really working for," and noted relationship with Putin (Ok, referring to my not-totally-unique analysis about that): I hate to say "I told you so" (??? Ok, not really, because I hope you might want to see the details of (and the "unqualified" analyses in) the lead up to this in my notes here, BECAUSE:) the results of the agreement with N.Korea (suddenly realized as sans expected agreements with S. Korea!) are TOTALLY in line with the just noted analyses re: Trump & Putin. EG: "the Hammer" is not our own. The question is WHEN are we (ie: via assisting Special Counsel Robert Mueller) going to stop "the on-going setup" for their plan (or Putin's plan) ??? Ref: Interview on Public Radio by Michael Barbaro, The Daily, 6/12/18, via the Times Or The Daily.
          [I know, that was a lot, compressed mostly into one huge run-on sentence, where the modifiers provided half the lead up for the summary (of an integration of two analyses), that this entry is primarily composed of. My bad. But you could just call it a brain-teaser, which should be NO problem, given the state of confusion that the state of national political communications that we might attempt to interprete, dare to analyse, or, more conveniently, just project our favorite viewpoint onto.
          (But like most any weaning for beyond the veil leaning, the deeper meaning is in the broader gleaning, oft begun with a little cleaning, at least without owl's eyes.)]   Owl
          May 20, 2018 at Facebook [with current (6/7/18) edits in brackets]: In Comment on Cat W.'s post Re: (parody translation of) quote by Jesus.
          My Comment - in parody of other translations of Jesus: "And if you REALLY screw up, but ask for forgiveness in front of a HUGE congregation, especially on TV, I will forgive you. And if you would elect an irresponsible idiot who will cause the eradication of most of the human race, I will fly down and rescue you 'cause you are SO much more SPECIAL than everybody else, who I'll send to hell. Don't bother about those old scrolls where it was written I taught you about karma and reaping what you sow, have to learn how to love and defined love as, well, what you would actually expect love to look like. You know, all that stuff my SPECIAL people edited out of what became the bible - so I could get angry and smack folks around because I love them. Ain't love strange? Oh, yeah, I made that song up too." ...
          Comment by Jennifer B: "Special people (of the colonizer mentality) and selective memory/history are a big part of this immoral justification. They constantly reset the past this way to cover up mistakes, and you know, add to that huge pile of trauma we pretend to not see. But, the planet and our collective DNA has been carrying the weight of that trauma and will make adjustments."
          Moi: "Yep, trauma w/o memory= no forgiving or self-forgiveness = projection of own stuff onto others = continuous need for justification in order to keep that memory protected (in the repression mode of that). The DNA carrying dynamic correlates to / as Karma, and (per that) the adjustments for that will work out as Karma dynamics do. Which means not anytime soon unless some truly radical dispensation (per Buddhist perspective) is given - but that could also mean one heck of a lot of pain - and that would be of the grieving sort if it's going to actually work, and result in a great slow-down of "normal" things, which would be disastrous for production and capitalism, but would result in the beginning of world healing. [Albeit the way humans usually do it is a lot of anger and what may come from that (- wrong, as it is) long before the grieving phase, but I'm trying to be positive here.] And so much for another big dream. Meanwhile there are other lifetimes as we've had millions already (per same perspective), so, everyone excited yet?" ...
          [PS: Not to imply "there's no hurry," given the apparently unrealized actual implications of reincarnation and karma: PERPETUAL responsibility; IE: and not a matter of IF, but WHEN; IE: There's no free lunch; IE: No skipping the work of learning unconditional love [or as close to that as a human can come, striving for that and for all Beings] before entering nirvana, heaven, or paradise. (Actually, there's only a *WHEN* when incarnated on the plane of *TIME* & space, where all that learning takes place.) Thank you for your patience with the digression into metaphysical clarification. But then those things were edited out of what became the bible, and for political reasons actually, because Jesus was perceived as a political being for the most part for well over 300 years (with great influence on the history of Europe and the Middle East for centuries to come) - while the Gnostics and Orthodoxy quarrelled over spiritual meanings and implications of the life and teachings of Jesus, after which Constantine sided with the more organized and fundamentalist Orthodoxy - and all that was almost completely edited out (of the bible. Ref: "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and many other refs). So, perhaps it is about time these metaphysical laws (also) had political relevance. [Noted and reflinks per question of relationship between the PAST surrounding the "Holy Grail" relative to "the Church," and CURRENT Extremism and "(Polarization)" issues. ~cp]

          Comment by Elaine C: MEN are UNFIT to rule. End of explanation.
          Moi: Genders are mobile. Even [in perspectives] among the purely sexually straight (some of them, at least). Reincarnation (if one believes in that, AND the implications of KARMA) insures the learning of cross-gender skills. (Yeah I know what you might be thinking, so I'll ask "How many people believe I've probably been your mama and you've probably been my daddy in one of those millions of past lifetimes?" - whoops, that would be at least two lifetimes, not counting parallels) smile But even as I do believe all that (as one of those males), I don't look for the results of this in politics anytime soon. We also know from experience, as well as one implication of the previous noted, that women are just as capable of firing up their testosterone, ego's, and competing as a stereotypical capitalist, rare as that may be. Just sayin' - when women become equal in opportunity and capability - there will be every opportunity for them to learn how to do it "wrong" (especially in revenge mode) as well as "right." Free will + opportunity insures learning - is true for all sentient beings.
          In response to Chris C's post re Benjamin Franklin's quote, "There are few things more tragic in life than the murder of a beautiful theory by a gang of brutal facts", I commented:
         And so many times the "facts" were later shown not to be. And other times the beautiful theory motivated the believer to find the better way in any case. Fight disillusionment, win the path to solution. Trump gets what he gets because he's taken advantage of the emotional body full of revenge from anger and disillusionment, but especially as he increases those feelings. And how people do not recognize this... but therapy is one of those things that we are "taught" by society will damage our oh-so important image, Maybe Trump will "teach" what we really need to know about our image - speaking of beautiful theories [by extreme example in reverse, that is (included for those who need the literal meaning).] <sad grin>
BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan explains Re: [Meetings about Putin & Trump],Aug7'18
Aug 7, 2018: The BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan explains: "How a meeting he wasn't at could hurt Donald Trump" (includes a chronology of reflinks akin to that at the below thumblinks)

"All of Trump’s Russia ties, in 7 charts" (Politico)

Trump & Putin In Helsinki, photo by Yuri Kadobnov, AFP, Getty Images
By the way, back in April: "Trump makes feeble attempt to deflect the role of the Russian lawyer-spy" (Annieli of Daily KOS)

Charting The Connections, Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts July'18
Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting Creates More Legal Jeopardy (Bloomberg/Quint)

Trump&Putin, photo by unknown
Yes, This is (ALSO) about the agreement with N. KOREA !
Again, "WHO is Trump Really Working For?"

Fascism: A Warning' by Madeleine Albright
"Fascism: A Warning" by Madeleine Albright

''and then Jesus said...''- apparent translation for convenience of certain hypocrits, art & text by unknown
"and then Jesus said, in order to..." - apparent translation for convenience of certain hypocrites, art & text by unknown
Even more (Armageddon) applicable video Here"

Law Of Karma By Unknown

"JESUS was not a Christian. MUHAMMAD was not a Muslim. They were TEACHERS who taught LOVE. LOVE was their RELIGION." - by unknown author

AllReligns,ChScale,FOL,ovrEarth&IntegrHeart2' by Chris Pringer, Dec'11
"All Religions Chalice Scale with Flower Of Life over Earth & Integrated Heart (2)" by Chris Pringer, Dec'11

''AlternativeFacts- NoCharge & No HOLES, Honest!'' -Art&Humor By Chris Pringer, June'18
No Charge (and No Holes), Honest! laughing
Seriously though, the goods here are as backed up as *the most* reputable media and references I quote. And, at least, I admit it whenever it's "just" my theories or my humor. Well, unless I think to call the later as such would insult your intelligence.

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          May 17, 2018: Hurray! Trump's style works for an opponent who operates on the same level as Trump (referring to the leader of N.Korea, of course). EG: The hammer finally found his nail. This find is a good thing for us. On the other hand, Putin would not feel his plan worked out if everyone was focused on recovering from a nuclear war. That is, his plan to psych out Americans, eg: totally disillusion them, sink them into disarray and dysfunction, and get all the credit. That is, credit for and putting them/us into the same conditions that the Russian people were in (which conditions most Russian leaders have blamed us for), then rescue the world with his grand plan. Or to at least convince them he did through the social media. He would thus be a great hero with many Russian people, while so many Americans would be finding someone to blame - half of them still on the Hillary/Obama thing. Whereas if Trump was truly working for America, he would be the one working Putin, instead of Putin working him [to get free reign over so many other areas of the world - that Putin cannot otherwise blackmail Trump out of - as well.]. Just an opinion, of course. [~Some editing May 20, 2018. I know, "Who's Ivania?" laughing ]
          By the way, am really appreciating the GREAT work, not to mention patient disciplined tenacity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, trusting that he is taking the time he needs to do it right. As I'm also sure he's giving Trump and crew all the rope they need to glass-dance and hang themselves. And the story will make for far better books than the Nixon caper did, mainly because it will be the story of how America woke up. Well, that's my affirmation, anyway. [In juxtaposition to the humor that (also, by the way) depicts my (unqualified) analysis of the strategies in play. That's plural, but don't think about this too much!]

Picture of Putin holding Trumps hand FROM pushing that RED Button, as Trump is saying, ''but I'm just going to fire one, just Wuuuunnnn little-bity one at him, see, so then he'll take out my worst enemies on the West Coast, heheheh, and THEN I take him out. I mean, threats are a lot of fun messing with the little [...], but c'MON, I Gottttt this. Oh-uh, and I've been great to Ivania, Really, so PLEASE, Can I ???''
          April 17, 2018: Former FBI Director, James Comey, fired by Trump last Spring, author of (his first) book, "A Higher Truth," was interviewed by Terry Gross (on "Fresh Air" radio program), was exciting - if you like food for psycho-political analysis and "who-done-it" kinds of thinking. The interview was full of very interesting implications, as if what he actually reveals on paper is not enough. Answering the difficult questions Terry asked, Comey reminds us about who we are supposed to be according to "the norm" for behavior, even in politics, based on showing basic respect for and among individuals.
          Comey also reminds us (IMHO) there might be some things we might not want to be so lulled into just laughing off - at least as much as we might otherwise be led - to see those things better. I here refer, not to irresponsibly off-the-cuff, blustered or blathered commentary. But to how, after Comey's failed 'blue curtain camouflage caper,' Trump plays chess via grand plays of imagery in pre-meditated staged misrepresentation - as if making a presentation, albeit veiled, of his capability: true mastery of the political lie. [Please excuse me as appropriate, as Comey did not say that or use those words (or plays on words) - in the interview or, as far as I know, in writing.]
          Comey did explain more specifically how and why he compared Trump's leadership to that of the Mafia, as well as with some depth into some of the fine lines that the F.B.I had to dance on. That is in reference to his pre-election communications, stated and not, regarding the investigations into Clinton and "those closely associated with" Trump, and how and why he was, by long-held standards, mandated to communicate as he did or did not, but most critically, when he did or did not.
          The events around which bring up some of my own questions. The first being, what is Comey not saying and why about *those three weeks* (regarding the statement about Clinton) - AND the wording that Trump used [played during Terry Gross's interview] to shred any hope that Clinton still had for winning the election? Which wording was VERY unlike his usual speech. That is, it was a long, almost run-on but *complete* sentence, except you could almost hear the punctuation - not to mention a very logic-based sentence that a crime story novelist might publish. So my second question is not so much who actually wrote that most highly crafted sentence, but when? Which leads to the third question that arises when I remember what seems to be an interesting emphasis on this being Comey's *first* book, which emphasis I don't think is just to excuse his style, or lack of definition therein.
          [Related(?) Note: Some things, out of pattern, so to speak, just need to be put "on the shelf"- as in that slot labeled "temporary, for latter assessment" - and when enough of those things fall into formation, as if to want to march on their own with a sign saying "we belong to that family of thought over there"... well, why not see if they're right?]
James Comey

Mueller & Trump
FBI Director James Comey, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, & Embarrassment In Chief d'Trump

"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foes, that lures him to evil ways." ~the Buddha

Trump ''What, Me Responsible?''

          April 1, 2018: (NOT as an April Fools joke), Added the "Solution Bars" here (with links to the "PolyPsy Citizen Healing" page), since for too long (since the Embarrassment in Chief tromped onto the scene), this page's comments have become so rant-based, albeit while trying to imply what accountability, and maybe a little professionalism, might/ could/ "should" look like. [I know, even THAT sounded like a rant!] private
          March 29, 2018: Zuka-Bug-Trumped VisAccessiLiability !!! as "Privatizing the VA" (the later of which will turn out not to be (only) revenge for not getting his military parade, but one of Trump's more grand roller-coaster smoke'n'mirrors distractions - from the VISA-game (huge credit card data theft with interesting suspects also reported this day), but mainly the investigation and the question of "If Trump is NOT an idiot, then (again) WHO is he actually working for?" That is, as he endlessly YES-man's his hire-fire mania, envying the absolute power of the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean leadership?
         Question 2: "Roller-Coaster Entertainment in Chief," "Uniquely Catastrophic in Chief," or just good ole' "Embarrassment in Chief" ?
Something pro-active, albeit on the eclectic side. There are Liberals who still pray, meditate, contemplate, or invoke the Higher Powers, right? smile

Prayer for Justice Regarding the Presidential Administration
"Invocation for Justice & Appropriate Administration of the United States"

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         March 25, 2018: Posted at Facebook some prose and a reference to an old chart:  
"To Be Understood, Facebook"

We wanted to feel understood,
and so Fb ...well, now we should
albeit by those not so good
for their intentions
for ulterior motives projected
      into suggested responses
      into suggested directions
      into suggested ways of being
      into our social circles,
      into our political views, ways, and means.
However, we can remember James Bond,
always captured, but not held prisoner
and taking the fullest advantage
as he then "understood" his captors.
Fb has the 'datadvantage,' we have the numbers.
Knowing their motivations and directions,
their advantage and disadvantage,
we can ask ourselves (before each post),
"Who has the primary advantage?"
As For those who've used Fb to win friends
through rumor and manipulation (as Fb has -
or 'dog-gone-it, we allowed others to')
to be - and to have others be - "misunderstood"
as they are the true motivators of deception,
now it's the reaping of what has been sown.
Or so it can be, as we own what we own,
Focusing more and more on That
which (always) Is, and takes us Home.

Now, Remember that diagram I posted half a decade ago?
It's all bullet points.
(1st posted June 12-13, 2013, enlarged for this posting)


"Patriot Act facilitated Holes in the NSA Network"

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          March 6, 2018: Re: article, "Senate must investigate: Did the NRA launder money for Russia to help Trump win?":
         13yo's running the country. I don't think that is an exaggeration, if we consider emotional age as degree of influence on their words and actions.
         IMHO: IF Trump is Not an idiot (aside from the 13yo emotional body in charge, yada, yada), one HAS to ask, WHO is he working for???!!!
          About article: "Senate must investigate: Did the NRA launder money for Russia to help Trump win?" "...Recently, news broke that the FBI is investigating whether the NRA helped launder Russian money to support Donald Trump’s election. If this is true, it means that not only did the NRA help arm mass murderers in Parkland, Sutherland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Aurora and Newton, but it may have broken the law to help a hostile foreign government illegally tilt the U.S. elections toward a pro-gun, racist, xenophobic fascist. ..."

          February 16, 2018: Re: "U.S. Intel Agencies Just Obtained Explosive Docs About Trump And Putin That Could Lead To Impeachment":
          Some back-up is provided by article at NYT (not quite as speculative. PD gets it's info from '' articles).
          What I thought was interesting from the later was: "“The CIA, which is now headed by a Trump loyalist, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, has at times been reluctant to stay involved in the operation, apparently for fear of obtaining the Trump-related material offered by the Russians, according to sources close to the negotiations,” writes James Risen of The Intercept. This fear puts in evidence that Mike Pompeo has divided and politicized the CIA so badly that operatives are unsure how rigorously to pursue their duties. There is also a widespread concern that the president himself could take action and fire anyone who uncovers information he’d prefer remain hidden."
          Whereas per the NYT article,the 'scoop' on Trump from the Russians may turn out to be weak, but then as the 'PoliticalDig' article notes, the new CIA chief was appointed by Trump, which is apparently where it's getting it's info on this.
          (FbFriend) Cat commented: This story is so convoluted. Truly amazing. But terrifying in its implications of corruption and lack of moral governing."
          My reply: The chase is becoming more and more evident. Or is "obvious" the better word? Hmm, how about "The chase for Red Trumpsober" as in *when to sober this guy in a jail cell.
          About article: "U.S. Intel Agencies Just Obtained Explosive Docs About Trump And Putin That Could Lead To Impeachment" by Lance Perriman Feb 10, 2018.
          The NYT article is "U.S. Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets"

          February 13(ish), 2018: Again, let's pretend we're watching one of the CSI tv episodes, ...WHAT do you think the special investigators would've said? Are we in an alternate reality or not!?!?!? Re-F'indiculous!
          That is, in reference to the Trump administration wanting to sell airports [see RefLink at right]. How about the tallest buildings next to the NSA, CIA, FBI, or maybe the water and/or power sources supplying them. Oh, Heck, why not the New York Harbor - I would bet my bottom dollar that China would buy any of these in a hot second. WHAT in the _______ is he thinking? Or is it Putin's thinking? Are we supposed to actually get USED to this insanity??? I think someone read a prospective Eureka episode and floated it to the Embarrassment in Chief. I mean, and here we are, living in a time like this. Our grand children will say, "Sure, grandpa, grandma, this was all fake news, you know."
          About article: "Trump administration wants to sell National and Dulles airports, other assets across U.S. Infrastructure plan envisions unloading assets 'better managed' by state, local or private entities." WASHINGTONPOST.COM

          February 13, 2018: Re KUOW Public Radio, Post re Hanford cleanup being short-funded [see RefLink at right]: Far more than "downright dangerous." Let's pretend we're watching one of the CSI tv episodes, and the governor of a state does... well, take your pick of your 12 of your most memorable (Unprecedented, not to mention un-presidential, not to mention...) things that Trump has done. WHAT do you think the special investigators would've said? Are we in an alternate reality or not!?!?!? How about his idea for selling national airports in Washington, DC? If that, then...
          About article: [KUOW Public Radio, Post, February 13 at 7:15pm:] KUOW Intro: "The Trump administration's budget is just a blueprint. Congress will weigh in before the numbers are finalized." Article Title: "Critics Call Proposed Cuts To Hanford Cleanup Budget ’Downright Dangerous’" "Reaction in the Pacific Northwest was swift to President Trump's proposed cuts to the cleanup budget at the Hanford Site. Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from..." KUOW.ORG

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now

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          February 7, 2018: Trump ALREADY got his military parade - I mean, how many signs were all about him in the Women's Marches All around the world with a "You want to FIGHT? Fight for Justice" message? In the wake of which Trump's idea is twurted (tweeted + blurted). He wants to go military? North Korea still uses parades to send us the same message that Trump now wants to send - "I need to prove something." MESSAGE IS a primary purpose for a parade - it's either about celebration of the past, of what we've just achieved, OR... of what we could do if we wanted to. It's the later that one's opponents read as a message of threat, as Trump makes it patently obvious that his parade dream is not about celebrating the past or present.
         Besides, we know WHO his parade idea is about, or WHAT it's about, given it's timing with regard to himself and his issues with women - not to mention with "women's issues" (sic) - as well as his mess with North Korea. How much of that is for a roller-coaster smoke 'n' mirrors distraction from the investigation about the Russian involvements, not to mention all his blatant interference with it. Are we actually getting so used to his roller-coaster trick that we have become blind to it? But here's a quote just for the parade idea alone:
         "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, as only one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. ...Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."
    ~Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. general and 34th president (1890-1969)

A photo of a flagged coffin at "Arlington NorthWest" in Olympia WA (2005), sponsored by Veterans for Peace. Addition of 'message' by Chris Pringer, Feb'18.

I would rather add a photo of a parade of such coffins down Madison Avenue, which photos we 'should' have plenty of, except for our national denial of sons and daughters killed during on-going wars since WWII, thence no parades of coffins to remind us not to solve our problems through war, let alone of President Eisenhower's warnings.

Lets also remember the all the treatment for PTSD that came so 'Johnny come lately' vs 'Johnny Come Marching Home' for so many of our Vietnam, Korean, Iraq, & Afghanistan war veterans. And that was after the condition's existence was almost always initially and officially denied, not to mention for the PTSD of those at the heart of the #MeToo movement.

Note: Blog entries often layer up points to build a studied case - vs "saying what it's going to say" at the beginning.

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          February 2, 2018: Added a note further below for 9/11/08 (!) titled: "Complications" - an email exchange about naturopathic correlations to socio-political relations and communications. That entry is introduced by, "[NOTE: I just now (2/2/18) ran across this in my files and thought it (with it's copy of Deepak Chopra on Sarah Palin) might be timely to add here, albeit in [and via this link to it's chronologically correct 9/11/08 place in this "blog"], while also adding a reference note at the current date. ~cp, 2/2/18]" [Includes a link back to this note.]

          January 17, 2018: Published a 'Facebook Note' Entitled, "The President's Apology In Stunning Announcement" - introduced in Facebook posts with, "The Presidential Announcement We've Hoped For." A few days later I added "- We Wish" to the note's title. It began with,
          "Today, the President made an astoundingly strange yet wonderful announcement, including a stunningly profound apology! Stating that a great charade had been put on for the sake of national security, that he has had to almost literally play the fool so that certain critical gains in relations with certain nation states could be accomplished, including arrests of soon to be named persons for treason and other forthcoming criminal court proceedings, both here and abroad. He said that our most important allies had played along until these goals, which shall remain classified for a time, could be achieved. One of the side-benefits of the ordeal, he said, was the exposure of attitudes and intentions of key elected officials that should both serve as warning and direction for instituting corrective measures.
          "Then President Trump, in a rare, if ever yet public, demonstration of humility and sincerity, apologized for putting so many, but especially the American people, through what surely had to be one of the most emotionally and psychologically trying times in the history of the United States, other than certain periods of war. And even said that he was in fear that if the suffering through this great test of our metal had gone on much longer, we may have created a second American Civil War.
          "President Trump was by then wiping tears from his eyes as he congratulated the American people for their great patience, not to mention undying faith, and promised that he could now restore the Presidency to a fully functional, thoroughly accountable, and professionally mature national office of service, one that we can all be proud of. And then, as if to add a touch of humor, he added, "and yes, I'm also referring to my tax records," to which even the news reporters exploded in laughter and celebration."

          Ok... All that sounds pretty good, right?
         BUT NAH, I'm sorry to say that I WAS JUST KIDDING.
         Trump IS STILL our "Embarrassment In Chief," with lies almost as entertaining as the truth is strange with sad implications. That faux news was the news we'd all love to hear. HOWEVER, for those who have forgotten what normalcy is...
         Just think of what it will be like when our national senses have been regained with at least more or less responsible leaders again in charge. There's a few that might even give up some of that LOBBY money just for the sake of honesty and a few less people suffering. Really. Awakenings happen all the time. Ok, a big maybe on that one?
         We will have an opportunity for correcting our situation, to prove our regained or maintained senses, with next Fall's elections.
         Remember my notes about the "Machiavengelicals," those abusing the fervor of the emotionally inspired, including those with limited analytical capacity and too easily impressed by alpha males and authoritarian regimes? (ref: web page, "Machiavengelicals Exposed," 2005, renamed "Structure and Dissolving Extremism", 2014) And given Michael Wolff's book, "Fire And Fury Inside The Trump - White House" (Thank you, Mr. Wolff), I will also say "I told you so," about my various assessments of Trump and related strategies. From this, now I'm going to ask:
         DO YOU BELIEVE that Putin would ever feel strongly motivated to use a key related weakness in our democracy stemming from the above (mental dysfunction element, especially relative to the power of suggestion) to relatively easily put in place the perfect vehicle for the US's loss of all credibility on the world front?
         I believe he not only would, but that he did, and executed a strategy in that accord, and further, is currently following-up on plans in extension of same. Do you think Trump is fully aware of what he has facilitated? Or rather, of What *ALL* he has facilitated, including long-term implications in *ALL* its directions as intended by Putin and crew?
          How long can the man even focus his attention, is one relevant question, but yes, I believe he's very aware of much of the damage he has caused up to this point, while the other part of his brain is quickly justifying it. Just my unqualified (however educated) opinion. And we need to be aware that Vice President Prince believes in the Rapture/Armageddon thing, so I would not trust him around that button - whatever its size [Hence the reference to the "Machiavengelicals" above and the graphic at right].
         [added here the 2011 chart of Koch Brothers bribes with caption to effect 'The figures have multiplied since this 2011 chart' and ref'd the PolyPsy Political Ref. pg, the "Visualize Impeachment" bumper sticker, adding "Did I mention Next Fall's Elections?"]
         BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY (at least for now), please consider:
         In any case, prior to our getting any relief from the White House roller-coaster powered by a thirteen year old's EGO, we need to focus on critical tasks at hand: repairing the actual damages to our laws, our environment, our state governments, protecting all citizens, etc, and preventing more of same. Which may require the virtual putting of the president in "the corner" and ignoring him, other than as needed for the noted critical tasks at hand. Many people are suffering due to the increasing corporate abuse on every front via the actions and inactions of this administration and elected representatives. It needs to stop. Thank you.
    [Added here on this web page:]
    PS: And, just to remind, as well as per that chart in the side column for the "Hero's Journey" that I felt belonged there ...We, the people, are the only ones who can make sure the right things happen!]
The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. ~Carl Gustav Jung ~ GoodTherapy.Org
"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely." ~Carl Gustav Jung ~ GoodTherapy.Org"

(Somehow this seemed appropriate to add here)

Breaking Point

Visualize Impeachment-3Set by Chris Pringer

Machiavengelical's 'ANYthing Goes for Armageddon' Cult Strings by Chris Pringer

Heroes Journey Chart by Joseph Campbell

From Grounded Principle by Chris Pringer

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That Analysis
("distraction, deflection, obfuscation ...for the time required to cover his escape to the next..."):

          December 2, 2017: Why does the *Embarrassment in Chief* say the things he does? Psychologically speaking, in my educated opinion: Besides the obvious fact that his emotional body is in charge of his communication faculties, it is because he **unconsciously** believes no one will believe him anyway, with possible exceptions of circumstance. The payoff for such a belief is that he is not any more responsible for what he says than he wants to be, or claims to be, and even then he feels he has a way out, one way or another. That is, having learned that his off-the-cuff communications, especially when immature, while originally for entertainment, was found early on how well it maintained the roller-coaster so useful for distraction, deflection, obfuscation, and thereby for confusing the opposition -- if only for the time required to cover his "escape" to the next big show and from what will thence become "old news." Instead of "slight of hand," his is more like "slap of grandeur."
         Another payoff for that belief is that it also provides for a strategy of unpredictability whenever he needs it. One exception of circumstance is when he makes, or at least is held to, a deal - particularly a financial deal, or one that (to him) translates to that. Not that we should think he would ever buy his credibility - and here's where you hear him say, "Believe me."
         Part of his unpredictability is that, **consciously,** he actually believes he IS credible for the most part, and so he has naturally and successfully blustered and bluffed (and yes, roller-coastered) his way through much of his life up the ladder of image. [ Including, that is, with effect upon those who want to believe his political 'tweetory' as it resonates with their pain, bitterness, hate, etc. See "REFs" in sidebar (per previous entries here). ~This note, sidebar refs, & reformatting added 9/29/18 ] 
         It's not that he doesn't work. He enjoys the work that he has created for himself - as he "works" to hewn the above noted skills along the way to becoming increasingly powerful in every realm of his life, but ever most importantly, in everyone else's lives. We paid him for it, and now we are paying for it.

          November 16, 2017: Just heard this on public radio - sounds pretty darned complete and, so far, very up to date: A talk by Nancy McLain (sp?): "On the Origins of Radical Right Wing Power" - and discusses the current implications, pro-active responses needed, etc. LOTS of mentionings of the Koch brothers, Libertarians, various named elected officials, including Paul Ryan. As well as what the Libertarians believe about economics including about the needs of folks without a great deal of money, how and why, how that doesn't bode well for us, and what we can do about it. The source given on the radio program was Alternative Radio .Org (at a reasonable cost), but with a search engine maybe we can find a transcript, or certainly a schedule for when or where we can hear her speak again.
from American Tribune

from Boston Globe
from Boston Globe

REFs [mirrored here 9/29/18]:
Trends in key psycho-social, thence socio-political, LEADING influences in the decades prior to all that (this page, 12/15/15, per Fb post in March 2011)
  b) Part of the strategic plan by Trump & associates was *the use of* those citizens with particular bitternesses, effecting their capacity for forgiveness vs revenge). To effect that their emotions have been co-opted (category: near-formulaic cult type manipulation) per essay, "Trump Capitalizing on the Lack of Forgiveness" at "Structure and Extremism, Dissolving Extremism 101, Dis-empowering the machiavellian mis-use of evangelical fervor" -includes pro-active refs (per July 31, 2016 entry)

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                    November 12, 2017 Trump and Tillerson Are Gutting the State Department for No Good Reason" (11/12/17)
      "One of the many problems with the constant daily hair-raising outrages of Donald Trump and Republicans like Roy Moore, is the number of serious scandals and malfeasance that slip by almost unnoticed. Such is the story mostly buried this weekend of Trump and Secretary of State Tillerson’s decimation of the State Department. It is a move that makes no sense, is not desired even by the extremist Republican Congress, and won’t even save any money. It is an action of ignorance, spite and stupidity that harm American interests and the cause of democracy worldwide. ...It goes without saying that the State Department does, in fact, do a great deal to keep America safe. It is at least as crucial for world stability and the well-being of American citizens as the Pentagon, and comes at a far lower cost. And while some bloat exists in any organization, by and large the State Department is actually significantly understaffed. ..."
     AND from another Washington Monthly article, "The 12 Early Warning Signs of Fascism" (1/31/17):
      "...If you go to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, you can see a sign hanging there that tells you what to look for if you’re worried that your country may be slipping into fascism. Let’s take a look at their twelve early warning signs of fascism...."   [At right, by Lawrence W. Britt, two more are added, "Supremacy of the Military" and "Fraudulent Elections".]
Early Warning Signs Of Fascism - Lawrence W. Britt

Note: Blog entries often layer up points to build a studied case - vs "saying what it's going to say" at the beginning.

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          November 11, 2017 More on Trump: Before I copy & paste from my facebook post notes, there are plenty of applicable sections, published months or years ago at various pages: including "Trump Capitalizing on the Lack of Forgiveness" (July'16), the links in the previous entry (re: fascism, Christian fascism, polarization and extremes, and the psycho-political origins of such), the Civil Liberties section at the "Political Reference" page. Also please consider that at the PolyPsyArts Home Page, "'PolyPsyArt' is about political psychology, democracy, & leadership - with a slightly eclectic touch as it actively engages (challenges) belief systems and questions such as 'Who to Trust, (How, How Much, & Why), the 'Question of Forgiveness WITH Accountability' AND how to 'manage' conspiracy theories, while providing a perspective that is psychologically pro-active, often pragmatically so as well. The more expanded pro-active solutionary analysis would be at the "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing" page in general, while the Global Warming section is at the "Vehicle Efficient" page. You might also consider using these keywords in the search engine at right: fascism, Christian fascism, civil rights, accountability. And for whom this works: the "Invocation for Justice & Appropriate Administration of the United States" at the "World Healing Prayers On Sacred Geometry Backgrounds" page. (And yes, I've been remiss in keeping up at this page as life has brought many personal changes in the last few years. So... here's this for now.)]
          Meanwhile, you might try the search words, "Trump," "Drump," and "Trumpeteer" at Facebook, or at least on my facebook page.
site search by freefind

In the consideration of PARENTING as one key bottom line of cause and effect in the world, including knowing where your kids are. And remembering SELF-PARENTING, that is and in this case, where one's own inner children are -
particularly as related to when or where the 1st bottom line didn't work (for all the kids, including those who've grown up, and we may want to consider the definition of that)...: Oops
'Do YOu Know Where Your Paranoia Is Tonight?' (Playing On the Parenting Question of where your children are) - Chris Pringer, June'17

          A little about the humor at the "PolyPsyArts" end of ChaliceBridge.Com: As I hope you know, we won't get through some of these times without humor. One of the basis for a kind of rolling with the more confusing punches of politics, particularly those that seem to lack explanation, and/or are explained by too many conspiracy theories, is Self-Knowledge - and the lack thereof. Spiritual masters will always tell us that to solve most any problem, we need to meditate more. EG: gain self-knowledge. Well, when is enough of anything ever enough? Because such questions and considerations are infinitely far-ranging - as can be my imagination smile - I find them ideal for metaphysical humor.

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"Trump Wants “Equal Time”
From Late Night Comics"

October 7, 2017, Idiocracy, Politics From the Hollywood Reporter: President Donald Trump is pushing back against late night television show hosts who have been sharply critical of Republicans...
from American Tribune     Only President Obama could [do these most appreciated things] -from American Tribune
''AlternativeFacts- NoCharge & No HOLES, Honest!'' -Art&Humor By Chris Pringer, June'18
No Charge, Honest! laughing

Global Poll Comparison of Confidence in 2017 vs 2016 (Washington Post)

Election 2016-Scandals & Gaffes (HuffingtonPost)
Election 2016-Scandals, Gaffes & Controversies, Day by Day (HuffingtonPost); Top Right Poll Chart thanks to Washington Post

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        April 12, 2017 Post article at Fb, "Ann Romney Volunteers To Lobby Against Trump's Proposed NIH Funding Cuts", with comment:
         KNOWLEDGE for the sake of KNOWLEDGE... Would we want anyone to know about the limbic region of the brain integrating emotion with the intellectual, let alone ethics-related cortices of the brain? Maybe some folks are afraid of our finding one of the key relationships between members of various political regimes, perhaps the Tromp cabinet and appointees- ie: how antithetical those relationships with their centers for emotional integration within their brains would seem to be, given the competition nature of Tromps game that they are all so happy to brag about if not even aggrandize for it's own sake. (Maybe it's just a sales pitch performance. Er, well, so I had hoped, but he's been coming through pretty consistently for the corporate greed machine so far - anything in the way of that has been on the chopping block with heads already rolling. Especially KNOWLEDGE for the sake of KNOWLEDGE and what comes from that. But if Ann Romney can improve things for NIH, God Bless her! I sure hope we can maintain at least as much good research (ie: brain research towards body-mind integration, including per Dr. Daniel Siegel) as we have been benefiting from. For healing self => healing society. Thank you.
Brain Initiative Announcement

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        April 11, 2017 Comment at Fb, "Freudian Slip Contest or Spicer Satirama vs the 'Dynamic Dumb Down'" Re article, "The Trump administration's goal 'destabilize Syria.'":
         We could call this the "Freudian Slip Contest or Spicer Satirama vs the 'Dynamic Dumb Down'" given 1) what Sean Spicer said re Nazi's "non-use" of chemical weapons, wherein the "Freudian Slip" qualification was surpassed by blast radius and poundage of toxins in Spicer's "Cascade" revelation convincing us of his true beliefs, all in 2) contest with Paul Ryan's slip & cascade capacity. 3) It's a "Satirama" given that comedians are increasingly daunted by the odds of even succeeding at satire when, at such an increasing rate, the performance is viewed as virtually "normal" behavior for those being satired. Satirists might keep up with this 4) "Dynamic Dumb Down", but they're having trouble redefining satire fast enough. We could call it Tromp's Word-Spicer & the Nazi-Nursery Freudian Cascade Satirama via "The Trump administration's goal 'destabilize Syria.'" And what should Spicer's new title and position be? Wink
         Limbic region of his brain (responsible for integration emotion) has an antithetical relationship with his frontal cortex.
         He also said Hitler's "OWN" people. Was that a transliteration of the "If you break it, you own it" axiom, and the come lately phrase in movie tough talk, "I own you" (?), or was he saying to the American Nazi's, "See how I schmoozed that one in for you guys?" ? Nah, he's a jerk whose Limbic region of his brain (responsible for integration of emotion) has an antithetical relationship with his frontal cortex.
         With so many canaries in our coal mine... yet the signs of the times seem to have been over half the heads in the nation. Kept so stressed by toxins in the food and water (in too many areas of the US, not to mention other countries) and now (since 911 and the 2008 economic downturn) it's like we have been blinded into such polarized positions. Suppressed angers coming out sideways and owners of it have been thinking someone else did it. Metaphors abound. ...Today, for humor's sake, thank's to Sean Spicer (!), it's got me working on a theory about satire today: Comedians are increasingly daunted by the odds of even succeeding at satire when, at such an increasing rate, the performance is viewed as virtually "normal" behavior for those being satirized. Satirists might keep up with this 4) "Dynamic Dumb Down", but they're having trouble redefining satire fast enough.

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        March 26, 2017 Comment at Fb, regarding article, "In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails" (
        House Speaker Paul Ryan on Failing to Repeal Obamacare: "The President did his best ...we did everything we could to get consensus... but big things are hard ... we have big ambitious plans... have to get 216 people to agree with each other..." Almost as good as almost exactly 3 years ago when he said, "We are not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American People." As I posted then (3/13/13), I love it when yet another defender of Corporate Personhood makes a Freudian slip... a real boot chomper!
        Ryan's "Explanation": Ryan on Pulling Health Bill: ‘A Setback, No Two Ways About It’ ( ...Yeah, He's a master sales-person. But his sales team didn't come through. Am waiting for the tantrum. "Sales team"= republican congress in this case and in the future - if he can ever "trust" them again. I know Tromp feels abandoned... he's now getting the big picture...
        More "Unqualified Analysis" ;-) :: I think the one thing stronger than his Trump's talent for selling is his ego and overconfidence, sensation-seeking therefore short-sighted. Or apparently so. Looking very much like he couldn't buy Rove - or offer him enough power (tho a year & more ago I thought sure he would. And I'd eat my hat for a bet that he tried). ~1UnqualdAnalyOpEder

        March 26, 2017 March 14, 2017 Comment at Fb, regarding"The poor who voted against Obamacare (by voting for Trump)":
        So many were fooled into thinking that their "good insurance" was something other than "Obamacare" - sad, ironic, totally unnecessary except to Trump's election - I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that how far down someone can sink is demonstrated by Trump and crew. ...I wonder how many citizens (as a percentage) can hate what Trump is doing before he finally gets stopped. ...I think the one thing stronger than his talent for selling is his ego and overconfidence, sensation-seeking therefore short-sighted. Or apparently so. Looking very much like he couldn't buy Rove - or offer him enough power (tho I'd eat my hat for a bet that he tried). I know, am analyzing from my wittle armchair, but no less curious to see how well.
       Quote On Fb Post: "They are poor, sick and voted for Trump. What will happen to them without Obamacare? In rural West Virginia, a nurse practitioner braces for the future of health care" (article By Washington Post)
Paul Ryan Charting 'Repealing & Replacing Obamacare'

House Speaker Paul Ryan reacts after being sworn


Ryan & Trump

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          July 31, 2016: Posted an update at Structure and Extremism, Dissolving Extremism 101, Disempowering the machiavellian mis-use of evangelical fervor:
         July 24, 2016: Added a two-column set of short essays, "Trump Capitalizing on the Lack of Forgiveness" and "The Most Difficult Forgiveness" at the "Structure and Extremism" page: "Were we (Americans) to accomplish our forgiveness homework... Anger is ALWAYS about LOSS, whether in the past, the present, and/or the anticipated future... In this case it begins months or years in the past, ...associated w/ PTSD, ...followed-up with additional event(s) ...continuing up to the time of the attempted forgiveness ...AND are expected to continue AFTER the ...attempted or actual forgiveness ...Lets call it "Multi-&-Continuing-Event PTSD-engaged Injury" and related challenge for forgiveness. ...AND a great many people are experiencing this, to one degree or another as related to race, religion, culture, and various political events. ... politicians who are taking advantage of this gain a very high office and great power... And there's that aspect of revenge...
Kneelg Knight- with Grail7 [Photo Of Painting
        Jun 14, 2016 11:07pm Posted a graphic at Fb with comment: Seems Appropriate to post now (for election integrity and/or reform): "Connecting Resources for 'the Election' & Beyond" made UNIVERSALLY applicable - for most ANY election in the world. A resource access prayer flow-chart for visual connect-the-dot optimization of 'Calling In' all levels of assistance, including electoral reform and related Accountability. You'll find Tips for working with charts and focus at the "World Healing Prayers on Sacred Geometry" page.  
        June 11, 2016 Post article at Fb, "The Media Is Ignoring The Most Important Part Of Stephen Hawking’s Comments On Trump" (from
          My comment up front (as to why is so): Not enough emotion for the roller coaster ride they want to be on (more fun that focusing on their suffering that they feel helpless to change by more long-term, well-thought-out solutions that they've been taught to distrust). Psychological pain is not something that most of humanity has a great deal of useful understanding of, given the large scale solutions that most political leaders have imposed to deal with that - that has created the history we study in schools. In elementary or high school school we don't even begin to teach the basics of the history and meaning of psychology, let alone political psychology, let alone self-healing and preventative maintenance. We are, as a result of that (and many other things), taught to fear anyone different, in essence, to punish others and even ourselves for having pain, certainly for communicating it in other than strictly prescribed circumstances- and those circumstances differ from culture to culture. (IE: for many Christians, feeling pain is due to God's punishment.) That cross-cultural difference, combined with differences in how "caring" is defined, and especially how it is supposed to be acted upon) is one major component of the misunderstandings that lead to war. (That is a very very brief summary of one point made at the Poly-Psy pages at

        May 09, 2016 Post article at Fb, "America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny" (from, with Comment:
        The article title is obviously not a good affirmation as the considerations are timely and critical. I would like to hope we can much more strongly affirm that WE -voters- will easily prevail to elect Bernie or Hillary. I believe we will. Yet the fact that so many have endorsed the type of national management that Trump espouses for a nation, is an obvious indicator of a diseased populace, AND yet, of course, we also have the cure for it. Moral battles are best fought within, but it's gone far beyond that now, as it seems to have manifested an intestinal cancer. Maybe we could forego the surgery with the realization of the proper diet and the right cleanse. In any case, our healing through this might be the first real test for building that momentum that will bring us up to saving this planet. Well, IMHO, here we go on that path!
          In the same vein (so to speak) is are visual excerpts from video by Viral Thread: Prince EA, 'Happy Trump Won' when I added comment: The naturopathic view of sickness... canaries in our coal mine... yet the signs of the times have been over half the heads in the nation. Kept so stressed by toxins in the food and water (in too many areas of the US, not to mention other countries) and now (since 911 and the 2008 economic downturn) it's like we are blinded into such polarized positions. Suppressed angers coming out sideways and owners of it think someone else did it. Metaphors abound. ...One body-mind example of such a pro-active view is *therapeutic reframing of a health challenge* as "cellular re-organization": Which enhances the power of the affirmation to your cells.. It also helps one to have patience and compassion for one's circumstance. This is especially appropriate for long-term conditions or those that seem to be going on longer than you think they should.
         ...Perhaps we need one [program for cellular re-organization (metaphor)] for the nation, for the planet. Kept so stressed by toxins in the food and water (in too many areas of the US, not to mention other countries) and now (since 911 and the 2008 economic downturn) it's like we have been blinded into such polarized positions. Suppressed angers coming out sideways and owners of it have been thinking someone else did it. Metaphors abound. But I REALLY like how this guy puts it.

BELOW: Visual excerpts from video posted at fb some months later and AFTER the election (November 15, 2016) by Prince EA, "Happy Trump Won" with a title line designed to get your attention, as he is "Happy" for such reasons as noted in the picture.

          April 30, 2016 At my Facebook page: shared AJ+'s video [Above Right, per 2nd post of the video], with comment of my own: Why things have been *up to this very moment in time* - Which means it will take a momentum of change in minds and emotion to change it. Yet for all we know, the threshold is about to be reached - for that glass that's been dripped in all these years to finally spill over.
         But there's only one way to find out and that is to keep believing and ACTING on that belief, living it, voting with our dollar, tuning into what you want and believe in. That's just good ole repeat of what I've learned from about human potential - although it's only as real as we make it. The same ole' line I preached before Obama got elected (Thank You, even if he didn't single-handedly change the planet as we tried to make him responsible for doing, and of course he couldn't) and consequently the times brought us to the opportunity to elect Bernie who will bring change, or "safe" Hillary who will bring us more democratic party ways and means of same ole' same ole' (including as per my just previous fb posts) as well as the insanity of Trump- just to remind us we can still go even further out of balance and resurrect the times of Hitler right in our laps.
         EG: It's all our choice, folks. I know, my PolyPsy pages in a nutshell. But IMHO, this is the election that will make us or break us. I love you, we can do the right thing, folks. Thanks once again.
Obama- Six Years Later Bills Take

Bill Moyers .Com - Bills Take

[Pics & photos appreciated (by unknown others)]

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          March 16-17, 2016 (Right Wing Evangelicals) ALL FOR TRUMP   Confusedlaughing   as posted at my and Suzanne G. Sparks Fb pages [intro revised], In response to "Trumps Reign Of Error" from Alan Grayson's blog:
         Indeed, the guy is amazing- how and why can he get away with it? I have not been able to help my wondering how - it's what I do - but this time, I was feeling I should already know how.
         And then, finally, as doing something totally unrelated, it hit me: THE REAL QUESTION, IMHO, is "Why or how is Trump attracting that larger voting block - THE EVANGELICALS?" Because I've already written about the answer - [when] I wrote about Dubya Bush 10 or more years ago. But instead of copy & paste [oh, alright, 'in addition to' per 2nd column], I wrote a fresh little OpEd here.
          And for lead-up on that question I found two articles, [neither of which address that question, but come as close as I could find with multivarious other considerations]: ...the first article ..."Why Evangelicals Are Flocking To Donald Trump" which includes: "One thing is certain—no GOP candidate can win the nomination without the support of white evangelicals, who comprised 26 percent of the electorate in the last midterm elections and are overwhelmingly Republican. In the first 27 primaries of 2012, white evangelicals made up 50 percent of Republican voters, according to CBS News polling." But you might also want to check this one out...: "Why Young People Are Fleeing Conservative Evangelicalism".

Ok, so the OpEd:
          Well, it (the question of "Why evangelicals are flocking to Trump") is similar to when Dubya Bush ran the 2nd time: most evangelicals believe in the Rapture-Armageddon thing- and they recognize Trump (whereas they probably over-estimated Bush) as the vehicle for that war-making that will get them what they want - the quick and easy exit with a hop & skip to heaven. As insane enough to Do that thing, that is, since most evangelicals wouldn't invite Trump to dinner, but that's besides the point. First things first.
          Now, as I've covered this at my web site years ago, I have a problem with the idea that any truly supreme being, would allow, let alone encourage, anyone to "use" a war to escape their learning. I'm talking about a supreme being that would be interested in our actually learning anything useful, and maybe even becoming masters of our fate, or at least compassionate in the face of hate, or even loving unconditionally... and so on, you know, difficult but honorable things like those we hear spiritual people would like to attain to. I just can't see it.
          Something tells me that even evangelicals, many of them, when presented with this contradiction in concepts, would rethink the spiritual logic of it. To be a part of electing a madman as president, risking that he may do some totally irresponsible if not also very hateful things to so many people - I mean BEFORE the hoped-for insanity of causing WWIII... Well, that kind of self-serving, not to mention soul-injuring manipulation, just runs totally against the values of ANY Christian belief system I've ever heard of, not to mention any other spiritual belief system.

          Also, would it be adding too many concepts in an essay, to say that I'd love to see a study, good analytical research... One that rates each state of the nation from highest to lowest, COMPARING THE AMOUNTS of PRESCRIPTION and NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS PURCHASED by and for individual use per year (?). So, if we could do that, then we could compare those stats and ratings to the states with the most and least number of those voting for Trump. And why not for Dubya while we're at it. What do you think? :-)

          Thank you for your consideration. Where did I cover the question years ago? At the PolyPsyArts Home page (see right column for this and next ref). And at "On Structure & Learning (Spiritual Battles)" at the page, "Structure and Extremism - Dissolving Extremism 101, Removing the Machiavellian from the Evangelical: Disempowering the "Machiavengelical." There's also a related note in annotated link to the "Evolution Trends" essay: "But remember "that spaceship" that's going to save us ? Wink Well, IMO, the pilots are none other than ourselves - as our Earth-Steward selves that is. So, IF it happens, not to worry, we won't miss a minute of it -- IMO, God wouldn't deprive us of the realization that we are so capable! (And responsible. Or don't we want to earn our way ?!)

as informative as it is funny (very)
Earlier Related Links:

"Evangelical Christianity Has Been Hijacked by the Religious Right" (11/13/04)
      So says Evangelical leader, sociology professor, and Baptist minister Tony Campolo. He is author of a new book, "Speaking My Mind" - "He says, When did it become anti-feminist? When did evangelical Christianity become anti-gay? When did it become supportive of capital punishment? Pro-war? When did it become so negative towards other religious groups? ..."

"Evangelical Christian book speaks of ethnic cleansing of non-Christians" (7/18/04)
      "...If a Muslim were to write an Islamic version of "Glorious Appearing" [of the "Left Behind" series of evangelical thrillers] and publish it in Saudi Arabia, jubilantly describing a massacre of millions of non-Muslims by God, we would have a fit."

Earlier Related Notes:
At the PolyPsyArts Home page in 2004:

    Do you think a wise spiritual master such as Jesus would believe that rescuing us is how we would learn anything? Or is the quality of our spiritual learning only a wee matter to God? (...I have a big feeling the answer to that is no.)
      It would seem to me [after 2002-03] someone was trying to convince us ...that Jesus needs to rescue us -- because he doesn't believe in our ability to learn and grow by exercising Free Will, and that we can't learn to become responsible to choose our own directions, even by the hard way.
      Kind of like saying, "be strong, be faithful, but forget about God actually helping those who help themselves." [~Added at mirror note at the Machiavengelicals Profile Page]
      Do you know what psychologists say about such a "rescuer" ? A rescuer is one of three roles that compose the (pathological) martyr personality -- along with the roles of "victim" and "persecutor".
      And I have a most difficult time trusting someone, especially a self-proclaimed Christian, who would call Jesus a pathological martyr (especially pathological since using Jesus to justify genocide)...

Emotional Avoidance & Cause-Effect Relationship with Fundamentalist Extremism
at "On Structure & Learning (Spiritual Battles)"

Sample Cause-Effect Chain(s):
from early childhood *Highly Suppressed Traumatic Experience* => *Avoidance* of the physical &/or emotional as related to trauma => *Coping Mechanisms* for avoidance of own real emotions => *Spiritual Beliefs* disdainful of physical reality, void of emotional depth => psycho-immunity: lacks physical &/or emotional health due to avoiding emotional dilemmas => *Substance Abuse* incl. prescription or over-the-counter drugs *&/or other addictions* => with high needs for mental-emotional Structuring => [1 PATH From Here] => *Conflict Avoidance* incl. ie: avoiding introspection or virtual blindness, denial, inability to deal healthfully as related to communication related to various or specific types of loss/ pain/ victimization =>
[More EXTERNAL:] => Martyr-Triangle-Related & other types of denial, projection, & gunny-sacking, as well as emotional sado-masochistic behaviour (emotional bait & switch, etc) => *Intellectual Avoidance mechanisms* => *False Positivism* ie: overly-simplistic about good/evil, winners/losers, etc. => non-individuation, answers to "why here" question borrowed/induced or not well worked out => *Attraction* either to autocratic belief systems &/or their cult leaders, or to hyper-positive sub-groups of New Thought religions => *Effects in Relationships* with others of similar psycho-immune incapacitation, incl. ie: those without (or who refuse) access to Support Systems (personal/ emotional &/or professional therapeutic) => [1 PATH From Here] => *Attraction to Fundamentalist Extremism* => ... !!!

'Questions for World Change' (Thumb) shared by Chris  Pringer 1/12
"Questions for World Change" (Thumbnail of) shared by Chris Pringer Jan 2012 at the page, World Healing Prayers over Sacred Geometry Graphic Backgrounds

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          January 15, 2016: Seven News Bits for Trends Analysis in light of the recent 'Rock in Dow Jones Stock':
      As attempting to understand if it's all about China, as if it's really surprising any corporate investors, or if it's about the sanctions release for Iran - but why shouldn't that improve the economy if anything? OR... if the oilygarchantucochs (sorry, bad spelling) are getting caught up in laundry chores for their coal & oil whorves (sorry, bad spelling, but see 1st article relative to the others), given political money may not be buying what it used to? Which one might Trump actually be so angry about (besides the refugees)? I can tell you first hand that climate-defending activists are sure not letting any ports be built or used as coal terminals, let alone for getting coal to China anytime soon, not unless some post-Wako wacko's (sorry, bad spelling) have one sneaky plan for that land they hope to cut out of the Oregon forests. But I didn't say that. In any case, or in that dim light, of all the news of last week, I thought these seven stood out as 'big-oil'-pressured canaries in the coal mine (so to speak) and composed a message that hints of the implications of the growing climate awareness FOR NEXT NOVEMBER! :

    "The U.S. will start tracking secret buyers of luxury real estate in Manhattan and Miami" By Louise Story,, Jan 13, 2016
      "Concerned about illicit money flowing into luxury real estate, the Treasury Department said Wednesday that it would begin identifying and tracking secret buyers of high-end properties. The initiative will start in two of the nation’s major destinations for global wealth: Manhattan and Miami-Dade County. It will shine a light on the darkest corner of the real estate market: all-cash purchases made by shell companies that often shield purchasers’ identities.
      "...The initiative is part of a broader federal effort to increase the focus on money laundering in real estate. ...Future investigations, they said, will focus increasingly on professionals who assist in money laundering, including real estate agents, lawyers, bankers and L.L.C. formation agents. ...The use of shell companies in real estate is legal, and L.L.C.s have a range of uses unrelated to secrecy. But a top Treasury official, Jennifer Shasky Calvery, said her agency had seen instances in which multimillion-dollar homes were being used as safe deposit boxes for ill-gotten gains, in transactions made more opaque by the use of anonymous shell companies.
      "...In its investigation, The Times found that nearly half of homes nationwide worth at least $5 million are purchased using shell companies. In Manhattan and Los Angeles, the figure is higher. ...“We’re going after the facilitators of the money laundering,” Mr. Fallon, of the F.B.I., said. “They’re the bankers, they’re the accountants, lawyers, folks who are setting up L.L.C.s, they are setting up foundations, folks who are setting up nonprofits, real estate investment trusts, etc.”
      "...Under the U.S.A. Patriot Act, the Treasury is already authorized to require real estate companies to scrutinize real estate buyers, but the department has in the past faced fierce lobbying against issuing such rules. ..."

    "The Oil Pricequake: Political Turmoil in a Time of Low Energy Prices" by Michael T. Klare, Common Dreams | 01.12.16:
      "The longer such price levels persist, the more devastating the consequences are likely to be. ..."

    "Coal Giant Bankruptcy Signals 'Profound Shift' for 21st Century Energy Landscape" by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams | 01.11.16
      Environmentalists described it as the "end of an era" as the country moves to more renewable, less polluting energy sources. Arch Coal, the United States' second largest coal supplier, on Monday filed for bankruptcy, signaling what environmentalists described as the "end of an era" as the country moves to more renewable, less polluting energy sources. ...
      The announcement, which comes after five years of decline in Arch's stock price, marks the latest coal industry titan to fall as the global energy market is beginning to catch up with more climate-friendly regulations and demand. ...
      A recent report by the London-based Carbon Tracker Initiative found that the slump in coal prices has forced more than two dozen U.S. coal companies into bankruptcy over the past three years. ...

    "Hillary Clinton's lead over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race has dwindled, a Times/CBS News poll finds" By Thomas Kaplan And Dalia Sussman,, Jan 12, 2016
      "Over all, 48 percent of Democratic primary voters support Hillary Clinton, while 41 percent back Senator Bernie Sanders, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. ... [vs 20 percentage points nationally] Just a month ago. ...Mrs. Clinton is no longer treating Mr. Sanders as a distant rival who can be left unmentioned as she looks toward the general election. She is now confronting Mr. Sanders more forcefully, raising doubts about his electability and criticizing him as weak on the issue of gun violence. ..."

    "'The Big Short' and Bernie’s Plan to Bust Up Wall Street" by Robert Reich, Common Dreams | 01.12.16:
      "The movie shows why Bernie Sanders’s plan to break up the biggest banks and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act is necessary. ..."

              "Sanders is First to Sign 'Fix Democracy' Pledge Rejecting Fossil Fuel Cash" by Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams | 01.11.16
      ...In doing so, Sanders vows to reject campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry and to support a "people-powered democracy" marked by full voting rights for all and public funding for campaigns. ..."It's time for Hillary Clinton and anyone with serious White House aspirations to match Sander's leadership."
      ...Specifically, the letter calls on candidates to adhere to the following statements:
      "If elected, I pledge to fight for a people-powered democracy where every voice is heard- By defending the right to vote for all, and Supporting common-sense measures like public funding for campaigns and overturning Citizens United to ensure a government by and for the people, not the biggest donors."
      ...Along with GOP hopefuls Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, Greenpeace points out, Clinton is among the 2016 campaign's top three beneficiaries of contributions from oil and gas employees. According to Ben Adler writing for Grist last year, Clinton is "getting a lot of money from fossil fuel executives and lobbyists acting as bundlers (fundraisers who collect donations) who represent fossil fuel companies."
      ...The New York Times reported this fall that just 158 families have contributed half of the campaign money on the 2016 campaign trail. Where did all that money come from? Primarily the finance and energy industries, particularly oil and gas.

    "What the Catastrophic Aliso Canyon Methane Leak Teaches Us About Our Addiction to Fossil Fuels" Pete Dronkers, Common Dreams | 01.16.16

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                    December 22, 2015 at Facebook: shared a link. Dec 22, 2015 3:37am "Bernie Sanders: Rich elites exploit poor whites, blacks and Hispanics by setting them against...": IMHO, Karl Rove & Jeb want Trump to have the air time since he's helping to build US's homegrown extremists membership (which has been happening in numbers unseen for 20 years, per the Southern Poverty Law Center) - among those that can be aimed by such as Carl Rove and Jeb, that is. After Trump has done that job well enough, Karl & Jeb will give him the signal (threat, etc), and Trump will back off (or else - but knowing Trump, it could be the or else). K&J have been encouraging all the other candidates to run in order to coalesce the Republicans that they otherwise could not - the ole' "Rouse the Rabble" tactic).

Bernie Sanders

                    December 15, 2015 shared a link at Facebook: "Bob Dole slams Donald Trump, says President Obama is “a very good man”" at
          This is good news -- as far as it goes, his being all for Jeb [Bush], so not being too surprising and all... However... I CAN HELP OUT HERE ;-) :: Public radio had a great expose on the implications of Trump's hate speech: including that the KKK is having it's most productive period for decades, The Southern Poverty Law Center is working harder than ever (they need our help, folks), because you know how extremists love their attention, the keyword here being *How.*
          As I posted in July [2015]: In the Nature Nurture argument, I'm pretty sure too many people just didn't get that nurturing. I'm speaking of *Hate* and how it comes about. I'm into preventive maintenance. As for how to treat it, extremists fighting extremists is just another weird thing, like "the war on drugs." I know it's going on, but I just have trouble dealing with people banging their heads on other people banging their heads. We can ALLLLLL use a little therapy. Some of us a lot more. And did I mention preventive maintenance?
          Also note that when Trump said, "If elected president I'll bring back all the jobs" - he is also in denial about virtually making a fashion statement out of the leveraged buyout [in the early 80's] - eliminating income from those who still need to make a living - drastically increasing by number and by degree, thanks to that great example he set in hating poor people- who remind him of his fear of poorness and helplessness. At the time I said that apparently he either wanted Karmic redemption, OR to bring the jobs back so he can re-continue his favorite hobby -- the one he lost out on due to the economy - since one can't truly ruin people's lives if they don't have jobs.
          As noted on a Move-On petition in '06, Economic bigotry is just another hate tactic. As well as that we all need to do our corporate homework, and that would include about "Corporate Personhood" as well as opening our eyes to the ramifications of prevailing Milken/Trump values. And to please let us wake up find our way out of this smoke and mirrors show. That "Winner-Loser ethics" are for modern day gladiators - but w/o the muscles. Ok, now visualize people respecting individual talent and initiative, not to mention value. What competition is supposed to be about - not Corporate Citizenhood.
          Heck, why stop here? Ok, so HOW did we get here (at this point in our political/moral evolution, that is Well, if we go back only as far as the 80's.) ?
          As posted in March 2011: Trends in "Winner / Loser" values, $, "Gladiator Tv"... at Facebook in response to post, "JPMorgan Made $907 Million From Cash Held in Madoff Accounts, Study Says ( the second- biggest U.S. bank, made $907 million in pretax profit from deposits held at the bank by imprisoned Ponzi scheme operator Bernard L. Madoff , a study said..." :
          ...the "winner values" IMO came about with Reagan's "flaunt it if you have it" theme, which unconsciously abetted the "I'm more worthy than you" perception in those so oriented (like alcohol is used to excuse doing what one wouldn't do otherwise; inhibitions are only so effective until one truly learns, not based on social mores, but on spiritual homework accomplished).
          From there, the kids just forming their value systems at the time quickly converted that handy "value" into "cheating is ok if it gets you what you 'deserve' " - well, those kids are now in junior CEO positions - less inhibited than many of their experienced corporate crooks. In between times was the 9/11 lies that went over so conveniently - MANY right-wingers didn't need to be convinced it was lies that got us into Iraq et-all, they didn't care about such "niceties" - the oil was to be ours because of the values about "we are the good guys on the planet because we are Christian ...deserve more" etc. Karl Rove & Rush Limbaugh had all this down WAY back when. And now they are at the Wall Street Journal under Rupert Murdock, just plowing their twisted logic right at those they've super-reinforced the fundamentalist programming that outwardly communicated intelligence is a sin of pride, that simple-mindedness is a direct ticket to heaven.
          Whoops, I forgot to include the Milken and Trump "inspired" re-engineering of business dealings and the fallout on the employee, retirement. Seems the news is just lately getting around to (almost) making that connection. Per this JPMorgan post.
          ...Remember the OJ Simpson debacle? Well, that started the InfoTainTment (scandal4profitTV) industry in the early 90's - right when the winner-loser name-call game started among the youth. Then Clinton got impeached for a blow-job but genocide of foreign brown people (Iraqi's) couldn't get a nerve. Nationalism at it's finest most destructive hour. ALL related to that worthiness issue - very sick thing. [Who says inquisitions or the crusades have ended? - [cp, 11/23/13]
          [JF replys:] Oh yes....remember the OJ trial, and the subsequent Rodney King trial when I lived in Simi Valley, CA. I do agree with your take on the insignificance of the 'blow-job'. That just added fuel to the cultural war fires and absorbed way too much media attention diverting concerns from more important issues. The right are experts in diversion and have won many elections utilizing the strategy.
          [moi:] ...without my vocational / professional training I probably wouldn't be able to consider the contradictory beliefs underlying their expressed positions. That they are contradictory is how and why one or more of them become unconscious. And we all have a little of this, but here is where the politicians are playing, particularly their Con-Artist strategists like Karl Rove [Added 9/29/18: ...AND especially his pragmatic equivalent, Donald Trump].
Every Death (Quote of Caroline Myss)

Who Is Alan Grayson? & The System for Winners & Losers

ToolsOfLaw, clipart

Atrophy,Alzheimers,Neuroimaging- Neuroscience News
Just to remind about using our brains as intended, including working out our emotional stuff. Because not doing that locks up memories, data, resources, tools, capabilities- all of which we derive meaning, understanding, realization of purpose, actual usefulness to others. That is, versus what happens when we don't; IE: focusing on things like *comparing* our own image to that of others, making others less than, competing in order to win over "the losers").

Obama'So Let's Set Our Sights Higher photo by unknown
Obama'So Let's Set Our Sights Higher photo by unknown

Note: Blog entries often layer up points to build a studied case - vs "saying what it's going to say" at the beginning.

There are also a few brief but "more global" notes, graphic messages, and Ref-Links just above this "blog," Thank you, ~cp

                    December 9, 2015 Post at facebook "About that 'message for this season': My last post (Nov.25) about the holiday attitude management in lieu of the holiday terrorism warnings... Well, this last Sunday I heard the message that I would love to pass on in this regard. "A Message from the Masters" - a select collection of ancient wisdom in colloquial voice, I'm calling it.
          And since it really is *spot-on* for balancing the adrenalized brain with the spiritual heart in any tough circumstance, it's the perfect message for this season IMHO. Reverend James Kubal-Komoto of Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church put together and gave this talk, and can be heard here - select Dec.6, "All Will Be Well", as well as via text transcript. Enjoy! smile [Note that the prefacing poem by Adam Zagajewski (published in 2002) may seem a bit paradoxical, but again, the message (eternal) will put all in context. Thank you.]

                    November 25, 2015 Post at facebook re: ISIS/ISIL: True Security vs "Spy Masters" "documentary" vs? Happy Thanksgiving- I do end the below on a positive note, by the way :-) (because that is how I try to do my little part to encourage us all to work, but what's in front of us just is, so I just get that "out of the way" 1st, Thank you).
      a) "Spy Masters" is the official response to ISEL's advertising efforts. Its overall message is "We are constantly and consciously engaged in moral dilemmas in order to weigh the methods by which we care for Americans, whereas look at these images [especially selected for shock effect] of what the terrorists do." This is designed to keep emotionally driven citizens relatively appeased (with a little shock & awenertainment with the beheading video) and at peace (as if to know our Homeland Security has it "all figured out" -- unless we want to travel abroad) during challenging times. Besides, the torture methods that actually work [as much as they do - enough for them to keep trying them] are not described in such "documentaries."
      b) Meanwhile, the newscasters chide the administration for not having a strategy, as if [the president's] beating his chest, poking others' egos, and giving away the current strategy would actually work against the terrorists. Besides, what inspires one may go over or around the head of another.
      c) Since the 18th century, our foreign policy was never decided strictly by the president, has increasingly been influenced by the Military Industrial Complex (for whose strategies fear-mongering does work well), and more recently that includes such entities as [those known as] the "Neo-Cons," various of which were installed in key places in the security and military apparatus, and operate "off the books as needed" via contractors.
      d) What is "True Security"? Same as it's always been- conscious awareness of individuals, striving for balance between brain and heart as engage any given situation, doing what they believe works in the long run, perhaps hoping that it will also work in the short run. As most of you know, more specifics around all that (by yours truly) has been posted steadily for years here and at my site, doing the best I can to simply, hopefully timely, remind us of what we already know on one level or another.
      e) How I am / we are with "all my relations" is what Thanksgiving is all about, IMO - perhaps every day? In any case, Happy Holidays!
          October 31, 2015 Post at facebook re: ISIS/ISIL: About the most recent surprise(±) plans or strategy initiation for Syria... Well, we've had time to study the situation, so I hope we're going about this with our heads on our shoulders - so we all keep them on, that is. And we're "not" coordinating missions with the Russians? Interesting. Testing new radar systems, eh? Whatever *works* - I guess we'll see - so to speak.
      On the other hand, to mirror part of my facebook note copied to the "Citizen Momentum" page, March 6-7: Feeling sucked into a WAR of EXTREMISTS? Yeah, [as if] we need to take that money, which we now all have so much of, to fight another war and further waste our resources so all but the arms and drugs merchants can be totally broke and dependent on them. Do we realize that EVERY need [that] EVERY person on this planet has - could be paid for many times over - for a fraction of what we spend - to fight those who feel so underfed, that they have to join extremists to make themselves heard??? Yes, they joined the extremists, but extremely few of them would have if they were prevented from it by simply making sure their basic needs were taken care of. In Other words, ITS a downward spiral that could've been prevented, and JUST MAYBE it's not to late for us to wise up and accomplish that. Remember that poster of Osama Bin Laden in the famous US Army recruiting pose saying, "We want you to attack Iraq?" -- Well, ISIS and fascist Israeli's - EXTREMISTS, that is, have got more Westernized extremists polarized in the opposite extreme. Please realize that extremists are attracted to extremists. I mean, it's really other extremists who they focus on most. IE: fundamentalist Christians who are also starving in too many ways and not just bodily nutrition. Well, they also focus on shock-loading those who make it too obvious they'd rather ignore them. All kind of a sado-masochistic affair, eh? So, maybe it's really about sexual abuse, since too many of us obviously don't know how go about sex healthfully. Ok, so Ready to join up for that war now? Was that sarcasm? Dang!
          September 9-20, 2015 Post at facebook re: Hackers vs Microsoft; Terrorism vs Capitalism; Lack of control: Like for hackers vs Microsoft OS programmers and operating systems that frustrate beyond belief, as for terrorism vs hyper-capitalism: which of the two extremisms have caused the most suffering, not to mention refugees, and which ones most think they going to cure the other? More to the point: Which ones will find love and caring in the universe while they are engaged in overpowering to compensate for their too long feeling a lack of control in their own internal world, let alone external world? - If we are to transition to a sustainable humanity?
          Revenge & Redress: Which gets the most done? Which fuel gets the car down the road with the least pollution? And [how about] that feeling [of] a lack of control in their own internal world: which one comes more, if at all, from a belief in transition and change? As for capitalism, so also for the (anti-capitalist) terrorist mind, the question of "When is Enough Enough?" is most relevant to the extremism of the outward actions in attempt to address what they see is/as lacking or wrong in "the" world. However, [Again] the question needs to be addressed for and within their [and our?] own internal world - If we are to transition...
Making It Conscious by Carl Jung
"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." ~ Carl Jung

Love Was Their Religion
"BUDDHA was not a Buddhist. JESUS was not a Christian. MUHAMMAD was not a Muslim. They were TEACHERS who taught LOVE. LOVE was their RELIGION." - by unknown author

Democratic Socialism - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
On "Democratic Socialism" by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Karma Learng Love Shield, Chris Pringer

Every candidate for president has got to answer one simple question. Are you prepared to take on the billionaire class whose greed is destroying the middle class and, through Citizens United, our American democratic system? - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
"Every candidate for president has got to answer one simple question. Are you prepared to take on the billionaire class whose greed is destroying the middle class and, through Citizens United, our American democratic system?" - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
          July 21, 2015: First, I am going to reference what I consider a summary of the real talking (certainly telling) points on Donald Trump in a 3/25/11 comment further below. Secondly, I hope Carl Rove doesn't have Trump shot for creating a divide in the Republican party at this politically critical time for them (ie: most notably - so far - on the immigration issue), not to mention illuminating how many Republicans have such regressive attitudes (putting it politely). I refer to the great discussion on Public Radio about the odd disparity in the polls related to Trump (Not Sure if this is the discussion I heard; Other possibles; Related July 21: "Donald Trump: Master of the demolition derby" BBC News; Four Related NPR articles including "Rumors Of The Donald's Demise May Be Greatly Exaggerated (Or At Least Premature)" ). But if he does get assassinated... and Jeb Bush rises to the occasion... well, we wouldn't be too surprised, right? Ok, now the Facebook post from 7/1...
          July 1 at 12:27am at facebook: re: Donald Trump's hate speech:
          In the Nature Nurture argument, I'm pretty sure too many people just didn't get that nurturing. I'm speaking of *Hate* and how it comes about. I'm into preventive maintenance. As for how to treat it, extremists fighting extremists is just another weird thing, like "the war on drugs." I know it's going on, but I just have trouble dealing with people banging their heads on other people banging their heads. We can ALLLLLL use a little therapy. Some of us a lot more. And did I mention preventive maintenance?
          Also note that when Trump said, "If elected president I'll bring back all the jobs" - he is also in denial about virtually making a fashion statement out of the leveraged buyout [in the early 80's] - eliminating income from those who still need to make a living - drastically increasing by number and by degree, thanks to that great example he set in hating poor people- who remind him of his fear of poorness and helplessness. At the time I said that apparently he either wanted Karmic redemption, OR to bring the jobs back so he can re-continue his favorite hobby -- the one he lost out on due to the economy - since one can't truly ruin people's lives if they don't have jobs.
          As noted on a Move-On petition in '06, Economic bigotry is just another hate tactic. As well as that we all need to do our corporate homework, and that would include about "Corporate Personhood" as well as opening our eyes to the ramifications of prevailing Milken/Trump values. And to please let us wake up find our way out of this smoke and mirrors show. That "Winner-Loser ethics" are for modern day gladiators - but w/o the muscles. Ok, now visualize people respecting individual talent and initiative, not to mention value. What competition is supposed to be about - not Corporate Citizenhood.
While we must continue to focus on the federal deficit, we must also be aware that there are other deficits in our society causing horrendous pain. These are deficits in jobs, deficits in infrastructure, deficits in income, deficits in equality, deficits in retirement security, deficits in education and deficits in in trade. - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
"While we must continue to focus on the federal deficit, we must also be aware that there are other deficits in our society causing horrendous pain. These are deficits in jobs, deficits in infrastructure, deficits in income, deficits in equality, deficits in retirement security, deficits in education and deficits in in trade." - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

          March 6-7, 2015 at facebook:
          Feeling sucked into a WAR of EXTREMISTS? Yeah, we need to take that money, which we now all have so much of, to fight another war and further waste our resources so all but the arms and drugs merchants can be totally broke and dependent on them. Do we realize that EVERY need EVERY person on this planet has could be paid for many times over - for a fraction of what we spend to fight those who feel so underfed, that they have to join extremists to make themselves heard??? Yes, they joined the extremists, but extremely few of them would have if they were prevented from it by simply making sure their basic needs were taken care of. In Other words, ITS a downward spiral that could've been prevented, and JUST MAYBE it's not to late for us to wise up and accomplish that. Remember that poster of Osama Bin Laden in the famous US Army recruiting pose saying, "We want you to attack Iraq?" -- Well, ISIS and fascist Israeli's - EXTREMISTS, that is, have got more Westernized extremists polarized in the opposite extreme. Please realize that extremists are attracted to extremists. I mean, it's really other extremists who they focus on most. IE: fundamentalist Christians who are also starving in too many ways and not just bodily nutrition. Well, they also focus on shock-loading those who make it too obvious they'd rather ignore them. All kind of a sado-masochistic affair, eh? So, maybe it's really about sexual abuse, since too many of us obviously don't know how go about sex healthfully. Ok, so Ready to join up for that war now? Was that sarcasm? Dang!
          Many Annotated article links on IRAN added at the Political Reference Page - including many on Netanyahu and/or his speech before the US Congress, and many that are representative of the more informative articles over the last few years from the middle-left to progressive-left.

Feelin' a little Deja Vu ?

I want YOU to Attack Iraq ~ as would sayeth Osama on US military recruiting poster
          February 11, 2015 in the "Intro & Editor's Notes / Opinions" section at "ISIS / ISIL, Syria & Iraq"

          February 11, 2015: About President Obama's "ISIS Proposal" [plans/ program/ etc] to "assist" in the fight against and/or recover the Middle-East from ISIS/ISIL:
          THIS *STEP* is a grand improvement in approach as compared to the approach on the part of the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) which was (so obviously?) based in such grandly bad intentions and plans. On the other hand, I am not totally sure that this current move will not -in the near future (1-4 years)- be co-opted by members of PNAC (or whatever that has since progressed or degenerated into) which is still (obviously?) in operation via members installed by [the Bush Crew] in various departments of the Pentagon and intelligence agencies and via active contractors there of, covert or otherwise.
          My brothers in the VFP (Veterans for Peace) will not be so kind to the Obama administration. And in their favor, I do feel that it is indeed necessary for progressives to maintain extremely close watch and to, as constantly as necessary, remind our leadership of our highest core values in non-violence and peace. I'm sure I will soon be referencing most worthy and detailed analysis by writers very well known in the progressive community, and cherry-picking from those as to what I feel are the most relevant, etc.
          But realistically speaking, and I don't expect to make friends by saying this, but given the drastic intentions and actions on the part of extremists, albeit all that has contributed to motivate their existence and resolve, well, here we are where we have been for a very long time. And that is on a train going 100mph towards a cliff one mile away -- and yet the cliff may not precede a deep and wide chasm - necessarily. And that depends on those same two options we've always had: 1) to learn the hard way or 2) to realize we have the option of dropping our addictions (to whatever habits, physical, mental, or emotional) that blind us spiritually from learning how to work together, and then learn how to employ the fruits of that option.
          Meanwhile, for the day that we officially determine our military re-entry into Iraq and Syria, I would like to suggest a "Day of Mourning" - not for just the many that will die from that day forward, but for all those that have and will suffer from our not being able to solve foreign relations problems better than we do, and those who also suffer from the domestic crises that result from the diverting of resources. A simple but spiritually basic acknowledgment of our needs for healing - to awaken us to our responsibility to take care of those needs.
          If we were to believe that we are permanent, and always had to come back to learn what we didn't get in the previous time or situation - no matter how painful that would be to do that... well, that's what reincarnation and Karma is about: eternal responsibility for learning love - and all the responsibility and accountability that goes with that, and much more. No matter how many lifetimes it takes. By the way, that was not about immortality in the physical sense, although I do believe we can, as a result of the aforementioned healing, also learn to live much much longer, healthier, and happier lives.

          --All said from the point of view of a Gestalt-Taoist-Buddhist, with experience as a student of war, as a former Marine, as a member of SNOW (Sound Non-Violent Opponents of War) activists for peace & justice, and of the "Seattle 12" who got arrested in 2002 to try to keep [the Bush Crew] from attaining capacity to declare war, who worked for peace for another four years or more as a member of VFP (Veterans for Peace), and who wrote the statements below as well as those on the many PolyPsyArts pages at this site (including those as regards the progress of our evolution human psycho-social maturation, how we manage our "leadership," etc.) Oh, and a little color guard service [per pic at right] smile

Noam Chomsky On Power Abuse

          Novemeber 21, 2014 Post at facebook re: ISIS/ISIL: Ok. It's possible I optimistically oversimplified the potentials in my September & October notes... On the other hand, ONE ISIL leader (out of how many dozens or more rebel leaders in Syria and Iraq) but the most militarily successful of them that is, has appointed himself *THE* spiritual director of/for ALL Muslims, requiring the immediated beheading of ANY Muslim who believes or professes otherwise, which doctrine also threatens most anyone else of any other belief. ("Austere Saudi creed..." "a kind of untamed Wahhabisim") Well, that simplifies it. Small Muslim countries in the Middle-East are now signing up. Fear-mongering works. Also simplifies the response of any simple-thinking adversary- not just "eye for an eye" but "head for..." Hence, General Dempsey, Head, I mean Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, says we can do it in four years ("Dempsey predicts 3- to 4-year war against ISIS") - provided we upgrade our military budget, per newly-wed congress of course. Making most fundamentalists everywhere very happy, particularly *THE* Muslim head of state - remember the recruiting poster with Osama saying, "We want YOU to invade Iraq"? Yes, We're into simple nowadays... Did I over-simplify that? [Noted & related references just below in section, "World News Article Links & Summaries from Mark Jensen & others"]
          [Sorry, but I continue to be astounded at how we humans repeat amazingly stupid patterns - except that a) that is one working psychological definition of a pattern, and b) just how humans learn, and thus the basis of reincarnation and karma. Yet, it still makes me want to take my drum and beat it while hollering "Wake Up" at the top of my lungs, as I did while marching up Queen Anne Avenue with Queen Anne SNOW activists in 2004 - and we did rouse some folks for a time, although obviously too few for too little time. After 2005 the hollering was about feeling the heart break, but also healing the (whole) situation. Now I think some of the old 2002 essays may be called for again: "Overcoming Political Disillusionment" or "Poly-Psy & Citizen Health, Recovering Democracy" -Chris, 11/22/14]

[By Unknown]
          September 18, 2014 Post at facebook re: ISIS/ISIL: I think ISIL will take care of it's own extremists, not to mention Al Caida, if/when they have to manage things on their own, eg: when US soldiers aren't there to "help" manage things, to piss them off and/or fulfill their warrior dreams and take their fire. These tribes generally can live and work together only when they have a great deal of their own preferred type of structure among themselves, which the Sykes-Picot agreement screwed up. That is whether they retain ISIL as it is or not, and I believe that will transition to something much more moderate, if... EG: If we stop giving them things to react to they'll focus on themselves, and they will respect us for it enough to keep their extremists from attacking us or other countries that aren't interfering in their self-governance business. And it will be difficult for us to watch for some years, but we should've proved to ourselves (as we definitely have to them) that we are not capable of directing their affairs.

          New Related at this site: the "ISIS / ISIL & Syria" page - Essays, links (& a few maps) compiled based on questions like, "Where did ISIS/ISIL come from, and what's that got to do with anything (like Sykes-Picot, Syria 2012-13 issues, Dick Cheney), let alone a reason for yet more war with foreign tribes with a 'new' name?" 1st 3 section titles (of 9 sections, so far): "World News Article Links & Summaries from Mark Jensen & others," "ISIS/ISIL "±Official± Perspectives & Related Commentary," and "ISIS/ISIL & 'Sykes-Picot'"

  Bernie Sanders on Muslims working things out
          September 11, 2014 Post at facebook re: ISIS/ISIL: Well, been wondering... about kids proving their manhood -- and now, proving it to the whole world ('cause everyone knows we're all connected now) -- kids of many many different belief systems -- some quite extreme -- often very tangled up in interesting ways in how one's extremism opposes another's -- and then how much money is provided for armaments to fight each other and the costs of post action rehabilitation/ healing -- AND how comparatively little money it would take to provide the preventative training for proper parenting and/or therapy and/or nutrition and/or education during childhood and adolescence -- for them and anyone else these kids could think they they needed to prove something to [for actual stats supporting that statement, see "One Definition of Insanity" near the end of the above page section] -- except that once all those things were provided, well, no one would be fooled into thinking they needed their basic needs provided since they'd already be provided -- uhm, ahem...
well, anyway, of course we'd have to start all over in many respects, would be almost too late for so many dynamics... already in progress, so much invested...   yeah, the investments... and of course it's not quite all that simple -- but just wondering -- well, so why stop now -?- just because so many of us are STILL all about 9/11, finding more opportunities for kids, here, there, in more and more places each year, to "prove" themselves -?- Afterall, I joined the USMC during the height of the Viet Nam war and for what -?- Yup, there it was, "proved myself," uh-huh -- Although, of course, at the time I believed what I was told about who needed my/our "help" and how -- Yup -- But just because I did go didn't make this kid more than a brave but dumb one maybe, and one who needed to learn... and keep wondering -- tho been doing so at my site ( for years -- not just about kids proving stuff, but about preventative maintenance -- on about as many levels and applications as you can imagine (lots of pages there) -- just in case you were wondering :-)

          January 20, 2014 Re: A Mozilla spokesperson reported that the NSA was leaving backdoors for hackers, as this public radio report led me to various internet articles. Quotes below are from top four ref-links at right, by experts that have proved my point at last (made in June'13 chart below):
          "What The Intelligence Community Doesn't Get: Backdoor For 'The Good Guys' Is Always A Backdoor For The 'Bad Guys' As Well": "... The more we choose to eavesdrop on the Internet and other communications technologies, the less we are secure from eavesdropping by others. Our choice isn't between a digital world where the NSA can eavesdrop and one where the NSA is prevented from eavesdropping; it's between a digital world that is vulnerable to all attackers, and one that is secure for all users. ..."
          "How the NSA Threatens National Security": "... And finally, these systems are susceptible to abuse. This is not just a hypothetical problem. ...Building the surveillance state makes it too easy for people and organizations to slip over the line into abuse. It's not just domestic abuse we have to worry about; it's the rest of the world, too. ...Our choice isn't between a digital world where the NSA can eavesdrop and one where the NSA is prevented from eavesdropping; it's between a digital world that is vulnerable to all attackers, and one that is secure for all users. ..."
          "What It's Like When The FBI Asks You To Backdoor Your Software": "...The difference now, she explained, was her experiences at BlackHat. Among those, Sell pointed to a BlackHat event where Thomas Cross demonstrated how to break into lawful intercept machines—or wiretaps. "It was very clear that a backdoor for the good guys is always a backdoor for the bad guys. ..."
          "Exploiting Lawful Intercept to Wiretap the Internet": "...Many network equipment manufacturers have incorporated interfaces into Internet routers and switches that are designed to facilitate legally authorized wiretapping by law enforcement. If these interfaces are poorly designed, implemented, or managed they can provide a backdoor for attackers access the interface and spy on communications without leaving a trace. ...These interfaces are controversial. If they are not well-protected there is a risk that they could be hijacked by third parties and used to perform surveillance without authorization. ...A negative externality can also exist in Lawful Intercept protocols. ...Design and deployment decisions that facilitate the needs of the network operator or law enforcement may have a negative impact on those network users by exposing their traffic to attackers. ..."

  What The Intelligence Community Doesn't Get: Backdoor For 'The Good Guys' Is Always A Backdoor For The 'Bad Guys' As Well" (Mis)Uses of Technology by Mike Masnick Thu, Jan 9th 2014 10:09am

  How the NSA Threatens National Security Bruce Schneier, TheAtlantic.Com Jan 6 2014, 11:10 AM ET

  "What It's Like When The FBI Asks You To Backdoor Your Software" By Max Eddy, SecurityWatch.PCMag.Com, Jan 08, 2014 12:55 PM EST

  "Exploiting Lawful Intercept to Wiretap the Internet" Tom Cross IBM X-Force (pdf via BlackHat.Com

  Parsing Prism denials: How could everyone possibly be telling the truth? TechHive.Com, UPDATE, Saturday June 8, 2pm Pacific time

  Mozilla warns against closed-source software by Gareth Halfacree, Bit-Tech.Net, Published on 14th January 2014

  Mozilla and 41 privacy groups getting their war on over NSA surveillance flap TechHive.Com

  Security Experts Ditch RSA Conference Over NSA Report PCMag.Com, January 8, 2014 01:50pm EST

  Apple, Cisco, Dell Unhappy Over Alleged NSA Back Doors in .. IDG News

  "Reform the Patriot Act | Section 215" ACLU

  Reform the Patriot Act ACLU

          January 17, 2014 Re: "The recorders of communication don't know how the communication didn't happen" [my response posted at facebook per Public Radio report 1/17/14]:
          While the "investigation" into the NSA confirms that the data collected before 911 was far more substantial than we were officially told before recent weeks, that communications were monitored just about as thoroughly, aside from the "meta data", the report claims that IT IS NOT KNOWN how or why that the CIA did not pass on information to the FBI.
          EG: While everyone's communication and non-communication is a matter of record, not to mention who was given orders by whom about who was to do and not do what, "we" still don't know how [or where the breakdown in communication occurred such that it is that] the information -that would have prevented 911- did not get passed on to those who could have prevented 911. Well, can I help it if the term "snow-job" comes to mind? And if I think it notably paradoxical that the name of the whistleblower in all this, Snowden, probably means "den of snow"? And the name Cheney comes from the root word "chain" ?
          What still hasn't come into the light is the amount of access *left* to contractors and various "lower level" law enforcement individuals - including hackers, and to what degree they are (not) held accountable for what they do with that access. I have referenced some articles that fairly officially verify how aggregiously sloppy that end of "the network" is - that end that is closest to the average citizen who 'makes waves' (politically or otherwise) in the view of local "authorities" or their hackers, including the "wanna-be's" of those realms (at June 12-13, 2013: with the chart, "Patriot Act facilitated Holes in the NSA Network").

  "We Need Real Protection From The Nsa" By Ed Loomist, Kirk Wiebe, Thomas Drake, William Binney, and Diane Roark USA Today January 15, 2014

  "The Nsa Can't Tell Bernie Sanders If It's Spying On Him, Because That Would Violate His Privacy" By Sam Stein and Matt Sledge Huffington Post January 14, 2014

  "You Can’t Opt Out: 10 NSA Myths Debunked" or Here By Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch Posted on Jan 13, 2014

  "The NSA: Here, There and Everywhere" by WILLIAM BLUM Jan 10, 2014 "... ABC News reported that "A spokesperson for the NSA declined to comment on the issue of bank account hacking, and a representative for U.S. Cyber Command did not immediately return an emailed request for comment."

  "Bipartisan California 'nullification' bill would cut off NSA's water supply" "'The National Security Agency’s massive level of spying and indiscriminate collecting of phone and electronic data on all Americans, including more than 38 million Californians, is a direct threat to our liberty and freedom,' state Sen. Ted Lieu (D), who co-authored the bill with state Sen. Joel Anderson (R), said in a statement on Monday."

          December 25, 2013 Re: Snowden, NSA, & The Powers That -Do Not- Be:
         "Not Really" is my response to Edward Snowden's dream of how capable the NSA is (considering, among other things, lack of motive for follow-up attention upon 99% of citizens). The news report on Snowden's recently published dream called it "Orwellian" (-appropriately-), AND it goes over the top, IMO, in it's potential to totally disempower the citizenry, like the worst of conspiracy theories, although he had generally convinced me, at least up to now, that he had the opposite intentions. Let me explain this apparent contradiction:
         In short, if enough people were to believe everything he says, the paranoia that would result would accomplish the dreams of such as Dick Cheney, Ronald Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove - the paralyzation and disillusionment, thence disempowerment of those he (Snowden) had called upon to fix the mess in the first place.
         Aside, that is, that accomplished by the terrorists that get through the "defense" that doesn't exist- because there is no way to effectively analyse all the data that they do collect - whether or not that would be for as much data or as often collected as claimed to be - except in the paranoid paradigm we let them create for us.
         Why? Basic deductive reasoning and a tad of profiling (maybe just watching enough of the better CSI and detective shows) tells us that it takes a certain amount of time to analyse a given amount of data AND the characters, motives, agendas, etc of the people in question. Which requires a certain number of a certain kind of minds. And these minds have to get together in some way to contrast & compare fact AND theory, generate hypotheticals, settling on likely scenarios, before taking serious looks at anyone.
         EG: There is very much in all that which no computer system does well enough to trust with our lives. Computers and other technologies can collect most ANY amount data, but in order for that Orwellian dream to be accomplished, the data has to be *effectively* analyzed. Let me say that in a different way:
         Computers can do a certain amount of the tasks that go into such analysis, but they do not sufficiently replace, even mimik, those parts of the human brain, working together with the same in other minds, that can accomplish the complex procedures necessary to solve even a well planned crime, let alone predict and prevent it. In the midst of that they may keep someone on a watchlist for a time, after which it becomes more obvious whether or not the suspect warrants the attention.
         Even if there is such a crevice of a gap - between the time of deciding someone needs a more serious look and the time of the subsequent follow-up investigation - that targeted people hang in the balance for untold amounts of time, it still takes an agent to actually do the more serious look. Which gap would also warrant at least two big questions: a) How could we live with such inefficiency - that would also let potential terrorists have way too much time? b) How many such folks would we be paying to do that? So you see, logic tells us that the least amount of efficiency we could expect would eliminate such a gap, therefore fairly insure that no one is really given much attention that did not warrant it. Unless the attention comes from or via contractors or hackers outside the system. [See Ref. 3 at right]
         Now, if I accomplish my goals for this writing, another likely impossible dream, we would a) drop our paranoia that still lingers from 911, b) drop the added paranoia from Snowden's more recent information releases, and c) appropriately direct our resources to preventing terrorism by actual potential terrorists. While the rest of us, with our freed up psycho-emotional capabilites, would d) mature our relations, both at home and with others abroad, and begin to share our problem-solving capabilites, and create a world we can be proud of. [Including via taking care of the problems created per Ref. 3 at right]
         Whereas the Snowden Orwellian dream, in consideration of who would benefit most - by we citizens believing it - would be one shared by such as those who initiated the Patriot Act, an extension of *The Blueprint For The Creation Of A 'Global Pax Americana,'* by the Project for a New American Century that virtually called for a "Pearl Harbor" attack to accomplish it's goals. That was a few years before 911 (referring to the Neo-Cons & other corporate paid thugs who are still 'working it', including the above noted personages). We might ask who really dreamed up that recently published dream? (Personally speaking, I need not. Per ref's in right column among others.)
       The question for citizens is, IMO, "What kind of dreams will be believe in, what kind will we (thus) begin to manifest into reality?"

  [Ref 1:] *The Blueprint For The Creation Of A 'Global Pax Americana,'* uncovered by the Sunday Herald (details next paragraph), was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice-president), Donald Rumsfeld (former defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld's deputy), George W Bush's younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff), among others. The document, put out in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC), and entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century," was a grand re-write of a 46-page document, "Draft Defense Planning Guidance," conceived in 1992, during the first Bush Administration. The 90 page 2000 version was apparently available at New American Century .Org ( but is reported no longer available there. It was downloaded before it's disappearance however, and IS available (at various sites including here) via pdf for the browser or by ftp (downloads the .85 mb file). Related ref: The Fraudulent War by Richard W. Behan (pdf file).
    [Ref. 1 excerpted from the
Political Refs page]

  [Ref 2:] The Snoden dream, whether this is his intention or not, would accomplish the same goals of those libertarian conspiracy theories, the best of which I believe are actually obfuscations created by corporate-paid think tanks. More on "Handling Conspiracy Theories" at the PolyPsy home page.

  [Ref 3:] see below, a) June 12-13, 2013: re: The chart, "Patriot Act facilitated Holes in the NSA Network" ...more about the holes (for hackers and blackmailers) that RESULTED FROM the NSA interface... b) June 21-22, 2013: "Charging with Espionage - AND Chilling News Publishers", and "A Story to illustrate how the NSA network has been abused - the unscroupulous in law enforcement, hackers & blackmailers, and what that might look like on the home front... What Snowden actually did was to expose inappropriate espionage - tactics, strategies, and what he believes were events that were examples of that. IMO, for the U.S. government to charge him with espionage only shows how much fear of exposure of wrongful espionage there is on the part of various factions, departments, and/or individuals in the U.S. intelligence realm. AND of the..."

          December 3, 2013 at facebook:
about "Drugs & Myths" and article, Every War On Drugs Myth Thoroughly Destroyed By A Retired Police Captain "Let's see, without a big-time need for immediate gratification, how often would we do how strong a drug? Or if we didn't need to forget that time when that thing didn't happen, or... yeah, when we were really victimized and didn't know how to communicate it effectively or have a support system that would listen or respond... I mean, when we try to tell "smart folks in charge" that if these kinds of things were taken care of, not only would the drug war be obsolete, but there would be very damn few people on drugs. And the "taking care of" these things would be soooooooooooooooooo much less expensive for all concerned... and then there's, oh yeah, the benefits of kids being raised properly... ya' know, how many parents could've benefited from a little class on parenting along with a little basic therapy BEFORE they had kids? And who was it that made it so damned important to stigmatize folks who get therapy when there's not a soul on earth that couldn't benefit from it. And why do I think that 90% of the people that read the last line all of a sudden think I must be one crazy wimp-ass you-know-what?" And then re-posted some of the notes on the prospects of certain drug "treatments" -and hints for consideration- under "Guns & Drugs" at the "PolyPsy" page (Jan'13).
          Related Notes at the "Evo-Trends" page in "A Summary 'On Point' & some added prognostications", a sub-section of "The Role of Intuition Coming Home and Recovering the Holy Grail."
Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart Over Chakra Tree Anatomy Chalice Garden (LtBkGr)
"Nature-Nurture A-Z" Chart Over Chakra Tree Anatomy Chalice Garden (LtBkGr) - full size at the "Body-Mind Nutrition" page © by Christopher Pringer Jan'13
          November 21, 2013:
: "JFK and the Unspeakable" by Jim Douglas, 2013, how the CIA undermined JFK's foreign policy (KUOW Seattle radio, 11/20/13)... very interesting including as far as why, IMO, it's been published now. That is, per Bush administration-installed elements and President Obama's foreign & domestic security policies. [My extrapolation as related to 9/19/10 entry (below) re: "NeoCon Influence in Obama Administration Foreign/DomesticPolicies"] [Related: Oliver Stone: JFK and the Unspeakable - The Huffington Post]

          BTW, am pretty sure I met Jim Douglas on the way down to work a few weeks at the safehouse for refugees who were fleeing death squads in Central America (as a "Sanctuary Si" volunteer in Brownsville, Tx, Spring 1984). I remember talking with a guy where he was staying, referring to Merton's book on the little table beside him, his indicating questions about whether he still was or should remain in the Jesuit Order. In retrospect I wondered if he was responsible for checking out those who were to volunteer at the safehouse.)
          September 10, 2013: I'm not totally sure it was Richard Haas, President Of Council On Foreign Relations, that made the revealing !?GAFF?!, relative to stated policy, that is, that some of the chemical weapons are under rebel-held areas, including in areas under Alcaida hands!!!. It was in the Public Radio (per KUOW) interviews for commentary follow-up for President Obama's new Syria-Diplomacy announcement.
          The Alcaida-link statement was made (as if everyone knew this, without any come-back by anyone afterwards) as he (Haas, I think) was apparently responding to what Peter Galbraith had said about whether chemical arms could be neutralized under the President's just made current diplomatic strategy for Syria. Galbraith, a former Ambassador, had just said that if we can pull it off, we can avert a foreign Policy fiasco, also including that we could have avoided the Iraq war, if we had waited for UN inspectors as we would seem to have intended here, and would do so by the current diplomacy decision.
          The point being (of course), that there is much more validation of the who-done-it (and who-did-not) evidentiary data as presented below - see the red highlighted section, "Motive, Motive, Motive."
          A report on that (although Haas is not mentioned here): White House Mum on Rebel Chem Weapons Use by Bryant Jordan,, Sep 10, 2013.

          Interesting: U.S. Troops Oppose Striking Syria, Online Survey Suggests By Mark Memmott An online survey of 750 active-duty U.S. troops suggests that opposition to striking Syria is "more intense" among military personnel than among the American public. Military Times, a publication and news site owned by Gannett Co. (not the federal government) reports.

          September 6-7, 2013 Posted on Facebook at Congressman Jim McDermott's special issue page,
"A Listening Session on Our Options in Syria":

[ But why not be the good cop? ]
          On the one hand, if I were the only one around to defend someone when he was getting bullied, I'd feel obliged to to help, with force (to the minimum degree necessary), even with my strong Buddhist leaning beliefs. Talking about when there's no time to call the cops, etc. Here, it's not like anyone else that can actually help is "around" the Syrian people but us.
          ON THE OTHER HAND, this is a trap, hand made by those strong forces (AIPAC, Israel, various corporations) who want us to get into it with Iran. Now we're talking about amplification that's going to effect a one great big heck of a lot more populations - as well as the Syrian people, God Bless their hearts. It's a trap, even as compelling as it may be to the decent folks unafraid of a fight when it LOOKS like there's no choice.

          Seals & Special forces? IF there ever was a call for a means of destroying weapons that terrorists could use against whole populations from a distance, and do that without starting a war... And that's one big set of ifs, well...
          If we get into it with Assad, Iran will come in (with missile strikes against our ships, etc), then Israel will see that as the excuse they've been begging for, not to mention the Neo-Cons that haven't gone away any more than AIPAC has (kind of same people, duh) as they (various Neo-Cons) are still in some key positions of leverage. The Iraq war will look like a minor civil war compared to what would happen next - all over the Middle-East, then Southern Europe, then... Yes, it's an extremely juicy looking steak for those who have always made profits from war. They've already stolen our shirts. Just say no....

          "Shirts" doesn't quite connote the symbolism I had in mind, considering how many Iraqi & Afghani soldiers and innocents, American soldiers, the PTSD and long-term damage all involved will suffer with, some of which leading to more violence... along the way of breaking the financial backs of all concerned. How many hearts do we need to break? [n.9/5/13, ed.9/6/13]
          Speaking of "Shirts" and more potential heart break, Bernie Sanders delivered another great one (was interviewed) on the Tavis Smiley Show today (9/6/13).
  Main Middle East Map

Syria (Main)
          And all I noted above, by the way, does not presuppose we are in, need to be in, or have to plan for, a position of doing nothing. If we had used the NSA the way it was best intended, and not allowed Cheney and crew to set it up for abuse via the Patriot Act, we would have a much better means of positioning ourselves strategically and diplomatically [more specifics and references on that below]. Yes, that's referring to the whole time - since when we would then have not cooked that intel for Iraq, as well as to many irrevocable events since then. And Ok, in one sense that's water over the bridge, coulda-shouda-woulda.
          But in the better sense, PRO-ACTIVELY, with some getting real with, and healing of, our past (no easy matter, but the sooner the better), and moving on from there, we can still make a difference. We don't have to sit on our arses, even if we don't start WWIII by doing the Syria-Iran thermo-chemical backlash trip to wasting a multi-continent expanse. We would have, still can have, allies in diplomacy if we go about this right. And our "corporate contingent" may have to shift their priorities a bit (and get out of the way, maybe stop buying off elected officials as related to certain political issues, at least for a time) so we can make it happen. Because...
          Even if we somehow "contained" the Near East after leveling "only Iran", there are still all those sons and daughters who watched their parents die at our hands in Iraq, Yemen, et-all, then Iran, maybe Syria, and because we "world leaders" couldn't keep our missiles in our pants, and in a few years, they will be coming "of age" - already psychologically prepped for militarization, that is. I'm thinking of a better path than that. How about you?

          Good references & resources are indispensable, of course - Huge thanks to those who have done the real work. Such back-up for my perspectives have been noted via the (PolyPsy list's archives at Riseup.Net) and "Political Reference page", the links and some context for which are included at the ChaliceBridge.Com Updates page

          Well, as needed, all I learned from watching forensic science type detective shows ;-):

          Even if Alcaida was not who accessed that weaponry (or accessed someone in those Syrian units with that). I say that based on basic logic (?) about who would be motivated to do that chemical attack. Besides Israeli right-wingers who want to bring the US in for an attack on Iran. I just can't see Assad virtually begging the US to attack by doing the deed. As for the question of HOW Alcaida accessed the weaponry, OR accessed and coerced anyone within any one of those units that have such weaponry, is a matter of tactical capability, but certainly not one of improbability.

          Further, there is this from Kevin Zeese at Counterpunch.Org (just a few quotes from the case he makes):
          "...What could go wrong? Syria has the ability to defend itself and attack US military vessels. Iran and Russia have already indicated they will be drawn into the conflict. Threats of retaliation are already being made and troop movements are occurring. Russia is moving two additional naval ships, a missile cruiser and a large anti-submarine vessel, into the Mediterranean to strengthen its presence in case of a US attack. Russia and Saudi Arabia have exchanged threats over Syria. Russia threatening an attack on Saudi Arabia if the US attacks Syria with President Putin ordering a 'massive military strike' against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria. Saudi Arabia is threatening Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia at the Olympics. ...Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have threatened to retaliate against Israel and other US allies in the Middle East in the event of a US attack on Syria. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, told the Tasnim news website, that an attack on Syria 'means the immediate destruction of Israel.' ...What is the Obama administration doing to investigate the reports that in fact it was Saudi Arabia that provided the chemical weapons that was used to the rebels? Multiple witnesses are making these claims. Is Obama going to go to war without investigating this possibility? Maybe he has the wrong target and it was not Assad who is responsible? ..."
          and "How Intelligence Was Twisted To Support An Attack On Syria" By Gareth Porter, Truthout, September 3, 2013
Map of Damascus

PeaceFlagEarthChalice3a Chris Pringer PolyPsyArts
"Invocation for True Representation of Middle-Eastern Peoples" (invoking "...Divine Guidance for human implementation of every effort and striving towards A Peaceful Transition to True Representation of the Middle-East People's Will by each of the Middle-East Nations' Leadership With continued growth in the Spirit and Action of a Democracy that Truly Reflects the People's Highest Needs in each of the Middle-East Nations and Accomplishes the Peace, Justice, & Prosperity as Deserved and Called for by Citizen's in the Middle-East. In the name of, and in accordance with, the Highest Most Loving God(s) of All..."), Chris Pringer PolyPsyArts 2011

AllReligns&ChScaleOvrPiChlDblHrtEarth, Chris Pringer PolyPsyArts
"All Religions Logos & Chalice Scale, Pi-Chalice, & Hearts Over Earth" Chris Pringer PolyPsyArts

          June 21-22, 2013: Charging with Espionage - AND Chilling News Publishers

       What Snowden actually did was to expose inappropriate espionage - tactics, strategies, and what he believes were events that were examples of that. Glenn Greenwald puts it (the Snowden snowball) eruditely, as he's been on top of the Snowden case from the beginning. Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak adds in.
       IMO, for the U.S. government to charge him with espionage only shows how much fear of exposure of wrongful espionage there is on the part of various factions, departments, and/or individuals in the U.S. intelligence realm. AND of the sloppiness thereby that led to holes in NSA network, that are being used by careless and/or unwarranted investigators, not to mention hackers, not to mention the conflict of interest (blackmail potential) due to all the above. [Please note NSA whistleblower William Binney's statements -about trusting contractors- at end of the first article linked to in the previous sentence. As well as about the means to collect data that is consistent with the Fourth Amendment - existing but ignored. ]
       That contractor element has lent to this mess being called "The Digital Blackwater", particularly by Robert Baer, former CIA agent. And what I call the "Cheney's Hacker Sieve" since it was in large part due to the Patriot Act that so many espionage related abuses (that we are just now hearing about) were not just allowed, but facilliated.
       A short intro and chart for illustrating the "The Digital Blackwater" is below, with additional ref-link-loaded sections on the background of these issues, is at the Civil Liberties Section of Political Reference page. At right is a story for describing an example of what this abuse looks like.
       Also Related to the contractors & hackers, hasslers & blackmailers (June 15th), coming very close to laying out the ground floor problem I've been posting about, are these articles: "Private contractors play key role in U.S. intelligence work" and "Investigate Booz Allen Hamilton, not Edward Snowden".

       YES, it's a mess that that needs addressed, and a scapegoating witch-hunt is a breach of justice, not justice. It might be simplifying the situation a tad much, but I believe the President needs to get rid of those Neo-Con remnants once and for all, so he can do what he originally intended to do, unless of course, he was in with them all along. And I understand that's easier said than done.
       The timing of all this coinciding with events in Syria, IMO, has to do with our relations with Russia, with how and where certain armaments were protected from very powerful extremist factions in Russia (known by all world governments to be ever-more unpredictable during the USSR-to-Russia transition) by moving them to Syria where they could be vaulted by an unabashedly militarily powerful autocratic dictatorship. Where they are now, however, in increasing danger of falling into the hands of (other) extremists. And those particular armaments, IMO, simply need to be destroyed so they can never be used by anyone ever.
       And Edward Snowden is probably very aware of this, and holding it as his trump card, in hopes that the U.S. intel folk and the President back down, and do the justice that Snoden is referring to. I personally think Snowden's idealism is either blinding him from the likely reality to follow, or he wants to commit "suicide by swat team" while creating empetis for good works by those who can demand and get the justice that will create a safer and a world more respectful of civil rights.

       THE REAL PROBLEM (that WE CAN do something about) is that headlines could soon read, "How the NSA lost the farm because they left the barn doors open" - IF the gaps aren't covered - gaps left by how that farm was set up.
       So I'm hoping they solve this problem. They, we, legislators who aren't bought, etc. (ok, stop laughing) Actually, would you believe it's all set up to CATCH ALL the hackers (even those messing with we small timers)- by making them think they're having a grand field day??? Did that sound like Maxwell Smart? Yeah, well, it COULD be used for... And I'll kiss Cheney's you-know-what if THAT was the plan. (Yeah, he's quite the organizational genius - if you want to make sure only the well advantaged, infinitely firewalled, armored, and power-connected are safe.) But yes, the existing mess COULD be co-opted into something that COULD work to catch the abusers...
       Ok, so, I'm working up to being positive on this (but positive doesn't count for long if you're not covering the negative, right?), because I DO know we ACTUALLY CAN fix this, because if I can figure this out before the news has the whatevers to print on it (May of 2012, per posts on various lists as well as Political Reference page)... well, I mean, I'm no genius. so... I know we can solve this problem.
A Story to illustrate how the NSA network has been abused - the unscroupulous in law enforcement, hackers & blackmailers, and what that might look like on the home front (posted 6/11/13 on PolyPsyList)

       a)   On stage 1, Mr. FBI agent goes to various IT staff (at internet servers for individuals, businesses, government entities, etc - all across the U.S.) and tells them that they need to help them with various surveilance activities. Some strong hints are made that to really help out, certain suitably described procedures would be included now and then for certain individuals. And those later procedures "would not be totally legal", and the FBI agent may or may not actually say that, but the message would be clear enough - at least to those who would be "receptive" to such notions, so to speak. Let's say this is not long after the Patriot Act has gone into effect, replete with bugs yet to be worked out.
       b)   On Stage 2, Mr. Badge McBadenov, someone who is employed by a law enforcement agency or a legal authority (perhaps a Sherif, or a district attorney, or a lawyer working for some state departments, say in health, licensing, etc) has a few people on his/her "list" that s/he wants to monitor -- more than is generally allowed by law. He knows about the Patriot Act, it's intended uses, but also various potential uses by those who can and will. And he keeps up with the changes to it over time.
       Time:   AFTER some "bugs" have been worked out in the Patriot Act -- concerning when, how, and if court orders are required for various kinds of surveillance (including as regards various would be infringements on city, state, or federal laws.)
       c)   Back on Stage 1, Mr. Badge McBadenov pays a visit to Mr. IT guy. McBadenov has been actively looking at certain IT guys of servers companies for helping him investigate some particularly disliked individuals that he feels needs more special attention, whom he may strongly suspect of illegal activity, but just hasn't found any real evidence of it. And simply dislikes them in a special way. He tells Mr. IT guy what he needs done, and if/when/as necessary, includes the fact that what they have been doing could not only loose them their jobs (due to what he was doing before the Patriot Act bugs were worked out) but land them in jail for yea many years and so on. Well, Mr. IT guy didn't read those documents, let alone knew about any changes, so he has no idea AND he's been made aware by now that McBadenov could play rough in any case.

       d)   Thus, with Mr. IT guy by the short hairs, McBadenov says, what I'd really like done is for you to log all phone calls to and from this "suspect that we know is guilty of ... and determine both the numbers of those most common calling, and those most commonly called by Mr. Suspect (etc), and keep me up on those. Same for email addresses." And after a few months or years of this, Mr. Badenov drops by, tells IT guy, "we need you to intercept all calls that are not by those on this list here, and those callers will be routed to a voice message that says "The Owner of this ext#___ is not available, please leave your name, number, and a short message'."
       d2)   Or, McBadenov hires or blackmails Mr. Hackerkid, a fourteen year old McBadenov knows to be a smart phone hacker - to do the same thing, but via manipulating Mr. Suspect's software and circuitry in the smart phone or computer circuit in the landline phone.
       e)   And as a result, Mr. Suspect receives no calls by any new customers. Meanwhile, Mr. suspect's old customers are being quietly harrassed (told of certain distasteful things or mistakes allegedly done or made by the suspect), and gradually ran off. Over time, Mr. Suspect occasionally gets reports by new customers who say they called, got a voice message, but called again since didn't hear back. About the 3rd time this happens Mr. Suspect starts getting a little paranoid, calls the phone company or the authority for managing utilities for the state. Either of those say, "That's a pretty weird situation, are you sure you don't have voice mail, or some other device on your line, because if we come out and check and find the problem 'in-house' then we'll have to charge you."
       f)   The phone company techs come, do their checks, and say, "well, we checked all the wires and equipment, and can't find anything wrong." And the suspect, who happens to be a little bit knowledgeable about smart phones and firewalls later asks the representative at the Utilities and Trades Commission (who has been working on the problem, and who said essentially the same as the phone company tech) if they have any hacker types working for them, such as those who know how to manipulate most any device with a computer chip and any kind of phone or internet connection (including landline phones). And the rep says, no, but maybe we should think about hiring one of those.
       g)   Mr. Hackerkid, meanwhile, once he gets rather proficient about his work for McBadenov, can't help but brag a little to some of his hacker friends, including a little innovation on the technology which he devised, and suggesting where and how else along various lines of (anyone's) communication this could be applied. Over time, they're feeling their young oats and enjoy discussing more variables and applications.

          June 12-13, 2013: The chart, "Patriot Act facilitated Holes in the NSA Network" at right, is more about the holes (for hackers and blackmailers) that RESULTED FROM the NSA interface, the questionable nature of some of the connections that formed with the IT staff of internet service companies, and the ramifications upon citizens (NOT yet addressed by the media, not to mention the legal structure)... Obviously, the momentum that would most seem as if it can't be stopped, is the domestic security momentum.
         Everyone was flapped - it seemed all about who's mail and phone conversations were "out there" for whomever. Then came, as if flashed in the blinding "realization" that, oh yeah, we're ALL doing that anyway, and anyone who has anything to hide, well, they should just not.
         As if all members of local legal authorities, from sherifs to district attorneys, and from clerks to investigators to officials of state regulatory bodies would never take any peeks, as if no IT staff ever involve themselves, accidently or otherwise, with hackers, as if hackers, not to mention insurance companies (who of course would never stoop to hiring hackers), wouldn't use such information to do what too many have always done.
         And thus it was as if scapegoaters and cruel-minded bullies have evaporated into the wind. "Not to worry folks, blackmail is now passe', the good guys are in charge. And after all, we are watching everyone - and so are the best at keeping you safe." Indeed - in the dreams of a Neo-Con who's in charge of it all, anyway. And I still don't believe that is President Obama, by the way. And if I'm wrong, I'll be the first to holler praise, "Glory be, we've skipped all the steps and evolved into angels!" ...But the news still hasn't covered the blackmail aspect so much (yet).
         On the one hand, as I've always said, there's just too much data for them to actually analyse. On the other, There was plenty that the N$A heard [about] Bin Laden saying days and weeks before 9/11, among way too much other jaw-dropping N$A related evidence that it all could've been prevented - if the Neo-Cons weren't focused in other directions.
[added 6/22/13]
Patriot Act facilitated Holes in the NSA Network
This is not about stopping the NSA - that network has been around since the 80's, government will not stop them, and besides, they aren't interested in you [unless you get on their radar screen for a reason they find suitable - that is, whether or not justice, intelligence, or common sense would have bearing on the matter]. This is about what the Patriot Act opened our doors to [eg: that may have nothing to do with pursuit of justice, or that may not even be performed by those authorized by any official criminal justice system]. Reference for the *drones* related note is just below. Below that is the reference-loaded section related to the Patriot Act (and changing legalities related to domestic spying). Chart by PolyPsyArts 2013

       You're not supposed to get charts all at once- they condense a lot of information. HOWEVER, once you note each component one by one, then the connections start making sense, then even complex relationships become clear.

      April 27, 2013: (My Facebook commentary re: "School HoldsFirst Integrated Prom Event in Georgia funded entirely by donations" The Daily Beast, April 27):
      "First Integrated Prom..." FIRST!? That's Way Scary. Maybe a result of the Southern Poverty Law Center having just nabbed one of more powerful white supremest organizations a few months ago. Just before all those weird murders of hi-level folks in Texas. And that fertilizer plant fire that took out so many 1st responders, but which was called an accident by the authorities, which assessment was also backed up by the President. Ahhh, good thing we have short memories and sufficient supply of those resources that properly mis-manage our hormones and neurotransmitters, or we'd have to feel responsible, and then helpless because of lack of enough you-know-what to change anything, then guilty, then have to go back into denial. See, we have shortcuts (and Rush Limbaugh) for all that! Hot Dang...
          Of course, we could heal ourselves. But that would require breaking a few habits. Hardest thing for a human to do, you know. Especially for those addicted to substances. Especially when we make fun of or legally scapegoat those who actually take responsibility and do the therapy that will facilitate that. But there are ways... and it does take persistence... and you will catch hell if you stand up against those who profit from existing disfunction... but if our souls are permanent, if we were created to learn by our mistakes, experience & Free Will, no matter how many lifetimes it takes... then we'll just come back to the same old tests anyway. Fear of Death? Which one? Pain is worse than death. Death is nothing. We know we're supposed to keep trying till we get it right. Do we REALLY think global warming isn't real, that the patterns of increasing tumult mean nothing? Do we really think we're supposed to lie down and do nothing about this except give it to the profiteers, die, go to heaven, and that's all there is? What GOD of any compassion, not to mention intelligence for a good design would have that be what we're supposed to believe all our life? Not to mention lifetimes? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! (I know, I'm back to ranting again. But I know we can do better than this. C'mon folks! One day at a time, but please...)
          Is there a relationship between the above events (besides the integrated prom), the Boston Marathon, and the President's recent and most surprising flip-flops? I know, Islamists extremists and White Supremacists would have to ALSO be a little confused if working with each other, of course, UNLESS they shared a common goal, OR a sufficiently common enemy. Well, someone had to ask the question.
          IF the supremacists made some threats and claimed responsibility for the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, the recent spate of murders there before that, in response to that victory by the Southern Poverty Law Center, then would the President make that claim of responsibility known - if they also said that if he did, they would do further harm? Well, we don't negotiate with terrorists, but IF he's not feeling very safe to accomplish certain things due to those infected power circles (re: remnants of Cheney's & Rumsfeld's systems in place in the military, intelligence, & other power realms)... then what would he say and do? And maybe I just want him to have good reasons for his really screwing things up lately with Social Security and giving over to the "terrible two tantrum" afflicted folks in congress.

          April 25, 2013: Just put a note of impending revision at the top of this page after last March's edit. To the part that said, "'The Obama Momentum' title was re-applied in March 2013 [see 3/13/13 note (below the prose)]. The original title (had been changed to 'The [ ] Momentum' a few years ago in February 2011, for two reasons..." I've just added "BUT ABOUT READY TO REVERT IT BACK - since Apr'22 or so, but will leave the following as is for now". Maybe I'm leaving it only because I'm so frustrated with President Obama's freebie - to those stuck in the two year old's growth phase - that phase when the infant says "NO" to most everything, that is. It does shift now and then. Two, Thirteen, Two, Thirteen, Two, Thirteen.... Must be dizzying. But it actually worked. Our kids are learning *what* from this??? Anyway, it's too soon for me to think of something that could add a positive note for the future on that, just yet.

          April 26, 2013: Today, at at the dedication of former President Bush's "Presidential" Library (sic?), President Obama did NOT say, "Trim a bush in honor of the Bush Library", nor to "rest a Rove in your stove before the Rush is on to gush", in spite of rumors not to the contrary (began here?). But Public Radio's report was fair (IMO), with a broad and long-term perspective, including likely future additions to the library.

          3/13/13 (After 12:12 PM PST):   "A brand new pope..."

A brand new pope, A new telescope,
Totally virgin vision, A universe of hope,
3/13/13 - magic to denote -
That's death and rebirth, like Noah's boat,
Or burn the castle, once over the moat.
Like, "Holy channelling chimnies, we're scoping white smoke!"
Signaling new economics, seeing galaxies of hope,
Preparatory for the offeratory, working up to a lope,
Time to blaze new perspectives, dispite the creasote!
Polarities might even marry, why don't we elope?!
Play it up or play it down, How will we actually cope?
Is it a brand new day, or just back to the soap?
I mean, it's not like were broke only due to the dope.
Like with president Obama, the harbinger of hope,
If we believe, then it's the people - who get some scope.
Out of science or within mind, is it time for a new isotope?

     --- proze from the doze from views from the news, dope? -cp
      "Inspired" by public radio message announcing new telescope/capacities in seeing the universe, interspersed with news from the Vatican, during which time this was written ([and Facebook-posted] 3/13/13). "new economics" refers to Pope Francis's emphasized simplicity in living (which I appreciate), while "Polarities" refers to the former noted liberal aspect vs his rather conservative stance re: gender issues. [[] Also related: see below *June 2011* entry re: peace, changes, & prophecies related to 2012.
      And I just re-applied original name to this section. "The Obama Momentum" (had been changed to "The [ ] Momentum" a few years ago, for two reasons - I was beginning to doubt, AND I wanted to add emphasis that it was always about the people, not the one elected. Now, just seems a good time to push the President, given the news about his hard work this last year [although sans that domestic security aspect], and apparent change of strategy today (?)

          2/27/13 at facebook: "Fines for Blocking Decision Making": ...For any amount of time that an/each elected official (in the Senate Or House Of Representatives) formally participates in a strategy that prevents decisions from being made by elected officials for an amount of time exceeding [an appropriate number of] hours, then for each of those hours exceeding for each elected member whose decision making powers have been blocked, that official shall have his own pay docked by $ [an appropriate amount]. If the bill being decided is primarily about balancing the budget, another $ [appropriate amount] is docked EG: If the Docking Penalty were $33/hour, for preventing 100 members of congress from making a decision on a bill for 48 hours (all hours of the day count), the sacrifice by each participant in the blocking strategy would amount to $1584 (4800 Hrs x $33). If that were a budget bill strategy that blocked decision making by 100 members, and if the Budget Penalty were $22/hr, each participant's sacrifice would total $2640 (4800 hrs x $55). So, can we put stock into a dock for a block? [mirrored from the PolyPsy Citizen Healing page's "Economy as Artform and Not a Science" section.]

          1/15/13: Questions about fast moving trains, rolling momentums, and dodging drones:
          A question about any momentum is when and how was it actually originated, vs when it was officially initiated. Take the one that led to 9/11. Or to the invasion of Iraq, or to the use of drones as a key element of foreign policy, not to mention the one that led to the election of President Obama. Or the origination of the Iran-Contra affair, or of the Neo-Cons, or the Project for a New American Century. Or to the initiation of the reign of Karl Rove through the republican party, or of the intelligence division under Dick Cheney, or of the change-up at the Pentagon under Rumsfeld. How many of those momentums have tranformed or transitioned, or been turned, let alone stopped? How much has any president had to do with their origination, official initiation, transition, or ending? Or turning them. Would I be repeating myself if I said President Elect Obama told us he would need to be given [the mandate of the citizen's expressed needs] in order to do many of the things we elected him for? Especially to the degree any of those things would require the stopping, transitioning, or turning of momentums?
          Let's take the example of the drones as the vehicle of a foreign policy strategem. The use of drones is not new, neither is the idea of their use in intelligence gathering or even in direct warfare. It's just that plans and strategies, hopes, desires, and in-house politics in the DOD has only just recently born fruit into their actual use. And there are additional plans, strategies, hopes... towards other uses - including domestic surveilance in the cities of the US. When did that momentum originate and who is actually "carrying the ball" on that? That is, if President Obama were to "officially" drop that ball, who would still be carrying it and with what amount of momentum? Where would one direct efforts to transition that into something that worked for all citizens, and not just a relative few interests? And if so transitioned, what would that look like?
          A few key considerations (IMO) would be those summarized (April & May 2012) at the Civil Liberties section of the "Political Ref's" Page, posted on PolyPsyArts list 6/1/2012 as "Domestic Drone Surveillance - or 'SaT' Smoke n' Mirrors ?" And "On The Balance of Power", with references to the "...In Context" section of the "Brass Resistance" page (June 2007).

          1/9/2013 (posted on PolyPsyArts list with subj. header, "...Two former Obama insiders speak out against US drone policy"):
          3 articles here. The 1st two regard US drone policy, including as per Gen. Stanley McChrystal, as well as per Michael Boyle, former security adviser to President Obama. The 3rd regards a rather disturbing court order (relative to civil liberty).
          I've forwarded a number of pieces on the McChrystal controvery back when it was hot (and relative to the "Brass Resistance" web pages at my site since 2006 or before). I've posted a number of times (on this list & at facebook) about my hopes for the leadership in the Pentagon and Intelligence agencies would be switched out if/when President Obama was re-elected, removing Rumsfeld's & Cheney's installations ("Neo-Con-stallations"? ;-), with their foreign policy and domestic surveliance-oriented policy. I'm not sure that's happened, but there's no mistaking that some interesting events have come about in those realms.
          All this relates to the use of drones domestically as a technical façade - for facillitating the virtual legalization of court-use of N$A technology-gained data - extensive, sensitive, & sophisticated, but necessarily only covertly employed, and for many years now (per my "theory" as elaborated at the Political Ref's Page, Civil Liberties section). [Re: Apr'12 reference, see 1/15/13 note just above]
          How much of this "intelligence" do we really need to prevent terrorism, considering how much our paranoia has increased about who's listening to what, when, and where, and that's not just since 911, but in addition since we've become so "protected" by our hyper-intensified security measures (paranoid = terrorized does it not ?)
          * 1st two articles at "Two former Obama insiders speak out against US drone policy"
          * 3rd at "Off With Their Heads!” And The Procession Moved On..." [about "This week’s ruling by a federal judge that she had no power to order the publication of the classified memo that supposedly justifies the apparent violation of a Fifth Amendment guarantee of due process to U.S. citizens killed by their government in a drone attack on Sept. 30, 2011, led UFPPC to adopt the statement as its regular meeting on Jan. 3, 2013. –Mark Jensen, UFPPC]
"The Co-Existence Set"

"Approaches to Conspiracy" Chart
at the PolyPsy Home Page

"Signs for World Change"
at the PolyPsy Citizen Healing page

"Questions for Invoking for World Change"
at the World Healing Prayers page

John Pettie Knight (Cut&ReTouched) Ovr3DMultiChaliceVtxMistO'VBrF&TOL 3'13
"Spiritual Battles Balancing the Chalice Within"

"Affirmations for Inner Communications"
at "Notes on Addiction" at the "Goal Chart" page

"Mother Earth Dove, Giving Ourselves to Peace"
in the "Pragmatic Balance" section, Chalice Art page

          Oct 2011 about Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) at the PolyPsyArts Home Page: If one loves & respects DIVERSITY, thence *peaceful coexistence of all peoples* - then one will help educate AND promote, develop the means for, and engage in Instant RunOff Voting (IRV). ...IRV by providing a forum for the greatest variety of candidates presenting their positions, and thereby informs the public broadly, engenders more people to feel like they will be represented, and allows them to elect those who provide a more truly accurate representation of the voting public, as well as of the diversity of that public. ...Perhaps the perfect dream would be the Green Party and the Natural Law Party joining up and replacing the Democratic Party [this sentence extended from a 2002 entry]. Add to that the party of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) "the 99%" (vs the 1%, per the class war that "isn't happening"). ...

          June 2011 (at various PolyPsy pages): I believe *Peace* does come with a sword - the sword of truth - but which is applied in one's own mind to discern applicable reality from that which is not. *Fairness* is just one of the more basic attributes that determine how people get along - in peace, capable of recognizing "greatness." [from "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" at Evolution Trends Page which includes refs to (the law of) karma, reincarnation, and the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012 ("What the Mayan Elders are Saying About 2012" by Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder and Ajq'ij, a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide of the Eagle Clan).) .] Related Note: All things considered, particularly those noted in the PolyPsyArts Home page intro... if GREAT changes do occur *in* year 2012 - compared to the years before and after - it will definitely be a threshold effect (and surprising to most people, including myself.) - cp, June'11, Jan'12]. Besides, most of my PolyPsy pages provide the basis and context for what I believe needs to happen for us to sustain healthy growth on this planet, let alone any at all. I do believe 2012 IS a likely time limit upon the *beginning* of earnest changes required for even the later. Have we *earnestly* begun those changes yet? Depends on one's perspective, of course. (I have elaborated in various PolyPsy list email postings over the years.) [- cp, June 2011]

Long name: "Dove & Chalice-Vortex Over Earth" © Chris Pringer July'12

This is my 4th of July piece for 2012. I know, "where's the fireworks?!"
But what about those that happen internally, after fighting spiritual battles internally... and with each step of hard-gained resolution, an increase in radiating magnetic streamers that emblazon one's heart, and increase that blazing outward to remind others' hearts & minds of their natural inner-luminance and Spirit, and so further lighting those fires... (!?!) This is one of the pieces at my Art Gallery where it can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more

          3/28/11: my commentary at facebook, for article "stupid too long so here's the note on the day Obama tried to justify" by Janine Boneparth on Monday, at 9:13pm:
          Makes you wonder if he gets to choose his agenda(s) or is force fed so much of that by his cabinet, advisers, etc. I know, we like to think the pres. is his own man. West Wing provides good food for thought as well as some entertainment. How many appointees from the Neo-Con administration is still jamming the works, besides in the pentagon, that is. And State Attorneys General. And does that matter? Were we conned again, and do the banks have the reigns because they funded his election, And have you been to "They Rule" and looked for the Koch connections to [you name it at the corporate heads of state]...? AND... was the state of things always in the hands of those who do take charge - from the lowest citizen on up - and yet, have we (on the whole) not given our power away to the personalities and celebrities who dazzle us with their pretty lights? So... back to miracles, beliefs, evolution of humanity, chopping wood and carrying water, AND making noise and getting arrested, since that seems to be one of the few means of doing what feels right, not to mention showing others where the power can be, should be, and maybe, if enough of them catch on someday, just maybe, might be?
PeaceFlagEarthChalice5a-cr-Adj2a Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12
"Patriotism Better Defined for 911, v5a" with Ecumenical Logo Set, Balance Scale, Peace Flag, Tree & Flower of Life, Dove & Transition Mandala midground, Intertwined Hearts and Chalice Tapestry 8A1 background", Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12. At My Gallery my artwork can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.

          3/25/11: Trends in "Winner / Loser" values, $, "Gladiator Tv"... at Facebook in response to post, "JPMorgan Made $907 Million From Cash Held in Madoff Accounts, Study Says ( the second- biggest U.S. bank, made $907 million in pretax profit from deposits held at the bank by imprisoned Ponzi scheme operator Bernard L. Madoff , a study said..." :
          ...the "winner values" IMO came about with Reagan's "flaunt it if you have it" theme, which unconsciously abetted the "I'm more worthy than you" perception in those so oriented (like alcohol is used to excuse doing what one wouldn't do otherwise; inhibitions are only so effective until one truly learns, not based on social mores, but on spiritual homework accomplished). From there, the kids just forming their value systems at the time quickly converted that handy "value" into "cheating is ok if it gets you what you 'deserve' " - well, those kids are now in junior CEO positions - less inhibited than many of their experienced corporate crooks. In between times was the 9/11 lies that went over so conveniently - MANY right-wingers didn't need to be convinced it was lies that got us into Iraq et-all, they didn't care about such "niceties" - the oil was to be ours because of the values about "we are the good guys on the planet because we are Christian ...deserve more" etc. Karl Rove & Rush Limbaugh had all this down WAY back when. And now they are at the Wall Street Journal under Rupert Murdock, just plowing their twisted logic right at those they've super-reinforced the fundamentalist programming that outwardly communicated intelligence is a sin of pride, that simple-mindedness is a direct ticket to heaven.
          Whoops, I forgot to include the Milken and Trump "inspired" re-engineering of business dealings and the fallout on the employee, retirement. Seems the news is just lately getting around to (almost) making that connection. Per this JPMorgan post.
          ...Remember the OJ Simpson debacle? Well, that started the InfoTainTment (scandal4profitTV) industry in the early 90's - right when the winner-loser name-call game started among the youth. Then Clinton got impeached for a blow-job but genocide of foreign brown people (Iraqi's) couldn't get a nerve. Nationalism at it's finest most destructive hour. ALL related to that worthiness issue - very sick thing. [Who says inquisitions or the crusades have ended? - 11/23/13]
          [JF replys:] Oh yes....remember the OJ trial, and the subsequent Rodney King trial when I lived in Simi Valley, CA. I do agree with your take on the insignificance of the 'blow-job'. That just added fuel to the cultural war fires and absorbed way too much media attention diverting concerns from more important issues. The right are experts in diversion and have won many elections utilizing the strategy.
          [me:] ...without my vocational / professional training I probably wouldn't be able to consider the contradictory beliefs underlying their expressed positions. That they are contradictory is how and why one or more of them become unconscious. And we all have a little of this, but here is where the politicians are playing, particularly their Con-Artist strategists like Karl Rove.

          12/25/10: Posted in blog at The Atlantic re: "The Most Productive Lame Duck Since WWII -- and Maybe Ever"]The peace & justice activists are not very happy, and the economy is in limbo, but he's done well on most every other progressive front. Considering the Bush years or alternative of McCain-Palin, we leftists sure can act funny. Have we activists been trying to keep the mainstream on the team, or are we scaring them off by showing off, communicating things they can't even relate to, let alone feel like joining in? Have they, even we, been telling the elected what we want - in ways they will listen to us? I don't see many activists dealing with these questions since the Bush days. What happened? It's like we make "the leader" always responsible but are we doing the work that's going to make the difference? That's often *initiated* by a small number of people, but until others are joining in, we can't really call it "initiating". The Right gives their power away to authoritarian leaders. The left gives it's power away by saying "it's all his fault." So, who's going to stop giving their power away first? That, I think, might be an initiation. Thanks.

          12/14/10: (on a friend's page at facebook): Yeah, have gone to check on your page (you are one busy fb gal, aren't you!) - but yeah, you've been collecting "I'm P.O.ed @ Obama" headlines! Well, in the peace & justice dept I'm more than frustrated, same for the economy, almost as bad with the Insurance (bankers, incl. health ins.). Note: He's uphill against the Neo-Con/Bush hard & fast appointed, incl. in the pentagon. But for most every *other* issue I care about, he's done exceptionally well. But again- if leftists are not telling him via our elected officials what we want and don't want, let alone via letters to him ... Because this is what he was referring to in the beginning about citizens not going back to sleep. EG: He wanted the mandate to continue - so he could say "[this many] people are telling me in letters that they want...". So... my position is, if we give him that, and we still get put on hold, then all those Bush Appointees are no excuse anymore. And notice, he doesn't even say anything about them - except when the "No" crowd actually speaks out publicly. You know a repub would gripe about such roadblocks.
          And I should add, when someone is too light on Obama, I come from the same direction you are - as a matter of providing balance.
          Short if Purposeful Digression: Why sign a petition, why try, why act, ETC: Because thresholds of change are only reached by enough people who put enough energy in a given direction. AND... Have we really been looking into Instant Runnoff Voting systems? If we don't like the two party system - THAT is the way to change it, and likely most everything else. ...
          Well, so I think we have choose our polarities wisely, gripe constructively, keep healing those hearts disillusioned & broken with the genocide in Iraq and all the lies around it, etc, and get more creative than the the repubs' Terrible Twos Romp - something that works but still doesn't insult our own intelligence.

          10/16/10: at FaceBook at 4:10pm "On Tea Party Hi-Jinks", Article Ref: "Obama Calls Arizona Immigration Bill 'Irresponsible'"
          Of all the Tea Party Hi-Jinks to tic leftists off, thereby make the sheeple whoople, this takes the cake - as it was designed to. They can't stand being ignored as the children they are, so they do what can't be ignored. You know Karl Rove is proud, no matter what he says, because the Tea Partiers are just another face... of the same folks that want the same things - to run their businesses with absolute freedom, no accountability, including to destroy anyone's life -freely- in the pursuit of profit. Most of the Tea Partiers don't even realize this, would go into absolute denial, just as the evangelicals did, when you tell them this. Emotional manipulation is Karl Rove's and Sarah Palin's key tactic. EG: This is just More of Same.
          9/19/10 4:24pm... 9/20/10 at facebook Re: NeoCon Influence in Obama Administration Foreign/Domestic Policies: Obama's win was an opportunity, IMO, for us to witness how powerful a voting citizenry can be. Now whether or not he's turned out to be the "I Can" leader... well... TOTALLY depends on the citizenry's followup. Ok, MAYBE not totally, but... WE can TOTALLY make the difference we want. I'm saying in spite of my own disappointments with this administration.
          Related Considerations: Did the Project for a New American Century just melt merrily away into the ethers, never to influence a corporate regulatory body or any other government official again? Divest itself of all the connections built up, not to mention the monetary investments, in the Mid-East Oil, Armaments, Mercenaries, construction and support systems for the most massive military bases in the world? Strip itself of all the influence by appointments to government positions? Divorce itself from Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh and Rupert Murdock, all now together at the Wall Street Journal? of any connection to the right-wing militants in this country who have made no bones about threats to Obama's life? ...and considering the above, do we really know what he's dealing with? But again, who is really in charge here? That is, who CAN be in charge if we fully realize it? [Related References]
          Hmmm, ok, so, if we are not still scratching our heads, having to think for the answers... well then, what are the implications as far as how we can still persevere - with or without Obama's direct help. It's not like he was there before we voted him in, afterall. It's not time to lay down just yet! A much as Karl Rove has led the strategy that would have us do that.
          Ok, did I say all that right? Just trying to clear things up a little... Yes, there are still all those activist groups, websites where you can write letters to elected officials, sign petitions, etc. What would 5 minutes a week (say, by EVERYONE that voted for Obama) spent on these things, plus a little news homework time... what would that do if or lead to? Have you looked into Instant Runnoff Voting systems? Well, you might if you haven't. Just some ideas...
          I don't enjoy the loudmouth rants of socialist activists any more than that of the loudmouth rightwing activists. But maybe that's more about blind ranting than actual statements of policy. But I can only guess when comes to the actual nature of what "extreme leftist politics" would look like in the US, whereas we have experienced quite a bit of extreme rightist government here, thank you Karl Rove and Neo Cons (since Bush wasn't really in charge).
          ON THE OTHER HAND of all that, I've put quite a bit of work into MUCH more pro-active considerations (where can go from here) at my own website. A small variety of approaches and considerations (from basic ethical to slightly esoteric -as in healing attitudes- to downright esoteric - just kidding - but mostly citizen-doable nonetheless via the main index of links not far down from the top of the PolyPsyArts Home Page ( Just in case you ever wanted to know :-)

================== Long Break in Posting at this Page ========================
10/25/09: I'll just refer you to PolyPsy List postings (for which the titles give brief summary), "Fwd: US effort to 'extend reach of central government' is a primary cause of Afghan insurgency", "Fwd: ACTIVISM/UFPPC STATEMENT: Demonstrate opposition to US escalation in Afghanistan!", "Fwd: Will Obama become an accessory after the fact -AWOL Bush et al" (re: detainees at Guantánamo Bay & Bush administration's so-called Terrorist Surveillance Program).
          Also please note the posting as regards Iran: "US intel agencies insist 'Iran has not restarted work on weapons design' " In this PolyPsy List folder - Important that we recognize when the media is blowing smoke to stir things up. Which statement also applies to...
          And for the Colombia/Venezuala situations: "Fwd: Colombia to be focus for US military build-up in South America" In this PolyPsy List folder- Like Nicuragua in the 80's, a state of confusion, if not pure ignorance, exists with regard to news accounts and actualities. Oil is the key issue with regard to Venezuala, burning bridges with Columbia, & nothing to do with drugs. Is about the misuse of huge amounts of prime farm land leading to many starving & poor - economic drain of small countries for corporate profits. This is particularly disturbing given President Obama's claim to represent the poor and downtrodden. Granted, the drug war czars and corporate mogels have had a powerful momentum going in these areas for decades. Perhaps the question is "How soon can Obama effect change here - without getting himself assassinated?"

          10/16/09: I have practiced patience with regard to entries about issues related to this section. My activist associates have given up on me, I'm sure. My last entry on topic (12/27/08) was about unknowns. Unknowns can be totally frustrating to leftists who want to really put their foot down somewhere - which of course they/we all do very well, it's just that we like it when we can respect consideration of other's viewpoints. Defining the context and interpretation of *Respect for others' views* can be the confusing tricky thing (inclusiveness without ambiguity) - especially given so much influence by conservatives of context, builders of the "keep it simple" primacy (who spawned those responsible for the "technology" of soundbyte communication), may their warrior gods blissfully shield us from irony and paradox. Notice that I've just said virtually nothing that a policy could be built on, and yet really good leftist politicians can get away with this - for months (this progressive admits)! And I appreciate the thoughtful approach Obama presents... but we progressives have been totally sidelined by the Obama "we've yet to begin, just wait..." approach. Accountability has gone from 'denied' to simply 'not in fashion'. Also notice that I've edited the title and subtitle notes of this Section (formerly "The Obama Momentum"). I REALLY wouldn't mind feeling like I can return that to it's original - or even to "Obama Lead Us To It !" - however, the words, "believe it when I see it" seem to overshadow things.

          10/12/09 re: Afghanistan/Pakistan Strategy: Things might change in Afghanistan. Well, there's talk of change, at least. ...I suggest Google Searching: Pashtun Taliban strategy "October 12" - which keywords are clue to the involvement of various factions complicating things there (including embedded influence of some Indians that are not so democratically oriented)... Just posted a couple of summaries (at
          * "Fwd: Afghanistan Policy - 'UnPrepared'" a collection of chosen short postings from different perspectives - which strikes me as very useful for illuminating the current debate.
          * "Fwd: Summarys & Links McChrystal, Obama, Afghanistan Policy precipitates 'crisis'" - chronological assembly of 3 weeks of those originally posted on the subject by Mark Jensen of United for Peace of Pierce County.
          * As Needed Reminder: Robert Greenwald's newest video documentary ( on Rethinking Afghanistan )

          ... [ Spring / Summer Commentary: surprisingly (?) seldom, but occasional at my facebook page "Christopher Pringer" ] ...

          4/9/09 re: "An *Exitable* Afghanistan/Pakistan ("Tribalistan") Strategy" (on this page)

          12/27/08 re: "New Kinds of Leadership" (on this page)

          12/7/08 re: There's one thing we absolutely know about the future of Obama's administration:           And that is that there are so many unknowns, that one has to ask: Why would some activists expend so much energy posting so much half-evidence, obfuscating misrepresentation, and guesstimated extrapolations onto the future as if it's already history, splattering the air with bloody maybe's (if you will pardon my imitative choice of words to 'hammer' home a point), as if to try to bludgeon away any opportunities and possibilities that might lead people to engage their creative minds?
          Why continue this when given good reason to consider other perspectives (per posts such as [for 12/1/08-2 and Obama's 'keeping the faith of the Doves'])? I'm referring to a very small percentage of postings on the SNOW-News list, at least until recently. [But seems there's one on most every activist list that uses primarily/exclusively this "rhetorical, hyperbolic style that often come across more as tirade than serious analysis" (to quote Jeremy R. Hammond [see 12/1/08-1 below]).
          IMO, such a style says something more about those who continue in that style than a simple difference of opinion. Or they might be so energized (adrenalized) from ranting that they become free of the pain of that earlier disappointment. At worst, they may become temporarily dispossessed by the habituated high (with delusions of total freedom from pain), before seeping "back into the inevitable" dark mood.  

     [   And why focus on these elements? Because no one else seems to say anything about it to encourage us to deal with it. Because *that which we deny* effects our outward behavior. Because in the past, this has resulted in citizens avoiding activists/activism and political awareness more, in activists burning out more, in less interaction between activists, citizens, and representatives. (And far worse - like where we were led with the blinding need to believe Americans are THE good guys.) Some may call it "negative," but it needs to be said, considering there are MANY "positive" suggestions as to how to deal with these and related elements - at this site, as well as links to other solution-oriented sites. Only our ego's keep us from doing the necessary personal/community growth work. --cp, 4/13/09   ]

          It seems such people would have to be so angry at someone who has long ago ripped their dreams away so completely, and are projecting that anger upon anyone else who would dare remind them of the pain of that experience. Perhaps anything is better than the pain of not knowing and the fear of having more hope destroyed (at least to such people). The cure, according to some authorities that I consider wise, is forgiving the source of the original insult - and dropping the misplaced judgment upon themselves that they are partially the source of that insult. But that requires work, of course - including the early step of admitting that one is helpless otherwise. eg: The original insult needs to be addressed. There are many sources of assistance and relief available for those who decide to engage some hope in themselves towards their own recovery. And they may learn more about HOW and WHEN to trust others (as well as distanced parts of themselves) in the process.
          [All this is assuming, of course, that the style is personal and not essentially politically motivated, expressly for the purpose of sickening, burning out, or disillusioning and disempowering activists and citizens]
          12/5/08 & [L's comment]: "Maybe [Obama is] a Christian, and therefore believes in righteous war...." in response to my 12/4 posting [below], "Feeling obsessive, ..."
          My Response: I don't know these things for sure, of course, I'm just feeling it out, but...
          IMO, We should (per Obama's apparent intentions, attitude, etc) at least return to a time when we'd have to be hard pressed before we engage in violent problem solving [which [violence], of course is actually postphonement of problem-solving with added complications]. I'm not sure any of that is truly "righteous" but, I've never been one to turn the other cheek if I felt others were being endangered as well. And that was even after going Buddhist - having grown up sufficiently ignorant and naïve that I joined the Marine Corps during the Viet Nam catastrophe, only later waking up to various realities, etc. Even as a marine, I avoided fights till pushed in a corner.
          ...I think that's where Obama comes from too. But he's dealing with [speaking of complicated postphonement] an existing gross over-extension of our military power (which I believe he does consider it also), and is bound to know that the folks behind the White House bushies (PNAC) does not want to give up power over the most powerful military in the world... [And they are] probably willing to create a reason to get rid of Obama to keep that power if they could get away with it, but can't if Obama's got enough hardliners in his cabinet). Plus he (Obama) does want get bin Laden and keep the world safe from true terrorist threats. How he deals with Pakistan is going to be his real test, but Afghanistan won't be a piknic, especially politically, until/unless he gets bin Laden without further complicating relations between the US, Pakistan, and India. I fear he will not be focused enough on the Caspian Sea Oil Corporatacracy to really change things there - he may've had to agree to something akin to that before he'd get enough support to get elected. But that's just my guestimate.
'Summary on Trust & Forgiveness', 10'09 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com

Summary on 'Trust & Forgiveness' with regard to 'Accountability' of elected officials and 'Change' (of government, society, world, etc) - 10'09 Chris Pringer
          12/4/08: "Feeling obsessive, just knowing Obama is the scourge of hope, the destroyer of faith? [whereas I do not, of course] Well, Michael Moore's article will not cure you. But it offers some reality-based checks just in case your tempted to check it all in -- since there actually are some things Obama did not actually claim, let alone promise. The question in those areas, IMO, is how "workable" will he be? But just in case you haven't read his article... [see the below 12/1/08-2 entry on "Obama's 'keeping the faith of the Doves'"]

          12/1/08[3] feedback from 'R' to my posting on Snow-News List [that posting is shown as 12/1/08-2 below]: 'R' says, "Obama wants to talk about treaties? If he was anything more than a corporate tool he'd be promising to try Bush for war crimes, in accord with our signature to the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter. Trouble is then he'd have to try his Vice President, Sec'y of State and many of his cabinet, who voted for and approved the illegal war on Iraq. Bush lies again about Saddam's supposed refusal to let in UN inspectors and Obama is silently complicit."
          My Response: "Darn, [R], I already covered that one, but apparently didn't get it out to this list. Please see [11/24 entry below]..." I will add here what didn't think to write (and probably for good reason, as far as the list goes) that Kucinich hasn't gotten very far with that approach at all (not even taken seriously by most of congress, which IS a shame). But once Obama (having presumably learned from that and more) is in a position to be taken seriously when he brings justice where he can, then we will see how much a corporate tool he is. To think it wise (not to mention feasible) for him to go after the bushies right now requires more (blind?) idealism than I could ever muster! (especially for reasons covered in the 11/24 entry)
'Summary on Trust & Forgiveness', 10'09 Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
Assembled on window 12'08, Chris Pringer

          12/1/08[2] & Obama's 'keeping the faith of the Doves':
          It might be good, even important, to site Michael Moore's article, "Obama Team Tilts Right, Doves Keep Faith" 11/28, where he quotes Steven Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation who writes The Washington Note, a popular foreign policy blog: " 'We are in an Obama bubble now. And it's tough to step out and be first to deflate the bubble.' especially before the bubble takes shape. '...You've got some people like myself who are saying there may be an interesting design in what Obama is trying to do. Maybe it doesn't fit easily in a neatly sculpted box of liberal pacifist and warmonger hawk. Maybe it's more complex than that.'
Peace Makes Sense Button           "...Maryiln Katz, a veteran of the peace movement dating back to her days as a member of Students for a Democratic Society [and now a "well-connected Chicago public-relations executive"], helped organize the October 2002 rally in Chicago's Federal Plaza where Obama declared his opposition to what he called a "dumb war.' But, Katz recalled, the then-state senator also made certain to point out he was no pacifist. 'He asserted his own position in contradiction to [the] anti-war movement," she said. "He wasn't us. He didn't pander to the crowd. ...'
          "...Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), a Bay Area liberal: 'Regardless of who advises him, he must and I believe he will embrace a bold agenda that uses our non-military power," ...said others in the peace movement are holding their fire... even as ...they are "counting on the progressives in the Congress to keep [Obama's] feet to the fire.' "

          12/1/08[1]:     Two or more articles for your discussion if you like: ["Obama Pledge on Treaties a Complex Undertaking"], and "Analysis: Iraq, U.S. Would Control Profits from Iraqi Oil Exports Under Agreement". Also to note, given Obama's desire to make headway in Afghanistan, tho' possibly not as central to the topic of Treaties, is the article "New York Times Misleads on Taliban Role in Opium Trade"
          Keep in mind the source of the latter two articles is Jeremy R. Hammond, the editor of a new web site that seems to revelle in the kind of headlines that Jeremy talks about in his site promo: "...Other sites that do provide content from outside that framework often present it in a very rhetorical, hyperbolic style that often come across more as tirade than serious analysis, even when the information being provided is useful." However, these two articles do come across decidely as serious analysis (tho' I have to admit I don't know enough about him or the topics yet to say he's done a good job of it or not.)
          11/29/08 and Obama's vs Bushie's Response to Mumbai attacks:
          Background case in point: This article, Mumbai crisis 'moving from tactical to strategic level' really reminds me ...You've probably seen the poster with Bin Laden posing like Uncle Sam with his finger pointing at you, saying "I want you to invade Iraq." (see right; I modified mine to say "Iran" -the big one I put outside on the utility pole, that is; let me know if you'd like one)   Of course, this is to highlight the Alcaida strategy of getting the US military locked in, where they knew the Bushies could make us the world's favorite [ass], where terrorists (and just regular folks defending their homeland) could do the most harm to them, thence to the US.  Which is what happened.  Project for a New American Century accomplished most of its goals in the process as well (according to W.R. Pitt). (That is no exaggeration - please see the references linked to here as needed, if you've forgotten the details, etc.); other homework backup [with much on PNAC] is available via the political refs page.
          Current Warning as per above example: There would seem to be an attempt to make this attack (the 8th terrorist attack upon India since Jan'08) one to draw the US in BEFORE Obama is innagurated. Alcaida LIKES how Bush/Cheney handles things -especially kicking things off with Rumsfeld's strategies and firing's/resignings of the better generals in the pentagon in '03-'05. And (as Obama has indicated with his commentary about Alcaida#2's commentary about him) Alcaida is nervous about Obama, who is far more suited to handle the situation. Kind of makes you wonder if some more war-business is being built up again -- maintaining that old Bush/Saud family connection.
'I Want You to Attack Iraq' --Osama
          Suggested Response: if the Bushies try to use this attack to initiate, in effect, their reason to maintain control of the White House, Then (in addition to how activists will respond) citizens need to contact our elected officials - because we've already learned we can't count on [congress] getting the basic facts from an objective source [or keeping to them]. Whereas if they get the objective info *immediately* from a whole cast of citizens, well, they won't have much excuse (at least) not to act with maturity.  And if they do react only to the administrations *convenient use* of terrorism to initiate extensive (and/or a new theater of) military action, then we expose their doing just that.

          11/24/08:    It's not looking good, according to this article. [This Is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites, And Neocons To Watch For In Obama's White House, By Jeremy Scahill, Alternet 11/20/08]
          Yeah, I could think of a few explanations (for Obama's questionable choices) that might apply, followed by a number of *IF this* conditionals. And they might even be true. For example, listening to "To the Point" (via KUOW, last Fri) I was reminded that Bush & crew can still have plenty of ways and means to pre-empt Obama's plans [- that is, if Karl Rove & the PNAC gang thought they would need to to maintain/insure control of the most powerful military in the world (incl. via assassination of Obama by one of those Nazi nuts Palin encouraged). For more context, see this. Oh yeah, and then there's the current intelligence gathering by the Bushies including on Obama's communications. I'm assuming my email isn't that important to them, that these views aren't news to any official stringpullers]).
          If I were Obama, and had reason to think that was a real possibility, I might not want to show all my cards (plans for appointments, planned changes to appointments, etc). Especially since Obama is a poker player, maybe a chess player.
          But am I just dreaming he could be playing it that smart? If/when I come to believe too many people are too naïve -- which we'll likely know more about by next Summer, if not before -- then I'll be back on the "watch out for" wagon. [<=repeat] In the meantime, he's going to need us to remind him he has a mandate to insure accountability. And (all IMO, of course) we need to keep people motivated enough that they can at least shoot for the high goals now and then. Maybe I need to get another prayer for these considerations -- altho' I remember the citizen prayer covering most of this. Watcha think?

          11/22/08[2] re Israeli-Palestinian Peace:     Some Very astute perspectives on a current issue [re Discussion, Scrowcroft and Brzezinski on Primacy of Israeli-Palestinian Peace; Related to 11/19/08[a] note below]. From one of the local activist lists, (and therefore the id's have been removed). [The posting can be found at the PolyPsySpirit list Archives via the search engine, using KEYWORDS: "Scrowcroft and Brzezinski on Primacy".]

          11/22/08[1]:     [re: my optimistism on these notes:] My main goal (as far my own "media" is concerned) is long-term citizen/activist health, preventative health maintenance as/where needed. I don't want us to miss any true opportunities to make things better. EG: IF/when Obama truly has something for us (us as world citizens), even in foreign relations, I want a sufficient number of us (American citizens) to be able to respond and help make it happen. One of the things that could get in the way of that is too many folks being overly skeptical -- to the point of discouraging effective alertness for too many citizens. EG: (IMO, as all this is) there needs to be a balance of perspective put out if we don't want our primary activist teams (if you will) going with their most familiar emotional momentums (powerful passionate protesting) - where there is not a true purpose for it. After all, our biggest enemies are ignorance and hate, and not specific individuals and groups (who would have no power unless others gave it to them).
          If/when I come to believe too many people are too naïve -- which we'll likely know more about by next Summer, if not before -- then I'll be back on the "watch out for" wagon.
          PS: In case you haven't been there in a while, I've added a number of sections to the Machiavengelicals page [revised & renamed to "Structure and Dissolving Extremism" 2008-'10; Jan'14] (as for other pages) over the years -- trying to keep that balance there also. So it's not all (creative) rant as it used to be. For a while I thought I might retire that page when(if?) the bushies left, but then later realized there's always going to be that 30+% of cult/addictive folks who need that exposure so they don't evangelize other sheople (who are also susceptable to machiavengelical power lords).

          11/19/08[5] re: Pre-empting Bush Pardons:    ...There is a petition promoting this resolution, through which you can write to your representative and senators at

          11/19/08[4]:     On the downside of considerations... and (to me) this doesn't mean we (citizens) can't effect change (as per commentary w/ previous posts, etc). [re:] "AP: Obama administration 'unlikely to bring criminal charges' for torture"

          11/19/08[3]:     I think these kinds of things happen more often when you get common sense in hi places. Regardless of what Obama said before he was elected, I'm willing to bet there will be far less build-up in Afghanistan than Obama's been interpreted to actually intend. Hmmm, I'd also be willing to bet there's going to be lots of bets on that. [re:] "Iraqi cabinet approves US withdrawal plan that 'matches Obama's vision'"

          11/19/08[2]:     A month or so ago, some friends (who read lots of books) forwarded something on the economy. It's sat in the back of my mind ever since, so I did a little research and here's the results- 3 articles about Brooksley Born: "The Woman Greenspan, Rubin & Summers Silenced", "The Lessons Of Long-Term Capital Management L.P." (Oct'98), and "The World According to Brooksley Born" (May'97). Falls under the heading of "What 'they' didn't want us to know," of course.
          My own 2cents for Obama on the economy and... (after listening to KUOW's "To the Point" Report, "Reshaping the Pentagon for a Dangerous New World"):
          It's said that in sex, death, and taxes, the biggest weapon or tool, is one's imagination. (Ok, maybe the saying only applied to sex, but who would dispute the relationships? But more to the point:) That especially applies when it comes to the economy and and national defense (or offense). We can save a fight by using our head, not to mention our heart - like most things, they work best when used together. (EG: making enemies is expensive in most every way). That means foregoing (LOW-prioritizing) instant gratification, what LOOKS sexy, and most other image-maintenance. This may be asking for a lot (perhaps a paradigm shift), but it also means emphasis on education, broad-reading/viewing and context-awareness, emotional intelligence, and preventative maintenance (for anything of essential value, but especially body-mind health), AND (education about) the implications of having those as major priorities - personal and communal. That also implies education on the downside (ie: end products) of [previous trend of wrong] emphasis on sound-byte communications, winner-loser competition, glitz-flaunting, as well as the more commonly acknowledged addictions. (I think there's some really great books on all this, including one entitled, "What I learned in Kindergarten" or something like that... Wow, google that!). Part of that broad view might include public radio (ie: KUOW in Seattle Area) which has been including MANY discussions from a broad variety of perspectives on these and related topics, by the way. HA! talk about synchronicity: after I wrote the above, I got this email posting (by Andy Borowitz) on Obama's complete sentences - includes a great Sarah Palin quote to boot!]

          11/19/08[1] re Israel-Palistine issues:     Here's to hope & prayer that Obama is and/or will be in discovery mode when comes to the Israel-Palistine issues. It took me "forever" it seems to see the light in that regard (5 years ago), even tho' I woke up in many other ways 25 years ago. How many movies have we seen that portray Israel in a light that, well, just keeps us from looking into things? Many jews in Israel (in peace & justice organizations like ours here) tell us that (nationally) they're just not the perfect martyrs they are portrayed as. That the circumstances have been "great for business" of course - oil & weaponry especially. And, in spite of the radical elements that bomb them, they do their best to keep the Palestinians from loosing more rights, land, freedom, and lives. Ok, I'll stop there. [re:] "A BONE IN AMERICA'S THROAT," by Jeff Halper

          11/17/08[2]:     3 articles (and links to more)... re: Obama, Civil Rights (especially domestic wire-tapping, Bush-Cheney), and more.
          As I go back through articles looking for these, I'm noticing a great deal of conflicting 'who's for' and 'who's against' --and WHEN-- the various Patriot Act related legislation since 2001. Seems most everyone in congress voted for "it" AND against "it" (!). Since "it" comprises a complex array of bills over the years (house and senate versions differing in widely varying degrees), and who was trying to get who to get along or trade votes or ... I mean, if anyone can figure out some consistency on this, I want to know. I'm guessing we have to take a wider context. And of course, that means beyond these few articles ... [The posting can be found at the PolyPsySpirit list Archives via the search engine, using KEYWORDS: "Power We Didn't Grant"]

          11/17/08[1]:     ...if Rove & Cheney have anything to do with it, [Bush will] likely only do a few pardons [!!! as I entered that here, KUOW announces "the first round..." !!! After which I said some things I won't write here...], but especially Cheney & Rice, explaining something like " 'unscroupulous radicals' in foreign countries who might try to arrest them while conducting normal business," but including someone like Rice because most everyone sees her as innocent anyway. I just really want Obama to be a go-getter on this, and fear that he may not be. I'd love him to appoint some "questionables" just so he can "discover" them to be who they are and then burn their...
          Sorry, I'm just sharing my fantasies. But y'know, Obama could actually do it and do a great job of it. He's got the potential, I just hope I'm not totally dreaming. ...In any case, he's going to need us to remind him he has a mandate to insure accountability. ...we need to keep people motivated enough that they can at least shoot for the high goals now and then.

          11/15/08, on strategies in Mid-East policy:     a great discussion regarding Obama's possible moves. Besides being encouraging, it acknowledge's Obama's complexity in dealing with difficult situations, not to mention difficult or unscrupulous people. Another strategy-puzzler, Renewed talk that Israel may strike Iran before Obama's inaugural, thank you Mark Jensen. ...something to put in the prayer time. [key point from Mark Jensen's summary: "On the surface, Obama's comments represent a pro-Israeli stance. However, they could also be interpreted as an attempt to lessen the likelihood that the sort of pre-inauguration strike that Benny Morris advocates will take place."]

          11/14/08[3]: What I put in the add slot provided
          "One better: If there is a way, we/you should create an amendment to modify/limit the presidential pardon so that, under qualifying circumstances, it cannot be used when enough evidence exists to support the charge that obstruction of justice and/or abuse of power may occur due to that use of the presidential pardon. (Thank you for forgiving my inexperience with legalese.)" re:
          "I urge you to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney before they issue pardons. But if that fails, I urge you to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney afterwards for issuing pardons that constitute obstruction of justice and abuse of power. A post-inaugural impeachment would prohibit those impeached from ever holding federal office, either elected or appointed. Arguably, impeachment would also nullify pre-impeachment pardons and permit prosecutions. Finally, impeachment would tell future Presidents they cannot abuse their pardon power to put themselves above the law."

          11/14/08[2]:     [bracketed notes/edits added later] Remember McCain's claiming Obama was so socialist? I responded to an associate's posting of something from one of the socialist factions.
        Here's the quote: "Obama's No. 1 Job is to oversee the ongoing and outrageous raid of the U.S. treasury in order to subsidize major corporations and Wall Street—to the tune of more than $2 trillion and counting. Obama's No. 2 Job is to give an illusion of change that can assuage people's well-founded distrust of the U.S. government."
        Ok, so... I responded: I support much of the socialist agenda (well, I'm not a well read student of it these days, but there's so many different factions & agendas, so... but I digress. Anyway...) -- this "article" reads more like a "join my church or y'all are goin' to hell" kind of flyer - appropriately long-winded however, considering the source. Which reminds me of some of the showbiz going on at some of the local organizing meetings when most of were there to just get things done. (I know, "digress, digress, digress...") But yes, progressives still have competition at all levels of influence, and there's no rest for the wicked (wear the shoe as fits ).
        ...I trust Obama to be Obama, but I'm still learning who that is, therefore am still learning what to expect. I think that for people to act like they have it all figured out before they do is, well, to be selling something. They might be selling themselves, they might be selling their organization, they might be selling a belief system, etc. Some of my perspective on that depends on how sophisticated and/or consciously aware of various things they seem to be. I do my best not to steriotype people or groups, and instead I study the elements of change that engage the subject at hand - what effects what, what doesn't, how, when, etc. I like to forgive, but I don't forget much when comes to certain kinds of things. I learn HOW to trust people by giving them (certain amounts of) opportunity to do the right thing.
        ...I'm not responsible for their anger - they are. [Here I was referring to certain activists who, well, there are a few activist groups that are mainly composed of those who are habitually angry, mainly because they have been all their life without being aware of it... some may be agents provocateurs, but some are just folks who found other like-'emoted' folks. We all have our crosses... ] And the quicker we get responsible for our own stuff [and constructively express it], the quicker we will be clear about our strategy as citizens, as activists, as people who want a planet that works as fairly as we can create it. We just might make it. Or we'll [damage] each other by choice or non-choice as we entertain ourselves with cut-throat competition based survival TV and other winner/looser attitude-building krap and let the planet shake us off like it damn well aught to in that case. I'm just doing what I can, and trying to give a chance to those who seem like they can help. And no one man, certainly Obama, can do it alone. We're stuck with getting people who disagree trying to work things out between them. So here we are.
        Related Note & Quote from the Recovering Democracy page: "...As for real solutions, we don't need to focus on, or even have, "isms" in government. We do need to find what works best where we all work together -- instead of calling people socialists or communists whenever they try to keep a governing body from legalizing hi-way robbery or a corporation benefiting from it. Riane Eisler, a meticulous Cross-Discipline researcher, puts it right in (her book) *The Real Wealth of Nations*, where she writes about the potential for economics to reflect what we truly value, quality of life, and quality of the environment, and provides strong and uplifting evidence to backup her recommendations. She "expands the scope and practice of economics beyond capitalism and socialism to a new economics in which equity, justice, and environmental sanity prevail..." ~Morris Dees, Co-founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

         11/14/08[1]:     An associate wrote to me, "As evidence continues to accrue that Obama is another Clinton I see nothing disheartening or discouraging in simply relaying and posting such. If, on the other hand, you have evidence that Obama is really acting in accord with the principles and ideals of VFP and the peace movement, then by all means, post them. I haven't seen such evidence and would gladly welcome it."
        I responded: I have evidence of neither absolutely one way or the other. And I appreciate the warnings (I'll call them) about Obama. On the otherhand, doomsayers blaming Obama before we really know anything provide the kind of message that, well, needs to be balanced with corrective, or more complete, or more in context type of information. And I'm one of those people who seem to naturally can't help providing that when noticing the need for it. So, it's not like I'm going to wait until I have Total Knowledge about key people or key points anymore than you will (and thank you). When I pre-emptively post warnings about something, I generally try to have good info, and when I don't I tell people up front to consider the source. Really, I actually do that. I'll even provide a partial disclaimer to that, saying that I'm human, I have bad days, I'm not always as awake as [on] some other days - just like you. Looking at it from a metaphysical point of view: between you and I, we probably provide a kind of balance of info on the SNOW list... [SNOW is Sound Non-Violent Opponents of War, a coalition of peace & justice activist organizations in the Puget Sound (Seattle, WA) area.]

         11/12/08:     [Written in response to someone emailing that Obama's "winning is due to record donations coming in from the same corporations backing the Republicans":] ... I seem to remember it wasn't actually the *same* list of donors as those buying the republicans, certainly not near the same amount from the same donors... [and] that the difference was significant, if not "pure." And he did get way beyond record percentage, not to mention a relatively high percentage of donations in the very small amounts. ...
        NOT TO WORRY - I don't plan to drop my sword (of truth, that is) nor encourage others to do so. And I WANT your feedback. But vetted info is easier to deal with - and of course that includes sites such as Common Ground and TruthOut and so on, but I'm very suspect of the Libertarian-based sites - they seem to just love to exaggerate. Same for some of the socialist sites, which is particularly disappointing, especially when they seem to just want to keep people [ticked] off. Which may work for the hardcore, but I run on a wider mix of fuels (emotions as drives), as do many people on my lists, as do many people that I sincerely want to encourage to get/stay active (without burning them out with guilt/fear/anger/worse).

          11/10/08, on the Rahm Emanuel Appointment:         ...I agree AIPAC has too much influence, but don't quite see them seeping through every crevice. Meanwhile we shall see how much these appointments actually influence Obama - having taking at least two AIPAC folks out of more powerful positions and putting them next to him... [Added 11/13/08:] Who is obviously no pushover, and who has shown himself to be a very astute poker player. (No one's mentioned anything about his chess skills yet, but I'm betting they're formidable). I'm thinking, certainly hoping, this could be a VERY good thing.

          11/10/08, on the Rahm Emanuel Appointment:     Obama's appointment of Emanuel need not indicate Obama's position or direction with respect to Israel, or to tactics to be used. The others paint a picture with more dire implications/potentials. Already, we've seen plenty of evidence that Obama can use different tactics. Having read Bill's article, I might like to raise the anti to say that Obama is confident of his abilities to convince thinking men to consider advanced perspectives. And having done so, a most powerful message is sent. Afterall, that is exactly what he did with his election, is it not? Also (as Bill aludes [in article that this comment accompanied]), if Emanuel had succeeded Pelosi, he may have become a most difficult opponent in congress. Now he is close by, and will have to do Obama's bidding. [If this sounds a little like my thoughts about Obama's consideration of General Powell (see 10/31), maybe there's a reason.]

          11/10/08:     There's one more way those things that I mention at the Brass Resistance Page could come into play. Referring to the "In Context" & "Impeachment Myths" sections. And that's if Obama is assassinated during Bush's watch. (eg: we should never underestimate Karl Rove & the PNAC gang's *continuing* efforts for control of the most powerful military in the world.) Obama's strengthening ties with the Israeli power structure (indicated by his choice of Biden, Immanuel, and some others) might be one way to lock the PNAC/oil boys out. On the other hand, Israel has been playing "little Russia" in the Mid-East region (paranoid, impulsive, & heavy-handed) especially whenever their own fundamentalists are in power. I think they just shifted to much more moderate governance. But that still means potential hair trigger situation with Iran. But less interference with a more pin-pointed campaign to get bin Laden without trying to convince people we are winning any wars on people. Tho he might call it defeating hatred, extremism, and injustice -- wherever or within whomever that may be. AND Obama has talent, of course. And I believe Obama can prevail. [He has to if we are to get beyond this critical period he is taking over the leadership in, and into an Earth-sustaining momentum.] All IMO, of course. Thank you for your support. Prayer couldn't hurt in ANY case.

        11/6/08:     I'm sorry to sound like a broken record on this, but I don't know what else Obama could've said (essentially about bin Laden, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) if he was going to get elected, if PNAC & Karl Rove via McCain was *not* going to be re-empowered. And I can't help but feel very, no, extremely thankful about the election. Besides, very few people would've complained if the main/essential/primary/sole target early on was bin Laden.

        11/6/08, on *realistic goals* for activism under Obama:     I don't think all negotiating has to be "chipping away at" [the opposition's points] -- I mean, there IS middle ground (in a democracy, not to mention the dimension of short and long term [and you thought I was going to say "time & space" ])- in any case, it would be great if sometime we could actually find it (the middle ground). Ideals are great to aim for, but if we insist on hollering so loudly about things that are beyond reach, especially before we've attempted currently realizable goals - well, people get the idea we're not on the earth plane. [Which I know sounds funny coming from me, but I usually know when I'm tossing out potential-tapping bearing-setters (not a bad thing now and then ) versus current realistic goal considerations. IE: the bushies impeachment will, IMO, take a year or two to accomplish, but we have to keep working that momentum along with others.]
          But, IMO, activism has different levels of approach, in terms of how far ahead of the populace it can be in terms of what/how much it asks for or demands. On some issues, the best activism can do is get the populace aware of an issue. Often activism can only expect to get that which the populace will immediately recognize as needed/valuable. That's besides all the considerations re the elected representatives. And I don't pretend that's complete, just what first comes to mind relative to the primary point (realistic goals). But I think sometimes we activists forget who our audience is, how to modify the message depending on the level of understanding of that group (not to say that's simple to always keep appropriate focus for).
          Speaking of realistic goals, IMO, coalition building and maintaining among activists should not have been as difficult as it was. Except that burnout (primarily from expecting too much too soon) was a key part of the dissolution where it happened, as well as a few groups that demanded too much [conformity to their methods, ideals, etc] from other activist groups.]

          11/6/08:     IMO, Unrealistic goal-setting was essentially, strategically speaking, the internal flaw that brought down the bushies. (speaking of internal elements) Even though everyone else (in the world) knew they were asking too much, the trouble with that - in view of the other republicans - was that they had too much power to resist, and besides, they believe very strongly in standing by the leadership when it's opposed. So now they are disillusioned -- which is the piper being paid, since one of Karl Rove's key strategies was to cause disillusionment, disorganization, and/or conceptual confusion among the voters that would not vote for them -- primarily via reframing of issues and redefinition of terms, and then powerfully marketed repetition with "winner" imagery. All that hammering of their catechism, then they ripped it out of context with reality (in the minds of their followers) when they inadvertantly projected so many contradictory images - Palin's imagery magnetized so much of that - and up on their big-sceen it went, and only their "base" was left.

          10/31/08, on Gen. Powell (just before Obama chose to not choose Powell):     In the end: Will Obama count on Powell, trust him with anything that Obama should know better to? I have a strong feeling that Obama not only knows Powell's weaknesses, but also the culture of Powell's upbringing and how it influenced how Powell moved through the carreer channels, how powerful white men found it useful to use that to keep him half-aware of what they knew they could latter use against him. Given that, his "plausable deniability" in the Iran Contra Affair need not have been Powell's plan, as I can not imagine that it could NOT have been enforced on him - from those around him. I'm wondering whether the fact of the movement of missles from the European realm to Iran was known *before or after* the Cold War ended (with the secret only much later realized, that we knew the Russians had relatively few working missles of their own, and that we won that war by out-spending and much thereby out-psyching them)?
          To cut to the current chase (to put it almost literally, given the timing of the book), considering Obama's awareness and P's experience, I'm led to conclude that Powell just may be implicated in past crimes - if he dares to not protect Obama to his fullest capacity. But I'll be watching, and trust many others will too.

          10/30/08, on O'Bama's pre-election approach:     I actually enjoyed O'Bama's 30 minute talk - about OUR potential. Why I say "OUR" potential is illuminated well here: "ENFP and ESTP Personality Types (ie: Obama's & McCain's)" - from a Myers Briggs Personality testor (and husband of 'Terri', a friend of one of my friends). It's a great piece for helping understand who Obama and McCain is, how they work, what makes them tick, and some very likely implications for the next presidency.
         IMO, Barack has needed to do what he's been doing in order to get elected. He is the only one around who may open up the dialog -- under the pressure (from *us*) that (I believe / hope) he counts on continuing -- so that accountability for the crimes (many of, at least) will be brought about. He will need protection if he is to accomplish this. He needs a few pentagon experienced friends who will do anything for forgiveness and a chance to prove their real worth. Hence General Powell. He's a tactics man who was over-zealous in his desire to prove, to the point of blindness (I've been there) -- which Rumsfeld recognized long ago, & which Rove & Cheney used to their best advantage. Does he have a conscience? I believe he truly suffers for what he helped bring about. I do know one thing. And that's that McCain would do the Gerald Ford pardon thing for the Bush crew.
         As far as Barack (and cabinet choices like Powell), I sure as hell hope I'm right. I feel Barack will be our opportunity - but it's still going to mean a LOT of work from us. And that means our input on Afghanistan/Pakistan - and that dialog I believe he will open up (as planned, IMO, if we do our part).
         The thing is, if we don't at least look for the better potentials, we will certainly miss some valuable opportunities. I know that from the personal healing realm of things. And since *society* is the aggregate of the personal... well, you get what I mean.


Want change?

Pray with your heart

pray with your mind

pray wity your feet

in the street

For paradigm shift

shift a beat

Yeah, for a real lift

pray with your feet

You really want change?

its ok to get miffed

Pray with your mind

for a corpus colossal sift

Pray with your heart

it's your real gift

Pray with your feet

for it's a real lift

I mean on the street

if were gonna heal the rift

Yeah, dance to the beat

of the paradigm shift

Allowing hearts to meet

healing corpus colossum rift

allowing ego's retreat

allowing God's gift ...

allowing colossal reality

for that paradigm shift

Originally "For a Paradigm Shift, Shift a Beat"
by Chris Pringer, posted 10/11/07
Chapter 92 Veterans for Peace [listserve email]

Chris Pringer in VFP Bush Hat, 2005ish?

          9/26/08 Prayer Offered [in affirmation style]:
Barack Obama is Communicating w/Clarity -- for the Divine Guidance that is available to him -- Especially on the points that are important -- Clearly & Effectively to all who are watching, listening, and voting in November. Thanks to God/Goddess All That Is for all who are focusing to increase this momentum.

          9/11/08 on "Complications" in an email exchange with Paul
         [NOTE: I just now (2/2/18) ran across this in my files and thought it (with it's copy of Deepak Chopra on Sarah Palin) might be timely to add here, albeit in it's chronologically correct place (9/11/08), while also adding a reference note at the current date. ~cp, 2/2/18]:

         «Moi:» I come from Oklahoma where the average New Yorker would be considered, at least back when I was growing up, rude beyond tolerating any longer than Southern politeness absolutely demanded. And then, (not sure about now, haven't been back there for 20+ years) the average Seattlite would be considered overly fairly rude and very snobbish (if had the now "Seattle-normal" set of personal boundarys) or else two-faced (if engaged that set on an irregular basis). Talking about your pains and troubles to total strangers there and then was not that unusual. While the New Yorker would not be considered complicated (mainly because he wouldn't be missed long enough), the Seattlite would be seen as complicated to the inth degree. I've become somewhat accustomed, if not fairly understanding of the hows and whys of all that. In naturopathic health we speak of peeling away the layers of the onion to get down to the originating patterns of the current illness or pathologic condition. The social-personality complications would seem to come from people no longer feeling safe to be present as who they are, and have learned to add layers of coping mechanisms to compensations to image controls to... just to feel safe in society. And that's become "the norm." We speak of a "truly genuine person" as a rarity.
         Ok, now, does "too complicated" make sense? - Chris

         «Paul:» why yes, after that rather complicated answer!

         «Chris:» exactly, Paul! And that's why naturopaths say the standard American diet complicates our health, thus our healing process (the onion layer thing. -- because the layering, removing it, is what they generally have to start with.
So to get simple in relating to people, we now (for most folks) have to work though so many layers of ... all that.
         I think that politics is the probably the quinticential artform of doing all that - hmm, but only after creating the need for it. hmmm, that ("create the problem so can 'fix' it" thing) kind of sounds familiar, don't it? But, speaking of complicating or decomplicating, this conversation has me thinking in ways I don't often think, Paul. Thank you for that, by the way.

--- The above is the tail end of of the following email conversation with Paul, Subj: "Re: Fwd: on Palin"):

         «Paul:» Here's an interesting perspective...... [he bcc'd a copy of Deepak Chopra on Sarah Palin, but didn't include who wrote it- actually appeared as if written by someone else. That "fwd" is included in column at right.]

         «Moi:» Thanks, Paul, You did know it was written by Deepak Chopra, didn't you? (I had forwarded it to my list as well [PolyPsyArts at Riseup.Net[)

         «Paul:» Hi Chris, Yes, I did. I somewhat deviously removed the attribution because I didn't want the folks who may not consider him as a serious commentator to be able to dismiss it out of hand. Paul

         «Moi:» ah.... Never thought about that before... and I feel remiss when I don't include the internet address of the source! geez, now I'm going to have to think about this element whenever posting stuff. Do you ever feel follks are just getting to complicated? (half-laughing, half with my eyes widening) -Chris

         «Paul:» too complicated? I'll have to think about that.......
  On Palin by Deepak Chopra, September'08
Paul wrote, 9/11/2008:
         «Paul:» Here's an interesting perspective......

[Begin Quote:] Sometimes politics has the uncanny effect of mirroring the national psyche even when nobody intended to do that. This is perfectly illustrated by the rousing effect that Gov. Sarah Palin had on the Republican convention in Minneapolis this week. On the surface, she outdoes former Vice President Dan Quayle as an unlikely choice, given her negligent parochial expertise in the complex affairs of governing. Her state of Alaska has less than 700,000 residents, which reduces the job of governor to the scale of running one-tenth of New York City. By comparison, Rudy Giuliani is a towering international figure. Palin's pluck has been admired, and her forthrightness, but her real appeal goes deeper.

She is the reverse of Barack Obama, in essence his shadow, deriding his idealism and exhorting people to obey their worst impulses. In psychological terms the shadow is that part of the psyche that hides out of sight, countering our aspirations, virtue, and vision with qualities we are ashamed to face: anger, fear, revenge, violence, selfishness, and suspicion of "the other." For millions of Americans, Obama triggers those feelings, but they don't want to express them. He is calling for us to reach for our higher selves, and frankly, that stirs up hidden reactions of an unsavory kind. (Just to be perfectly clear, I am not making a verbal play out of the fact that Sen. Obama is black. The shadow is a metaphor widely in use before his arrival on the scene.)

I recognize that psychological analysis of politics is usually not welcome by the public, but I believe such a perspective can be helpful here to understand Palin's message. In her acceptance speech Gov. Palin sent a rousing call to those who want to celebrate their resistance to change and a higher vision.

Look at what she stands for:

--Small town values -- a denial of America's global role, a return to petty, small-minded parochialism.

--Ignorance of world affairs -- a repudiation of the need to repair America's image abroad.

--Family values -- a code for walling out anybody who makes a claim for social justice. Such strangers, being outside the family, don't need to be heeded.

--Rigid stands on guns and abortion -- a scornful repudiation that these issues can be negotiated with those who disagree.

--Patriotism -- the usual fallback in a failed war.

--"Reform" -- an italicized term, since in addition to cleaning out corruption and excessive spending, one also throws out anyone who doesn't fit your ideology.

Palin reinforces the overall message of the reactionary right, which has been in play since 1980, that social justice is liberal-radical, that minorities and immigrants, being different from "us" pure American types, can be ignored, that progressivism takes too much effort and globalism is a foreign threat. The radical right marches under the banners of "I'm all right, Jack," and "Why change? Everything's OK as it is." The irony, of course, is that Gov. Palin is a woman and a reactionary at the same time. She can add mom to apple pie on her resume, while blithely reversing forty years of feminist progress. The irony is superficial; there are millions of women who stand on the side of conservatism, however obviously they are voting against their own good. The Republicans have won multiple national elections by raising shadow issues based on fear, rejection, hostility to change, and narrow-mindedness.

Obama's call for higher ideals in politics can't be seen in a vacuum. The shadow is real; it was bound to respond. Not just conservatives possess a shadow -- we all do. So what comes next is a contest between the two forces of progress and inertia. Will the shadow win again, or has its furtive appeal become exhausted? No one can predict. The best thing about Gov. Palin is that she brought this conflict to light, which makes the upcoming debate honest. It would be a shame to elect another Reagan, whose smiling persona was a stalking horse for the reactionary forces that have brought us to the demoralized state we are in. We deserve to see what we are getting, without disguise. [End Quote (of Deepak Chopra)]


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HEARTS AND MINDS FOR An *Exitable* Strategy for Afghanistan/Pakistan
(Chris Pringer, 3/25/10)

         Hearts and Minds of the people - It's the paramount priority for the US in Afghanistan if we want to exit the country, saying our objectives were achieved in any way at all. Because the Taliban and AlCaide know that without our gaining the Afghani hearts and minds, they can maintain access to our ordinance (via infiltration, blackmail, for conversion of civilians into bombs, etc). They can lead us into traps where we end up killing civilians. Resulting in more recruits for terrorism. And that's how they've been USING our presence there, similar to the battle for hearts and minds in Iraq. And so on. So, how to improve/ change our strategy there?

         Given that we ARE there (regardless of the wisdom -or not- of that), and in consideration of an exitable strategy: If we focus on protecting and supporting the villages, learning who the people are, building goodwill, instead of venturing out after "the bad guys" - eventually/gradually "the bad guys" will come back into the villages as regular folks again. Afghanistan expert Tamim Ansary needs to be listened to (per ref/link below).

         Hearts and minds also means respect - and how can they respect us if we don't hold accountable those in our government who led us, via known lies, into killing over a million Iraqi's and displacing another half a million? (Mostly civilian, and yes, per the usual trusted world census sources (elaboration and links re: *The Lancet* Studies, 2003-2007)). How do we maintain respect by putting so many soldiers with PTSD from so many tours, mainly in Iraq, into the towns and faces of Afghani's and Pakistani's?

         The generals leftover from the Bush era, and those like them, are too geared towards military business as usual - they like being on the offense - which the Taliban loves and uses to trap us into killing civilians, whether as hostages or as helplessly part of the Talibani's design. Leads to Loss of goodwill, and thence security within any city or township.

Color Guard, 3/21/10 Seattle, Chris & Colors Spread
Peace Flag Color Guard, 3 Veterans for Peace in full camo dress,
incl. yours truly, 3/21/10 Seattle; Photo by Permission from Helen Jaccard

         With that the Taliban doesn't need to bring arms into a city - they just blackmail those working for the US forces and steal the arms from us. No problem for them until we gain the hearts and minds of the people. But that requires consistency with our approach, field tactics, and overall strategy.

         And between what we say and what we do. For the same reason that everyone of any degree of moral evolvement knows that children need to know there is a loving caring structure. Certainly so, if they are to respect others and live respectfully. Hence they need to know, by their teachers' and government leaders' examples, that the very powerful are as responsible to the law as are the less powerful. It shouldn't be a leap of insight to realize, then, that grown-ups in the Middle East, just like here, recognize that when people with great power grossly and overtly break the laws, and get away with great abuse of that power, especially while those with less power are punished - then there is going to be less reason for respect. Especially when that abuse is committed under a democratic and supposedly law-abiding system of governance. And would this not effect how much respect is granted for someone claiming the support of the supreme being that one says one is being led by in such actions?

         And then there is our respect for ourselves. The longer and stronger we defend a mistake, especially a big one or a series of them, the more dense our emotional armor becomes, and the more difficult it becomes (for us, but NOT others) to recognize and deal with. And it certainly seems we've gone down that road, given our history with the Iraqi's, not to mention that AND the world economy due to our oil-addiction. As often noted before, forgiveness and accountability (for self and/or others) are NOT mutually exclusive. Healing practitioners will tell you that each works best when both are obtained hand-in-hand.

         More specifically (other than what I wrote in the earlier article below), I recognize that such a strategy would require a fairly complex perimeter management for each village or city, then for groups of them when and where applicable. And changes regarding how and when US forces venture outside of that, how air power and long-range weaponry is used, etc.

         Who am I to say? Someone who studied such things long ago, who has much increased his capacity to observe, notice patterns, and analyze them; someone who has modified his overall view of his country's objectives and strategies for them, to be consistent with his beliefs in the causes of peace and justice. Most spiritual people say we should walk with our feet on the ground and our head in the heavens. But our country's feet are in the Middle-East - so our hearts should know the hearts of those where our feet are - and honor them - if we are present enough to still maintain our heads in the heavens. Practical spirituality (IMO) says we need to recognize where we've been, where we need to go, do what we need (including be accountable) in order to forgive and move on. And with that, recognize or find the best way to get there - with our hearts and spirits intact.

         Hearts and Minds - that means something in most spiritual perspectives. Maybe we, "the leaders of the free world," could adopt something so universal. [cp, 2/27 thru 3/25, 2010, Email & Facebook]

People of the Middle East, Picture in Parade, Seattle 3/21/10
People of the Middle East, Picture in Parade, Seattle 3/21/10, Photo by Permission from Cliff Wells

Peace Flags Over Front Of Parade Seattle 3/21/10
Peace Flags Over Front Of Parade Seattle 3/21/10, Photo by Permission from Helen Jaccard


"Bread" from Afghan-Web.Com

An *Exitable* Afghanistan/Pakistan ("Tribalistan") Strategy
(Chris Pringer, 4/9/09, rev.5/12/09)

Continued from "Hearts and Minds..." above

4/14/09 *Disqus Blog* version at PDA
(Progressive Democrats of America)

"Making Thread" from Afghan-Web.Com

"Music" by Maria Amiri at Afghan-Web.Com
     My patience has been running a little thin with President Obama's foreign policy. That is with troops to Afghanistan and missiles being fired into Pakistan. Certainly since I've done "my homework" on the region (especially via the PBS website) (March '09). I'm going to use the term "Tribalistani" for the people of the whole region, since they respond much more as one community of tribes than as two nations (especially to outsiders).
    But I really liked Afghanistan expert, Tamim Ansary's approach. When I asked him (in March at the NW VFP Regional Conference) about NGO's building community amongst the tribes, he seemed to say, if I can summarize it, that he appreciated those few that have hung in there while not taking credit for the U.S. while doing it. He gave the example of Julia Bolz building schools (info & links below). More examples of what works, on Tamim Ansary, his bio, and why I think he should be advising President Obama with a clear-cut, do-able, and exitable strategy for Tribalistan is just below this article (and area maps).

by Timim Ansary
          President Obama says a big part of the work of the GI's will be doing the community rebuilding and thereby the economic aid (while the righties get to feel good about troops being there). I don't know how well that's going to work, or how much of it is spin, or for the sake of transitioning our military, or transitioning certain corporations (and related addictions to them) in the Middle East, or little of all of that...
          Perhaps if we made an effective presentation of the Costs of War - whenever we can stand the process of dealing with such (emotionally overwhelming) facts all at once. I'm speaking of an effective charted assembly of stats and related web-links on a) the killed and injured US soldiers in Iraq, b) on PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury - that's 1 in 5 Iraq Vets !!!), c) divorces and suicides among Iraq veterans, d) how "fast" Iraq veterans get treatment for themselves and/or support for their dependents as related to divorce (before or after), e) stats for Gulf-War Depleted Uranium and how "fast" victims have received truthful notification of their condition, let alone treatment for it. And maybe include projections on those stats for Iraq and Afghanistan based on the aforementioned.

"Laughing Girls" from Afghan-Web.Com

ReThink Afghanistan

See the Trailer at U-Tube

full-length video at Brave New Films

or view on Twitter
          And then we'd say that what we really don't need in Afghanistan right now, is a bunch of walking (PTSD-loaded) time-bombs putting our worst US faces in the Tribalistani faces. (Or in economically depleted main-street American communities, but that's another essay.) One thing that really puts believers of Islam into a mood, is Christians acting like they are God in their own communities - and that's how some of our behavior hits them. That's a "holy war" message to them, whereas they do respond to what they believe are true acts of God. (I'm suggesting that) A big part of our approach, besides helping them meet their greatest support needs, needs to be around *patience* - letting their own extremists screw up - as all extremists do, revealing their hypocrisy as all extremists do - in spades. Because as long as we keep doing things that their extremists can call out as sacrilege, we might as well be marked, and the Tribalistani's will give way to their extremists.

"Hunting Bird Man" from Afghan-Web.Com

"Hug" from Afghan-Web.Com
          Why? It's kind of like our legal system. Here the courts will (officially) allow crooks to be treated like crooks only if we can prove they are according to our legal system. It's not like most Tribalistani's actually like their extremists any more than we like our hypocritical government or corporate "leaders." In either case, fear and greed for a share of the spoils lends to a kind of tolerance or worse, while most look the other direction). The Tribalistani's have to tolerate their extremists -especially during war- until the extremists' hypocrisy becomes sufficiently obvious (and publicized) to those Tribalistani's who can, by their own beliefs, "properly" ostracize them. After that happens enough times, extremist behavior will be restrained in the gun locker and otherwise tolerated only in times of war. Which times, we apparently need to remind ourselves, we are trying to end. For the US in Tribalistan, that means patience and "surgical diplomacy" more than it does "surgical strikes."
          That means we need to learn a deftness of awareness for the customs, needs, and feelings of others that we have not been practicing for at least a decade, and much longer in the Middle-East.
          Howard Welsh, VFPCh.92 (4/13/09): "As a general rule compexity, as evidenced by at least 13 different factions ...well known and well entrenched, ...means there is no possiblity of a military solution. Keep in mind that the borders of Afghanistan are arbitrary and open... The so- called "warlords" are actually tribal leaders... The factions: Endogenous to Afghanistan: Hazara, Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Balock, Pashai, Hindki, Nuristani, Brahni, Hindkowan. Among the Pashtun themselves there are several rival factions. Cross- overs from neighboring countries: Iranians, Pakistanis, Chinese (several types)... Among these factions there are seven different endogenous languages with Farsi, Urdu, Tibetan and the Chinese languages externally imposed. Each tribal group has longstanding traditions of succession and will fight to stay intact. A logical approach to the problems in Afghanistan would be to work WITH not AGAINST the Iranians. Pakistanis and Chinese who between them have more than enough military power to contain the Taliban and have no interest in seeing them expand."
          I believe we also need to send the message that we will not tolerate war crimes by our own "leaders." And send that both to our youth for the sake of their learning values, and to the world - especially to the Middle-East. Forgiveness need not rule out accountability - both necessarily have their place in all things, IMO. But we cannot tell our kids one thing, and then do another very long without consequences - any longer than we can do that with our world neighbors.

"Afghani School Kids" from Afghan-Web.Com

Julia Bolz & Building Schools and Hope, Bridges of Understanding:
Tamim Ansary mentioned Julia Bolz's project “Journey with an Afghan School” as an optimal NGO for bringing peace to Afghanistan. Primarily because Julia Bolz is not affiliated with any church or religion. Her work is entirely secular and humanitarian. Together with her American teammates, Julia has built and supplied 15 new schools and repaired 15 others destroyed by war in Afghanistan. Julia on Educating and Empowering the Developing World (mp3) They also provide schools with clean water; textbooks and supplies; provide teacher trainings, libraries and computer centers; and facilitate cultural exchanges. Currently they serve over 25,000 Afghan students. Here's how we can all help.

"Buzkashi" from Afghan-Web.Com
          And of course, the Islamic extremists have been expressing the tension that has been withheld for so long and which is due to our being disrespectful. All they needed to get away with such terrorism -to the degree that they still found support amongst their peoples [sic] even after "a 911" level attack... All they needed to perfectly meet their needs for such support, in fact, was a blustering cowboy as US president with a semi-covert Neo-Con government backup crew. And they find it hard to believe President Obama is talking "forgiveness" (which apparently means no accountability).
          The "military solution" is just not one, unless we can reframe our current military image as economic aid specialists and infrastructure rebuilders and hypnotize the folks there into forgetting the GI's are outsiders carrying weapons - in what makes our small southern towns look like looming liberal bastions of religious freedom.
          Here's where we need to take another look at those stats, including over a million Iraqi deaths, not to mention permanent injuries and PTSD, loss of family members and community, displacement, etc. And we need to make our voices heard by Barrack Obama so that he realizes that we have to realize -to *make real* in this case- a balanced set of values when it comes to accountability, forgiveness, our desire to learn from our mistakes, and making our actions represent all that.

Thanks for listening,

    -Chris Pringer (rev.5/12/09)

"Pray" by Maria Amiri at Afghan-Web.Com


More on Tamim Ansary and a "Tribalistan" Policy/Approach

Bio: Tamim Ansary is a native Afghani, whose American mother taught English at the first girl's school in Afghanistan. His dad taught science and literature at Kabul University. He came to America in 1964 with a scholarship for high school. He graduated with honors from Reed College and took to the 60's counterculture wholeheartedly. Besides a having solid writer/editor career, his commentary has been heard on the Bill Moyers show, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, the Opra Winfrey Show, Hardball, and numerous NPR radio stations. This very short bio hardly does him honor, but only serves to put these notes here. His website, complete with list of his books as well as a number of other interesting features, is at

Why I think Tamim Ansary should be advising President Obama:

from the Tamim Ansary talk at (Seattle) TownHall May 14 2009

          Tamim said, if I can paraphrase him correctly, that the word "Taliban" should be replaced with "Talibanism" because that was more akin to the actual reality in [Tribalistan]. That is, there were "good"/useful people as well as "bad"/destructive people that believed (to one degree or another) in the *ideas* of the Taliban. eg: If you want to rid the land of destructive ideas, killing "the bad people" was far from the best solution available.

          On the more pro-active side of things, Tamim said (in effect, I believe) that he hoped Obama would use the military (so long as it was there) for protecting those support projects that the communities themselves expressed need for. These projects would be the actual objectives to be accomplished by the US presence, and "killing the bad guys" may happen only as necessary to accomplish the objective (and probably would, given the apparent tenacity of resistance to any outside military presence).

          I don't remember if Tamim said the military should also try to initiate such community support projects, but I'm assuming he would prefer they be initiated by those who were the best available for the work at hand. Which in some cases the US military might be (?), at least until their NGO betters can get to each situation in question. Military initiation and maintenance of community projects seems to be what President Obama is hinting at. I've yet to hear more real details just yet [5/15/09].

          But from this point, I can see a US strategy that would be drawn fairly directly from the above: select as many towns and villages, and networks there-of, as can be supported in their best interests, provide that support on an ongoing basis until the communities are sufficiently self-supportive and/or intra-supportive as a community network, and protect that community/network as necessary until they can be self-protected or protected by Afghan nationals; bring more communities into the those developed networks as resources allow, keep the network of networks growing and expanding as appropriate for long-term stability as can be managed by Afghan national government authorities. Assist in the stabilization of the later to the degree that it supports a true Afghan autonomy. Set goals for all the aforementioned such that the US military involvement has a stopping point as regards it's interaction and deployment. Provide motivation and assistance as needed for NGO's taking over community/network support roles where this will serve the higher good of Afghanistan.

          Extending this to the areas that are officially parts of Pakistan should be far less complicated (in the long run certainly) than any military strategy that we've heard about so far.

          I'm not calling all this simple, nor is it as non-violent and peace-oriented as I'd prefer. But given where we already are (Spring 2009), not to mention where we most apparently are already going, the above can be a strategy that, for starters, may be sufficiently clear-cut, do-able, *and exitable* for the US in "Tribalistan." [-cp, 5/15/09]

Updates from Re-Think Afghanistan

Robert Greenwald's great video documentaries include:

      Part Six from Re-Think Afghanistan brings you three former high-ranking CIA agents explaining why there is no "victory" to be won in Afghanistan. Watch part six in its entirety online for free.

      Part Five questions the assumption that war can liberate Afghan women. Watch part five in its entirety online for free.

      Part Four examines the civilian casualties caused by recent U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan. Watch part four in it's entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.

      Part Three focuses on the staggering costs of the war, which could easily exceed $1 trillion. Watch part three in its entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.

      Part Two looks at how the war could further destabilize a nuclear-armed Pakistan. Watch part two in its entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.

      Part One focuses on what military escalation will achieve in Afghanistan. Watch part one in it's entirety online for free, or watch the trailer.
Other Updates - November 2009

      "Fwd: Afghanistan Policy - 'UnPrepared'" a collection of chosen short postings from different perspectives - which strikes me as very useful for illuminating the current debate.

      "Fwd: Summarys & Links McChrystal, Obama, Afghanistan Policy precipitates 'crisis'" - chronological assembly of 3 weeks of those originally posted on the subject by Mark Jensen of United for Peace of Pierce County.

      More postings may be found at the PolyPsy List Archives (w/great search engine there)

Peace Flag Color Guard in March
Peace Flag Color Guard in March through Seattle, 3 Veterans for Peace in full camo dress, incl. yours truly, 3/21/10; Photo/Permission by Cliff Wells

Dennis Kucinich: “Get out of Iraq. Get out Afghanistan.
Come home America.”

Washington, May 14 [2009] - Speaking on a Supplemental Appropriations bill that would continue to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement:

“America went to war against Iraq based on a lie. We were told back in 2002 that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The previous administration even pursued torture to try to extract false confessions in order to justify the war. It is time to tell the truth. The truth is we should not have prosecuted a war against the Iraqi people. The truth is the Democratic Senate could have stopped the Iraq war in 2002. The truth is we Democrats were given control of Congress in 2006 to end the war. The truth is this bill continues a disastrous war, which has cost the lives of thousands of our soldiers. The truth is the occupation has fueled the insurgency. The truth is the Iraq war will cost the American and the Iraqi people trillions of dollars and as many as a million innocent Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of this war.

“Don't tell the American people that you are ending the war by continuing to fund the war. Don't tell the American people that the war will end when their plans leave 50, 000 troops in Iraq. Don't tell the American people that the way out of Afghanistan is to escalate our presence.

“Get out of Iraq. Get out Afghanistan. Come home America.”

Kucinich on Bombing in Afghanistan: "Misguided Military Hand Tragic"
Washington D.C. (May 6, 2009) – Speaking on the U.S. bombing that resulted in the death of possibly 100 individuals in the Farah Province of Afghanistan, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement:

“While the details of the events in the Farah Province remain unclear, what is known is that noncombatants were killed as a result of the continued fighting that occurs daily in Afghanistan. As we learn more about the bombing, we must take steps to ensure that mistakes of this magnitude are never repeated. Further, we must clarify our mission in Afghanistan. While we cannot ignore issues of national security nor the moral imperative to help the Afghani people, our ultimate mission must be withdrawal. The people of Afghanistan have historically taken poorly to imposed nation building, and events such as this bombing prove once again that a misguided military hand is not only counterproductive but tragic.”

Kucinich: I simply cannot endorse a budget ...a conflict which has the potential to become this generation's Vietnam.”
Washington D.C., Apr 2, 2009: Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today issued the following statement after voting against H.Con.Res 85, setting forth the Congressional Budget for the fiscal year 2010:

“I am committed to doing everything I can to put our community and our nation on the path to economic stability. I led opposition to the bank bailout program TARP, I worked vigorously in favor of the stimulus package, and I have worked to save the automotive, steel and aerospace industries in America.

“This budget is a statement of principles for the upcoming year, and I cannot accept it in its entirety. I will not vote for a budget that ties military spending to the operational funding of our government. This year, the budget includes $130 billion for war funding. The Washington Post reports today another 10,000 troops may be sent to Afghanistan, bringing our total number of troops there to as much as 78,000 by 2010 – a more than 100% increase from today's troop levels. This budget is a plan that authorizes the expansion of the war. I simply cannot endorse a budget or a plan that sends more of our brave men and women to Afghanistan, a conflict which has the potential to become this generation's Vietnam.”

Peace Group Warns Obama to Reconsider His Plan in Afghanistan, March 27, 2009: Peace Action organized 19 other national organizations to petition Congressional Representatives to sign a letter to the President asking him to reconsider the escalation...

Our current presence in Afghanistan costs the American tax payer more than $2 billion per month. The proposed plan for Afghanistan would increase that figure by 60 percent this year. When asked about the increased costs Martin said, "Here in the U.S., Obama's escalation, and the continuing occupation of Iraq, threatens the president's, and our country's, urgent economic and domestic agenda."

...According to CNN the suicide rate for U.S. troops has surpassed that of the general population for the first time since Vietnam. The occurrence of suicide is highly correlated with more than three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. ...

Founded in 1957, Peace Action, the United States' largest peace and disarmament organization with over 100,000 members and nearly 100 chapters in 34 states, works to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, promote government spending priorities that support human needs and encourage real security through international cooperation and human rights.

Obama's Afghan War is 'His Opinion,' Says Kucinich

Friday, August 29, 2008; "CNSNews TV On the Scene" 1:16 min Video
Former Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) says that Obama won the nomination and his plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan is Obama's "opinion," not that of Kucinich, who would pursue a different foreign policy.

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On New Kinds of Leadership

          Ok, so there was that situation with President-Elect Obama - with his lights out. That is, last night (Dec. 27, 2008) there was a power loss on the island of Oahu, and good explanations for it were slow to come forth. When reserve power options were offered to Obama, those that others would wait for, he basically said not to worry, he had other things to focus on for the time being. Not a big deal perhaps. But what does all this say - aside from Obama's commendably humble attitude and response under the circumstances?
          We could ask a number of "what if's" like, what if someone was trying to embarrass President-Elect Obama before the world by making him feel and/or look powerless, not in control, or worse, not worthy of it? That is the basic strategy of typical 13 year old males, but also of the more competitive market places and some sports. It's definitely characteristic of dictator-type leaders, including, it seems, too many people we have known in our own government.

          I mentioned this to a friend with an eastern spiritual outlook, and she basically said, "yeah, all that and he handled it so maturely." And I said, well yes, he did, and would be beautifully so - if he were the Dalai Lama. But how appropriate was that response for the president of the United States? Have people in the world, in the US, actually evolved to the degree where he can be respected as a leader - given such a response that the typical competitive mind might consider weak, effeminate, exploitable, or "new-age," off-planet/un-grounded, carefree, and irresponsible.

          But (it's said, essentially that) only 5% of the world's population fully recognize how & why this is true, and actually live according to that world-view or cosmology, while the rest generally a) sees such an event as a test of power and expects/awaits some response (overt or covert) or else believes the tested one does lack power, b) goes into denial to some degree because they'd rather not put their mental and emotional bodies through the worry (while occasioning various perspectives for entertainment), c) trusts that all is working out according to [higher power] and it's not their responsibility to deal with such matters (while occasioning various perspectives for entertainment).
          This is because many people live by a lot of rules based on tit-for-tat "make them pay so they don't do it again" (or worse, " they'll hurt like I do.") The more fundamentalist their belief systems, the more rules about reward and punishment. When comes to raising children, we call this "structure." Most sociologists and psychologists, not to mention most(?) parents, agree that kids need structure - varying amounts of power and control via rules and consequences implied thereby - for different types of parenting situations, for different ages, phases of growth, etc. Again, the more fundamentalist the belief system, the more structure is expected and provided - with adults, in general as well as in practice of civil authority and correctional institutions, as well as on children.

          I don't actually know off-hand what the percentages are for how many people think which way as far as "power-testing" others, or how many believe what degree of structure is appropriate for what situations. I *like* to err on the side of seeing higher percentages with more evolved outlooks and expectations (towards that 5% that believes structure needs to be customized for the situation at hand, that recognizes when, where, and how things can and do change). But I usually recognize that tendency (to see things like that) as not so objective, certainly at least for making plans "in the world" with most people.
          I mean, look at how we got to where we can spend so much money for what we think will buy security for so many years (talking about the last 40 to 60), while that same amount would've provided every person on the planet with so abundant a lifestyle, not to mention an abundantly beautiful and healthy environment, and wherein no terrorist (or dictator type) could convince anyone that he could make things better by taking others' power for himself, and destroying anything, let alone anyone.

          So, what should President Obama's response have been, and should it have been done covertly or overtly? Who knows what actually effected that power grid, whether or not it was done by a hard-core republican or a jihadist, whether it's occurred once or 10 times for G.W. Bush without our ever even knowing about it, whether...? Or whether it was done by a neo-con to encourage the new president to maintain the domestic security apparatus, to be more receptive to even more draconian measures, lest his lights get put out? Was that the message? How about this question: "What would the Dalai Lama counsel Obama to do, if such unlikely(?) advise-seeking were to occur?" Obviously know one created a play dramatizing a scenario of intrigue around any such events. But the domestic security apparatus was most definitely strengthened, and yet, to what ends?

          Back to what I considered more important questions (because addressing these questions might improve how we handle all the above): Will we someday use our power to reconcile, to commit to doing better, to eventually forgive ourselves (For all the scapegoating, leading to all manner of insanely cruel things, including genocide, here and abroad, long ago and more recent)? Might we then allow all of our naturally diverse selves to live together - as all people recognize each other person as diverse (to one another in various ways), when we really come to see each other? Or will we just have to wait for an afterlife or yet another round of incarnations to do more balancing-out of things? And what might any one of those look like (believing them likely or not)?

          [-Chris Pringer, 12/27/08, ed. 6/12/13]

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Below is a sample facebook posting. The links WORK for the noted articles by Karen Vlahos, as well as for most of the fcbk tabs, the Share link, etc.
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My Comment on the above facebook Posting     [At my fcbk page, 6-07-10]

         [Quoting from the article:] "The number of Guard and reserves as a percentage of the total force in Iraq and Afghanistan has fluctuated over the years. Official estimates in 2005 were at 28 percent; it was about 7 percent in Iraq and 15 percent in Afghanistan at the end of 2008. Manski estimates it's closer to one-third today. ..."
          Remember the report on increased military sign-ups? And we were wondering where our priorities went (and other political psych-outs)... Well, check these stats (from Karen Vlahos's article): "So here is the situation. The secretary of defense ordered, and Congress authorized, an expansion in the size of the Army. But the Army reduced the recruitment goal – and reduced the retention goal. The size of the Army is in fact shrinking. It may look as if it's growing – the Pentagon report gives the impression it's growing – but it's growing only in comparison with the officially set goals."
          Ahhhhhhh! Karl Rove & students are still at work in the smoke & mirrors factory, not to mention the Project for a New American Century [PNAC] (just in case we forgot).

          Summary From essay,
"A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing
Government, the Economy, and the Global Warming Crisis"

          One could say that medical over-categorization has led people to be bigoted and "extremist" towards their medical conditions. This can apply to political conditions, whether they be *called* capitalistic, socialistic, communistic, right-wing or leftist (especially while the defining or labeling of various political strategies, let alone mentioning "class war," can be so controversial in itself). As in medicine, finding and maintaining the right balance of elements in any governing system requires an unprejudiced and objective analysis. That includes the appreciation of (the diversity of) the proper place and role of almost every type of strategy and mechanism ever used in history, all considered in the context of each their settings (era, place, and circumstance), in order to develop what will work optimally for any current circumstance. And then a "Diet" is prescribed to facilitate transition to and maintenance for the truly workable system. Easy? Of course not, certainly given these requirements for transition: Time for integration of what we've learned mentally, and for healing much of what we've learned emotionally (in the "school of hard knocks") for necessary realizations regarding relationships (with self, others, Higher Power as applies), values, purpose, direction. If these don't apply, then it could only be easier Wink
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          Also at the "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing" page:
Favorite Alternative Solution Sites
and the sidebar essay, "Solutions: Common Means to Efficient Paths, 'Bridging' in the Cross-Discipline Approach"

[10/12/07, ed. 3/14/09, 3/28/10, ...]

Related Links & Resources

    Obama and the Palin Effect by Deepak Chopra 9/5/08

    Why Obama Needs to Reach Deeper by Deepak Chopra 9/11/08

Some Updates - November 2009

          * "Fwd: Afghanistan Policy - 'UnPrepared'" a collection of chosen short postings from different perspectives - which strikes me as very useful for illuminating the current debate.

          * "Fwd: Summarys & Links McChrystal, Obama, Afghanistan Policy precipitates 'crisis'" - chronological assembly of 3 weeks of those originally posted on the subject by Mark Jensen of United for Peace of Pierce County.

          * As Needed Reminder: Robert Greenwald's newest video documentary ( on Rethinking Afghanistan )

          * Later postings may be found at the PolyPsy List Archives

    This Link works both ways (whether you like Obama's actions or not); please use as appropriate:
Obama's Change.Com [Feedback Page]

Getting Back To Work [edited November 2008]

    "Obama's Economic Challenges", By Martin Wolf, Financial Times (London), November 11, 2008


    Some on left in US don't share world leaders' enthusiasm for Obama

    Justin Raimondo on Emanuel, Harman, Ross -- "a perfect trifecta of trouble on the horizon"

    Renewed talk that Israel may strike Iran before Obama's inaugural
[Another strategy-puzzler, thank you (see Mark Jensen summary) -cp]

    "Iran's Ahmadinejad Congratulates Obama" from Agence France-Presse November 6, 2008
[Related to "Renewed talk of Israel strike" above]

    "Obama and Iran" By Robert Dreyfuss
[Related to "Renewed talk of Israel strike" above]

    Bush-Obama meeting was about US restoring relations with Iran 11 November 2008

    Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale By PETER BAKER and JOHN M. BRODER, 12/6/08, New York Times

Just After the Election

    Al Jazeera .Net           From Google .Com 

    Twenty-one French reactions to Barack Obama's election

    "Newsweek released highlights of its Special Election Project
which allowed reporters to gather behind-the-scenes information on the presidential campaigns
with an agreement that none of their reporting would be published until after Election Day."

    "Take A Bow, America" By Bob Herbert, New York Times, November 8, 2008

    Obama's history as 'messy, complicated, confounding, and inspiring' as US history

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24 prayers as of Dec 2011, Universal in approach,generally invoking Divine assistance, calling for citizen awareness & courage, truth, justice, accountability, related healing, learning, & balance, etc. They include a resource-connecting prayer chart for the Economy (Jan'11) , two that are specific to global climate healing, one to Iraq & Middle East, two for comprehensive planetary healing in general, two specific to media communications (latest Dec'10), and more. Page includes background and related information, links, and printing/downloading tips. (Yes, of course it's free, as I believe prayers are meant to be.)

Thumbnail of World Healing Prayer w Affirmative Questions, Integrated for Meditation for Prevention of War, and manifestation of Healthfully Sustainable Planet - click to go there
   "Q's Prayer 4 World Peace
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    "Archangel Prayer for Iraq-MiddleEast"
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  "Solutions: Common Means to Efficient Paths" - some of the best I've found (definitely not a complete list) and an op-ed on the side (and more in line with more accepted perspectives than the above essay perhaps).

  "Managing a Love/Hate Relationships with Politics" - some thoughts about a pretty tricky dance. Provides the paradox element (where I'm actually coming from [shhhhhh!] on the site's bad humor page (satire and expose of certain people I call "Machiavengelicals").

  "Forgiveness & Trust (re: Trends, Memory, & Tracking)" - about some key parts of the tricky dance mentioned above.
      "Pragmatic Balance" of Extremes and In Betweens: In one perspective of 'balance in the universe,' Male AND Female energies form a bio-electric charge of opposite polarities. And through this it forms a vortex of energies that form "the chalice" - conceptually, if not in it's original meaning and purpose (?). It symbolizes the "bridging" of the two realms (Yin & Yang, Form & Formlessness) - the depth and breadth of which, could we understand it, would explain our existence. This "Poly-Psy" perspective on that is in the essay on "Pragmatic Balance" - "A Relationship Between Dramatic Rise in Popularity of Holy Grail / Chalice Media and the Desire for Pragmatic Balancing of Extremes?" Also included in this section is the essay, " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split". Included at the end of the essay, is the chart, "Therapies and Levels of 'The Spectrum of Consciousness'" from Ken Wilber's book, *No Boundary.* Which chart illustrates and book elaborates on the "Left/Right brain split" (very related to the "body-mind split" or "mind-body split", but not exactly the same) and the psycho-spiritual significance of history and the evolution of consciousness during those periods. Perhaps most notable, "A Kind of Summary for Pragmatic Balance" (of this and related pages at the site), including psycho-spiritual evolution & emotional intelligence, has also been created there.
    Note that the World Healing Prayers & Invocations (described just above) include much related to positive vision and empowering attitudes, connecting and accessing resources for a pro-active furtherance of democracy and a healthy citizenry and economy.
    "New Information & Facilitating Paradigm Shift Potential" - Paradigm shift tension, anyone? How much are we ready for? But doesn't every writer asks that question - or just those who want us to "bridge" - to encourage exploration of our potentials and what we perceive as our limitations? <grin>
  'Chalice Vortex Bridge Earth' artwork by Christopher Pringer

    Mind-Body Memory Research & the Core of Preventative Medicine ?
The Fascia-Memory Project Home Page
          is about prospective Research into the Relationships of Connective Tissue (fascia), Body-Memory & Related Dynamics, and into New Connective Tissue Scanning Devices for Multi-Level Diagnostics Systems & Integrated Preventative Maintenance Approaches. Now includes a table of contents for the seven main sections/pages and two charts. Based on questions concerning the physiological relationships to what has always been considered 'the intangibles' of emotional memory storage. For perspective on this far-reaching multi-faceted proposal, see Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart. The range of application extends from the medical industry to personal home use, to public education, to social and correctional rehabilitation.
          One of my main dreams is a society where/in everyone, beginning in childhood, is taught how to feel/see/read their own body-mind communications such that preventative health maintenance eventually becomes second nature. That would then be part of our upbringing and public schooling. (Sample benefit: Over time we would learn to channel our initial stress response into channels more creative than that of fight or flight. And actually, much of this "adrenal response" has been shown to be a learned response, and not necessarily innate. Hence, we would be encouraged to re-awaken and build upon what I believe to be a natural inclination - conscious self-healing and continuous expansion of awareness.)
Related: "Fascia-based Memory Storage System Theory" - the original theory page with more background research references and bibliography.

A Different Take on Evolution

    Evolution Trends: The 'Information Age' And Its Evolution Into The 'Holographic Age'
Challenges and Realistic Goals For Survival and Creating A Desirable Future, © Nov'95

NOTE: At this website the term "evolution" refers to that of human consciousness, resulting in lasting change on the physical level.
Evolve Humanity, ChaliceVortex&Planet'evolve-balance', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2008        
          We are currently in the "Information Age" of global-scale *collection and organization * of data and data systems. The "Holographic Age" will be marked by "...the integration of data (a precursor and main component of the Holographic age) ...will bring about a tremendous explosion in capabilities of unprecedented scope, magnitude, and depth... The ability to offer/affect pre-designed physiological, emotional, mental, and psychic change on human beings..." Intelligence manages information, but wisdom manages Intelligence. This "adventurous" draft into the future (or potential future scenarios) at many key areas of evolvement of Human Society. Organized web page includes sections: "Getting There From Here - and The Political Maze In Between," "Some Trends and Developments In Health and Environment," "Psycho-Social Transition And Rehabilitation" (in corrections, education, and health), and "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home...". Recent additions include: much improved "Basis of Assessment - with "Seven Phases of Evolution"; "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment"; and "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" (& Purpose, Structure, Religion, Karma), and ref-links for the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012.
          ie: [from original August 1995 paper:] "...Our trial and initiation prior to entering the next age is dealing with the issue of 'Polarization.' So much depends on how we manage this issue during the 1995 - 2005 period of time... critical on many levels. The implications may therefore be timely, a balance of warning with hope and direction => ...'Polarization' refers to the two opposing extremes of over-identification and enmeshment. The first extreme, over-identification, relating to hyper-egoism or narcissism, includes misplaced patriotism and competition for the sake of wrong-making and degradation, nationalism that unduly separates people, bigotry, elitism, and related extremes. The 2nd extreme, enmeshment, relating to the blurring of proper boundaries (such as with emotional or energetic enmeshment, sexual abuse, any improper 'dual relationship'), includes that which occurs with [non/]secular/political or political/personal conflicts of interest. Appropriate structure (laws, regulations, professional guidelines, cultural mores, rules of conduct, etc) is the result of healthy personal and societal discrimination of values, and related priorities and goals... ...will develop out of necessity - much due to the aberrations of the info age (psychological manipulation and necessary defense systems practiced by/for/against businesses in competition as well as for military reasons => ...personal data as common knowledge <=> 'Age of Exposure' => ...the decade of the media moguls and the survival of democracy..."
'Geo&Chakra Skull&Chalice' & 'Grail Mind', © Chris Pringer PolyPsyArt 2010
'GeoChakra Skull & Chalice' & "Grail Mind" - PolyPsyArt 2010
        But if we get through all that, one of the many noted benefits include "... We will have the unique opportunity to learn first-hand from the most hi-tech, research data-backed, psychological ...Awareness on/of the various levels & interrelationships between these areas... The application of intuition may find an unprecedented role in terms both of breadth and of its popular integration with the more logical approaches ...As a result, various systems of 'Integrated Diagnostics' will be developed..."
          The original paper was email published in Nov '95 on (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and Spiramed@sjuvm.stjohns.Edu. Yes, *1995* - So I guess the "system" I used was not so bad (based on the "Seven Phases of Evolution," as detailed on that page in Dec'09). Some intuition did enter in between that system and the "if this, then this" logic - scans of original notes with hand-drawn flow-charts included, but I've never called this "a prophecy," but a perceived spiritual challenge (for humanity) with potentially great rewards - an opportunity for taking responsibility. Even so: That 10 year 'prep' period has just passed - wherein so much did indeed determine about how and how soon we begin this next age - or if we do before the planet (otherwise) overhauls itself. But remember "that spaceship" that's going to save us ? Wink Well, IMO, the pilots are none other than ourselves - as our Earth-Steward selves that is. So, IF it happens, not to worry, we won't miss a minute of it -- IMO, God wouldn't deprive us of the realization that we are so capable! (And responsible. Or don't we want to earn our way ?!)

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  "Vehicle Efficiency Techniques" - "Smooth Pedal" Preventative Maintenance Fuel Efficiency Strategy, Methodology, & Game: This is about knowing where and how to put your metal to the pedal (instead of the other way around).

  "Hidden Fire & Pre-Emptive Volcanic Release Theory" - WHAT IF this could be determined: the optimal method and mechanics for a controlled release of volcanic exudate, including the required optimal location(s), optimal volume(s), etc, for that release ???
[Please Note if/as applies to reader's interest: There is no relationship between this theory and any designs I have proposed related to building construction or modification - cp, July 2010]
Earthquake[NW] 'HiddenFire' by Mark Howard of OEM)

Chalice Over Stonehenge and Tree&Flower Of Life v7 - Thumb

        "The Sinuses And ESP"

Questions & considerations regarding human's relatively complex system of sinuses chambers, the sinus chambers' proximity to the ventricles and CSF (cerebral spinal fluid flow), the 7 to 13 or more sinus chambers of resonance in humans (See pic at Right); IE: What potential might there be for capacity to sense and to assimilate/integrate vibratory data as much or greater than Dolphins, Birds, Bats, etc?
    "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home
And Recovering The "Holy Grail"

An intuitive extrapolation on the formation of new relationships between the function of analysis and the function of intuition, a process which would be brought about via a pro active evolvement of the human mind.
  At Left : "Chalice in Flower of Life Over Stonehenge"
See page-wide version at
"Intuition And Recovering The Holy Grail"



   The VIRTUAL u.s. Peace Academy @Seattle
Is here and now to inspire the creation of the *real* UNITED STATES PEACE ACADEMY. Courses are now being set up to be taught in the Seattle area [Spring '07]. In the interim the VusPA is here for students choosing alternatives in peace, to facilitates resources and connections to institutions of higher learning for lasting global peace. In utilizing this site, young people can also create a vital and permanent record of their sincere desire and choice to learn and wage the arts of peace, rather than the art of war as taught at the military academies - as well as establish Conscientious Objector Status.


   "Poly-Psy Citizen Healing Page
Discussions & Charts on Political Activism, Empathy, Apathy, Healing & Recovering Democracy"
Thumbnail of Activism & Healing Chart, Chris Pringer - click to go there
   "Political Activism, Apathy, & Healing"
Cause and effect patterns related to conscious choices for change toward sustainable living on the planet (a long term project)

Introducing a study in current "Poly-Psy" (not just "Poly-Sci") with 3 graphic flow charts

Thumbnail of Intro-Overview Chart, © Chris Pringer - click to go there
   Overview Chart for Introducing a Study in Poly-Psy
What brought us to the *current crossroads* Socially and Psychologically; Citizen Roles and Choices
Thumbnail of Beliefs, Paths, & Service Chart, © Chris Pringer - click to go there
   "Beliefs, Paths, & Service"
Visually relates various philosophical origins, coping styles, roles in active citizenry...
      Includes the essays: "Healing the Citizenry" - guides pragmatic discussion for recognition of our current situation, examination of related cause-effect patterns, transitioning out of political apathy, and making conscious choices for change toward sustainable living on the planet - a long term project (Fall 2002);     "An Introduction to Subjects in 'Poly-Psy'" - about Poly *Psy*, not "Poly-Sci";     "A Re-balancing Transition Process for Healing Governments" - Daunting Questions about designing effective structure & process - 'ism's & not ('08-'10);     "The Economy as Artform and not Science" - a compassionate view ±?" (3'09); and      "'Empathy' or 'Armor' by Definition..." - Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined to apply in limited ways and directions (4'10)

Why the above "Poly-Psy" charts and essays?

               Because they provide a summary of our current world challenges - and opportunities to gain the momentum we need to heal/transform the planet and mankind? Because our government has been greatly influenced by the 60-80% of the citizens NOT participating.
         We (speaking of Americans over the last five centuries or so) have allowed/created our current condition -- in terms of various attitudes, beliefs, and values - and some interesting times wherein we re-defined certain values. And this implies, therapeutically speaking, we can therefore can *heal* our socio-political condition by changing those attitudes and re-clarifying some values over more time.
Poly-Psy Arts Logo © '04-'08 Christopher Pringer
          That implies potential for a form of continuing *preventative health maintenance* curriculum at schools and colleges. Paradigm shift tension, anyone? How much are we ready for? But doesn't every writer ask that question - or just those who want us to "bridge" - to encourage exploration of our potentials as compared to what we perceive as our limitations and those limitations as actually, or just currently, imposed?
          Many political science professors note the incredible degree of short memory and denial that has gone on in America. In spite of who we have had in power positions when so few Americans have been active in their selection. Perhaps that is because we want so strongly, even tenaciously, to believe in our "good guy" image of ourselves - certainly more than we want to acknowledge our attachment to our standard of living. "Our national denial" happens apparently because of that. Well, I believe it essential to the planet, considering the power of the United States, that the citizenry wake up, suffer the inevitable heartbreak, get a hold of ourselves and heal that, get real AND learn to use our anger constructively, and get in charge of what we can be proud of, and create much more of same.
         [Note: Many basic problems like world hunger are not included here - not because they are not vital/critical, but because the healing of these would naturally follow the solving of those that are addressed here. Granted, the question arises: "What might happen for humankind's overall awareness if everyone was sufficiently fed that they were all able to look outside their own immediate needs - as per Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" (???) ]


Thumbnail EmBody-Mind-Chalice-Synthesis in (AChaliToruSphere) by Chris Pringer
"The Body-Mind & The Chalice"
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