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Moi, Left to Right:     Nov 2011,   Nov 2014,   Oct 2016  

          Hi. Thanks for stopping by.   Before I go on, I just wanted to add that I'm eventually going to put some REALLY interesting stuff here ... although I'm not sure just what ... but I'll find some somewhere.   Ok, ACTUALLY, I enjoy providing resources and helping others make connections, becoming all they can be -- *w/o* joining the army.   (A joke. Ok, so it's what a generous friend laughs at. Shhhhhhh )  
. . .
Ok, so here's where I shut up and listen. . . .Wink

Personal Page

was "Christopher's Personal Hóóey Page, and yet a virtually sensical Capricorn's attempt at personality & even humor (as opposed to a virtuous Capricorn's trials in odd humor?") Huh

Rev'd 1'17

Table of Contents
& Navigation Notes

( and skip this incredibly exciting intro stuff

Which intro is probably why you never heard about this page before! So yeah, go, check out the other stuff ! Wink )
  . . .
. . .
( I mean, I don't talk like I write, unless it's about how to do Tensing yoga or some other instruction, imagining someone in front of me... so I'm still learning how to write stories.
       See? Now who would try to sell his page with THAT statement? Anyway, I assembled most of this page from pieces of 7 million emails Wink in the late 90's (originally, anyway), when I had the impression that women wanted a totally self-divulging guy... which phase has apparently come & gone... and in any case, I haven't learned to write well enough to make my web pages represent how I talk... I mean, I'm perfect and all, but I still have my vulnerabilities. laughing  Really, There's even a "Curious Women" section down the page a bit.
. . . . . .Wink . . .
       Ok, now as for the interesting stuff...   Whoops, sorry, I could've been bragging. But in any case...
       Like, only a few years ago I found out that there are some otherwise very email-literate people in the world who do not know about smiley-cons. The typed kind.  [for instance, ";-)" is kind of an equivalent of "<grin>."  A shorter version is ";)" ].   It lets people know you're joking, lightening up the situation, or popping off for the sake of silliness, right?   Maybe email programs should only be allowed to the humor-competent.   I mean, considering some of the things I've written, followed by ";-)," of course...   well, it (folks not knowing this) made me realize how dangerous the world could be Surprise Ok, EG: Yes, the unabridged dictionary gal dumped me. !:-O!
. . . . . .
          In spite of all that, I'd love to be the Capricorn that proves Capricorns have a sense of humor.   Still working on it -- especially since that gal (later) told me she didn't know I'd winked in some places that
were CRITICAL to her getting the joke. ( Later, that is, when we were breaking up - Oh, NOW you're laughing. uh-huh!?Oops )
'The Druid' - close-up, (Chris Pringer, Oct'15)
"the druid" Oct'15
          Phew... Ok, no more jokes...
          Well, no promises about jokes, and never say 'never'... Innocence

          . . . So much for a Capricorn's attempt at personality & even humor (as opposed to odd humor?) per the description this page we should have "Prophesthetic lovitation, glass dancing, druid's deva torchery, & other comic relief as healing the gender war, Q&A about males doing massage (good for budding massage therapists), chakragility, extranosity, & multi-variously more & yet other wordsmithery & ideas - not just from email, but also from previously tossed notes since 1927. I mean 1987. laughing

          INDEED! Yes, and besides that (the deeds), this page has many sections that can be read piecemeal, "sidebars" of this and that, miscellaneous opinions, ideas, stories, etc. Around that, I'm just going to jabber mostly about me... is what you came here for, a personal 'page,' right? (well, I am my own scribe), I mean, like the straight stuff, all beef, the word that ain't just nerd, right ? Huh
         (Don't answer that - just use the "hyper" links -or 'Page Down' key- as wisdom directs -- or endure if you must -going on to the 'just me' section ...YaHooembarrassed -skipping the idea section and all the annotated thumb-links to help you navigate this page and this site for the other goodies here and abouts - that I worked so hard on to fix up cryingWink ... including the run-on sentences! Dunno And even some HAND-crafted (and, oh yeah- un-promised!) jokes - like the one just below. ...

Q: What's a Somatic Psychologist?
A: One who confuses a figment of imagination
with a ligament of exaggeration? laughing

         Again, Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to know you did
(via Christopher@chalicebridge.com)
). smile

Christopher Feb '98 - w/Dudley
Spring '98 in Dudley's Jaw Look-a-Like competition laughing

         See that Dudley DoRight JAW? Wink Well, this pic was taken Feb '98 and yes, for most of the years since, there was a beard to go with the pony tail that you also can't see here. The beard's gone (Since May'09 )applause. Because I finally noticed that the beard hid all the little facial nuances - which gives hints to what I was saying (given my sense of humor). Well, for me, that's like handicapping the handicapped. Shhhhhhh [Whoops, ok, it has reappeared on occasion, trimmed away from those grinners and, oh, under duress, of course. Note poor over-stressed me at far left - shackled, I tell ya. Ah, ok, it's amber.] Wink

Speaking of hands at my cap (see below) and when I have the beard... see, I was framed, and even had to get help from the vegetated while cookin' up groan's. Ahh-oops, I mean grains! laughing

"Cookin' with Chris"


  T O P L I N K S,   T O C
"HYPER"LINKS ? - OK, but adrenaline neither required nor prohibited   laughing

WHAT I DO when I'm not using my hands...
Descriptions of my vocational work, writing, and artwork
with links to the web pages that most represent them.

What Curious Women (& Good Friends) May Want to Know, Part I (About Me, that is Dunno )

Just About Yours Truly
(Moi, family, pictures, jokes, and even a poem "No Reason", bla bla bla smile )

The Idea Section
for Energy Efficiency on many levels (& other things),
including with one's Immune System
Some which might save you valuable time and money, but provided here at No cost (although compliments about my intelligence or looks... Wink ). AND there's something here for the gals, the intro will give you your next clue.

"About Gender, Sexuality, and Evolution"
including "The Strong Sensitive (straight) Male", "Thoughts on a "Drumbeat for Peace", "On Gender, Conflict, & Violence", Questions about/for Male Massage Therapists, and other considerations Shhhhhhh

The Body-Mind & The Chalice
(About Page for the ChaliceBridge.Com site) and the
Author/ Artist/ Site Info Page

Navigation Notes:

There are NO opinions here
That a good Buddhist can't detach from, that is.    
I said a 'good' Buddhist Wink and if an attachment snags you, I've provided buttons along the way to get you back up here -- WHAT? You expected a guaranchute? Huh
That's as hard as the jokes get to figure out, honest.

(Ok, yes, I made them up myself. There, I admitted it! laughing )

Almost more seriously: applause

Pages at this site have been reported to have many links to various other pages at this site. Some folks said they became so strung out on the deep extensive and so very scary Surprise matrix of christofeelia Wink that they had to call AAA for directions back home Dunno . Ok, so they didn't, but you might want to get a quick idea of what is on this page (maybe, kinda sort of ...AND possibly ...PLEASE? ) before chancing a link to another page at this site -- or falling asleep Sleeping ACTUALLY: only the rare person could read all there is at this site.
I appreciate a discriminating mind, not to mention someone with special interests of their own. And during all that agreeing and disagreeing, I hope you find time to enjoy the context of how it all got put together - maybe even how I got put together. laughing

Just in case need be said... There are two other famous Pringers out there. I mean besides my brothers & sisters, including Tony who led me to think discriminatingly about politics, but that's besides the point. Anyway... there is a computer gamer that goes by "Pringer Z" or "Pringer X" or (???), and there's a Canadian hockey player, by the name of "Chris Pronger" that too many search engine-users apparently misspell as "Chris Pringer." So... if you've come to this page wondering... well, nope, this page and this site (chalicebridge.com) is for the ancient Wink guy in Seattle with no skills in ice-skating, nor in computer gaming (let alone a computer system to brag about). And that's no bloody Hockey slam. But hey, there might be something here for you (Oh, alright then, nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :-)
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What Curious Women (and good friends) Might Want to Know
(About Me, that is) Wink :

    Most of this section is just as useful as the rest of this page for would-be friends. Ok, no claims for the rest of this page either! laughing

    In any case, it should either help you to know whether you and I are basically compatible - whether for something special, for friendship, OR at the least, whether there's a laugh or two for you here - some of it was even written since those '90's emails. smile.

    So, in recent years... I have been learning to become a gentleman. No, not THAT kind... but someone who's a little more subtle in expressing who he's interested in. You know, like what most guys learn early on from siblings, older friends, or parents who communicate. Result?: I've been attracting women who want an older man to cuddle with. And you're thinking, "well, at his age, what's so bad about that?" Right? Well, as it happens, I'm... uhm... not THAT uhm... "safe." On the other hand, I like taking a little time to know someone, and going slow in a few other situations that I'm pretty sure a lot of women like. However, I can shift gears as necessary, at least if I'm paying attention. Ok, so... was that subtle enough for clearing up any hyper-subtlety?

    Further down the page is half my life story Sleeping - well, maybe not, but how about lots of pictures?

    I put this page together when I had the impression women wanted a totally self-divulging guy, and when I thought women had grown past their wanting all the credit for 'taming that wild animal', or least being able to pretend they were the only one who got to see the vulnerability. Shhhhhhh

    Well, so realizing that is not always the case. I figured I could either remove this page, or just trust there's a woman out there who could deal with it. We'll see and I'll go from there. In any case, even though I had a facebook page (here) before facebook came along, I don't generally talk as much as this page or my web site might indicate. (Facebook Page & Pics)
Chris Pringer and 'the Druid'-'Almost Serious'
Almost serious - that is, a) I'm well aware of my ego, and b) I actually like making fun of my ego (per that old counsel, "...and keep your enemies even closer"). smile

What Curious Women Might Want to Know
(About Me!applause), Part II
That's wayyyyyy down near the end of page, past the index section below, all those pics and stories, and even past the more philosophical section, "About Gender, Sexuality, and Evolution."
So it's OK to skip all that. Really. No, Really! Wink
Chris with new beard, Nov'15
October 2016


Organization Chart for ChaliceBridge.Com - Thumbpic, Chris Pringer 2008
Site Map, Organization Chart

 Body-Mind Integration Logo

Chalice Productions Logo

Chalice "Productions" refers to each person AS a chalice in development with/ in/ for the flow of that which connects ALL Life - on both personal & community levels - to the artwork symbolizing that, and to "Chalice Bridging" as the Art of Body, Mind, and Spirit ALL working together optimally.




'All Religions Logos & Chalice Scale' by Chris Pringer 2011

Global Climate Healing Fantasy & Invocation (Thumb)

Poly-Psy Arts Logo © 4'08 Christopher Pringer

Virtual U.S. Peace Academy Logo

'All Religions Logos & Chalice Scale, Flower of Life, Intertwined Hearts' by Chris Pringer 2011

W H A T     I     D O     when I'm not using my hands...
(that is, when not with someone else, I spend time with... )

  At the Site Map / Organization Chart page
[Internet-Explorer-Friendly since July '09 ]
          Here, it's all graphically arranged for context: including lists of essays, charts, graphics, etc. Also on this page is the "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" and the essay "How and Why this Site Is Different", telling how it all is actually related through the cross-discipline inter-relations and approach of this site. And how that relates to *Chalice-Bridging* and to healing. (Including all described in this section.)

  Body-Mind Integration
          This site's 1st index page includes many of my first essays on the subject (some published, one in a professional magazine), from general overview to in-depth into the processes, attendant exercises & therapies, as well as related health topics, & lots of other links. My Brochure is here for my vocation in Body Mind Integration. The long form of that is "Body Mind Integrative Awareness & Energy Bodywork Therapies -- for Individualized Approach and Training for High Performance, Awareness, and Integral Being." This is my actual primary income-deriving work, the core of which revolves around the topics covered at the "Body-Mind Integration..." page and the Tensing Yoga page - with the goal of clarifying what I consider the most *common sense* kind of preventative maintenance application, notably for muscles and joints, but it's actually for much more than that. These pages and the "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" page get into the core of my health & healing perspectives. .

  The Chalice Art Page (or "Chalice Bridging Arts & Sciences" page)
          About my artwork on the "Chalice" theme, including the bio on how it began and developed, and as related to "sacred geometry". When incorporating "sacred geometry" most interesting chalice art forms naturally appear (at least for me), with much of the artwork even revealing interesting structure(s) when zooming in to/past the point of pixilation! And while I don't employ that in my images, it can be useful for background art. The Chalice Art page goes into the symbology via geometry, eclectic mystical, and actually beyond religion, although it's also about how the chalice symbolism relates to (led to?) the Holy Grail or grail legend, and related communication - where "The Da Vinche Code" came from. About "Pragmatic Idealism", emotional intelligence(!) --interconnectedness and understanding -- that, in it's largest since (in hopeful prognostication?), could be about "bridging" essential opposites and transcending extremes, and the evolution of Man? Well, we all have our fantasies. laughing

  4C-Publishing (Chalice Creations and Concept Charting)
          About my desktop publishing, including "Vibrant Greeting Cards", Charts & Web Books, Mandala, Affirmation & Prayer Cards, bookmarks, Newsletters, etc. Chalice Bridging Artwork in Sacred Geometry was assembled Spring'12 for Slideshow Presentations, including holiday cards (assembled Nov'11). There are much more extensive portfolios in my galleries at Artist Websites of Fine Art America as well as via my Facebook page. I continue to select - from a few thousand images - to watermark and organize their presentation, ideas for more images flow as I improve my skills towards reproducing what my mind's eye sees, and what my heart feels, is there for me to "real-eyes".

O N     V I S I O N,     E V O L U T I O N,
A N D     T H E     F U T U R E

          Including a page of prayers and invocations, 24 prayers as of April '14, with Sacred Geometric and Sacred Earth backgrounds by yours truly, to assist us in "holding the vision" of our potential." Note that the World Healing Prayers & Invocations related to positive vision and empowering attitudes, accessing, connecting, and utilizing resources. Some are designed for healing the planet, some for furthering the cause of justice. Many are for the maintenance and strengthening of democracy with an effectively aware and pro-active citizenry and a healthy economy.

          Other pages at this site are born out of similar hopes, dreams, and visions, including the The Fascia-Memory Project. Which is about prospective research (theory originated in 1994) into the relationships of connective tissue (fascia), 'body-Memory' & related dynamics, diagnostics, revolutionary implications for preventative maintenance, and into devices & methodologies that measure & interpret these aspects for development of the diagnostics & preventative maintenance systems of the future (9 pages, including 2 Charts). And there is Evolution Trends: The 'Information Age' And Its Evolution Into The 'Holographic Age' about challenges and realistic goals for survival and creating a desirable future, written in Nov'95. Nov.'09: Four new sections for clarity and elaboration, including "Seven Phases of Evolution," "On Learning, Fairness, Truth, and Peace" (& Purpose, Structure, Religion, Karma), and ref-links for the "updated" prophecies for the year 2012. Hence, when I use the term "evolution" at this website, I am referring to the psycho-social evolution of humankind, not to the physical as we generally consider it. And usually from the perspective or paradigm that looks at the recent psycho-social trends - in comparison to the overall course of mankind.

S O C I O - P O L I T I C A L
C O M M E N T A R Y     A N D     D R E A M S

          Political "weather reports" from a psychological perspective (Gestalt/ Buddhist/ New Thought, by a veteran-become-student of health, therapist, trends monitor, and activist for peace & justice), on a small number of pages include: "Why Politics At All" - (I mean, how "spiritual is THAT?! Wink). Including "Managing a Love/Hate Relationships with Politics" [note: "with", not "for"] - some thoughts about a pretty tricky dance, *Love-Wisdom* as a pairADocs ? ? Some key parts of that tricky dance is covered in "Trends, Memory, Tracking, and Forgiveness" including TRUST re: "Discrimination and Whether, When, or How to have Expectations of Accountability." At "The Political Page" there is also a piece about "The Four Governments" (actually, the four realities or belief systems going on and ideas about actually making it work for PEOPLE). And How A Marine became a Veteran for Peace (and even more) Wink. Not really political, but as writing it, couldn't help but notice and reference a few implications: " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and the 'Body-Mind Split' " (7/31/2010, ed. thru Aug'10).

          Towards empowering the highest momentums within us, there is "Poly-Psy & Citizen Health - Discussions & Charts on Political Participation, Empathy, Apathy, & Healing" introduces a study in current “Poly-Psy” with three graphic flow charts and pragmatic discussion for society's waking up and healing itself. Special sections there include Favorite Alternative Solution Sites and the sidebar essay, "Solutions: Common Means to Efficient Paths, 'Bridging' in the Cross-Discipline Approach," As well as "Providing the INFRASTRUCTURE for Cooperation or "The Most Effective 'War' on Terrorism'" referring to resource-multiplying programs such as "Best Starts for Kids." And for students choosing alternatives in peace, I assisted O'Kelly McCluskey in creating the site for the The virtual U.S. Peace Academy @Seattle.
Chalice Bridging & CDC Logo 200px, Chris Pringer 2008

8v&3D(2)Mlt5'12(2)&ChVtx10Da-OnBlk-AFx[R3~]-444px.jpg © Chris Pringer 2012
"Rainbow ChaliCell Isphere Matrix II" 2Mlt5R3 © Chris Pringer 2012
"Rainbow ChaliCell Isphere Matrix" (2Mlt5R5a2) © Chris Pringer 2012
at my gallery page

Chris Pringer DuoPic-atChair&LookingOn.jpg
Chris by Artwork (a 2005 photo over 2009 artwork)


at Fine Art America
Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12
3DCh&Dblstar-Bullet.png   At my Art Gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America, my artwork can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more.

8v&3D(2)Mlt5'12(2)&CellRingChVtx10Da-OnBlk-AFx[R5~]a-333px.jpg © Chris Pringer 2012
"Rainbow ChaliCellRing Isphere Matrix" 2Mlt5R5 © Chris Pringer 2012

"Dove & Chalice over Mother Earth" - my 4th of July piece for 2012

'Signs 4 World Change' by Chris Pringer 2012
"Signs 4 World Change" 2012
(My 1st Cartoon!)

A few large "PolyPsyArts" pics before section, "Just About Yours Truly..."

Chris Drumming in Ground Zero March, April 2010
Drumming in Ground Zero March, April 2010
Thoughts on a "Drumbeat for Peace": The heart is the rhythm keeper in the human body. Maybe it's influence from the wee bit of Powhatan blood in me, but I believe the drum's origins came from Mankind's connection with the heart beat, and that connection is ultimately about one's heart-connection to all people everywhere. 'The indigenous drum,' certainly that of the shaman, is all about resonance between people and communities - close and distant. And I believe that with that focus and intention we all can increase the likelihood of Peace on Earth. Dreamy thoughts, you say? How about a little science: In short, drumming communicates on other than the audible level (per the physics of resonance)... ["the science" & more continued at "Drumbeat for Peace" further below]

PeaceFlagEarthChalice5a-cr-Adj2a Chris Pringer, 9/11/2010, rev.9'12
"What If Balance Was Patriotism" (or "Patriotism Better Defined"), v5a2"

with Ecumenical Logo Set, Balance Scale, Peace Flag, Tree & Flower of Life, Dove & Transition Mandala midground, Intertwined Hearts and Chalice Tapestry 8A1 background, by yours truly, 9/11/2010, rev.11'12. Printable & poster sizes of the most recent versions are available for full view At my Art Gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America, where, if you like, can also buy them as framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more.

Just below is a visual history of this piece.
Larger views of these individual images are available on various pages at the site or in my facebook albums. The origins of the Peace Sign are very interesting, but some of the first uses of the peace sign in the US were by the anti-nuclear energy activists, and was quickly adopted by the anti-war activists. To get a more complete history see the Wikipedia page for "Peace Sign."

Bring Our Kids Home Bumper Sticker Blk3x10 ThumPic

To TOP LINKS  Section

Just About Yours Truly (Christopher & Family)

Fall View From Ballard House
Fall view from my window, to the North in Ballard, WA. Photography by Chris Pringer, October 2016
Ok, just me now, you brave soul, you Wink, ...
          Well, it's true, it took you only a chasm-leaping risk for you to get to what took me years to prepare -- for you (oooohh aaahhaaaa)... I just put together many little pieces of email and other scraps I'd written since '93, tho' I've primarily just edited since '97. I added some of my more recent jokes and riddles and plays on words (recent in '87 - they're timeless actually, but still bad laughing), and wha-lah presto zowie zam! and (see, even the BatMan sounds take a long time comparatively) Poof! there it was! The page was older than fruit cake before it was published! Surprise(And after it's 2003 editing it's original allure remains!) Can I go to jail for that?
            I'm sure many (who know me only through my various vocations, that is) have wondered if I have one.   I wondered that myself, then Life forced me to develop a sense of humor (besides having an independent and very intelligent daughter to entertain and keep motivated - good training in humility, too. Oh, I'll get into bragging about her later on...). But then I Started out with a mind/senses that doesn't quite perceive the world in the same way as most folks (well, not very often apparently - or so my associates have been hinting). Then I found an excuse in the Kiersey Personality typing system: says I'm an INFJ (1 % of population; less since I'm also male). Actually, it would be accurate to say that the *I* for 'Introversion' is as not so heavily emphasized relative to the *E* for 'Extroversion.' There was a shift in the *E* over a period of years during my 30's and later, dramatic in degree if not considering the amount of time, events, etc... but more on that later. And.. there's this Cardinal Cross, Grand Trine thing ...  where's that twilight zone wav file ? Wink

Venus trine Jupiter, Sun in 1st House, Grand Trine (green) symmetric with 6-planet Grand Cross (red).
Uhm... no, it's not a very typical configuration - but you might've guessed, right? smile
What would it be like if we solved the conundrum of what it truly means to "Act our Age" ?
If you think about that very long, how many different moods do you entertain ?!

My wrestling pic from Rogers High School, 1970, Chris Pringer
Wrestling at high school, 1970

Catcher for MCAS Iwakuni, Chris Pringer (Japan, 1972), 1970Catcher for MCAS Iwakuni, 1972
          I'm a lot like my dad, he was a simple man, very humble, and fairly conventional in many respects -- hmm, well, I live simply, I've transitioned to defining "humility" from an eclectic viewpoint, and conventional? Well, I enjoyed contact sports when younger, including carpentry and hauling hay for the three Summers of high school, and still enjoy hard physical work, even if I spend a great deal of my time at the computer now. But I've always enjoyed working with my hands, including with sculpture, sketching, and drafting. [And I cover relationships in another section.]
         My size allowed me only a very short running back career after 10th grade, although running head-on into large linebackers did earn a little respect. [Yup, BRAG ALERT! laughing :] In junior high flag football I could kept the flag hard to get to by turning around and round - with my "crazylegs," a classmate had said - as I ran downfield with the ball. By 11th grade, my 10.1 speed (100 yard dash) let me compete in track (although my friend Donnie Quinca averaged an amazing 9.8!). And I just had to try wrestling my senior year - at 165 lbs, by end of season I could actually hold my own with the guys in my weight category. That led Will Rogers HS to actually letter me, although it was probably for my "6th Hour" efforts overall, keeping a few varsity members working harder to stay ahead of me perhaps. Well, I probably would've been in varsity at most any other high school, since my graduating class alone had over 1500 students. [ Well, there I was, trying to be modest, but my old age had me returning a time when I apparently wanted a little more applause. applause Ahh, Thank you! laughing
         In baseball I very much enjoyed the position of catcher from the 2nd grade through 10th grade. It even seemed natural to massage the arm of my pitcher friend when he complained he didn't know if he could finish the inning - after the game (that we won, I think) he told me it made all the difference. [ Amazing how much time & learning accrued before I discovered my vocation. Huh But back to physical stuff: ] Nowadays, I occasionally find a little baseball to play. I like hiking a lot and really enjoy the energy of the rain forest, although I do miss the much more constant sunlight and warmth of the Midwest. Actually, I love the dry heat of New Mexico and Arizona, but also enjoy the California varieties.

Zen Riddle: If a mystic throws a temper tantrum in the forest, will the trees hear it?

Chris At Mt. Rushmore, Summer'14
At Mt. Rushmore, Summer'14.
          I've been a bit slow when it comes to communications and relationships - but Capricorns can be late bloomers at various things, "slow but steady learners". My siblings were all convinced I was going to be the smart ("spoiled") one who got more education, and probably be a priest. Shhhhhhh Well, we turned out a good preacher -- once I hit 33 or so and was getting through a fairly introverted beginning .... jeez, it (near evangelism compared to before) was almost dangerous once I got going Surprise)... not bad at doing a spontaneous ceremony when really needed. But interests were just not to be so contained in the celibacy of a priest for anywhere near as long as I thought one "should." But then as a monk... Wink
          I have spent a fair amount of time alone, partly because of my interests being so cerebral if not focused on sensory kinesthetics (in work or play, as noted above). On the other hand, I really enjoy being with people. Still, I can be about as shy as anyone I've ever heard of when it comes to actually meeting people. In high school, introverted to the max, I didn't "hang out" - so when not doing sports I was usually studying or reading. Fearing rejection so much, I locked my eyes on the back of the person in front of me when walking down the hall. And was totally shocked when someone signed my yearbook with something like, "Before I got to know you a little, I thought you were stuck-up."
          I sketched things in many classes as listening (or not) but made good grades. A little bit ADD maybe? Dunno In grade school... well, remember the kid in the back of class that was always driving you to the edge, constantly tapping with his fingers and feet ? Yup, that was me. But only since the mid-90's have I really been getting into drumming - on actual drums, that is - with a couple of frame drums & a custom built (unusually wide-ranged) jimbe. I even have a 15 minute repertoire on my guitar -- if you don't mind 14 versions of "House of the Rising Sun."  -- Ok, 4 versions laughing.
          Ahhh, speaking of music, some years back I actually found an entertaining and talented way of putting forth my philosophy ... Ok, I found a singer who's songs do... well, actually, an incredible job of that: Ed Munter in his album, "Tracking Down the Soul" ©1996 Wash Your Dish Music. You thought I would put a midi of me singing here? laughing    uh, nah... Besides, Ed even *sounds* a lot like Bob Dillan.

          More on the social aspect (and the next few paragraphs are probably the most serious on the page, so...) One of my challenges... well, somehow in my early upbringing, I came to believe I was and would not be really listened to or taken seriously, let alone seen as attractive. Which contributed to my later seeming overly flippant or acting silly semi-prodigiously. Which did contribute to my developing that sense of humor, but also, as I developed my extroverted side in recent years, to flirting - apparently a bit too much at times (I have more recently been appraised of).
          Even though, I'm pretty sure, this (flirting) came after a girlfriend (1997) convinced me I was actually good-looking. Which ignited a psycho-dynamic that most folks move through in their teens (!) But that belief about others taking me seriously still hadn't been worked with - perhaps not sufficiently still (?) Except when talking to clients, having developed great confidence in my profession-related skills and knowledge relatively early on, even though I was still developing communications skills in general.
          Even there, when conversing about other things with clients, especially after I would think "they understand me," ... well, lets just say that the formal professional environment was a foreign and rare experience, until after I was well into trying to create one. In any case, thanks to those clientele that persisted in understanding, and/or who may've been raised under similar circumstances, I continued to work and learn over these many years. And thanks to friends who gave good feedback.
          Ok then, on to pictures and such...
          Templates and charts (top right) - gotta love 'em. Actually, I see concepts visually. I know, weird, but works pretty well for organizing, analyzing, making and/or comparing theories, perspectives, principles, eclectic or etheric systems of thought. ... oh, and it works even for making up words, like "Metaphysepistemantics" (metaphysical epistemology + semantics) ! laughing There might even be a 'few' at this site. Charts, I mean. Oh, and then there's... Wink
          ...and symbols, that's Kevin the Dragon with the big eyes on my left (in the lower picture). The handful of little "stuffies" in my place represent that part of me that keeps me young, curious, and hopeful - even "in the real world." smile (Which world can too often seem to require such serious attention otherwise.) And for my clients, it represents the Inner Child -for the re-parenting counseling work that I do. And then there's those chalices, the tree, the dragon, the balance scales, the Buddha, the mountain lion with her cubs...

Chris Template-Ready for Kitchen Handles, Mar'15
Chris Template-Ready for Kitchen Handles, Mar'15

Chris By Mandala - Serious
By the wall mandala and chalice set, Spring '08.

Q: When are lies absolute?           A: On the golf course.               

Russian Folk Dancing demo for high school; Chris Pringer
Russian folk dancing demo for high school, 1970
        Shyness (when comes to 'cold-call' meeting of someone) can be challenging at times when also managing some of my other traits (and even this humor Wink)   I'm the only person I've met who can come up with as many theories about most anything ...I decided I'd be a trend setter. <g> Well, actually, it's just that I haven't got the time to keep up with or follow whatever the current thing is. Ok, so no one is wearing my style yet ... (Wait a minute, did I see someone with my Okie short sleeves ? -- that's long sleeves rolled halfway up the wrist Wink)
        I like reading stories aloud for my lady at bedtime - I'm a co-nurturer, addicted to smiles, perhaps. Two of my favorite books for this have included *Mists of Avalon* by Mary Stewart, and *Nine Faces of Christ* by Eugene Whitworth (not about Christianity but about the Golden Thread within and linking all religion).
        I'm into art-appreciation: What I marvel at the most - and hence my area of vocation and constant study - is God's art in the human form, and that includes our whole Being and cosmology -- as well as the artistically rendered esoteric symbolism of all that - as I hope my Chalice art page shows.
        I also enjoy watching movies with a partner and, when motivated I can even do some interesting (creative) cooking. (Ok, if the truth be told, I mostly I enjoy other's cooking, helping out and getting a little in the way in the kitchen, but I have usually obeyed when told to go sit. smile Meanwhile, I'm definitely efficient there - at many other things as well, perhaps - I actually make a mind-entertaining game out of living simply & compactly.

Massage "Tip": How to heal a Charlie Horse: Hush Puppies help a lot.
Try a Lamb Chop? laughing
(Thank you for the inspiration, Chari Lewis, we will miss you)
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          My daughter Ahnna is why I am in Seattle, she having been born in Oklahoma after her mom married me in a Quaker wedding there. My ex later returned to Washington with our daughter, lived for a time with her parents, and then moved here. Not long afterwards (1987), I moved here to do the part-time Dad thing. That's my daughter (pic at right under the beard :-) at almost 2 years old (from 1985). Ahnna is a young woman that actually enjoys very simple pleasures in the wilderness, as well as working with horses. In grade school with A's in most everything, she especially excelled in artwork (especially water colors), quickly drew cartoons of her friends (which cartoons they like Wink), tolerated her music training, competed with the best for her age group in the low-hurdles.
          She even tried to be goofier than me sometimes! (Proof in pics further below ;-) For someone who was raised by two introverted parents, she used to surprise us as an engaging extrovert with her buddies. Her mom and I have been fairly dedicated to her well-being, maybe especially since, even because of, the divorce. We had shared the abhorrence of what lawyers do with divorcing parents (and so avoided that), and have seen what parents' back-biting does for the child (and so resisted that, but then we usually get along anyway), and it's apparently paid off.
          I can not say enough about her mom's tireless dedication to providing the most supportive environment. We greatly respected the ideas/truths in The Magical Child, by Joseph Chilton Pierce: from the time she was born (sometimes when she was sleeping), I always told my girl she was brilliant and could accomplish anything she put her beautiful heart into. She apparently believed it, with so many talents that she struggled at times with decisions about what her main focus should be.
Ahnna, Xmas'84 w/Dad
Ahnna, Xmas '84 (almost 2yo)

Ahnna, '91 w/Dad
Ahnna & dragon "Sir Gwain" she made for me in '91 (almost 8yo)
'Tropical Flower Small' by Ahnna Pringer, thumb'The Guardian' by Ahnna Pringer, thumb
ArtbyAhnna Sample wTitleTxt 240px

Ahnna & Dad-2001
Ahnna & Dad in 2001
Dad earning his title, "Silly Chris"
        Ahnna's development of her talent in water colors was ever invested, however, as her facebook albums attest (including those at my own fb page). Those and other skills brought her just short of a double major, graduating in June of '07 with a degree in Drama (design & application in theater sets, costumes, makeup, etc). At her graduation reception, she wow'ed everyone with an eye-popping (and huge, 3' by 2') portfolio art book - not only with its many types of media, each bringing out the beauty of the other on each generous page, but also with the overall layout and design. Given what she could do with a photo-album at 10 years old, I guess I should not have been surprised.

        After that, when it came the right time to show off her prolific work on line, she revealed yet another set of skills. I was amazed at how, once her focus shifted to it, she then built an admirable first website - design and content fill. Amazed, considering how long she had resisted any kind of digital application of her art world, although I had encouraged her for years before that. But from her mom came her tenacity for the hand-made arts, her common sense in the work world, and her great sense of timing, among other things. Her art is now at both her and my facebook pages.

        Since graduating Ahnna has been doing more art while traveling and teaching English in Korea. I remember when she, about 5yo, gave this most interesting look at the other kids her age in the park restaurant- they were running all over place being... well, kids. Then she looked back at me, kind of rolled her eyes, and went back to eating and talking with me. And, as a young adult, she's tended to shy away from children - until after she graduated from school and made time for a more full social life. And now (2010-14) she's teaching them and loving it!

        But most importantly, she has a good heart as well as a good mind and good health. Thank you God!    Oh, and she wears my "Dudley DooRight" jaw - wayyyyy better than I do! laughing
'Gaia in Watercolor' by Ahnna Pringer, thumb
'Bamboo Secrets' by Ahnna Pringer, thumb
'Chicadees [Watercolor]' by Ahnna Pringer, thumb
Art By Ahnna Pringer

Ahnna & Co-worker, then with a tea ceremony instructor, in Korea (Fall 2010), and with partner, Chris, at Stonehenge (Summer 2011)

January 2012 at Dad's. I try to entertain, but Ahnna knows how to crack me up- the bubble wrap is her true secret pleasure! laughing Photos by (her bo) Chris Caldwell

Ahnna Married Chris in a beautiful forest setting, September 2014 (finally Wink - having gone together for seven years)

       I haven't thrown out the TV yet -- I use it at times to channel my cynicism -- "Therapy" -when I haven't yelled at the computer in a while - (Wink and a few times to motivate my psycho-social trends essays (although most of the original was otherwise generated).
        And I like M.A.S.H. and some of the spiritual/psych drama stuff that took them forever to get on the TV - Like, where it's at, man... *The Truth is out there* even if you have to *Trek* to *The Fringe* to find that out, having experienced many opposites and oppositions, mirrors and prisms, parallel not-so-linear realities, metaphysical prognosticating extrapolations, cosmic humor, and balancing bridgings of all that --Well, I've been doing the consciousness-related studies since my last year in the service (21yo) and at 27 became a crusader for alternative energy and environmentalism, peace, civil rights. Then in another 7 years I had settled into encouraging (providing space/time/energy for) change within one individual at a time, writing one of my first personal growth pieces in that regard. Am progressive in most political concerns and health issues, fancying myself somewhat of a pioneer in the latter, in reference to The Fascia Memory Project.
        "PC" ? Let's just say I'm much more patriotic about values and people than I am about nations and governments. I'm choosy about values and if many happen to fall under a heading that some people liken to "brown-nosing," then so be it. I consider "Caring" to be essential. I think I'd make a poor therapist if I didn't. But you can find out more about the political side of that on my "
Political Page" if you like. [ NOTE: When I use the term "evolution" at this website, I am not referring to the physical level as we generally consider it. Ref]

 Q: Why do they say, "there are no wrong answers ?

A: Which "they"? (I know, the same jokes as were here some years ago... but hey, I might surprise you some year!)


       I'm not the true nerd, although it seems I've spent half my life at the keyboard since 1993. I'm learning to write more effectively, mainly. Plus enjoy my artwork, other graphics, and learning desktop publishing. And there's the mandatory records, bookkeeping, and related communications for the business. And accounting is not my idea of a fun time. More rewarding, although a bit tedious after awhile, is collecting data on many many topics related to holistic health & healing, consciousness, and related practices.
       And then there's the pc I do a lot of writing on and cussing at, fixing the #@$%\* programs or the configuration or waiting to see what personality Windows is going to toss at my efforts to get some work done -- [Ok, here's where I've edited out some pre-'00 stuff about Windows software performance. Then it actually began working in XP - at least for me, and then came Win7 - so... with any software not made by MS, it's back to fun & games -when trying get work done. - last rev. 6'15]

If you care to write, comment, ask questions, say hi, etc: Christopher@chalicebridge.com

No Reason
by Chris Pringer, June 2017

A beer for no reason at all
simply to go with my supper.
No purpose, no utility to call.
See, I can do it, a non-one-upper.
That may be harsh, implying too much
as I do let whimsey have its touch.
Now wait, catch that strain,
lest the judge rap his cane,
make my bend into the void
wrong for naught,
for something,
for timeless ryhmeless whereless gain.
Now must a second to be averse
Make it quick, get it done,
put letters to the word to string it out
worse, fill it in... ___

It's just a poem.
Functional uselessness?
Sounds like therapy.
What pressure?
If one, then must be three
(like shoulds on a shoulder)
Challenged by endless beginnings,
abandoned, colder...
Back in the know
I know there's the flow,
at least managed misses
becoming controlled abysses...
I'll call it Faith.

Substitute "beer" for "cheer"?
Ahhh. ... ... ... No, wait...

         It is because my friends range from atheist political activists to Christian leftists to spiritually eclectic healers, from veterans and athletes to artists of all sorts, including those I am or have been close to, including some I'm sure would be totally confused by this poem, that I include this note as needed. Since, actually, it's not about addiction or even beer. [continued at right]          So... It's for those of us who forget (or might consider):
that we are more than tinkers, tailors, or workaholics,
that different parts of our brain work best when they work together,
especially if we are to be IN the world, but not OF the world,
while also know that people work best when they ALL work together,
or together-apart, individual yet united in purpose.
          And so, while one of the premises of the poem is leaving purpose behind, there is the paradox of letting-go of the worldly endeavors for a bit, (AND) doing all that for a higher purpose- perhaps letting go to give up to God. ["Paradox" is a Vs-AND thing, that is]

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T H E      I D E A       S E C T I O N

  "Smooth Pedal" Fuel Efficiency Strategy (and...)             About Yield Signs             "Prescription Level" Coffee
  The Immune System, Aging, and...             As for prayers...

"Smooth Pedal" FUEL EFFICIENCY STRATEGY (and...)

          Yes! For years I've been using a fuel efficiency strategy (pretty sure I began it before an "official" name was attributed to something very much like it) that can actually create a fun and self-challenging game out of traffic (bumper to bumper, temper challenging rush-hour traffic). I've included some special tips... which reminds me: Ladies, don't let the red cars make you think this is only about cars, because there could be some tips here for your future, some secrets for your future man's ...uhmmm, improved relating with you, that is. (Even if he isn't to be me - besides, I already know smile ). I've adlibed a metaphor here and there, which is where you'll find those tips.

         More About it: This methodology helps create a SAFE experience for all. Certainly all those behind you. Actually, *especially* for those behind you, as well as for the guy in front of you. And yes, this technique is very effective on congested highways, especially as drivers in the other lanes see what's happening and catch on to how it's done! In the long run (within any rush hour period) using the technique actually speeds traffic, especially since as a result of using it, a) fewer people are having to accelerate from the stopped position, and/or are doing it less often, b) the likelihood of bumper-crumpling is drastically reduced, c) less stops due to engine overheating, and c) less road rage because people catch on to the steady pace of things.

         The heart of the technique, to start with anyway, is gauging the optimal speed for a given situation. I especially watch the brake lights of the farthest vehicle ahead that I can see in my own lane. It's not just knowing how to gauge your gas pedal usage. The trick (or game challenge) is determining just how little/seldom can you use the brake pedal and still keep within a certain range of distance from the driver ahead of you. And measuring out that distance with your fuel and brake pedal action. Which can actually can get into to a kind of contest with yourself - which can become a most entertaining game, which is the part that helps with the alertness vs boredom factor, of course. Anyway, let's begin that distance measuring with about 2 to 4 car lengths or so in highway congestion, at 3 to 20 mph lets say. Make that about a 3/4 car length in city street congestion). And these will vary depending on various things you'll figure out as you work with it; practice develops skill.
         This "smooth pedal awareness game" also saves on fuel and reduces wear on brake systems (both due to much decreased repeated leap-frog acceleration and braking). And you'll be tempted to frustration when someone from the next lane jumps into that "free" slot you've opened, but if you just trust and play that into the game... it still works out. Besides, they won't "get there" any faster than you, and certainly not in the same (constructive) state of mind as you will be in. All it takes is a little habit-breaking discipline, as well as playing with timing and intuition -- in case you're into building such skills, realizing they, along with patience, dexterity, and tactile coordination, are very valuable skills to have in many realms of life. Including love-making - and you might save a life. Ok, well, not necessarily at the same time ! laughing
         By the way, I've created another page for this which is strictly business (without so many cross discipline applications smile. That page includes many more and related ideas for energy efficiency and is at "Smooth Pedal" Preventive Maintenance & Vehicle Efficiency page, (including notes about the "official" versions) with efficiency resources here & abroad; special sections on global warming, rainwater harvesting, resources, with notes about and links to many other planet-sustainability techniques methodologies, research, related essays, etc.
RPMs Guage

                  Back to fuel efficiency now... Please use your tachometer! I'm not sure how many cars have them nowadays - but I believe they can be essential for fuel efficiency. Because speed does NOT necessarily indicate amount of fuel usage. A 1982 manual shift BMW can cruise at 65± mph on "the low side of the tach" (2250 RPMs or so, and transmission ratio's figure into this). But the SIMPLE fact of the matter is that, abiding by your Tach-read RPMs is infinitely more accurate for maximizing fuel efficiency- and therefore also for minimizing ozone depletion. Once you find out where the efficiency range is, then you can ("by feel") keep your engine out of the (low rpm) 'bog range,' as well as out of the (high rpm) waste range.
         I think there are color codes on the tach for the 'feeling impaired' now. Wink But if you drive an automatic (especially w/o a color-coded tach) then, IMHO, you're either not in touch with the road, or you've got road-feel skills I can only imagine. (Which could also help with that dexterity skill building I spoke of above. But as far as applying the metaphor to gear management: I'm gonna have to guess that the 'automatic' Viagra doesn't help to develop capacities in feel skills here laughing )

          And there's the one about replacing most stop signs with yield signs - to drastically cut energy use (via reduced deceleration and acceleration) and brake wear, as well as to increase defensive driving levels due to the resulting increased caution at intersections (I was actually a defensive driving instructor in the service). Of course, if you're going to do it legally, that one requires some grass roots action at city hall.   

the following are excerpted (without *personal page adlibbing* as in the above) from
the "Vehicle Efficiency Compendium" or "Energy Efficient Living" page
  which page ALSO has MANY RESOURCES for sustainable living and making it happen

          The Home as an Efficient Vehicle for Recycling: ... I just want to remind you that your imagination is one of the greatest tools, that "object permanence" doesn't need to be. Permanent, that is. Because if we are attached to seeing things in only the standard defined way, relative to it's "normal" usage or purpose, then we may be limiting our use of a thing. Re-Use is the most efficient means of recycling -- cost-wise, energy-wise, time-wise, etcetera-wise -- provided that the re-use doesn't cause danger to someone's health. If "that would be tacky" is your best excuse for not re-using something, then maybe you could employ your artistic potential, or trade your (other) skills for the craftsmanship required to give the object it's retainability or re-usability.

          For rainwater storage I found the Oasis Rainwater Harvesters site (Waste Tech Environmental Ltd. of Yorkshire, UK) to have a more than representative set of different types and apparently useful info for each type...

         How many cassette tapes do you have? Are you aware that it doesn't take a great deal of work to repair and recondition them ...?

Since any real change comes from within, in accordance with that
we can create & use self-help techniques, methodologies, and prayers, right?

          "Prescription Level" Coffee: Would you believe there can be ways to do coffee in a relatively healthy way? Yes, this is for those who know (or want to know) more than a little about nutrition and are able to apply the methodology."Coffee - Keys to Maximizing Potential" (TEXT file - no web page version so far). HINTs: Worst troubles with coffee, especially of the "Hi-Octane" variety, are related to a) use with sugar (of any kind); b) prolonged "hi-octane" caffeine can wear out the adrenals (how soon depending on personal comstitution, other factors) unless they are also tonified (ie: with use of herbs for that purpose) and sufficient levels of B-Complex vitamins. c) Coffee Acidifies the GI tract - when taken with food, including milk. (And as for milk or cream, calcium 'ties up' caffeine). The Hows, whys, and implications of all that are what the writing was originally about. It's been updated Oct'06 with (then new) important myth-busting findings) and May'14 with section, "Energizing Your Coffee. You can also *Right-Click* this link and choose "save as". This was developed in the early 90's and written up in the early OO's, by the way (and by yours truly).

The Immune System, Aging, and an attitudinal approach that may improve it

         This concept of the ideal immune system may provide a means of integrating of relatively new discoveries and approaches, including how one may approach potential agents of disease, as I would a danger or a "foreigner" of questionable intent:

         The Attitude I Let it in (in the Taoist view, "it" is already "in" anyway), I feed it for a time (seconds, minutes, hours, or maybe days), as I am honoring my capacity to safely honor it - so as to gain some understanding and appreciation of it's existence and role within and without. That implies a certain amount of communication - or body-awareness - which IS a natural talent within us all, but which may lay dormant until one realizes how to -and does- nurture it into usefulness. That taken care of to a sufficient degree... If "the foreigner" cannot join the team with benefit or serve any further beneficial role, I let it pass through, showing it the door and giving it incentive to leave, all with the minimum amount of force that will serve the purpose. We could say that I have an advantage, given a certain degree of knowledge in biology and nutrition, not to mention experience and motivations to continually increase all of that. Which thus continually adds to my faith in the effectiveness of the attitude, my faith in my belief system, if you will, thence in my capacities.
         Add to this The Re-Organization principle: each challenge (What we call setbacks, especially including injuries) is an opportunity to "re-engineer" the circuitry, so to speak, and that includes on the emotional level - given that each cell *knows* (via DNA "blueprint") the most optimal efficiency for its job. And utilizing that capacity requires breaking some habits, so no, it's not a freebee. Just like moving the furniture in the office while you're also doing the office work: It's slow-going, feels uncoordinated and clumsy, sometimes confusing, consuming time and energy, all of which feels like it's being wasted at the time. Yet, all that is essential to the healing. And the more we persist in seeing our healing process as a re-organization, the quicker it moves along. And, faith can be important; just ask any doctor. However, in any case, I don't recommend this for those with a tendency to hypochondria, or anyone who doesn't intuitively feel this is a good idea. And/or get your physician's advice, of course.
         And The Brain as a Tool Kit: such that (ie:) my brain is not in charge, but is a team member, along with my Heart (and the Energy behind it, that is), along with the rest of my emotional body, along with my cell system. The "gestalt of the body-mind" provides for such a diversity of personality characteristics and capabilities, that our increasing awareness (of the systems' ways and means) - and abilities in appreciating and managing all that diversity - increases ones emotional immune system. This relieves stress on and provides strength for the whole of the system(s). How and who is in charge of all that? Well, since a) that includes emotional integration towards conscious -and LONG-TERM constructive self-management of emotional material, and since b) emotional baggage effects how much or even whether you use certain/various capacities in your brain - and since c) all that effects how much vitality is left to focus on management of the cell systems (healing injuries and preventing them in the first place) - THEN we are talking about the body-mind integration and body-parenting systems, yes?
          And especially Self knowledge and its application, including capacity to forgive one's past and resolve to do better (whether about actions, inactions, or "just" diet) is, certainly in the long run, ones best defense against most anything, and is probably the best immune system overall. Whereas the energy of judgement (of one as less worthy), to the degree that it is accepted as valid, creates stress in and around cell systems and interferes with their function, with their healing, etc.
          And considering so many of our beliefs (too often complicating) about disease, health, and human potential that we have introduced into the human system -- these make the above only an ideal to be striven toward in the case of many health challenges today, and not a reality we already enjoy. But as implied above, I believe ideals can be useful as guides, considered in context with any given current reality, and as such, along with a methodology for developing realistic goals, perhaps they are the most useful of any type of perspective.

         I can say that so far, that has worked for me - I am actually more healthy than I was at 22 - internal organ-wise, that is. I've rarely even had a cold in last 4 years, and only a few times in last 10 did one keep me from working just as efficiently as usual [which is an improvement over the preceding years, and the improvement has been gradual for last 30]. Musculoskeletally, I've healed most of what I severely injured in my more rough & tumble days. Next life, I may not be granted such a resilient constitution to begin with, so I'm knocking on wood as I write this. My point is, I believe attitude is a big part of one's immune system, and that more than a healthy balance of caution around that doesn't help.
         The preceding paragraph was added in 2010 when became even more disciplined with my morning "Tensing Yoga" - and since at 63 it still holds true. I generally eat healthfully, with moderation as a rule since my teen years, and have spent five or more years with relatively restrictive diets, often using special nutrient supplements. I also enjoy employing techniques that maintain growth hormone stimulation - naturally and healthfully, via meditation, including 'chi-management yoga', so to speak. And the ginseng doesn't hurt: I can put on muscle mass even faster than when in high school (effecting natural Growth Hormone stimulation?!). More on that (history) at the Tensing Yoga page in Origins of Tensing Yoga & Related Refs from more *traditional yoga*.

         Elaborating the Hows & Whys (at this site): Dietary Nutrition, Neuro-Endocrine Infrastructure, Neuroplasticity, & Aging, and "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship", "Notes & Refs on Neuroplasticity / Cellular Re-Organization", "Blessing Nutrition", "Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk", the "Get Super" Visual Affirmation For Cellular Re-Organization (neuroplasticity in other than just the brain), and "The Transition Diet" page provides for realistic goal-setting per it's title -gradually & successfully- for a diet that promotes & sustains optimal health for body, mind, AND the planet, even from the standard American diet.

          As for prayers: you can find links to World Healing Prayers on geometric art backgrounds (24 prayers as of April '14), as well as to a small library of writings, art, and charts - via the main essay/link section of Body-Mind Integration Index page (or the link under the graphic at right).

          And: The Fascia Memory Theory and Project pages are described in an earlier section, as is the Evolution Trends page, each extensive in scope and, I like to think, in potential. And, perhaps more thought-provoking than practical (at least for now) are the pages, "The Sinuses And ESP, Questions and Considerations," "Hidden Fire Release Theory: A Pre-Emptive Volcanic Exudate Release Theory, preparing for disaster." Such pages are somewhat exceptional actually, hence the "What's Special..." block at right (copied here from the site's home page)
Coffee at Work, photo by Chris Pringer, 2016

Service and...
Notable Notes by Unknown author and artist

yoga_for_wellbeing ChakraBalYoga.jpg


Background for 'A Global Climate Healing Fantasy -- and The SPIRIT of It ALL' at World Healing Prayers page
Background for "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy -- and The SPIRIT of It ALL" by Christopher Pringer, May'15 - see texted graphic at World Healing Prayers page

Chris at Lincoln Park, West Seattle, May 2014
Chris at Lincoln Park, West Seattle, May 2014

What's Special and Different
about this Site:

You might say this site specializes in "Filling in the blanks", covering *What you Don't Find Elsewhere*, the SUBTLE aspects with HUGE implications; ie: like those related to how and why Fascia functions essentially as a BRIDGE in many vital ways, on many levels of our being, including as related to the endocrine system and thereby immune function. Including What's RARELY if ever covered in the more popular media, or the professional media related to body-mind-spirit integration or psychology. While also covering or referencing -as necessary- the basics, more general topics and points. And sometimes the real basics (meaningful essentials) that are skipped at other sites. And *emphasizing* as appropriate among all that, sometimes charting that. [Elaboration on how & why]

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About Gender & Sexuality (and Evolution)

         Note: In case you stumbled on this page as a potential or actual client (No links to this page from the professional pages exist, although you CAN link from here to there). You should know that your reading this page (let alone this section) would not help your therapy process with me. This would be due to a dynamic called "transference," as related to client/therapist/relationship *appropriate boundaries*. Please do your homework on that if/as the shoe fits.
          Less Serious Note: some of this gets a little heady -- after all, I'm compressing quite a bit of perception into a very small space - They don't call me a space engineer for nothing -- especially after seeing my place, and how much I can pack into a small space! But if you'll bear with me, I promise you a bottom line -- and no lace. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wink

"Chalice Art" & "Bridging":
symbolizes that pragmatic balance that might "bridge" (the interconnectedness and understanding of) essential opposites, transcending extremes (male/female, as well as any other primary opposing energies of infinitely varying frequency and magnitude). The depth and breadth of which, could we understand it, might explain our existence. "Bridging" does not negate the existence of any one point on a continuum between any two extremes - it simply strengthens the connectivity, thereby the effective context, of each point within the whole.
          I prefer the yin/yang model of masculine/feminine to most anything the western mind has developed for illustrating and quickly lending understanding of overall health in nature. There are charts showing just about every thing, action, food, and attribute (of anything) classified as either internalizing (yin/female) or externalizing (yang/male) to various or specific degrees [Thank you, George Osawa and Herman Aihara; you might Google Search w/these words: Balance, Complementarity, Yin, Male]. Using this model, I will describe how I see/believe/feel the process of our balancing our genders and their natures. I also refer much to the emotional body, to distinguish this part of our selves from the physical body, the mental body, and the etheric body (using the common metaphysical model of four bodies). When I speak of "the Emotional Body" here, I refer to the emotional body of a/our community or society as a whole.
          NOTE: Ok, maybe that was a test Wink But if you got your mind around that one without effort you'll have no problem with the rest of this section. If not, but you're still interested, just read the whole thing through, not worrying about the small stuff, and by the 2nd time through things will make sense. Otherwise, or it's late and your brain is tired, just skip to the "Strong Sensitive Male" section for now and come back later :-)

          The balancing or "Rounding out" of the Emotional Body for men is not necessarily a "feminization" of it, although it usually isn't a "masculinization" - at least since the pagans and Wonder Woman was in charge, anyway. laughing And still, that doesn't prevent being protective - when it's actually needed. Before The 1960's, men were primarily developed only in the yang (or male) side of the Emotional Body. Whereas women were already developed somewhat in both the yin (or feminine) and yang, although they were rarely given permission by society to express the yang aspect very much. This gave reason for women and men both to realize and communicate that women were more gifted or capable than men in many ways (particularly in the areas of communication and interpretation, many realms of body awareness, intuition, and other right-brain and cross-brain related capacities).
          The 60's era provided the beginnings of a great rounding of the Emotional Body, and women took much greater advantage of this permission. As it stands now, I believe that women (in the West, at least) have rounded the emotional body to a great extent, although the permission to express all of that rounding is still lagging behind. Men (in the West), on the other hand, have advanced only somewhat, and I'd estimate that on average, the rounding for them is represented by two events, that of decreasing (the communication of) the yang aspect (due to feeling the sting of the hand being slapped), while only increasing the yin marginally. Even so, we have created a much more healthy "leading edge" of men, who are fairly well balanced in both aspects, while retaining an appropriate balance for their physical body. So far the visibility of these men as role models for society is in the subtle range, but hopefully will grow more and more effective.
         This may come as a shock to some, but before the 60's, there weren't too many people that looked at history and saw anything but conquering and colonizing as the main means of world change - besides a few great periods of Art interspersed here and there. Since the sixties, we've been enjoying seeing ourselves as "the good guys," while we politely sneer at the British and French and all before them as colonialists.
         But in actuality, there hasn't been much change except our gradually increasing guilt about conquering and colonization. We've still been DOING the same thing - just calling it something else (something about "freedom"). Like any *power,* testosterone also has a good purpose or two. But putting one's foot down doesn't have to mean stomping someone just because you can (or waving a flag while you're doing it). But first things first when it comes to evolution, right? Of course at this rate, it's going to be a few hundred years before the average person is disgusted at the notion of conquering a nation to get it's "needs" met at the time they're in "need." (Did you notice the quotes on that one? ok, good Wink).

          NOTE about "evolution": You may have noticed by context, that when I use the term at this website, I am not referring to the physical level as we generally consider it. More on that and "Balancing of Extremes," *getting beyond* polarization, on "Paradigm Shifts" and Clarifying a/my/some vision for bringing "nigh" the optimal reality scenarios at the "Pragmatic Balancing" section of the "Chalice Art" page. And also at Seven Phases of Evolution at the "Evo-Trends" page (& more refs in next section). Perhaps better to begin with: "On Potential Realities, Ideals, Goals, and Accomplishment" at the "Evolution Trends" page, or "More On 'Ideals'" & "...the Concept of Perfection" at the page, "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring 'Burn-out'."
Evolve Humanity, ChaliceVortex&Planet'evolve-balance' PolyPsyArt 2008
         One of my friends got nailed on the abortion issue for wearing an Obama button at a Catholic service. She's Catholic, and like her detractor, also abhors abortion as well as other kinds of killing. We decided that the next time this happens she agree with the person, but include more detail about the other kinds of killing she hates. EG: the killing of soldiers, both "our own" and those our political leaders have deemed (sometimes in most questionable ways) as "enemies," and especially their families, the torture of same, the resultant life-long suffering of soldiers' due to PTSD and the now ever-increasing number of suicides - especially as a result of the political pit-bulling of our (and "their") kids. And wouldn't it be great if we could get a political leader who would stand against all of those. And of Course, Obama isn't "pro-abortion" but pro-choice [as am I], and life and death issues are just not as simple as some politicians and religious leaders would like us to believe. [11'08]

         Ok, Now for some SEX TALK. That is, after all that above, how about something less depressing? Like a discussion on sex? Really - what I'm almost surprized I haven't added before now (Jan 2017) is about the SERIOUS Wink distinctions in the use of the word "Sex." I know, President Clinton as much as said certain things were not not included in the category, however much trouble as a politician can get into for doing it, or having it done to him (or her?), that is. But that is NOT what I wanted to say here. The lepricon made me say that. laughing Anyway, what most liberal gregarian folks already know, is that sex is NOT always love-making, and the latter usually takes longer - unless it's about sports and competition. Which, IMHO, should be left on the playing field - and which, IMHO, is one of the few places it usually remains fairly healthy. HOWEVER, sports is usually not about actively exploring how well or much, one can make the other orgasm, and/or how many times, let alone about showing how you feel. [If you know of exceptions, please email me. smile] Which expression to each other in bed (or...) can take a good deal of time.
         On the other hand, I do believe there are times that "The Quickie" is called for - not that it's generally hollered out, certainly not by the kids or in-laws staying at the house. Although, if the in-law is a therapist, one can never tell what might be called for. Or called out. Possibly called in, if the in-law has the adjoining bedroom - for some folks that might be the only way to get sex and pizza at the same time. ANYway... oh yeah, the time element... I believe in quality time for the kids, inner and outer. Presents with Presence. Out of ones head and into ones body (and very possibly into the other's, but maybe also into the other's emotional body [but lets not get technical] Oops). On the other hand, if you've read much of my more professional writing, and you're a heady intelligent and intuitive woman, AND have a natural talent for interpolating belief systems and activities into possible analagies, metaphors, or scenarios for imagining what someone is into, you probably didn't need to read all that. (Say what !?!) laughing
         Ok, if I were to get serious, actually serious when comes to sex, it would be about the use of drugs for getting... uhm... suitably... uhm... Ok, I'm talking about getting it up. My big questions are: a) "How long can someone use this without becoming addicted - whether physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, b) what are the OTHER long-term health effects, including for your offspring (if one is that young, planning to have kids, and still feels a need for the drug (?!), and perhaps most importantly, c) What is it about time and being fully present, or at least fairly present with a lover, that won't get a guy up - in a situation where it matters? Including where it's NOT about impressing someone, or competing with someone (whether that someone is in the room or not) ? And if it's the 'pressure' or 'fear of failure' thing? Well, maturity and experience teach us to understand there are just times... AND those are usually times to just be supportive (the woman is *there* and the man receives that) as they are present with each other. [By the way, more direct hints for consideration has been added under "Guns & Drugs" at the "PolyPsy" page (Jan'13), as well as at the "Notes on Addiction" section at the "Goal Chart" page.]
         I know, I keep using that word ("present" or "presence," that is- you thought something else? [HA!])- but that is what usually fixes everything anyway! Besides, such "co-therapy" can lead to some really exciting sex. And if that doesn't work (while still in bed), then there are other deeper issues that need to be focused on, and sex is not the place to solve those, and what was your first clue!? Remember that guru who, no matter what problem you brought up, his advice was to meditate? Ok, I'll ease off on the 'dumb down at the pharm' rants and related advice now. Thanks for listening. smile

         I have known and/or worked with a varied array of (genetically and orientationally varied) folks, some of whose questions or comments motivate this section. For myself, experimenting with the gender aspects other than the appropriate psychological rounding as alluded to above -- particularly via surgery or even glandular therapies -- is just not my idea of a good time. But that is perhaps because I am fortunate enough that my body and mind are more or less congruent, as well as healthy (Thank you, God!). Overall, I believe in the need for balance in all things (at least eventually), and there's my views on body-mind-spirit integration. But here's goes my own notions on revamping "the hardware":
          Generally speaking, The balanced Physical Body has some critically different roles than does the balanced Emotional Body. Given the different genitalia of the opposite genders, in spite of the growing realization of the need for rounding out of the emotional body, the balancing of the physical body for any one gender has much more to do with integration of various (and note: naturally installed) glandular systems as appropriate to that gender, than it does to adapting the given systems or changing them (via surgery or "hormone therapy"), so as to imitate the roles and/or nature of the opposite gender. And as I believe there are at least one or two exceptions to most any rule...
          The primary exception to the above, I believe, regards when there is an obvious cross-gender nature inherent in an individual due to genetic makeup. Secondarily, I think it's fine for others to experiment with various systems in the universe, including their own physical body and it's uses, certainly if that is the purpose of their life stream in a particular lifetime -- provided their doing so does not cause harm, burden, or dysfunction to/in the overall "spiritual plan" for the universe (and overall, I believe most of them are very similar), to a sustainable healthy planetary bio-social human system, or to other individual living beings, etc. Which I imagine would require too much money and too little sanity to carry forth, hence the rare circumstance.

  BridgingHearts-TextedValenChalice, Chris Pringer 2010

          Ok, so if you're brain didn't catch fire on that, then you might be able to survive being around me if I should go to blabbering on some theory (or extrapolation of facts) at any given moment.
TOP & BOTTOM: two versions of "3D & AtomicChaliceS5A overTransformingTapestry5 & FlowerOfLife-DrkA2 sig'd" cp, Feb 2010;
  MIDDLE: "Evolve Humanity, ChaliceVortex&Planet 'evolve-balance' cp, 2008 and "Bridging Hearts -Texted 'Valen-Chalice'"  

"The Strong Sensitive (straight/heterosexual) Male"

[ as in: *about* same, and IMHO (in my humble? opinion), and not that I am "the prime example," but just one humble sampling. And for (just in case you're doing) research, and you haven't yet found enough misconception (Ha) about the subject already - and noting it could otherwise be very boring - of course! smile ]
Chris in Taos, '96
Visiting Taos, 1996
          Let's see, if the above section (on "Gender & Sexuality") hasn't already given you a good idea of (my idea of) some prerequisites for appropriately balanced male and female energies, you might want to read up on the the Kiersey Personality typing system), and in particular on the personality types INFJ and INFP, and then consider what these might look like in a male. Does that imply that ALL sensitive males are INFJ's or INFP's? I doubt it's quite that well locked in - but my intuition says there may be benefit in checking that out. I'd guess these two types have far more difficult a time covering up sensitivity than any other category of men that have been studied (their having singled out the straight men in all above considered groups, since that is what women are apparently finding to be so rare, valuable, and to be sought after).
Chris, Linebacker/Safety at Pendleton, '73
Linebacker/Safety at Pendleton, '73
          Lets paint the "before" picture for you: I enjoyed sports, including contact sports, and proving that size didn't have to be a disadvantage - my upbringing instilled the "toughness" thing in me fairly well. I tried the Marine Corps thing right out of high school while Viet Nam was raging, but that was actually more out of blind naïvete, desire to please, and the influence of my brothers, not to mention being from Oklahoma. (Ok, be nice, y'all Wink) Once cured of a certain amount of blindness... (there's more on that on the Political Page, including a few pics, AND from there a page entitled "Questions for Disillusionment") ... the increased capacity to listen and pay attention (oh yeah, and my oldest brother had sent me a very wonderfully instructive woman back when I was in the service, but moving on... Wink) I'd say the circumstances of my up-bringing (that I mentioned in the "about me" section above) had a strong effect. Plus, my early psychology and spiritual studies ('74-'79) also helped prepare me for openness to the information I received in a class that I begrudgingly attended on "feminism" (in 1982 or so -- and in Oklahoma no less).
        Yup, all my homophobia was up for that class, but my political activist friends assured me for days it wasn't about becoming gay ;-O (Well, Okie ex-marines need lots of convincing at first.)  [1]   And about this same time I was doing in-depth studies in Herbs and Nutrition and came across those yin/yang charts I mentioned above (regarding the acid/alkaline balance aspect). Well, I tend to see (and interrelate) analogies, metaphors, and various developed systems of correlation fairly readily, so eventually, the "as above - so below" (Spirit-Mind-Body) thing on the balance of male and female energies had to sink in some time. Did I just esotear you out? (ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!).
Daughter Ahnna & Dad @RoxburyANW
Daughter Ahnna & Dad At Arlington NW June'06
Well now I'm talking about the integration of my emotional body (not just the mental concept match-making thing) - That part came along very late (1985+)... I could talk about the more painful lessens that more or less force one to learn, but I won't go there here (go here there?) except to say I've learned much in that way as well.
Image: Activism in '84 (32yo), then drumming when #GI's Killed in Iraq reached 3000 (Jan 06)Activism in '84 (32yo), drumming for 3000 GI's killed in Iraq (1'06)

Thoughts on a "Drumbeat for Peace":

           The heart is the rhythm keeper in the human body. In EVERYone's body. For me, maybe there's some influence from the wee bit of Powhatan blood in me (Although the dark-skin & strongly native-features of my grandfather & oldest sister might indicate more). But I believe the drum's origins came from Mankind's connection with the heart beat, and that connection is ultimately about one's heart-connection to all people everywhere. 'The indigenous drum,' certainly that of the shaman, is all about resonance between people and communities - close and distant. And I believe that with that focus and intention we all can increase the likelihood of Peace on Earth. Dreamy thoughts, you say?
           How about a little science: In short, drumming communicates on other than the audible level (per the physics of resonance). We can add, that is, come to understand, a few more elements of psycho-emotional capability that have to do with empathy via the limbic system (elaborated at my website, albeit spread about on more than a few pages, far more scientifically at the MindSight Institute) and we understand how drumming *can be* (per intention mainly) used to strengthen family connections.
           That includes those that may not recognize their family connection with you - even at great distances. Add that the feeling of family connectedness has a lot to do with the immune system, and thence the genes we pass on, by the way. Remember that saying, "members of the same family are not always born under the same roof" ? I know, who 'woulda thunk' science could get so deep and all smile (Related: "Trees & Communications - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health - Some Good News from Science" by Chris Pringer, November 26, 2017, ORIGINALLY titled, "Trees, Communications, Family-Connection & 'Psycho-Neuro-Immunity' - Bridging Empathy & Planetary Health") AND (very related to the drumming) the big graphic below. Both writing and artwork are very dense compactions of writing, research, or illustration of a matrix of capacities - both inner-connected and inter-connected. AND...
           "Who one truly is" -and the expression thereof- is considered an attribute of the heart chakra, even if, over time, certain conditions between communities made it safe to only express certain parts of that. Seems to me that drumming can be an opportunity to effect not just one's own core resonance, but to engage and expand the core resonance of Universal Love that exists among all mankind, perhaps among all Life in the universe. As I told Seattle Times photographer Dean Rutz [see May'05 photo further below] "The drum represents the beating heart, symbolizing the connection shared by all people." [Originally published at the Drumming Album at facebook, 2009, revised with ref's to the "Mother Earth Tree" page, Nov'18] ...

'Funghi (Chalice) Root Man', Chris Pringer of ChaliceBridge.Com, Jan'17
"Energy Work with Mother Earth Tree" by Chris Pringer, June 2018 (latest original draft 6' wide!)
          The drumming apparently goes with the territory of a straight male massage therapist whose clientele includes a high percentage of politically and/or spiritually progressive women and men, and in Seattle (per the drumming for activists picture further above).
          So am I calling myself a "strong sensitive male"? I'm not talking about being "so sensitive", or about handling the expectations of a diva, or about "buttons" and "issues". But about being emotionally aware (and from there, one may have more choice about what one may be "sensitive" about and to what degree, right?) Well, some days I'm not so strong/aware, it feels, but I have always hated the idea of giving up, so maybe I'm just tough -- except for the pain part, or is it because of the pain awareness part? Do you realize there's a whole society built on the "no pain, no gain" thing?
          Ok, of course you do, but what you probably did not realize, is that there just might be a much more all-inclusive, more balanced, more healthy perspective about pain (Physical and other levels, hence the "Why Pain" essay about developing a practical approach with compassion) based on Body-Mind Psychology). That the "no pain no gain" principle may not apply as often and/or not in the same simple understanding in every situation, is only because other considerations may apply to them with far better results for all concerned, long term and short.
          I'm not talking about escape from physically handling oneself or even dying - I can take a corner as fast as most anyone else, and take rough-house contact better than most. I know what "tough" is, standing up for myself, etc. My past was all about that, used to pride myself as saying, "I can take it" - which led me to joining the Marine Corps during the Viet Nam War, and [bla bla bla] after which I can now say (some might say it proudly, other's would say it humbly and carefully) that I've learned better. And that testosterone works best in balance with estrogen, even when it comes to "complaining" or just talking about pain- eg: there ARE healthy ways to do it, without being a whimp - and knowing how would make every difference in anyone's life...
          So, what I'm talking about is the basic principle of BALANCE, which might better be covered in " 'The Lords of Culture' and Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, and the 'Body-Mind Split' " (7/31/2010, ed. thru Mar'11). I know, "borrr r r r...ring"! But isn't pain just part of one's being aware and learning, even learning compassion, or at least a tad of empathy? And about doing one's best to stay aware in this world of growing pains, even when some parts of one don't want to grow anymore? Endurance, perseverances, sacrifice... - and yes, this can apply in socio-political territory, and I go there in the essay, "Pragmatic Balance."
          And on the aspect of empathy in that realm of things: " 'Empathy' or 'Armor' by Definition - Clarifying where the definition has come to be re-defined to apply in limited ways and directions." eg: I clarify the empathy of the 3rd Chakra from that of 4th or Heart Chakra in "The Lower Chakras & Synthesis of Body & Soul". The heart chakra is considered the "bridging" chakra or chalice-chakra, between the lower and upper chakras. [ed. 4'10, 4'll]
          But here we are talking about sensitivity... there is a relationship among all these things, right? Ok... And, just in case you wanted to know, these things are also related to focus, caring, energy levels, healing, and burnout -ANYONE'S- not just a therapist's[3]
. Without too much of a stretch, we could even relate all that to peace and war: "Systems of Structure & Effects on Learning" or "Spiritual Battles & Wars" (that are best if maintained INternally). - an eclectic view [Nov'09, ed. thru Nov'14].
          Another way to look at it: Metaphorically speaking: if certain compartments of your tool kit (whether for whole tools, or just for some of their attachments), had snakes springing out and biting you whenever you opened them, then you probably became less motivated to open them over time. That's how emotional baggage effects how much or even whether you use certain/various capacities in your brain. Denial is a mechanism for coping with pain, including emotional pain, of course.
          Metaphorically countering, you should be happy to know that there are means to go into the tool kit, tame the snakes, and thus recover those avoided compartments. Same goes for any areas of data storage that have been avoided. EG: Per the studies in neuroplasticity, The brain is like a tool kit, as well as a memory access device and memory storage device. With your Heart/Mind in charge of the tool kit, that is, at least from the metaphysical perspective. In any case, maybe our tool kits are far more alike than we believe - maybe it's the details of accessing the tools that differ the most from individual to individual. [Last two ¶ fr/the "Listening Essay" 9/4/10]
          But all these points relate to BOTH personal and socio-political relationships. The difference is "only" a matter of scale, EXCEPT for the complexity that is essentially due to the ATTACHMENTs to TRADITIONs, and *related perceptions of* the PAST being projected onto the present, including variations in approach & methodology in problem solving - and actions - and HABITs stemming from that. To ADDICTIONS AS RELATED TO PERCEPTION, if you will. But isn't it always?!
          All of which aspects covered in the above, IF addressed and learned from, and differences were made widely enough on the personal level, thus actually extrapolated onto the world scene... well hey, if you're going to have a fantasy... smile [Last two ¶ rev'd 1'15]
Chris in Peace Flag Honor Guard, March 2010
as part of Peace Flag Color Guard, April & March 2010"

Transition Over Xforming Heart 3s, © Chris Pringer 12'08--3'09
Transition Mandala Over Intertwined Hearts 3s, Chris Pringer Dec'08 & Mar'09

Drumming at GreenLake Arlington NW, 5'05
Photo by Dean Rutz of Seattle Times published with the caption including what I told Dean: "The drum represents the beating heart, symbolizing the connection shared by all people."
[see above photo caption note, "Thoughts on a "Drumbeat for Peace"]

"Signs for World Change" - "At the Rally for World Change, a number of groups holding unusual signs converge into a huge circle... and one individual off in the distance..." [links to full-size version at the PolyPsy Citizen Healing page. Includes sub-section, "World Change, or World of Addiction" - by Chris Pringer, 1'12]
          On the other hand...
          Ok, now if you claim you've always wanted one of those strong "sensitive males,"... well, please try to notice whether or not a part of you might be tagging something onto that. That is, a desire for one "who's sensitive about me and my needs only, and let's not be 'whiners,' and have feelings about other peoples' needs, including those we don't even know." If this is going on, then you do not really want a strong "sensitive male." You may want someone to tend mainly to your inner princess. On the other hand I love nurturing and spoiling in various ways and more than just on occasion, but just not for the ego's sake. (I think that's at least six or seven hands by now, and you're probably getting this image - there's this God/Goddess called Shiva with all these arms... Wink)
          And yes, every women, like every man, has an ego -- it usually just hides or displays differently than a man's does. Proof would be yours if that last statement bristled your attachment to believing otherwise. Really. No, I'm not kidding! heheheheheh... Not to worry, my inner psychologist is into the Gestalt Perspective, and Body-Parenting. So, even if you would be around me (as a partner or potential partner) when that (therapist) part of me does pop out, your feelings would be safe from judgment (although your actions might not). Because (since you wouldn't be a client) it wouldn't emerge, except for when working on myself (and I let you witness that), or if you ask for instruction about how you approach something within yourself - on your own, or if I'm profiling some political situation or related person. The point being, I'm very accepting of feelings (negative or positive, APPROPRIATELY EXPRESSED) as I would expect my good friends or a partner to be for/towards myself.

"The Capricorn" - my first self-made portable massage table, named for strength & endurance. Split 2x4's formed the framing - not exactly light-weight. I made and sold two of them while in massage school in Sante Fe, NM (Yes, that's my unmustached self, 1984-85)
Chris, 'Off-Planet' @ SLO,CA '86
"Off-Planet" @SLO,CA '86

Chris - Youth Flash
Youth Flash !
Watch - Out !

Some dramatic variations on my artwork per a client's color preferences & guidance (to be more representative of her own emotional body) in 2001

Bright Chalice Ancient Symbol Tapestry 2
"Bright Chalice Ancient Symbol Tapestry2" (c) Chris Pringer June'14

On Gender, Conflict, & Violence:

          Being a conflict-avoider type by nature, I've learned (read: "expanded") to appreciate that conflict is best avoided by employing broad considerations, attempting discussion and airing of those things that are too easily overlooked, especially when someone seems to present a topic too confidently. My doing that, therefore, is not to advocate difficulty or encourage negative attitude about it. The "Devil's Advocate" role might appear to some as suspicious, skeptical, or even cynical, but the purpose is to help facilitate the best product or problem-solving, etc. Although/And indeed, I acknowledge that I am capable of a wide range of feelings, or at least tuning into them, but am also experienced at not acting on them - even if/when I do express that I have them (and that's the Gestaltist aspect speaking). The book, *The Magic of Conflict* by Tom Crum is all about this. I apologize if I come from "this place" (elsewhere on this or other pages) while assuming others know where I'm coming from. Often, when speaking, I actually don't explain things (less and less so over the years, that is) - I know many who prefer sound-bytes, consider explanations as excess elaborations or even "excuses." [Added 1'15 =>] On the other hand, I don't like repeating myself, and after a couple of times of trying to make something clear, will then do my best to make it clear that the discussion needs to move on. [<=]

          Here's a sentence that could have each word or most any selected phrase put in quotes: "Behind every great president there was a great lady." The implications of that are many and potentially profound. [Added 1'15 =>] Culture has us communicate the details of influence only long afterwards. But marriage is marriage, and there are all manner of variations in gender expression and conflict. And of course(?), these roles -referred to above and below- can be switched or alternately shared, depending on the nature of the individuals in the relationship. [<=]
          As regards the aspect of *Authority* ("Power" or "Control" Issues), there is "power over" (authoritarian style) and there is "power under" (manipulative and/or passive aggressive). Traditionally, males only knew the former, and females could only resort to the later, with some exceptions of course - particularly with certain cultures *In the Home.* But if "power over" abuse is violence, is not also that by "power under" - If/When that repeatedly and thereby predictably leads to the "power-over" abuse? [ added 1/17 ] Of course, intention matters here, in that the "power-under" might be for beneficent or critical purposes, such as providing for ones children, or long-term finance management, etc. [<=] [Added 1'15 =>] [as for myself, as noted in other sections here, I prefer sharing cooperative authority in teamwork, and tend to resent it when told after the fact that I should've forced something to happen [since I've never resorted to violence except to resist undue encroachment or violence - with minimal violence such as a push-back, unless/until more is necessary - I'm a counter-puncher, albeit w/trained reflexes, but I digress...] [<=]
          As for Violence: In some relationships one person might be much more resistant to impulsive, let alone violent reactions. And if that is the male, and the female is constantly accusing him of impropriety due to a difficult (abusive) past, or attempting to control his life out of related fears (such fears probably being the most common cause of totalitarianism), then we can only imagine how much patience he must employ to maintain the relationship, especially if he insists on not having his life overly restricted. [Last two three paragraphs from a facebook comment in response to a post on topic of songs with words of violence to women, 1'11]

          To answer the average woman's curiosity more point-blankly for this topic (Given that anger is here understood as essentially born out of un-worked grief over losses and/or fear of future losses, not only of material things, but of various or specific qualities of situations or relations between/among people, capabilities, etc): I, for example, may hit objects or do a primal scream when I am feeling extremely exasperated (a lot of anger). And I believe this is fine, even healthy, *when one is alone or in therapy* - sans any actual destruction of property, and especially when using a pillow (for muffling sound) to vent into.
          To extend that example, As for the extreme few times (2 or 3 in the last 12 years) that I've expressed (so dramatically) with someone present (yet not *at* that person), I apologized immediately, and did my best to assure that it was not about her. And yes, she recovered from any doubts about that quickly, based on my subsequent behavior. But I am generally highly aware of what's driving my feelings that are driving my actions or inactions (expressed or not), while admitting I have taken great pains and hard work over the years to become this aware. Not because I used to be violent to others, but because until most of the way to 40yo, I was one of those that "got the clue" one or two DAYS after emotion-based interactions -especially when not obviously emotional, and even then there might be elements I was blind to. [6'12, 1'17]
          And given that, for a potentially testy situation, I usually just say that I feel we may be entering a territory of "sensitivity", and then assess how I/we proceed from there, based on his/her response to that.Which strategy generally prevents situations from becoming anger-provoking. While admittedly, it might also encourage subsequent passive aggression (including "strategic exasperation") on the part of one who was expecting for more, uhmm... "excitement" in that situation. So, being influenced by memories of past events (consciously or not), that one might engage mental self-abuse (considering physical abuse is not coming from the partner), until it builds up to point of when it explodes at the partner as a gunny-sacking. The below story about "Jack, Smack, and Del" is an attempt to illustrate this with humor. Of course, the experience can be quite exasperating when part of a repeating pattern. How to forgive after each time when you know the person just isn't understanding what's going on, so one knows it will keep repeating? Continual reminding oneself that it's actually about someone in that person's past, so not taking it personal... lots of patience helps, I guess.[¶ rev'd 1'15, 12'15]

          In recent years I've often said that, "I used to tell everybody everything". Which over-exposure can (depending on the listener) be an infringement on one's own boundaries, or throwing pearls to swine. And the belief about others actually listening or taking me seriously enters in here. Because that kind of honesty has, at times, attracted those who immediately believe no one would ever be that way unless it was part of a con-game. Or it has driven away those that feel that I might expect the same (honesty) of them, when they needed so much privacy around their own lives (but which honesty about that, they were not prepared to provide, at the time or perhaps ever). All of which is a big part of why I've often considered taking this page down. Except that everything put on the web is "permanent", so I may as well be consistent to my original best intentions. And so here it stays - at least until a woman invests herself in my life enough to earn the right to help me manage my public expression. [Last four paragraphs (unless otherwise noted) 6'12]
"Jack, Smack, and Del" (or "Please Pass the Aggression")

Jack, with his monkey, Smack, on his back, was talking with his best pal, Del. Jack gazed away for a moment as Smack wacked Del with a sack of tack. When Jack looked Back, Del, now with a strange smell, said "Jack, you need to fix Smack, or dump the tack out of that sack." Jack says, "I don't know what you're saying, Del." Each time Jack looks away, Del gets another weighlay as Jack, looking back, says "Del, you kinda smell." Three more wacks with the sack later, Jack sees Smack lean in, swing that sack, and Del ducks better - well, by a hair, though now wetter. Del says, "Jack, like I've told ya for weeks back, if you don't get that sack from Smack, that's gonna be it for our pack." Says Jack: "But I tried that once, and Smack opened the sack all over my back, and I wreaked for weeks. And besides, what's the problem, Del - other than, well, you kind of smell. When was the last time you took a bath really well?! But our talks are killer, Del. 'Til tomorrow, be swell."
[A new version of an old metaphor; cp, 1/'15; pics by Serif]

To TOP LINKS  Section

How does a man massage women professionally?
(It's one of those questions a few guys have occasionally asked me,
leading me to suspect other folks would like to ask too.)

Including some "Notes for Male Massage Therapists"

Quick Answer: "Professionally."
Long Answer:

Introductory Note:
          I'm not a teacher on the subject, but from my experience (since '83) I will try to cover a few common areas of question and/or misconception. Someone has to try, right? My learning in these realms has sometimes been difficult. For this reason and for the edification (as needed) of other current and potential therapists, I developed a rather sophisticated list of considerations (available for professionals and instructors of such). This has to do with the most challenging situation variables that the massage therapist may encounter. Based on these, and put in lay person's language (although some of it may sound a bit esoteric to the average person), I wrote "Questions for Boundaries." This (affirmation-based) exercise was developed to also be instructive when simply read to get helpful information, and so is also useful for non-therapists who have challenges in regard to boundary issues. It might also have been called "Advanced Techniques in Communications & Unlearning Co-Dependency." More considerations may be found an essay written from a view both naturopathically and spiritually inclined, Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner -- and Detouring "Burn-out" (Published July'88). For a thorough list of resources on the subject (which may or may not include the above) you would want to use your web-search engines [you might try these keywords: boundary issues, transference, counter-transference] and/or check in with one of your local massage schools. There's also a note below on energy levels and burn-out,  [3]   and one in the section above on pain.

But to address the particular question above:
          Let's be honest. The implied question (from a guy's perspective) is more about "not doing" than doing, right? Hence, the key must be in one's FOCUS: One doesn't "not do" something with very much skill (e.g.: that pink elephant thing: the harder you try not to see it, the more you can't help but see it). And we use "draping" of course, but in any case, and since I am not blind... Early in my practice I was simply thrilled just to be able to do this work and even get paid for it - of course it's very rewarding to make people feel better, and they say very nice things to you, and so on. Anyway, early on I was generally so focused on making sure I was using the right technique and covering all the basic bases, etc. Later, when I realized I was probably one of the more skilled therapists (and I guess so my mind might wander at times) I would, when being "tempted," I would *will* the focus to be on other things that I am very interested in, i.e.: health, psychology, nutrition, technique, intuitive aspects, spiritual aspects. These are the things I've always written a lot about since '77 or so, so realms are of thought come pretty readily, and especially when I'm doing my work.
          And besides this, my senses (those that a massage therapist will develop after so many years - from sensory to empathic), are always feeding me information that I enjoy integrating with such as the above aspects. That includes how the client's muscles and tissues feel to my touch as well as how they sense my touch, on how they move, and how they relate and communicate to/with each other, or how, when, where they don't do this (Yes, this is actually quite an interesting thing to many massage therapists -- and this provides the 'body' part of my Body-Mind psychology writings, after all ! :-)
          That doesn't mean I don't have emotions, an imagination, and a mix of active hormones to tend with. And a massage therapist is taught to consciously monitor his/her feelings. We couldn't be "Present" with the client if we denied them. Compared to the stereotypical male,  [1]   the male therapist just "puts things on hold" for awhile. It's not that mysterious really - I'm not celibate, never have been by choice.  [2]   And I'll be the first to tell you I'm not a saint. Yet, it does take a sense of priority, honesty, and some integrity, of course, and maybe even some very conscious effort and practice at first -- or when the situation is particularly "testy." While I'm fond of the quote, "No sainthood without temptation," my advice is, when a woman is on the table, try to do two things: 1) shoot for sainthood and yet, 2) do not let her put you on a pedestal. A bit of a tightrope maybe but that's my advice, because falling off that pedestal can make you think pretty deeply for awhile - and not because you sat serenely to contemplate philosophy.
          One of the interesting aspects in the interaction of massage therapist and client, or between ANY two people touching each other actually, is that sensuality is a subjective experience. The intention of the applicator can sometimes have little significance (as relates to sensuality) on what is felt by the applicatee. Let me put that plainly: With some people I could (for the sake of example to get my meaning across) try to be sensual but, for various reasons, it may not be felt as sensual. Or, conversely, I can be just doing my technique thing for circulation and/or release of contracted musculature, etc, and it may be felt as sensual. It's something massage therapists do their best to maintain clarity on -- without undue focus, lest we cause the client to have undue focus on this. Interesting species we are!
          Now there's the question of how to do gluteal muscles (yup, you know, the rumps). I suggest being a great communicator with a good sense of humor if you're going to do these more than the amount taught in Washington massage schools whose teachers have pretty much become paranoid about teaching such things. Not that the gluteal and rotator muscles arent' some of the largest, thickest, deepest, and most complex and essential muscles in the human body or anything. Not that achieving for these muscles -the same goals as you'd achieve for any other muscles- might be essential in preventing lumbar disk and sacro-illial ligament injury - the most common types of low back injuries, and those that lead to further debilitating complications. But actually it is, of course!
Byron Chris Pringer, discipline

          Ok, now, if you're a male licensed massage therapist, and fancy yourself as a strong sensitive straight male... You should know that state licensing authorities (WA DOH- Washington Department of Health) generally enforce their regulations via an administrative hearing - *without a jury*. That means (if a complaint is filed) it's you and your lawyer (if you use one) against two people who work for the state, likely/often in the same building. That's the lawyer for the complainant who gets to say pretty much whatever s/he wants to, and the judge who makes the decision that might effect the rest of your life. I've heard, actually from a lawyer experienced in such things, of cases coming before such state hearings that would never come before a civil court (like "he said, she said" cases). He also said that lawyers who can't succeed on their own often become lawyers for state administrative court systems (the ones without juries, remember), and get to call themselves "Assistant Attorney Generals." [Elaboration commented out]
          Ok, so what that means for you: In any case, it's still a good idea for male massage therapists, at least until they've developed some very good gut feelings about people, to be very careful about who gets on the table. And Did I mention skills in "Communications"? And consider having someone else in the office nearby, preferably a female associate that you know fairly well. Because not paying attention to those concerns can effect not just your professional standing, of course - but your employment future, social life, and most every other aspect of life - and in a way that even those you might think most sensitive can have a difficult time being "sensitive" to.

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           [1]... Which I most likely am not (the stereotypical male) certainly given all the above statements, which I don't hear from most of the males I've ever known. But I am straight w/ no experience to the contrary & no desire for any. Ok, so... why advertise in Seattle Gay News? Speaking for myself, I advertise to reach the most PEOPLE (affordably) who can benefit from my services -- Regardless of their Race, Creed, Gender & other Genetic Related Aspects, or Lifestyle, so long as that lifestyle is not harmful to others.
           [1b] I don't respect bigotry or reverse-bigotry (or any other form of less-making, hate, enforced ignorance, revenge) -- in Seattle that can refer to some interesting attitudes. Maybe I'm just too idealistic ? And besides, most of my regular clients are gay men and they are among the finest people I've ever known. I've also been told by some gay men that with me there is an advantage - not just because I'm not homophobic, but with a straight massage therapist (of the same gender at least) a gay person - or their partner (jealous or otherwise) - need not worry about being approached sexually, not to mention the given that they came in for the overall lasting health effects of the massage itself.
           Which fact I've learned (perhaps sadly) will surprise a lot of gay *and* straight people, at least among those who don't live in Seattle or large diverse metropolitan areas. And, yes, dealing with phone calls from those who want/expect sex is something you have to learn if you advertise in gay publications. Especially in a state that (unofficially) permits gays to advertise services that (fairly blatantly in many cases) imply sex. And you (in most other cities/ states of the U.S.) might think that would help clarify those that don't from those that do, right? Well, not only could thinking that be considered stereotyping (here), but the old sayings, "guys will be guys" and "jerks will be jerks," applies to the gay communities as well, even if women don't get to see it as much.
         On the other hand, in my experience, that applies much more to bi-sexual men than to "fully gay' men, as I often get the impression that the former do not have, or care to employ, that "gaydar" that helps them discriminate in sensing who may be a potential mates. And here's where some bi's, in their overconfidence and braggadocio are just as much, jerks as any straight male can be, or even more so. IE: They perceive the explaination that, "the plumbing just doesn't work that way," as a motivation to try harder to convince you you really want them.

           [2] My beliefs align with that of Vajrayana Buddhism , with the partial exception having to do with *therapeutic* release of emotion (as per Humanistic Psychology). And it's only a partial exception. Hint: my views resonate with the Vajrayana system in that it employs the 'vehicle' of relationship - and related activities and emotions - as a vehicle for enlightenment. (That doesn't mean everything is work, that joy and wonder and bliss can't be essential parts of a relationship. I wouldn't mind them being 90% of the deal! But in ANY case...) This system definitely attributes equal opportunity to the highest spiritual states/development. But as with most schools of Buddhism, it tends to teach 'control' of emotions (albeit an optimal form of such) vs the therapeutic release of emotions. Well, I'm not quite there yet.
         However, to the degree one involves Vajrayana nature with one's partner (short of the full practice of Vajrayana, that is), the empathic capacities are drawn on and enhanced to a very high degree. Hence, for me, there is developed an increasing internal awareness of and appreciation for the nature of my partner with all the attendant issues of her gender and related roles, etc. In essence, I measure benefit of any spiritual practice, and how I'm doing on a given day, with the degree of compassion it instills, not in number or degree of powers or insights (psychic or otherwise), of material blessings or acknowledgments, of spiritual friends and associates, of visits by/with spiritual celebrities, nor even the number of genders I can make love to. Which introduces this next little part.
         My other disagreement is with certain (few?) of the Vajrayana students who believe that *total* androgyny - including sexual practice - is the only real way to spiritual liberation (!). God bless for whomever that works (EG: for as long as it brings them happiness & enlightenment without interfering with that of others; same for any religious or spiritual path), but for me that (*total* androgyny thing) just rings of spiritual elitism. I mean, does that belief also require (for spiritual transcendence) the absolute development of all aspects of the brain as well, thereby requiring the eventual development of multiple-genius capacities ? (Not that either one indicates "perfection" -whatever that is- but y'know, there's all kinds of fundamentalists in the world, and I confess to being none of them.)

[3] Strength, Energy efficiency, and burnout considerations:

        My muscles generally have rarely tired from doing massage, even after 4 or 5 sessions (1.5 hours each). [I wrote that 10+ years ago. Let's make that '3 sessions' now (2007)] Much of this due to my having done construction work for 10 years prior to doing this work. Good massage training includes learning *how* to use one's strength efficiently and safely in the long run. at NMAMAHA We were taught the principles of Tai Chi, which is nothing if not efficient use of energy. I also make a game of seeing how little muscle energy I can use, and/or how well I can distribute the load, including vary the way(s) I use apply my hands, arms, elbows, etc, to accomplish the task in the most efficient and proficient way.
        Actually, I've always enjoyed trying to improve upon any system of work, especially when it just seemed unorganized - which has often been the case when working for others. Maybe it's just a mental compatibility thing, but in the USMC I was promoted for reorganizing the tech shop records (location to layout to repairs management) at my first duty station. And at some (civilian) jobs my inate need for continually finding a more efficient process (and perhaps mainly less boredom) was actually not appreciated.
        However, back to the muscle application. I actually first learned about this when shoveling creek rock at a construction site eight to ten hours a day for a week (partly because my mind is the type that is happiest with something to consciously focus on). By the 3rd day I had a rhythm, and a method of breathing and movement, and altering my stance so as to vary the load distribution for my muscles, that allowed continuous and accurate shovelings of rock up to 20 feet away, practically non-stop (eg: for hours at a stretch). And this was probably my first introduction to understanding the power of focused breathing and the science of yoga (other than practicing the Rosicrucian breathing principles when walking to/from classes at OU, but the short distance didn't really provide a test. I used to be amazed, however, at how few breaths I take on average -while actively doing massage therapy- compared to many of my clients - as they are receiving that same massage therapy.).

        So, when I do get tired it is more the result of what I'm doing (or not doing) with my emotional body, empathy, and "cords." Since beginning my study of Qigong (or Chi Kung, Ki Gong, [and about 9 other spellings will get you info in a search engine!!!]) I've become convinced that breathing and focus are the most KEY elements of healing - that one probably cannot learn too much about effective approach and technique in that light.

          [ *Cords* are emotional (some would say 'empathic' or 'psychic') connections to other people. The most common example is a mother's connection to her son or daughter. Most people are unaware of them. Twins often have such cords. But more subtle are those between mates and lovers, and anyone you have strong emotional connections with, or have attachment to his/her healing as a result of your investment of time and energy. Including with people in ones past who are not (consciously) thought about anymore, whether the emotions are positive or negative. The essential point here is that cords are related to boundaries. And most can be related to energy integrity, just as walls are related to security. And although most people may not be aware of having such attachments, let alone what it's actually about, let alone it's critical relationship to burnout. And that's why it's good to become aware of these cords and to cut or attenuate/qualify some of them. Because these energy dynamics are actually big factors for many people in the health service trades. Hint for those who like to contemplate: has a lot to do with attitudes, definitions, conscious and often unconscious beliefs about *caring* (compassion vs sympathy), *responsibility* (for whom and what), as well as *intimacy* - but not necessarily the latter for any given situation. There are techniques and systems for dealing with them, in case you wondered. For now you might look for essays, "Questions for Boundaries" and "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner - and Detouring 'Burn-out'" via the Body-Mind Integration home page. There are other instructive essays via the "Files" folder). ]


What Curious Women (and good friends) Might Want to Know About Me (Part II)
(Part I, a partial summary with highlights, is near the top of the page)

          INFJ or ENFJ would be my Myers/Briggs personality type if you know about that. It's as common as the Cardinal Cross symmetrically overlain with the Grand Trine in my astrology chart (In case you're interested in that - more esoterica further below). I'm capable of looking at things from many viewpoints, yet also very much "in my body." That (and being no-ways-aware of it) is what I blame for being so slow to question things in my early years. Accomplished (eventually) in many intellectual pursuits, yet can also be fairly present with feelings (eventually). Also very intuitive (eventually). And I never brag - eventually - HA! Well, hell, this is a personal ad, right? Ok, then... as I was saying (heheh)... Yeah, I know I have my weak points and liabilities. I'm fairly aware of my ego (or my inner child) and can also be aware of same in others, 'tho' I don't want to be my partner's therapist. Co-nurturer? yes. Friend? yes. Your only friend? No.

          Was that my 'bad' sense of humor? I know the value of play as well as of work. Once am with someone that I enjoy, then I enjoy finding out what she likes in another's presence. And whether that falls in the realm of "natural," or in fun play acting (I can do a few imitations, sometimes a parody of comical extremes or attitudes), then I can have fun providing that. I'm not afraid to share deeply, I've learned to keep abreast of what might come across as too deep or intense for someone at any given time. I only developed an actual personality when I wanted to be an interesting (vs boring) dad to my daughter when she was growing up. I was becoming aware then that my limited conversational skills were a bit too focused on facts. Related would be the section (far above in "Just About Yours Truly") on early influences on communications and relationships. Moving on... there's the section on Sex Talk (!) - Actually, it might be a little deeper than that title sounded. smile

          For those who DO enjoy deep discussion, or when they do, I can occasionally enjoy discussion around how one defines and lives such concepts as presence, sensitivity, courage, awareness, empathy, FUN, balance, maturity, and responsibility. Saying that is not saying I'm "an expert" on any of the above, but that it's very helpful (maybe essential) to know how to interpret what another says and means in order to come to understand that person. Granted, discussing ALL of that in one evening may get in the way of various fun pursuits, but over time all those areas are parts of the picture that puts everything else in context (IMO). At my political page are what I call 'constructive extrapolations' of my own sense of values, definitions related to "success," and related issues and psychology around that as I speak to various socio-political situations. An example of that includes "Trends, Memory, Tracking, Credibility, and Forgiveness - Oh, and Trust (or 'Discrimination, Whether, When, or How to have Expectations of Accountability')."

          I believe that compatibility is as much about how well we handle each others' oddities - or what others might have called shortcomings - as it is about the synchronicity of minds. Like working with an originally awkwardly shy, nerdish liberal mind in a square-jawed strong-eyed jock's body. I believe the old "takes two to tango" applies to the willingness for both men and women to recognize each other's struggle in the long and difficult process of closing the gender gap (to a workable degree, speaking philosophically & communicationally). From a broad view of society, there can be a certain amount of humor in this at-times-seemingly-endless stream of misunderstandings between us (Ok - in the dark humor of a psychologist). And the better we can laugh at ourselves, the less power we will give to... well, to such as those who keep our health care system from treating the whole person. So, to me, a big thing about relationship is apparently about how well the communication works.

          More about YOU (more compatible friends): You are a co-nurturer, enjoying giving as well as receiving. You are confident enough to both give and take a bit of teasing and poking, but I'm not talking about anything demeaning. You can describe your mind and feelings, and deeper emotions sufficiently that I'm not kept in the dark when something's going on. Well, not totally (LOL). And you are curious enough to expect the same from me. Not that we need to make a full time job of it. You enjoy your body as well as your mind. And your Spirit is always a part of it all. Your work is likely about helping others be present with others or with the planet, or both. And while you may not realize that you provide that for others, you would know those two capabilities are related if I were to ask you. You would be honest and direct enough, yet kind enough, to tell me if you didn't appreciate my singing. laughing Ok, only in the shower after making love with you. You'd like your lover to also be your friend, although you may not have a tremendous amount of faith in finding both of those in the same person. You like staying in shape - probably because you enjoy feeling your energy flowing in play as well as in work - likely because you are aware that have things to accomplish this lifetime, as well as more places or realms (including within yourself) to discover.

          No, I don't expect my partner or better friends to be as extensively written as I am (or even near it). But she/they might take an interest now and then in some of my writing so she/they would have an idea about what I am passionate about, and so can have an understanding of my feelings around that. Obviously, I've proposed some pretty high goals and standards in my writings. But I also think we are all a work in progress, certainly as communities. And without high bearings, also balanced with reasonable compassion, we as communities won't accomplish much at all.

          Nightlife hangouts is more my area of lackspertise than expertise. Yes I made that up. Creativity is my friend. But I digress... Home movies are my friend. And I know more about places to walk or hike than to dance (although I do enjoy dancing, although I don't know "steps"). I know more about beaches to enjoy (and play drums at) than nightclubs. I know a few good places to eat, not a list. But I'm open to learning and exploring those things and places I don't know, as well as to holding you and learning who you are and what you like.

          For the more esoterically inclined: Capricorn Sun, Sag-Rising, Aries Moon (with Grand Trine Symmetric over Cardinal Cross). Numerology: 11/3/22/1 (Soul/Path/Life Lesson/Outer Personality numbers). You may not want to debate the purpose of life with someone who coined the term, "Metaphystemantennistics" (metaphysical epistemology + semantics + tennis. -"Eh?"- Because 'tennis' refers to the usual nature of the discussion on such things. laughing )

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