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Scientific Break-throughs with Wonderfully Validating Conclusions"

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ToruSphere Synthesis InterDimensioning Soulin IV, © Chris Pringer 2013
"ToruSphere Synthesis InterDimensioning Soulin IV" © Chris Pringer 2013 [Full Size View @Fine Art America] "Synthesis" over "Temple Diamond Chalice" (the first with 6 rings around 1, 1 ring interconnecting centers, plus 2 vertical and 4 horizontal in yin-yang cross arrangement, the second with crossed "Golden Rectangles," both originally on paper 1991 & 1986 respectively), all overlaid with Torus Spheres, now "inter-dimensioning SyntheSphere," rendered with "AChaliSynthesis" ("Atomic-Chalice-Synthesis" 2001)


Body-Mind Nutrition
© Christopher Pringer, 1986

          You might ask, "What has nutrition to do with the mind, or 'bodymind'?" or "What has nutrition to do with 'healing'?" And I may reply, "Could there actually be a separation between what we take in, what we think, and how we feel, physically and otherwise?" I believe not, but lets look at some basic principles of nutrition and health.

          Nutrition is based on the proper functioning of one's capacities to do each of the following eight steps: recognition, acceptance, ingestion, digestion, assimilation, integration, and utilization of needed nutrients, and elimination of any unusable matter from the body/mind system. If anything from the environment is to be used, it must go through this process. I want to say that this -- and the rest of what I have to say in this essay -- applies to whatever level we conceive, including the emotional and intellectual (with stimulus/experience) as well as the physical (with foods, liquids, and gases; light, sound and touch). Nutritional processing is not only therefore continuous, it is multi-dimensionally interdependent. That is, intake on any one or more levels has some degree of effect on the intake and process on all the other levels.

          Furthermore, if the input gets stuck somewhere in the system it becomes a hindrance to body/mind's functioning. Health, here meaning more than just a lack of symptoms, is maintained through taking in only the needed nutrients that can be fully processed on the various levels. Seen in this light then, proper nutrition appears quite a bit more complex than we may be used to seeing it. But any complication(s) are actually dependent upon the individual and the degree to which s/he has strayed and/or been led away from the natural laws of health. These laws are basically very simple, but "civilized" societies have, over time, given priority to other matters, and our intakes have been influenced (read: complicated) by the conditions that have resulted.

          The difficulties with our intake sometimes come when we have to tell the difference between things which we can process easily and those which require unnecessary expenditure of energy. One of the primary sources of these difficulties is our early conditioning and role models. We are not always properly conditioned by parents or others in regard to nutrition on whatever level. Even our taste buds can be misled especially as to the sources of needed nutrients. Those things which do not provide needed nutrients or experience, are addictive, or bring on "expectations," also tend to bring on guilt over the past or anxiety as to the future.

          There are some intakes that require more energy to process. But in many cases, more benefit is derived from them -- at least during some phases of growth or healing. Other times we feel as if we've taken in a problematic substance or experience, when in fact, a less recently ingested item has been causing "stuckness" and is actually being acted upon -- relocated or eliminated -- by the vibrant stimulus of the more recent intake. This is one example of what is called a cleansing or "healing crisis." Let us look at how it may appear on the experience levels: A troublesome memory might be made acceptable or even useful by a new perspective, but the introspection required to accomplish this might be temporarily painful. The discomfort is a result of the new information re-organizing age-old belief patterns established in infancy and childhood. This is one instance where belief patterns can be appropriately restructured to provide a more resilient foundation -- especially if "core" belief patterns are involved.

          Such shifting in our bodymind is similar to causing shifts in a building's foundation, possibly resulting in structural cracks for a time, but our bodymind systems are programmed with the capacity for a certain amount of tangential movement around the blueprint's original design. The basis of that rides on a certain set of parameters or guidelines. This stipulates (if you will) just how much variance from the blueprint can be allowed when and where, and how much has to be "paid back" to the system - before the system is irreparably damaged by how much loss of a given capacity. I refer to any lack of balance in this regard as the "Nutrition Debt." It is paid back, whether by diet, supplements, therapy, prayer/meditation, etc, or by surgery, terminal diseases, and/or death.

          In healing "the cause and the core" as well as the effect, clarity and efficiency and transformation is brought about, whether it be in regard to physical matter, an emotional or mental energy, or an attitude that may be held on to for some reason. Some, including myself, would say that the "attachment" on one level is necessarily indicative of holding onto something on all the other levels. In that sense, everything exists to some degree on all levels, however imperceptible to the human senses. Modern physics is revealing and exploring this multi-dimensional ("holographic") existence -- heretofore only spoken of by mystics and yogis -- and is opening up a whole new path regarding what could be called Body-Mind Nutrition.

          Today's path to health seems to be primarily concerned with the "cleansing" of garbage or stuckness or the re-arranging of misplaced data. Hence, "transition diets" and "transpersonal therapies" are devised. (For more on the later, see "Most Recommended Gestalt Psychology Sites (Links)". These allow certain discretions in the earlier stages while implementing essential principles that initiate the aspirant onto the path of quality existence (without suffering). Body-Mind Nutrition does not emphasize life-longevity as its goal, although that may very well be a side-effect along with joy-filled health. Each individual has a different life process or path, and each is a multi-dimensionally integrated and continuously changing being [or at least potentially so, considering some people (in a given lifetime) actively and consciously attempt to resist change 1.

         Therefore, our healing processes need be individually devised and revised according to our transition(s), so that we may rediscover what actually is the "natural aging process," and be able to choose to age without internal organ ailments, arthritis, senility and the like. It may take us a few generations for most of society to actually recover this. To do this generally involves a new, "holistic" understanding of the basics -- and the simplicity -- of nutrition and health.

*Most Appropriate Questions* over 'Chalice Garden Tapestry' by Chris Pringer 9'12(background) & 7'16
"*Most Appropriate Questions* over 'Chalice Garden Tapestry'"
by Chris Pringer 7'16 (Background of Sept'12)

1: Exceptions to every rule exist - often, if not primarily, due to the law of Karma, to which there are also variables, not to mention complexities, if only due to that of human nature over millions of lifetimes.

More on this "Natural Aging Process"
Or... Will the REAL Natural Aging Process please stand up !?!

© Christopher Pringer, March 2001

          Articles on the health successes of "Centenarians" (those over 100 years old) have lately been published in the mainstream media. Many of these folks have lived what appear, at first, as ordinary lives with "normal" diets. Yet the common denominator among these people has been the nature of their individual bodymind elements, the set of attitudes and ideals carried and the path they have followed, consciously or unconsciously. In a sense it has not been so much WHAT they have done, but how they have done what they have done. A Buddhist might call this factor the "intention" behind the action, meaning a cross between one's underlying motivation and feeling and end result desired.

          At first we may want to scoff at nutritional approaches to health and healing since cancer and other traditional terminal diseases have taken some of our role models of naturopathic based nutrition. What many people do not know is that many of our famed authors in nutrition began living their teachings *not* early in their lives, *not* terribly long after they had been living the worst of dietary lifestyles perhaps ever since birth, and only after their parents had *not* given them the strongest of immune systems to begin with. But in spite of that, they discovered through the practices they later taught, that so much more health and vital force was available to them. That they lived as long as they did in spite of the belief systems that they had been brought up with, some revolutionized, but some maybe not, is a testament to the nutritional discoveries they made and/or published.

        Ideally (and perhaps somewhat impossibly) we would all start out from birth and/or soon after have all of the following factors attributes or capacities:
      ChBullet   Optimized Immune System for any given situation
      ChBullet   Optimal Genetic Coding for Systemic Metabolism/Catabolism (can digest and assimilate and/or eliminate efficiently anything we take into our system)
      ChBullet   Ideal Food Farming and Processing, such that all the nutrients that our systems depend on and grow best with are plentifully available via a regular, natural, and easily palatable food intake; and such that no substances which would cause any type of hindrance to any of our systems would be a part of anything we might ingest.

          Given that such a perfect set of ideals are practically impossible to find in or create for any individual in this day and age, we then have a number of strategies for coping as best we can from any given point along the scale of health, and actually bringing the level of health and vital energy up to the maximum level for that individual. We also know that both this "maximum level," and the rate of improvement toward it, has been undergoing wonderfully impressive changes.

          One of the principles of health is that, like for physics and the laws of energy, "There is no free lunch," or "if you play, you gotta pay" -- this is what is referred to as *The Nutrition Debt*.
        Another is "All things are best taken in moderation, including moderation."

        Some of the basic approaches for raising ones level of health and vital energy are noted below. While there are many other alternative and conventional routes to rebalancing the bodymind system(s), for the sake of topic consistency, the following are limited to nutrition-based approaches and related attitudinal focus considerations. Any one or more may be employed, as appropriate, beginning with the more common of approaches:

      ChBullet   Individually devised diets for optimal nutrition maintenance, selected from commonly sold foodstuffs, with or w/o supplementation
      ChBullet   Individually devised diets for optimal nutrition maintenance, selected from organically grown foods, with or w/o supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
      ChBullet   Diet supplementation with special concentrated mixed-vegetable and/or "green foods" products.
      ChBullet   Diet supplementation; as prescribed by your physician, particularly your naturopathic physician), with selected amino-acids, glandulars, essential oils
      ChBullet   Supplementation with blessing; ie: focused acknowledgment, invocation, visualization, and/or meditation) for the food, water, and/or supplements taken in (See below section, "Blessing Nutrition")
      ChBullet   Supplementation with blessing for the organs and systems involved in processing the intake (ie: Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Kidneys, Intestines, etc.)
      ChBullet   Supplementation with blessing for specific organs/systems considered/known to be challenged

"PiVortex Sphere On ChaliCell Garden Tapestry IVB" - one of a set of images from the "Multi3D Chalice" & "Chali-Cell" themes over backgrounds that combines two older themes, including the original Chalice drawing (pen & ink, colored pencils, scanned). Component/ Theme name of the above image: "Chalice OS-711-A5 CellRing1 OvrSymChalice1 onHemiSyncVSym2 (TapestryStDGr3-VBGTp5) A3", sig'd © Chris Pringer 2011,12 (full size/resolution view at my gallery at Artist Websites @ Fine Art America)

"Chali-Cells": Even in the matrix of our cells, the sacred-geometry proportions actually facilitate (ionic) polarities [positive/ negative or yin/ yang] for bio-magnetic interactions and energy exchanges at atomic/ molecular levels - in this "cell matrix chalice." And these "chali-cells," at that atomic level, operate like tiny but ever-powerful nuclear generators, yet with all of a living cell's frequencies/ colors (Rainbow), given all the energy, including all the loving understanding that's been channelled into this "chalice dynamic."


Dietary  Nutrition,
Neuro-Endocrine  Infrastructure,
Neuroplasticity,  & Aging

© Christopher Pringer, January 2013

              A Stable Platform for Perception: Have you ever ridden the "Tilt-A-Whirl", or another recreational thrill-ride where your senses are thrown into an ever-varying chaos of vision and sound and jostling sensory perceptions? I'm guessing that state of juggled awareness might've been a joy-ride to visit for a time, but have you ever wondered what life would be like if that were a constant experience? Let's slow that down a bit, and recall what it's like on a ferris wheel, or even during a hike up a mountain. I'm referring to the change in vision or scope of your surroundings, the accompanying feelings, the speed or rate of that change, and the degree of control you felt with regard to that speed and nature in the variation your perceptions. Well, of course, there's a lot of places you could go with all that, and that's key to my next point about...

              Psycho-emotional Infrastructure: Dietary nutrition during infancy and childhood can have a great deal of effect upon development of the neuro-endocrine infrastructure, which includes the interface of such vital systemic communications messengers as the neurotransmitters and hormones. That also includes the pancreas, insulin function, and blood sugar balance. Proper care of these systems is primary for providing stability of the platform, as preparatory for the next big phase change during puberty. Ideally then, this sets the stage for initiating the healthy maturation of the adult neuro-endocrine system.
          Puberty is difficult enough in terms of the "emotional roller-coaster", without a reliable degree of internal consistency in the operation of those systems. Those which are so key to our basic sense of perception of all our experiences and memories, of ourselves, of our family, of society, and of the world around us.

          "Nature/Nurture": While this page is more focused on nutrition, I want to add that I consider the psycho-emotional environment, especially with regard to parenting/ guardian/ sibling relationships, at the top of the hierarchy of influence. And that it's conceivable that a child who is fed a diet of notorious nutrition, but provided the optimal parenting environment will, at least eventually (if later in adolescent stages), establish a good mental-emotional infrastructure. As far as the "Nature/Nurture" debate, I consider genetics of great importance here, however, I am a proponent of the fast-growing body of evidence that experience, thoughts, emotions, and especially formed beliefs have a great deal of effect on the genetic structure, certainly in the long term. The genetic infrastructure (if you will) interfaces and "co-responds" with regard to cellular "updates" via processes in neuroplasticity. (more on that just below). Please also refer to the "Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart" at right.

          Psycho-Emotional Infrastructure & Aging: Now, you might also come to understand how the formation of the components, and the stability of the infrastructure of our psych-emotional systems, might ALSO have a lot to do with aging, with further maturation of the neuro-endocrine system through additional critical life phases. And of the psycho-neuro-immune system (add immune function to the above noted systems - as interfacing with and interdependent upon them).

          Potentials: Unlike any generation preceding us, at least according to the usual history courses, I believe that most of us in the "Boomer" generation, certainly the later of that, and many if not most of subsequent generations, have the opportunity and wherewithal to improve our health as we get older. We know how to do it, most of us have the resources and the time to do it, since it doesn't have to be expensive. That is, it's greatly about what not to do or consume, including for our body-mind or psycho-emotional nutrition. The point here is that we don't have to live a slowly degenerating life and die in pain or without all our mental faculties. HOW? The primary requirement is the belief in our capacity to apply the knowledge and the willingness to do it. Granted, that can be a tough one just in itself. But it IS there for us.

          As for the generations that have come along after the "Boomers", I can't help but consider the greatly increased pollution, including those directly or indirectly effecting the endocrine system components, from a) nuclear energy, including waste "disposal" and (expended) depleted uranium weaponry, b) new and most apparently highly unpredictable chemical waste products, c) GMO related food and industrial waste, d) medicinal products in the waste system, e) mercury in the waste system, and ...(?) We can only hope/ pray/ affirm that their bodies are as additionally adaptive as their minds seem to be additionally quick and capable.
Chart, 'Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart Over Chakra Tree Anatomy Chalice Garden (LtBkGr)' © by Christopher Pringer Jan'13
Chart, "Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart Over Chakra Tree Anatomy Chalice Garden (LtBkGr) " © by Christopher Pringer Jan'13

Touch & Genetics

from Discover Magazine article, "Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes":

          "... 'It’s all about the tactile stimulation,' Meaney says. In a landmark 1997 paper in Science, he showed that natural variations in the amount of licking and grooming received during infancy had a direct effect on how stress hormones, including corticosterone, were expressed in adulthood. The more licking as babies, the lower the stress hormones as grown-ups. It was almost as if the mother rats were licking away at a genetic dimmer switch. What the paper didn’t explain was how such a thing could be possible. ..."

Posted in response to above by Chalice Bridging Arts & Sciences
at the Facebook page for Global Fulcrum:

          Touch increases focus, sensitivity, circulation, nutrient uptake, waste elimination, emotional warmth, smiling... obviously we were designed for it. Sensing texture of muscles, simply feeling what is there to feel, exploring the tissues, no imagination required - I call that quality time with the kids (the "celldren"). Building skills in that is a gift to yourself as well as others. How much do we teach that in massage schools, in yoga classes, in naturopathic medicine colleges? (Just a reminder if/as/where needed smile )

System Interfaces in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory Chart by Chris Pringer 2'12,12'13- Thumb  
"System Interfaces in the Psycho-Physiology of the Fascia Memory Theory" - A flow chart very briefly illustrating the interfaces of the "Proprio- Neuro Fascia- Muscular, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Systems, Connective Tissue Cells, as well as the Inner Child & Related Aspects" (or "Body-Mind Proprio-Neuro Adrenal FeedBack Chart" at the Fascia Memory Project Theory page.
          Fortunately, humans do adapt, *neuroplasticity* IS a natural function, one that also effects all of our internal systems (note the "continuous feedback interface" in the chart above) -- and not 'just' our brain function, which we might have interpreted from the increasing news about neuroplasticity in recent years. However, there are variations with the degree of performance of this function, determined by many different factors, including psycho-emotional development in the early stages, as well as genetics. And most any student of consciousness will tell you that we've only scratched the surface of this realm of knowledge. The GOOD PART about all this, and what scientific research (also) has led us to be very sure about, is that an individual can -- by attitude, character, and will -- make all the difference in this regard. Here's where the mind-body relationship comes in.

          *Neuroplasticity*: most completely but summarily, refers to cellular re-organization, particularly to the nervous and related/interfacing systems (and not just the brain), as a result of experience. [-cp] A section devoted to the body-mind-neuroplasticity related relationships is at the "Notes on Neuroplasticity" section of the "Body-Mind Integration" page, including a chart for "Cell to cell communication: "mechanotransduction". (see Related Reference section below, as well as the section on DNA & Neuroplasticity just below.)

"Getting Super" Visual Affirmation Based on the power of the mind towards psycho-neuro-immune enhancement, with the strategy of *Re-Organization* of our systems and their cellular realignment and balance towards optimal health. (Full Size at the "Prayers, Beliefs, & Healing" page)

"The science behind the body-mind relationships"
at the "Body-Mind Integration" page


DNA Research, DNA Repair, and Neuroplasticity
Scientific Break-throughs with Wonderfully Validating Conclusions

© Christopher Pringer, May 2015

          If it is scientifically proven now that a) with "different concentrations and types of growth factors in a certain order into the dish ...the cells talk to each other... One type of cell will signal to its neighbor, and its neighbor will signal back, and that actually makes them form the appropriate shape..." 1 of a primitive kidney, AND b) the existence of the base excision repair mechanism which counteracts the degradation, the nucleotide excision repair process which repairs certain DNA damages counters genetic defects, and the DNA Mismatch repair mechanism which protects against DNA copying errors, then...
          ...Then, given scientifically established capabilities in neuroplasticity (including other cellular re-organizing capacities), not to mention scientifically backed capabilities of the mind to effect enzymes, cellular metabolism, blood physiology (pH, enzyme processes, etc) within and around the cell matrix, ...then, one might suggest that medical authorities can now, with full scientific backing, design and implement programs of instruction via our health facilities in How to FACILITATE COMMUNICATION among OUR OWN CELLS to use THAT SAME CAPACITY, to repair damages and thus HEAL our cells -- BEFORE they are internally damaged BEYOND REPAIR. In any case...
          That training IS what many alternative practitioners do, albeit with varying amounts of scientific back up and validation, and by a variety of names, although the principles behind the various techniques have the same basis [ie: principles as discussed on this page and those pages referenced here].

          "The president of the American Chemical Society, Dr Diane Grob Schmidt ...was also quick to dispel any suggestion that the winning research was more biology than chemistry: 'The making and breaking of these bonds is chemistry - in a biological context. ...I think, because of the implications and potential impact of unraveling these mechanisms, that it's a great choice." 6
          Dr. Schmidt (not the scientists, I hope) would seem to have just implied, if not fully stated, that the real choice is made by scientists through chemistry, which statement flies in the face of the scientifically backed capabilities of the mind to [I repeat:] effect enzymes, cellular metabolism, blood physiology (pH, enzyme processes, etc) within and around the cell matrix (eg: bond forming and bond breaking, as aligns with DNA memory towards optimal health environment formation -- and thus, IMO, her statement would serve to subtly but effectively dispel any notion of people's innate capabilities in personal health management compared to that of chemical science.
          It would seem she might have us believe (with only a step or two into deductive process for the implication) that people with money can, perhaps should, get away with dysfunctional behavior, health-related or otherwise, IF they have enough money to buy replacement body parts, and think that is what science is for. And that those such attitudes and great sums of money would be the only ones in charge of what science researches. I'm certainly guessing that works for the pharmaceutical industries' profit margins.

          However, the truth is that EVEN POOR PEOPLE CAN MAINTAIN THEIR HEALTH, and potentially to an amazing degree, given sufficient awareness, knowledge, capacity of time, and discipline of focus. Which focus, techniques, and attitudes (JOYFUL in this case) is what the next section is about and loaded for. smile
DNA (pic by unknown)

References for Noted Discoveries:

    1    Scientists Grow Primitive Human Kidneys Dish By Rob Stein at KUOW, 7 October 2015;
    2    "Biological Techniques: Kidney Tissue Grown From Induced Stem Cells" Jamie A. Davies Nature (2015) doi:10.1038/nature15639 published online 07 October 2015, J.A.Davies Is At The Centre For Integrative Physiology, University Of Edinburgh, Edinburgh eh8 9xb, uk;
    3    "Kidney Organoids From Human Ips Cells Contain Multiple Lineages And Model Human Nephrogenesis," Minoru Takasato, Pei X. Er, Han S. Chiu, Barbara Maier, Gregory J. Baillie, Charles Ferguson, Robert G. Parton, Ernst J. Wolvetang, Matthias S. Roost, Susana M. Chuva De Sousa Lopes, & Melissa H. Little, Nature - International weekly journal of science, 7 October 2015;
    4    Stem Cell Basics 10 which is part of web series initiated by National Institutes of Health, with Stem Cell Basics 1;
    5    "Nobel prize for chemistry: Lindahl, Modrich and Sancar win for DNA research" Ian Sample and James Randerson, The Guardian, 7 October 2015;
    6    "Chemistry Nobel: Lindahl, Modrich and Sancar win for DNA repair" By Paul Rincon Science editor, BBC News website, 7 October 2015


About the Immune System and The Aging Body -
As a "Battleground" - Or As A Worthy Challenge (?)

© Christopher Pringer, May 2018

          Barbara Ehrenreich has been quoted as saying "Your body is a battleground" (KUOW radio interview). She refers to the inflammation that increases during aging, and accuses primarily certain elements of the immune system for that, and apparently for most of the symptoms of aging - and as if there is not much of anything we can do about it to effect how cells respond to such challenges.
          But how about, "Your body's Mind is a battleground - to the degree you take on those internal attitudes contrary to your highest directions"? As especially applicable in the long run preventive health perspective. Because actually, in this regard, one's body is as harmonious as one's belief system is, or as non-contradictory as one's beliefs.
          Very few people are aware of *all* of their beliefs, especially the ones that are most contrary to those we identify with. On the other hand, many "survivers" (of physical, mental, &/or emotional abuse) will attest that they fought *tendencies* (desires, urges, temptation, etc) to do other than what they did. And may even be aware that those tendencies are a result of certain memorable early life experiences.
          EG: Powerful desires or urges are made of thoughts with a strong emotional charge - that is the definition of a belief, whether conscious or not. Some beliefs are born out of experience during infancy or childhood, the memory of which being suppressed since then, and which contradict what we want to believe about ourselves, others, or life itself.
          Many survivors will not deny that it was indeed work to empower their more positive beliefs. This is why I say "Spiritual battles are best fought within" (and not by projecting our contradictions upon others to make them "responsible" for our pain - however different they may appear to be).
          Find more about "beliefs, wants, and needs* in the essay, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs." But for now, read on as a preparation for the next section, "The Immune System, Aging, and an Attitudinal Approach that May Improve It," reading that and its "Five Principles of Healing" in context with this section, and then check out the reference section below that, if you like.
            At this point, I want to say that I respectfully disagree with Barbara Ehrenreich, author of "Running to the Grave."
          Ehrenreich holds a PhD in cellular immunology. But she does not hold a degree in psychology, let alone body-centered psychology. I don't either, but I ask the reader to please consider what Ehrenreich says about our immune system, particularly as related to inflammation and aging, and then also please consider my response to it:
          "...[A Darwinian] perspective may be particularly attractive at a time like the present, when the dominant discourse on aging focuses on the deleterious economic effects of aging populations. If we didn’t have inflammatory diseases to get the job done, we might be tempted to turn to euthanasia. In Reference to 'The Immune Self,' Alfred Tauber states, “The immune self has come to be viewed analogously to a living entity.”...The best analogy I can come up with would be that it is a symbiont — living in a symbiotic relationship within us, sometimes saving our lives and sometimes destroying us. ...Is the immune system a second, shadow self... All we can say for sure is that [the immune system's] agenda does not always concur with ours... There are many small measures, to be sure — checks and balances, anti- and pro-inflammatory chemical messages — but there is ultimately no one in charge... The brain we have tamed with mindfulness exercises liquefies ...So much, then, for the hours — and years — you have devoted to fitness." ~Barbara Ehrenreich
  My response to those excerpts:
          I agree - but with a HUGE exception. Because, what the more consciousness-based natural health enthusiasts say about diet, goes for other aspects of self-improvement as well. That is, "If you hate your diet, no matter how healthy it is, then it will not save you."
          Whereas, if you find or transition to a health-improving diet, lifestyle, or *belief-style* that fits in and feels good, even if you have to revise your perspective a bit - then it will work for you. That is, it is revised through genuine realization of it as a better way. Besides, most naturally healthy diets are primarily about what you DO eat and where it comes from, and less about calories and beating one's self up with judgements.
          It's like the new doctors and therapists who work *WITH* their patients or clients - and not work ON someone, since that can build resentment in the recipient - the kind that is unconscious.
          And that (aspect of unconscious awareness), caused by the wrong attitude with oneself, makes it even worse, because one then cannot see the psychological results of that seething up from the inside. And, as they say, it will come out sideways - towards oneself and/or others. And if towards others it likely won't be seen for what it is, and that's called "projection." Again, I refer to unconscious beliefs (including those born out of suppressed feelings), and the effects of these on our cellular activity as well as relations with others. And to the many references (to works at this site and elsewhere) about how to manage them.
          And there is a good number of natural anti-inflammatories listed at the the "The Science of Healthful Living" page. And for most of them, aside from a little habit change here and there, it would not be much of a challenge to develop a healthy attitude for how and when one would consume them.
          Oh, and as far as my own credentials - how about if I simply bank on agreement from most gestalt psychologists, especially those who also have at least a personally practiced interest in nutrition, and ideally, some in physiology as well. Thank you.


The Immune System, Aging,
and an Attitudinal Approach that May Improve It

© Christopher Pringer, May 2015

         This concept of the ideal immune system may provide a means of integrating of relatively new discoveries and approaches, including how one may approach potential agents of disease, as I would a danger or a "foreigner" of questionable intent:

         The Attitude I Let it in (in the Taoist view, "it" is already "in" anyway), I feed it for a time (seconds, minutes, hours, or maybe days), as I am honoring my capacity to safely honor it - so as to gain some understanding and appreciation of it's existence and role within and without. That implies a certain amount of communication - or body-awareness - which IS a natural talent within us all, but which may lay dormant until one realizes how to -and does- nurture it into usefulness. That taken care of to a sufficient degree... If "the foreigner" cannot join the team with benefit or serve any further beneficial role, I let it pass through, showing it the door and giving it incentive to leave, all with the minimum amount of force that will serve the purpose. We could say that I have an advantage, given a certain degree of knowledge in biology and nutrition, not to mention experience and motivations to continually increase all of that. Which thus continually adds to my faith in the effectiveness of the attitude, my faith in my belief system, if you will, thence in my capacities. Note: the most effective immune systems are highly complex, engaging cellular re-organization, adaptation, yet as guided by the heart's compassion as the individual may bring to bear [HeartMath Institute teaches the latter aspect].

         Add to this The Re-Organization principle: each challenge (What we call setbacks, especially including injuries) is an opportunity to "re-engineer" the circuitry, so to speak, and that includes on the emotional level - given that each cell *knows* (via DNA "blueprint") the most optimal efficiency for its job. And utilizing that capacity requires breaking some habits, so no, it's not a freebee. Just like moving the furniture in the office while you're also doing the office work: It's slow-going, feels uncoordinated and clumsy, sometimes confusing, consuming time and energy, all of which feels like it's being wasted at the time. Yet, all that is essential to the healing. And the more we persist in seeing our healing process as a re-organization, the quicker it moves along. And, faith can be important; just ask any doctor. However, in any case, I don't recommend this for those with a tendency to hypochondria, or anyone who doesn't intuitively feel this is a good idea. And/or get your physician's advice, of course.

         And The Brain as a Tool Kit: such that (ie:) my brain is not in charge, but is a team member, along with my Heart (and the Energy behind it, that is), along with the rest of my emotional body, along with my cell system. The "gestalt of the body-mind" provides for such a diversity of personality characteristics and capabilities, that our increasing awareness (of the systems' ways and means) - and abilities in appreciating and managing all that diversity - increases ones emotional immune system. This relieves stress on and provides strength for the whole of the system(s). How and who is in charge of all that? Well, since a) that includes emotional integration towards conscious -and LONG-TERM constructive self-management of emotional material, and since b) emotional baggage effects how much or even whether you use certain/various capacities in your brain - and since c) all that effects how much vitality is left to focus on management of the cell systems (healing injuries and preventing them in the first place) - THEN we are talking about the body-mind integration and body-parenting systems, yes?

          And especially Self knowledge and its application, including capacity to forgive one's past and resolve to do better (whether about actions, inactions, or "just" diet) is, certainly in the long run, ones best defense against most anything, and is probably the best immune system overall. Whereas the energy of judgement (of one as less worthy), to the degree that it is accepted as valid, creates stress in and around cell systems and interferes with their function, with their healing, etc.

          And considering so many of our beliefs (too often complicating) about disease, health, and human potential that we have introduced into the human system -- these make the above only an ideal to be striven toward in the case of many health challenges today, and not a reality we already enjoy. But as implied above, I believe ideals can be useful as guides, considered in context with any given current reality, and as such, along with a methodology for developing realistic goals, perhaps they are the most useful of any type of perspective.

         I can say that so far, that has worked for me - I am actually more healthy than I was at 22 - internal organ-wise, that is. I've rarely even had a cold in last 9 years, and only a few times in last 15 did one keep me from working just as efficiently as usual [which is an improvement over the preceding years, and the improvement has been gradual for last 35]. Musculoskeletally, I've healed most of what I severely injured in my more rough & tumble days. Next life, I may not be granted such a resilient constitution to begin with, so I'm knocking on wood as I write this. My point is, I believe attitude is a big part of one's immune system, and that more than a healthy balance of caution around that doesn't help.
          The preceding paragraph was added in 2015, as continue my morning "Tensing Yoga" - at 63. I generally eat healthfully, with moderation as a rule since my teen years, and have spent five or more years with relatively restrictive diets, often using special nutrient supplements. I also enjoy employing techniques that maintain growth hormone stimulation - naturally and healthfully, via meditation, including 'chi-management yoga', so to speak. And the ginseng doesn't hurt: I can put on muscle mass even faster than when in high school (effecting natural Growth Hormone stimulation?!). See "Qi Cultivation for Future Health Care and Life Science" (just below "The Five Principles of Healing") or more on the Tensing Yoga history in Origins of Tensing Yoga & Related Refs from more *traditional yoga* at the Tensing Yoga page.

         Elaborating the Hows & Whys are these essays:  ChBullet Dietary Nutrition, Neuro-Endocrine Infrastructure, Neuroplasticity, & Aging, and  ChBullet "Blessing Nutrition" (above & below sections respectively), and at other pages at this site:   ChBullet "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship",  ChBullet "Notes & Refs on Neuroplasticity / Cellular Re-Organization",  ChBullet "Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk",  ChBullet the "Get Super" Visual Affirmation For Cellular Re-Organization (neuroplasticity in other than just the brain), and  ChBullet  "The Transition Diet" page provides for realistic goal-setting per it's title -gradually & successfully- for a diet that promotes & sustains optimal health for body, mind, AND the planet, even from the standard American diet.

          And just below, the "Five Principles of Healing" do assume some things about regularly exercising our focus in certain ways, at least for a time, for cells or systems in need, and that is explained in the note just below the graphic. On the other hand, if you've been taking in the above without too much difficulty, it will probably just fall right in place for you anyway.
yoga_for_wellbeing ChakraBalYoga.jpg Dr_Weil_Eating_Well.jpg

I Am Celebrating Cellular Re-Organization with Frame by Christopher Pringer, July'15
I Am Celebrating Cellular Re-Organization!" by Christopher Pringer, July'15

I Am Celebrating Cellular Re-Organization with Frame by Christopher Pringer, July'15
I Am Taking (Accepting) Time & Space for Body-Mind Healing and Shining Cellular Re-Organization!" by Christopher Pringer, July'15 (Full Size at the "Prayers, Beliefs, & Healing" page)

I (Chris) Am Celebrating Cellular Re-Organization with Frame by Christopher Pringer, July'15
I (Chris) Am Taking (Accepting) Time & Space for Body-Mind Healing and Shining Cellular Re-Organization!" (sample visualization and affirmation tool [just replace the face with your own]) by Christopher Pringer, July'15

EmBody-Mind Chalice (ChakraYogi In AChaliSyntheToruSphere) Chris Pringer 5'18
Stout Shirt Selfy, Chris Pringer, Aug'17Chris at Lincoln Park, West Seattle, May 2014
Chris, Aug 2017 & May 2014

Chris, Oct'16
  Ok, the hair:
   In 1992 or so I traded with a hair stylist who said she used only the most healthy formulas. And she talked me into a perm that had me looking a bit like Michael Landen (of the tv show, "Bonanza" - see below). Lets go back: for most of my life before that, the barbers were complaining about the thickness of the hair (complementing with a bit of humorous envy, of course), one exclaiming "What do you feed this stuff!" Whereas, after a year or so of the perm, wanting to just grow my hair out... (I had skipped my now-well-deserved hippy years, after all) Well, I compounded the problem by putting "Dap" on it to keep it controlled until I could get into a pony tail. Since then... well, you can probably imagine why I've had two toned hair since then (that is, with a dark reddish brown pony tail!).

Chris, 1992

5 Principles Of Healing Cells over PiChaliceTree&Butterfly
"5 Principles Of Healing Cells over PiChaliceTree&Butterfly" by Chris Pringer 9'17

         NOTE: The "Five Principles of Healing" assume that (or apply to the degree that) one is actively "retraining" one's cells - as in regularly exercising our focus and nurturing dialog with our cells, reprogramming them (ie: "Thank you for healing as our DNA provides the instructions for that"), and by forming good habits in that. And that doing this regularly, repeating the reminders ("Affirmations" if you like) takes the fullest advantage of that scientific finding that our cells are "totally replaced" every seven years. That's seven years on AVERAGE. That is, some cells take longer, others are much quicker, since it's not like they all turn over at the same time. In any case, through this retraining, the cells pass on the beliefs or attitudes that they have been programmed with, including to the degree that they are reprogrammed *more than* they are and/or have been programmed with the more limiting beliefs. Doing this for seven years after a severe injury just might have one functionally even younger than before the injury, even at an advanced age (that's over 35, right? Wink. What? Seriously though, read on about *Neuroplasticity* below.

Qi Cultivation for Future Health Care and Life Science
Excerpt from "Qi Cultivation For Healing Chronic Health Conditions", by Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D. and Jill Gonet, M.F.A.

"Studies have suggested that biological factors change in individuals who practice Qigong. For example, recent studies have demonstrated beneficial effects of Qigong therapy on stress management. One study reported that the level of beta-endorphin was significantly increased during Qigong training while the level of Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) declined. Qigong training enhances immune function and modulates neuro-hormone concentrations. Current clinical studies have demonstrated that Qigong practice can benefit not only psychological factors such as stress, depression, and health related quality of life scores but also directly affect the levels of biological factors in the body such as plasma growth hormone (GH), insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and testosterone (T) 8, glucose, glycohemoglobin/ HbA1c, insulin, triglycerides 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and so forth. These findings suggest the great potential of Qi cultivation in restoring the functions of the body and for producing medicine within for healing chronic illness and for improving the quality of life in people with chronic health conditions. Combining with Western medicine, modern science and new technology, Qi cultivation based scientific studies may provide great opportunities to elucidate the healing mechanisms of Qigong practice and ancient wisdom and to bring new perspectives and insights to the current health care system and to life science."
ToruSphere Synthesis Bright Beginning Soulin I, © Chris Pringer 2013
"ToruSphere Synthesis Bright Beginning Soulin I"
© Chris Pringer 2013 [Full Size View @Fine Art America] - In this piece, Torus Spheres, 6 around 1 plus 2 for the horizontal cross, '3D'ed in Light treated gold & blue on Synthesis (1986), rendered with "AChaliSynthesis" overlaid in Lightness ("Atomic-Chalice-Synthesis" 2001...), all rendered with highly contrasting hues of blue & violet...

"Blessing Nutrition"
© Christopher Pringer, January 2013

          This essay introduces a topic from what might be a somewhat different perspective, however, I will trust my readers are sufficiently open and/or daring to give at least the next few paragraphs a try. Thank you! Please consider that...

          All inanimate objects, as well as all living beings, have a liquid-crystalline nature due to their being composed of atoms with properties of FLOW via their electron exchange function. As we focus our mind and intentions in prayer or "energy-work", we apparently have a kind of "emulsifying" (unsticking, freeing) effect on the components. In essence, by facilitating processes at atomic/molecular levels by re-aligning their structural & therefore magnetic/ionic arrangement, to facilitate and thus quicken this flow/exchange potential, allowing the atoms and molecules to *organize* into a high-performance working symmetricity - per the "original blueprint" or functional design of those atoms -- per the DNA, yet also per the genetics interface as all these "co-respond" with regard to cellular "updates", via processes in neuroplasticity. It may help to get a clearer picture of that whole intra-supportive (if not also inter-dependent) process, by reading this paragraph a few times (in case you wondered), and/or by referring to the above "Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart" and accompanying text.

MicroCrystal (by Unknown)
MicroCrystal (by Unknown)MicroCrystal (by Unknown at top), Charged Water Crystals by Dr. Masaru Emoto
          This aspect of thoughts having effects on the atomic liquid-crystalline nature of objects has been born out by the considerable research and documentation of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher, noted for his famous book, "The Message from Water," about his worldwide research, illustrating his findings with electron microscope photography. (Elaboration in "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer", described in reference section below). *The Spoken Word* can (and generally does) serve to create momentums within us and/which align us in a particular direction. This works however simple or complex the wording may be. The more complex wording may set up and define the original tone, while a more simplified wording developed over time may recall the original tone with it's visual and/or other energetic thought-forms, as well as subsequent thought-forms integrated with that over time.
          Repeated "re-training" of our cells - by our forming good habits in our focus and nurturing dialog with our cells, reprogramming them for their/our highest good - takes the fullest advantage of that finding that our cells are "totally replaced" every seven years. (Note: that's on AVERAGE. That is, some cells take longer, others are much quicker. Hence it's not like they all turn over all at the same time.) In any case, through this retraining, they pass on the beliefs or attitudes that they have been programmed with, to the degree they are reprogrammed *more than* they are programmed with limiting beliefs.
Love-Organizing Waters for the Neuro-Endocrine / Energy System, Chris Pringer, Jun'13, May'14
"Love-Organizing Waters for the Neuro-Endocrine / Energy System" an affirmation/ invocation visual for increasing "Love-Organized" water molecules (per Dr. Emoto water healing technique) throughout the neuro-endocrine / chakra system, by Chris Pringer, Jun'13, May'14

          "Quality, not just quantity": The qualifier "more than" in the previous sentence refers to the degree of ones energetic investment, as well as the amount of ones repeating the words or visualization. Sincerity in the transformation of overall intention is part of the process, after all. (Hence the full gestalt Body-Mind-Spirit focus of this author and website, by the way.) Besides, the media continually bombards us with the most limiting beliefs about what we "need" for health and happiness. In this day and age, positive focus is not a seven year project, but part of a life-long vocation of preventative health maintenance, that returns its value like investments as the essence of the best health insurance there is.
          You might be getting some idea now of how one may use these potentials to facilitate the optimal nutrition of the food, as well as optimal digestion, assimilation, and integration of the nutrients and vital force provided by the food.

          One example of a focused acknowledgment & visualization type of blessing would be to acknowledge, with sincere appreciation/gratitude, that a) the food's connectedness with, and energetic access of, it's original (divine) design matrix; that b) the food is thereby "Alive" with the vital force that it was intended to be eaten with; that c) this connectedness also reprograms the food's genetic coding and every other atomic/cellular *relationship* within the food, as well as the *relationship* between the food and oneself and all who are to eat it; that d) the sources of the food are empowerment such that the ground in which it was grown, the people involved, and the environment(s) in which it handled/ processed are all similarly blessed, such that they are increased in their nutritional and vital force content.
          This acknowledgement can be further facilitated by visualizing the food's connectedness and relationship with The Divine - ie: via some form of Light - and thence with oneself and all who are to eat it. With regard to the work of Dr. Emoto, visualization, and focus, you might also consider the *water content* where applicable. Which should be relatively easy for the purpose of nutrition/ assimilation (eg: as compared to situations where the items of focus might be or appear rather solid to the senses).

          Sample Prayer/Invocation: "Thank you for Being All That You Were Meant to Be: atomically and molecularly aligning... now aligned for optimal performance, interfacing with my systems, which I am so grateful for it's/my cells also atomically and molecularly aligning... now aligned for optimal performance, all according to the Divine's Highest and Most Loving Will and Guidance."
          More simple in wording: "Thank you for Being Who You Truly Are, Here and Now, in Your Original Atomic Essence and Highest Potential..."

Full Spectrum Reiki Logo - Over Atomic Chalice &Star onGr3TpBk2' sig'd, Logo & Background Design by Christopher Pringer Aug'12
"Full Spectrum Reiki Logo - w/MultiVortex-ChaliChakra's - w/MultiVortex-ChaliChakra's Over Atomic Chalice &Star onGr3TpBk2" sig'd, Logo & Background Design © by Christopher Pringer Aug'12

Affirmation Card Set by Christopher Pringer Feb'18
(ThumLink for) Affirmation Card Set for Print-Out (on Letter-Size Medium) in Files Folder Includes "My Cells, My Children," "I Am Celebrating Cellular Re-Organization," "Affirmations for Inner Communications," and "The Most Appropriate Question"

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ChBullet    About "Fed Up" From Rotten Tomatoes .Com "For the past 30 years, everything we thought we knew about food and exercise is dead wrong..." Directed By: Stephanie Soechtig; Written By: Mark Monroe, Stephanie Soechtig. || A mix of excerpts from the search page: The [filmed] "documentary investigation into why people are getting fatter, the film makers explore who’s killing our health ...looks at obesity and politics ...Descends on Villains in the Battle [because] ...the obesity rate in America has skyrocketed over the past few decades, especially among children...". || More Reviews: "As a screed, it builds a credible, engaging argument, presenting evidence, statistics, talking-head testimony, whimsical charts, poignant personal stories, and animated illustrations of digestive processes to make its case." -Peter Keough, Boston Globe; "[Fed Up] should spark a culture-wide debate that can only be healthy for society, if not for Coca-Cola or McDonald's bottom line." -Nathan Rabin, The Dissolve. "Before 'Fed Up,' no movie had ever sent me hurrying to my refrigerator to read food labels - but there's always a first time." -Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times. "Stephanie Soechtig's attack on Big Food for sweetening us to death goes down like a tart, stiff drink." -Michael Sragow, Orange County Register. "Fed Up is an intriguing but hardly revelatory doc that works better as an expose of an American epidemic than as a tool to spur a healthy-eating movement." -Jordan Adler, We Got This Covered. "['Fed Up' makes the case:] There is a major health problem in America and it is not being addressed by those who can change things, the government and the industries that control our food supply." -Robin Clifford, Reeling Reviews

ChBullet    "Cooked" the book by Michael Pollard - In the interview I heard on public radio, Pollard gives valuable updates for everyday diet and nutrition while not pulling any punches upon the food industry, including large farms, ranches, and the industries that increasingly support - or profit greatly from supplying - them. I thought Pollard put together one of the best all-round summaries of how we've pretty much messed up our dietary health protocols by over-reacting to multi-various claims and fads, how the food industry has played upon and into that process, particularly in the *processing* of foods - AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, he greatly simplifies HOW we might bring things BACK to dietary sanity. That simplification - and clarification - including about notions and medical/ dietary protocols - and myths - relating to allergies (including to gluten), carbohydrates, fats, meats and other proteins, organic foods, etc, and how the economically disadvantaged can (often already do) eat healthfully. I haven't read the book, but I'm wondering if he includes a chapter on "placebo effect" and our immune system response, individually and communally, over the years of our increased industrialization of food and medicine, not just how all that is processed (in any way you want to interpret that phrase), but also in how all that is sold. -Chris Pringer, 5/15/14
    "Coffee - Keys to Maximizing Potential" - If You're Gonna Do Coffee... all health considerations considered... HINTs: Worst troubles with coffee, especially of the "Hi-Octane" variety, are related to a) use with sugar (of any kind); b) prolonged "hi-octane" caffeine can wear out the adrenals (how soon depending on personal comstitution, other factors) unless they are also tonified (ie: with use of herbs for that purpose) and sufficient levels of B-Complex vitamins. c) Coffee Acidifies the GI tract - when taken with food, including milk. (And as for milk or cream, calcium 'ties up' caffeine). The Hows, whys, and implications of all that are what the writing was originally about. It's been updated Oct'06 with (then new) important myth-busting findings) and May'14 with section, "Energizing Your Coffee. And May 15, 2014 with section "Energizing Your Coffee." (TEXT file; title was "The Eleven Keys to Coffee Potential Maximization").  
Coffee at Work, photo by Chris Pringer, 2016

ChBullet    The "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page - BASIC HOW'S AND WHY'S Of Tension and Memory in the bodily tissues ("normal" and otherwise): When, how and why it is stored and released; communication between body and mind, benefits; proprioreceptors, personal growth, massage/ bodywork, therapist's approach, etc. (Published In Massage Magazine, July-August 1992). "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (in the reference section), as well as over 12 full-length addendum essays have been added (May'11-July'12) for completing the context, while further clarifying the dynamics and processes involved for *common sense* preventative maintenance application, including "Muscle Q & A" (a kind of overview of the mind-body aspect), "Adrenaline vs Endorphins... Brain Activity, Muscles and Tendons ...Aging" with a flow chart briefly illustrating the interfaces of the Proprio-Neuro Fascia-Muscular, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Systems, Connective Tissue Cells, as well as the Inner Child & Related Aspects; "Insight Please" relating Chinese Five Element Theory to body-mind concepts; "Body Awareness and Communications, as Related to Body-Memory and Integration", and "Cell Talk" - on how & why Learning to listen to this "Body-Mind", and building a healing relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise), is the most highly efficient path for preventative health maintenance and much more; "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship" and A little more about "the brain as a tool kit"; and Reviews & commentary for articles on Massage, Alternative Therapies, & Pain, incl. "Study: Massages really can make pain go away" & Sept 2011 Consumer Report; a Related References section, with artwork, charts, & quotes throughout the page. [Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the phenomenon of body memory: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy, body-mind split, mind-body split]

ChBullet    "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body" - At three pages (!) each having their own particular areas of focus, with only as much overlapping as needed, including as related to coping mechanisms, as well as to working with *the Inner Child.* At the "Body-Mind Integration" page this assembly of resources are in the "Notes on Practical Application Of Gestalt Techniques in Emotional Release", and is the version more applicable for most any "issue", yet also tied in more closely with the somatic aspects (muscle and joint injuries and related conditions). At the "Efficient Body Sizing Strategies, Weight Management, Weight Loss" page, the focus is as per the title description. And the more eclectic version is at the page, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs".
Chart of Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context, Thumbnail Oct'11
    "Core Body-Mind Integration
Concepts in Context Chart"

(Links to Full Size at the Organization Chart page)

New 10/10/11. This chart compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, emotional integration process, other aspects. Addressing all these aspects and their relationships is what make this site unique.

    "Integration" by Krysta Gibson
     About Common myths vs realities about psycho-spiritual integration; effective guidance about feelings and memories, 'living in the now', 'releasing' events and people, 'forgiving and forgetting' the past - for living the spiritual life fully and meaningfully. Originally published by Krista Gibson in "The New Times" of Seattle. Through the late 80's & most of the 90's, I always read Krysta's essays if I didn't have time to read anything else, and kept copies of various or her articles handy for my clients to take home with them. Still current...
"Integration" in the wholistic or therapeutic sense, implies that the information or skills (whether of the past, the good, the bad, remembered or forgotten) are re-organized and then learned from, in such a healthfully complete or "Integral" way (*Love-Wisdom* in application), that it is understood and used for the highest good. The process involves "Synergy" of many systems, and the word "Transformative" is often used to describe what often happens with the most destructive material - that which has been repressed or denied. (Pertains to my more in-depth work, if/as requested.)

ChBullet    "Tensing Yoga" and other Self-Applications
          For Self-Healing, Body-Mind Awareness, & Preventative Maintenance (rev. 7/02, ..7'13).
Technique is explained for context and self-application. TY is about specific applications for chronic muscle pain, related injuries, without need to learn asanas (poses). However, TY may be used to get into positions quicker, easier, and without injury. All of which is critically related to healing or preventing injury. TY could be considered an optimized form of self-applied, neuro-muscular re-education, reinforced with a body-mind connectivity that insures a more comprehensive and long-term response (High Preventative Maintenance Gains). Page sections include those with emphasis on Tension Range, *Work/Rest Ratio*, Muscle Energy Efficiency, individual muscle focus, teamwork/ "edgework", and learn that as we interface with our cells in the way that TY leads us to do, we can directly, and naturally engage that capacity for neuroplasticity - for re-organization of the brain and other neural networks (including proprioceptors in muscles) especially when we include all elements of the approach, including focus, attitude, and rapport with the cells [as covered on the page]. Also on the page: "Low-Intensity Low-Back Exercises" Chart and "Before Rising..." instructions, a fun "Exercise for Illustrating Tension Range...", as well as a "Breathing Ratio Chart" - method & application. Subtopics including the extremely common myths about *Muscle Stretching*, a number of yoga ref-links for specific ailments/conditions as well as for selecting the right form of yoga for you, and about a "Muscle Madness" game!? "Origins of Tensing Yoga & Related Ref's from More *Traditional Yoga*" include my own self-healing story.

Chart  of Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces, © Chris Pringer Apr'11
"Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces" sig'd
© Chris Pringer Apr'11
ChBullet    "Understanding the Pattern Triad and The Body Pattern Assessment" - About Mind-Body Relationships, (from) coping mechanisms, (to) skills, (to) gifts through challenges on one's Life Path. This page is about how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by the body's holding and movement patterns. Includes [Rev'd & New Sections, 12/27/09] "Notes on Mind-Body Correlations - Source-References, Organization of *Body Memory,* and 'WHAT I DO' ". I provide an explanation for a system of assessments and mind-body correlations -- learned and integrated from/for my work with others as well as for my own life process. Other sections include excerpts from "Body Memory and ... Learning Life Lessons." About aspects to be discovered, emotionally cleared, and then employed as mental/emotional assets and guidance towards determining and accomplishing life goals. Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same phenomenon: emotional trauma, somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy.
    "Opening the Bridges & Firing the Cauldrons" -Integrating Energy Work and Self-Healing Instruction into bodywork, is about a "Chalice-Bridging" style chakra balancing, and may include Reiki and/or very basic Qigong instruction. This approach is based in the view that we each are a bridge between Father & Mother GOD/ESSence, & thus form a chalice for the balancing & integrating of Humanity with the Divine. Or at least ideally so, as our systems are *attuned* & our batteries are *charged* & we fulfill our true role as human embodiments of Spirit. And in the belief that the body-mind can be a primary means of access for finding ones Way, developing appropriate and effective relationship among the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, and physical, which compose the "Body-Mind". Ref: "Triangle/Triad Interface" Chart above).

"Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" - "Bridging Prayer & Science" - faith & intuition, Spirit working logic & emotion, and a little science to boot. Tools for working with the cells - self-healing on an energetic level, plus supportive science, concepts and references, a summary essay, "Cells & Healing Changes: How I Believe What I See; Building, Cleansing, and Paradigm Management; Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk" [Rev'd Apr 2011] and "'Getting Super': Sample Personalized Visualization Prayer Chart" (more application of science than prayer in this case, as related to *Cellular Re-Organization* and engaging *neuroplasticity*.) [New Apr 2011]. Also "Focusing Love-Organized Healing Waters", or Water-Charging (incl. a section for the Neuro-Endocrine System), based on some very inspiring scientific findings by Masaru Emoto, including Dr. Emoto's message for transforming the water (molecules) effected by nuclear radiation. [this page is finally beginning to say what I've always wanted it to! ie: more to come in time.]
Background for 'A Global Climate Healing Fantasy -- and The SPIRIT of It ALL' at World Healing Prayers page
Background for "A Global Climate Healing Fantasy -- and The SPIRIT of It ALL" by Christopher Pringer, May'15 - see texted graphic at World Healing Prayers page

     "Fibromyalgia - Theory with Examples" [NEW, Apr 28-30, 2011] at the Fascia Memory Theory page - a cause and effect theory - about Fibromyalgia's possible "relationship to a perfuse scattering of waste products throughout the fine interstitial spaces among the cells of the muscle tissues, due to their being chronically held *contracted* and under-circulated, including trauma induced contractedness over a broad-area (including by being forcibly tickled in early childhood)..." (Maybe it's no accident that this came along shortly after the visualization chart at the "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" page.)

ChBullet    *Readings on the Scientific Basis of Bodywork, Energetic, and Movement Therapies*
Published by James L. Oschman, Ph.d. and Nora H. Oschman, two leaders in science as applied to healing. Excerpts and notes from that can be found here. The Oschmans are the authors of "Somatic Recall, Part 1 - Soft tissue memory," which continues in "... Part 2 - Soft tissue holography,". A summarization of their findings may be enjoyed in their article, "How Healing Energy Works". Visit their web site at There are extensive scientific references for your in-depth curiosity via the above links. (And, by the way, this is very related to my own work and studies in fascia based body-memory; my Fascia-Memory page is listed in the author section below).

ChBullet   The Fascia-Memory Project

What would actually change our health-care system the most?

          How about a means of diagnosis that takes so many aspects of a person into account, that it creates a capacity for designing a truly healing program for most any patient? Nice dream you say. How could a diagnostic system be that accurate for so many conditions? What would enable our medical system to consider, so surely and comprehensively to so much greater depth and context, the many processes for the many different kinds of individuals, than we do now? Well, of course, such questions indicate a healthy skepticism. But let's dream just a bit more, but this time, from outside the box, as they say:

         What if there were a system of assessment that would bring together the great many disciplines of health-care - particularly including Eastern, Naturopathic, and even the many among the Western - and to a degree of collaboration that was far beyond what we've ever seen before? In case you don't know, such collaboration is currently not a reality to any meaningful extent, certainly for most health conditions. Particularly between those focusing on the body, and those focusing on the mind, not to mention the relative few focusing on the connection between the two. Bottom Line: When enough people become sufficiently motivated to know the degree to which individuals can heal themselves and each other through body-awareness-based preventative maintenance, then the research will be funded and implemented.

         The Fascia-Memory Project is about research and development into the relationships among connective tissue (fascia), objective/subjective experience, the neuro-physical interface between emotion, and the brain, and "body-Memory." About developing connective tissue scanning devices and diagnostics hardware for discerning and illustrating all that. Goals include the developing optimal means for applying that R&D in health care practice, as well as enhanced systems for individual development of body-awareness for preventative health maintenance. A long term project, of course, but intermediate goals and sub-projects could have considerable effective change. The range of application extends from the medical industry to personal home use, to public education, to social and correctional rehabilitation. Original Theory published June'96.

          The project's web site includes pages for Intro & Summary (with a detailed table of contents with links to the other pages - Description & Purpose, Goals & Objectives, Research & Development, Theory, References & Links [extensive], Project Overview Chart, Project Flow Chart ( "Pert" style output by 'MS Project' ), and links to accompanying documents at this site. For context and perspective on this far-reaching multi-faceted proposal, see (page 8) the Fascia-Memory Project Overview Chart.

Fascia Memory Project

Feedback Systems Interfaces (Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion, Fascia-Muscular) in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory ChartS by Chris Pringer 2'12,12'13- Thumb
"Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion Fascia-Muscular Feedback Systems Interfaces in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory" Chart at Fascia Memory Theory Page

F.M. Project Overview Chart

F.M. Project (Pert) Flow Chart

ChBullet    "The Lower Chakras & Synthesis of Body & Soul" - The body illustrates the dynamic relationship of the shadow elements with one's highest potential. Sections include "BODY MEMORY and the INTERPLAY of SOUL in the LEARNING LIFE LESSONS", "Psycho-Emotional Organization and the Body-Mind...", A Brief Cosmology Regarding the Body-MInd, Attitudes, and Chakras. Includes notes clarifying empathy of the 3rd Chakra from that of 4th or Heart Chakra. I consider the HEART CHAKRA the "bridging" chakra or chalice-Chakra, between the lower and upper chakras. [Rev. 10-96, 2-98, 6-98,5-99, 7-01, 4'11]

     "Body-Mind Integration and the Chalice" - A Class Outline of Questions & Considerations

     "The Middle Path Log" - Transcript of an on-line discussion among healing practitioners and students about Integration of Body, Mind, & Spirit     (an intelligent & insightful exchange)

     "The Role Of Intuition Coming Home And Recovering The "Holy Grail" - one of the chapters of "Evolution Trends: The 'Information Age' And Its Evolution Into The 'Holographic Age'": including about an unprecedented role of intuition in terms both of breadth and of its integration with the more logical approaches... [a perhaps necessary phase (to precede this) is discussed in the essay (on this page), "'The Lords of Culture' and Listening- a story about Language, Relationship, and the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context" (7'10--9'10) ] Key terms related to this discussion: "body-mind split" or "mind-body split."

     "Emotion & Motivation on the Path and in Healing" - A Cosmology of the 'Emotional-Body' - an essential aspect within every person - includes an metaphor you might like.
ChaliceArtSldShow Thumb for Artwork @ChaliceBridge.Com
Chalice Art Slideshow at ChaliceBridge.Com
Artwork © by the author - overall, an eclectic/symbolic mix of multiple layers of brights and subtles, sacred geometry rounded with a balance of grounding touch

Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12
My artwork at Fine Art America,
where it can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more. (Since Aug 2012)
     "Victims, Compassion, & Responsibility - Notes on The Emotional-Body, Denial of Pain,
& 'Easy Answers' (Not)" - Edited and added (Feb'12) a Preamble "My perspective with regard to victimization ...integrates a more gestalt psychology-based perspective (and practice) as regards the emotional body. Which lends to certain modifications of the cosmology [relative to Buddhist or New Thought perspective] as related to the "victim" concept. Includes links for radio show w/interviews of "Hurricane" Rubin Carter.

    "The GOAL CHART - A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation - The Role of Inner-Work in Attainment & in Achievement of Goals". Often referred to at this site as "The Goal Chart" - a practical visual tool to help organize a truly gestalt approach to goal accomplishment, as well as complement & help complete other self-help perspectives & presentations. © Chris Pringer, '92, Rev'd 8'02. In another section, "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11) is about clarifying what we most truly want, and how we can have that...

    "A Gestalt Perspective," and "Seven Phases of Personal Growth" (2 Essays)
the 3 Gates by Cheng Yin Liu (1886)

The Three Gates by Chen Yin Liu (1886)
[arrows indicate "Jade Pillow", "Narrow Vertebrae", and "Coccyx" gates.] From "The Physiology of the Three Gates in the Process of Energetic Development" by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD*; published in "Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness", 2004. 14 (2):34-39. This article and others are available via the Article Links page at the Yi Ren Qigong website.
Yi Ren Medical Qigong:

          I offer instruction in only the basics of this methodology of self-treatment as of October 2010. While I am as yet a novice, there are some valuable things I have learned and can share as part of my overall preventative maintenance counseling. That will grow over time.
          Meanwhile and in any case, please take advantage of the links to the web site created by the Yi Ren system founder and instructor, Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD.
         [All statements quoted in this section are by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD via the Yi-Ren Qigong web site:] "Qigong is the traditional practice of Chinese energy medicine combining various methods of breathing, movement, and meditation. It has been practiced with documented results in China for thousands of years for the prevention and treatment of illnesses. Qigong is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It works with Qi or 'vital energy' which is one of the key components of healing. Qigong has many different styles and types. The type of Qigong we offer at Yi Ren Qigong Center is called 'Yi Ren Medical Qigong (YRMQ).' YRMQ is not in conflict with any existing medical protocols; instead, it promotes one's existing medical programs and/or treatment."
         Why I enjoy this approach and manner of treatment is explained via "Guiding Principle # 4: Assist Individuals to Identify and Treat the Root Cause of Their Health Condition. Illnesses do not occur spontaneously. Symptoms are not the causes of diseases but expressions of the body's internal miscommunications. Causes may occur on many levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To accurately identify and treat the root cause of diseases with Yi Ren Medical Qigong, there are specific practice routines which can help individuals recover completely.
         Yi Ren Medical Qigong practice increases both the therapists/practitioners' levels of awareness, assists individuals in identifying the fundamental underlying causes of disease on all levels, and encourages practitioners to work on the root causes rather than symptoms." Articles at the Yi Ren Qigong Center web site include "Guiding Principles of Yi Ren Qigong", "Introduction to Yi Ren Medical Qigong", "Qi Cultivation for Healing Chronic Illness", "The Art of Internal Observation", "The Physiology of the Three Gates".

Yi Ren Medical Qigong consists of two types of Qigong training:
         1) "Intrinsic Medical Qigong (IMQ): IMQ includes fundamental Qi activation, cultivation, balance, and circulation as well as disease-specific Qigong exercises for self-healing. Benefits of daily Intrinsic Qigong practice: * Increased levels of awareness of internal energy conditions * Effectively Cope with stresses or energy imbalances * Improve treatment outcomes by strengthening self-efficacy * Enhance one's creativity, emotional and spiritual well-being * Balance and enhance practitioners' own internal energy conditions in order to maintain good health and to improve personal performance.
         2) "Extrinsic Medical Qigong (EMQ): EMQ is also called “External Qi healing,” which is specially designed for practitioners to aid the healing of patients and clients. With External Medical Qigong, practitioners can * Perform diagnosis using Qigong methods * Provide diseases-specific self-care Qigong exercises to their patients * Help patients release unhealthy energies from their bodies * Balance and enhance practitioners' own internal energy conditions in order to transmit healing energy to patients." [Note: I am not qualified to do diagnosis; I plan to increase my ability to provide the other noted skills/services over time -cp]
         * Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, founder of the Institute of Qigong & Internal Alternative Medicine, is an expert in Qigong for Functional Pain. Dr. Sun earned his Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan in 1993, and was awarded a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. From 1994-1997 Dr. Sun conducted postdoctoral research in molecular endocrinology at the University of Washington. This research enriched his theory and practice of Qigong. His understanding of modern molecular genetics and scientific principles, as well as his experience with internal cultivation, allowed him to create a unique bridge between cultures. Dr. Sun has spent over 30 years refining his skills and has developed a new system of Qigong called “Yi Ren® Qigong.” He is currently engaged in mind-body medicine and energy medicine research at Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington. [Fall 2010]

ChBullet Energy Psychology at Southeast Institute - Energy psychology focuses on the interrelationship of energy systems, emotion, behavior, psychopathology, and health. These systems include the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras, biofields, and morphogenetic fields. A good resource page for sample self-applications and related resources is at Feeling Free .Net. Another good reference is Dr. Fred P. Gallo's Energy Psych .Com site submitted, Thank you, by Bruce Tanner. I found the "Preface to Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy" page very informative.

          [ In my opinion, based on discussion with various practitioners, EMDR (incl. EFT the "Emo-Free", "TAP" & related Energy Psychology systems) works very well (and relatively quickly) for many people. And for vets and PTSD, EFT can "put the fire out". But it may not result in more than brief relief in cases where the cause of the trouble is based in, or critically anchored to, deep-seated emotions that were traumatically suppressed in early childhood. Per reasons as indicated at pages by yours truly, and/per those references of my teachers in body-centered psychology. I'm referring here to considerations in the difference between Gestalt, New Thought, EFT, and Behavioral schools of psychology, the different approaches to what some of us call "the emotional body", the cause of emotional pain, what we might call "true" preventative maintenance, etc. EFT seems to be a cross between Behavioral and New Thought(?). Exceptions to that would be in the case where, and to the degree that, the associated trauma is simultaneously felt (enough to be validated), observed, and breathed-through, as it moves through the energy system (ie: via polarity/meridian/chakra system if/as applies to one's modality), and to/through the CSF, and thus out of the body, during and/or subsequent to the EFT/related session. Otherwise, how is any associated and stored emotional component, born out of unresolved confusion at an early age, going to get out of the system, for the purpose of creating symptoms, so as to signal the deeper cause, so as to resolve our problems - as we were designed to do? How? - by whatever route the self next finds to work. The trouble is, it might be more destructive, perhaps even better disguised, perhaps "only" internally, via organ dysfunction. -Chris Pringer ]



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