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Over 30 Years

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Cyclist & Sports Maintenance Packages
Body-Mind Integrative Energy-Bodywork
Christopher Pringer
Reiki Master, Ordained Minister (S.H.E.S.)
(S.H.E.S. : Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards Congregation)

Professional Student of Mind-Body Health
And Preventive Health Maintenance
with over 30 years of formal (1700+Hrs) & informal studies

Integrative Body-Energy-Worker & Counselor
"Bodywork": advanced therapeutic modalities & techniques

Personal Coach in Body-Mind Awareness and
Muscle Injury Prevention Specialist for
Long-Term Chronic Pain & Injury Rehabilitation


Sports-specific or more "generic" massage

for cyclists, other athletes, office stress, etc

By Appointment Only

Seattle, WA (Ballard)

206-286-0899          chris.pringer@iinet.com

If get VcMail message incl. an "ext.#", please ignore, call again.
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* Summary *
of Services Offered

"Integration": put very simply, refers to one's re-organizing all aspects of oneself (including those of the emotional body) into an optimal working whole. Which is also a way of describing the basis of Gestalt Psychology, or even the "Wholistic Approach" to preventive maintenance. And which describes the basis of my approach to therapy. Note: any form of counseling is optional in your session-work with me.
Chris Pringer of Body-Mind Integration Therapies, 10-23-16
Chris Pringer, Fall 2016

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Elaborated Definition of Integration:
      In the wholistic or therapeutic sense, implies that the information or skills (whether of the past, remembered, or forgotten) are re-organized and then learned from, in such a healthfully complete or "Integral" way (*Love-Wisdom* in application), that it is understood and used for the highest good. This transforms the most destructive material- that which has been repressed or denied, ie: from trauma - to manageable feelings and information. Sources of which (trauma) can be surprising, and effects of which can be wide-ranging. Other benefits (for which therapies can be specifically geared) include overall preventive maintenance, injury prevention, emotional intelligence-(EQ)-geared neuroplasticity benefits, not to mention more clarity and peace of mind. Most of this site's writings have been focused around the later set, as the process(es) in my own work may involve the "Synergy" of many systems. Whereas the essay, "Body-Mind Integration in Personal Growth Process," (published in "Massage Magazine" in 1992 - on the "leading edge" at the time) explains in lay-technical terms the traumatic origins of body-memory storage, as well as the process of healing. That writing leads off the "Body-Mind Integration Essays" page, which includes a number of related essays, charts, and links to more of same.
     About "Chalice-Bridge":
The sacred-geomentry-rendered Chalice (here) is the estoric representation of the Body-Mind relationships, and of an ideal, or at least optimal, "integration" of the many related dynamics within. Hence the "Chalice-Bridging" and "Arts & Sciences" connotations at various pages at this site, where there is a fair amount of elaboration on these themes. And, by the way, at my Gallery at Fine Art America, the artwork can be viewed in much greater scale and resolution.

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chBulletwfc  Touch & What makes my work different? ("My Own Niche")
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Key Site Links                    

    chBulletwfc  "Body-Mind Integration..." - summary encyclopedia of "mind & muscle" relationships - from why & how they do what they do (and don't do what we want), to injuries & healing, to the psycho-physiology of stress - storage & release, "body-memory", & the science behind the methodology.
    chBulletwfc  "Tensing Yoga - Self Healing, Awareness, & Prevention" - self-care sister page to "Body-Mind Integration..." essay, probably the best for low back pain, chronic & re-injury, easy to apply daily preventative self-care, how & why it works.

    chBulletwfc "Understanding the Pattern Triad & Assessment" ("Body Reading")
    chBulletwfc  About Hakomi - Body-Centered Psychology
    chBulletwfc  "Approaches & Methodologies for Body-Mind Integration"
Page Navigation Note
   Please note that, as you read below, you will come across many links to sections on this page or to essays on other pages. I suggest your briefing the entire page first; then if desired on the 2nd time through, reading deeper and/or choosing an essay or two for elaboration. There is more elaboration on this page than you'll find on the average brochure. The many essays linked to have been written and published by myself (unless noted otherwise) for those with a deeper interest in Body-Mind Integration, personal growth, self-healing, etc. The "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart", now at the Organization Chart page (10/10/11), may help. It compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects.

Super Summary

          In General, I employ a variety of energy & body work, as well as body awareness approaches (described below) for therapeutic relaxation and addressing chronic pain for both the immediate circumstance and the long term.
         Your session may include any one of or various energy-body-work modalities including therapy for athletes or cyclists (including for older multi-injury former athletes), or relaxation work in total silence, based on whatever stress, pain, or concerns that you have for that session. That depends on your choice, based on whatever stress, pain, or concerns that you have for that session, and I am always willing to let you know what I find and make suggestions. Detecting, as well as soothing, tension IS my realm of expertise. You may even give up your pain meds within a few sessions time (if applies) [research study on massage, pain, & meds - (off page)]. As I do hands-on work, I assess where, how, & why stress is held, how to strategize goal-setting for reducing that, plus for preventing it recurring, and/or managing it if/when does.
          While a retired doctor, as client, calls me his "muscle injury treatment specialist", I like to consider myself a "Muscle / Connective Tissue Injury Prevention Specialist" (includes the bones, which the muscles move / stabilize) or just "tune-up specialist". As desired, I teach/show how to maintain appropriate muscle tension range or "work/rest ratio" in chronic areas. I draw upon energy work experience since 1980-82, massage therapy practice & related training since 1984 (over 1700 hours of formal studies & practicum). Session content is confidential. Individual session, multi-session program, and 3-6 week interval-based rates are available. Testimonials are available (on a separate page). Thank you!
         Compact Trifold PDF version of brochure here. (Use Right Click, "Save As" to download easily.)

Full Spectrum Reiki Logo - w/MultiVortex-ChaliChakra's - w/MultiVortex-ChaliChakra's Over Atomic Chalice &Star onGr3TpBk2, sig'd, Logo & Background Design © by Christopher Pringer Aug'12
"Full Spectrum Reiki Logo - w/MultiVortex-ChaliChakra's" by Christopher Pringer Aug'12
3DCh&VtxDblStar-2APiOSyCn2inPiOv,3DCh1'10A-M-Sym,2MltCh2-s-onBlk2-333px.jpg' sig'd, © Chris Pringer, 2011
One of the "Atomic Chalice-Cells Vortex" theme series, and "thematic" title was "3DChalice & VortexDblStar, 2APi- SynthesisCenter2 in PiOval w/ChaliCells, 1'10ASymMC2 on Black" © Chris Pringer 2011.

General Information

          To assist others effectively, I draw upon my energy work experience since 1980-82, as well as upon experience as a bodyworker & counselor since 1984 and a "troubleshooter" of chronic pain/discomfort since the mid-90's, and upon related trainings which includes over 1700 hours of formal studies & practicum. Please feel free to ask questions or be specific about your needs. I provide a number of approaches in my practice for therapeutic, nurturing relaxation, as well as for pain, injury, and stress management:
          (1)   Reiki - many find this wonderful by itself.
          (2)   "Integrative Reiki," a multi-faceted energy balancing system which may include Reiki, Yi Ren Medical Qigong, Polarity Work, Therapeutic Touch, other Energy Balancing approaches, touch, or other focus on energy points. In "Opening the Bridges," (on a separate page) I describe a the more extensive form of that.
          (3)   Massage/Bodywork Therapies - You may also request this for specific pains, injuries, or general stress relief, etc, for whatever portion of the session. More on that is included in the section, What makes my work different? My Own Niche. Specific techniques would be drawn from a list as indicated in the section, "Formal Training," for which I charge no additional fees.
         (3b)   Sports maintenance & *Cyclist Packages* - I have been working with older multi-injury former athletes (including 1600+ specific applicable session hours). The "acute" or "current overlay patterns" (via high activity) become chronic if not fully taken care of. In most ALL my sessions I've found and focused upon chronic tension patterns that always precede injury and reinjury. I was attracted to them even before I really knew the full implications of focusing upon them.
         (4)   Counseling based in Body/Energy-Awareness Preventative Health Maintenance Counseling or Instruction including basic Qigong. This would include exercises for working with muscle strength, energy levels, or specific areas of chronic pain or stiffness. You may request a "troubleshooting" of chronic pain/discomfort via a "Body Pattern Reading" (or assessment, based on muscle holding and movement habits).

A Worthy GOAL: Mind + Emotion (Conscious Awareness) Working in Teamwork
+ Giving up Habitual Tension   =>   Gains Pliant Muscles,
+ Tension Relief for Internal organs   =>  Gains Equilibrium

          (5)   Any Combination of the Above may be included in a session, depending on the client's needs, requests, or a doctor's prescription. Although I may make suggestions regarding overall priorities, goals, and approach, the client is primarily in charge of every session (wherever it takes place). The degree of organization with which that is managed is very much up to the client - and this aspect needs to be discussed if the client is serious about progress. What the client "brings" to a session (eg: pain, concern, issues, etc) generally determines our approach that day. As appropriate, a session may begin with a "reading" of holding and movement patterns in the area of complaint or for the body in general, which assessment helps guide the work (more on that below). The work may be a simple, relaxing session in total silence, or may include various instructions as noted below in Energy Work & Techniques and On Self-Healing and "Healing Facilitation".
Reiki & WhiteLight Symbols w/Vortex over MSGrad.Bkgr
"gallery portrait" with 2005 photo of Chris over his 2009 piece, "3D Multi-Chalice VortexBridge & Flower/Tree of Life" -cp, 2009. I describe my artwork overall as an eclectic/symbolic mix of multiple layers of brights and subtles, sacred geometry rounded with a balance of grounding touch.
                    All of this work can be received fully clothed or not, as preferred. This work is not intended or practiced as treatment for serious conditions unless prescribed by a medical doctor. Often times I simply listen, and Session content is confidential. The exceptions to this are in the cases of abuse of a child or a developmentally disabled adult and where potential for suicide or homicide is indicated. In these cases I am required by law to contact the proper authorities to secure the safety of the client or others.

"My Own "Niche" - What Makes my Work Different    (In addition to over 35 years experience)

'Chakra Tree Anatomy in Chalice Garden with Tree and Flower of Life', Over 'Trees of Light' background, © Chris Pringer, Oct-Nov 2012
"Chakra Tree Anatomy in Chalice Garden with Tree and Flower of Life", Over "Trees of Light" background, © Chris Pringer, Oct-Nov 2012
         I often hear the words, "You know exactly where to go," referring (essentially) to my trouble-shooting or reading the textures of muscles, feeling the varying degrees of tension and patterning in the different muscles and muscle groups, noting the relationships between them if/as they exist. "Detail work" and "fine-tuning" are other common phrases mentioned. I devise plans (combinations of techniques) for the best approach to reduce those tensions and patterns with and for that individual, and revising the plans on the fly as I employ/develop techniques that accomplish results in a relatively short time. I fairly quickly assess the sources of that tension, and while setting realistic goals for employing the client's assistance in addressing those sources (*self-tuning* - as much as capable and willing) - using the skills and approaches (in counseling and instruction) referred to in other sections here.
          It helps greatly that I have always been unusually capable at varying the degree of pressure to apply when employing touch-based techniques, while sensing the optimal amount of pressure for a given area, allowing me to work as deeply as possible without causing the muscles to tense up further. All this comes from being very strong physically, yet very much enjoying the subtlest perceptions. Inspite of enjoying the "Ahhhhhhhh's" from tension release, my overall approach stems from my belief that touch-based therapies are primary to preventative maintenance, which is primary to health overall, and therefore that touch-based therapies are not a "luxury," but a most basic and necessary component of well-being.
          I enjoy learning. And when talking does not interfere with the work at hand, I enjoy sharing what I know about the how's and why's of energy work, the mind-body-emotion-spirit correlations (when appreciated), as well as the physiology relative to the work at hand. I offer an instructive approach, as well as integrative approach with the body and/or energy levels (described and/or referenced in above sections). I may (as requested) inform the client about what kinds of and situations and reactions led to many of the chronic muscle-holding patterns, which may have led to muscles being more susceptible to injury. This is learned via "Body Pattern Reading" (explained in next section).
            Over 30 years of experience has actually maintained my strength, stamina, and resilience. Knowledge of nutrition, herbs, physiology, and practice of the self-healing and preventative maintenance that I teach, including tensing yoga, is a big part of that, and am happy to share the "hows" of what has worked for me (if/as requested).
          Muscle-Related Injuries: It took me most of my 35 years of experience to recognize that most doctors generally do not know how to "read," let alone treat, most muscle-related injuries (!), and that physical therapists or yoga teachers do not have the knowledge or hands-on nature to apply even nearly as muscle-injury-recuperative therapies as noted here [References to back that up are at the Body-Mind Integration Essays page; included in below nav/links section.].

          I've learned that what is needed for muscle injury treatment -besides exercises and/or pain meds- is effective working of the fibers & tendons of your muscles, release of tension and holding patterns, optimizing the *range of tension* or *work/rest ratio* - vs building strength around that tension and into those patterns. It also requires the working out of otherwise locked-in scar tissue.
            Otherwise, post-injury conditions simply set someone up for another and worse injury in subsequent months or years -- due to the over-tensioned muscles leading to additional tears in the scar tissue. EG: those elements that were not dealt with in the first place. Also, Please Note: adrenaline (from exercise) masks pain for only so long, and rarely for any amount of time after 35 or 40 years old. EG: Endorphin generation requires a different approach.

          A wholistic long-term problem-solving approach is what Integrative Bodywork is about. Please consider these things, especially if have a muscle-related injury and your Insurance doesn't cover *Appropriate* health care for that (as referred to above). Hint: *Some* osteopaths and chiropractors have this knowledge or suitably trained therapists in-office. Many do not, but are still vastly more capable of dealing with most muscle injuries - those that do not require surgery beyond that of osteopathic practice.

BELOW: Chart to illustrate the EARLY dynamics of adrenaline & cortisol.
Whereas also important are the LATER dynamics, particularly for older athletes with too much chronic pain, who continue to reinjure themselves, increasingly as they age, as they still try to get that adrenaline running well or often enough to cover the pain. Those dynamics (including some useful means of easing or preventing that pain) are described in the articles at the Body-Mind Integration Essays page. To begin with the practical basics, please check out "Adrenaline & Athletes, Aging, & Chronic Muscle Pain". What is NOT shown here (as regards the adrenal element of chronic pain), is described (technically) in-depth, and to some degree illustrated in and via the article, "Adrenaline vs Endorphins ...Brain Activity, Sports ...Healthfully Extended Aging...".
A Dr. F. Netter illustration revised for this adaptation by Chris Pringer, 9'18
Boomer Note: "According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of injury statistics, injuries to Americans in the 35- to 54-year-old age group are climbing much faster than the group's population... No. 4 on the ouch list behind only basketball, soccer and softball." -- Doug Freed in "Massage & Cycling A Winning Combination"

'The FIRST PHASE of ADRENALINE & CORTISOL dynamics set up in the musculature, that is, LONG BEFORE and leading to most actual muscle injuries, including ATHLETIC INJURIES leading many over 35 years old to complain of Old Athletic Injures & Chronic Muscle Pain. It's Never too late to how to Pay Attention, to learn Body-Awareness, Preventative Maintenance' - A Dr.F.Netter illustration revised for this adaptation by Chris Pringer, 9'18

Boomer Note: "According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of injury statistics, injuries to Americans in the 35- to 54-year-old age group are climbing much faster than the group's population... No. 4 on the ouch list behind only basketball, soccer and softball." -- Doug Freed in "Massage & Cycling A Winning Combination"


*Sports Packages*
Pre & Post Event

Prep with three Sessions before your event and recover with three sessions after: maximize your performance and endurance.

Six 1½ hour sessions for $300
Also See Rate Chart Below

At Rates barely enough, you get "The Stuff without the Fluff" as my cyclist client calls it. That's skills, attitude, and determination.

 Sports Massage & Therapy for Cyclists

      I have been working with a few cyclists over many years, including one before and after he came to ride competitively (16yrs & 3 yrs respectively). Another (12yrs) had neuropathy in his legs. Tallies come to over 1600 hrs experience by May 2018. I've learned to re-apply a primarily Esalen style training (details below) and 30+ years experience to the bodies and minds of those very intent on athletic performance and long-term health maintenance. As a result, I've developed considerable skills for working with sports-related complaints, minor and major injuries, as well as chronic pain - including for older multi-injury former athletes. Plus we improve body awareness for preventative maintenance while steadily fine-tuning. They note my very deep, yet highly attuned work, although I am very capable of gauging and applying what works for others. Some of them laying pain meds aside, their words are at the Testimonials page. (Note: I have not been a cyclist since before it was called that, but I lettered in wrestling in high school, ran a 10.0 100-yrd dash, while a very slow 5 miles, and have kept in good shape since then.)

The most common problem areas for cyclists are the quads and the knees (with apparent controversy as to which), but troubleshooting - *which* muscles are pulling on the knees and *how* - determines the efficiency of ones work with the system as a whole. And my clients will tell you that I have a CSI mind in trouble-shooting with tenacity in focusing and applying the work. Cyclists should know that the location and position of the bicycle seat can effect many elements in the tension and health of many key muscles, from the hands to the feet, as well as the neck.
Yes, you get a few things here that you can't do for yourself, including instruction in "Tensing Yoga" - stretching with *yogawareness* - for *Work/Rest Ratio*, Muscle Energy Efficiency, thence power, flexibility, and *Long-Term* endurance. :-)

      Therapy For Cyclists essentially includes:
            *   Pre-ride massage stretches and warms the muscles, readies them for the ride.
            *   Post-ride massage stimulates blood flow, accelerates the recovery process, relaxes the muscles, and helps prevent soreness.
            *   Maintenance massage maintains health, flexibility, and vitality.



Reiki and Energy-Work

          What is Reiki?    Reiki is, put very simply, like applying jumper cables to a battery and conveying a charge via the natural flow of energy through its established channels in the body. Not only does Reiki bring in the basic resource "fuel" for healing changes, but it reminds the cells of their divine connection and guidance, awakening them to their most optimal functioning state, increasing circulation of blood, lymphatic fluid, CNS fluid (central nervous system fluid through the spine and brain), as well as increasing interconnections between cells, interconnections among related areas of the brain.
          I like to think of Reiki, which originated in Tibet, as the energy equivalent of the Tibetan spiritual greeting,  "Namaste."  Which very roughly means, "I honor and respect the Truth and attendant responsibility that the Highest in me is ONE with the Highest in you, and thus bound together as ONE."
          I often imagine during Reiki that I am directing a divinely originated  "Nameste"  to the cells of the person I am working with, so as to reinforce the intention (and related healing focii) of appreciation, integration, and cooperation among all systems, whether they are all parts of the original anatomy or not. To encourage their working together to enhance overall health in accordance with Divine Plan.
          In this case, the Reiki practitioner simply but consciously opens to the Universal Life Force  (divine healing energy),  and the Universal Life Force  flows as needed in accordance with Divine Will. The  Universal Life Force  seeks all places relatively lacking. Where there is a lack of natural energy flow in the body, the cells seem to recognize this and magnetically attract the  Universal Life Force.  You might consider the Reiki symbols (employed by practitioners) as etheric coded keys for unlocking pathways as needed for accomplishing the above, including finding the most proper order and timing for that - in accordance with the Divine Plan of that individual, including readiness of that individual per their own attributes of self-worth, faith, trust, and "allowingness." It is not up to me to make any particular thing happen for someone - that's between the recipient and God. In that sense, it is said that "the door to healing energy opens from the inside."
          The other energy-work systems that I use are somewhat similar in application, although they are usually much more specifically directed; ie: to specific meridians or related systems.
Reiki Symbol On Tapestry Gr3-VBG&Cdc Framed
Reiki Symbol On Chalice Tapestry Gr3, Chris Pringer 2009

 Chair Massage

          Consider Preventive Home Body Care on Massage Table or Massage Chair for home preventative body care! In a chair massage, I generally just work from the lower-mid-back on up. And many people can often appreciate 10-20 minutes on just the neck and shoulders alone, and/or include the hands and arms. In a chair massage, it's even possible to do feet in public if wearing thick mildly worn socks. And that might even be outdoors, in a yard or a even a park. However, in that case, you would need to provide the transportation. As in table work, often times, something I find or something they say will engage my instructing a recipient in how they can self-tune to prevent their muscles from getting tighter, more patterned, more injury-prone..


Body-Mind Awareness Counseling & Preventative Health Maintenance Instruction

          Our goals here are to create assurance of strength & resilience in one's overall health (and a pain-meds-free life, if applies). Such assurance is the true health insurance. We do this by productively exploring the client's individual chronic (and current) pains and discomfort, and instruction for the client's learning body-awareness techniques. As noted above, although I may make suggestions regarding overall priorities, goals, and approach, the degree of organization with which that is managed is very much up to the client - and this aspect needs to be discussed if the client is serious about progress in the long term.
         Often times, something I find or something they say will engage my instructing a recipient in how they can prevent their muscles from getting tighter, more habit-patterned, thus more injury-prone. If a client is particularly inclined to body-awareness (whether they actually know it or not), even in that short time, s/he will often "lead me" to help them see/FEEL how, why, and when they actually tense up, and then how to begin to intercept that tendency before it leads to the muscles tensing up. That is what I call the bread and butter of my sessions - helping a client feel how to prevent over-tensing of muscles in their daily life. The over-tensing decreases objectivity with, as well as awareness of, their environment, even if it is because they are doing their best to respond to that environment. And that increases likelihood of internalizing stress, which over time, leads to injury of muscles, tendons, or ligaments, and then bone as one ages without the awareness and preventative maintenance. However, by realizing how they have engaged that negative cycle, they are motivated AND equipped for including preventative maintenance in their lifestyle. For who are not so inclined to body-awareness, not to worry - the capability is within us all - it may simply takes more time and practice to realize it.
'3D & PiChalice-A1B &Vortex-Dbl-Star(Lt) Synthesis-Cntr &Multi-Chalice OnBlack' sig'd © Chris Pringer Sept'11
"3D & PiChalice-A1B &Vortex-Dbl-Star(Lt) Synthesis-Cntr &Multi-Chalice OnBlack" sig'd © Chris Pringer Sept'11

Mind + Emotion     =>     Equilibrium vs Habitual Tension     =>
Pliant vs Torn Muscles     +     Healthy vs Susceptible Internal Organs
                                      +     Time     =>     Health vs Disfunction.
Reiki Symbol w/Vortex [EmbossdBluGrn] by Chris Pringer 2009
"Reiki Symbol on 3D-AChaliSynthesis" - Chris Pringer, 2009
         Thus s/he is able to monitor and eventually self-adjust postural and/or muscular tone (and thereby, skeletal alignment to a great degree) as needed. One can then use this awareness during subsequent experiences (of otherwise stress-loaded events) to stop habitual reactions via posture and movement that previously resulted in discomfort, muscle strain, or injury. I provide various resources, including easy-to-apply exercises, that I have developed from an integration of (my and other's studies of) body awareness and stress-pattern analysis, as well as (for when applicable) Gestalt/Humanistic psychology, and Therapeutic Affirmations. More on related counseling just below. Also you may be interested in the "body-reading" further below, and -on separate page with in-depth elaboration- at "Understanding the Pattern Triad & Assessment"
          My perspective is based in a blend of Hakomi (separate page this site) and other Reichian-based Gestalt Psychology, including "Body-Parenting" Approach. My own version of that acknowledges & works with mind-body-spirit interface), Buddhist psychology, and New Thought philosophy (works with mind-body-spirit interface), and a preventative health maintenance perspective based in Naturopathy, presented very well in Yi Ren Medical Qigong. More technical aspects detailed in "Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process" (separate page, this site), which I published in the professional journal, Massage Magazine in 1992.

          "Tensing Yoga - Exercises for Self Healing, Preventative Maintenance, & Mind-Body Awareness"  is one of the main techniques taught for an individual's specific area(s) of complaint. Tensing Yoga is not about getting into positions, although TY may be used to get into positions quicker, easier, and without injury. This yoga is more about developing and maintaining a healthy *muscle energy efficiency* via *Tension Range*, *Work/Rest Ratio*, and overall *efficiency of movement* (see TY page for specifics). All of which is critically related to healing or preventing injury. TY could be considered an optimized form of self-applied, neuro-muscular re-education, reinforced with a body-mind connectivity that insures a more comprehensive and long-term response (High Preventative Maintenance Gains). Regular use provides a high degree of muscle injury prevention as well as effective chronic muscle injury treatment. While this technique may be applied to most every muscle or muscle group in the body, from the Tensing Yoga page you can also link to illustrated exercises for the Low Back. More on that at the "Tensing Yoga" page, this site. How I have come to develop this approach may be gleaned from the below excerpted questions (that I once asked, which led to ...) smile
Chart of Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context, Thumbnail Oct'11
"Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" (Links to Full Size)

New 10/10/11 at the Organization Chart page. This chart compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, other aspects, as well as links to their respective essays or sections. Addressing all these aspects and their relationships is what make this site unique.
Consumer Reports Alternative Therapies Survey Results (Published Sept 2011)
Excerpts from
"Muscle Q & A" at "Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process":

          What is an appropriate range of muscle tension - between fully working and fully resting? Are your muscles toned and in shape or are most of them simply "hard" due to improper circulation, lacking proper elimination, and overly congested with cell waste? Why does a muscle twitch? When is muscle tension chronic, when is it more acute or immediate? - How to tell? What's the physiological difference? What's age got to do with it (why some older folks' muscles are in trouble, and why some others' are in better shape than kids who think they are "toned"?) How can you utilize answers to these questions to greatly minimize the pain you feel as you age (without pain meds), particularly from previous injuries to your muscles and bones? ie: What can you do at 28 years old (or less) that will effect how you age past 35-40 years old - *by a multiplicative difference* - compared to if/when you begin that after that age?

          What's muscle tension got to do with how long a chiropractic adjustment holds? How, why, and when may proper tensioning of a 'muscle system" lead to alignment of a skeletal or verterbral structure, AND when may it not - and why? What is "Controlled Motor Response", and what's that got to do with muscle habits & movement patterns, chronic tension, and "Body Memory"? How do we isolate, focus awareness on, and train muscle tension range? What's that got to do with proper cellular circulation/ elimination, energy levels, coordination, and muscle efficiency? [Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the phenomenon of body memory: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy, body-mind split, mind-body split]

          What does breathing and focus have to do with any of this? What questions might you want to ask your yoga teacher if s/he's not having you focus on that? Why and how would you engage in "cell-talk" (developing a working relationship) during the muscle (re)training process, for any other *chronic* condition? What does attitude, approach, consistency, and sincerity have to do with how your cells respond? What could that possibly have to do with the adrenal "Fight or Flight Response", and how that effects muscle tension range? Would the attitudes and approach of a yogi towards life have anything to do with his/her seemingly magical or miraculous interface with his/her systems, organs, and cells? Is it just "mind *over* matter" OR...
         I may include, if the client requests it, a form of Ericsonian Hypnotherapy, which I would do by basically verbalizing invocations, affirmations, and related "affirmative questions" and suggestions -- in accordance with the clients directions, and for the condition or situation that the client describes. More information about this approach (and How-To's for self-application) can be found at "INNER-RESOURCING - The Use of Personally Applied Invocative Questions (Invoc-Q's)..." and "The Use Of Questions (and Gestalt approach) In Effective Affirmation Therapy - Theory and Examples for Practical Application" (separate pages, this site). I do not use other forms of hypnotherapy, although I was trained in its various forms in 1989 (note sections on Training and Certifications, above). The other forms generally have not fit in with the rest of the work that I do, and I haven't used them since the first few years after my training (other than when one person persisted in insisting I do otherwise). Please feel free to ask questions for clarification on the above via email or telephone.
         Elaboration on the psychological and philosophical perspectives behind my approach may be found via the essays (on separate pages, this site):   "A Gestalt Perspective and Seven Phases of Personal Growth", and   "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner - and Detouring 'Burn-out'".  And, if you relate to prose and metaphor,   "Metaphors for An Approach to Mind-Body Integration and 'Body-Parenting'". Included in the *Related Writings* section are references for Yi Ren Medical Qigong, naturopathic perspective, body-memory, pain control, and more.
3DChalice & ChaliceV&HVortex9 FlowerOfLife YinYang sig'd 300px by Chris Pringer 2009

"3DChalice & ChaliceV&HVortex9 FlowerOfLife YinYang sig'd" by Chris Pringer, 2009


My Approach as regards "Healing facilitation" and Self-Healing Instruction:

          Preventative Health Maintenance And "Self-Healing": Preventative Maintenance is a worthy accomplishment, and doesn't even have to be difficult, IF applied regularly with good attitude (see below "Factors I consider in the healing of any condition"). And THAT is what I believe massage and touch-therapy is primarily for, as well as most suited for. "Self-Healing" is one extension of that. That applies to far more conditions than most people realize. Even a simple hug is universally recognized as healing to some degree. Releasing muscle holding and movement patterns can often have multi-level benefits significantly effecting circulation, postural alignment, neurological interconnections and function. All of which can effect internal organ system function, including neurotransmitter and hormone relationships. (Using keywords "Benefits of Massage/Bodywork" in your search engine will provide all the research any professional could ask for backup on these points.) I do not consider massage/bodywork a luxury, but a primary component of the most effective preventative health maintenance, and therefore the most cost-efficient health insurance (elaboration below).
          Regarding EMDR (incl. EFT the "Emo-Free", "TAP" & related Energy Psychology systems): I believe these systems work very well (and relatively quickly) for many, but may provide only brief relief for complaints with deeper seated causal elements. IE: For vets with PTSD, EFT can "put the fire out". With certain exceptions, it may not result in more than brief relief in cases where the challenge is based in, or critically anchored to, deep-seated emotions that were traumatically suppressed in early childhood. While I can offer resources for self-application, I do not train others in this approach. (see reference section)
Scale & DoubleStar Chalice Vortex sig'd-sm by Chris Pringer 2008
"Scale & Double-Star Chalice Vortex sig'd", (© Chris Pringer Dec'08) represents the bridging and balancing of polarities within each conscious Being
8Vtx3D4 APi-Multi-ChaliCell Vortex BridgeXfrmg Flower Of Life
"Multi-Vortex APiChalice 8Vtx3D4 ChaliCell Flower Of Life" sig'd © Chris Pringer Jun'11
          Am I a "healer"? In the popular sense, not hardly. My approach is not evangelical or even emotionally stimulating - bodyworkers *reduce* tension. My style is predominantly calming, observing, interpretive, and generally informative/instructive on the levels that it seems might be understood by the listener. And, by the way, in person, I speak to the person in front of me, in a far less generally directed way than I write (although might not have necessarily been the case in the early-mid 90's). By preference, I consider myself a team-leader/instructor who mainly *facilites* - to the degree I create a setting in which someone can effectively heal him/herself to some degree.
          To make an instructive point, I could say that I am a healer of others - but only when and to the degree someone gives me the power (by their faith) to heal him/herself. I do believe that a full and permanent healing (by the Divine) is only *initiated and allowed* by the recipient and his/her Higher Power, in accordance with the Divine Will of (including the timing Thereof) his/her Higher Power. And that can be encouraged, dramatically or otherwise (in my educated opinion, as a long-time student of change, personal and communal), by someone capable and inclined in that way, including the skill to know when someone is ready to go beyond their usual limitations. And, when a client and I get there, we go from there. But I don't specialise in "faith healing," let alone do "tent shows." It's just not my style, so to speak (I was a very introverted writer first, not that I do it well, but speaking even to one person I didn't know was a challenge for many years).
          Besides, there's actually quite a bit of science to back up "healing" by alternative methods, including "energy work" (some elaboration via "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" -- Or "Bridging Prayer & Science" - faith & intuition, Spirit working logic & emotion, and a little science to boot. (separate page, this site), including "'Getting Super': Sample Personalized Visualization Prayer Chart" (more application of science than prayer in this case, as related to *Cellular Re-Organization* and engaging *neuroplasticity*.). And a summary essay, "Cells & Healing Changes: How I Believe What I See; Building, Cleansing, and Paradigm Management; Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk"
          All of which makes me a *Co*-Healer, if you will. I am a teacher to the degree that I effectively I impart/awaken/remind someone to their capacity to awaken their cells to remember their innate capabilities.
          Aspects on temporary vs permanent healing and very related considerations may found via essay,   "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner - and Detouring 'Burn-out' " (separate page, this site, Published July'88). The components of my more in-depth energy-work is elaborated in  "Re-Opening Bridges & Firing the Cauldrons - Integrating Energy Work and Self-Healing Instruction into Bodywork" (separate page this site).  Just as "Body-Parenting" uses a metaphor to personify the cells to communicate with them effectively -since they respond to our unconscious thoughts and emotions anyway, this approach is based in the view (or a personification of energy dynamics) based in the view that we each are a bridge -- between the yin & yang energy-vortexes (personified here as) "Father & Mother God/Goddess, thus forming a chalice of Spirit" (a bridge of energy) "for the balancing & integrating of Humanity with the Divine". Or at least ideally so, as our systems are *attuned*, our batteries are *charged*, our capacities optimized. Thus developing appropriate and effective relationship among the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, and physical, which compose the "Body-Mind"), in the belief that the body-mind can be a primary means of access for finding ones Way, as we fulfill our true role as human embodiments of Spirit.
8vtx3D4A&3DChPiChA1B&Ch5vDblStar&SphFOL-e-A4-onBlk-333px.jpg © Chris Pringer Sept'11
"8Vortex3D4A, 3DChalice&Vortex, &Chalice5vDoubleStar, w/Flower Of Life E,A4 OnBlack" sig'd © Chris Pringer Sept'11
'May Your Quest' (shortform) on PiChB2aEA5&ChCls-PiScBk158-sig'd
"'May Your Quest' (shortform) on PiChaliceB2EA5 &ChaliCells on PiScBk158" by Chris Pringer, Sept'10
         As regards the communal level of change: Since I am interested in the long term outcome of most things I consider important, I am interested in the planet's population individually utilizing their God given Free Will and taking responsibility and healing ourselves & our planet. And I see our interim transition to that as requiring our individually taking charge (vs giving too much power to another) and healing ourselves. I go along (in viewpoint) with Barbara Marx Hubbard, in that she is probably one of the most strongest proponents of co-healing the planet via co-healing ourselves. Her visions and programs to help put this into effect can be accessed via the *Related Writings* section as well as via your favorite search engine.
          Factors I consider in the healing of any condition are: a) the overall resilience of the person in response to personal change at deeper levels; b) what degree of re-organization of the tissues and belief system is required; c) to what degree the person is willing to accept as possible/probable that causative elements may exist on other levels -- emotional, mental, bio-magnetic, and "spiritual"; d) the degree of willingness to explore such probabilities; and then e) the willingness to make the changes on the causative levels necessary to effect physical and/or other change. An idea of how one might begin to apply such considerations is noted above in the section, Body-Mind Preventative Health Maintenance Counseling.
          Personal Application matters when it comes to one's healing process, as it does to most anything of value. No one said this is easy, but then many who have healed an emotional wounding (whether or not someone else attended or facilitated in whatever way) have regained previously lost physical capability as well. Of course, I am talking about re-established or improved functioning of cells, tissues, or organs here, not of amputations or surgical removals. Systemic conditions respond best when addressing the system on all levels. I believe that self-healing (with God's help, of course) is the only kind there really is, that the "event" requires the "process" of healing, that what one gets out of the process is more effective presence with oneself and environment, and with ones Higher Source.
          Attitudes applied in healing process greatly determine the results of the investment. That includes whether the healing is multi-level (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual), as well as how permanent (vs limited to the symptomatic) the effects can be. I believe that faith and the power of one's mind and heart greatly effects what the body-mind can or cannot do. The essays, "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer,"   and "'Body-Mind Integration and the Chalice' -- Questions and Topics for Body-Mind-Spirit Integration, a Class Outline Interconnecting Key Considerations'" may explain more on these points also.

          I provide (if requested / as appropriate):  the work as noted here, an appropriate setting, a "Body Pattern Reading" and as described below. I teach self-healing exercises & attitudes. I help with effective and realistic goal-setting for the healing process, and I'll even motivate -- some, for awhile. The client does the REAL work -- realizing choices (vs. automatic reactions) and learning to enjoy responsibility for the healing process - as much as the client can. For those who want to explore these ideas more or simply get on with the work, I often suggest various "Homework Exercises" (physical and otherwise, much of which is available via email), books, or tapes (some of which I loan to you), and I provide much reading material. Much of this I have written in an effort to condense what I have read and found useful and/or learned experientially. And I am available by phone or email.
Chalice Vortex Bridge over Earth, sig'd v9'09 by Chris Pringer
"Chalice Vortex Bridge over Earth, sig'd v9'09" by Chris Pringer, 2009
the 3 Gates by Cheng Yin Liu (1886)

The Three Gates by Chen Yin Liu (1886)
[arrows indicate "Jade Pillow", "Narrow Vertebrae", and "Coccyx" gates.] From "The Physiology of the Three Gates in the Process of Energetic Development" by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD*; published in "Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness", 2004. 14 (2):34-39. This article and others are available via the Article Links page at the Yi Ren Qigong website.
Yi Ren Medical Qigong:

          I offer instruction for this methodology of self-treatment as of October 2010. While I am a novice, as yet, there are some valuable things I have learned and can share. That will grow over time. Meanwhile and in any case, please take advantage of the links to the web site created by the Yi Ren system founder and instructor, Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD.
         [All statements quoted in this section are by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD via the Yi-Ren Qigong web site:] "Qigong is the traditional practice of Chinese energy medicine combining various methods of breathing, movement, and meditation. It has been practiced with documented results in China for thousands of years for the prevention and treatment of illnesses. Qigong is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It works with Qi or 'vital energy' which is one of the key components of healing. Qigong has many different styles and types. The type of Qigong we offer at Yi Ren Qigong Center is called 'Yi Ren Medical Qigong (YRMQ).' YRMQ is not in conflict with any existing medical protocols; instead, it promotes one's existing medical programs and/or treatment."
         Why I enjoy this approach and manner of treatment is explained via "Guiding Principle # 4: Assist Individuals to Identify and Treat the Root Cause of Their Health Condition. Illnesses do not occur spontaneously. Symptoms are not the causes of diseases but expressions of the body's internal miscommunications. Causes may occur on many levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To accurately identify and treat the root cause of diseases with Yi Ren Medical Qigong, there are specific practice routines which can help individuals recover completely. Yi Ren Medical Qigong practice increases both the therapists/practitioners' levels of awareness , assists individuals in identifying the fundamental underlying causes of dis-ease on all levels, and encourages practitioners to work on the root causes rather than symptoms."
               Yi Ren Medical Qigong consists of two types of Qigong training:
         1) "Intrinsic Medical Qigong (IMQ): IMQ includes fundamental Qi activation, cultivation, balance, and circulation as well as disease-specific Qigong exercises for self-healing. Benefits of daily Intrinsic Qigong practice: * Increased levels of awareness of internal energy conditions * Effectively Cope with stresses or energy imbalances * Improve treatment outcomes by strengthening self-efficacy * Enhance one's creativity, emotional and spiritual well-being * Balance and enhance practitioners' own internal energy conditions in order to maintain good health and to improve personal performance.
         2) "Extrinsic Medical Qigong (EMQ): EMQ is also called “External Qi healing,” which is specially designed for practitioners to aid the healing of patients and clients. With External Medical Qigong, practitioners can * Perform diagnosis using Qigong methods * Provide diseases-specific self-care Qigong exercises to their patients * Help patients release unhealthy energies from their bodies * Balance and enhance practitioners' own internal energy conditions in order to transmit healing energy to patients." [Note: I am not qualified to do diagnosis; I plan to increase my ability to provide the other noted skills/services over time -cp]
         * Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, founder of the Institute of Qigong & Internal Alternative Medicine, is an expert in Qigong for Functional Pain. Dr. Sun earned his Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan in 1993, and was awarded a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. From 1994-1997 Dr. Sun conducted postdoctoral research in molecular endocrinology at the University of Washington. This research enriched his theory and practice of Qigong. His understanding of modern molecular genetics and scientific principles, as well as his experience with internal cultivation, allowed him to create a unique bridge between cultures. Dr. Sun has spent over 30 years refining his skills and has developed a new system of Qigong called “Yi Ren® Qigong.” He is currently engaged in mind-body medicine and energy medicine research at Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington. Many more related links are included in the Related Links section. [Added Fall 2010]


Professional Orientation:

          My working philosophy aligns with that of Hakomi, the system of body-centered psyhology and therapy developed by Ron Kurtz (described on a separate page at this site, including reference links). My introduction to this orientation was in 1985, as part of my initial training in Santa Fe, by instructor Donald Van Houten (who was trained by Ron Kurtz, Jack Painter, and Randolf Stone, among others). I am committed to the life-long study and teaching of the various holistic healing arts, from basic naturopathic to psycho-spiritual, centering in self-help and attitude-related awareness. I allow others their own path and perspective and consider personal awareness and attitude critical in the self-healing process or health maintenance. Integrated into this style are the related aspects covered in sections (above) and "Body-Parenting" Approach (below).
          I believe healing is mostly about learning to be fully "present" which, to me, implies making the inevitable mistakes one will make in life, forgiving, changing, growing continuously, toward attaining one's highest potential. I believe that the best teacher is also the best student -- simultaneously. I look forward to the eventual integration of all modalities of health care, from conventional to esoteric, both ancient and modern, as we come to appreciate the varying perceptions and goals of a diversely-talented healing community.

          Conditions that may respond well to Reiki, Energy-Work, Body-Awareness Counseling, Preventative Health Maintenance instruction, and related touch therapies: include various medical conditions (if only because of increased circulation of blood and energy), as well as low energy levels and the stresses of and life's changes and personal growth. This approach provides an excellent adjunct to conventional medical care programs. It is here recognized that the manner and timing of therapy may be critical, as determined/considered in the case of a physician's referral, depending on the patient's injury or condition.
Chalice Orbs & ChaliCellulor Vortices of Light
"Chalice Orbs & ChaliCellulor Vortices of Light" © Chris Pringer Aug'09
The "Body Pattern Reading" or "Mind-Body Assessment"

        This is based on how an individual responds to events, on how the muscles tense up and retain some degree of that tension (often for many years or a whole lifetime). Most of these develop in the formative years of life, and effects (to varying degrees) one's posture and movement. These bodily held patterns reflect *coping mechanisms*, *challenges*, and *gifts*, as related to how one has learned (as an infant and/or child, primarily) to feel and respond to people and situations in life.
          When verbalized and explained to the client, if/as requested, the reading can be used as a guide for recognizing, accessing, developing, and employing therapeutic resources (some described on this page) -- towards more effective accomplishment of life goals and re-integration of mind-body systems, and towards optimal whole systems organization and preventative health maintenance.
          To dispell a few myths about the "reading:" a) I do not see the degree of bodily injury or health (or most other aspects of the reading) as related to "character" or spiritual progress. To me, that would be a gross, metaphysically "pop" over-simplification, not to mention inaccurate in most cases. Likewise, b) a reading or assessment (of any notable quality) is more than just simple applications of correlations from charts by such as Louise L. Hay's - although such charts are not so simple in and of themselves, especially when considering how they came about. And that is a reference to the nature of a usefully comprehensive assessment, engaging a suitably wide range of considerations, as part of a purposeful plan effectively implemented for accomplishing useful goals and objectives.
         The Pattern Triad page covers a number of factors and considerations for such an assessment and plan. There are, however, a number of systems for "reading" or assessing correlates or indicators of useful information about the body, the mind, or the "body-mind", and I've yet to write down a usefully comprehensive description of "what I do," certainly not in terms of how I integrate or interpolate between/among those various systems. Which systems are *generally* covered among the books on the reading list on the Mind-Body Approaches Page.
         Related: A good idea of how the body physiology facilitates tension storage (and release) is described in "Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process."
          Key Reference: "Understanding the Pattern Triad & Assessment" - Mind-Body Relationships, (from) coping mechanisms, (to) skills, (to) gifts through challenges on one's Life Path. Includes "Notes on Mind-Body Correlations" - Source-References, Organization of *Body Memory,* and 'WHAT I DO' ", as well as sections for those with a deeper interest in body-mind psychology, and/or the elements forming the basis of the "Body Pattern Reading."
Chart of Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces, © Chris Pringer Apr'11
"Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces" sig'd
© Chris Pringer Apr'11


Body-Mind Awareness & Health Insurance:

         Body-Mind Awareness -- as the bottom line of preventative health maintenance -- is one of the most simple, efficacious, & cost effective forms of health insurance there can possibly be. Why? Focused awareness to the body, which occurs naturally with massage therapy and energy-work, brings circulation of blood, nerve, and bio-magnetic energies, and thereby all of one's natural healing capacities to the cells. Therefore, circulation improves where caring attention is directed, especially if focused simultaneously from within and also from a practitioner. Cells do not complain (with pain signals) where circulation is plentiful - except in cases of acute injury, emotional distress, and one type of headache. This is self-tuning for long-term health - of the most enjoyable kind!

         This bottom line of preventative health maintenance and health insurance results from learning body-mind awareness, which I believe is promoted more easily and naturally during massage therapy and energy-work than any other activity. The "Body-Parenting" approach -with the muscle cells- is a big part of that, and discussed in detail just below. All that this insurance costs then, is the time it takes to apply one's awareness - other than the cost of the sessions once or twice per month perhaps. (How much would you save if you could give up pain medications? research study on massage, pain, & meds - [off page]) But with the sessions you get all the other benefits as well: clearing of lymphatic channels, relaxation, clarity of mind with a break from daily routine, clearing of muscular holding and movement patterns. That's actually a big part of body-mind awareness, but one that is not as easy to retain when not receiving regular sessions. The sessions are for some, also a safe place to talk about whatever and, if desired, receive the benefits of counseling as well.
Affirmation for Inner Communication on Chakra Tapestry background by Chris Pringer
Affirmation for Inner Communication on Chakra Tapestry background" by Chris Pringer

Mind + Emotion     =>     Equilibrium vs Habitual Tension     =>
            Pliant vs Torn Muscles    +     Healthy vs Susceptible Internal Organs      
                                           +     Time     =>     Health vs Disfunction.

"Body-Parenting" Approach for Body-Mind Awareness

          Like kids, cells do best if we keep them fed, clean, and feeling loved. And as we learn to give them healthy messages and especially to just listen to them, like kids, they will tell us what changes need attending to. And *body-awareness* is how we listen. The cells respond to the mind as workers do to the management. Body-Parenting uses a metaphor to personify the cells to communicate with them effectively -since they respond to our unconscious thoughts and emotions anyway- so our conscious "cell-talk" works directly to remind them of their highest potentials. IMO, this is the *heart* of neuroplasticity (directly, naturally, and positively engaging that capacity as we interface with our cells and self-healing mechanisms for personal growth and self-healing, and re-organization of the brain as a result of that experience).
          "Body-Parenting" is based on the "Re-Parenting" approach of emotional awareness based personal growth & self-healing. In layman's terms: Re-Parenting is a therapeutic methodology that uses a kind of dialog between core components of one's psyche. [More in shoptalk: It is more influenced by John Bradshaw, and Humanist Gestalt perspectives than Transactional Analysis. The "body-parenting" adaptation of the Re-Parenting approach is additionally influenced by Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy.]
          Injuries occur primarily due to overly tensed muscle cells, to unable to flex with events and circumstances in our environment. Cells are not bad, or wrong in any way for being overly tense due to having their circulation crimped by compressed cell structures, thereby deprived of good connection to the sources of nurishment, and unable to sufficiently rid themselves of waste products from all their hard work. Certainly not for becoming deseased or disfunctioning as a result, let alone for trying to maintain systemic equilibrium by whatever means are left to them. Like kids, they are habitually responding to our own unconscious inner messages. Those that we've been giving them since our formative years - about how to respond to the conditions. Under harsh conditions in early life, they adapt and find a way to cope -- if at all possible, if you tell them they have to -via thoughts, and feelings. If they don't get "the all clear" (especially if they've never "heard" it before), then they maintain the "armoring."
          Held long enough, thoughts and feelings become decisions and attitudes about life. Cells can actually maintain those -via adaptive roles in posture and movement- and for a whole lifetime, if they don't get a corrective message. I.E.: IF we, as infants, often needed to tense up -or "armor up"- various muscles for emotional or physical protection (ie: when adults around us acted insensitively or worse), THEN we most likely continued through adulthood to hold various muscles in an overly tense state - "ready" to respond to more of same, perhaps expecting life to be that way. The nervous system is designed to get our attention when we are doing something unhealthy. It's not the cells' fault if that system has been muffled by our own choice.

          But would you really like getting used to living underfed, unclean, and insensitive to the warning signals? Assuming your answer is no, the next question may be about how to remedy such a situation where we have basically adapted to less than optimal conditions? I suggest that first, we fix the supply system and take care of those basics. Secondly, we remedy the attitude that got them that way, or else the cells will never feel they can drop the coping mechanisms, let alone learn what a happy, communicative, and cooperatively sharing environment is about.

          Muscle cells need to know/experience what relaxation is, as well as what intense work is, in order to have an appropriately full range of tonicity/contractedness, and to find the right tone for a given condition. Cell systems adjust, based on our messages to them. Perhaps especially those messages that are aligned with long-term health, since our bodily systems seem designed for adaptation and endurance. NOTE: It is said that Our own voices and thoughts carry the most weight with our own cell systems. And that *verbalizing* a belief or decision, especially doing so *with feeling,* is much more powerful that just thinking it. Sometimes we will receive insight about a corrective action we must take; i.e.: by newly feeling the need to adjust our posture or some kind of bodily movement, or even due to reviving memories (that were previously suppressed).
          Details of these processes are explained in the essay, "Body-Mind Integration in the Personal Growth Process"- The How's And Why's Of Psycho-Emotional Storage of the Body-Mind (in layman's physiology & psychology): When, how and why tension is stored and released; communication between body and mind, benefits; proprioreceptors, personal growth, massage/bodywork, therapist's approach, etc. Originally published by the author in Massage Magazine, July-Aug 1992. Includes "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (Added/Rev'd May'11-July'12 in the reference section), as well as addendum essays for clarifying these topics for *common sense* preventative maintenance application, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics and processes involved, including self-help level emotional processing. Page includes "Muscle Q & A" - a Kind of overview of the core topics. Some special applications of body-parenting are explained in "Tensing Yoga - Exercises for Self Healing, Preventative Maintenance, & Mind-Body Awareness".

SUMMARY (on "Body-Parenting"):
          With body awareness, learning to listen and respond to our cell systems, we enhance our senses naturally. We give the cells the corrective messages about tonicity, circulation, function, etc. And thereby we provide opportunity for our self-healing mechanisms to be maintained, and turned back on as necessary. "Body-Parenting" approach teaches and encourages awareness of these connections and developing methods of interfacing with them for personal growth and self-healing.
          "My Cells -My Children" and other selections of metaphorical prose & metaphor conveys, in a less analytical way, the nature of the dynamic relationships and 'Inner Communications' among mind, body, emotions, and Spirit, that underlies the 'Body-Parenting' approach for Mind-Body-Spirit Integration, as well as the INNER-child-parent-family relationships.
          There are a few related perspectives defined more by approach in "Body Awareness & Communications, Body Memory & Integration," "'Cell Talk': Building healing relationships with ones cells (muscles or otherwise)") at the "Body-Mind Integration Essays" page. Also (by approach) at the "Tensing Yoga" page is "Optimizing: Establishing A Rapport With Your Cells..." and "Body-Parenting" Approach for Body-Mind Awareness."

      "Body-Parenting" is an adaptation of the "Re-Parenting" approach (born directly of Transactional Analysis and the Humanist, Gestalt approach of John Bradshaw's work). It is additionally influenced by Hakomi® body-centered psychotherapy as well as Alchemical Hypnotherapy®. In layman's technical terms: the "Inner Child" is the key component, being a personification of various emotional body elements, which are compiled into such a form or format so that we can therapeutically interface effectively with them, employing a kind of dialog between core components of one's psyche. Hence the term, "Inner Communications," or the term, "mind-body split" to the degree such communications are not happening [REF.]
      The quickest and most well known reference on the "Inner Child" (aspect of the emotional body) would probably be John Bradshaw, author of "Homecoming", and the successful work of many psychotherapists. Granted the proof here can pretty much be only anecdotal, but tremendous in volume, all the same. From the later you may then better understand the emotion based elements and their relationships that my approach works with, as well as the relationships among the approaches I use or refer to.

My Cells - My Children on ChaliCellular Vortex, Chris Pringer Dec'09
"My Cells - My Children" prose by Chris Pringer 8'88, over ChaliCellular Vortex 12'09

On the Use of METAPHOR

         The article, "A Neuroscientist Explains [the workings and valuable use of] Metaphors," nicely validates the use of metaphor for such purposes as engaged here. It is about how we can transfer the message of a metaphor for accomplishing more effective yoga results in the physical body - since we already do this naturally for many things. AND so it is barely a stretch (so to speak) for us to understand how the focused use of the *Body-Parenting* metaphor can effectively increase circulation and healing capabilities in our cells - certainly to the degree that stress, attitude, beliefs, etc has been a cause of any decrease in the blood, meridian, and/or other energy circulation.
         From article description: "...[for the] creation of a unique neural network in our brains ... [including] the neural circuitries that represent the thoughts and behaviors [since a synapse is] a neural associative bridge between two cerebral stores of information ...This is just one simple example of the power of metaphor to transform, but the possibilities of fusing two or more pools of knowledge to promote our own self-growth are countless. Imagine what synergy you might create for your self."




  ¤  Licensed Massage Practitioner Washington State, Member of American Massage Therapy Association
        From 1988 until retired the license in August, 2000. Training & continued study, with dedication to
        professional relationship of service & applied technical proficiency with the client, make the professional.
  ¤  Certification as Master Teacher, 9th Level “Kundalini Reiki, Full Spectrum, to 9th Level
        w/Gtunmo & Devic Template” Seattle, WA; July-Sept. 2004.
  ¤  Certification as Reiki Master, 3rd Degree Johrei, Seattle, WA, October 1991.
  ¤  Certification in Massage Therapy (837 class hours, 250 hours journaled practicum), Sante Fe, NM, June 1985.
  ¤  Ordained as Minister, New Age Fellowship, Seattle, WA, August 17, 1987.
  ¤  Ordained as Minister & Spiritual Healer, S.H.E.S. (Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards
        Congregation), Seattle, WA, October 10, 2001.
  ¤  Certification as Nurse Assistant (CNA), Morro Bay, CA, April 1986.
  ¤  Certification in CPR, BLS Provider course C, Sante Fe, NM, 1985.
  ¤  Certification by American Massage Therapy Association, 1986 & 1988-2000.
  ¤  Business License (for Massage practice), San Luis Obispo County, CA, 1988


  ¤  Training in Massage & Advanced "bodywork" modalities at The New Mexico Academy of Massage & Advanced Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM, an AMTA accredited school, (837 Hrs plus the required 250 Hrs journalized practicum), September 1984 to June 1985. This included the following special courses:
Connective Tissue/Polarity/somatic release with Donald van Houten; Orthobionomics with Ursala Hoffer; Bonnie Prudden Pain Erasure Therapy (Myotherapy) with Beverly Antaeus; Shiatsu Therapy with Marc Pearl, Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine with Robert March, Counseling (including for "somatic release") with Robert "Mitra" Battersby
  ¤  Yi Ren Medical Qigong Chronic Pain Seminar (12 Hrs) by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D. at Yi Ren QiGong Center, Seattle, October 2010.   ¤  Yi Ren Medical Qigong Chronic Fatigue Seminar (12 Hrs) by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D. at Yi Ren QiGong Center, Seattle, June 2011.
  ¤  Master Teacher training & initiations in “Kundalini Reiki, Full Spectrum” to 9th Level w/Gtunmo & Devic Template, (16 class hrs) with Khalid Nashmii, Seattle, WA; July-September 2004.
  ¤  Reiki training & initiations to 3rd Degree Master with Diane Harvey, Seattle, WA; May-October 1991.
  ¤  Apprenticeship (100+ Hrs) with Robert "Mitra" Battersby, Presbyterian Minister and psychotherapist, psychic, Reiki Master and healing practitioner, Sante Fe, NM and San Louis Obispo, CA, November 1984 to June 1986.
  ¤  License exam review classes (50 Hrs) at Brian Utting School of Massage, 1987-1988
  ¤  Muscle Energy Technique (MET) (12 Hrs) class (Lumbar & Sacral) by Kerry Ann Plunkett, December 1989.
  ¤  Treatment of Common Injuries, (12 Hrs) Intro to Muscular Therapy Institute classes, Brian Utting & staff, February 1990.
  ¤  Aston Patterning "Seeing I" (12 Hrs) with Judith Aston, Seattle, WA, May 1991.
  ¤  Hakomi Bodywork Workshops (30 Hrs) with Bill Bowen, Seattle, WA, May 1991.
  ¤  Clinical Study-LowBack Pain & Dysfunction (16 Hrs) with John Breadstill, Seattle, WA, Mar-Apr 1995.
  ¤  "Myofascial Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain" (20 Hrs) with Robert King, Seattle, WA, June 1996
  ¤  "Whiplash, Spinal Trauma & the Chiropractic Personal Injury Case" (13 Hrs) with Daniel J. Murphy, D.C., D.A.B.C.O., & Adler Giersch, P.S., Seattle, WA, March 1998
'Integration Reiki' by Chris Pringer, 2009
"Reiki in Chalice Integration 2" by Chris Pringer, 2009


  ¤  Counseling & somatic release (10 Hrs) with Robert "Mitra" Battersby at New Mexico Academy of Massage & Advanced Healing Arts (see above), 1984-1986.
  ¤  Master Hypnotist Training (100 Hrs) with Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute, Seattle, WA, Spring 1989.
  ¤  Hakomi Psychotherapy Workshop (16 Hrs) with Amina Knowlan & Leah Gardner, Seattle, WA, May 1990.
  ¤  Hakomi Psychotherapy Workshop (16 Hrs) with Michael Herrick & Leah Gardner, Seattle, WA, March 1991.
  ¤  "Love, Therapy, & Therapist..." (8 Hrs) by Internat'l Assoc. Spirituality in Psychiatry & Med., Seattle, WA, June 1996
  ¤  Emotional Support for People with Aids (15 Hrs) with Kay McDill of Shanti, Seattle, WA, April 1994.
  ¤  Apprenticeship in Herbal Studies (150 Hrs) with Silena Heron, RN, ND, Norman, OK, Winter, 1983-1984.
  ¤  Aromatherapy Class "Sacred Aromatics" (20 Hrs) with Diana James, Seattle, WA, Feb. 1997
      The Chart of "The Science Behind The Body-Mind Relationships" provides an organized overview of the basis of my work (professional sources of methodology and technique(s), related references), including with "the Inner-Child." Understanding this approach with the inner-child aspect provides a great deal of insight into the process of forgiveness.  
Science Behind the Body Mind Integration Approach (Thumbnail) by Chris Pringer 2012

Which process is quite often *the most necessary component* of healing, as this methodology aims to deal with the cause and core of the injury - thus rendering permanent effect. That is also to say that the inner-child and the process are critically connected. Also helpful may be the section following that, "Ron Kurtz, Daniel Siegel, John Briere, and by Mary Morgan On Memory - Excerpts from "Neuroscience and Psychotherapy." (These sections are at the Body-Mind Integration Essays page.)

OTHER FORMAL EDUCATION           [equivalent of Bachelor of Science]

  ¤  Graduate of Will Rogers High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3.5 gpa), 1970
  ¤  General and Construction Science Mgt Courses at Oklahoma University (110 Semester Hrs at 3.2 gpa), 1974-1979
  ¤  Anatomy / Physiology Course at Oklahoma City Community College (10 Semester Hrs at 4.0 gpa), 1983
  ¤  General Chemistry w/ Lab Course at Oklahoma City Community College (4 Semester Hrs at 3.0 gpa), 1983
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                  (I do not maintain constant connection with email. Nor do I Tweet or "text" via the phone.)
              ¤   Also, it is important to me, and so I will ask, how you came to know about me.     THANK YOU!
F E E S   for   Reiki,   Other   Energy-Body-Work,   and   Counseling                          (Jan. 2008)
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    ¤   Session Overtime is charged at regular (Immediate Payment) rates. For Example: the added charge for an
added hour - with a pre-paid *10-Session 1½-Hr Program* - (making a 2½-Hr Session) would be $70, paid at that session.
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    ¤   Decorative Gift Certificates are available: $65 for 1½ hours, $55 for 1 hour.

    ¤   Referral Appreciation:    One free session is granted for each referred client after s/he pays a regular or program price for a session.

    ¤   No Fee is charged for the addition of Massage or Bodywork, including Esalen/Swedish Massage, Deep/Connective Tissue Work, Neuro-Muscular/Emotional Pattern Release, Neuro-Muscular Re-Education, Proprio-Neural Facilitation, Orthobionomics, Myotherapy (Trigger-Point), Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Jin Shin Jit Su, Trager/Joint Mobilization, Passive Joint Mobilization, Strain Counter-Strain, or Exercise Instruction (Swedish Gymnastics).

    ¤   Cancellations: The full fee is charged for less than 24 hours advanced notice

    ¤   Sliding Scale Rates and Barter: I am fairly open to these means and will consider needs/requests on a case by case basis. I keep a list of items and services that I may be in need of. Please feel free to ask (by phone, email, or in person).
Chris Pringer of Body-Mind Integration Therapies, 10-23-16
Fall 2017 (above), Spring 2014 (below)
Chris Pringer on Puget Sound, Spring 2014

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Related Resources / References

3DCh&DblstarBullet    COMPACT Web Page Version of the Professional Brochure
for Body-Mind Integrative Reiki Energy-Body-Work & Preventative Maintenance. This version is much like the print-ready Compact Trifold *PDF* Brochure version, with addition of sections for page links, certifications, training, fees, related resources.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    The "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page
BASIC HOW'S AND WHY'S Of Storage of Tension and Memory in the bodily tissues ("normal" and otherwise): When, how and why it is stored and released; communication between body and mind, benefits; proprioreceptors, personal growth, massage/bodywork, therapist's approach, etc.
(Published In Massage Magazine, July-August 1992.) Includes "The science behind the body-mind relationships" (Added/Rev'd May'11-July'12 in the reference section) as well as addendum essays for clarifying these topics for *common sense* preventative maintenance application, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics and processes involved; "Muscle Q & A" (a kind of overview of the mind-body aspect), "Adrenaline & Athletes, Aging, & Chronic Muscle Pain" & older multi-injury former athletes, "Body Awareness and Communications, as Related to Body-Memory and Integration"; "Insight Please"; "Cell Talk" - Suggestions on building a healing relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise); "Adrenaline vs Endorphins...Brain Activity, Muscles and Tendons ...Aging" about adrenal response related to all the above (incl. trauma, long-term conditioning); "EQ, IQ, Emotional Integration, and a Synergetic Relationship"; and Reviews for articles on Massage, Alternative Therapies, & Pain, incl. "Study: Massages really can make pain go away"; & Sept 2011 Consumer Report; quotes, commentary & charts. [Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the phenomenon of body memory: somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy, body-mind split, mind-body split]

BMI-CncptRefBridg'gCht2-Thm.jpg, © Chris Pringer, 2011
"Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context Chart" at the Organization Chart page.
3DCh&DblstarBullet    The chart at left compacts the key points into a relatively small visual space, and provides a summary of them and their implications relative to body-mind preventative maintenance, pain management, emotional integration process, other aspects. Addressing all these aspects and their relationships is what make this site unique. [© Chris Pringer Oct'11] Core Principles of Yoga & the Body-Mind Interface - A Class Outline © Chris Pringer Oct'15
"Core Principles of Yoga & the Body-Mind Interface - A Class Outline"
- one chart at the "Tensing Yoga" page [© Chris Pringer Oct'15]
***Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context 3rd Web Draft [10'12]***:: || Body-Mind Integration Concept / Reference Bridging Chart Summary of Connecting Points & Implications in Relation to: • Body-Mind Awareness based Preventative Maintenance, Pain Mgt & Other Aspects • Yoga Practice, Basic. Enhanced • Body-Mind Integration Elements • Genetics-Self Adjusting • Fascia Memory / Project Elements || Body-Mind Integration in the Persona1 Growth Process: Originally published July-Aug 1992 by the author in Massage Magazine. Addendum essays added May-June 2011 with the goal of clarifying these topics, preventative maintenance application, as well as further completing the context and clarifying the dynamics... || • "MuscleQ&A" Summary Intro to "BMI" Concepts • The Basic How’s, Why's, & Implications Of Storage & Release of Emotion or Tension in the bodily tissues: the Psycho-Physiology Of Stress. "Body-Memory". Healing Integration, relationships to • Proprioceptor & Adrenal Systems, Motor Cortex. Emotional Body. Body Awareness & Communications, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) • The science behind the body-mind relationships and related ... || “Tensing Yoga” Exercises for Self-Healing & Preventative Maintenance: • Yoga, Focus & Breathing for "Quality Time" with the kids (cells), Tension Range (Work/Rest Ratio, Switch Rate, Texture), Controlled Motor Response • Capacity to "isolate" muscles (for individuated focus), "tweaking" Proprioceptor systems, related balance, dis-engaging muscle holding & movement patterns • Long terms results, management of chronic pain, injury prevention • Optimizing results via rapport with musdes / other cells & "Body-Parenting" • Body-mind awareness, attitude, sensory focus (feeling "what's there") vs mental imagery, ‘Presence* for tearmork &edgework, vs force & top-down approach • "Low-Intensity Low-Back Exercises": http://www.chalicebridge.Com/LowBackExercises.html || Understanding the Pattern Triad and the Body Pattern Assessment Reading: Mind-Body Relationships & *coping mechanisms, *challenges, & *gifts on one's Life Path, how the body has habitually responded to experience is evidenced by body holding & movement patterns. The "body-mind" term refers to the complex of mental, emotional, & physical bodies. | Describes "body-memory," body-mine correlations, "body-reading," & related basis, uses, & purposes for this knowledge. || FASCIA-MEMORY PROJECT: Integrated Preventative Health Maintenance Systems R&D GOALS & OBJECTIVES of the Fascia-Memory Myo-Scanner R&D Project: 1) Integrated Systems Development of Methodology and Hardware' for Advanced Medical -Fascia Memory Correlative-Diagnostics 2| Development of Advanced Therapies & Rehabilitation Applications Systems 3) Public Education in Body-Mind Awareness based Preventative Health Maintenance in all grades of public school. • Hardware: Scanning Devices to Assess Bio-History of Connective Tissue. To Research: pain referral phenomena, subjective somatic awareness capabilities and relation to PNI. preventative maintenance strategies, techniques, and devices. Spinal Fluid flow/rhythm, brain tissue expansion and compression, and related cranial movement dynamics, related Bio-History and Pathologies; CNS-associated memory recall as related to somatic memory recall; potential of subsequently developed public-use myo-scanner devices (and computer hardware & software) to assist in Myo-Scanninq for both home and institutional uses... || WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain. Awareness & Denial, Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion: * Intro & Notes on Pain, Reduction, Elimination, Desensitization A List Of Factors In The Perception Of Pain * Perception & Referral Of Pain Optimal Injury Experience Stress & Energy Related Pains Internal Separation And Healing "Should A Massage Be Painful? & "Touch-Sensitivity" of Muscles * Deep Massage/Bodywork Delayed Healing Repression, Denial. & Tension From Gestalt Perspective * Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment (& Healing the Pain) || "Heirarchy Of Genetic Option Slots:" * Theory that some “slots" get filled in with emphesis or relative permanence by or due to beliefs (global/cultural/personal) as well as experience, related emotions. Relates to our individual potential to create and/or return to states of optimal cellular efficiency. || “Muscle Madness” Game Show Muscle-Capacity Stats*: • Tension Range: (Length & Depth) • Best Hi / Low • Work/Rest Ratio • Switch Rate • Switch Rate • M. T exture • M. Isolation (individual focus) • M Coordination, Efficiency, CMR •M. Strength * Muscle fiber (cells & muscle groups) functions monitored, measured, graphed by scanning devices developed by Fascia Memory Project || Primary Implications [of This Chart]: • Accomplish Fascia Memory Project Goals. • Development of latent talent in hi-performance capacity body awareness for healing and/or preventing chronic pain, related injuries, or performance loss, including ability to tweak muscle / local* proprioceptor systems, to adjust many (more) of ones genetic factors That is, most all of the above primarily via natural self-application, at most any age.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Tensing Yoga" and other Self-Applications
For Self-Healing, Body-Mind Awareness, & Preventative Maintenance (rev. 7/02, ..7'13).
Technique is explained for context and self-application. TY is about specific applications for chronic muscle pain, related injuries, without need to learn asanas (poses). However, TY may be used to get into positions quicker, easier, and without injury. All of which is critically related to healing or preventing injury. TY could be considered an optimized form of self-applied, neuro-muscular re-education, reinforced with a body-mind connectivity that insures a more comprehensive and long-term response (High Preventative Maintenance Gains). Page sections include those with emphasis on Tension Range, *Work/Rest Ratio*, Muscle Energy Efficiency, individual muscle focus, teamwork/ "edgework", and learn that as we interface with our cells in the way that TY leads us to do, we can directly, and naturally engage that capacity for neuroplasticity - for re-organization of the brain and other neural networks (including proprioceptors in muscles) especially when we include all elements of the approach, including focus, attitude, and rapport with the cells [as covered on the page]. Also on the page: "Low-Intensity Low-Back Exercises" Chart and "Before Rising..." instructions, a fun "Exercise for Illustrating Tension Range...", as well as a "Breathing Ratio Chart" - method & application. Subtopics including the extremely common myths about *Muscle Stretching*, a number of yoga ref-links for specific ailments/conditions as well as for selecting the right form of yoga for you, and about a "Muscle Madness" game!? "Origins of Tensing Yoga & Related Ref's from More *Traditional Yoga*" include my own self-healing story.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    About Inversion / Traction:
QUESTION: What would result from just the right combination of
a) focus
on the points noted at the "Tensing Yoga" page, & the resulting highly elevated body-awareness in b) applying just the right amount of traction for your muscles? -- considering that amount may change for any given hour of any given day -- via an inversion device appropriate for your individual needs, in cases of chronic muscle spasm, injury & re-injury situations, including disk damage ? As for part b): "Using your inversion table - Suggestions for Getting Started" at Energy Center .Com includes LOTS of resources for more information about the devices themselves, for efficient as well as safe application, as well as great instruction for preventative maintenance, including related nutrition, etc.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Integration" by Krysta Gibson,
about Common myths vs realities about psycho-spiritual integration; effective guidance about feelings and memories, 'living in the now', 'releasing' events and people, 'forgiving and forgetting' the past - for living the spiritual life fully and meaningfully. Originally published by Krista Gibson in "The New Times" of Seattle. Through the late 80's & most of the 90's, I always read Krysta's essays if I didn't have time to read anything else, and kept copies of various or her articles handy for my clients to take home with them. Still current...

3DCh&DblstarBullet    Yoga and Writing Workshops
with With Marcia Meier and Sue Anne Parsons, including "Fearless Women, A Yoga and Writing Workshop Designed to Unleash Your Inner Warrior" on April 28, 2012 at Let it Go Yoga, Goleta, Ca. "Through a series of yoga and writing exercises (including the below "Love-Letter" Journaling Exercise), this half-day workshop will help you get in touch with your inner "warrior" woman. Discover how to overcome your fears and tap into the strength you have within. Channel your energy into creating a life of meaning and purpose. Join us on this voyage of discovery! You'll come away from this workshop with a renewed sense of purpose and fearlessness - on your way to a more fulfilling life." Sue Anne Parsons is a master yoga teacher with more than 25 years of experience and has shown thousands of people the benefits of hatha yoga. She is also a certified yoga therapist and has worked with students of all levels. Marcia writes regularly for Miller-McCune Magazine, a print and online magazine focusing on the latest research in the social sciences, the environment, health and other public policy issues. Call to register: 805-685-8079.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "My Cells - My Children"
& other metaphorical prose for the 'Body-Parenting' Approach to Mind-Body Integration: Illustrates the dynamic relationships of Spirit, mind, body, and emotions, as well as the inner-child-parent-family, including the cells, organs, and body systems. New section on "Body-Parenting" in Mind-Body Integration and a powerful form of Preventative Health Maintenance [New 12/16/09]. Based on the "Re-Parenting" approach to personal growth & self-healing, I consider it a powerful adjunct to Body-Mind Integration. The page also includes a little artwork in surreal symbolism, "The Chaliverse."

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Considerations and Strategies in the Management of the Emotional Body"
At three pages (!) each having their own particular areas of focus, with only as much overlapping as needed, including as related to coping mechanisms, as well as to working with *the Inner Child.* At the "Body-Mind Integration" page this assembly of resources are in the "Notes on Practical Application Of Gestalt Techniques in Emotional Release", and is the version more applicable for most any "issue", yet also tied in more closely with the somatic aspects (muscle and joint injuries and related conditions). At the "Efficient Body Sizing Strategies, Weight Management, Weight Loss" page, the focus is as per the title description. And the more eclectic version is at the page, "Attainment And Achievement -- The Alignment Of Beliefs, Desires, And Needs".

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Love Letter" self-applied journaling technique (Word doc format)
"Nice name, serious work": This letter format is useful for preparing and/or facilitating deeper communications and/or resolving conflict/issues within self or with another person (ie: parent, former mate, etc). This method can fill a special need for therapeutic dialog with someone who is currently not present, including those who have passed on. Because most of what any person can actually heal, or may be responsible to heal, is within ones own feeling body. It is also valuable for/during various strictly personal therapeutic processes, for simply journaling, including self-dialog between two or more parts of yourself that represent mixed feelings about something. Other benefits include introduction to and practice in additional valuable self-healing techniques: "Self-Parenting;" constructing practical, emotionally integrative affirmations; making decisions about your intention and direction for healing change; and verbalizing those decisions in order to etch them into ones being. The latter initiates the completion of (as yet unmet) essential need(s) of the Inner Child, and may manifest changes in related physical symptoms (ie: much less pain). Titled, "How To Write A Love Letter", this is Available in Word doc format or (Unformatted) Text format. [You may also be able to right click on either of those links, select "save link as" (or equivalent), and save the file(s) to your hard drive for later use.]

3DCh&DblstarBullet   Research Study on massage & pain (and pain meds)
Three articles with related research references at the Body-Mind Integration page: "Its research has shown that massage is as effective in relieving chronic back pain as other treatments such as yoga, exercise and medication." ..."Hands-on treatments got high marks for some ills. Actually, for back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, headache, and osteoarthritis, massage and related therapies ranked near if not at the very top when compared with such as prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, and chiropractic treatments." Includes such links as for a "Hands-on and mind-body therapies: A user's guide".

3DCh&DblstarBullet    Yi Ren Qigong
Why I enjoy this approach and manner of treatment is explained via Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun's "Guiding Principle # 4: Assist Individuals to Identify and Treat the Root Cause of Their Health Condition. Illnesses do not occur spontaneously. Symptoms are not the causes of diseases but expressions of the body's internal miscommunications. Causes may occur on many levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To accurately identify and treat the root cause of diseases with Yi Ren Medical Qigong, there are specific practice routines which can help individuals recover completely. Yi Ren Medical Qigong practice increases both the therapists/practitioners' levels of awareness, assists individuals in identifying the fundamental underlying causes of dis-ease on all levels, and encourages practitioners to work on the root causes rather than symptoms."
          Articles at QigongSeattle.Com include "Guiding Principles of Yi Ren Qigong", "Introduction to Yi Ren Medical Qigong", "Qi Cultivation for Healing Chronic Illness", "The Art of Internal Observation", "The Physiology of the Three Gates". Featuring Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD., Founder of the Institute of Qigong & Internal Alternative Medicine. Dr. Sun is currently engaged in mind-body medicine and energy medicine research at Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington. He is an expert in Qigong for Functional Pain (pain with no apparent organic causes).
          Related Pages include: Dr. Sun’s research on the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes using Yi Ren® Qigong, recently showcased in the Bastyr University Magazine; a Yi Ren Qigong Demonstration by Harmony Health Integrated Living, LLC (YouTube), Student Experiences with Yi Ren® Qigong, Q & A, News including a video by KOMO News on World Diabetes Awareness Day, Classes, About Dr. Sun's book includes and expands upon the Level 1 class: *Yi Ren® Qigong - A guide to a better-functioning body and a peaceful mind* It includes additional background material relating to energy flow, history of Dr. Sun's development of the Yi Ren® Qigong system, and a photo/descriptive breakdown of the Level 1 exercises; 70 pages.

3DCh&DblstarBullet  "Understanding the Pattern Triad and The Body Pattern Assessment"
Mind-Body Relationships, (from) coping mechanisms, (to) skills, (to) gifts through challenges on one's Life Path; how the body has habitually responded to experience, as evidenced by the body's holding & movement patterns. Includes "Notes on Mind-Body Correlations - Source-References, Organization of *Body Memory,* and 'WHAT I DO' " [New Dec'09]; a system of assessments & mind-body correlations; aspects to be discovered, emotionally cleared, & then employed as mental/emotional assets & guidance towards determining & accomplishing life goals. Note: Keywords referring to, or related to, the same phenomenon: emotional trauma, somatic memory, tissue memory, muscle memory, somatic experience, somatic healing, somatic therapy. [see "Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces" chart in side column]

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "A Gestalt Perspective," and "Seven Phases of Personal Growth" (2 Essays) A perspective on an approach to and regard for life, one's past and present, as well as a basis for personal growth and/or therapy. I could've called it an integrated 'Gestaltist-Humanist-Buddhist-New Thought' perspective. (You could say these are my main sources, from among the various "schools" of psychology and correlating approaches to application of therapy.)

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Emotion & Motivation on the Path and in Healing." -- A Cosmology of what is here referred to as the 'Emotional-Body' - that which provides the motivation or 'drive' for any sustained focus, decision, stance or action. It is the degree of emotion that makes the difference between a held belief and a mere passing thought. Includes "Emotion, Fuel, & 'the Vehicle' - Fueling or Fooling Around?", "Reward, Punishment, Justice, & Change", "Emotion & Intention; Motivation & Detachment; Self & Others", and "Asking for Forgiveness, & What's Trust Got to Do With It?"

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "WHY PAIN? Notes on Pain, Awareness & Denial" (Physical and other levels) -- Aspects in Developing a Practical Approach with Compassion. The title question could have been, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" or "Why deny pain?" or "Why one should complain about pain?" There are no easy answers to these, if only because every individual has his/her own story and experience. I begin with basic, more physical-level concepts, and extend into other dimensions from there. There may be more proper medical terms for most of the dynamics I describe, but my purpose is to try to give ideas to help explain, a complex but common experience in a more understandable fashion -- perhaps even to give a little hope, motivation toward resources and some degree of relief. An exploration of concepts in empathy, caring, punishment and 'The Martyr Triad,' is included as well as essays: "Intro & Notes on Pain, Pain Reduction, Pain Elimination, Pain Desensitization", "A List Of Factors In The Perception Of Pain", "More On Referral Of Pain", "Delayed Healing", "Stress & Energy Related Pains", "Notes On Pain From Gestalt Perspective," "Internal Separation And Healing," "Anger - Some Modes & Complexities," "Pain Management & Body Parenting," "Pain, Relative to 'True Courage vs Toughness'," "A Message from the Masters" (a select collection of ancient wisdom in colloquial voice for balancing the adrenalised brain with the spiritual heart), "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment - and Healing the Pain," "A Metaphysician's Perspective On Pain, Emotion, & Change," "Why Deep Massage/Bodywork?", "Should A Massage Be Painful?," and "Touch-sensitivity of Muscles - and Cell Congestion."

3DCh&DblstarBullet Energy Psychology at Southeast Institute

Energy psychology focuses on the interrelationship of energy systems, emotion, behavior, psychopathology, and health. These systems include the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras, biofields, and morphogenetic fields. A good resource page for sample self-applications and related resources is at Feeling Free .Net. Another good reference is Dr. Fred P. Gallo's Energy Psych .Com site submitted, Thank you, by Bruce Tanner. I found the "Preface to Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy" page very informative.
          [ In my opinion, based on discussion with various practitioners, EMDR (incl. EFT the "Emo-Free", "TAP" & related Energy Psychology systems) works very well (and relatively quickly) for many people. And for vets and PTSD, EFT can "put the fire out". But it may not result in more than brief relief in cases where the cause of the trouble is based in, or critically anchored to, deep-seated emotions that were traumatically suppressed in early childhood. Per reasons as indicated at pages by yours truly, and/per those references of my teachers in body-centered psychology. I'm referring here to considerations in the difference between Gestalt, New Thought, EFT, and Behavioral schools of psychology, the different approaches to what some of us call "the emotional body", the cause of emotional pain, what we might call "true" preventative maintenance, etc. EFT seems to be a cross between Behavioral and New Thought(?). Exceptions to that would be in the case where, and to the degree that, the associated trauma is simultaneously felt (enough to be validated), observed, and breathed-through, as it moves through the energy system (ie: via polarity/meridian/chakra system if/as applies to one's modality), and to/through the CSF, and thus out of the body, during and/or subsequent to the EFT/related session. Otherwise, how is any associated and stored emotional component, born out of unresolved confusion at an early age, going to get out of the system, for the purpose of creating symptoms, so as to signal the deeper cause, so as to resolve our problems - as we were designed to do? How? - by whatever route the self next finds to work. The trouble is, it might be more destructive, perhaps even better disguised, perhaps "only" internally, via organ disfunction. -Chris Pringer ]

3DCh&DblstarBullet    *Readings on the Scientific Basis of Bodywork, Energetic, and Movement Therapies*
Published by James L. Oschman, Ph.d. and Nora H. Oschman, two leaders in science as applied to healing. Excerpts and notes from that can be found here. The Oschmans are the authors of "Somatic Recall, Part 1 - Soft tissue memory," which continues in "... Part 2 - Soft tissue holography,". A summarization of their findings may be enjoyed in their article, "How Healing Energy Works". Visit their web site at http://www.energyresearch.bizland.com/. There are extensive scientific references for your in-depth curiosity via the above links. (And, by the way, this is very related to my own work and studies in fascia based body-memory; my Fascia-Memory page is listed in the author section below).

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Fascial Memory Theory"
About the Physiological relationships to the intangibles of emotional memory storage; the Connective Tissue (fascia), Body-Memory, and the basis for *prospectively* the most accurate health profiling and diagnostics systems, as well as most early on applicable preventative maintenance health system. To the degree one is aware of retained or stored tension in one's body (AND related nature, potentials, and implications), then to that degree one is equipped to develop an effective preventative health program for one's body, taking optimal advantage of our capacities for neuroplasticity. But this is about more than just the body. After all, modern psychology generally concedes that memory suppression/storage/"the mind-body split" is highly related to mental-emotional attributes, not to mention basic personality traits. One more (of many) Implications: Equipped with a scanning device developed through the research as proposed, a physician with a high degree of knowledge about these relationships (often referred to as 'correlations' here) can thus make determinations for an individual's preventative health maintenance program. S/he can provide that - with a level of accuracy and reliability that far surpasses today's capabilities - as well as equally accurate diagnosis for conditions not easily "read" at the current time. Sister page: Fascia Memory Project. For quick views, see the Project Overview Chart, or Project Task Flow Chart [PERT-style view].

3DCh&DblstarBullet     "Fibromyalgia - Theory with Examples" [NEW, Apr 28-30, 2011] at the Fascia Memory Theory page - a cause and effect theory - about Fibromyalgia's possible "relationship to a perfuse scattering of waste products throughout the fine interstitial spaces among the cells of the muscle tissues, due to their being chronically held *contracted* and under-circulated, including trauma induced contractedness over a broad-area (including by being forcibly tickled in early childhood)..." (Maybe it's no accident that this came along shortly after the visualization chart at the "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer" page (see next).)

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Notes on Beliefs, Healing, and Prayer"
Or "Bridging Prayer & Science" - faith & intuition, Spirit working logic & emotion, and a little science to boot. Tools (eclectic, ecumenical, interfaith) for working with the cells - self-healing on an energetic level, plus supportive science, concepts and references, a summary essay, "Cells & Healing Changes: How I Believe What I See; Building, Cleansing, and Paradigm Management; Body-Parenting & Healing Cell-Talk" [Rev'd Apr 2011] and "'Getting Super': Sample Personalized Visualization Prayer Chart" (more application of science than prayer in this case, as related to *Cellular Re-Organization* and engaging *neuroplasticity*.) [Rev'd Apr 2013]. Also Focusing Love-Organized Healing Waters, Water-Charging: (incl. a section for the Neuro-Endocrine System), based on some very inspiring scientific findings by Masaru Emoto including Dr. Emoto's message for transforming the water (molecules) effected by nuclear radiation. [this page is finally beginning to say what I've always wanted it to! ie: more to come in time. Winter'12'13]

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Body-Mind Nutrition"
Considerations in relating a transition in diet & nutrition to personal and spiritual growth, and the benefits of such transition. In addition to the title essay, includes sections, ChaktiBullet-S "More on this 'Natural Aging Process'" about possibly/ likely new potentials in aging without near so much disability and pain in the later stages; complementing that with research referenced articles, ChaktiBullet-S "DNA Research, DNA Repair, and Neuroplasticity - Scientific Break-throughs with Wonderfully Validating Conclusions." To me, this implies that, given these scientifically established capabilities in neuroplasticity, including scientifically backed capabilities of the mind to effect enzymes, cellular metabolism, blood physiology (pH, enzyme processes, etc) within and around the cell matrix, we can facilitate communication among our own cells to use that same capacity to repair damages and thus heal our cells -- thus encouraging the kind of preventative maintenance that facilitates the science of true healing. And that medical authorities, as well as alternative healing practitioners, can now, with full scientific backing, teach people how to do this. And about ChaktiBullet-S "The Immune System, Aging, and an Attitudinal Approach that May Improve It." As well as: ChaktiBullet-S "Dietary Nutrition, Neuro-Endocrine Infrastructure, Neuroplasticity, and Aging" on relationship of nutrition and psycho-emotional environment during infancy and childhood upon key aspects of development of 'A Stable Platform for Perception', and the 'Psycho-emotional Infrastructure', it's maturation through adulthood, as well as upon the aging process. The neuroplasticity aspect relates well to the essay on proprioceptors, "Adrenaline vs Endorphins...", not to mention the relationship with ones cells (muscles or otherwise), covered at the "Body-Mind Integration" (Essays) Page (described just below). Some debate with Barbara Ehrenreich in ChaktiBullet-S "About the Immune System and The Aging Body - As a 'Battleground' ...Or As A Worthy Challenge." On the more eclectic side is ChaktiBullet-S "Blessing Nutrition" about how prayer and invocation work at the atomic & molecular levels (facilitating processes by re-aligning their structural & therefore magnetic/ionic arrangement) to facilitate the optimal nutrition of the food, as well as optimal digestion, assimilation, and integration of the nutrients and vital force provided by the food. Includes some sample invocations for context and application.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Principles Of Natural Healing" page
--excerpts from "The Science of Healthful Living:" by Dr. Joel Robbins:
A great deal of information has been put together on this page. Note: People should know that there are health supplements that would be effective but may not be due to their being multi-level marketed in a disgustingly non-informative manner. I refer to the more unpleasant "cleansing effects" or "healing crisis" that some may experience from such supplements, about which crisis I've also added some notes. Knowing the principles on this page, one may better take advantage of such events. Includes organized sets of links for naturopathic medicine resources, including, weight management, stress management, and "Natural Practitioner" Magazine's Library Database for supplements, conditions, interactions, etc), improved formatting, etc for both. Also a short section for supplements for bones, joints, connective tissue, including special section for natural *anti-inflammatories*.
And it's sister page is (next below)...

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "The Transition Diet"
- Steps & principles telling how to transition -gradually & successfully- to a diet that promotes & sustains optimal health for body, mind, AND the planet, even from the standard American diet. Incorporate this approach as slowly or as quickly as you can maintain. (If done too fast, you may find it too uncomfortable, then bounce back to the old ways, so would just be a waste of time). Includes a Food-Combining Chart for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as for proper elimination. Page sections include: "Transition Diet," "Rebuilding Diet," "Three Day Apple Fast and Seven Day Cleanse," "About Cleansing Reactions," and "Efficient Body-Sizing Strategies (for Weight Management)."

3DCh&DblstarBullet    Jon Kabat-Zinn & PAIN CONTROL
For a non-medicated approach to PAIN CONTROL you may want to see Jon Kabat-Zinn's article at Be Mindful .Org. NOTE: To paraphrase Jon Kabat-Zinn (in reference to his perspective): control of pain is not purpose for the approach he teaches, but it can be one benefit. Zinn is the author of the book, *Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness*. Some other references for him include Wikipedia on Jon_Kabat-Zinn or EOmega .Org and his voluminous resources via University of Massachusetts Medical School

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Integration of Behavioral and Relaxation Approaches
Into the Treatment of Chronic Pain and Insomnia"

at National Institutes of Health, Technology Assessment Conference Statement, October 16-18, 1995. Reference page: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and National Institute of Health Home page.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    Buteyko And Other Breathing Methods with Acute & Chronic Conditions
A comparative analysis created when I needed to know when Buteyko Method (named after it's Ukrainian originator, Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko) is called for, and when it is [not so much]. Begins with summary, including long-term benefits of breathing practices as well as certain short-term uses (ie: symptomatic treatment of Asthma with Buteyko Method), selected excerpts and references on breathing as particularly related to hyperventilation, panic and anxiety, Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen balance (re: blood pH, respiratory alkalosis), Hyperventilation Syndrome, "'7-11' BREATHING", "reduced breathing exercises", "Paper Bag Breathing (not advisable)." Includes many annotated Ref-Links as well as suggested research strings and keywords.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Achievement of Goals, Attainment, And the Role of Inner Work: A Flow Chart of the Human Psyche in Growth Facilitation and ..." - Often referred to at this site as "The Goal Chart" - a practical visual tool to help organize a truly gestalt approach to goal accomplishment, as well as complement & help complete other self-help perspectives & presentations. This comprises a re-hash of gestalt application of modern psychology and ancient truths, created to work for new applications; © Chris Pringer, '92, Rev'd 8'02. In another section, "Heart's Desire, Ideals, & Accomplishment" (Aug'11) is about clarifying what we most truly want, and how we can have that... also about HOW we respond to Pain & Loss (whether caused by disease, ourselves, others, or the economy) and are brought back together again - the *how* that can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Compassion, Healing, and The Practitioner - and Detouring 'Burn-out'" - Published July'88 in "The New Times" (Seattle). On title-noted-aspects and related co-dependency and psycho-spiritual dynamics more or less common to therapists, nurses, doctors, and other care-givers. Also differentiates compassion from sympathy, permanent healing facilitation from symptomatic or temporary, responsibilities as related to "the work". An older writing, a compilation of principles and ideals. Also includes prose, "The Price Of Compassion". Added Feb'13: Visual "Affirmation for 'Seeing' & 'Hearing' ", for Clarifying and Clearing over Chalice Garden Multi-Chalice(8) HemiSync[12-3B]... This (page-wide) visual affirmation is based on principles of various therapeutic systems, including Chi Gung, for bringing about greater balance of energies in your system...". Included suggestions for use, with a 2nd graphic, "Chalice Bridging" & "Synthesis" prose over "PiChal-on Sepia".

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Questions for INTER-RESOURCING
The Use of Personally Applied Invocative Questions (Invoc-Q's) for Multi-Dimensional Facilitation of Information Sharing, Integration, & Access"

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "Approaches & Methodologies for Body-Mind Integration"
Suggestions & Resources for Considering Receiving the work as well as for Vocational Considerations.

3DCh&DblstarBullet    "The Middle Path Log"
Transcript of an on-line discussion among healing practitioners and students
about Integration of Body, Mind, & Spirit     (an intelligent & insightful exchange)

Chalice Productions Logo

Chalice Artwork and
realizing the Inner Chalice
      3DCh&DblstarBullet    Body-Mind-Chalice Integration  A R T  Index Page       Presenting early to more recent artwork on the "Chalice" or Grail theme (by yours truly), both hand-made & artistically rendered computer-generated works, & a little bio on how it began & developed. This art is born out of the 3D geometric vision/ visual "seen" in 1985, which experience was complete with correlations to deep (pre-Christian) symbology - which initiated the research into the correlations to the legendary meanings of the Holy Grail (and sources, and how and why that was later edited by "the Church"), as well as into various body-mind-spirit correlations, & healing alchemy & energy dynamics. All this related both the body & the grail elements to the mind's interface, in a way that makes sense of many otherwise-would-be paradoxes & mysteries, bridging arts & sciences, with implications related to whole health, including one's relationship with his/her cells. And when incorporating "sacred geometry" into the the rendered symbols (per pi-ratio) -also relevant to the DNA of all Life (proportion as essential to function), most interesting artforms seem to naturally appear.
      Essentially (Per mystical symbolism which precedes anything any religion has, or may yet, to do with it), the chalice is about the human embodiment of Spirit (or Who or whatever It is that created & connects all Life) into the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, & physical) which compose the "Body-Mind". Which is also a "vehicle" for the balancing & integrating of Humanity - individually & communally. Chalice "Productions" may thus refer to each person AS a chalice in development. There are essays on various geometry, proportion, function, symbolism, history, & possible implications, including " 'The Lords of Culture' & Listening - A story about Language, Relationship, & the Body-Mind Split - An Anthropology of Intelligence & Paradigms in Context" (7'10) accompanied by, "Therapies & Levels of 'The Spectrum of Consciousness' " a seminal chart by Ken Wilber; "Paradigm Shifts" (7'10); The "Pragmatic Balancing" section of this page relates the Holy Grail to the (psycho-social) evolution of Man, to the world's key religions as well as the Gnostics (by nature of that which unites all of them, although is not necessarily about them), & to *The Da Vinche Code*; includes a working summary of & psycho-social objectives & approaches for bringing about that evolution (as addressed at various pages at the site). Hence, my artwork overall is an eclectic/symbolic mix of multiple layers of brights and subtles, thematic components that blend in sacred geometry rounded with a balance of textures and grounding touch. [Key/Tag: "body-mind split" = "mind-body split"]

Chart of The Science Behind The Body-Mind Relationships by Chris Pringer 2012
"The science behind the body-mind relationships" Chart
at the "Body-Mind Integration..." page, Chris Pringer 2012

Feedback Systems Interfaces (Proprio-Neuro, Motor Management Centers, Adrenal Emotion, Fascia-Muscular) in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory ChartS by Chris Pringer 2'12,12'13- Thumb
"Proprio-Neuro Fascia-Muscular & Motor Mgt Centers Feedback Systems with Adrenal Emotion / Muscle Cell Feedback Systems Interfaces in Psycho-Physiology of Fascia Memory Chart." Full sized chart at the "Body-Mind Integration..." essay page, Chris Pringer Feb'12--Dec'13

Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart Over Chakra Tree Anatomy Chalice Garden (LtBkGr)
Chart, "Nature-Nurture A-Z Chart Over Chakra Tree Anatomy Chalice Garden (LtBkGr)"
© by Christopher Pringer Jan'13

Chart of 'Invocation for Water Healing Neuro-Endocrine System on Chakra Tree Anatomy' [RD3] © Chris Pringer Mar'13
Chart of "Invocation for Water Healing Neuro-Endocrine System [RD3] on Chakra Tree Anatomy"
© Chris Pringer Mar'13

Chart of Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces, © Chris Pringer Apr'11

"Pattern Triad & Body-Mind-Spirit Triangle Interfaces" chart sig'd, © Chris Pringer Apr'11

ChaliceArtSldShow Thumb for Artwork @ChaliceBridge.Com
Chalice Art Slideshow at ChaliceBridge.Com [May-June'12]

Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12
My artwork at Fine Art America,
where it can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, and more. (Since Aug 2012)

MultiVortexChalice MultiSynth CntrSphere &DblStar-a3A1-333px.png sig'd, © Chris Pringer May'10-Apr'11
Multi-Vortex Chalice MultiSynth CntrSphere &DblStar-a3A1" sig'd, © Chris Pringer March-July'11

3DChalice w/ Star, AtomicPiCh1-b2a &TreeOfLife SpheriCnxtn1 sig'd, © Chris Pringer May'10-Apr'11

"3DChalice w/ Star, AtomicPiCh1-b2a &2TreeOfLife SpheriCnxtn1" © Chris Pringer May'10, Rev'd Apr'11

"PiVortex Spheres on ChaliCell
Garden Tapestry V" © Chris Pringer 2012
in full size at my gallery at ArtistWebsites.Com

Chalice8 vortex 3D4A& 3DPiA1B5 Vortex DoubleStarSphere FlowerOfLife E,A4 on Black -sig'd, © Chris Pringer 2011

3D Chalice Transforming Tapestry5 Flower Of Life, Dark2, sig'd, © Chris Pringer, 2010
3D Chalice Transforming Tapestry5 Flower Of Life, Dark2, sig'd, © Chris Pringer, 2010

V&HChaliceTransforming on Tapestry5bFCVt w/ Flower of Life FTH, © Chris Pringer"V&HChaliceTransforming on Tapestry5bFCVt w/ Flower of Life FTH", sig'd, © Chris Pringer, Oct 2010

3DChalice & ChaliceV&HVortex9 FlowerOfLife YinYang sig'd 300px by Chris Pringer 2009

"3DChalice & ChaliceV&HVortex9 FlowerOfLife YinYang sig'd" by Chris Pringer, 2009

Transition Mandala 3s Over Transformg Heart Bckgr--drk, © Chris Pringer Mar'09
"Transition Mandala 3s Over Transformg Heart Bckgr--drk" © Chris Pringer Mar'09

DblAtomicPiChalice &Vortexs OnStrSBk-Multi-Renderg1, sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct'10
"DblAtomicPiChalice &Vortexs OnStrSBk-Multi-Renderg1", sig'd © Chris Pringer Oct'10

3D &MultiChalice VortexBridge Flower&Tree OfLife3 on Black, sig'd, © Chris Pringer, 9'09, 6'11 ChaliceBridge.Com
"3D &MultiChalice VortexBridge Flower&Tree OfLife3 on Black" sig'd, © Chris Pringer 9'09, 6'11

3DChalice-1'10AonBlue-s-333px sig'd, © Chris Pringer, 7'11 ChaliceBridge.Com
"3DChalice-1'10A on Blue" sig'd, © Chris Pringer 7'11

Goal Chart 333px  by Chris Pringer, ChaliceBridge.Com
"GoalChart 1-4b2" (Thumbnail)

Long Hair Night, Chris-2011

Chris, Feb'11
All artwork © by the author - overall, an eclectic/symbolic mix of multiple layers of brights and subtles, sacred geometry rounded with a balance of grounding touch



Thumbnail EmBody-Mind-Chalice-Synthesis in (AChaliToruSphere) by Chris Pringer
"The Body-Mind & The Chalice"
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Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12

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'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
"Karma Learning Love Shield" Chris Pringer 2010



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