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Body-Mind Integration
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Chalice Bridging Ministries
for Body-Mind-Soul Integration for a Healthy Planet
Seeking a Unifying Thread in the Diversity of the Gestalt
Bridging Theology, Consciousness, and Practical Emotional Intelligence
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Body-Mind Integration
Writing & Tools for Healing
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Chalice Integration Art
Art, Related Bio, Philosophy

Christopher Pringer
Reiki Master, Integrative Body-Energy-Worker
Muscle / Connective Tissue Injury Prevention Specialist
Personal Coach for Preventative Health Maintenance
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Individualized Approach and Training
for High Performance, Awareness, and Integral Being

Fascia Memory Research Project
Research into Mind-Body Diagnostics and
Preventative Medicine based on Bodily-Stored Memory

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Chalice Creations and Concept Charting (Desktop Publishing)
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Chalice/Grail Artwork &
Realizing the Inner Chalice

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Sample Artwork:
by (site editor/author) Chris Pringer
at the Chalice Art & Holiday Card
Slideshow Presentations
as well as
at the Chalice Integration Index Page with bio, philosophy, & much more,
and at the 4C Publishing Page,
at My Facebook Album,
at Fine Art America where my artwork can be viewed at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.

Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12
A selection from my gallery at Artist Websites of Fine Art America (or ArtistWebsites.Com or Pixels.Com)

Chakra Path To Guidance, Thumbnail
"Chakra & Path To Guidance Chart" © Chris Pringer 2002

Multi-Vortex 'SyntheSphere' Chalice, cut Fr 3DHistry pic, Christopher Pringer 2013
"Multi-Vortex 'SyntheSphere' Chalice" cut from "Development of the 3D Chalice" (full view of which at Chalice Art Slideshow pages) Christopher Pringer 2013

Thumbnail of Iraq-MiddleEast Healing Prayer, Commissioning Archangel Michael for Truth, Justice, Accountability by all concerned - click to go there
Iraq-Middle-East Healing Prayer

Atomic Chalice III - Gold on Black, Thumbnail, © Chris Pringer 2001
"Atomic Chalice III - Gold on Black" (Thumbnail), © Chris Pringer 2001

Tree & Flower Of Life & PiChaliceA1B Over Intwind Hearts Earth (OnPiChPiSc-B1Background)
Tree & Flower Of Life & PiChaliceA1B Over Intwind Hearts Earth (OnPiChPiSc-B1Background), © Chris Pringer 2015
        Given that there are the constant new additions to and edits on the (over 20 years worth of) writing here, the Chalice Bridge "Updates" page makes it possible for returning, as well as new, visitors to find out WHAT'S NEW at the site, as well as go to the topic entries closest to their current interests. This page keeps a chronological listing (for 3-5 years) with annotated descriptive links, including new essays, edits, charts, artwork, etc - and an increasing number of scientific references [since 2013]. The page is organized into (4) separate sections: Mind-Body Health,   Artwork,   Poly-Psy,  and  Misc. Improvements

ABOUT THE ART & SYMBOLISM: "Chalice Rendered Sacred Geometry" (by the author) presents multiple layers of brights and subtles arranged in sacred geometric, pi-ratio proportions - digital art, yet often with very 3D surrealistic elements. Themes are based on the Chalice as an integration of the symbolic, ancient and modern, eclectic, and ecumenical *unifying-thread* orientation. The symbols for this chalice are drawn essentially from ancient archetypes, and precede anything any religion has ever done with it. This chalice then, is essentially about the human embodiment of Spirit (or Who or whatever It is that created & connects all Life) into the three "lower bodies" (mental, emotional, & physical) which compose the "Body-Mind". It symbolizes the "vehicle" for the balancing & integrating of Humanity - individually & communally, the realization of the true meaning and relevance of the "Holy Grail."
        "Chalice Productions" may thus refer to each person AS a chalice in development, and "Chalice Bridging" as the Art and Science of Body-Mind-Spirit Integration, ALL working together optimally. All this is achieved (and the fruit manifested externally) through the initialization, development, and maturation of this infrastructure within (including attunement with Soul's Purpose). I do see a relationship with these and related but deeper archetypic symbology & meanings, various body-mind-spirit correlations, healing and related energy dynamics, and the symbolic Holy Grail, it's legendary meanings, and the actual history of religion. About all that, it's timeless relevance, and much more is at Home Page for Body-Mind-Chalice Integration. Samples of my artwork are available in various sizes, formats, and locations - see top of left column.

SUPPORT: If you feel well served by what you found here, I would certainly appreciate your support. Although there is at least three large books (and thousands of hours) worth of written material and artwork, including special graphic-backed global healing prayers and some self-help tools you won't find anywhere else, none of the site's reading or viewing has ever been for charge. In any case, if you feel you have benefited by your visit to this site and would like to support the work here, please check out the Chalice Bridge .Com Support page.

          REPRODUCTION & Copyright: I welcome my WRITING being reproduced so long as the following CONDITIONS are complied with:
         1) that it is in it's original and complete form (or an editing or excerpt by agreement with the author); 2) contact info are intact, included visible and readable with each page of the writing (ie: as part of the header or footer): "© by the Author, Chris Pringer, chrispringer@chalicebridge.com, www.chalicebridge.com"; 3) the following conditions are ALSO complied with: Hardcopy reproduction is ok so long as a) it is only for (non-profitable) personal use (1 copy), or non-profit organizational use (1 copy per employee); b) posting on web pages, blogs, or forums is ok only with my expressed permission in each case (partly because I want to know where it's been put, and I'd be most honored to be asked); c) distribution of my writings or artwork is not ok unless with my prior written permission and/or agreement with regard to appropriate (if any) compensation. 4) Any mirroring of my website in part or in total complies with the above.
         As for the World Healing Prayers, I encourage people to make all the copies desired - as can be used effectively - without obligation to get my permission or even contact me, although I would love and most appreciate hearing from you about that. [ This section edited for clarification Sept. 2010; Original statement Aug 2000 when site at AOL. Also Please Note as needed: I have yet to give permission for anyone else to sell any of my artwork or writing on E-Bay or anywhere else - June 2012 ]

          AUTHORSHIP & ORIGINS: Unless otherwise noted under the titles or artwork, all essays, artwork, prayers, pages at my web site, as at my previous site at AOL (Fall'97 to Spring'06) -- and with exception of a very few and diminishing numbers of the bullets, bars, solid color and cloudy-sky color backgrounds, and the logo/headers from or revised for others' sites (as noted) -- has been composed, created & rendered, and web-authored © by myself, Christopher Pringer, functioning web-master of this site. I also function (endeavoring to serve well) as a practitioner in Body-Mind-Energy Integration Therapies since 1984 (professional bio just below), and as ordained minister since 1987. Actually on August 17, 1987, "Harmonic Convergence Day", with New Age Fellowship, Seattle, WA. And more recently with S.H.E.S. (International Assembly of Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards Congregations, SHES.Org) in 2001 for/as "Chalice-Bridging Body Mind & Soul Ministries" (eclectic, ecumenical, interfaith). Most of the personal health-oriented essays at this site were written in the early 90's, with the proposed Fascia Memory Research Project first published in 1996, and the "Evo-Trends" perspective in 1995, as compared to the social/political/peace oriented pages since 1997. I have been gradually improving their style over the years, including the dates of revisions therein.

          DISCLAIMER: None of my writing or artwork is intended to be, to replace, or discourage the appropriate use of, medical attention and/or treatment, but as educationally informative for the purpose of overall health enhancement and preventative maintenance.   So far as I know, I have not quoted or paraphrased any other person without saying so, except when quoting them with links to their web sites (if didn't have a name at the time). I have studied the works of and emulated a number of writers and teachers, so I would not be surprised if some of my statements have similar words and meanings as they. In any case, I have always tried to say what I believed.

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'GettingSuper-Thm-144px.jpg' by Christopher Pringer, May'11
"Getting Super" Visual Affirmation

Transition Mandala w Transforming Heart Overlay
"Transition Mandala w/ Transforming Heart Overlay" © Chris Pringer 2008

Chalice-Forming 3D (wLt3DPiCh&Orbs) artwork by Christopher Pringer
"Chalice Forming 3D w/Subtle 3DPi-Chalice" © Chris Pringer 2009 [Description]

'Chalice Vortex Bridge over Earth' artwork by Christopher Pringer, '07-'09
"Chalice Vortex Bridge over Earth-rS" © Chris Pringer 2007-09

PolyPsyArts Logo design © Chris Pringer '04-'08
PolyPsyArts for "Pragmatic Idealism"
Logo © Chris Pringer, PolyPsyArts; web editor, vUSPA (virtual US Peace Academy), Veteran's for Peace, "Seattle 12" of SNOW (Seattle Non-Violent Opponents of War).

Dove & Chalice over Earth © Chris Pringer June'12
"Dove & Chalice over Earth" © Chris Pringer June'12
I Hope you have found the pages you visited useful and enjoyable. Please let me know if it (or any parts of it, or other pages here) do not make sense to you, or don't seem consistent, etc.

via chrispringer@chalicebridge.com

As are Donations if/when works for you via the Chalice Bridge Support Page
Chalice Bridging Logo Links to SiteMap & OrgChart for Chalice Productions & Body-Mind Integration, ChaliceBridge.Org, Fascia Memory Project, and PolyPsyArts, Chris Pringer
The Organization Chart / Site Map page includes the chart of "Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context" as well as section, "How and Why this Site Is Different - A study in Cross-Discipline Knowledge Sharing and Utilization." About our potential for optimal integration of diverse perspectives, talents, and capabilities. EG: *Chalice-Bridging* on the world level. Also: how that relates to personal, community, & planetary healing.
*Individuality/Diversity* vs *Universality/Androgeny* form one of the most essential continuums in the Universe - realizing this pragmatically (through tolerance, even appreciation) is the only real assurance of a universally shared abundance of resources, including ideas, and all the other things we value most, as well as the most basic insurance for world peace.
Thumbnail of ChaliceBridge.Com Organization Chart

Thumbnail Chart of Core Body-Mind Integration Concepts in Context, Oct'11

Professional Bio & Training
Chris Pringer 2016
Chris Pringer, 2016

Long Hair Night, Chris-2011
Chris Pringer, 2011

Chris by Artwork (a 2005 photo over 2009 artwork
Chris by Artwork
(a 2005 photo over 2009 artwork)

          I began my studies in multi-level self-healing when in the service, in Thailand in the Winter of '73. The focus then was on self-help psychology, consciousness, and eastern and western mystical perspectives. This continued through my university studies in Norman, OK '74-'79. 1980 took me into naturopathic studies, primarily nutrition and herbology when I lived in Oklahoma City. Not seeing the naturopathic doctor route as affordable at the time, I found direction via a five-evening massage course, Fall '83. That led to a six month professional practice, followed up with the training in Sante Fe, NM, '84-'85 (detailed in my on-line brochure).

        Since then I have practiced massage and/or healing facilitation for others, initially in Santa Fe, NM (during/after my training), then San Louis Obispo, CA, and Seattle, WA (with more courses along the way). This includes exploring personal challenges and self-healing methodology. A session may include various energy-body-work modalities, Body/Energy-Awareness based Preventative Health Maintenance Instruction, Cyclist Therapy, office stress treatments (in a chair), or only Reiki or relaxation work in total silence. A client chooses based on whatever stress, pain, or concerns are present at that session. A client may request a "Body Pattern Reading," as well as various massage/bodywork therapies, all of which techniques are listed & described in the Body-Mind Integration Therapies Brochure. Individual, program, and 3-6 week interval-based rates are available. Testimonials are available (on a separate page).

My professional interests have primarily centered in three areas:

      1) Treatment And Prevention Strategies For Chronic Conditions and related injuries - After this being my main work for over twenty-five years, in April 2011 I responded to a request to offer Therapy for Cyclists and other athletes, including Century Ride Packages (pre & post 100+ mile rides). My experience with cyclists at that point, including for minor and major injuries, tallied to over 1200 hrs.
        2) "Chalice-Bridging" style chakra balancing, including Reiki (energy work) based in the view that we each are a bridge -- between the yin & yang energy-vortexes (which I like to personify as) "Father & Mother God/Goddess, thus forming a chalice of Spirit" (a bridge of energy) "for the balancing & integrating of Humanity with the Divine". Or at least ideally so, as our systems are *attuned*, our batteries are *charged*, our capacities optimized.
      3) Body-Centered Psycho-Spiritual Process (as in "Hakomi" style of) counseling and bodywork, including as assessing an individual for the most efficient means of addressing connective tissue injury, short and long term (on physical and/or emotional levels). Related are the basic hows & whys of, as well as the science behind, the storage & release of tension and "body memory" in the muscles and fascia. And in the fascia memory storage dynamics - referring to the technical aspects of neuro-physical interface between connective tissue, emotion, and the brain.

My training includes
        Over 1700 hours of classes and practicum
, including with the New Mexico Academy of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts in Santa Fe, NM (1984-85), and with various accredited bodywork and therapy workshops (`86-present), as well as 100 hours training with the Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute (1989), over 100 hrs apprenticeship with healing practitioner Robert "Mitra" (`85-`86), 150 hours apprenticeship with Silena Heron in Herbal Studies (`83-`84), Training, Certification, & Empowerment as Reiki Master (3rd Degree Johrei, 1991; Kundalini Reiki to 9th Level w/Gtunmo & Devic Template, 2004). For the detailed version my training, you may go to the latter half of the Body-Mind Integration Therapies Brochure. Which also includes (and relates context for) links to essays elaborating on aspects of imbalance and injury, assessment, and healing.

BMI[EBW] Logo Reiki WhtLtSym WhtVtx cr-sm

Professional Brochure
(Web Page)
Compact Trifold PDF
Right Click, "Save As" will Download

Chris at Massage Chair, 2005
Chris at Massage Chair, 2005
for cyclists, other athletes, office stress, etc

By Appointment Only
Seattle, WA (Ballard)

If get voice mail message mentioning "extension#", please ignore, call again.

Personal Notes or Quotes on Body-Mind Awareness [ cp, 12'07 ]

BODY-MIND AWARENESS, at the core of preventive health awareness, is one of the most simple, efficacious, & cost-effective forms of HEALTH INSURANCE there can be. Hence, massage is far from just "a luxury item," and bodywork therapies can be indispensable for the healing of certain conditions.

MUSCLES RELATE TO ATTACHMENTS - to what we use to take our stance, to hold our place, to perceive and respond to our environment,
and to extend who we are and/or want to be.
That speaks not only to the body's condition and function, but to how it communicates awareness of where one is along one's path
of becoming who one truly is.

THE BODY IS . . . among other amazing things, a unique communications system -- intimately linked with one's TOTALITY. Establishing rapport with one's body can be a PATH to self realization.

ONE OF MY DREAMS is a society where/in all children are taught how to feel/see/read their own body-mind communications such that preventive health maintenance eventually becomes second nature. And actually, for the most part, they would be encouraged to re-awaken and build upon what I believe to be a NATURAL INCLINATION - conscious self-healing and continuous expansion of awareness.

And the above goes FOR ALL OTHER ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES, to the degree that one utilizes them to improve such awareness and causative/pro-active connection with one's body-mind, and to employ the most effective tools for maintaining/improving one's health under any given condition or circumstance.

And How does "Body-Parenting" relate to that in Body-Mind Integration ?


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Sample Artwork by yours truly:

Animated gif of selection of my work at Fine Art America, as of Dec'12

Above is a selection from my gallery at
ArtistWebsites.Com of Fine Art America (or Pixels.Com) viewable at full resolution, and is available in framed or canvas prints, greeting cards, & more.
A slideshow presentation at this site is at the Chalice Art & Holiday Card Slideshow Pages.
'Karma-learning-Love Shield' - 'What is Sown is Reaped, What is stolen is paid for; Karma is Learning is Justice is Love; The Tree of Life Bears the Flower of Life Bears the Tree of Life...' Shared by Chris Pringer 2010
"Karma Learning Love Shield" Chris Pringer 2010



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